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tender-rosiey · 3 minutes ago
Thanks for the tag 🥰
Tumblr media
This- this is very interesting; I AM GONNA RULE THE WORLD
Jujutsu Kaisen click and drag game (updated)
Now including: toji fushiguro, naoya zenin, yuki tsukumo, masamichi yaga, mei mei, mai, momo, noritoshi kamo, choso, kasumi miwa, ino takuma, utahime, yuta okkotsu, panda
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google Chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the GIFs either as a set or individually
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tender-rosiey · 7 hours ago
23 and 32 for the ask game? I hope you're doing well! 💖 (this is clio btw idk if you remember me haha i had to remake my blog 😅)
HEY THERE, I remember you :D
I fell asleep so I didn’t do the ask beforehand m(._.)m
23) and this is the worst question for me cause I can’t for the love of me choose a favorite, I don’t think I have one so I will just list the ones who have multiple catchy songs that I liked:
Jax Jones
Dua Lipa
Taylor Swift
Caravan Palace
And Little Mix ✨
32) I answered it here: 🦔 :D
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tender-rosiey · 14 hours ago
BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you’re supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out ❣️❣️
Rose!! You're always making me smile and I love chatting with you😌 You also deserve a beautiful day today💕
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tender-rosiey · 14 hours ago
BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you’re supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out ❣️❣️
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tender-rosiey · 14 hours ago
since it's Dazai Birthday today, could you do one of their female s/o celebrating Dazai's Birthday with him?
❥ Celebrating his birthday with s/o
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: honestly, a very late dazai birthday post and I apologize, it’s the 22nd for me ∑(゚Д゚) and a child tried biting me in the club yesterday and tbh he tried to bite and actually bit some of my teammates that we had to restrain him anyways hope you like it 💕; boys are scary and the thing is that they think that is “manly” or “cool” to hurt others :(
Tumblr media
YAHOO! *mario noises*
My mustache fell off :(
I am listening to Bakugou being rejected and it’s just a wonderful contrast
So, your beautiful and lovely wedded husband’s birthday was today
And cause you are cool asf have prepared for everything forehand with the agency members 💅🏻
From how you will wake him up to the party at the end of the day
Which is why dazai’s face is currently being peppered with kisses until he wakes up from his ‘beauty sleep’
When he woke up he held your face gently and chuckled “well if this isn’t a wonderful way to wake up, belladonna.”
You will be tackled to bed again and he will be trying to cuddle you for the day and just sleep it off
But he didn’t and instead got greeted by breakfast in bed and was surprised cause why?
Truth to be told, I don’t think dazai cares about his birthday and will treat it like any other day
Cause why would he celebrate being brought into something he viewed as a meaningless cycle?
So when you tell him he is the prince for the day cause it’s his birthday he is all thrown off and “but angel you don’t have to—“
You of course don’t listen to his complains and just continue pampering him to which (obvious spoilers, even more obvious than the touya todoroki theory) enjoys very very much
And to start the day cheerfully, you then dragged his lazy (flat) ass to an ice cream shop :D
I am craving ice cream but I am on a diet so >:(
You feed him and he feeds you and possibly steals your ice cream all in once cause apparently sharing is caring not when it comes to food
So you are basically trying to distract him and spend quality time with him until the rest are done preparing for the party
And as you guys were chatting in a cozy and aesthetic cafe holding hands (it was more of you talking and dazai listening with a lovesick gaze which was cute as hell)
Btw every once in a while you talk he lifts your hand to his lips and kisses it
Anyways so
You got a text from atsushi :D
Problem and Not so Problem Child: Y/N-san, we are ready!
It was your cue, ladies, gentlemen and non-binary cuties 🏃‍♀️
“Osamu, I forgot something in my office; could we go get it?”
And him being the little shit of a sweetheart he is, agreed
When you guys got there everything was pitch black
“I mean it’s expected since today is our day off, belladonna—“
His eyes widened as the scene played in front of him
A cake of his favorite flavor and multiple layers, presents stacked up on the table that are about to fall, and each and every one of his workmates/friends and most importantly you, his spouse
They were all here to celebrate his birthday; it was for him?
“You didn’t need to do this guys!” He dismissed laughing but inside
He was really wondering, was it worth it?
Was he worth it? He himself doesn’t view the day as important so why?
He was then shook away from his thoughts by the gentle hold your hand
“Happy birthday, osamu.” you then went to his ear and whispered “I love you.”
Affection, love, appreciation, it was all too much
He hugged you tightly burying his face into your shoulder
And whispered a soft ‘thanks’
But the moment was cut off by Ranpo who yelled “OKAY COME ON I WANNA EAT THE CAKE; IT SMELLS SO GOOD!”
Dazai laughed and ushered everyone to go eat the cake but not before he thanked them for their efforts
He then went to kunikida and asked him curiously “say, kunikida, who planned all of this?”
“I think it’s obvious, it’s y/n; she wanted to make it a special day for you and planned the whole thing out and we wanted to participate because you are our friend. Even if you are annoying as hell sometimes.”
Eyes widening ever so slightly and disregarding the last sentence, dazai turned his gaze to you who was smiling and laughing around with your friends
“Yeah, it should be obvious.” He smiled
You were always there for him in the good and bad of it and promised to be till the end of the road and journey of this so called life
He was really grateful for you and for everyone around him right now
Maybe being on the good side of the world was indeed the correct choice to be made
It’s all so pure and touching, unlike, what the darkness had showed him of the world
It was delicate hand that he was able to finally reach even for a second, in obvious contrast to the one that once held him harshly by the neck
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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tender-rosiey · 3 days ago
Dont be shy, write it ( referring to This post)
Oh I will I will, trust me (I am getting inspired a lot of things lately and some other stuff are very cute fluff that I am looking forward to as well)
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tender-rosiey · 3 days ago
Thanks for the tag bae 🤸‍♀️💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tagging with no pressure: @pompompurin1028 @rosiefairlands @magentacatdrawingss @jadegreenimmortality @mindfulvenus
do a lockscreen&homescreen reveal + tag 5 mutuals!
omg okay, this is a tagging game i think :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tagging: @callmepromise @fiaficsxo @lacheri @ni-koi @booksweet (no pressure on doing this!)
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tender-rosiey · 3 days ago
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tender-rosiey · 3 days ago
Uwah~ I don't know how I feel about being called your majesty when clearly you're the queen here UwU
Anyhow, onto the request
So Chuuya's waiting for s/o at their date spot but they're veryyy late. They keep texting him that they're almost there, but that's what they've been saying for four fckin hours. Finally, Chuuya gets a call from s/o sobbing because they got distracted following a cat and got hopelessly lost in an unknown area
You can include something along the lines of this for dialogue if you want: "BABE PLEASE COME SAVE ME THE SUN IS SETTING AND I DON'T WHERE I AM I WANNA GO HOMEEEE"
do with this what you will, I have faith in you✨✨
❥ S/o gets lost before a date
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: jdjdkzbjsn so sorry this is late and kinda short but I hope you like it nevertheless, also the only royalty I can see is you 🙄💕
Tumblr media
God I love that gif
One of my best creations
okay to the headcanons
So chuuya loves you
A whole a lot
Which is why he tried his hardest to manage to set up a date for both of you since work has been too much and you guys couldn’t spend time with each other
The first 5 minutes he was okay and patient
He knew you tend to lose track of time and probably are still getting ready
20 minutes and he is starting to get worried so he texts you
Angry gravity man 😡❤️: Dove, where are you?
My dumb dove 💕: I am almost there, babe
Yeah he has you named like that on his phone, accept it
As time passes and everyone around him thinks he got ditched and are just looking at him with such pity in there eyes
Chuuya checks his phone to realize 4 hours passed and is indeed worried about the fact that you might have really ditched him or you are in real danger
So he called you
“Y/N where the fuck are you—“
“Oh my god y/n just what the hell did you do this time?!”
“I followed this cat because it looked so cute b-but I forgot to look around to realize where I am going and now I am alone p-petting the cat and it likes me.”
“aw you care about me~”
“Shut the hell up.”
“W H A T?”
Now because chuuya knows a y/n, despite being a very much reliable and capable mafia executive, could not be trusted alone (which he uses to his advantage to team up with you on missions most of the time with the excuse of taking care of you)
He asked for your permission to connect your phones, so like he can know your location easier
And so he is there in front of you cross armed and looking down annoyed at the you who is petting both the cat and the dog you thought was a wolf
“I hate you so much.”
Oh honey you are in for one hell of a night
A very very big and humongous scolding from our lovely hat man
You might get off the hook if you let him take the dog with you so you guys can raise it yourselves
Depends then on what’s the price to you, you can either tell him it’s okay and he doesn’t have to do anything in return like letting you take the cat
Tell him if he wants to keep the dog then you will keep the cat
And the latter happened cause y/n supremacy here
Now back to the scolding
He will keep talking about how you can’t just ditch a grown ass man you have known for 8 years now for a stray cat you knew for 20 minutes
Not to mention you were late for your anniversary so it made chuu a bit sad :(
He will demand compensation in the form of every form of affection you can imagine
He will keep clinging onto you for the rest of the night and you have to pamper him
Pouty chuuya is in the house
He warms up to the cat btw
But they sometimes fight on who takes your attention which is why chuuya has multiple scratches on his arms and there are cat scratches on the walls and ceiling
May you imagine the reason why they are up there
Tumblr media
copyright © 2020 tender-rosiey
do not copy or plagiarize or you will be reported
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tender-rosiey · 3 days ago
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
So this sparked an angst idea and it hit deep in my heart but because I am kind I am sparing you all for the time being
A lot of people ask me what my biggest fear is, or what scares me most. And I know they expect an answer like heights, or closed spaces, or people dressed like animals, but how do I tell them that when I was 17 I took a class called Relationships For Life and I learned that most people fall out of love for the same reasons they fell in it. That their lover’s once endearing stubbornness has now become refusal to compromise and their one track mind is now immaturity and their bad habits that you once adored is now money down the drain. Their spontaneity becomes reckless and irresponsible and their feet up on your dash is no longer sexy, just another distraction in your busy life. Nothing saddens and scares me like the thought that I can become ugly to someone who once thought all the stars were in my eyes.
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
Hello Rose! Hope you're doing well today😌 Because you deserve a good day! And if you're not having a good day, see this as me sending you my love hehe💕💕
Anyways for the ask game I would like to know 24, 31 and 32 please!
HEY BUBS, you always make my day with your words please just take my heart already 🥺💕
24) SO I would like to go to Japan, Greece and Italy ✨
31) paper books! It gives me a different feeling, plus I read books to stay away from electronics
32) fictional world, hnn; if we are including anime then I would like to go to haikyuu, cause while yes it doesn’t differ from the reality I live but I always loved seeing people grow and evolve and it all just seems all the more lovely and enchanting to be there in haikyuu and to witness everything forehand as hinata and all the other players rise to the top :D
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
21 + 26 + 27 <3
OKAY THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING (I am so excited wth maybe cause I have nothing to do ✨)
21) that girl is dead inside, but very trust worthy; she is always there when you need her and she doesn’t lie even if it’s to comfort you so that’s a good thing; she doesn’t like communicating with people and pretty much is an adopted introvert by me and I love her
26) I LIKE WINTER, cause like it’s always so cozy when you get warm and it gives me excuses to hug people
27) I think my number one pet peeve would be not following rules, like when something says “don’t do this” and someone just does it and to top it all annoys everyone around them with it is just a no from me ❤️
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
Be nosy
1. What’s your sexual orientation?
2. What are you obsessed with right now?
3. Ever done any drugs?
4. What piercings do you want?
5. How many people have you kissed?
6. Describe your dream home.
7. Who are you jealous of?
8. What’s your favorite show to binge?
9. Do you watch porn?
10. Do you have a secret sideblog?
11. If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
12. What’s one of your fantasies?
13. Do you have/would you get your nipples pierced?
14. How would you spend a million dollars?
15. Are you in a relationship?
16. Do you follow porn blogs?
17. Are you angry with anyone right now?
18. What tattoos do you want?
19. If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to?
20. What is something you’re obsessed with?
21. Describe your best friend.
22. Tag someone you think is hot.
23. Who are five of your favorite bands/musical artists?
24. What are three places you want to travel?
25. Describe your perfect Friday night.
26. What’s your favorite season?
27. What’s your pet peeve?
28. Who is the funniest person you know?
29. What’s the most overrated movie?
30. Tag someone you want to talk to but have been too shy to message.
31. Do you like paper books or ebooks better?
32. If you could live in a fictional world, what world would you pick?
33. If money was no object, what would your wardrobe be like?
34. What’s your coffee order?
35. Do you have a crush on anyone?
36. Do you still have feelings for any of your exes?
37. Have any tattoos?
38. Do you drink?
39. Are you a virgin?
40. Do you have a crush on any of your mutuals?
41. How many followers do you have?
42. Describe the hottest person you know.
43. What’s your guilty pleasure?
44. Do you read erotica?
45. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
46. How many people do you follow?
47. If you could marry any celebrity, who would you pick?
48. Describe your ideal partner.
49. Who do you text the most?
50. What’s your favorite kind of weather?
Source: @femmme
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
I'm sorry to hear that you're not having a good day... Just know that you're doing enough, and we're proud of you <33
sending over a hug💕
Tumblr media
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
i love you and your angst ♡
MWUAH (low key sometimes I think my angst is not good enough and this made me happy + multiple people I hurt in the comments)
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tender-rosiey · 4 days ago
Hey y’all so I was sick the past day so the coming post is gonna be a bit late 😩✨
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tender-rosiey · 5 days ago
Day 1 of living an independent life in the roof room and I would like to say, this is fun asf
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tender-rosiey · 5 days ago
Thanks for the tag, luv 🥺💕
❥ why did you choose your url?
OKAY so “tender-rosiey”, my irl name means tenderness and rosiey is a nickname multiple people have called me for my internet name it being “Rose” so I mixed them up and you got that (plus I had in mind that I wanted to writes lots of fluff so people could be happy and see my blog as a safe or “tender” place)
❥ any sideblogs?
❥ how long have you been on tumblr?
Uhhhh, 5 months I believe? (Excluding the time I posted haikyuu stuff for once and never came back again)
❥ do you have queue tag?
No I do not ✨
❥ why did you start your blog in the first place?
As I mentioned in my name, I wanted to make people happy and spread smiles, so they can have a safe place where their imagination can go wild and they could feel at ease away from whatever bothers them in their life
❥ how many followers do you have?
888 children and I love each one of them 🤸‍♀️
❥ how many people do you follow?
79 very very talented people <3
❥ have you ever made shitpost?
Yes, tigeroki is an example
❥ how often do you use tumblr everyday?
Pretty often, I like checking my favorite tags so I can read more plus so I can write as well
❥ did you ever have a fight/argument with a blog before?
No I don’t want nor plan to, I hate fighting/arguing :(
❥ how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog’ posts?
So as a writer, I understand that’s one of the ways so our work could get known and spread (baby I didn’t even know reblogs were important and just got happy with the likes) but as a person, I don’t think guilt tripping is a way of it, since if someone really really likes something then they will reblog it for sure; they don’t need a voice telling them that they are cruel or heartless if they don’t
❥ do you like ask/tag games?
YES YES YES YES I love interacting with others
❥ which one of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
@/king-tobiyolo (quality content guys and a wonderful person) and it better be @/pompompurin1028 too or I am throwing hands at everyone 😤
❥ do you have a crush on a mutual?
Nah but I love them all a lot ☺️
Tagging with no pressure: @king-tobiyolo @rosiefairlands @magentacatdrawingss and whoever wants to do this <3
hello hello i was tagged by the ever wonderful @ladislavaa for this tag game!! tysm for the tag i care you so much 💕
-> why did you choose your url?
hoo boy. there’s about… three different references in it, ones i’m not quite willing to explain because i will out myself as a enormous nerd. but it’s subtle enough that most people won’t get it so it’s ok. so i chose it because of the amount of references i could fit in it without it seeming overt.
-> any sideblogs?
i have. a lot. if you look at my bio for my main, there’s a list of sideblogs i have. a dead writing one, some dead ask blogs, an au blog i need to get back to now that school isn’t actively kicking me in the face… and a dimitri one from fire emblem that’s currently thriving now that i’ve revived it. anyways i have a lot of dead ones but i’m fond of them so they’ll stay there.
-> how long have you been on tumblr for?
since july of 2018! the three year mark of my time here on tumblr is coming up and i honestly didn’t expect time to go by so fast. sure i haven’t been here as much as other people, but i’ve enjoyed my time here! for the most part.
-> do you have a queue tag?
nope! not for my main! my ask blogs do, but not this one.
-> why did you start your blog in the first place?
honestly i just wanted to find a place that was fandom-centric so i could meet more people who had similar interests to me. it sounds so cheesy now that i think about it, but i really did just want some friends who had similar interests as me because a lot of the ones i had at the time didn’t.
-> how many followers do you have?
244 as of right now! but i know a good chunk of them are p-rn bots that i’ve reported and blocked over the years, so i’m not sure if that’s an accurate measure of my followers or not. i don’t know why so many people follow me anyways i just spam reblog things lol.
-> how many people do you follow?
336 currently, i kind of have this ‘if i like them, i’ll follow them’ mentality and hope i don’t come off as weird to the people i start following randomly.
-> have you ever made a shitpost?
oh yeah, probably. i’m not very well known for making original posts though, so they kinda just sit in the void that is my blog. i don’t mind, it just means that people won’t see the silly little clown words come directly from my brain.
-> how often do you use tumblr everyday?
probably more than i should. i’ve noticed myself spend a lot less time on it recently, but that’s probably because i’ve been busy. i don’t spend all of my time here though, and that’s good enough for me.
-> did you ever have a fight/argument with a blog before?
ehh, i wouldn’t call it a fight. a little spat here and there, maybe, but that hasn’t happened in some time and at this point i’d prefer not to get involved with people who aren’t worth the effort.
-> how do you feel about ‘you need to reblog’ posts?
i don’t really like the idea of them because of how much guilt tripping they do. sure they’re about important topics, but there’s better ways to raise awareness than to guilt trip people into talking about it. they make me anxious if i’ll be honest, and that’s not great.
-> do you like ask/tag games?
oh i LOVE those, please if anyone wants to tag me in stuff or ask me questions please go for it!! i love talking to people here and interacting in general! i won’t judge you for wanting to ask me stuff or anything, honestly i feel like the weird one for being so enthusiastic about it lol.
-> which one of your mutuals do you think is tumblr famous?
oh for sure i think it’s @/kiiingsnake and @/jamblute. i honestly have no idea why they’re my mutuals and i’m too afraid to tag them in anything (including this). ;-;
-> do you have a crush on a mutual?
eh, no. i love my mutuals, but as friends. also i’m on the aro spectrum so attraction who?? they’re all wonderful people though and i appreciate them.
and that’s it folks! thanks for letting me ramble (somewhat) unprompted. i shall tag @pecha-cake @blackcliff-typewriter @doriduckdoodles @agent–shade and anyone else who wants to do it!!
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tender-rosiey · 6 days ago
I wanna apologize to all of you for what I did it was very wrong and I am very sorry. I just would like to move on and lead a normal life. You know get a job and a wife and change my ways. And I hope this apology impresses you even though my grandmother made me do it and I don’t really mean it.
𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖍 𝖓𝖔 𝖆𝖒𝖊𝖑𝖎𝖔𝖗𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓
Tumblr media
❥— s/o’s last moments
Includes Dazai, Chuuya and Atsushi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: am I sorry? not really. was I excited to write this? hell yeah. is this a way to celebrate the end of the exams? that’s for me to decide. hope you like it! 💕
Tumblr media
Dazai Osamu:
Tumblr media
He saw a lot of lives pass before him
Not a lot of them mattered and some were even taken for him to try to seek the want to live for himself in their death
On the other hand, there was some people’s deaths that were like a wakening call
An example is Oda’s death, one of the only people he trusted and believed was indeed a good person
Since in those dark places, everyone stabs in the back and even in the heart and chest with no filters
Dazai’s heart ached at the loss of his good friend at that time but that was natural
But how do you think it felt when he was holding the shivering and cold hands of his dearest and only lover?
When you were blinking scared of death, eyes brimming with tears as he held your face telling you to hold on
He kept saying you would make it
“Hold on, belladonna; stay with me, I am sure they will be there shortly and you will be okay.”
But Dazai always faced the truth
Except this one time
He knew you were on the edge
You were skipping away from his hand and he couldn’t do anything
Your blood was staining his clothes and ground as he tried applying pressure to the wound to keep it at bay
“Y/N please stay with me, my love; we will even go to the cafe you wanted to go to today just please stay with me!”
He was trying so hard to hold it in
After all, bottling and hiding the emotions he felt, it being the stress or pain, was something he excelled at
But one could only take so much
Specially when your gentle yet chill hand landed on his cheek
He could see the light fading away from your eyes
You barely are able to let out your last words, them being a thank you and I love you
Before your body went numb against his
Droplets of blood hitting the ground creating a traumatizing rhythm
A cursed melody that he never wanted to enter his mind ever again
He kept weakly calling your name while he knowing full well it’s to no avail
He didn’t want to let go, he wasn’t ready to let go
The tears slid down his face ever so gracefully, a beautiful sight despite the mourning and pain in his eyes upon the scene that unfolded before him
Dazai was composed in his own way
But when he held your dead hand to his lips, nothing but broken and held back sobs came out
The one who entered his heart and embraced it gently, opening a view of life that made him want to try and go on
Is gone now.
Chuuya Nakahara:
Tumblr media
He knew it was dangerous
His career is, being related to him, everything about the mafia is especially if you don’t work in it
But you were an executive as well
Meaning you had experience and knew what the underground world was like
You knew it was dangerous too
He went with you on missions so he can ensure that both of you are safe
He never expected that even when he was there, your life would be stripped away from you as harshly and cruelly as it just did
Multiple strings wrapped around you each one tighter than the other
Blood dripping and staining the previously white strings as the enemy was laughing at the pained look on your lover’s face
“How is that?! There goes your lover, you pathetic mafia exec—“
And so Chuuya’s rage made the whole ceiling drop on the man bringing him to his doom in the most painful way he could manage
Your body dropped on the ground as the man’s ability wore off by his disappearance and chuuya ran to you as fast as he could
“Y/N! Y/N! Baby, hold on, you will be alright! Everything will be okay, I promise!”
“Chuuya, it hurts…”
He frantically started calling the boss for reinforcements and doctors for you
He, however, was cut off by the gentle caress of your hand that was wiping the tears he didn’t notice he shed in his panic over your beat up form in front of him
“It’s okay.”
You said with it being barely above a whisper and with a smile on your blood tainted face
His eyes were filled with even more tears as he held you to close to his chest, chanting the words ‘please don’t leave me’ continuously
Chuuya lost a lot of people close to his heart
But none were as close as you
He kept his ear close to your chest to keep hearing your heartbeat that was slowing down
Until it reached its stop
His hands gripped tighter as his puffy eyes stared at your face while he was desperately screaming out your name to you
Hoping you would scold him like you usually do when he raises his voices but nothing comes
Just a thickening silence
Chuuya hated silence more than anything, and while usually your sweet laughter and voice would be there to fill it
The last thing your lips had let out was ‘it’s okay’ but he felt, and believed religiously that it wasn’t; it wouldn’t be, not without you
And right now, the silence he hated was filled with his screams of agony and pain
Thrashing everything around, destroying anything that he saw until what was left of the building was crumbs
But your body remained untouched, at least by his already tainted hand
Atsushi Nakajima:
Tumblr media
His heart dropped when he heard a pained and loud scream and call of help coming from your dorm room
His body reacting before his mind can process as he slammed the door of your room open
An eye sore is what he was met with
A huge amount of blood spluttered and splattered everywhere in the room
“There is no way..”
He took very small steps towards the inside of the room until your body had become finally visible to him
It was horrifying
A face full of pain, torn clothes and a huge slash that blood won’t stop coming out of
It was unbearable
“Y/N! Y/N! Y/N!”
He ran quickly and held you in his arms shaking your body
You weakly held his finger and whispered his name with a cough of blood
Even speaking hurt you, he couldn’t bare to see you like this
It’s too cruel of the world.
You cracked a small smile before talking again “Atsushi—“ “NO PLEASE DONT TALK! IT WILL HURT YOU MORE; I AM SURE SOMEONE HEARD US AND WILL COME HELP YOU!”
“You look beautiful in the moonlight, atsushi…”
And so the life was taken out of your eyes just as easily as a snap
He already had tears streaming down his face the moment his eyes laid on your figure when he entered but right now they were more and more stronger than ever, a stream of painful and fearful tears
Emotions of all negative kinds flooding: pain, agony, sorrow, sadness and heartbreak
It’s all too much for him
He kept screaming for help
Left and right but it’s like his screams went deaf to the ears of those around him
In the middle of the night, were screams that blocked?
Shouldn’t they be clearer?
Isn’t it always those who suffer, suffer at night?
That’s right; it’s when everyone is asleep and oblivious to what’s around them.
But still
Why was he destined and sentenced to see you like this?
Why was it that he caused a lot of pain for those around him?
Is it really all because of him?
Did you have to die this painful death because of him?
…were they right all along?
Tumblr media
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