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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
chaos-family-scp-au · 5 hours ago
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ewbie · 10 hours ago
want to create more fun atlas au writing but unsure of WHAT
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recovered-from-the-slate · 12 hours ago
*The next recording starts... but it's different. The screen looks odd, and the audio is filled with static. When a voice speaks, it sounds garbled, distorted*
Hello there. Yes, I'm talking to you, the one viewing this.
*How does it know?*
While you've been watching little Zeldy and her friends, I've been watching you. I can see you through the holes in time
*That's impossible*
Ah yes, the goddess, the narorater, the puppeteer. I'll admit, that was quite smart. Surviving through relics? Playing her story to the incarnation? Genius! If only you actually were smart! You could've really done something!
*They'll find it*
Of course they will. And maybe that's my plan. But but but! You can't tell, can you? Maybe Goddess is a puppeteer, maybe I am too, but in the grand scheme of things, who are we but puppets, scraps of fabric made into something more?
*It trys to get in your head*
Don't listen to Goddess. They're nothing but a puppet, one with little use. Simply made just to say things that would better remain silent! They lie, they try to get in your head. Don't listen to Goddess.
*There's footsteps getting closer*
Fate can't be changed, Goddess. You know the viewers fate...
What in the- malice? Hey! Don't touch that!
...Fate can be cruel...
Someone get Robbie!
...but it always has an end, right?
*The screen cuts out with a burst of static that burns your fingers. It doesn't turn back on*
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murdcck · a day ago
i followed about 100 people, most of them inactive. Some of them I just... don’t see us interacting any time soon. I feel like I unfollowed a lot, but I honestly didn’t, haha. 
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murdcck · a day ago
You are an easy person to get along with (37.14%).
A G G R E S S I V E N E S S is the tendency to behave rudely and with hostility toward others. Aggressiveness may be doubly hurtful to others if combined with callousness, since the aggressive person may thus be both intimidating and unfeeling in their demeanor.
S U S P I C I O N is the tendency to harbor a strong and unreasoning distrust of others. Suspicious people often question the motives of even those who act loyally and devotedly toward them. Such people are often reluctant to open up to others and may interpret kind-hearted gestures as attempts to deceive them.
R I S K - T A K I N G  is the propensity to engage in risky behavior for the sake of experiencing thrills. People high in this trait impulsively seek sensations to overcome boredom, and often get pleasure from shocking others with their adventures and stunts. Risk-takers often make those around them ill at ease since their actions may have consequences for others as well as themselves.
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murdcck · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Send “📂“ for a random yet completely useless headcanon I have. @demonstigma
Being a single father who lived and breathed boxing, most of the food Jack Murdock would prepare for himself and Matt was protein, protein, protein. No one could make spaghetti the way Jack Murdock could. But it was always basic things. Matt would always get hard boiled eggs in his lunches, because it was the one thing his father would make almost every day. The smell it’d induce in his father, the texture, etc. Everything. Having the eggs sit out for even a second? Terrible. But they taste good when they’re made right, and it was his father’s favorite snack to eat after the gym. He has this weird love/hate relationship with them.  Matt took over the cooking when he was blinded. With his senses all heightened, Matt knew how to cook the food to perfection. He took over most of the chores in the house, opting to help out his father.
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antonindoloxv · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
( @thebloodychampion​ wrote: “Stop worrying about you? Stop worrying about you?! I can barely stop thinking of you!” (From Fenrir to Antonin) )
In another word and perhaps another tie, those words might have been soothing. Or perhaps even romantic but now he barely knew what to do with them. Had his younger self ever suspected it to go this far? Absolutely not and he wouldn’t have believed it if anyone had told him or even viewed a memory. He would have thought someone messed with the memory.
“Fenrir…” He said in a deep sigh. He was still tired, a lingering feeling that refused to leave as if it had seeped into his bones to be a part of him forever. “If I know you worry about me, I’ll be distracted.” And he might be caught, perhaps wounded, and if the Aurors came....
 “They’re only children. What harm can they do?”
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versegm · 4 days ago
when I say "please read orlando furioso" I hope you don't mistake it as me saying "it's a good and coherent story" what I mean is I'm a Lovecraft background character desperately trying to pawn the Necronomicon over to you because this story made me go fucking insane and I hope it curses you too.
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queerangelic · 5 days ago
to add onto the force sensitive droids discourse @milf-lwaxana, @milfkarlmarx (my god your matching usernames. )
it's pretty strongly implied in kotor 2 that like. your whole crew is force sensitive; everyone who comes on board has come across your path for a reason and they all have really specific skills that extend beyond the "normal range" of non-force sensitive people.
T3-M4 literally manages to single-handedly save the ebon hawk at the beginning of the game. That's a force sensitive droid!
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girlbosses-against-ah · 5 days ago
"""fan"""theory that Hussie only logs on to tumblr when he needs a wholesome reminder of the cesspool of a fandom he has created (ie an ego boost)
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emarezi · 6 days ago
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kandicoreclef · 6 days ago
Oh to be a funny little creature (clef )
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the-1-and-lonly · 7 days ago
You know there are so many musicals I haven’t bothered listening to yet but I already know the plot of
I’m might just start reblogging the stuff on my dash that’s about them too lol
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a-disaster-romantic · 10 days ago
Oh my god how did I forget, you literally have such good music taste, I've been listening to your playlists nonstop for like the past month. Also you let me send you never ending messages about live streams or whatever and you actually read them and respond to them. You're literally so awesome 💙💙💙
ahhh i Will cry you're too nice to me 💙 im just glad that you like my music and to know you listened to it and actually sent me specific songs. its so goood makes my heart happy
as for stream ramblings, i absolutely love to read them when i wake up and then match the messages when i watch the vods lmao its such a good part of my day, of course im gonna respond to them! :]
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