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#Women's Wrestling
wrestling-uprise · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
11 years ago, Tamina made her main roster debut alongside The Usos. Today, The Usos are 17-time tag-team champions. Tamina has yet to have held any gold since. Let that sink in.
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girlboss-mrsschnee · 3 days ago
You know... after watching the Brian Pillman episodes of Dark Side of the Ring, I finally understand why sports fans are so dedicated and passionate to a silly little competitive sport now.
That all said, I don’t like the idea of calling myself a Wrestling fan, it’s more of a fascination than being super invested. If I was invested I’d understand what the heck is going on with the angles and knowing who’s a heel and who’s a face.
Also here’s some Wrestling terminology!!
Face: sometimes called ‘babyfaces’ are the heroes/protagonists.
Heel: the villains.
Feud: rivalries and bad blood basically. Worth noting that wrestlers can be friends irl but in the ring they could have a feud together.
Kayfabe: wrestling term for ‘keeping the staged act as genuine as possible.’ Breaking Kayfabe in the past was considered a taboo/a big deal breaker.
Angles: another word for ‘storylines.’
Bookers: the people who are setting up the matches. All of these matches have agreeed pre determined outcomes with the consent of participating parties.... although instances have gone against this with things like the Montreal Screwjob.
Montreal Screwjob: I legitimately have no idea how to explain this to you. I don’t know if everyone was in on it or not. I recommend doing the research and coming to your own conclusions.
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mrfearlessriot · 3 days ago
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Aspyn Rose
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