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ginnyzero · 6 hours ago
Maybe I’m weird but I do not understand dudes who propose and get turned down like….how did you not know she would say no? Like…are people asking out of the clear blue sky? Again, maybe this is abnormal, but my boyfriend and I have had many, many conversations about marriage. Deep conversations and also sleepy pillow talk where one of us whispers “Let’s get married.” and the other one is like “Heck yeah.” We’ve discussed who will take who’s name and the idea of public proposals and the style of rings we like. Maybe you’re not SUPPOSED to talk about all that but…it just seems like it shouldn’t be a total surprise. Like I want to be surprised about exactly when and where but, that’s the only thing I want to leave up to chance.
Like, I feel like if you had no idea your girl would say no, you aren’t ready for marriage anyways. 
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ginnyzero · 6 hours ago
I’m gonna add onto this. DON’T try to give professional writers “concrit” either. Guess what? We’ve got editors for that and the book you’re so lovingly/hatingingly tearing apart because you, oh random stranger, think that you’re going to “help” us become better writers was probably not only written two years ago, it’s fucking published, we can’t change it, and the next book has different problems. Oh, yeah, and if we’re emotionally healthy people, we don’t go and read reviews of our professionally published works (self pubbed counts) because reviews are for READERS.
I’m not sure how many times the booksphere is going to implode because of this. But man, it’s like villain of the week whenever it does. 
You wanna have a go at my slice of life pacing or my third omni “head hopping,” you go ahead and do that. I won’t even see it. Pbbbbth.
Bestie I’m afraid to tell you this... but if you don’t want any negative feedback on things you write and only want the positives— you might be in the wrong business. I don’t think the person meant for it to escalate as it did, though they were harsh but part of being a content creator and sharing means having the criticism. Every writer needs criticism to grow and become better, no one is perfect enough to just know what their writing needs sometimes a different perspective is needed.
First of all, don’t call me your bestie.
And this isn’t a business.
I’m a fucking fanfic writer.
I write for a fandom, for free. I do not get paid, so how the fuck is it a business?
I’m not a fucking professional writer trying to get published. This is a hobby. A hobby which I decided to share.
So, no, I’m not trying to get random, anonymous assholes with no clout to send me rude messages and “feedback.”
Crazy that you’re defending someone who was just straight up rude. Maybe you should learn some manners, too.
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ginnyzero · 7 hours ago
No wonder the fic writing community is dying off. Yall demand us to push out content like we’re robots without having any consideration for our wellbeing, don’t wanna reblog or share our work, and then steal our work while you’re at it lmao
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ginnyzero · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s a bit different
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ginnyzero · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How To Wear (Another) Moody Floral Still Life Painting – Unquiet Things
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ginnyzero · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
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ginnyzero · 11 hours ago
When you're angry at the characters, the story is well-written. When you're angry at the writers, it is not.
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ginnyzero · 16 hours ago
The Lone Prospect: Chapter 13
The Lone Prospect: Chapter 13 There are four young women Gideon's age in the cockpit of a transport planning out his romantic life without his input into the matter. But hey, Blake brought cookies.
New rules. New girl. New home. Ex-military and werewolf, Gideon Vonrothe is looking for a place to belong. His first and last hope for a pack to call his own is the Heaven’s Heathen’s Motorcycle Club. Being the new prospect isn’t going to be easy… especially when there are four young women his age in the cockpit of a transport planning out his romantic life without his input into the matter. But…
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ginnyzero · a day ago
Hot take: Actual literary analysis requires at least as much skill as writing itself, with less obvious measures of whether or not you’re shit at it, and nobody is allowed to do any more god damn litcrit until they learn what the terms “show, don’t tell” and “pacing” mean.
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ginnyzero · a day ago
-April 21, 2021 Big Bonnie H.O.R.S.E. Update
So, I feel like a homeless person. What I didn’t put in my currency conversion up there is:
THEREFORE 1 JS = $.04 USD in game value
So, for a high end 70 JS daily you are getting $2.80 of “in game value” money.
A 9000 JS item be it a pair of pants or a bridle = $360 USD “in game value” money.
So, if you SELL 15 recyclable items to a VENDOR for 30 JS. They are worth $.08 USD EACH. And if you turn those same 15 items into H.O.R.S.E. for 40 JS they are then worth $.106666667 each. AND if you live in the United States, you know you can return bottles (usually in states with large population centers) for 5 or 10 cents. This is a refund they add ONTO the bottle/can in those states and is supposed to encourage recycling. And the homeless looking for any change they can have a tendency to go through trash cans and find them b/c busy city people don’t have time to keep their bottles to take to a refund facility/grocery store. (Grocery stores hate bottle refunds, btw.)
So, if you take an HOUR of your time to do this. At a standard labor rate of sixty bucks an hour.... nvm. I’m not even going to do the math. Honestly... just. no. It’s not worth it no matter how little time you take.
And Farah’s flowers are just as bad if not WORSE monetarily wise. At least you get the dailies. Unless H.O.R.S.E. gets similar dailies. Yeah. Not worth it.
Star Stable Currency Conversions
Was doing some currency conversions for fun. Assuming that a well bred and papered American Quarter Horse is $3500 USD, and you pay 890 Star Coins in SSO and that 1 Star Coin = 100 JS. (Which given their clothing pricing system pretty much bears out because anything OVER 10,000 JS is 100 SC or more.)
okay if 1 SC = 100 JS
and $3500 = 890 SC or 89,000 JS
(Does math for you. You can do it if you want.)
roughly 25 JS = $1 USD in game value
therefore 1 SC = $4 USD in game value
If that is TRUE, 500 JS = $20 USD which IS actually the price for a bale of hay. (Go figure.)
So, if you pay 2 SC for the transport, what you’ve just done is paid 200 JS, when the JS price is 25. It’s a rip off. Please, don’t spend you SC on anything unless you absolutely have to.
If someone else has already done this, I apologize.
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ginnyzero · 2 days ago
Very on the fence about this. The intentions are good. And the hashtag “rules” allow for more than just “we want more free star coins” as a demand. Like, use it to make constructive feedback of the game and things you’d like to see. Then again, it’s only going to be seen like 1 or 2 people, and the ambassadors. I think the comment to Abigail’s video where it says to use the FEEDBACK form would be better. If they see a trend in the feedback form, they’ll knock it up to management. So if you could organize a feedback deluge of “fix your game. More story quests. Get a new game engine. Horses every three months. Good god man!” You might get somewhere.
It’s all about breaking management.
Please don’t participate in the # 200allowanceSSO comment thing tomorrow. 
Not only are the social media managers just… gonna ignore you, But also like…. inflation has already happened in one horse game (stallet), don’t ruin sso with it as well
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
Abigail Pinehaven has some GREAT analysis of the situation in this video. I highly recommend watching it. Especially around the 7 Minute mark.
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please read. If your still having a bit of trouble understanding why we have the right to be mad at sso right now. Please understand sso didnt use to do this and we only are voicing our disappointment in hopes that sso will fix itself. I have hope that these problems can be fixed we just need to do our part. And the players have. Its time for sso to try now. Sso needs to admit they messed up and need to correct themselves. And also stop sending their attack dogs *cough* i mean ambassadors after everyone. Talking about you matilda :/
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Got this in my email. Look out wattpad, Kindle is coming for you.
Look, I’m on the fence about this right now. I’ve got chapters longer than 5000 words honestly. I dunno. Are they going to make their search function any better? Just... thoughts? Anyone?
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
don't worry bestie, i'll be your one note on your one note posts
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
Writing Advice Posts: A Handy Reference Guide
(Updated 02/01/21) Hey all, I’ve got quite a few writing advice posts & answered Asks on my blog at this point, so I’m making this reference guide to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Hope it helps!
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The Complete Guide to Self-Editing for Fiction Writers is my comprehensive, step-by-step editing guide which you can purchase on my website :)
8 Ways to Improve Your Writing
10 Best Books About Writing Fiction
How to Spot Bad Writing Advice: 6 Red Flags to Look For
“Show Don’t Tell”? Not Always. Here’s When to Use Summary
How to start a story
More about starting stories
The first sentence
Weak words
Why Just About Every Published Book in the World Does 57 Things That Just About Every Book About Writing Tells You Not to Do
Creative Nonfiction Cliches to Avoid
How to Read Like a Writer
How to Write During a Pandemic
The Writing Process, Writer’s Block, & Inspiration
To all the Writers Suffering from Depression
How to Train Yourself to Write Faster
Just a friendly reminder that creativity is difficult to quantify.
Quick Writing Tip: Make a Note to Your Future Self in Your WIP
Quick Writing Tip: Take Notes!
Just a friendly reminder that writing is not always a linear process.
Quick Cure for Writer’s Block: Lower Your Expectations
Set Realistic Goals
Your Skills May Need Time to Catch Up to Your Vision
It’s Okay to Experiment and Be Weird As Fuck
Surround Yourself With Supporters
It’s okay to take a break.
Your First Draft is Raw Material
Getting into “The Zone”
Vomit Brain
Writing from Your Imagination vs. Reality
Dealing with Criticism
Getting Bored with Your Own Writing
Getting past a block
Doing research on topics you don’t have first-hand experience with
Journalling about your writing
How to Keep Yourself From Editing As You Write
Advice for Getting Over a Writing Slump
Dealing with Procrastination
How to Write Like You Used to, Before You Learned Stuff that Fucked Up Your Natural Creative Flow and Turned Your Writing into Boring, Stilted Garbage
Concept: Maybe Your First Draft DOESN’T Suck
How to Deal with Post-Writing Depression
Being Flexible With Your Writing Routine
Character Development
Creating Character Arcs with the DCAST Method
What Does Your Main Character Want?
How to Activate Your Passive Characters, One Verb at a Time
How to Use Description to Show Character Development
How to Create a Non-Cliched First-Meeting Scene
The “It Depends” Post
Shifting internal goals
When to identify your character’s goal
Writing about normal people with normal problems
If you’re worried about your character being too similar to someone else’s character 
Describing your characters without messing up your pacing
Story, Plot, & Pacing
Quick Plotting Tip: Write Your Story Backwards
Pause at the Threshold
How to Spot an “Info-dump”
Slowing Down the Pace of Your Story Without Boring Your Reader
Time Transitions
How to Create a Non-Cliched First-Meeting Scene
Creating Conflict
When & how to cut a scene
If you’re good at creating characters but awful at creating plot
When you’ve plotted your story but can’t get started
En Media Res
Writing to Your Ideal Reader
Deus Ex Machina
Finding an Ending
What to write between moments of conflict
Starting a story with waking-up scene
How to Know When You’re Done Outlining
Doing a Structural Overhaul on Your Story
How to Find an Ending from a Beginning
Editing Tip: How to Speed Up or Slow Down Your Pacing
Adding Stakes to Your Story
Description, Setting, & Worldbuilding
How to Make Your Descriptions Less Boring
How to Spot an “Info-dump”
Adding Descriptions to Intense Scenes Without Messing Up Your Story’s Flow
How to Use Description to Show Character Development
Worldbuilding: How much is too much?
Modeling your fantasy world from stuff in the real world
Internal Consistency
Utilizing Sound
How to Do World-Building Research
5 Tips for Writing Great Descriptions
Point of View
How to Choose the Right Point of View for Your Story
A Beginner’s Guide to Multiple Point of View
6 Questions to Ask About Your Point of View
How to decide if you should use first person or third person
More point of view basics
Head hopping
How to Head Hop without Head Hopping
What to Do When You’re Halfway Through Your Story and Realize Your POV Isn’t Working
3 Tips to Avoid Overusing “I” in a First Person Story
How to Improve Your Dialogue
3 Ways to Make Your Dialogue More Interesting
Starting a story with dialogue
Are You Using Too Much Stage Direction?
Which is Better: Exposition or Expository Dialogue?
Publishing & Sharing Your Work
7 Tips to Build an Audience for Your Writing
Pros and Cons of Self Publishing
Quick Publishing Tip: Don’t Bury Your Gold
How to Properly Format Your Manuscript for Publication
A warning about posting writing online that you intend to publish later
Advice for writers who are worried about people stealing their work or ideas
Getting feedback on your writing
How to Create a Cover Letter for a Literary Magazine or Journal
How to Make a 3D Mockup of Your Book for Free
10 Questions to Ask an Editor Before Hiring Them
Quick Revision Tip: Read Your Writing Out Loud
How to Keep Yourself From Editing As You Write
Cut the fidgeting
Are you suffering from -ing disease?
Are you Using Too Much Stage Direction?
What “Editing” Really Means
Quick Editing Tip: “That”
Quick Revision Tip: Read Faster
Editing Tip: Dialogue
Tips for Editing a Story
Should You Use a Contract When Hiring an Editor?
Quick Tip: Up & Down
Pre-Editing Checklist
The Difference Between a Semi-Colon and an Em-Dash
…if you find any broken links please let me know and I will fix them! xo
The Literary Architect is a writing advice blog run by me, Bucket Siler. For more writing help, get my FREE Fiction Writing Toolkit or The Complete Guide to Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. xoxo
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
I think part of the reason discussing political subtext in media on Tumblr is so fraught is that a large chunk of this site’s userbase seems honestly to believe that media contains only and precisely those political subtexts that were explicitly intended by its author, and that it’s impossible to write reactionary propaganda by sheer accident.
Leaving aside the fact that “the author is directly responsible for every conceivable reading of their work” is a really weird critical stance, it also tends to discourage folks from casting a critical eye on their own work. If only those subtexts that you explicitly intended exist, then obviously anyone who reads something in your work that you didn’t explicitly intend is either making things up out of malice or misunderstanding because they’re stupid.
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
brb sending this to my entire history of science department
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
Educate Yourself
Educate yourself on other cultures.
Educate yourself on the difference between the Asian ethnicities.
Educate yourself on not letting your racial bias get in the way of growing.
Educate yourself on how to educate others.
Educate yourself on how to be an ear or shoulder in this troubling time.
Educate yourself on the difference between cultural appreciation and appropriation.
Educate yourself on the proper way to lend a shoulder or ear to your friend who is a person of color.
Educate yourself on the difference between ethnicities within different cultures.
Educate yourself on all the facts of the case before you jump to conclusions.
Yeah please please please educate yourself with everything going on. Don't forget to get all of the facts before you voice your opinion because there will always be someone out there who might know more on the subject than you.
Please educate yourself on other cultures and do not forget...
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ginnyzero · 3 days ago
i think “video games aren’t really the violent child-corrupting threat some parents worry they are” and “certain circles of gamer culture are incredibly toxic and can lead people down dangerous/hateful ideological rabbit holes” are ideas that can absolutely coexist
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