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#rodrikstark's 900 follower celebration
rodrikstark · a month ago
TORRES AND FALL. TORRES AND FALL. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Congrats on 900!! Well deserved! 💕 (-@tlcwrites)
joaquin torres x reader (fluff)
a/n: joaquin my precious cozy boy 💕💕 and thank you!!! i appreciate all the support you've shown for my writing it's very flsjkfsdlkj 😫💕
Tumblr media
every year—stupidly early—joaquin shakes you awake, already fully dressed and eager to drag you to the orchard many miles out of town
whispering that the early bird gets the best apples
which, you remind him, isn't a thing
you're dozing off when you arrive at your destination, whining at joaquin when he opens your car door, exposing you to the cold as he unbuckles your seatbelt
he buys a hot cider for you to sip before nudging you into the endless rows of greenery
all of it beautiful and calm under pale morning sunlight
joaquin sneaking long, smiling kisses or playfully pinching your butt whenever the coast is clear
he repeatedly offers to carry the basket, but you refuse
you like watching him
when he’s in that soft blue flannel and knit hat, his dark curls sticking out the front
and he’s cheesing at you from up on his tip-toes, all blushy from the cool breeze
you’re an absolute goner, and you know you'd get up at 5:30am again, or feel your arms strain with the weight of two dozen apples, or really whatever
he just has to ask, and the answer's yes.
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
frank adler + spring 🌸
frank adler x reader (fluff)
a/n: ooooh look, a frank pov! thanks for the request nonnie :)
Tumblr media
just a few months into your relationship, frank learns that you adore spring
like, a lot. enough that he comes home to the almost sickly sweet smell of yellow-white flowers stuck into vases, decorating any flat surface that happens to sit close enough to a sunlit window
he theorizes that your favorite part of it all is the colors
you don’t even celebrate easter, but you insistently spoil mary with pastel pink, blue, and green chocolates from the store
after she finishes her homework, mary happily snacks on those as you watch youtube origami tutorials together, sometimes chatting, sometimes singing along to your favorite music
and soon mary’s room is full of bright pieces of paper folded into intricate flowers and animals, some dangling off strings attached to her ceiling and walls
and, eventually
you bust out these light, wispy sundresses that almost reach the floor yet do nothing to disguise the silhouette of your legs
how is it possible that you're so soft, frank wonders, as he pushes the baby blue, barely-there fabric up and up and up your legs, your smiling lips dancing across his face
he’s so fucked
he’s so, so fucked
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
Pre-serum!Steve Rogers and winter? 😁😁
steve rogers x reader (fluff)
a/n: a friendly reminder to all that a 40s setting does NOT mean the reader is white. at my blog, i hope everyone feels welcome to read, especially my fellow WOC <3
Tumblr media
winters are worrisome
mostly thanks to your stubborn boyfriend and his less-than-stubborn circulation
you swear you have a heart attack every time steve trudges into your tiny apartment, letting in a gust of frosty air and snow, his lips and fingers just a few pale shades away from blue
fed up, you find a kind old lady in the neighborhood who will teach you how to knit in exchange for your company
you started with a navy blue scarf, a beginner's project, but also something you could throw around steve’s neck before he walked out the door like a dunce
(something you can use to yank him in for a quick kiss goodbye)
(a sigh into his lips, telling him you’ll miss him, to be careful, that you love him)
(which sends his cheeks blushing bright)
bucky pokes fun at his new hat and mittens and socks, but steve doesn’t care one bit
now, you work on your first pair of gloves
and it turns out that winters don’t have to be so bad
you get to spend the entire evening next to your boyfriend as he works on his art, your head resting on his thigh
insisting that you need to have him right there to measure your creations against his wrists and charcoal-stained fingers
an excuse that poorly veils your real intentions, if steve’s smile is anything to go by
as soon as he finishes his sketch, he’ll bring you close
lips and hands, plenty warm against your skin.
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
please pleasee, i need some cozy fall with flirty colin 😩 and congratulations, you deserve so many followers and much more !!
colin shea x reader (fluff)
a/n: thank you so much, you're so sweet! and ugh, colin. COLIN
Tumblr media
you had checked the weather half a dozen times before halloween, nervous about how often it was fluctuating
at one point, it even predicted snow
but somehow colin had convinced you that it wouldn’t be that cold
it was a minor lapse in your own judgment, you guess, since a couple hours before the party, you walked out in your cheap, way-too-short flight attendant costume, fully intending to convince colin that the skirt wouldn’t be practical for the weather
but the sight of your bare legs just
makes him stupid (his words, not yours)
and he was on you before you could say anything
it was lovely, the solid hour colin spent rambling about how hot and sweet you are
but now, with the heater at his friend's house broken and people continuously shuffling in and out to get at the chilly beers waiting on the porch, your legs—sexy, so soft and sexy, according to colin—are freezing
he rummaged around the house to find a thick blanket, which he now tucks tightly around your lower half, apologizing profusely and offering to take you home
you can’t seriously be mad at him, given the way he’s scrambling to find something else to warm you up
with a yank on the collar of his pilot costume, you draw him close, kissing him as the party goes on around you.
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
request for torres + winter 🥺
joaquin torres x reader (fluff)
a/n: eeeee!!! winter makes me so soft. thanks for requesting nonnie!!
Tumblr media
lights! so many lights
holiday lights, wrapped tight around tree branches and latching onto buildings
joaquin never letting go of your gloved hand as you walk miles around the city together, heads turned up towards the sky as a light layer of snow crunches under your boots
a solid hour of him balanced on a step stool, you holding it firm to the ground as he strings the intricate wires along the edges of your ceiling of your shared apartment
every color you can think of, shimmery and bright 
but also, warm light
the light of your oven, sending out the vanilla scent of cookies to fill your kitchen
half a dozen lit candles (which you’re not technically supposed to have in the apartment) making your space glow red and orange
you discuss getting a house with a fireplace one day
but for now, you happily watch him make steaming mugs of mexican hot chocolate—the good stuff, spicy and nutty and not too sweet—which you occasionally enjoy throughout hallmark movie marathons
movies that he will inevitably poke fun at, but which you secretly love for their relentlessly happy endings
his hands are absolutely frigid under your shared blanket, but if you cuddle close enough and long enough, if you keep whisper-begging him to never get up, to stay by your side all night, they eventually warm up against your skin.
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
Sam Wilson + Spring babeeeyy!!! Congrats on the new milestone ♥️♥️
sam wilson x reader (fluff)
a/n: spring season for my soft, sweet, sexy sammy boy? you got it! thanks for the request!
Tumblr media
sam's parents ingrained it in him from a young age: spring means spring cleaning
digging up the things he doesn’t need anymore and taking them to the curb
starting something new
despite your protests, sam does most of the heavy lifting, insisting that he wants to feel the finally-warm air on his skin and in his lungs, so you return the favor by cleaning and reorganizing the newly opened space
in the shuffle, you find an old shoebox full of papers
all sam’s, you realize, when you flip through them
polaroids from when you visited his family in new orleans a few novembers ago, smiling faces everywhere as everyone passed around homemade food
birthday cards sent from his nephews, some featuring pictures of the falcon drawn with marker on lined paper
concert programs, movie tickets, thank you letters from people in his support group
and your own handwritten sticky notes that you leave him on the kitchen counter before going to work, or in his bag after prepping his lunches
have an amazing day, i love you !!
good luck sammy, knock 'em dead :)
so many of them, maybe every one you've ever written
you find sam precariously stacking old furniture next to the driveway when you pull him inside, into the blissfully sweet air conditioning
sam laughs when you hand him a big glass of sweet tea but then kiss him silly before he can even drink it
you’ll buy him a scrapbook, you tell him
so there’s not a chance those memories could be thrown away.
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
Joaquin and summer!!
Congrats on 900 I'm proud of you :))
joaquin torres x reader (fluff)
a/n: thanks for the request and for being so supportive and sweet all the time!!! you're the bestest <3333 also JOAQUINNNN!!! 🥺 💕
Tumblr media
every summer, joaquin insists on a road trip
the goal: to visit his abuela, then your family
but he likes meandering along the way
while you don’t necessarily enjoy the hours spent driving through the blistering heat—especially with how your sweaty thighs tend to stick to his seat—you agree to it every time
giggling at joaquin as he jams along to his carefully curated road trip playlists
you picking out his favorite gas station snacks while he fills up the car
occasionally buying popsicles or ice cream from the freezer to beat the heat, and kissing him right after because you like tasting the sweetness off his lips
he chastises you for distracting him while driving
you eat lunches at small diners in whatever town you landed in for the day, and joaquin always finds a way to befriend the locals with his jokes and stories and charm
(he’s so charming)
(it's a little overwhelming, you think, as you watch him drive)
pass by anything scenic, and he’ll pull over without hesitation, holding you close so that—together—you can watch the warm orangey sun drift below the horizon, or smell the salted air as you listen to blue waves crash over the coast
with joaquin, somehow, there’s always a story you’ve never heard, a place you’ve never seen. 
— — —
part of my 900 follower celebration :)
— — —
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rodrikstark · a month ago
rodrikstark’s [mini] 900 follower celebration!!
send me a character + a season ☀️🍁❄🌷
and i’ll respond with a lil blurb !!
- capped at 10 requests  - i don’t plan to write full headcanons, just a vibe / aesthetic / snippet type thing - thank you for all your support of my writing and just like being nice to me in general lmao, i appreciate you all <3
requested: — j. torres + summer — s. wilson + spring — j. torres + winter — f. adler + fall — j. mace + summer — c. shea + fall — s. rogers + winter — f. adler + spring — j. torres + fall — r. drysdale + winter
— — —
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