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alexaplaysgames · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Hello my fellow simps! To motivate me with my smut works, and also to practice my headcannons, I’ve written an NSFW alphabet for my favourite bottom. Enjoy!
This is my first attempt at something like this so lemme know what y’all think :)
18+ under the cut
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
I’m a firm believer that Felix’s love language is acts of service, so I definitely think he would take to worrying and fretting over you after sex (depending on the kind of sex you’re having, see below). He would love to run his fingers through your hair and snuggle into you, to wipe you off and bring you tea. He would really panic and be unsure if he’s being helpful at all, but he would try his best, bless him.
It’s heavily canon that Felix is into bondage (receiving) so I’ll roll with that and say that you definitely need to take care of him if you’re getting into heavy BDSM (which, let's be honest, he would like). He wouldn’t necessarily ask to be taken care of, he’s too proud for that, but you gotta force him to sit still while you run ointment over any marks, tell him how much you love him, how good he was and how well-behaved. He would just stare at you all lovesick-like while you take care of him, absolutely baffled as to how he got so lucky as to have you.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
This is difficult because the devs said Felix doesn’t really notice himself as being attractive, so I honestly don’t think he would dictate one aspect of himself as being his favourite. Really, I think he would love whatever it is about himself you love about him. He’ll start noticing it a bit more every day. For example, if you tell him you love his pretty eyes, he’ll stare at his reflection with wonder, trying to see himself how you see him.
As for Felix’s favourite part about you, I think he would really like your hands. Baby is 100% touch-starved being as I’m certain he’s only ever been with Rime (at least, seriously) and since he died Felix would’ve been alone for years. Plus, we been knew Escell did not give him affection of a child. That’s why Felix loves your hands, because he loves how they touch him, how they look when they hold his, the feeling of them in his hair. He likes to trace shapes into your palms, compare the sizes and shapes of your hands, etc. He’s weird like that.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)
Has no problem with swallowing your cum. He kinda does it self-consciously, not really noticing how hot he looks when he’s licks his lips. He just loves everything about you, why would this be any different? Doesn’t find it gross, no sir, he has much grosser things in the jars in his bedroom and probably ate something much nastier just the other day. Flat out- he’s unintentionally a freak. Very well trained gag reflex and does not hesitate to swallow.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
I think Felix’s dirty (not-so-secret) is that if he has a crush, he’ll write smut about them. That, or he’ll imagine them with him in his dirty fantasies, insert them into his romance novels. He’s definitely got journals upon journals of fanfiction about himself and his SO in which some really raunchy acts take place, and his face is brighter than a strawberry as he reads and writes them. If you find out, do not bring it up unless you want to end up with a malfunctioning boyfriend. He would actually die. If you want to mention it, you’d have to go about it very carefully.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Like I said, I do not think Felix has been with anyone else other than Rime. I can’t see him having a one-night stand after Rime died, and we know Felix was interested in Rime since pretty early on in his life.
I think in terms of their sex life, Felix would’ve been forced to catch up with Rime pretty quickly. I can see the Rime as being much more experienced, given his age and popularity, and Felix would’ve bent over backwards to make Rime happy, so he definitely learned a lot there. When Rime said he taught Felix everything he knows, he meant in more ways than one...
That being said, Felix would know a lot about sex either way. He’s been reading smut for ages and definitely knows what he likes, what he wants, etc. He just needs someone to apply it to.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual)
Damn, we’re getting into it. I think Felix would prefer to bottom, but he could top if required. Being that he’s smol, him bottoming usually works best. As long as you dom him because he’d break otherwise.
Depending on what ya got, I think that Felix would like to be held up and fucked against a wall or sitting on a table/desk because it would make him feel tall. Or maybe a lotus-type position, because you get to be close. He would want to look into your eyes, because even though he’s a kinky bastard, sex means a lot to him. I mean he’s only ever been with a few people, if more than one.
Other than that, I think he would like a classic missionary well enough, because you can hold down his hands, or doggy-style, because you can tie his hands behind his back. He likes to be tied up, okay? We been knew.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Felix isn’t necessarily goofy, that’s not a good word for it, but he does like to make snide comments and smirks. He doesn’t really love stupid dad jokes, but he does like to snark and be sarcastic. Plus, if he’s in a bratty bottom mood, that will really come out. You won’t get him to stop smirking at you and making quips until you make him moan so much he can’t speak.
H = Hair (How well-groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
I’m going to be honest, this is the one question I am afraid to answer. Let’s just say Felix is definitely obsessively neat and clean, but I don’t think he’d really care about his SO either way.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Definitely wants to be intimate. Especially at the beginning, when he’s unsure of your feelings from him. Even if you’re going for rough sex he wants you to hold him afterwards, and he doesn’t really like when he can’t look into your eyes. Would not appreciate it if he couldn’t touch you or be touched by you for a long time. Even if he’s tied up, he doesn’t like to feel separated from you.
Like I said, sex means a lot to Felix because I doubt he’s done it with many people. Even though he’d never admit it, just the fact that you’ve gotten so close to him means he trusts you so, so much. He doesn’t let many people touch him, let alone like this.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
Listen up, he is one horny bastard and he spent a long time with no one to fulfill his desires. He’s got toys, he’s got books, he knows what he likes and what gets him off, though that is very much a clandestine topic for him until you get him to open up some. In other words, yes, he did ‘jack off’ regularly in the past, but he would be less inclined to do so once he’s with you. However, if you tell him to touch himself for you he might explode. No one has ever found him attractive enough to ask for it, and though he would be so flustered and you’d need to coax him, it would do wonders for making him feel sexier.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Felix. Is. Kinky. I can’t say it enough. He would be worried about overwhelming you at the beginning, or having you think he’s bizarre, so it would take a while for it to come out, but once it does...
He likes to be tied up. Both hands and feet. Likes it when you can touch him how you want but he can’t move at all. Thinks it’s hot when you overstimulate him, count how many times you can make him come until he sobs and squirms. Then tell him he did good for you. So slight praise kink, but not excessively, or he finds it less meaningful.
Likes to have his face fucked. Either to be smothered by your thighs or choked by your cock he doesn’t care, hold him down until he can’t breathe but make sure he does breathe because he might forget. He’s enraptured by you.
Other than that, loves when you call him baby or a good boy. Loves when you make him recite the fantasies from his books while you act them out on him. Also loves to be marked- he’ll trace your markings with his fingers for days and smile, and after a while, he loves to mark you as well.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Anywhere he associates with being pristine or classy. If you fuck him anywhere that’s meant for nobility, such as an office or a fancy dining room or the like, it will get him off so, so quickly. He loves the idea of defiling a space meant to be decorous. It suits his love of going against what people tell him to do. Also it’s just really hot.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
He likes words, and he really likes dirty talk. Loves you whispering in his ear, telling him what you want to do to him. It will make him gasp and flush and fidget but he absolutely adores it still. Even doing something as simple as pinning his leg when he starts to bounce it when he’s anxious will send so many dirty thoughts through his mind, you don’t even know. Also makes him super turned on if you read his smut books to him, or vice versa.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn-offs)
He’d have a hard time telling you straight up what things are out of bounds for him, so you’ve gotta be strict. He’s used to keeping a lot of his thoughts bottled up inside.
He would not, not ever, hurt you. Ever. He watched Rime die, before, and it’s still so fresh, so traumatic that even hurting you a little makes him feel grossly sick. He would also not want you to be derogatory towards him either. He’s been put down way too much to ever get anything from you being intentionally mean to him. Try that, it will just make him cry.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Definitely likes giving head. Loves it, even. I can see Rime as having had an oral fixation, so Felix is more confident with it as it’s something he’s used to and can do well. It makes him super happy to please you and he’s going to be thinking all day about how you looked when you came across his tongue. And what a talented tongue it is. He would like to eat his SO out while they sit down on a chair I think, and would do best to suck them off if they were standing.
I think he would be alright with receiving oral, but the more I think about it the more I think it’s probably not his favourite thing. I think he gave Rime head much more than vice versa so he’s less used to it, and is a little self-conscious about it. But he would still enjoy it; he likes the feeling of you holding his hips down while your mouth works on him.
P = Pace (Are they fats and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
I think he’d prefer to go faster and rougher for the most part. Like I said, very much prefers to bottom, so he’d very much enjoy if you fuck him very hard and fast, bend him over, pull his hair, all that jazz. If he’s in a bratty mood, he’ll tell you to go faster, ask if that’s the best you can do, etc. while wearing a smirk on his face.
Still, I think he’d like to go slower sometimes! Especially if he’s feeling insecure, it helps him feel connected to you.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
I don’t think Felix would like quickies because he wants to be close with you. How I see him with Rime, he’s used to being used and tossed aside already, and he doesn’t like the feeling of just fucking you and being done with it. He wants to relish in it, dramatic theatre boy that he is. He’s not interested in being anyone else’s quick fuck anymore, and while the two aren’t necessarily synonymous, he can’t help that that’s how he feels. He’d much rather wait it out, anticipating your hands on him.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
His relationship with Rime was pretty risky, and Felix isn’t necessarily one to follow the rules, so I do think he’d be perfectly fine with sex in public. Yeah, he’s worried about propriety, but that’s what makes it all the more addicting; the stakes are even higher if you get caught. He would act like he dislikes it, but you both know he really, really doesn’t.
As for experimenting, I don’t think there would be much Felix isn’t willing to try. He’s very eager to explore all the things in his books, but he knows enough to know what he doesn’t like. And he trusts you, truly, so as long as you we’re taking care of him he’d feel much less worried.
He’d be a much more timid when it comes to experimenting on you. You’ll have to tell him it’s okay, because he’s worried about freaking you out. He’s not sure how he ended up with you in the first place and doesn’t want to ruin it.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Felix isn’t someone who is accustomed to physical exertion, so while I do think he likes to have sex often enough, he doesn’t do it for a super long time. He gets worn out pretty fast, and he’s so touch-starved it’s not difficult to make him come again and again and again until he’s basically going to pass out, and do it in a relatively short period of time. Oops.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Like I said, this boy has so many toys. I mean, assuming they’re a thing in Last Legacy and I’m gonna just say yes. Vibrators, dildos, ropes and blindfolds, you name it. Although I don’t think he’d love the blindfolds for himself. He’ll hide them until you ask, though. It’s not like that kind of thing is normalized among nobles.
He likes when you hold him back against your chest with a vibrator between his legs until he cries. Also likes to kneel before you and watch your reactions when he shows his toys to you, it would make him feel very validated to see you indulge his interests.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Felix does like to tease, but more so by running his mouth. Will raise an eyebrow at you with his eyes alight and dare you to fuck him. Can be a very, very bratty sub if he’s in the right mood.
I don’t think he has the will or the dominance to physically tease you. He likes doing what you want too much for that, what can I say.
And of course he likes to be teased, more so flirting with him than physically. He does enjoy fleeting touches, but if you hesitate to touch him for too long it makes him worried. But he does like when you whisper in his ear until he turns scarlet.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
At first, I don’t think he’s too loud at all. More so quiet whining and whimpering and panting and trying to stifle his noises. Between his probably secret, scandalous relationship with Rime and the fact that he’s nobility, he’s spent a lot of time keeping things quiet. He’s not really used to being loud, and Felix isn’t someone who easily changes. He’ll bite the pillows to stifle his moans.
You’ll have to encourage (or just do things to force) him to be louder and tell him you love his noises. He’ll still bite his lip and blush, but over time it will work until he’s making those beautiful cries for you almost all the time.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
After Rime died, Felix spent a long time not being able to read his romance books without feeling guilty, without having his mind swarmed by images of blood, death, and tears. Then, when he met you, for the first time in years it was someone else filling his fantasies, someone else running laps through his mind. He cried, he wasn’t sure if it was in relief or shame, longing for what he had lost, but equally lovesick with you, who had stolen his heart (he suddenly realized that he didn’t want it back). He couldn’t stop thinking about you, and though he felt tied to you in every way, he’d also never felt more free.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Won’t go into much detail about this, but Felix is very soft all over. He loves lotions and scrubs, and his skin in all perfectly smooth (also, he smells really, really good. Like amazingly good). He doesn’t love to exercise, but due to him being Starsworn I believe he probably had to, to some extent. He definitely complained. Therefore, I don’t think he’s necessarily frail by any means, but lord help me he’s not a bodybuilder. He’s a twink, mate. Think soft definition. Also, his skin is very cold (you should probably warm him up). He has little freckles all over, and you’re determined to count and kiss every single one.
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Pretty high sex drive. Like I said, he’s got a lot pent up. He definitely gets antsy a lot. Even if he’s not looking for sex, it’s a great way to take his overactive mind off his worries.
He’ll hesitate to initiate anything with you, especially at first, and worry that he’s getting on your nerves or that he wants sex too much. That’s why you gotta pick him up, throw him down on the bed, and have your way with him, until eventually, he’s wrapping his arms around your waist and whispering that he wants to fuck. He’s a needy baby.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Very quick. Sex makes him sleepy, especially so considering he’s always fucking tired in the first place, and well, now he’s even more worn out so he’s gonna pass out on your chest or in your arms ASAP. That, and he’s always got so much on his mind that he’s finally managed to forget about. Run your hands over him and kiss his hair as he snores softly while he snuggles into you. He’s really freaking adorable.
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alexaplaysgames · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
OMG the entire piece is finished and it’s so beautiful 😭 hika is so talented!!!
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alexaplaysgames · 16 hours ago
Guys I have sinned.
So I was brainstorming about cat ears and Sage... And made a thing. I kinda refused to think that behind all that hair Sage had just plain skin where human ears were supposed to be lol. Then (because I am not a good artist lol) I traced the latest art from Sage's chapters and made the ears the way I think they might look.
Also, cut his hair a bit... Please don't hate me I did this for science 😔
Tumblr media
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alexaplaysgames · 23 hours ago
Reblogging this is due to the recent Scottish Sage discourse
BUT have you ever considered -
Tumblr media
What if Sage had a Scottish accent, huh? What then?
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alexaplaysgames · a day ago
So at the beginning of the demo I was 100% certain the detective was going to be abducted again
Keep reading
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alexaplaysgames · 2 days ago
Which LL Characters are invited to the Carne Asada
Carne Asada, The Cookout, The Barbecue, The Family Picnic if you will
I will be grading the Last Legacy characters based on if I trust them to interact with my Mexican ass family
1. Felix
Tumblr media
This boy would embarrass himself and then probably say something stupid/insulting to my relatives. He LOVES to brag and ik that would not bode well. Also Felix is such a light weight, my uncles are the type to take shots at a funeral, no way he would survive They would also try to feed him such much food.
“You want more beans mijo?”
“Oh no thank you”
“You want more beans :) “
2. Anisa
Tumblr media
Yes, however
I know she would be so awkward. She would be way too nice and take any food given to her and eat until she is sick. But once she starts drinking I know Anisa would be fun and dance with all the Tías and Tíos. But then she would definitely drink way too much (she likes a challenge) and get sloshed leading to a terrible hang over the next day
3. Sage
Tumblr media
Nooooo definitely not
Sage would get way too drunk and somehow swindle everyone out of their money in cards. However I do know he would eat a lot and the Abeulas would love him for it. Yea he can hold himself in a drinking game but Sage is just way too chaotic and would probably catch something on fire
4. Rime
Tumblr media
No way in hell
Rime would piss everyone off and then steal cake I just know it. I dont think he would drink and he would refuse more food if he didnt want it. Stinky deer man
5. Saaros
Tumblr media
I love Saaros but no
Their dry humor and tendency to be a little snobby would also piss everyone off lmao. And I feel like they would complain about the food. Something about the enchiladas having too much cheese (no such thing) they would probably sit in the corner and sip the same margarita the whole night
6. Tulsi
Tumblr media
I feel like Tulsi is very similar to Sage and would also get drunk and eat lots of food. But I feel like she could also be lots of fun. But I also feel like Tulsi is kind of awkward socially? She might just keep to herself but if Sage were also there it would be chaos
7. Elowen
Tumblr media
I love Elowen, she comes off as scary and mean but she’s actually so sweet. But shes also very shy so I’d be worried about her feeling too awkward. I think would also keep to herself but would be nice to everyone so she’s welcome to come but I wont force her
8. Escell
Tumblr media
Not that he would even show up but no. Escell is a stinky rat man and would depress/judge everyone. If he DID go he would get way too drunk and be very inappropriate. Blocked
9. Scylla
Tumblr media
She gives up tight vibes. She would stress me out the whole time I wouldn’t know what to do. I dont think she would enjoy it either. Would also probably nurse a drink in the corner hating her life. Say the music is too loud or something. Might flirt
10. Florian
Tumblr media
Yes!!! 100%!
I just know Florian would have so much fun. He would eat, drink, laugh, dance. All the stuff you do at a party. I just know Florian would be a 10/10 guest and everyone would love him. He just seems so nice and welcoming
Idk why I thought of this but I thought it would be funny lmao
I love all these characters but sometimes they’re a lil dumb ❤️
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alexaplaysgames · 2 days ago
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alexaplaysgames · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
ill post this by itself here lol Commission for @rosethearcanist
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alexaplaysgames · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gems from the livestream!
See above: Felix once he gets therapy and a chiropractor.
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alexaplaysgames · 4 days ago
I was the least sus of Jeremy at the beginning of the game and now bc of the new chapter im just like YOURE THE BIRDTRAYER YOURE GIVING ME TOO MANY SOCIOPATH VIBES
Oops 😬 Maybe he’ll change your mind in the next chapter
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alexaplaysgames · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Every day I inch closer to the precipice of my demise.
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alexaplaysgames · 5 days ago
Separating my tag list for Last Legacy, so please let me know if you’d like to be on a separate ns*w taglist for the smut I’ll be posting some time this week!
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alexaplaysgames · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My good sir I am whipped for you
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alexaplaysgames · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
cat boi Felix????!!
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alexaplaysgames · 6 days ago
Felix with a sub MC:
Tumblr media
last legacy LIs reacting to a kinky and sub mc! thank you very much <3
you’re welcome! this will be under the cut because there are references to NSFW stuff
felix escellun
he gets it because... well, him too
you can bet he has a huge collection of sex toys, (he hides them in a bunch of inconspicuous corners of his room) all of them are black and / or leather to go with his Sadboy Aesthetic and he’ll gladly *ahem* share them with you
good luck to both of you if you want to get anything sexy done together because gods know neither of you will take charge in the bedroom
anisa anka
she’ll memorize all of your kinks and oh will she use them
unlike the other two, she’s probably a little less feral in bed, so she might need a little more time to ease into your sexual lifestyle
that being said, she’s more than happy to experiment with you. anisa is probably the best partner when it comes to planning out a safe bedroom experience, and she’s more than happy to take the reigns
sage lesath
once he finds out about your sexual preferences he’ll be over the moon
sort of the same situation as felix but at least he can be dominant in a pinch 
he’ll tease you mercilessly about it even when you’re in public, feigning innocence when you point out what he’s doing, but you can bet he’ll indulge you for being a good sport once you’re alone
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alexaplaysgames · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i think you and me are going to get on like a house on fire. but, like, in a good way.
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