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#America First
udnc · 3 hours ago
First Nations child welfare case gets underway in Federal Court today
First Nations child welfare case gets underway in Federal Court today
Ottawa’s legal challenge of two rulings involving First Nations children taken from their families by an underfunded child-welfare system will be heard in Federal Court today. The federal government has filed for a judicial review of two Canadian Human Rights Tribunal rulings — one that awarded First Nations children inappropriately taken away from their parents after 2006 $40,000 each and to…
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bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb-8 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
(This is the post anon is referring to)
PSA: as per usual i will not be going over How To Make A Gif (but here is a great in-depth tutorial that is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-sically my process!)
tut under the cut!
1. get a screencap for your "background" (for lack of better word - it's the thing that will be cut out? The main photo??!? idk, you'll get it just read ahead if you don't)
Tumblr media
here we have one (1) unconscious supersoldier about to take a quick lil swim in the potomac)
2. cut out whatever you’re gonna cut out (in this case, im cutting out stevie boy)
Tumblr media
3. draw the outline in a new layer using brush tool 
Tumblr media
NOTE: I added a pink layer here JUST FOR THE TUTORIAL’S SAKE (otherwise it’s difficult to make out the white outline amongst the transparent canvas underneath)
4. do your colouring or whatever for the “background” (i’m doing B&W because i’m melodramatic like that 😌😌😌)
Tumblr media
5. make your gif in a new tab (easier said than done lmao - condensing the 10 step process of making a gif into a 6 word single step)
Tumblr media
you can also colour and sharpen and do all your regular stuff you do to a gif here during this step as well :) 
6. drag your “background” (still dont know what to call this?!?!?!? its the thing you made in steps 1-4 ykyk) to the tab with the gif
Tumblr media
7. manipulate your gif until it’s peeking out the way you’d like it through the cutout
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(i added some gratuitous text because it seemed fitting and i’m self-indulgent <3 )
as per usual, feel free to shoot me extra asks if you have questions! and if you feel up to it, DM me links to posts you make with this tutorial cuz iiiiiii would love to see it!!! 
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celestiawrites · 9 hours ago
Kiss the Bride // Chris Evans
Summary: He should've objected when he had the chance.
Warnings: kind of angsty
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All the times he'd held you were washing down the drain. It was over. For real this time.
Chris watched as you walked gracefully down the aisle, wearing the dress you'd picked out for the wedding you thought you'd be having with him. He'd seen it all. He remembered when you showed him the binder full of your wedding plans. You never prioritized a wedding, but you'd always wanted to be prepared. You'd picked out everything from the color of the flower petals to the pin you'd put in your hair. Everything was all there. Except for him. His heart sunk when you locked eyes with him. He felt sick. Was this how it ended? With you walking down the aisle to another man as he sat there helplessly? He had to look away from you because this was the day you'd always dreamed of. How dare he ruin this for you? Just because he fucked everything up. It wouldn't be fair to you.
He watched the ceremony. It was beautiful. It was perfect for you. He felt nauseous the entire time. He couldn't decide if he should leave or stay. He wanted to choke out the groom and confess his love for you, but he couldn't. It was too late. As the two of you exchanged vows, Chris had to fight the urge to stop the wedding right then. This was what you'd always dreamed of.
"Is there anyone who objects to this marriage?"
He could've sworn you looked at him. You stared him dead in the eye. Was it a sign? A call for help? Were you asking him to speak up?
"Speak now or forever hold your peace."
He could hear you calling to him. You were begging him to save you. Right? Of course not. You were happy. This was good for you. You deserved this more than anyone he'd ever met. He stayed silent. He let himself lose. It was over.
The reception was beautiful. Exactly how you'd planned it. He smiled lightly at the ice sculpture of swans in the shape of hearts that you'd always dreamed of having at your special day. He'd always hated the idea of it.
"It's tacky, (Y/N). Too predictable."
"Oh, come on, Chris. It's beautiful. If you don't like it, I'm sure someone else will," you'd tease.
Chris sighed at the sculpture and wondered if your husband liked it.
"Hey, stranger."
He turned around and his heart stopped. He was sure his lungs would collapse at any second.
You were standing right in front of him. Beautiful as ever. He could've sworn angels had started singing, but he was too far gone for angels to be near him. He didn't deserve for you to be near him anymore. He'd lost that privilege.
You weren't quite sure what to say to him. You weren't even sure why you went to talk to him. Your feet seemed to have started moving before you could stop them. Now, you were standing right in front of him speechless. You couldn't tell if you were heartbroken or angry.
How could he just let this happen? Why didn't he say anything? Did he even care?
Whatever the answers were, they didn't matter anymore. It was over with. There was no hope at this point.
"The wedding was beautiful, (Y/N). Congratulations," he commented, smiling. You smiled back as brightly as you could manage, hoping he wouldn't notice just how much of a show you were putting on.
"Thank you."
Why were you even speaking to him? You had nothing to say to him.
"Enjoy the party," you told him with a smile. "Thank you so much for coming."
You held your hand out to him and inwardly cringed. When did the two of you become so fucking formal? He stared for a moment with his hands shoved in his pockets before finally grabbing your hand in his and shaking it. What the hell was that?
You smiled one last time before turning away from him.
"(Y/N)," he called. He sounded desperate. Like he was begging you to turn around You wanted to kill him. He lets you marry someone else and then calls your name with that much hopelessness in his voice? How fucking dare he?
"I should have spoke up. Right? It wasn't just me?"
He was fidgeting with his hands. Peeling at his nails. You sighed and turned to look at him. You strode back over and grabbed his hands to force him to stop.
His eyes were nervous and fearful. What if he'd read this all wrong? What if you were happy and he was standing here ruining that?
"I wish you would have," you told him, pushing yourself on your toes to kiss his cheek. "But, you didn't. And neither did I. I'm sorry."
There it was.
It was officially over.
He knew that as you gave him one last defeated smile and walked over to your new husband.
There was no hope.
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nnnnews · 13 hours ago
World Blood Day: 7m African patients need blood yearly – WHO
By Franca Ofili The Will Health Organization says blood stocks in the African region have declined over the past year as fewer people donated blood during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Matshidiso Moeti, regional director (WHO) for Africa, said this was due to travel restrictions and fears of infection that prevented individuals from reaching donation centers. “There are still around seven million…
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thecarolinapatriot · 13 hours ago
TRUMP: “Rudy is a great Patriot...and what he’s done, and what Mike (Lindell) has done, and what so many other people have done. These are incredible heroes and they are gonna go down as heroes some day, and I think its SOME DAY IN THE NOT TOO DISTANT FUTURE.”
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recall369 · 14 hours ago
Biden concludes first G7 as President declaring "America is back at the table. - The Hill
Biden concludes first G7 as President declaring “America is back at the table. – The Hill
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chaossmagic · 15 hours ago
Everything Steve did in the second half of TFA, he did because of Bucky.
I’m fine.
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hamilpop · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy birthday to Chris Evans!
You could say I'm a bit of a fan. 😁🤗🇺🇸🛡🎖🔨🔪🍩💉
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chaossmagic · 16 hours ago
My theory is that the reason why Bucky feels so much guilt and shame over his actions as the Winter Soldier is because he volunteered to be experimented on at the POW camp in Krausberg so that his men - the future Howling Commandos - wouldn’t be.
Because they were under his command, he was responsible for them, and he wanted to protect them. If he volunteered, he probably thought the Hydra agents would leave them alone. So he offered himself up as bait to keep the other soldiers safe, and that was the start of his undoing.
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sanguineterrain · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
for @steverogersbingo​ 
square filled: C1 (magic/fantasy)
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mandelene · 18 hours ago
What would happen if Seychelles got her period, but only America and/or Canada was home and had no idea what to do?
Like the good big brothers they are, Alfred and Matthew would both try their best to be reassuring and tell Michelle that everything will be all right, but internally they'd both be panicking because they honestly have no clue how to deal with the situation.
Matthew would send Alfred to the store to go buy pads and/or tampons, and Alfred would be pacing up and down the "feminine hygiene" aisle, trying to figure out the differences between each brand and what the different sizes mean. He'd call Matthew, overwhelmed. "Dude, how much does she need? And do I get light, regular, super, overnight -- I didn't know it was this complicated! Oh -- there's a variety pack with all different ones. I'll just get that?"
Then they are faced with the dilemma of explaining to Michelle how to use a pad/tampon when they themselves aren't quite sure how it's supposed to work either. Alfred: "Don't you just stick the pad on?" Michelle: "How?" Alfred: "I don't know! Just stick it in there or whatever!"
They try to read her the directions on the box from the other side of the bathroom door, but that doesn't prove to be very helpful, so Matthew looks up a YouTube tutorial on his phone and has Michelle watch it so she can learn that way.
And during this entire ordeal, poor Michelle just wishes she could trade her brothers for sisters.
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nkp1981 · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Since when has Sebastian Stan gotten a tattoo??
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thewhattowatchblog · 19 hours ago
The National Parks: America's Best Idea (PBS) Rated NR
The National Parks: America’s Best Idea (PBS) Rated NR
The history of the U.S. National Parks from the first park to the expansion across 150 years. Starring Peter Coyote, William Cronon, and Dayton Duncan.  This series is brilliant. We follow the history of the U.S. National Parks as the first, Yosemite, was created by the people who realized the benefits of the country that surrounds us. This is one of Ken Burns’ best miniseries. We hear from the…
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roseberrylight · 21 hours ago
Jenna Coleman was in Captain America!!???!!!
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hogwarts9 · a day ago
Aishwarya Rogers
Later in an awards ceremony, Senator Brandt speaks to the small audience and a press meet.
" I am honored to present this medal for valor to my personal friend, Captain America!" He says expecting Aishwarya to come but she didn't show. " Captain America?" He said again " Captain, that's your cue"
Then his assistant comes to him and whisper something in his ear.
Stan lee (RIP Stan lee...your deeply missed) whisper to the man next to him " I thought they say she was a lady?"
Meanwhile in London secrets base, Aishwarya shows the location of the other 6 hydra bases she found at the map. " The fifth one was here in Poland, right here the Baltic." She said marking on the map " And the sixth one was about here, 30, 40 miles west of the Maginot Line...I just got a quick look"
A solider takes the map after she marked the spots. " Well, nobody's perfect" Carter said and they head to the discussion table.
" These are the weapon factories we know about.." Aishwarya said " My brother said that Hydra shipped all the parts to another facility that isn't on this map."
" Agent Carter and Agent Lobosca , coordinate with MI6" The colonel said " I want every Allied eyeball looking for that main Hydra base."
" Any what about us?" Chiara said
" We are going to set a fire under Johann Schmidt's ass." He replied " What do you say, rogers? It's your map....You think you can wipe hydra off it?"
" Yes sir, I'll need a team." Aishwarya said
" We're already putting together the best men." The colonel said
" With all due respect, sir, so am I " she said
Later at a pub with the group of solider she had rescued from the hydra cell. She had changed into a dress.
" So, let's get this straight." Dugan said
" We barely got out there alive, and you want us to go back?" The black solider said
" Well boys.." Aishwarya said " Pretty much"
" Sounds rather fun, actually." The solider, who asked if she was a woman when she rescued them, said. " Burp" Morita burps " I'm in"
Denier speaks in French and the black solider talks to him and they laughed. " We're in."
"Hell, I'll always fight." Dugan said " But you got to one thing for me."
" and ?" Aishwarya asked
" Open a tab, captain." He said finished his drink. They all chuckled. Aishwarya gets up and head to the bar counter.
" Well, that was easy." Morita said
" Another round sir." She said
" Where are they putting all this stuff?" The bartender asked. Later piano music played as the men sing.
" See? I told you" Arjun said drinking with Finn @theguythatdraws as Aishwarya comes to them." They're all idiots."
" How about you two?" Aishwarya said to both of them " You ready to help Captain America?"
" Of course i am in." Finn said " I am already working on the weapons."
" Hell no.." Arjun said " That sweet little girl from Brooklyn who was too dumb not to run away from a fight...I am following her." She chuckled and nudged him
" Wait u been in fights before we meet...that is it..ur young lady are not going to war without the proper gear." Finn said
" Finn...stop acting like my dad." She chuckled as she sips wine.
" Your keeping the outfit?" Arjun asked
" You know what..." Aishwarya said " It's kind off growing on me."
Suddenly the singing stopped, Arjun and Aishwarya see what happened while Finn kept drink his beer. " Hey, Finn." Aishwarya said " Your lady is here."
Finn chokes on his drink as he see Chiara in a gorgeous red dress. "Finn close ur mouth ur drooling." Aishwarya chuckled as she sips the wine.
" Captain, sergeant ...Mr.Stark." Chiara said
" Agent carter" Finn and Aishwarya said. " Ma'am" Arjun said
" I believe u own me a dance practice....we want to be ready when the big day comes." Chiara said
" Yes ma'am." Finn blushed
" Aishwarya tomorrow ur trying on the new equipment Finn made."
" Yes ma'am" Aishwarya said
" I see ur top squad is ready."
" yes...yes they are."
" Finn...Let's dance."
" Right behind u." He follows Chiara " But first lets all take a picture." Chiara said grabbing Aishwarya's hand as they meet with carter. Aishwarya take a group photo with Finn, Peter Carter , Arjun and Chiara. This is Aishwarya's military family....her family.
The next day, Finn examines the container ,Aishwarya brought which glowed in blue light, with a machine claws. the claw holds a small ball of blue energy.
" Emission signature is unusual." Finn said to the scientist next to him " Alpha and beta ray neutral...I doubt Aisha picked up on that....Seems harmless enough...Hard to see what to see what all the fuss is about "
He moves the second claw to hold the orb then it exploded and he get thrown back as the glass shattered. He adjust his glasses. " Write that down." He tells to the scientist as he gets helped up by another scientist.
Aishwarya comes to a male agent who is reading a newspaper. " Excuse me. I'm looking for Mr. Stark." She said
" He's in with Colonel Phillips." The agent said not looking up from his newspaper. She nods and looking around her as she waits, the agents looks and her and recognize her." Of course, you're welcome to wait ma'am." He said and she leans back on a table at the corner.
" I read about what you did." He said showing her the newspaper before putting it down " I am impressed."
" Oh yeah the rescue." She said " I was just doing what needed to be done."
" Sounded like more than that." He smirked " You saved nearly 400 men."
" Really, it's not a big deal." She said
" Tell that to their wives." He said as he comes to close to her making her a bit uncomfortable.
" I...I don't think they were all married" She said as she moves to the other side and he turn around making her walk back to the wall.
" Pls...move." She said getting pissed
" You're a hero" He said getting close to her.
"thanks...but pls move away from me." she said slowly get mad.
" All of America, they owe you their thanks." He said pinning her to the wall
" I.SAID.MOVE!!!!" She ,now snapped, kicks him at the balls making him move back.
" When a lady said move...u move mister." Chiara said " Captain we are ready for you, follow me...and u get back to work." Aishwarya immediately walks with Chiara.
" You ok?" Chiara asked " Yeah...sorry about him." Aishwarya said
" Don't be, he deserved it...I will tell the colonel about him. Nice reflex."
" Thanks" They both chuckled
Aishwarya meets with finn. " Well here they are Aishwarya, my work which will make you and your men not get killed...Carbon polymer...should withstand your average German bayonet...Although Hydra's going to attack you with a pocket knife" He said showing her fabric before walking to the other works
" I heard you're kind of attached." Finn said looking at the old shield.
" It's handier than you might think." She said as Finn went behind a table with different shield designs. " I took the liberty of design some...this look fun." As finn talks about some of the shields , Aishwarya noticed a round shield under the table and she picks it up.
" What about this one?" She asked
"No, No, that's just a prototype." Finn said
" What's it made of ?"
" Vibranium..It's stronger than steel and a third the weight." He explains as Aishwarya looks the shield and tries it on. " It's completely vibration absorbent. "
" How come it's not standard issue? " She asked
" That is the rarest metal on earth...What you're holding there, that's all we got."
" Your finished, Mr stark?" Chiara asked
"What do think?" Aishwarya asked
' Could use some testing"
" Take that gun and shoot at me." Chiara did and Aishwarya blocks the bullets with the shield as everyone else freaks out with the shooting
" Works fine.." Aishwarya said feeling the shield " Here...these are some design for the suit and shield. " She hands the paper sketch to Finn who still surprised but the gun shooting.
" sure no problem." Finn takes the paper.
Part 9- Part 11
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