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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Amazon Announcement: Take back the value of products with expiration date
Amazon recently issued an announcement stating that sellers can now clear stocks with expiration dates that are in saleable condition.
The following content is excerpted from the announcement:
To clear your inventory, please select [Clearance] when creating a removal order through any "inventory planning" page.
After joining the FBA bulk removal program, we will send your inventory to the wholesale clearing agent, so that you can usually recover the value of the product at 5% to 10% of the average selling price. The program provides an alternative that allows you to discard inventory or return it to you. No registration required.
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chen20200805 · 4 days ago
Amazon Middle East continues to expand, launching online car rental
Amazon has launched an online car rental service and is making a fortune in the UAE car rental market.
Through its home service department, the e-commerce giant provides customers across the UAE with rental SUVs and cars and other different models, with rental periods ranging from one day to one month.
These services can be booked through the services page of the Amazon homepage and are available to customers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.
Amazon said that customers can deliver the vehicle directly to the selected address as early as three hours after booking. No deposit is required, and the rate is as low as 44 dirhams (US$12) per day.
Last year, Amazon launched the Amazon home service market, allowing customers to book some on-demand services online, such as household cleaning and decoration, air conditioning cleaning, mobile phone repair, pet grooming, car washing and furniture assembly, as well as home disinfection, pest control, and moving services.
Amazon Middle East and North Africa executive Amine Mamlouk said: “We launched Amazon Home Service last year to provide customers in the UAE with a way to book services from local service providers and simplify consumption.”
According to data from Allied Market Research, the global car rental market is expected to generate US$214.04 billion in revenue by 2027, mainly due to the increase in on-demand transportation services and the decline in millennial car ownership.
The UAE has one of the largest car rental markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. According to data from Mordor Intelligence, across the region, the market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% between 2020 and 2025.
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Categories that Amazon needs to be certified
The products that Amazon needs to review by category are as follows:
1. Scooter products and personal electric vehicles
2. Laser pointer and other laser products
3. Software (some products require approval)
4. Coin Collectibles
5. Personal safety and household items: masks/hand sanitizers/disinfective wipes and sprays/isopropanol/sanitary gloves/soaps/paper products/thermometers/personal protective equipment (PPE)/pulse oximeters/over-the-counter medicines and supplements
6. Entertainment collectibles
7. Artwork
8. "Toys and games" holiday sales requirements
9. Jewelry
10. Join Amazon Subscription Box
11. Made in Italy
12. Music and DVD
13. Auto supplies and outdoor power equipment: auto parts and accessories / auto tools and equipment / motor vehicle parts and accessories / motor vehicle protection devices / tire and wheel services
14. Sports Collection
15. Streaming Media Player
16. Video, DVD and Blu-ray Disc
17. Clocks
18. Medical equipment
19. External skin care products
20. Adult products
21. Hairdressing products
22. Personal Health
23. Cooking utensils
24. Home
25. Pet Supplies
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chen20200805 · 8 days ago
Amazon which categories do not require classification review
What are the categories that Amazon does not need to review?
1. Automotive Parts (automotive parts);
2. Clothing, Accessories and Luggage (apparel, luggage and peripheral products);
3. Collectible Books (collectible books);
4. Industrial and Scientific (industrial and technological products);
5. Jewelry (jewelry);
6. Motorcycle and ATV (motorcycle, ATV car);
7. Sexual Wellness (sexual health supplies);
8. Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses (shoes, handbags, sunglasses);
9. Sports Collectibles (sports goods);
10. Toys and Games (Holiday season only) (application is required for toys and games during holidays);
11. Watches.
Except for the above, no other audits are required.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
How to find an Amazon SPN service provider
First, log in to Amazon's official website;
1) Choose "China" as your location
2) Where do you want to sell the product, choose a country in Europe, such as "Germany";
3) Which service office, please select the field of the service you are looking for, such as logistics pre-processing, accounting, etc. So if you are looking for this type of service, please select "Compliance". Then you will see your service provider appear in the service provider list. Click on the icon of the relevant service provider to enter the company details and view the relevant services provided by the company in detail.
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chen20200805 · 9 days ago
How to enter Amazon SPN
Amazon Service Provider Network SPN is the abbreviation of Amazon Service Provider Network. Amazon has a set of strict standards. Only service providers who pass the audit can become Amazon SPN and enter the Amazon service provider network to provide solutions to various problems in the seller’s operation. . Each service provider that applies for SPN has actually undergone detailed due diligence by Amazon, and has been fully reviewed in the following aspects:
Industry experience: qualifications and experience in providing relevant services;
Professional team: a professional team engaged in related services;
Customer feedback: Amazon seller testimony, real feedback from system users;
Pricing plan: Provide competitive prices for Amazon sellers.
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chen20200805 · 11 days ago
How to solve the low traffic of Amazon stores?
I believe everyone knows it!
Amazon Prime Day is scheduled to be held from June 21st to June 22nd, covering 20 Amazon sites.
For Amazon, traffic is very important. No matter how many new products the seller has added, there is no sales if there is no traffic, and no orders can be made if there is no sales. The three survival conditions for sellers are: traffic, conversion, and ranking. All three have effects before and after. Prime Day wants to issue orders immediately. Most of them consider traffic first, then conversions and rankings. So, how can the traffic increase?
The traffic is divided into: intra-site traffic and off-site traffic, which means that we can make efforts from these two aspects.
Site traffic
The action here is to attract users who browse products on Amazon to the store, involving "keywords" and "paid advertising."
When selecting keywords, sellers can choose keywords built by the platform. How do we know whether the keywords selected are correct? One way is to test through paid advertising to see if the user wants it.
When setting product titles, descriptions, and advertising, you should choose precise keywords that are highly related to the product.
Before new products are on the shelves, optimize the Listing title:
Weight value: Decrease from left to right
Layout: main keywords + well-known brands + product selling points
Characters: 80-120 characters on PC and mobile
Note: 2-3 main keywords are buried
Keyword strategy, sellers can view previous tweets >>
Amazon keyword guide! Anti-check competing product traffic words
What are the ways for Amazon sellers to mine keywords?
Off-site traffic
External traffic is generally diverted from the Deals website and social media.
These are commonly used on Deals website:
GROUPON, KinjaDEALS, slickdeals, dealsplus, dealnews, retailmenot
When choosing a Deals website, the first thing to note is that you need to choose off-site promotion based on the focus of the website and product features, otherwise the promotion fee will be in vain.
Second, look at the world on the shoulders of giants and see how they promote outside of the market.
Social media is mainly:
ins, facebook, pinterest, etc.
For example, if the store focuses on beauty products, ins is a good platform, because the platform features beauty and fashion gathering place, which will have a good promotion effect on products. Of course, we can also ask them to write soft articles and launch the product.
Before external drainage and product launch, sellers also need to prepare a perfect Listing, including title, description, image, keywords, etc., to avoid frequent revisions after launch, which has a bad influence on the increase in weight.
After the product is on the shelves, those with a shopping cart can immediately open an advertisement to increase exposure and accumulate reviews. At this time, Listing can be optimized according to the conversion effect, and the product part can be issued FBA, forming a virtuous circle.
But what needs to be reminded is that the main battlefield is inside the station, and you must not give up the worst.
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chen20200805 · 11 days ago
Prime Day 2021: Promotions to support small business brands
Amazon will launch a promotion from June 7th to June 20th, 2021, and buyers will have the opportunity to receive a spending allowance for Prime Day 2021.
The original announcement is as follows:
In order to help small businesses succeed, Amazon has been investing in small businesses as a basic task. In addition, we also know that many buyers are actively promoting Amazon’s investment in supporting small businesses in their communities.
Prime members who spend more than 1,000 yen on eligible small business brand products will receive a 1,000 yen promotional allowance provided by Amazon. During the Prime Membership Day, the allowance can be used to purchase products provided by all companies, regardless of scale.
If you have products that have been added to this promotion, you will receive an email on June 7th with a link to view your products eligible for the promotion.
For more information on promotion eligibility, please refer to our Prime Member Day Small Business Brand Promotion FAQ.
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chen20200805 · 11 days ago
Amazon Japan site releases fee change notice
Amazon issued an announcement stating: The change of Customer Service by Amazon fee for mall will take effect from September 6, 2021.
The original announcement is as follows:
We are about to implement changes to the Customer Service by Amazon (CSBA) fee of the store. The purpose of this change is to adjust Customer Service by Amazon fees to better suit your customer service needs. After the change, we will calculate the fee based on the volume of buyer inquiries you receive for each shipped product from the seller.
Amazon Japan Mall Customer Service by Amazon fee changes (effective September 6, 2021) The Customer Service by Amazon fee for seller-fulfilled orders will be changed from the current 38 yen per item to a tiered fee. After the change, we will charge you according to the fee range you are in as follows:
The first fee range (the number of contacts per product <=5%): 11 yen/piece
The second fee range (the number of contacts per product >5% and <=10%): 38 yen/piece
The third fee range (the number of contacts for each product> 10% and <= 20%): 76 yen/piece
The fourth fee range (the number of contact times per product> 20%): 163 yen/piece The fee range you are in will be calculated based on the number of times you contacted each product in the past three months. The number of contact times per item refers to the number of inquiries related to orders processed by Amazon on your behalf for each shipped seller’s self-delivered product. Your fee range will be updated on the first day of each month and you will be notified via email. Customer Service by Amazon aims to help sellers improve the buyer experience. We would like to thank you for using Customer Service by Amazon to help your business grow.
To learn more about Customer Service by Amazon, please visit the Customer Service by Amazon help page.
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chen20200805 · 12 days ago
Getting started with Amazon cross-border people, six-step fast customs clearance
Recently, many novice sellers have asked how to quickly get started with Amazon. Let me give you six steps without asking for help. After completing the six steps, you will be an Amazon cross-border person.
1.1 Precautions for Amazon operations
European sellers pay attention to apply for VAT as soon as the registration is completed, especially in Germany and the United Kingdom
All sellers must pay attention to keep good purchase invoices. Ordinary invoice is sufficient, if it is a trader, it needs to be a verifiable VAT invoice. It is necessary if you encounter review or category application later.
Compliance operation, strictly in accordance with Amazon's regulations, if you do not understand Amazon's regulations, it is recommended to check the seller's backstage or help-seller support
"Picture One"
1.2 Preparation before registration
1. A color photo or scanned copy of the company's business license (it must be high-definition and complete, and the photo will not work with missing corners or edges)
2. Color photo of legal person ID card (front and back in the same document)
3. Payment credit card (domestic dual-currency credit card, VISA is preferred; you must confirm that the payment function in the currency of the country of sale is activated, for example, you must use a credit card that can pay in US dollars to open the US station)
4. Receiving account number (overseas bank account/third-party payment such as Lianlian, iPayLinks, Oneway, PingPong, World First, Payoneer, etc./domestic bank savings card)
5. <Mexico> requires an RFC tax number, if you want to use the local FBA warehouse in Mexico" "
Please prepare the above materials before registration, otherwise you will get stuck at a certain step and cannot continue.
The registration process is irreversible, but it can be interrupted, that is, you can leave for a period of time and then come back and log in with the correct registered email address and set password to continue the registration. If you are unable to log in, you can try to clear the browser cookies, change the browser and make sure the network environment is stable.
1.3 Start registration!
1. Before registering, it is recommended to switch to Chinese in the lower left corner of the registration page to apply
2. Before registering, please note that if there are other sites, please be sure to use a browser different from other sites to register
3. The company name is recommended to be lowercase, in full pinyin, no spaces
4. If the company address is too long to write, you can skip the province or city
5. The registration process is irreversible, so if there are any problems in the process, please continue with the process
" Figure II"
1.4 SIV
1. The second option should be selected on the first page of the North American SIV audit (Figure 1). If you choose the wrong one, the chance of successful application will be greatly reduced, and you will be required to submit a bank statement.
2. SIV review in North America: Mainland citizens please submit legal person ID and business license
3. After the North American site SIV review is submitted, it is a waiting page (Figure 2). You can log in to the seller's backstage to verify that the registration is successful. If you stay in Figure 2 for more than 7 working days, please contact China Merchants Operations Manager for assistance.
4. If you see a red failed page (Figure 3), please check the e-mail in your registered mailbox that tells you the reason for the failure and resubmit as required. If you have already submitted three times and have not submitted the entry, you should also contact the investment manager to check your registration information and assist in the solution.
"If you choose to be an individual seller by mistake at the beginning, you should inform your investment manager that you have chosen the wrong option. If you fail to pass three times after submitting the correct business license, it is recommended to check whether you are included in the list of business abnormalities in the national enterprise credit system If it is not a business exception, please take a screenshot to inform the investment manager. If it is indeed a business exception, please handle the business exception before registering. Figure 3
1.5 Enter the seller's backstage
Once you can log in to the seller's backstage, it means your registration is complete (congratulations!) The next thing you need to do is:
1. Learning the knowledge of Amazon operations
2. Upload the listing and send the FBA as soon as possible, and upload the product instruction instructional video
If the seller’s backstage cannot upload listings or if there is a yellow prompt indicating that the account is frozen, first check in the seller’s backstage: Performance-Performance Notification (Figure 4). Read the performance notice carefully and appeal according to the appeal method in the body of the performance notice, that is, submit relevant materials according to the instructions (Figure 4)
1.6 Account freeze (may be encountered)
Account review cheats
One: Credit card review
If it shows that the credit card is being verified or invalid when uploading the listing, so the listing cannot be uploaded, please make sure:
1. Your credit card has been activated
2. Confirm that the account opening address left by the bank is consistent with the office address or business license address filled in the Amazon back office
3. Make sure that your credit card is a dual-currency card that can be sold in the local currency of the target country (US dollars or Euros)
If there is no solution within 24 hours after confirming with the bank, you can contact the seller to support
1. Please appeal as soon as you receive the notice of appeal
2. Please make sure that the company name and address on the materials you provide are exactly the same as the name and address filled in by the seller's back office. There are two types of addresses in the seller's backstage: business license address and actual operating address, which are exactly the same as any of these two. 3. The file must be complete and have all pages. Can be in pdf, png or gif format, not screenshots
4. If you receive a decision that you cannot sell after submitting an appeal, please recheck your appeal materials and submit the appeal again.
"Picture Five"
Two: Water and electricity bill review (Figure 5)
1. The national public utility unit with the company name (or legal person name) and address issues a utility bill (bank card and credit card bills are not accepted. Both paper bills and electronic bills are acceptable. The billing address must be the same as the seller's back-end address. Sellers. The backend contains two addresses: the registered address and the actual office address. The billing address should be exactly the same as any one of them.)
2. Business License
3. If there is a saleable listing, you need to submit the invoice/receipt/contract provided by the supplier during the purchase in the past 90 days
4. Also confirm that your credit card information is valid
5. Please complain in English and provide: registered email + company name; your situation (registration time, whether to upload products, etc.); what kind of notice have you received now; provide the required materials as required
6. If the three appeals are not passed, please contact your investment manager to check the billing information for assistance. Please note: The online operation guide will only help you to check the materials, and you still need to reply to the seller performance email by yourself.
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chen20200805 · 15 days ago
Amazon QA Collection (Q135-Q145)
Q: How to solve the problem of uploading products on Amazon?
A: Generally we will use N/A to upload products, but this is not a long-term solution. The best way is to register a brand and apply for a brand whitelist.
Q: What should I do if error code 5665 is reported when uploading products?
A: The error 5665 is prompted because the brand you filled in cannot be used on Amazon. You need to apply to become a brand or apply for a brand whitelist.
Q: How to solve the error code 5461 when uploading products?
A: Prove that there is a problem with your UPC code, it has been used or it is irregular, then it is enough to replace your UPC code
Q: What is the minimum age for registering an Amazon seller account? What is the minimum age for registering an Amazon seller account?
A: There is no such rule. Amazon does not require the age of the registered store legal person to be between several years old. As long as the legal person can prepare the information required to register with Amazon
Q: Is there a big risk for Amazon to create unlimited spikes?
A: The risk is extremely high! It is recommended not to do this, and Amazon was caught and closed the store.
Q: Amazon FNSKU and SKU stickers do not correspond, which one will Amazon look at?
A: Generally, you enter the warehouse by scanning the code, so in fact, according to the type of barcode you paste, if it is FNSKU, it is FNSKU, if it is SKU, it is SKU.
Q: On Amazon Europe, it prompts that your payment account has not passed our verification process. In fact, Amazon has already deducted the payment. What should I do?
A: Normally, it may be due to the KYC audit at the European station. The KYC audit will be triggered within 24 hours after you register your account. This is a normal situation and you need to submit a credit card bill to pass the review. If other materials are mentioned in the email, they must be submitted in accordance with the email requirements.
Q: In the second trial of Amazon Europe, all the water, electricity and gas bills are required? Or just one of them?
A: It is also feasible to submit one of the water grid media bills in the second instance.
Q: Does the bill have to be the same as the registered account name?
A: Yes, the bill header needs to be the same as the one you filled in the Amazon backend
Q: What should I do if my business license address cannot provide a bill?
A: If you submit a bill for the water network media that does not have a business license, you can fill in an office address in the background, and this office address is filled in with your residential address. It is also feasible to submit the bill from your residential address. But be careful: your business license address and residential address must be in the same city.
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chen20200805 · 15 days ago
Amazon Announcement: Taxation on orders shipped to Florida and Kansas
Recently, Amazon has released an announcement on its backend regarding the taxation of orders shipped to Florida and Kansas. The specific announcement is as follows:
From July 1, 2021, in accordance with Florida and Kansas tax laws, Amazon will calculate, collect and pay sales tax and use tax for all orders shipped to buyers in Florida and Kansas.
You don’t need to update your tax settings or seller account because your existing tax calculation settings, order details, and payment reports will be automatically updated to reflect Amazon’s responsibilities.
However, you may consider working with your tax advisor or working directly with state tax agencies to determine whether your business has any other ongoing tax or reporting obligations in these jurisdictions.
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chen20200805 · 16 days ago
The most comprehensive Amazon European product certification regulations in history
In fact, many sellers don't care at the beginning whether the products they sell meet the quality standards in the country of sale, and whether they meet some certifications for such products in the country of sale. But when they are really intercepted by the customs or the platform, they will be nervous, anxious, and even know that their products have failed.
So today, I will share with you a few common product certification marks in Europe and the United States to help sellers who want to enter the Amazon European market to prepare for product certification in advance.
1. CE certification
CE certified product range
Most of the products sold in the European Economic Area need to have the CE mark. IT category, audio and video AV category, major appliances, small household appliances, lamps, engineering and medicine, machinery, instruments, USP power supply category.
(The following list is only some examples of products that require CE certification, for reference only)
1. Power supply: communication power supply, charger, display power supply, LCD power supply, UPS, etc.
2. Lamps and lanterns: chandeliers, track lights, garden lights, portable lights, downlights, string lights, table lamps, grille lights, aquarium lights, street lights, energy-saving lamps, T8 tubes, etc.
3. Home appliances: fans, electric kettles, stereos, televisions, mice, vacuum cleaners, etc.
4. Electronics: earplugs, routers, mobile phone batteries, laser pointers, vibrating sticks, etc.
5. Communication products: telephones, wired telephones and wireless main and auxiliary machines, fax machines, telephone answering machines, modems, data interface cards and other communication products.
6. Wireless products: Bluetooth BT products, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless readers, wireless transceivers, wireless microphones, remote controls, wireless network devices, wireless video transmission, other low-power wireless products, etc.
7. Wireless communication: 2G mobile phones, 3G mobile phones, 3.5G mobile phones, DECT mobile phones (1.8G, 1.9G frequency band), etc.
8. Machinery: gasoline engines, electric welding machines, CNC drilling machines, tool grinders, lawn mowers, washing equipment, bulldozers, elevators, punching machines, dishwashers, water treatment equipment, gasoline hair welding, etc.
9. Machinery, woodworking machinery, rotary drilling rigs, lawn mowers, snow sweepers, excavators, printing machines, printers, cutting machines, road rollers, trowels, brush cutters, hair straighteners, food machinery, etc.
10. Medical equipment and toys, etc.
2. RoHS certification
The RoHS directive covers the electronic and electrical products listed in the catalog below AC1000V and DC1500V:
1. Large household appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, etc.
2. Small household appliances: vacuum cleaners, electric irons, hair dryers, ovens, clocks, etc.
3. IT and communication equipment: computers, fax machines, telephones, mobile phones, etc.
4. Civilian devices: radios, televisions, video recorders, musical instruments, etc.
5. Lighting appliances: fluorescent lamps other than household lighting, lighting control devices.
6. Power tools: electric drills, lathes, welding, sprayers, etc.
7. Toys/entertainment, sports equipment: electric cars, video game consoles, automatic gambling machines, etc.
8. Medical equipment: radiotherapy apparatus, electrocardiogram tester, analytical instrument, etc.
9. Monitoring/control devices: smoke detectors, thermostats, factory monitoring and control machines, etc.
10. Vending machines.
11. Semiconductor devices.
It not only includes the complete machine product, but also includes the parts, raw materials and packaging used in the production of the complete machine, which is related to the entire production chain.
3. REACH certification
REACH certification product range
1. Chemicals, alloys, plastic products, semi-finished products, accessories.
2. Toys, furniture, cosmetics, stationery, paints, paints, glues and detergents.
3. Textiles and garments, footwear products, leather products and accessories.
4. Electronic and electrical products and other products, etc.
4. GS mark
The GS mark is a safety certification mark issued by TUV and VDE authorized by the German Ministry of Labor. The GS mark is a safety mark accepted by European customers. Generally, GS-certified products are sold at a higher unit price and are more popular.
GS mark certification product range
1. Household appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc.;
2. Household machinery;
3. Sports goods;
4. Household electronic equipment, such as audio-visual equipment;
5. Electrical and electronic office equipment, such as copiers, fax machines, paper shredders, computers, printers, etc.;
6. Industrial machinery, experimental measurement equipment;
7. Other safety-related products such as bicycles, helmets, ladders, furniture, etc.
5. DIN certification
Deutsches Institut fur Normung, the German Institute for Standardization. DIN is the standardization authority in Germany and participates in international and regional non-governmental standardization organizations as a national standardization organization. DIN joined the International Organization for Standardization in 1951. The German Electrotechnical Commission (DKE), jointly formed by DIN and the German Institute of Electrical Engineers (VDE), represents Germany in the International Electrotechnical Commission. DIN is also the European Committee for Standardization and European Electrotechnical Standard.
DIN has developed into two product certification marks, namely "DIN Mark" and "DIN Inspection and Supervision Mark", in addition to a quality system certification system.
1. "DIN Mark"
It was originally registered as the monogram of the Standardization Association, and later used on the product, indicating that the product conforms to the relevant DIN standard. Any enterprise can freely adopt it as long as its product quality meets the corresponding DIN standard, and leave the product in the factory. The superscript is marked with DIN. DIN has the right to supervise and inspect products bearing the DIN mark. If any product does not conform to the DIN standard, it will be punished.
2. Inspection and supervision signs
It is a third-party product certification system implemented in 1972. According to the "DIN Inspection and Supervision Mark Award Guidelines", the products applying for the mark need to be sampled by the inspection agency designated by DGWK for formal testing to prove that they meet all the requirements of the DIN standard before they can use the DIN inspection and supervision mark. The validity period is 5 Years, when it expires, you can apply for an extension. If it is found that it does not meet the DIN requirements during the regular supervision and inspection, the license to use the logo will be revoked.
3. System certification
In February 1985, DIN and the Federal German Quality Assurance Institute (DGQ) jointly established the German System Certification Group (DQS) to undertake the assessment and accreditation of the quality assurance system of enterprises and institutions. In May 1987, the national standards of DIN9000 ~ 9004 related to the quality system were issued as the basis for system certification.
6. BSI certification
British Standards Institution The British Standards Institution (BSI) is the world's earliest national standardization institution. It is not controlled by the government but has strong support from the government. BSI formulates and revises British Standards and promotes their implementation.
Certified product range
The British BS certification is an admission certificate for electronic and electrical products to enter the British market. The following products are more domestic factories that apply for BS certification:
Home appliances (white goods & black goods);
Consumer electronics products;
Controller switch
T equipment;
Wire and Cable.
The British BS certificate can be applied for separately, or it can be easily applied for conversion through the CB certificate & report. It should be noted that the actual voltage used in the UK is 240V, so it is recommended that the voltage on the product label and instruction manual be marked 220-240V.
7. EMC test
EMC applicable product range
Applicable to: all electrical or electronic appliances, equipment and installations that may cause electromagnetic interference or may be affected by electromagnetic interference.
Household appliances, power tools, lamps and other similar equipment;
Industrial equipment
Information technology equipment audio and video products;
Laboratory, measurement and control equipment;
Other electronic equipment.
EMC inapplicable product range
The equipment in the 2014/53/EU is the RED directive;
Aviation products, components and equipment;
Amateur radio equipment;
Products covered by other special directives;
Inherently benign equipment.
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chen20200805 · 16 days ago
Prime Day officially announced! What are the new opportunities this year?
Today, Amazon officially announced the specific date of 2021 Primeday on its official website, and confirmed that it will hold membership days on June 21 and 22.
In the first two weeks of Primeday this time, Amazon also brought a small business support plan. Consumers who purchase the support products in the small business plan from June 7 to 20 can earn corresponding points. Customers who plan to spend more than US$10 in small businesses during the event can get an additional US$10 deduction on Primeday.
Amazon today highlighted the participation of small businesses and said that more than 300,000 sellers participated in the small business support program this year, more than double the number of last year. Then a lot of expansions were made to the content of the small business support plan. In addition to the "buy ten get ten" campaign that was also in previous years, it also launched
1. During the "Buy Ten Get Ten Free" campaign, holders of Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or Amazon Prime Store Card will receive a 10% cash back when purchasing products that participate in the Small Business Support Program.
2. During the Prime day, Amazon created a display page for the small business support program to facilitate customers to find and support small business products.
3. This year's Primeday will join the Amazon Live live broadcast session, and the three anchors invited by Amazon will broadcast the small business plan products to buyers throughout the process.
So many overweighting of small business plans is really enviable. However, this year Amazon has not brought too many exciting changes except for advancing the date and strengthening the support for small businesses.
In fact, before 19 years, Amazon Primeday had always been a big seller of meat, and the small sellers could not even eat the scum. The membership day was far less dynamic than in the past two years. Instead, most small and medium-sized sellers made orders on Primeday than usual Less, traffic is robbed of the head.
What broke this phenomenon in 19 years was the two major free events launched by Amazon-Prime Exclusive Discount and PD Coupon. In 19 years, small and medium-sized sellers really enjoyed the experience of a small burst on the member day with the help of these two events.
However, in the recent two years, although the activities are still able to report and run, the effect has begun to worsen year by year. The member day in the seller circle has become a period for top sellers to harvest small and medium sales traffic.
In fact, this is a bit like the solidification of society. If there is no channel to open up the upper and lower layers, the traffic of the head and the middle and lower parts will tend to be stable, and the head will occupy most of the traffic and orders. The two major free activities in the past are Such a channel, but because there are too many people walking, this channel has begun to be congested and become less effective.
So where is the new channel?
In the face of Amazon's hierarchical consolidation, what should we do
First of all, will the small business support program be the next channel? I don’t think there is a high probability. Although Amazon’s support is very strong, it returns traffic and exclusive pages, but this plan is an invitation system. Only sellers who register a store with a US company are likely to receive this invitation. The specific review conditions are It is not spread on the Internet, and most sellers cannot enjoy the benefits of the small business plan.
If sellers can get U.S. companies to register their stores, they can indeed enjoy this wave of small business support dividends, but this part is a small number after all, and there are a lot of troubles for U.S. company registration stores, and sellers who can handle these are generally not small , Not necessarily the advantages of the support plan, so I don’t think this will be the next big trend. (Of course, this is not to say that the small business support plan is not worth participating in, and capable sellers can make a decision after measuring the ratio of production.)
So where is the next channel? According to the current layout of Amazon, I think there are three places where it is possible to make new features and bring new gameplay. They are Amazon Live, Amazon grocery and Post social gameplay. These are all multiple layouts of Amazon, and try to integrate the gameplay and functions in the big promotion, and they may become new channels and break the platform seller class.
The stage before the emergence of this new channel is relatively difficult, but before the emergence of free features in 19 years, small and medium sellers can also survive the siphon effect of big sales, and now it is not a problem. Therefore, I suggest that you absorb the experience of some old sellers to prepare for the big promotion. Before the new channel appears, try to retain the strength and funds as much as possible, so that you can stand up in a battle when the opportunity comes!
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chen20200805 · 17 days ago
The latest information on the operating status of Amazon's Canadian fulfilment center
Amazon released the latest status of the operation of the Canadian operations center. The specific announcement is as follows:
Because we follow the legal orders issued by the local health department and take measures to protect the health and safety of Amazon employees, the operating capacity of the Amazon Canada Operations Center (YYZ1, YYZ3, YYZ4, YYZ7) in Peel, Ontario, has declined.
Therefore, in the entire Amazon distribution network, it may take longer for us to ensure the completion of the shipment pickup or delivery appointment, and the waiting time for pickup may be longer than usual. In addition, buyers may experience longer delivery times for items ordered on
For more information, go to the latest information on the operation of Amazon's Canadian fulfilment center: Frequently Asked Questions. The sales partner support team has no further information.
When we prioritize the health and safety of employees at all Amazon locations, we will also do our best to minimize interference with sellers. Please note that operations centers outside the Peel area will continue to operate as usual.
We will update the status of the Amazon fulfillment center for you at any time. As we deal with this unprecedented situation, thank you for your understanding and patience.
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chen20200805 · 17 days ago
Text seller's seller fee tax change
Between July 1, 2021 and August 30, 2021, the "Selling on Amazon" service provided by Amazon Services International Inc. will be changed to be provided by, Inc. and advertising provided by Amazon Advertising Services will be provided by Amazon Advertising Canada Inc. instead.
The original content of other announcements is as follows:
What does this mean to you? Your account access rights, product information, product pricing, sales services, service prices, or mall URL ( will not change.
When these entities change, you may notice a one-time payment cycle change. In addition, an account with a positive account balance may receive an acyclic payment, while an account with a negative account balance will be settled accordingly.
Amazon ensures that all necessary taxes and fees will be collected and paid. The taxability of fees varies, depending on: the type of service you purchase; the Amazon entity that provides the service; federal and provincial tax laws; and the company information you provide to Amazon, including your federal/provincial registration number, your The location of the company and/or the location where Amazon fulfillment services are provided.
We recommend that you regularly check and update the seller account information on the seller's platform.
You can view the Canadian sales tax paid for your seller fees on the sales fee invoices issued by Amazon and added to the tax document library every month on the transaction details page of each order.
Sellers can also choose to apply for tax credits. Tax credit options vary by tax type and different sellers, you can contact your tax advisor or tax agency for more information. For more information For answers to frequently asked questions about the taxability of seller fees, go to Canadian sales tax on seller fees.
For service options that are not provided by Amazon, please go to our solution provider network.
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chen20200805 · 18 days ago
Announcement from Amazon Japan: Japan’s multi-channel delivery order’s delivery fee changes will take effect on August 30
Recently, Amazon issued a notice regarding the "2021 Japan Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order Delivery Fee Change ( effective from August 30, 2021". The original notice is as follows:
The change in the delivery fee for Multi-Channel Delivery* will take effect on August 30, 2021.
Although order processing, transportation and distribution costs have all increased, we only make moderate adjustments to multi-channel distribution fees, including discounts for orders that contain 2 or more items, and reductions in fees for smaller size segments . Please see below for more details.
Multi-channel fulfilment fee:
1. We will provide fee discounts for orders containing 2 or more items.
2. We will launch a "super-size" classification with four new size segments based on the FBA super-size segment.
3. We will set a separate shipping fee for planned delivery, which is 3% lower than the expedited shipping fee on average. The planned shipping cost for items larger than or equal to the standard size No. 2 will be equal to the standard shipping cost.
4. We will cancel the package weight adjustment from our price list calculation. Extend the standard size of No. 1 from 33 cm x 24 cm x 2.8 cm to 35 cm x 30 cm x 3.3 cm.
5. We will delete the size standard of the longest side of the large product.
*Multi-channel delivery is a delivery service. After you ship your inventory to the Amazon fulfillment center, the order items you sell through any sales channel can be delivered through this service, and the delivery speed is the same as that of FBA.
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chen20200805 · 18 days ago
Amazon QA Collection (Q115-Q125)
Q: Amazon notified the European site a long time ago that a new invoice defect rate has been added, but why is my invoice defect rate always inapplicable? What's the matter?
A: Not applicable means yours is 0%
Q: May I ask whether the postcard verification is a very original postcard delivered to the mailbox? Or is it delivered to the address by courier? Will you make a call?
A: Amazon has now set up a department in Shanghai. The postcard will be sent to you by SF Express, and will be sent to the address you filled out just like the courier, and then call you to sign for it in person.
Q: My address is linked, and I encountered a postcard review, can I ask the courier to open it and tell me what the verification code is?
A: No, Amazon strictly prohibits anyone except the recipient from signing for
Q: Excuse me, fbm shows that it has been signed for many days, but the customer said that it has not received it yet, so I have to pay for it myself, right? A: Contact the logistics company, if you lose it, you can only pay for it yourself
Q: Two Amazon stores in the United States mistakenly tied the same credit card, and immediately deleted one of the credit cards after seeing it. Will it cause the associated number to be blocked?
A: Yes. Even if it is deleted immediately, the Amazon backend will have a record. When your store is successfully registered, all the information you submit will be filed by Amazon. So you will definitely be associated in this case, and the credit card repetition is still a strong association.
Amazon does not allow one person to own multiple stores, so everyone must pay attention to the uniqueness of information when registering a store. Once the information is duplicated by the Amazon system, it will be directly judged to associate and close the store.
Q: Amazon kyc has failed the verification. Why do I need to re-verify?
A: Reply to this email first and restart the verification process. Then Amazon will send you an email, which will prompt you what information you need to provide, and finally submit the prepared information.
Q: When Amazon created the fba shipping plan, the product size was incorrectly filled in the outer box size. Amazon locked my product as a large size. How do I modify it?
A: You can contact Amazon customer service to make changes, or you can go directly to the background-inventory-manage inventory-select the product that needs to be modified-click edit-find it in the compliance information or more details (modify as shown in the figure below). Do not delete the shipment arbitrarily, it is very likely that Amazon will be disqualified from shipping.
Q: In the same network at home, I used the original mobile phone number to register an Amazon buyer, and then change to a new mobile phone number to register an Amazon seller. Will the same network be associated?
A: Weak connection, and whether you have bound your credit card information when you originally registered the Amazon buyer account. If the credit card is bound, it’s better to change to another credit card, because there were very few sellers because of the buyer’s account. The seller account uses the same credit card to be associated
Q: The brand authorization of different Amazon sites has been shown to be completed, but why can't we use brand analysis?
A: Brand registration has just been done. There may be some delays in brand functions. You can try it after 24 hours or open a new case on the brand website to apply for approval. After the application is passed, it can be used normally.
Q: Will Amazon change the bound mobile phone number to trigger the second trial?
A: Changing the background information will most likely trigger an audit. You can report to the customer before the replacement to reduce the chance of triggering the audit.
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chen20200805 · 19 days ago
Amazon Japan site sellers need to check the HTML tags in the product information
It is reported that when buyers use non-HTML devices to browse products, in order to ensure the safety of buyers and provide better versatility, after June 27, 2021, Amazon will no longer support the use of HTML tags on the detail page. Amazon said that it does not recommend the use of any HTML content on the detail page, which has been clarified in the product detail page rules.
Since Amazon will stop supporting HTML tags after June 27, 2021, all detail page (product description) functions that contain HTML tags will not be able to display HTML format on the detail page. If HTML tags are used in one line of the product description, the line may be deleted or the HTML format may not be displayed, depending on the use of HTML tags.
If the seller wants to update any ASIN product information that contains HTML tags, please process it before that date, either through the seller’s platform or the usual way to update the ASIN details.
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chen20200805 · 19 days ago
What information do I need to register an Amazon store under the key account link?
Every day, many new sellers come to me to inquire about the Amazon store registration related matters. I have counted that the new sellers are most concerned about the second review of the Amazon store. The second trial is like the tiger in the heart of a new seller. Although there is no tiger, he has already been threatened by the tiger.
So, are there any shops that can be exempted from the second trial? some! Amazon stores registered through major customer channels can be exempted from the second review.
How to get the Amazon key account link? This is the key point of today's sweeping monk: What information is needed to register an Amazon store under the link of a major customer? To register an Amazon store under the key account link, you need to have factory qualifications, including but not limited to the following conditions: you can have ISO documents, you can provide GSV documents, or provide true and effective procurement contracts, and the supplier of the procurement contract provides ISO documents and GSV documents.
Some sellers also told me that I have all these documents. Why can't I receive a reply after submitting the application? Regarding this issue, the sweeping monk is not too much to say, this involves the selection of some categories. The category selection is not right, and it is difficult to download links. In other words, if there are no major customer links, it is not because the information is not qualified, but because the category is not selected correctly.
When submitting the key account link, the sweeping monk also encountered some special circumstances. I used the factory's business license to register the Amazon store. Can I still use it to download the key account link if it fails? There are other special circumstances, such as the expiration of ISO files and so on.
I need to remind everyone here that the main customer link under the link is that the qualification is not based on the information. As long as the qualification is qualified, there will be basically no big problems.
Finally, summarize what information is required to register an Amazon store through the key account channel:
business license. If it is not the factory’s business license, the supplier’s ISO document and purchase contract can also be provided. If it is the business license of the factory, it can be accompanied by an ISO file or a GSV file.
Legal person ID card. Need to correspond with the business license.
Dual currency credit card. Normally, a credit card that can deduct US dollars is fine.
cellphone number. Now there are some restrictions on the linking of major clients. Some special numbers are not linked. If you have any questions, you can leave a message.
mailbox. It is recommended to use Penguin mailbox or corporate mailbox.
Factory qualification.
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