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chen20200805 · 13 hours ago
Something about the American Amazon FBA head Cheng
To be a cross-border e-commerce provider of Amazon FBA in the United States, when choosing Amazon FBA logistics in the United States, you must understand the first transportation method of Amazon FBA in the United States, especially for some novice sellers. At present, our more common Amazon FBA first transportation methods in the United States are There are three types of express, air and sea. First of all, we have to understand the advantages and disadvantages and precautions of these three modes of transportation, so as to choose a first-way transportation method of Amazon FBA that suits us. You can learn your own cargo situation through the study of this article. To make a choice, the following Xiaoma will share with you a detailed introduction of the three first-way transportation methods of Amazon FBA in the United States.
1. Express
    Amazon FBA first-way transportation methods are four major express: USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL (recommended number of tickets is small, sellers who are just starting out and have strict timeliness requirements, single ticket control within 200KG can choose express delivery channels), this way is Similar to our domestic express delivery, one is logistics and transportation between countries, and the other is between domestic locations and locations. International express delivery can deliver goods to customers with the shortest timeliness. At the same time, its charging fees are more expensive. If the goods are not very urgent, this method is not recommended. However, for some documents and small sample goods, express delivery is still very suitable, at least it can ensure the timeliness of delivery.
2. Air freight
     Air freight American Amazon FBA first-way transportation method domestic pick-up-domestic airport departure-air freight to destination port-zoned delivery to Amazon FBA warehouse. The timeliness of air transportation is good, 6-12 working days in the United States. But at the same time, the cost is also high, mainly involving freight and customs fees. It is very good for stocking and replenishment during the e-commerce peak season.
3. Shipping
      Shipping can be divided into two types: fast ships and slow ships. Faster ships have slower timeliness and faster ships with slower tariffs, while slower ships have slower timeliness and lower tariffs than fast ships. On the whole, sea transportation is currently the slowest type of logistics channel, and it is also the lowest transportation method for the main first-haul transportation method. The time limit for signing is about 12-40 working days, and the time limit for logistics is relatively slower than that of the other two first-haul transportation methods. Therefore, shipping is also a type of logistics with lower tariffs. The volume of ship transportation is large. Because it is sailing on the sea, there is basically no need to consider the restrictions caused by the weight of the cargo. Moreover, the transportation is safe, and the cargo can be guaranteed to be stable and not damaged in good sea conditions. Sailing and transportation on the sea also avoids the hidden danger of theft. Moreover, the wide sea lanes extend in all directions without the danger of crashing or overturning like automobile transportation. The biggest feature of ocean shipping is cheap price, large volume, safe cargo, suitable for non-urgent replenishment
Shipping costs involve: domestic local miscellaneous fees + ocean freight + destination customs clearance + destination country delivery. Delivery to the United States is divided into: truck delivery and courier company delivery. The main difference is delivery time and price. Generally, the whole container does not include tax for the first shipping, and the seller will use his company's information for customs declaration and customs clearance. The proportion of double-clearing tax is getting less and less. If the truck is sent to Amazon, it usually requires an appointment for storage, which is more troublesome than express delivery.
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chen20200805 · 13 hours ago
Must see! 6 ways to quickly improve your ranking on Prime Day
The Amazon Prime Day battle is about to begin, and sellers have begun to exhaust their means to improve their rankings and grab more traffic.
Amazon sales ranking represents the relative sales performance of a seller's product in a certain category, and the ranking can be found in product details under most Amazon product pages.
Like Amazon's other algorithm-driven indicators, there is currently no “killing trick” to improve BSR. Generally speaking, products with high ratings will provide consumers with the information Amazon requires sellers to provide, including but not limited to: detailed product descriptions, high-quality pictures and videos, competitive prices and perfect customer service. If the seller wants to improve your BSR, it will need to take a multi-pronged approach. But first, the seller must know the algorithm behind it:
The BSR is updated based on the sales level of Amazon (seller), and the update frequency is calculated in hours to reflect the recent and historical sales of each category of goods sold on Amazon. Similarly, Amazon will also display some of the most popular subcategories in the market during the settlement period. In these subcategories, the product has a higher ranking relative to other products in the subcategory.
So, how can sellers improve your BSR?
1. Increase store sales
The more sellers sell, the higher the ranking, and to achieve this, one of the keys is to maximize the visibility of the product. There are so many products on Amazon that consumers don’t have time to check every product carefully. Therefore, sellers need to make consumers notice the products in their stores as much as possible:
-The product is special enough. The more special the product you sell, the less competition among sellers, and the easier it is to get a high ranking in search. In addition to product selection, the bundling sales model can help sellers achieve this
-Short-term price reduction. In order to sell a large number of products quickly, the price of the products was drastically reduced in a short period of time. However, in this process, it is necessary to continuously monitor the store's ACoS and ROI, and ensure the main low-price sales strategy that the store can support.
-Proceed with caution. Amazon may not incorporate promotional gifts to increase sales into the algorithmic system. Therefore, it is best for sellers to keep their feet on the ground and not try to "play with" Amazon.
2. Win the Amazon Buy Box
Winning the Buy Box on the product detail page is the goal of every seller. If the seller does not win the Buy Box, there will be cases where consumers find the store products in the search and have to find the corresponding offer. And this will not bring many clicks and sales to the seller, and the seller's BSR will also be affected. Here are some ways to win the Buy Box:
·Competitive price
It is recommended to participate in the Buy Box competition with a reduction of 2%. In view of the fact that the seller's product price should include shipping costs, sellers should avoid participating in the Buy Box competition by reducing product prices and increasing shipping costs-the Amazon system is not so good.
·Grinding product information
When it has the same product and the same price as the competitor, the product listing with more complete product information will be better. One of the most important attributes in product information is the product title. It is recommended that sellers use the longest product title allowed by Amazon to write the copy. The title can include but not limited to product type/brand and description/product series/materials/main ingredients and other information.
·Focus on product classification
In many cases, the same product ranks lower in a broader category, but ranks higher in a more specific category. Sellers can use this to take advantage of categories.
·Use five key words
In the product detail copy, the seller should avoid the existing words in the title. It is recommended that the seller include some other spellings of the product, synonyms, nicknames, and related search terms.
·Focus on advertising expenditure
Winning the Buy Box does not mean that everyone will click on the Buy Box, and it may even lead consumers to competitors. If the seller has indeed won the Buy Box, the seller can still "burn advertisements" specifically for these products and ensure that they can get better ACoS and BSR rankings.
·Consider using FBA
Although the Buy Box algorithm will tend to deliver products that are shorter, faster, and have a history of successful delivery, FBA sellers are more likely to win the Buy Box, which can be said to be a tacit secret of the market.
3. Use tripartite tools
When it comes to providing historical data to sellers, Amazon may indeed be unsatisfactory. However, indicators such as BSR can indeed provide sellers with information such as product selection references. Therefore, sellers can use third-party tools to capture and track data in order to make strategic adjustments.
In the long run, what some tripartite analysis tools can do is to provide sellers with in-depth data analysis so that they can compare it with character data and PPC data. By analyzing the products and quantities that may be purchased by different consumer groups, machine learning and artificial intelligence analysis can be started in the following ways to increase store sales:
-Improve the selection of keywords and search terms
-Improve listing exposure through solid keyword research
-Optimize product bids and PPC regularly
-Optimize seller pricing by calculating consumer lifetime value
4. Maintain a good sales history
The seller's sales history will affect the seller's search ranking and ability to win the Buy Box. Therefore, sellers need to deliver quality products on time to satisfy consumers. Here are a few small Tips:
-Provide efficient and fast delivery service (can be realized by using FBA business)
-Focus on inventory levels
-Maintain the order defect rate at a prescribed level, reduce the pre-delivery order cancellation rate and delayed delivery rate
-Careful, sellers need to respond quickly to consumer inquiries and quickly solve consumer problems
5. Get more real reviews from consumers
The more orders, the more reviews. The two are complementary. But note that the Review must be true, and Amazon has zero tolerance for any intention to mislead or manipulate consumers to leave reviews. However, sellers can increase the number of valid reviews in the following ways:
· Use Amazon Vine
Amazon Vine is a community group of top product reviewers organized by Amazon. These top reviewers can only join Amazon Vine by being invited by Amazon. In other words, Amazon has very strict controls on the quantity, quality and credibility of Amazon Vine. Sellers participating in the program can provide free products to the corresponding VineVoice, and these people will post reviews on the products they submit. The prerequisite for participating in the Vine program is that the seller must be a professional seller, have a brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, and have qualified FBA products. With Vine, each ASIN costs approximately US$500. In addition, the number of ASINs active at the same time is 5. Each product can receive up to 30 reviews on each ASIN.
-Have a sense of promotion and operation
Although Vine is very useful, sellers must have operational thinking and work hard to persuade consumers to buy products in stores. Sellers can try to provide coupons/discounts or carry out promotional activities and other methods to win more sales opportunities for themselves. Or encourage consumers to leave product reviews through store social media accounts, product listings and follow-up emails.
6. Provide Prime membership service
Providing Prime services is one of the effective ways to maintain/improve store rankings. The huge Prime member group is a consumer group that sellers cannot lose, and Prime members can filter out non-Prime products. If Prime services are not provided, the seller's products will lose "opportunities". To be eligible to sell products under the Prime label, sellers must use Amazon FBA, and they need beautiful seller performance points.
Of course, a good sales ranking does not guarantee that the product will have a good sales scale in the future, and a poor sales ranking does not mean that the product will never be sold. Although sales rank is an important indicator, it is only one of many indicators. The popular sellers who play on Amazon are usually those who understand Amazon's rules and can make good use of Amazon's data. Therefore, understand the platform gameplay and target consumers; product prices are competitive in the market, and the sales rankings of product sellers who have passed the test will naturally increase over time.
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chen20200805 · 13 hours ago
Prime day burst single cheats, must-see!
Here today, Ze Shui will share with everyone,
What do we need to pay attention to when we are in prime day,
Many friends will find that before prime day comes,
Sellers will experience a decline in order volume.
In fact, this situation is normal, usually before the big event comes,
People will do one action, that is, click and buy.
At this time, the conversion of advertising is getting worse, acos is getting higher, and sales are getting worse!
This is not surprising, so everyone is not too anxious.
We only need to do a good job of our operational strategy and our own operational adjustments.
Can the inventory keep up during Prime Day?
It may decline before prime day, but during prime day or even after the event, the traffic is still very large, so we must pay special attention to whether our inventory can keep up before the event.
Don’t sell well at that time, and then just sell it out of stock, then the gain will not be worth the loss, and if you can’t replenish the stock, the link weight will drop drastically.
This not only affects our entire event, but we also need to spend time in the later stage to call back, to re-advertise, etc... so we must not pay attention to our inventory before or during the event.
What should I do if I didn't report the spike of the day?
If you did not report the spike price for prime day, then we still need to make some operational strategic adjustments, such as:
1. Promotional coupons,
2. Price range adjustment.
At this time, we must be nearly 10% to 15% lower than the usual price, and we must keep up with the LD price quoted by the competitor. The traffic on the prime day is huge. We can only lower the price a little bit. Increase the number of orders for the day through the operational strategy of advertising.
If you still maintain a price on weekdays at this time, it may be difficult to increase traffic on the day of the event. This will easily lead to your lack of market competitiveness, because everyone is lowering prices and you must go up against the wind. , The result may be quite unsatisfactory.
How to operate the advertisement on the day of the event!
On prime day, our advertising operation strategy is very important and also very core. We need to grasp these points:
1. Advertising bidding and budget,
2. Adjust advertising bidding strategy,
3. The main focus is on long tail traffic.
These points are very important. In Zeshui's article yesterday, there were also mentioned a lot of content "Prime Day is coming, are the layouts ready?" 》Everyone can go and take a look at some basic content.
First of all, the advertising bid and budget are at least 1.5 times the usual. Why do you need to do this? Because everyone is competing for this traffic that day, the budget and bid will be increased. If you want to gain this competitive advantage, you need to increase it. .
Then we must adjust the usual advertising bidding from only lowering to higher and lowering, because the traffic is very large on such a big event day, our goal is to compete for traffic, who can grab more traffic at this time, Then it also means who can grab more orders.
Finally, we must avoid that many sellers will push big words on the day of the event and spend a lot of bidding and budget on big words. In fact, the effect of big words at this time is not particularly significant, and many sellers will choose to use long tail words. Work hard to increase the bidding and budget of long-tail keywords, which can effectively compete for the segmented traffic of some long-tail keywords. Sometimes the combined traffic of many long-tail keywords may not necessarily be less than that of large words.
This is the play and operation of prime day advertising. These three days are very important. I hope everyone can get to these three points.
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chen20200805 · a day ago
How to republish products that have been discontinued on Amazon
1. From the [Manage Inventory] page, find your product, click the [Edit] drop-down menu on the right, and select [Discontinued Products]. This will change the status of the product to [Unsaleable].
2. Check the checkboxes on the left of each product, and then select [Discontinued Products] from the [Operation] drop-down menu at the top of the page, and you can stop selling multiple products at the same time.
3. When you stop selling products, the products will no longer be available for sale on Amazon, but you can keep the sales history. You can republish the product at any time.
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chen20200805 · a day ago
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
How can Amazon sellers avoid infringement?
Amazon is a platform that emphasizes products but not stores. To operate an Amazon store, you must learn to delete the complex and simplify it, and install it lightly. It is best for sellers to register a trademark to protect the product. New sellers' follow-up sales may be very fast, but they will also cause profits to fall due to follow-up sales, and will soon enter vicious competition. The seller must prevent infringement when following the sale. In the event of infringement, it will be warned or the store will be closed. So what is infringement, and how should it be avoided?
1. What is infringement?
Normally, it refers to infringement of other people's intellectual property rights, including trademarks, copyrights and patents, which means that other people's trademarks, copyrights and patents are used without the legal authorization of others. Infringement is not only an illegal act, but also an illegal act.
2. What types of infringement are involved in the Amazon platform?
1. Copyright, usually refers to infringement of the author's copyright.
2. Trademark rights, unauthorized use of the other party's trademark or LOGO without the official authorization of the product brand.
3. Invention patent right, if the product sold is invented by someone else, and someone else has applied for patent protection, the seller produces and sells it without permission, which means selling imitation products.
4. Appearance design patent rights refer to new designs that are aesthetically pleasing and suitable for industrial applications based on the shape, pattern, color or combination of products. Appearance patents that are more than 60% similar are deemed to be infringements and fakes.
3. What are the consequences of infringement?
1. Platform detection, the product was taken off the shelf, and the store was sentenced to violation.
2. Complaints from the right holders, ranging from listing off the shelf, to closing the shop directly.
3. There is also a risk that the defendant has infringed and will be issued by the court to freeze funds or pay the brand's high compensation.
4. How can sellers avoid infringement?
If you want non-infringement, you must start from the source of the supplier. At the same time, pay attention to obtaining the formal authorization of brand trademarks, and pay attention not to include trademarks registered by others in the listing store name, and not to use brand names that can easily mislead buyers.
1. Ensure that the supply channels are regular. Many product infringements occur in the supply chain of the source of goods. When choosing a supplier, we must strictly examine the production capacity and production qualification of the other party, and eliminate imitations and fakes. If there are other people’s trademarks on the product, you must first check on the trademark website. If you find that the trademark is valid and the subject is not your supplier, the supplier cannot provide you with a letter of authorization. It is recommended not to sell this product.
2. Obtain the formal authorization of the brand trademark. If you are selling products of a certain brand, you must first obtain the formal authorization of the brand trademark before publishing the listing. There is one point that sellers need to pay attention to: brand authorization is only qualified for trademark holders, and agents are not qualified to authorize sellers, and sellers can only legally use trademarks if they obtain formal authorization from the trademark holder.
3. Avoid using other people's brand names. From listing pictures (using original images), text descriptions, to keywords in the title and search terms, none of them can carry other people's brand names. In addition, the name of the store cannot carry trademarks registered by others, nor can it use brand names that can easily mislead buyers.
Some plush toys, Apple peripheral products, wedding dresses, etc. are all "high-risk products" that are prone to infringement, so be careful.
Many sellers know that their products are infringing, but they take risks in order to make quick money. They regret it after receiving the small red flag and look for solutions everywhere. And now Amazon's review system is becoming more and more stringent. If you don't pay attention, your account may be blocked and your funds may be deducted. Don't be the one who suffers in the end because of the short-term petty gains.
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Amazon ROHS testing and certification process
RoHS is a mandatory standard established by EU legislation. Its full name is "Restriction of Hazardous Substances" (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The standard has been officially implemented on July 1, 2006, and is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electrical and electronic products, making it more conducive to human health and environmental protection.
If the product is not certified by RoHS, it will cause incalculable damage to the manufacturer. At that time, no one cares about the product, and it will lose the market. If the product gets into the other party's market by chance, once it is found out, it will be subject to high fines or even criminal detention, which may lead to The entire enterprise closed down.
Importance of ROHS test report
ROHS is a directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Computer hosts are electronic and electrical products exported to the EU and need to apply for RoHS test reports. RoHS test reports are for products and are long-term effective. Secondly, ROHS itself is only based on products As long as your product material, production process and process remain unchanged, the report can be effective for a long time.
The ROHS standard was officially implemented on July 1, 2006. From July 22, 2019, EU regulations will enforce the ROHS2.0 standard, which is mainly used to standardize the material and process standards of electronic and electrical products to make it more beneficial to the human body Health and environmental protection. The purpose of this standard is to eliminate 0.01% (100ppm) of cadmium in electrical and electronic products, lead, mercury, six prices, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, bis(2-ethyl)hexyl phthalate, and butyl phthalate. There are 10 substances of benzyl benzyl ester, dibutyl phthalate, and diisobutyl phthalate at 0.1% (1000 ppm), and the lead content must not exceed 0.1%.
Information to be submitted for ROHS test report
1. Complete the application form and letter of guarantee, indicate the type of report (Chinese or English), and provide the corresponding Chinese and English on the report.
2. Two samples of the finished product are used for checking the report.
3. Parts test report and complete machine test report;
4. Provide a list of product test reports.
5. Bill of Materials (BOM).
6. A simple cross-sectional view of the finished product structure (it is recommended to provide for verification).
7. Product manual or specification performance description, product quality control chart (if any)
8. The complete machine RoHS declaration of conformity (DoC).
Amazon RoHS testing and certification process
Step 1: Application (the applicant fills in the application form and provides a list of product components);
Step 2: Quotation
Step 3: Payment (After the applicant confirms the quotation, sign the application form and service agreement and pay the full project fee, and prepare test samples;
Step 4: The test is passed and the report is completed;
Step 5: The project is completed and a RoHS test report is issued.
Amazon ROHS testing and certification fees:
The RoHS test is calculated based on the material of the product. It depends on the number of materials and several materials that need to be tested. The more types of materials tested, the more the product price. If you are in a hurry and want to expedite the test, it will happen. The cost of an expedited test, and the selected institution is different, the cost may also be different. Some customers have many types of product materials, so they worry about the high cost. In fact, it doesn't matter. If the product material or color is more, it can be packaged and tested!
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
What does Amazon downgrade mean?
The power reduction we are talking about generally means that the product can be searched, but it ranks lower in the search results. This is the search right to drop.
The higher the conversion rate of the product on the Listing details page, the more sales, and the better the ranking, which means that the weight of this product will be greater. And the greater the weight, the more exposure and traffic Amazon will give, then the sales will be better and the ranking will be higher, thus entering the so-called virtuous circle.
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Will Amazon change the price will be lowered?
The price adjustment in a relatively small range does not have much impact on Amazon's weight. It should be noted that:
When your listing ranking is showing an upward trend, do not increase the price; this will lower your ranking of the day, which is not good for listing;
When your listing ranks very high, you can increase the price appropriately, but the price range is well grasped, and the cycle is as long as possible;
In the absence of the same product bidding at all, basically seldom do price reduction actions!
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Amazon Announcement: Take back the value of products with expiration date
Amazon recently issued an announcement stating that sellers can now clear stocks with expiration dates that are in saleable condition.
The following content is excerpted from the announcement:
To clear your inventory, please select [Clearance] when creating a removal order through any "inventory planning" page.
After joining the FBA bulk removal program, we will send your inventory to the wholesale clearing agent, so that you can usually recover the value of the product at 5% to 10% of the average selling price. The program provides an alternative that allows you to discard inventory or return it to you. No registration required.
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Amazon Middle East continues to expand, launching online car rental
Amazon has launched an online car rental service and is making a fortune in the UAE car rental market.
Through its home service department, the e-commerce giant provides customers across the UAE with rental SUVs and cars and other different models, with rental periods ranging from one day to one month.
These services can be booked through the services page of the Amazon homepage and are available to customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.
Amazon said that customers can deliver the vehicle directly to the selected address as early as three hours after booking. No deposit is required, and the rate is as low as 44 dirhams (US$12) per day.
Last year, Amazon launched the Amazon home service market, allowing customers to book some on-demand services online, such as household cleaning and decoration, air conditioning cleaning, mobile phone repair, pet grooming, car washing and furniture assembly, as well as home disinfection, pest control, and moving services.
Amazon Middle East and North Africa executive Amine Mamlouk said: “We launched Amazon Home Service last year to provide customers in the UAE with a way to book services from local service providers and simplify consumption.”
According to data from Allied Market Research, the global car rental market is expected to generate US$214.04 billion in revenue by 2027, mainly due to the increase in on-demand transportation services and the decline in millennial car ownership.
The UAE has one of the largest car rental markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. According to data from Mordor Intelligence, across the region, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% between 2020 and 2025.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Amazon Prime Day, which lasts for 48 hours, hits, how to achieve a burst of sales?
The pace of Amazon Prime Day in 2021 is getting closer and closer. For Prime members from all over the world, Amazon Prime Day means great value, discounts, and a carnival. Amazon Prime Day is a promotion day on the Amazon platform. It was first created by Amazon, a bit like Alibaba's Double 11. For other retailers, Prime Day is an important marketing opportunity. This year, Amazon's 2021 Prime membership day is coming as scheduled. During the event, millions of products will be provided and free global shipping services will be provided for specific products. In addition, only Amazon Prime members can participate in Prime Member Day activities and enjoy great discounts on many products.
Amazon Prime Day sales in previous years
#Prime Day#
Amazon's total sales on Amazon Prime Day 2015-2020
Data show that 2020 is Inc.'s 6th Prime Day Golden Day, marking another record-breaking for this retail giant, with sales exceeding 45.2% in 2019.
According to statistics, in the two days from October 13th to 14th, 2020, Amazon's global sales on Prime Day reached 10.4 billion U.S. dollars, higher than the 7.16 billion U.S. dollars during the 48-hour event in July 2019.
Amazon Prime Day time, area involved
#Prime Day#
2021 Amazon Prime Membership Day will be held from June 21st to 22nd (depending on your time zone) and lasts for 48 hours. It is one of the most attractive sales days this year. Prime Day is different from Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday in the United States, and Double 11 in China, because Amazon Prime Member Day activities are only conducted on the Amazon platform (and various Amazon international websites).
The markets covered by Amazon Prime Day in 2021 are:
North America: United States
Europe: UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria
Middle East: UAE, Turkey, Saudi Arabia
Asia: Japan, Singapore, Australia, China
South America: Mexico, Brazil
In addition, it should be noted that there are two important markets that will be absent from this Amazon Prime Day, namely Canada and India. The former is due to an outbreak in Amazon warehouses, while the latter is still deeply involved in the epidemic.
Amazon Prime Day selection
#Prime Day#
In order to be able to provide sellers as accurately as possible with this year's Prime Day and summer hot products, the following data are three sets of product marketing potential classifications synthesized from 22 major categories of products related to Chinese sellers on Amazon:
Strong increase (3 times the average daily sales volume in Q1)
#Prime Day#
Sports & Outdoor
Garden & Outdoor
Home & Kitchen
Travel Goods (Luggage & Travel Gear)
Automotive (Automotive Parts & Accessories)
Beauty & Personal Care
Cell Phone & Accessories
Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry
Fascia gun (sporting goods)
Dress (clothing)
Significant increase (2 times the average daily sales volume in Q1)
#Prime Day#
Arts, Crafts & Sewing
Musical Instruments
Pet Supplies
Home Improvement (Tools & Home Improvement)
Smart speakers (electronic products)
Folding fan (household appliances)
Increased (increased from the average daily sales in Q1 quarter)
#Prime Day#
Baby products (Baby)
Computers (including tablets) (Computers)
Pet Supplies
Industrial & Scientific
Office Products
Video Games
Pet supplies
Product selection tips: When Amazon sellers choose popular products when choosing products, in addition to the possible infringement, there is also a problem that competition pressure is also great. Many sellers are selling the same products, the traffic is shared, and the traffic that each product can get is less. So if you want to get more traffic and sales, you still have to expand the channels from off-site promotion.
After the product selection is completed, when should it be shipped?
Because Prime Day has more traffic than usual, the activity time is 48 hours, plus the sellers’ warm-up activity before the event, so sellers need longer time to stock up. Moreover, in view of the possible congestion in North American ports, to prevent congestion during cargo transportation, or accidents that are too late to deal with, it is recommended to enter the warehouse 15 days before the start of the Prime Day event. Therefore, the seller needs to deliver the goods to the stocking warehouse 15 days before the logistics time limit + Prime Day.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
I stepped on the pit outside the Deal station, don't step on it!
Don’t ask for someone to talk about the marketing methods of off-site promotion. Prime day is coming, the pit of this activity must be known!
However, Deal discount channels mainly include Deal stations, Facebook, ins, vk groups, forum discount sections and rebate websites. There are also two more common forms of off-site discount promotion: one is to drop directly inside the station or display the code code inside the station, and post outside the station; the other is that the discount is not displayed inside the station, and the code code hidden at the front desk is set to promote outside the station. Of the two, the latter will be more friendly to sellers. Because the discount is hidden, the platform cannot detect the low price outside the site when reporting the event, so the price of the event will not be kept low.
With the help of off-site, we often use these 4 methods: original price brushing, 99% off sending test, FB off-site promotion, so I don’t ask anyone to talk about the pits of the Deal site today.
Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the 4 methods:
1. Recall the original price
It is the best way to buy orders at the original price and completely imitate the shopping habits of real buyers. First, you can increase the search weight, and then you can leave a review with the VP logo. The disadvantage of course is that no reliable buyers can be found, and when the accounts are settled after the autumn, I found that the review was exhausted. The most painful thing is that when the sales are good and the ranking is up, the review is exhausted when enough goods are prepared. At this time, even if it is a big seller, you will doubt your life! Therefore, you must find more channels for the original price of the order. Don't fix an intermediary to do it. Be sure to spread the risk.
2. Get a discount code with 99%OFF
Let’s talk about exemption and 99%off delivery. Although the exemption does not have a review, it is included in the search weight, and it will not happen that buyers slap your product all up. 99%off will be given, although it is omitted. The process of rebate on WeChat and paypal, but firstly the search power is greatly reduced, and secondly, some unethical buyers will directly sell your products, because some sellers will forget to set the limit of buying one at most, resulting in 1000 Inventory was directly consumed by a buyer. This pit is a bit big. I hope that the seller will not be greedy for cheap and save trouble.
3. Promotion outside FB
The retention rate of FB off-site promotion is about 1%, and the return rate is much higher than the normal return rate of buyers. It is very cost-effective to use FB to promote in the new product stage and the inventory clearance stage. When you scan the ranking, you can’t find enough. It is also more economical to use FB to promote the resources of the order than the exemption and 99%off, but it is really difficult to rely on FB to promote the review.
4. Deal station
As mentioned earlier, there is a problem with FB promotion. The price is generally very low and it is difficult to make money. The biggest disadvantage of the deal station is that it is expensive. One promotion is usually thousands of times. The advantage is that it can sell higher than FB promotion. If a small partner who is confident about the product chooses a suitable deal site, it is possible to make money after a thousand orders, but you still have to do enough homework to do a deal site. For example, are there any similar products appearing on the deal site within a week, or similar products on the deal? After the ranking rises after the station, if you do your homework and then spend money, you can spend less wronged money, don't you think?
In short, the main purpose and function of off-site promotion are to create a good on-site listing by driving product traffic and improving conversion. There is no universal channel outside the station, and there are millions of factors that affect the effect. If the effect is not good enough, please don't be anxious and give yourself a few more opportunities for trial and error. As long as the experience and lessons are summarized in the process of trial and error and continuous optimization, I believe that everyone will be able to find a promotion channel suitable for their own explosive orders.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
What to do if eBay doesn't issue an order
If your shop has a small number of orders or no orders, see what is causing it, and make targeted optimizations to ensure that your products can be better issued. Of course, you must also control your costs, set an advantageous price, and do not blindly fight a price war, in order to have higher profits and achieve the effect of making money.
1. No exposure
If your product is not exposed, then there is no click, and it is impossible to issue an order.
Then everyone should do a good job of optimizing the product title, choosing precise keywords that have a certain amount of traffic and relatively low competition, which will greatly help improve the effect of the order. After that, we must do a good job of promotion inside and outside the station to increase the exposure of the product,
2. Seasonal products
Many sellers mainly make clothing products, because clothing is a seasonal product, so if it is not in season, then the sales volume will definitely be affected a lot. Therefore, sellers must also consider whether to make seasonal products, and do not let their store sales be affected.
3. Product selection issues
Product selection is the most important step for eBay to open a store. As the saying goes, "Seven points depend on product selection, and three points depend on operation." If you don’t do a good job in product selection, then how to operate afterwards, it will be more difficult to sell orders of.
So everyone should choose from the buyer's consumption habits, market size, competition, etc., and give yourself an advantage, so that you can better sell orders.
4. Price factors
A reasonable price is also very important for issuing orders.
Sellers can combine their own costs and refer to the prices of competing products on eBay to find a suitable price range for pricing. It is recommended to ensure that there is sufficient profit margins. After the products participate in activities, discounts, etc., do not have to worry about losing money. At the same time, the attractiveness to buyers is also greater, and the number of orders will naturally increase significantly.
5. Details page issues
If you have enough exposure, but still unable to place an order, then it may be because your details page is not attractive enough. You can learn from competing products with relatively high sales volume, look at their detail pages, and then optimize your own detail pages to improve conversion effects and increase purchases.
If the number of orders issued during the sales period is not enough, then it is also necessary to optimize, so that there will be greater changes.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Amazon ads have become more expensive
Now the average cost per click on Amazon ads is $1.20. It has risen by 30% from US$0.93 at the beginning of the year, and has increased by more than 50% year-on-year. The demand for advertising on Amazon is growing faster than the advertising capacity inside and outside the Amazon platform, thereby pushing up advertising prices.
According to Marketplace Pulse research, the average cost-per-click (CPC) in 2020 is $0.85. In early May, the epidemic caused a disruption in the supply chain, causing some brands to run out of inventory and stop advertising. At this time, the price reached the lowest point of $0.70. However, prices recovered in mid-September and then hit three different highs: Prime Day in October, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in November, and holiday shopping in December. After that, CPC stabilized at around US$0.90 for most of the first quarter of 2021.
The average advertising cost to advertising sales ratio (ACoS) in 2020 is 22%. ACoS is the total advertising expenditure divided by the total advertising sales. At the beginning of 2021, the figure was 25%, and it has now risen to more than 30%. However, the average conversion rate—the percentage of ad clicks converted to sales—has remained relatively stable at 12%-13%. Therefore, the average cost of sales in 2020 is US$6 to US$7, but it has risen to US$9 to US$10-8 ad clicks can generate one sale, and the average price has risen from US$0.85 to US$1.20.
Advertising price changes in all Amazon markets are almost the same, not just in the United States. The CPC fell in May 2020, the peak of the year-end holiday, and the rise in the past few months, the same trend can be seen in other markets such as Japan and Europe.
Amazon has converted most of the widgets on its website and apps into paid advertising capacity. However, it hasn't increased the number of ads in search results for some time. Since most of the advertising expenditures on Amazon are spent on sponsored product results in search, as more brands advertise on Amazon, the cost per click increases. Despite this, all types of Amazon ads have increased in advertising prices.
Well-known brands are bringing their advertising budgets to Amazon. Therefore, even though prices continue to rise, they can still compete for advertising space, only to further increase prices. The same situation also occurs in the other two leading advertising platforms, Google and Facebook.
In addition, the integrated companies that acquired Amazon sellers are in a similar position to well-known brands-they also have large advertising budgets and the ability to bear certain sales without profit.
Advertising increases customer acquisition costs (CAC). Before advertising gains prominence, the customer acquisition cost on Amazon is usually 15%-the transaction fee Amazon charges for each sale (due to the nature of Amazon, brands usually pay CAC prices for each order, and cannot be second The customer acquisition cost will be recovered in the next and subsequent orders). However, advertising has now pushed up customer acquisition costs far above 20%, and it will only get higher.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Categories that Amazon needs to be certified
The products that Amazon needs to review by category are as follows:
1. Scooter products and personal electric vehicles
2. Laser pointer and other laser products
3. Software (some products require approval)
4. Coin Collectibles
5. Personal safety and household items: masks/hand sanitizers/disinfective wipes and sprays/isopropanol/sanitary gloves/soaps/paper products/thermometers/personal protective equipment (PPE)/pulse oximeters/over-the-counter medicines and supplements
6. Entertainment collectibles
7. Artwork
8. "Toys and games" holiday sales requirements
9. Jewelry
10. Join Amazon Subscription Box
11. Made in Italy
12. Music and DVD
13. Auto supplies and outdoor power equipment: auto parts and accessories / auto tools and equipment / motor vehicle parts and accessories / motor vehicle protection devices / tire and wheel services
14. Sports Collection
15. Streaming Media Player
16. Video, DVD and Blu-ray Disc
17. Clocks
18. Medical equipment
19. External skin care products
20. Adult products
21. Hairdressing products
22. Personal Health
23. Cooking utensils
24. Home
25. Pet Supplies
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Amazon which categories do not require classification review
What are the categories that Amazon does not need to review?
1. Automotive Parts (automotive parts);
2. Clothing, Accessories and Luggage (apparel, luggage and peripheral products);
3. Collectible Books (collectible books);
4. Industrial and Scientific (industrial and technological products);
5. Jewelry (jewelry);
6. Motorcycle and ATV (motorcycle, ATV car);
7. Sexual Wellness (sexual health supplies);
8. Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses (shoes, handbags, sunglasses);
9. Sports Collectibles (sports goods);
10. Toys and Games (Holiday season only) (application is required for toys and games during holidays);
11. Watches.
Except for the above, no other audits are required.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
What products are suitable for Amazon ppc and cpc
1. The main product is the main product. It is recommended to look for Review as soon as the product is online, and to open the advertisement with the evaluation. It is recommended to open the automatic advertising first, and then quickly test the word ranking of your search term, and then open the manual advertising.
2. It is recommended to start automatic advertising when the product is online, without having to evaluate the review, to get a real natural market conversion, so as to judge the suitability of this product.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
How do Amazon sellers eliminate invalid traffic in advance?
First: How to deal with the flow is effective flow? 1) Spending money without doing anything
Definition: The effect of the poster is judged by the final realization of the purchase. This kind of poster fee is incurred, but I did not issue an order, and even issued an order for the competing product on the overview page, and is contacting the traffic export status in the overview page. What is the criterion for judging spending money and not doing anything? Let's take the lead in looking at a set of formulas: thick profit = sales amount-cargo profit-first trip-FBA ration fee-Amazon commission-return rate thick interest rate = thick profit / sales amount * 100%
ACOS=expense/sale amount*100%, so that you can lose the secondary consequences: that is, the ACOS symbolizing how our poster’s key words are higher than our thick interest rate, so that our posters have no chance of losing money. However, the flow of own posters has a boosting effect on the artificial flow, so the sacrifice in the current period is superfluous. In the same way, we can also use the ACOS variant formula to find the critical value of profit and loss, and when the conversion rate of the link is reached, our posters have not lost money, which is important for our SEO, product selection and word placement. The accuracy of the request to respond to the request, we can see the following figure in detail: From the standpoint of output, can the poster traffic be effective traffic?
2) Invisible increase in weight Amazon poster key word weight response factor: ?CTR (late stage)
?CR (early)? Strictly speaking, Amazon has no remarks about lowering power, except for infringements or violations of regulations. However, why your sales are not as good as one day? That is because there are countless goods on a certain balcony, and others are regressing, quickly accumulating weights, and you are on the same level or the small increase is obviously less than that. Others, like that gradually you feel like being demoted. From the perspective of revenue, we are now thoroughly looking at what Amazon likes to do with the goods. For the same kind of goods, invalid traffic and effective traffic are not just that the revenue brought to the seller is in and out. The abnormal Amazon lost revenue. There is also access. Simultaneously pushes various goods that do not have good data to depositors, nor does it conform to Amazon's A9 algorithm and operating philosophy. Second, how can Amazon sellers remove effective traffic early? 1) Comprehensive key words
Central word comprehensive machine: Merchant words Example: Goods: Home projector
Pixel: 1080p and the next is the synthesis of the central words of all projectors:
The following conclusions can be drawn from the synthesis: 1. Necessary phrases to deny light and star
2. Discretionary à phrase deny mount, screen, stand and all brand words, and then integrate more accurate central words
Are you doing key word denial? You, the sellers, should prevent the situation from being overwhelming. From the very beginning, they will block their own potential funny traffic. 2) Apply market research
"Goods inferiority? Profile page inferiority? Price inferiority? Brand inferiority? Do certain ASIN placement and denial. We didn't start writing about it. There are too many forms, and there is no chance to develop with one's own half. Can care a lot.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
Amazon competitive product analysis software
1. Ecom Spy
Before adding products to inventory, eComSpy can provide sellers with fast and accurate product intelligence. After testing and verification, eComSpy can effectively help sellers save time, reduce risks and increase profits.
2. Junglescout
Use Jungle Scout to find profitable products, get sales data and estimates.
3.Scientific Seller
Scientific Seller is a marketing suite for Amazon sellers that provides science-based tools to improve product performance on Amazon.
4. AMZBase
AMZBase is a free and useful software for Amazon sellers, which can help sellers search to find products to sell on Amazon.
5. Sellics
Optimize rankings, manage PPC, product review, observe prices and monitor competitors to increase Amazon's sales.
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