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#monster high
vonnievonalva · an hour ago
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Hasta que alguien me pidió a Abbey. Es de mis favoritas.👀✨
• • • • • • • • • •
[Parte 9]: Abbey Bominable [Music Festival] of Monster High.
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serapheir · 3 hours ago
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Miss Grim Reaper 💀
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hime-memes · 6 hours ago
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Feel free to change anything within these starters that you see fit to make it work for your muse !
( Some sentences have been modified for length, understanding, or to give fuller context. )
Chapter 10:
“ _________ and I decided to switch clothes today. That way I could take his english test & he could take my biology quiz. “ 
“ I’m telling you, ________ might dress the best, but _______’s so authentic. “ 
“ How is it with the boomer being back ? “
“ Come on, _________, you’ve been on that thing all day ! “ 
“ We’re the perfect combination of beautiful and gorgeous. “ 
“ Dumb and dumber is more like it. “ 
“ I’m so over her acting like she’s better than the rest of us ! “ 
“ What’s that ? Like a secret code or something ? “
“ I bet the ol’ boomer is gonna throw some ace congratulations barbie for _______, “
“ Gotta scoot ! Don’t wanna be late for my English test ! “ 
“ I can’t say anything, he trusted me to keep the secret. “  
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001bit · 6 hours ago
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my piece for the @monsterhighzine! it's a pay what you want charity zine with all proceeds going towards Water First NGO.
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I know I shouldn’t be thinking about this because monster high is a kid show and all but I’m sorry, how tf would sex ed work at monster high.
Every species is gonna have different ways they reproduce and not everyone’s bodies are gonna be the same because they are different species.
Not to mention Jackson exists, are they just gonna make an entirely separate sex Ed class for Jackson or does everyone get to experience the joy of sitting in a room with Jackson and learning about how he’s gonna make babies.
I’m sorry, it had to get out there.
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cometcrystal · 7 hours ago
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Dott your dolls look gnc as fuck
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kitkat88 · 7 hours ago
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plz i really worked hard on it dont let it flop
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mxnster-high · 7 hours ago
QOTD: What’s a character you’d like to see return in the next Monster High reboot? What’s a character you don’t want to make a comeback?
A: For me personally I want all of the characters to make a comeback. They are each unique and special in their own way and I love all of the characters too much to let even just one of them go.
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paopukuma · 9 hours ago
Watched Boo York, Boo York for the first time a few days ago. Some thoughts (mainly on characters) because it was so cuteeee!!!!!: WARNING FOR SPOILERS
• Really fun moments for a lot of the characters
• my first experience with Catty’s character, and I love her and her passion. She’s fun, playful, and really connected to her music. The fact that she gave up fame because it became less about her connection to music and letting it reflect her was really profound to me.
• Catty and Pharaoh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• this dude was hecka cool, his design was everything and I have to be honest, I loved the (w)raps (lol!).
• Elle made me fall in love with the robot aesthetic again!!!!!!!!!!! She’s so fun!!!!!! I didn’t know she was a dj but I think that’s so cute!!!!!!
• Mouscedes was adorable, she’s so funny and a total boss. She kinda reminds me of Dot from Warner Bros., but I can’t pin exactly why
• Luna was also super fun (a lot of the characters were fun!). Her personality was really cute and quirky, and I admire her optimism even as her rise to her goal takes some time and working in less glamorous positions. I think the subtext is really important as a life lesson, that even if it doesn’t happen now and it takes some working up to that point, you can still get to your dreams some day.
• The songs were pretty cute, and I love Pharaoh’s duets with Catty. Did I mention I love them?
• speaking of love, Cleo and Deuce are such a powerful duo. I love how she lifts him up, while he expresses how much he genuinely cares about her. They’re more than just “the popular couple,” they really care about and appreciate each other. Even though Deuce was hesitant because of feeling as though she was leagues above him, Cleo was all too eager to bring Deuce to Boo York with her and her family. She is PROUD to be dating him. (I Know they had their ups and downs and that was a big part of the plot, but it only reinforces that they’re a strong pair and I think the difficulties would help them grow).
• The video game joke was silly but in a funny way, I was just shaking my head and laughing at the mansters each time they joined the ghouls in the basement? Underground hidden room? (I’m not sure)
• Ghoulia and Abby just casually saving the world, nothing to see here people, let them be awesome mvp’s okay
• Ghoulia is so cute (the lipstick game check though, like what a Queen)
• I love Ghoulia’s character. She’s a zombie, literally the monster stereotyped as slow and unintelligent and literally brainless, yet she’s one of the smartest if not THE smartest character in the franchise. She’s so sweet, maybe a bit shy, but she’s articulate with her work and so on top of things. Plus her cherry aesthetic? Yes please!
• Abby was more minor, but I always appreciate her character. She’s so beautiful and fun to watch. Very down to earth and playful, but helpful and supportive.
• I already knew about the after credits scene, but the way they revealed it was so cheeky I just can’t 😹
•speaking of, Astra is so adorable. I love her design
•I loved that ending!!!!! Cleo and Deuce dancing together took my heart 💙
• fun, quirky, campy, adorable—it made me want to watch it again, or something like it. I’ll probably be watching another Monster High movie soon ^w* 13 Wishes is on my must watch movies list so I might head into that next
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hoodudesimp · 9 hours ago
Does anyone know what Operetta this is/Where this dress is from?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She has weird neon green-yellow streaks in her hair that don't match up with any other Operetta dolls I can find. I'm thinking the dress might belong to a different type of doll, considering the shoes she came with are from Equestria Girls.
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st-just · 9 hours ago
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littlefluffbutt · 10 hours ago
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Mermay day 5: hair! As I am lazy and didn’t want to re-root Miss Mermaid I dug up my bag of fashion doll sized wigs. 
This is one I made for her, I originally was thinking a burgundy but then I found this yarn in my stash and it does well with her fin!
Tumblr media
This one is a Little Pullip wig. It’s a tad small and while the color doesn’t go with her fin she def. looks cute as a red head!
Tumblr media
This one is another Little Pullip (or Dal) wig. Didn’t think I’d like this one on her but I do.
Tumblr media
This was a Creatable World wig from a wig pack. I thought I’d like this one on her but I don’t; at least now I don’t have to worry about hiding that exposed part!
Tumblr media
A faux fur wig I made for another project. I don’t like the color but the style is cute! If I ever find my faux fur and have a color that looks good on her she’ll get a cute short hair option:)
I had a ton of wigs so more tomorrow!
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st-just · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Vicious Platewyrm by SIXMOREVODKA STUDIO
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kathyorihara · 10 hours ago
I'm sorry but why am I finding out from TikTok that they removed ghoulia from the MH reboot. THEY REMOVED HER?!
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idaotdrawz · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sleep? Never heard’a her.
I do this instead of sleep at night, weather it’s a podcast or a show, I’m havent even had a nightmare since I was in middle school...let alone dreams itself.
Drawn by me
Clawdeen Wolf & Draculaura from Monster High © Garret Sander.
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