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extraodinarilyhorrific · 12 hours ago
i like how we all hating on these fictional cats like appledusk and thistleclaw then scale em up right next to ourselves their like ANKLE height
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motherhenuwu · a day ago
Tumblr media
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mallowstep · 4 days ago
Thistleclaw is watching them. She feels his eyes on her. He must suspect that Sunstar has made his decision, but he doesn’t know.
i am never without it
look, for the record, i really want to write a female villain who’s bad in the exact same way, there just…aren’t many.
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karlicius-heart · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
“Because we all know something is very, very wrong when a grown man plays with his dolls” - Vaxdockan, 1962
I thought it would fit Spottedleaf and Thistleclaw
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skeletonsonparade · 6 days ago
ok so like what if spottedleaf just straight up killed thistleclaw in the great battle
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nmirah · 7 days ago
Ok now I'm curious with that whole never bully people over fake cats, what about thistleclaw fanboys. I think it's perfectly fine to talk shit about those. Especially the ones I've met that though the whole spottedthistle thing was fine lmao
Remember that the majority of this fandom is made up of children. I mean it when I say don’t fucking bully people, like what is wrong with you that you think it’s okay to shit on people for liking a fictional cat? You know there are worse things in the world that you can put your energy into hating, right? I don’t like Thistleclaw either but I really don’t care if someone chooses not to read the spottedleaf novella. Death of the Author and all that
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mallowstep · 7 days ago
I’m the one who did the Pinestar family tree ask and I meant to write in this AU Tigerclaw is Thistleclaw’s son
Sorry for the mistake in the spelling I was rushing when I wrote it
ah okay okay that makes sense!
so to reiterate for anyone who may not have seen that ask: thistleclaw is tiny, socks, and ruby's half brother. since it's through their mother (i assume? if not then they've just chosen to be full siblings otherwise the answer to the ask is "they're not related" which is boring), they're siblings In The Eyes Of Cat Kinship.
great! well, answering "how do i relate to my siblings' kits" is best answered by answering "how do they relate to me?"
tiny and socks are tigerclaw's father's brothers, making them seya to him. ruby is his father's sister, making her surre to him.
so, you know, two extra fathers and an aunt.
it's also worth noting that while technically tiny and socks are equal to thistleclaw, as they're all seya to tigerclaw, the closeness of your relationship is also relevant. if tigerclaw doesn't know them well (and unless they're clanborne, he probably doesn't, although this is your AU, not mine), they don't actually get to exert that power.
i assume the kinship is somewhat universal throughout cats, although kittypets don't necessarily get to know all their kin, but anyway, tigerclaw would be reasonable for wanting a relationship with his father's siblings.
hope this was helpful!
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remade-stopframevevo · 7 days ago
People are like “whitestorm is ashfurs father!” “whitestorm was willowpelts mate!” like what are you all talking about... like whitestorm was literally gay it was the first thing he said in the books, kate said it a while back on her blog that he was “very very close with tigerstar in a tallstar and jake kind of way” AND it said so on his trivia part of the wiki... like what???
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comrade-socks · 8 days ago
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catieclysmic · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Remember how Sweetpaw went into a coma and they buried her alive thinking she was dead?
I loved Sweetpaw :(
I wanted her to be happy. Don’t worry, she’s not dead, just sleeping
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buttondragons · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
107 – Thistleclaw
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So I was thinking about Bluestar's Prophecy, as one does, and had a few ideas about how the stuff that happens in that book be more impactful on the first series
- First, I would make Tigerclaw the same age as Lionheart
- This makes Tigerclaw Bluestar's childhood friend
- To still keep things intact, Thistleclaw and Bluestar become warriors before Tigerclaw
- So one day, when Tigerclaw's mentor is sick, they three of them go on patrol where they met baby Scourge, where Thistleclaw orders Tigerclaw to attack Scourge, and cause his still apprentice he does so
- Bluestar doesn't blame Tigerclaw in any way, only Thistleclaw
- After Tigerclaw (still Tigerpaw) does this Pinestar receives his vision about a great evil and then later leaves Thunderclan
- I would also remove Thrushpelt all together BUT I would instead have Redtail take his place
- That way Redtail gets a ton of character and it makes way more sense that Bluestar makes him deputy
- Redtail does all the same stuff as Thrushpelt, including covering for the kits and such
- All this stuff makes Bluestar's mental break in the main books more powerful
- Cause now her best friend Redtail is dead, Lionheart, her childhood friend is dead and Tigerclaw, they only one left, tries to kill her
- Also, my reasoning for why she doesn't make Whitestorm deputy is because she believes the position is cursed and refuses to put in him danger
- She picks Fireheart cause she believes he is protected by the prophecy
- Everything else is exactly the same
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daily-warriors-au · 10 days ago
Todays Warrior's AU is...
...where Goosefeather's prophecy about Thistleclaw is about Snowfur, and Bluestar is super in denial about it.
This post was brought to you by: @the-end-is-nigh by submission
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hotfrost · 13 days ago
thinking about how mousefur was probably like the only thunderclan cat in the great battle that actually knew thistleclaw idk why that’s so funny to me
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mxrshmallowchocolate · 13 days ago
just for clarification im not anti zoe i love her character and im not some kind of “connor was perfect and could do no wrong” no . i think they both have good and bad and they’re all 3d characters literally every character in deh is a 3d character and i can offend and defend all of them (i can offend and defend almost every character, ship, etc. i know but thats not the point lol) dont wipe me off as some kind of zoe anti or connor apologist they both did good and bad plz
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mallowstep · 13 days ago
I have a family. Tree problem
In my AU I made Pinestar and Shanty Thistleclaw’s parents along with Tiny Socks and Ruby being his half siblings
And Tigerclaw is also Thistleclaw’s smiled n
So what would I call Tiny socks and Ruby when I get to Tigerclaw’s section???
ah, yes, family trees.
okay, so. tigerclaw and thistleclaw are half-brothers through pinestar, which the cats don’t really care about, there’s no considered family relation. i’m not 100% sure what the typo was supposed to be, but if pinestar is their only relation, then tigerclaw has no bloodkin/maach relatinoship with tiny, socks, and ruby.
(assuming their shared parent is their mother, thistleclaw, on the other hand, is on the level of full-siblings with TSR.)
that said, that’s kind of a boring answer. so some notes/thoughts:
tigerclaw and thistleclaw’s canon relationship is...
tigerclaw’s father’s sister is poppydawn (pinestar’s mother’s sister’s kit). so she’s surre to tigerclaw, which makes her son, thistleclaw, seya to him. this makes tiny and socks also seya to tigerclaw, and ruby rru to him.
so that’s a relationship thread you could pull on.
alternatively, since thistleclaw doesn’t have a Clanborn mother, let’s say that tigerclaw has adopted him as a full brother. adopted is a weird word there, but it gets the idea across.
tigerclaw and thistleclaw can then choose how close they want to be to TSR. it’s up to them. if they didn’t grow up together, they’d probably just be maach: siblings, but not super close. a better translation in this instance might be cousin.
as a final alternative, maybe thistleclaw and tigerclaw are maara. TSR aren’t automatically maara, but if thistleclaw has a good relationship with them, they’re kind of like in-laws. if they’re the same age as tigerclaw, roughly, he’s probably going to consider them maara-maach, which is just a compound word for siblings of my maara.
it’s basically cinderheart’s relationship with spark/alder: they’re maach with lionblaze, so she definitely cares about them more than random kits, but her only connection with them is through maara.
if you send another ask clarifying the typo, i’ll be happy to write more, but i hope this was helpful.
siblings and half siblings basically fall into two categories: “maach (because of our mothers)” and “maach (because i chose to be close with you)”, with the occasional maara bond if they’re close in age. “maach” as a categorical term is “cats i am too closely related to and/or too familial with to have kits with,” so it’s a bit of a judgement call, and in half sibling cases, it often says more about how close the cats are than how closely related they are.
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