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#andromeda six
incorrect-andromeda-6 · 6 hours ago
Cal: I don’t do “love.” Love is for fools.
Traveler: Hey there.
Cal: Fuck
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silverdreamsstudios · 21 hours ago
my friend leah and i are replaying the a6 DLCs today in voice call and
her: the doors on the ship are soundproof me, quietly: wink wink
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 22 hours ago
Vexx: I believe you said that your childhood experience was satisfactory?
Traveler: No, you misheard me, I said it was ‘sadness factory’.
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littlerockscorner · a day ago
Tumblr media
A cheeky Vexx from @andromeda-six
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Bash: Guess what I’m about to get.
Cal: On my nerves?
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celestiiall · a day ago
Tumblr media
Quick doodle of my lovely traveler Caz from @andromeda-six
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xikizoid · a day ago
Imma be real with you, after having a shitty day, coming back to Andromeda Six was such a relief and really helped me feel better and get some stress off of my shoulders.
I hope you enjoy this episode of the Andromeda Six DLC Star-Crossed Lovers! 💛
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homeformyheart · a day ago
The prompt 'don't leave' for traveller x June! 💚💚
thank you for the request, alya! I hope this little microprompt does them justice (it gives me some ideas for a wip I have at least xD)
author’s note: thank you, @anotherbeingsworld! this is a little more than ten sentences, but whatever xD. this was a great chance to explore a little bit of their dynamic to inspire me to do work on my post-nightmare comfort wip featuring these two. it also took me forever to settle on a traveler name that would be shippable. hope you all enjoy! copyright: all characters, except my oc traveler, are owned by wanderlust games @andromeda-six series/pairing: andromeda six – juniper nyux x f!traveler (raynie peg’asi) rating/warnings: k+; none   based on/prompt: microprompts // 1. don’t leave word count: ~200
raynie woke up to the sound of loud knocking against her door and she rubbed her eyes sleepily. “come in,” she called out, eyes widening in surprise when june appeared before her.
“your door was open and i heard screaming,” he said, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
it was raynie’s turn to flush. “sorry about that, i should’ve remembered to close the door.”
“i’m just glad you’re okay,” he said, relief visibly leaving his tense shoulders.
a faint blush tinged his cheeks as he glanced at her thin tank top before looking away, making a concerted effort not to stare.
“i shouldn’t intrude on you this late at night, um, excuse me.”
“wait, don’t leave,” she called out, tucking a stray hair behind her ears shyly. “can you stay with me until i fall asleep again? you know… because of the nightmares.”
june hesitated for a second before nodding and making his way over to the bed, removing his weapons and shoes before climbing in next to her, taking extra care to stay on top of the blanket. raynie snuggled against him, laying her head on his chest, the warmth of his body and steady heartbeat lulling her quickly into a dreamless sleep.
from these microprompts (always accepting)
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Cal: Stowaway, I never doubted you for a moment.
Traveler: Thank you, Cal. You’re lying, though, right?
Cal: Oh, yes. I doubted you very strongly.
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kinnotakara · 2 days ago
This just in, would fucking die for some visual novels/dating sims that are either gender neutral or let you pick they/them pronouns
Putting in the tags games I've already played so if you see any other ones that I haven't played yet please reply I am suffering
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 2 days ago
Aya: Personally, I blame you.
Bash: How can it possibly be my fault?
Aya: Because otherwise it would be my fault. And that can’t be right.
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andromeda-six · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
More casual outfit sneak peeks for Episode 6!
Damon and Vexx you’ve already seen, but we wanted to add them in for fun.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 2 days ago
Traveler: I love people who are incredibly book smart but otherwise stupid as shit.
Traveler: Bash got a 4.0 GPA in college but had to ask me if there were calories in soap.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 3 days ago
Traveler: How would you describe yourself?
Bash: Verbally. But just in case, I also prepared an interpretive dance piece.
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stephschoices · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
picrews of my mcs pt. 11/? ((link to picrew used))
juliet (the arcana , @thearcanagame ) || yeona (a mage reborn @mage-parivir )
larken (greenwarden @fiddles-ifs ) || nayel (andromeda six @andromeda-six )
~ about my characters ~
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 3 days ago
Aya, about Traveler and Damon: They make a cute couple, huh?
Cal: They certainly are standing next to each other.
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incorrect-andromeda-6 · 4 days ago
Traveler: You’d look more adorable with a smile.
June: ‘More adorable’ implies that I’m adorable in the first place.
Traveler: Yeah!
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