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overwatch-headcanons-by-me · 55 minutes ago
I just watched my best friend get Play of The Game and lead our team to victory after someone called her a "Fake gamer girl doing it for attention," and if that's not the pure hatred and rage that fills a Mercy main's heart I don't know what is. (I had been killed as Brigitte seconds before she started kicking ass)
With Mercy being my most played healer, I can confirm that being called a ‘fake gamer girl’ fills me with more rage than anything else. Tell your friend I’m proud of her <3
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overwatch-headcanons-by-me · 56 minutes ago
I've gotten play of the game precisely once. It was the time I screamed "NERF THIS, BITCH!" into my mic as I straight up booster-yeeted (TM) a self destruct right at a Reaper about to activate his death blossom. I laughed so hard at the things I saw in chat
Nice! Honestly, getting a play of the game is one of my favorite things about Overwatch. The pure joy and pride that fills me is amazing. 
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dovahcourts · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
So I made the mistake of going to a stranger's party alone  And the last thing I remember is watching a Dominic Fike video Then I woke up, still drunk Sheets were clean but my clothes were fucked And there was Tylenol on the nightstand next to a sympathy note  Thanks - NEVER FUCKING KNOW by poutyface
Wanted to draw Gadget in his sad rich boy forest shower
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1nnitcore · 2 hours ago
legally you are allowed to talk about your ocs to me, this isn't up for debate /lh /hj -Virgil 🖤💜
oh god okay ajsksk tbh i havent worked on most of these ocs in ages bc um. most of my old ocs really were just me projecting for Coping Reasons and now i got other ways to cope so yeah that being said i have worked on like 2 self insert ocs in the last year or so bc hyperfixation tingz. yeah im probably gonna revamp these all soon now that ive dragged em out tho (and work on some other ones im not showing?) so feel free to randomly drop in and ask for updates if u care lol
Tumblr media
-she/they/he bisexual clown loser
-name is a wip but im thinking maybe lazarus?? bc it's cool and edgy and so is she :]
-actually really friendly just has a lot of uncommon, usually considered creepy, interests??
-has a tarantula!! his name is casper
-they have a gf who is also a clown and her name is bugger and they are very cute together thank u very much
-backstory is a wip as well bc i tbh just Drew him for a school assignment last semester and then decided to give him a gf and some random lil facts
-big on primary colors but also loooves light green, pink and white <333 her actual color pallet isnt solid rn tbh (even tho i wrote it in the art)
-probably like 6'2" with really broad shoulders n wide hips bc I Like Drawing That
-19? maybe. unsure. this whole oc is unsure pls give me suggestions if u have them 😭😭
Tumblr media
i drew this motherfucker and his friend group like 3 times last year then forgot about em but
-nash!! 17 year old pansexual who just wants to makeout with his friends valerio and axel tbh (i wish i could show these two but the art i did of them i hate now sigh)
-overly affectionate golden retriever boy but also has a terrible temper lol
-dirty white boy
-actually in love with valerio and axel but shhh
-childhood friends with valerio and axel tho and they r widely hated by their town bc they just Do Not Know How To Act
-6'0" broad shoulders small waist bc proportions my dude
-usually gels up back his hair but when he doesnt it's very fluffy :]
-he has some back story but a lot of it is triggering so im jus gonna move on
Tumblr media
this drawing is literally from like the beginning of 11th grade and It Shows but ive had this oc since i was like. in 8th grade so.
-mm demon lady....big demon lady.......
-has a bf who i genuinely dont remember the name of bc it's been so long since i drew him
-she's probably like 6'0" bc i am literally incapable of making short characters at this point in my life (no but actually i just wanted her to be taller than her bf who's like 5'7")
-her name is gonna be maeve now bc i dont like her old one but also i might change it bc Why Not
-she had depth at one point but i refuse to talk about it bc 8th grade me making characters was just Bad.
-some odd thousands of years old. probably looks like 22 tho idk.
-has the voice of emma langevin bc Yes
-also essentially the same personality but that was a pre-emma langevin established fact
-can unhinge her jaw and eat people <3
-literally just exists bc i think monster ladies are hot and i always have
Tumblr media
-wip demon slayer oc?? yeah this mfer got no name, no background, but i know im giving them a little sister and that's it. i just thought id include them bc it's a more recent sketch, even if its kinda messy anyways (like incomplete messy)
-he/they btw that's all
Tumblr media
-bnha oc 🤢
-her name is anzu himaru? himari? i dont have my notes with me ajsksk
-her quirk is audio graphic memory so basically any sound she hears she can replicate exactly at any volume
-there's a few draw backs to it (hearing and throat/vocal issues) but i won't get too into em bc i havent done my proper research i just know im gonna include them
-this is the one character with actual depth but it's a fucking bnha oc so im too embarrassed to talk about half of it without being like specifically asked like im just gonna feel annoying lmao
-she's supposed to be 15-16ish depending on where in the story we are
-has pastel green hair bc fuck you that's why /j
-has a twin? bc why not? but i don't remember his name bc ive never even actually drawn him lmaooo
-there isnt much else to say without oversharing about my dumb oc 😭😭
yeah anyways im gonna stop here bc the only other oc i can share is 100% a creepypasta self insert i made when i was in 7th grade and just keep drawing bc idk attachment? but it's a Bad oc tbh so like. take these ones lol sorry for this mess
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shiera-the-cupcake · 3 hours ago
I leave this app alone for five fucking seconds and suddenly a bigger blog reblogs a fanart of mine and I have a fuck ton of notifications??? Reblog and likes???? Like what the fuck?????
Edit: I got two new notifications while writing this.
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manlet-rights-activist · 4 hours ago
ive been on mcytblr since august but i have no god damn clue what the tapeworm post is. i dont care to ask either, ignorance is bliss
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thatoneinsecurenerd · 4 hours ago
School has been kicking my ass, lately, hence the hiatus. Hence the not posting any fanfic on AO3 (but part of that is also just I have no ideas). I've had no motivation and I've been so damn tired trying to stay on top of my schoolwork and keep a handle on my (Covid cautious) social life and my mental health. And the semester won't be over until May. and it's only going to get worse for me from here.
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potatotrash0 · 5 hours ago
venti x xiao but komahina
tumblr sucked my first response into its gaping jaws and deleted it but just know i punched the air so hard at the chance to gush about my favorite dr ship crossed with one of my favorite genshin ships. ty for enabling me anon <3
okay okay so. hear me out. i know i said i thought ko would be an adeptus but. archon nagito and adeptus hajime.........i just think nagito would be the type to visit liyue every so often and greet hajime with a breeze blowing at his hair and a little smile. maybe accompany him as he makes his rounds, helping out if they come across trouble. and at the end of the day, when everything is taken care of, he offers to play hajime a song. nagito thinks himself a rather lousy god, but.......his ideal is freedom, after all. the least he could do is grant liyue’s protector a brief moment of peace amidst all that karma he’s accumulated, right?
on the flip side, if their roles were reversed, i think hajime would be more like. “take a fuckin break” dkfjsknfkd. he wouldn’t be that blunt of course but he comes a little close. komaeda’s just one guy, even if he is an adeptus. buuuuut he’s also stubborn and insists that as an adeptus, his sole purpose is to protect liyue and bear the burden of his karma as punishment for the lives he takes. a cycle, he calls it. hajime begs to differ but eventually they compromise and have dates meetups on one of the hills in liyue where they’ll play little tunes together and reminisce over some of the memories they share since they’re both several hundred years old. maybe hajime takes the chance to admire nagito when he’s somewhat relaxed for once. you can’t prove anything............
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ghostsandmirrors · 5 hours ago
“We’re married.” (Because why not?)
Send “We’re married.” for my muse to wake up in a future or alternate reality where our muses are married.
It was some stupid argument. Nothing big or important, really, but it'd felt important enough for Bucky to roll his eyes and dramatically sweep his way out of the room with a 'fuck you' thrown over his shoulder. He stood still and sighed while closed his eyes in a hint of a wince, because he really hadn't meant it. When he opened them, he was in a different room.
No, it was the same room, just differently decorated. There was also a kitten trying to climb his leg by clawing its way up. He didn't notice it until he felt tiny pin pricks in his thigh. As if on auto-pilot, he hooked it off of his leg with his left hand and dropped it off on his shoulder gently, all in one movement. The kitten seemed happy, purring away and pressing its face into his hairline.
"What did you say?" he called out, not sure how he knew that someone had said something, but going with it; the kitten was cute enough to distract him for the moment as it nuzzled him.
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ghostsandmirrors · 5 hours ago
“We’re married.” (With Nat obvs.)
Send “We’re married.” for my muse to wake up in a future or alternate reality where our muses are married.
Bucky hadn't fallen asleep the previous night so much as passed out. As soon as he hit the bed--not even the pillow--he was gone, out like a light and alone.
The switch had happened while he was asleep.
Sunlight streamed through a gap in the curtains and Bucky winced. He tried to shy away and pull the covers up to cover his face but they didn't feel like his covers. His eyes opened fast. This didn't look like his room; no black sheets, for a start.
Sitting up sharply, he finally saw Nat and froze. Her existence, in and of itself, in his room wasn't the weirdest thing. The feeling of a wedding ring on the chain with his dog tags was, though.
"What the fuck?" He pulled the chain up to get a better look at the ring, confused but having already decided that things could absolutely be worse.
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potatotrash0 · 7 hours ago
Oh my god oh my god oh my god
I didn't actually think people would be interested but I love talking about this uwuwurhrh
-i don't think there is much to say, because this is one of those aus where I have scenarios but not the entire plot but uuhhh
-So basically it all happens because they're all fucking with the neo world program settings, and Hajime was put into the program
-With the mix of Nagito's luck, some romantic era machine fuckery, and the fact that Kamukura killed God long ago, they all get sucked into the simulation, back to the past.
-In the Class's point of View, two bitches fell out of a vortex and right in the middle of the diner. Hajime falling and hitting the floor and Nagito right on top of him. They still look like one of those anime shoujo type landings and Nagito makes no move to make themselves look presentable. He gives no fucks about the rest of his class standing there atm. Like he loves them but not as much as Hajime
-obviously, the room falls into panic when the sight of the two intruders are recognized. Souda and Nidai panicking and yelling because they thought they got rid of Nagito already? And they grab him but then Hajime is like, "stop ❤"
-after much questioning, and a lot of sweet sounding passive aggression from Nagito (which he makes sure everyone knows is intentional) they finally believe the two fancy looking men in suits (and komaeda's green jacket) are in fact, future versions of IG! Hajime and Nagito.
-They get flocked with questions immediately, about all kinds of things, especially with the arm (Nagito "accidentally" thwacks Souds in the head hard enough to make him cry) and Hajime's heterochromia.
-Hajime gives a bullshit answer that nobody is very convinced with, and Nagito, the better manipulator of the two, does not try to help him. Hajime takes this as a betrayal.
-Its also when Hajime looks at his boyfriend and then at his in game counterpart, that he remembers IG! Nagito is nowhere to be found. So they gotta bring him in.
-imagine being Nagito, starving and toed up in the other area of the building and some bitch who looks like the aged up and more mature and sexy version of your potential sugar baby crush just busts in like minutes after the OG straight up left him to his fate like a cold mf. I'd shit.
-Anyways, Nagito has always been the smartest person in that game from the get go, there is no doubt he figures out what's going on.
-PG! Nagito and IG! Nagito having a little,,,rivalry with eachbother. Not that they hate or even dislike each other (although they'd be passive aggressive to each other ig. Self esteem reasons ig). PG! Nagito finding his old self developing puppy love for PG! Hajime but also being a hit jealous because "hey! Your own boyfriend is there, give me mine."
-(PG! Hajime knows this, and teases his boyfriend about it.)
-Uuuuhhhh,,, blablahblah idk,,,the future komahina know what will happen and successfully manage to make sure no more killing. It pissed Monokuma off.
-When they depart, there are still many questions, and while the improv story of their life goes pretty smoothly, Hajime suffers from passive aggressiveness from both the class and his lover.
-this happens only once PG! Hajime spills that he and PG! Nagito are dating. Fiancé's, even.
-The passive aggressive war happens because the rest of the class thinks PG! Nagito is still evil and manipulative and are "subtly" leaving him hints, and Nagito, petty pretty bitch he is, makes sure everyone know he knows. He's making it everyone's problem and doing well so far.
-i think it would be funny if PG! Hajime kept pleading for his boyfriend to see reason qnd try to compromise and not start shit, and PG!Nagito taking it personally cause usually he gets spoiled and gets Hajime's attention but that's not happening right now.
-So he starts showing IG! Hajime affection. Straight up holds him close and kisses his cheek. The class already knows they're dating but holy fuck Nagito. PG! Haji is jealous.
-(And if Kamukura is still there lurking I his brain, he will be feeling both pride and jealousy. Dumbass jealous bastards, the three of them)
-i don't have much more plot for this, but I so imagine at some point Monokuma gets fed up by the fact that PG! Nagito is thwarting his plans and there is no killing, enough to the point where he nearly punishes him, with a collar to his neck and the spear of gungir about to fucking make a mess out of him, but while everyone else in class looks in horror, PG! Nagi looks perfectly relaxed and unafraid. The reason that is because between the terrifying, withering glare Hajizuru sends monokuma, and Nagito's insane luck, the simulation glitches and monokuma has to let him go.
-Meanwhile all of this is comedy central and angst central for the PG! Class watching this. They're not stuck forever, soda and Wild Destroyer are working on it, but ffs.
(I only realize now that there would be a lot of angst because of chiaki, but I'm not emotionally stable enough for angst atm. So fluff only.)
oh i love this so much dkfjskdbxkdb god. just. the absolute chaos that is them just. Popping out of nowhere lmao.
also imagine being monokuma and just being cockblocked from your beloved murders by one (1) little shit and his fiancé and knowing full well you can’t do jack shit about it skdjskndksbc.
also hhhhhhhh i forgot about chiaki but my heart is breaking just thinking about her gahhhhhh..............i imagine she and pg hajime and nagito would end up talking the night they appear. they’d fill her in on the real story and i could see hajime wanting to talk to her a while longer.
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1nnitcore · 8 hours ago
12, 51, 52, and 58 for the ask game!!! -Virgil 🖤💜
12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours?
maybe not like the full 48 but close? especially back in like 6th-8th grade, my sleep schedule was atrocious. i think the closest i probably got to 48 hours was when i physically couldnt fall asleep one night, had to clean my room the entire day once it was light out, was so jacked up on energy drinks from the day that i didnt sleep and then i proceeded to go hangout with my friend which basically just turned into him holding me as we watched digimon and i slowly came down from energy drink and no sleep hell
51: Favourite food?
mm salmon with fresh lemon squeezed on it and a side of asparagus. peak meal.
52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
yes but probably only bc i have these weird dreams that end up coming true later on (they're never anything important but an example would be the time i dreamed about going to a camp i had never even seen before and then a few years later i went to it)?? i dont wanna call em prophetic bc that feels like it's a big deal and these really arent but it does kinda feel like well if i have dreams of things that havent happened yet then obviously everything is already destined (?) to happen before it even occurs
58: Favourite weather?
warm rain :] warm rain but not with the sun like i still want it to be grey and shit but not cold or stuffy? yeah.
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fretful-ferret · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today’s meme haul @askpiedpiper
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cayde-6 · 9 hours ago
Arc strider Hunter: "What ugly!"
Solar Hunter: "That's just rude what that is." *Activates Blade Barrage* "Get him boys!"
Arc strider Hunter: *Twirls his staff, sending the blades back at the Solar Hunter."
Solar Hunter: "Oh well fuuuccckk!" *Rolls away."
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romans-dull-creativity · 9 hours ago
me after accidentally starting a discord call for the umpteenth time: ah fuck fuck they hate me no I’ve died I’ve ascended kill me omg nope nope nope I’m not going back on nuh-uh back to YouTube
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manlet-rights-activist · 9 hours ago
ive been on mcytblr since august but i have no god damn clue what the tapeworm post is. i dont care to ask either, ignorance is bliss
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thedragonemperess · 10 hours ago
I haven't seen the new episode yet, but if Walker doesn't get his ass thrown in jail I'm gonna fucking riot
None of you say anything that'll imply spoilers or else
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thedragonemperess · 10 hours ago
Do you ever hear a Nightcored Version of the song first and be like "This is the Nightcored Version?! The Original must be slow as fuck, oh my god."
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thedragonemperess · 11 hours ago
Hshdjduud Ty for being a good person, here have a cookie 🍪🍪🍪
Why the fuck isn’t there any eating emoji?
No problem!! That other person was overreacting big time. And thank you for the cookies!!
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