An inexperienced writer who wants to share positive energy and merry my celebrity crash. The requests box is open. Current obsession Evans, Cavill. Content 18+
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funfickgirl22 · a day ago
Like father, Like son
This is my first Henry Cavill imagine that is hopefully going to be a series, I hope you will all enjoy it, feedback is always lovely to have.
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Series masterlist
Summary: Henry and (Y/n) have five children together meaning their lives are always busy and complicated. But their family is tested when their eldest son decides to take his anger out on (Y/n).
Tumblr media
“Look, your dad’s home now and you know he’ll say the same thing as me.”
(Y/n)’s voice was as calm as ever and her tone sounded like music to Henry’s ears the moment he walked through the door to their home. A smile formed on his lips as he kicked off his shoes, following his eldest boy through the hallway and down into the kitchen at the back of the house.
It always made Henry’s heart jump when he came home to his family, to a full house bustling with noise and life and laughter and a lot of the time, arguing and squabbles.
When he walked into the kitchen, the same lopsided, bright smile shone through the room as he looked around at his family. This was the sight that Henry always wanted to see and it was the sight he lived for when he came home from work, from the shops or from taking any of the kids out. It was the sight of his wife and kids, reminding him of just how lucky he had become by having them all.
He rested his hands on Charlie’s shoulders who had been out with him this morning and his eyes flitted round to check the rest of his kids were all present and accounted for.
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funfickgirl22 · a day ago
Chris and the reader go to a family bbq and sneak upstairs half way through because he's horny and he fucks her so good that her legs won't stop shaking afterwards which causes Scott to catch on like "Oh you guys are nasty! Really? You couldn't keep it in your pants for a day?"
quickie — chris
warnings || absolutely no plot, smut, minors DNI, degradation, unprotected sex, bathroom sex, shameless chris
Tumblr media
Chris knew exactly what made you tick, how to rip an orgasm through your body in a way that made your tremble. His cock hit all the right spots and you craved the way he bent you over, palming your ass in his hands and just fucked you like his life depended on it.
Which just so happened to be the predicament, you found yourself in at the moment. His entire family is out in the backyard, socializing while Chris rammed his cock in and out of sopping cunt with his fingers shoved in your mouth. He had your bent over the sink in the upstairs bathroom, panties pulled to the side as he destroyed you in every way. He made you stare at yourself being ruined, standing in your tippy toes with his harsh grip pinning you against the marble counter.
“Quiet,”Chris hissed, your salvia coating his fingers while his eyes stared at you through the mirror. Your tits bounced, spilling over the fabric of your dress from where Chris had groped you against the door when you first followed him up here. Your mewls were muffled against his hand, sucking on his thick fingers with your eyes rolled back.
The only sound that could really be heard was the echoing of your skin collide and the squelching of his cock stretching your tight cunt. Your hands gripped the edge of the counter, praying your body didn’t give out as the knot in your tummy started to well up pleasingly with each hard thrust.
Chris leaned over you, pulling your hair to the side so he could kiss on your neck and whisper dirty things to you,”Look at you, am I fucking you stupid, my cute little whore? Fuck, ‘m gonna stuff you full of my cum, that what you want, baby?”
You nodded desperately, thighs trembling as Chris pounded you through your intense climax. He had to hold you body up, limps going pilant against him as you tried to keep quiet. His cock throbbed between you clenching velvety walls, spilling hot cum deep inside you until you were absolutely dripping of him.
Chris panted heavily, stilling his hips and pulling you back against his chest before molding his lips over yours.”So good for me, dove, shit, you’re the best fucking thing to ever happen to me.”
“You only say that ‘cause I can keep up with your horny antics,”You rolled your eyes, making him chuckle.
“Or because you’re the best goddamn woman in the world,”Chris whispered gently,”And all mine.” He pulled out of you carefully, adjusting your panties back over your cum soaked pussy while you fixed your dress.
You both try to look presentable as you found yourself back in the yard, but you are struggling because your legs are just so wobbly. You have to cling to Chris’ side, which just makes him smirk while he engaged with Scott.
Chris’ arm held you firmly when your knees gave out, catching you and putting you back on your feet.
Scott connected the dots by the look on Chris’ face and your weak legs,”Oh my god, please tell you didn’t—oh gross,”He complained when he saw the blush heating up your face while Chris just laughed.”You’re forty years old, Chris, you can’t keep it in your pants for a day? What are you a horny teenager?”
“Have you seen her ass? I can’t deny myself when she looks so fucking good—“
“Chris!”You whined, hiding your face in his chest which only makes him smile even more. He liked making you flustered because you always hid yourself in him and there was no place he liked you better than pressed against him.
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funfickgirl22 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy Fathers Day
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funfickgirl22 · 4 days ago
Don’t tryst Elvis 6
Chris Evans x Reader
words: 346
Since your book promotion event, your heart grow bigger for Chris. He has been nothing but caring and loving all the way. You knew that the premiere of his upcoming movie approaching soon, and you also knew that is your last event as a couple. What is going to be next?  You haven’t discussed it with Chris yet.  
Your fake husband had similar thoughts. You were everything that he ever wanted. Even though Evans struggled with his commitment issues, he was willing to work on himself, for you.  
At the day of his premiere your makeup team arrived early in the morning therefore, you didn’t have chance to see Chris yet. After few hours you excused yourself and knock at your husband door.  
Christopher was lost in his thoughts, he turned around to face you, losing a breath, admiring how stunning you are.  
You wore a classical dress, your makeup highlighted your natural beauty. You stepped closer, blushing. Christopher hugged you, whispering sweet things of how beautiful you are.  
You kissed his cheek and asked:
“Are you ready? Is it already our last event...” You couldn't finish the sentence as you were at the edge of tears.  
“Doesn’t have to be, look, please open it” Chris gave you a small box with a bow.
You opened it with shaky hands. It was a ring with emerald stone. You looked surprised at your stressed husband.  
“I know we got married due to someone's mistake, but I am so happy that it actually happened. This is a promise ring to show you that my feelings are real and that I want you to be my wife Y/N. So, what would you say?”  
After these words, a warmth and love exploded from your hart. You were that happy that you jump on Chris and you both nearly fell over. After a short making out session, Chris put a ring on your finger, took your hand to his and escort you to the car. You have arrived at the movie theater as a real couple now, and nothing else mattered.  
Tumblr media
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funfickgirl22 · 6 days ago
Reblog if you're a fanfic writer and you wanna know what your followers' favorite story of yours is ❤
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funfickgirl22 · 8 days ago
I mean ...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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funfickgirl22 · 9 days ago
Aww beautiful story <3
Prompt Fairy here again 😊
Today's prompt is:
Henry's character finding out that their s/o hasn't seen / listened to his favourite movie / band
Have fun!!
Tumblr media
Summary: Walter introduces you to a new song
Pairing: Walter Marshall x Reader
Word Count: approx. 800
Warnings: Fluff
Authors note: It’s not quite what you asked for Prompt Fairy, but this I just started writing and this is the direction it took and I liked it, so I hope you do too.
Into My Arms
You sit cross legged on his sofa while he sits on the far end, as far away from you as possible. His apartment is small, but he says it suits his needs for now. He works long hours, he explains, which meant he was hardly ever home.
You wonder why you’re even here. You met Walter at a bar, started talking and kind of haven’t stopped. He called you every night and you talked for hours. He kept saying he wasn’t going to be around much, that you could have a fun time but probably not a long time together. Yet you wondered if he told you that to remind himself not to get attached rather than to remind you. He was the one calling you, the one who never wanted to hang up, the one who kept asking you to come over.
You came over a week ago. You had spent the evening watching movies and left with an all too brief kiss on the cheek. He called you the next night, asking to see you again. So here you were and it felt like the last time, like he trying to date you, not fuck you. You didn’t understand, if this was just a booty call like he made out it was, why was he all the way on the other side of the room?
He seemed as nervous as a school boy half the time, the other half he spent peppering you with questions. He gave very little away about himself, but at the same time he told you everything by letting you into his home. He lived simply, Spartan like, very few personal possessions or photos, except for the ones of his daughter on the fridge. In some ways those few photos made them seem more important, more essential to who he was. He didn’t fill his space with just anything, you had to mean something to him for him to make the effort to be put in his life.
It was getting late, the Chinese take out was cold on his coffee table. You look at your phone and were about to call it a night when Walter asks, “Would you like to listen to some music?”
“Sure,” you say. You’re curious to know what music he likes, you think it would help you understand him more.
Walter picks up his phone and selects a song. You don’t know what you expected but it wasn’t the simple piano that floated out from the blue tooth speakers. It was a simple melody, almost like a lullaby. You don’t think you’ve ever heard it before.
“Who’s this?” you ask.
“Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds,” he says.
“Oh, right.”
He half grins, a rare thing for him and says, “Never heard of them?” You shake your head. “Listen then,” he encourages and moves a little closer to you.
The singer started, his voice was deep and haunting as he sang. “Wow,” you say.
His smile broadened, “It’s called Into My Arms.”
You listen, you can’t help yourself and you close your eyes. You are drawn into the song as the pining in the singers voice, washes over you and he begs a God he doesn’t believe in to protect his love. You feel the music in your bones, your skin grows tight as gooseb bumps crawl over you and you shiver. By the time the chorus hits, you feel a tear roll down your cheek.
“I’ts beautiful,” you whisper as you open your eyes. You’re surprised to see Walter face inches from your own. He lifts his hand to your cheek and wipes away the tear than runs down your face. You don’t breathe, his touch stills you completely, so gentle and unexpected.
“So are you,” he says. If any other man had said that to you, you would have laughed in his face. But not Walter, he was too sincere. This song was no accident either, this song meant something to him. This was Walter telling you something.
His thumb caresses your cheek, and you can breathe again. Your heart beat pounds in your chest and you feel your stomach flip. You lick your lips. Kiss me you silently beg. Walter’s hand moves to the nape of your neck. You close your eyes, a final plea for the touch you crave, no, need. He guides you to his mouth, closing half the distance himself. His lips meet yours, his kiss could only be described as tender, lasting but a moment before he pulls away.
Walter smiles, but doesn’t say anything. He put his arm around your shoulders and tucks you in under his arm. You stay like that until the song finishes and the room becomes silent again.
“Would you like to hear more?” Walter asks.
“Can we listen to that one more time?”
With a happy hum, Walter nods and kisses your forehead, “Of course, Sweetheart.”
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funfickgirl22 · 9 days ago
Bestie, tomorrow is Chris evans’ birthday. He’s going to be 40. I’m not mentally prepared for that yet -🧎‍♀️
i hope he gets his dick sucked
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funfickgirl22 · 9 days ago
baby me
pairing: chris evans x female reader
request: Can you pls write something about Chris sick with some kind of stomach bug and fever and doesn’t want the reader to help him because he’s embarrassed but then he throw up and almost faint so the reader comes to the rescue and help him, and then cuddles? Thank you!!❤️ - anon
warnings: none, this is pretty pg
a/n: I wrote this one shot a little differently, it’s way less wordy and descriptive (imo). I’m trying to be more ‘to the point’ with my writing ahh we shall see how it goes. Otherwise please enjoy this little gem, thanks for the request, anon!
Tumblr media
“What do you mean you can’t have it done? Oh, c’mon Tony that’s not what I— Alright okay, you know what, sure, whatever, do that then.”
You’re annoyed. You’re frustrated. You rummage through your oversized purse for the house keys that Chris has graciously lent you yet you somehow manage to misplace in the silk sheath of lining, receipts and a whole slew of miscellany.
Your one track life becomes an undisputed conundrum of work which never fails to follow you home even on a somewhat good day. Tony, the wrought-up site manager, says something the minute you tune out which allows to spiral right back in. Sometimes you bark. And sometimes you bite.
“Right but the unit division budget doesn’t have anything going forward in respect to that notion! You know this!” You boisterously tell your colleague after jiggling the door open and tossing the keys on top of the nearby console. The house is quiet, and your voice is the loudest carrying tremor that pulls Chris out of his lulling state. “No, no you are not fucking negotiating with Kingsley alright. That isn’t apart of the deal, Tone! Jesus.”
Your call consumes you just until you see your deadbeat partner sprawled up on the couch, sallow and sick. His dry lips are agape, breathing is staggered, little to no life is present in his form. His beautiful mutt looks to you from his side, tail slightly wagging and that is enough to have your heart torn out.
“Hey, hey Tony, can I call you back later? O-Oh sure, okay yeah that’s fine. Okay, alright buh-bye.” You frantically end the call, furrowing your brows as you take long, leaping strides towards Chris who is finally relieved to see you in all of your concerned beauty. He misses you. Cares for you. Makes you the apple of his eye and doesn’t miss a beat when he does.
“Everything okay baby?” He croaks like a dying horse, eyes closing as his stomach lurches some more.
“You’re asking me? Goodness Chris, you look terrible.” You cradle the side of his balmy face while crouched in front of him. You are frightened with worry as he kisses the inside of your palm in return. The sweet action itself makes you wince as you scan his sunken and unpropitious features.
Chris is at his worst. You knew he was feeling a bit under the weather but didn't think once that it'd be this bad. He's severely impaled, sweating up a storm yet swathed in his favorite velour duvet. The TV is fuzzily broadcasting C-Span while Chris’s laptop is flipped open with a flood of emails that he wasn’t able to get around to. There’s a half eaten loaf bread and an open sleeve of crackers that doesn’t pass his appetite. While looking around, you casually pet Dodger with one free hand who also seems to be happy to see his momma around and readily waiting for you to do something.
“I don’t know what it is that I had last night at the launch party but it’s rocking my insides honey.” Chris groans after feeling another ripple go through his abdominal cavity.
“Aw baby you should’ve called me. I would’ve picked up some Pedialyte and left work early.” You reach over to turn off the TV and close the laptop.
“I didn’t want you to worry.”
"Too late for that, hon." You fearfully laugh while getting back to him and running a hand through the top of his head down to the nape of his neck. "Now c'mon lets get you in bed first and then I can make you some light dinner."
"I'm fine." Chris hums, loving the way your hands felt against the shaft of his scalp. "You just came home from work, you're probably really tired — go shower and get changed. I'm good right here."
"Don't be stupid, Evans. I can do all that later, now up." After some reluctant attempts you manage to get Chris up who for the most part can stand on his own two feet. Dodger barks his cautionary welcome as you and Chris trudge across the threshold of the single storey home together. You both enter his unmade room and that’s when Chris freezes in mid-stride. He has an uneasy feeling wash over him and everything becomes a jolting sprint of madness.
"Oh no babe I think I might—“ Upchuck. Chunks of indistinguishable remnants of undigested food and bile all came down on your frame as you stood in the line of fire. It’s fleeting and there wasn’t much you could do as you wore his vomit, letting it weigh down the front of your seersucker blouse and skirt.
"Fuuuuck." He panics and you exhale shakily with your arms spread apart, studying the wet projectile painting that amasses your body.
"It's fine. It’s okay." You say while trying to remain sympathetic and undeterred by throwing up yourself because the smell was impalpable. You imprudently gag while guiding Chris back to the bed. "How about you lie down and I’ll just —Chris? Chris!"
Chris's eyes gradually roll back, his body swings forward the minute he sits on the edge of the mattress and with your fast reflexes you manage to catch him against you. He's practically deadweight, passed out and that scares you.
"Oh god Chris babe? Baby, hey, hey..." You shake him a little as his face is caught in the crook of your neck, body rigidly leaned up against yours. He moans a little, regaining consciousness in a matter of seconds and calming your increased heart-rate that still continues to thunder. He was truly going through the motions.
"You alright?" You breathe, placing a hand on his cheek and forcing him to look at you.
"Yeah, yeah I'm okay. I'm so sorry, baby I...I..." He's a bit frazzled as you hush, pacify and hold him close to your form. He breathes you in as you strip off your soiled blouse and skirt. He’s hunched over when you start to peel off the black tee he has on that is smeared with vomit as well, leaving him bare chested in your embrace. You are crouching in front of him, his forehead against you shoulder while your hands were rubbing his back and soothing him. You could hear the low indigestible rumbles coming from his belly knowing how bad he’s been having it on both ends. “Oh I feel terrible Y/N.”
“I know. How about you get in the shower with me." You whisper in a non-sexual way as his body is burning up and the sour smell of regurgitation still lingered around your bodies. He softly nods and with some consuming seconds later, you walk him into the ensuite.
After you both wash up in the shower, you pass Chris some fresh clothes to change into while you travelled across the room in nothing but a towel for the past 10 minutes or so, making sure Chris was able to get himself sorted out first before you stepped away to get changed.
With dinner on your mind, you start thinking to yourself how you can't leave Chris alone in this state. You have an idea and that’s when you text Scott to bring up some dinner so that way you could spend some time holding Chris and making sure that he was okay.
Scott at 7:45 pm:
'On it baby cakes. Ma knows, she's making his favorite chicken noodle with lots of cayenne, ginger and all the good stuff. So you just stay put alright?’
You smile after reading the immediate response from Chris’s sweet brother. While you continue lathering yourself up in lotion you could hear Chris dozing off on the bed. You turn off the bathroom lights and leave to start up a load of laundry before sneaking back into bed with him. Chris stirs a bit before he wraps his arms around you, pulling you in closer.
“I promise I won’t throw up on you again.”
“Only if you don’t have to.” You whisper jokingly while pressing your lips against the underside of his chin. He hums at this with his eyes closed, his hands graze your exposed skin as he’s trying to hold you as inhumanely close to him as possible. “How are you feeling?”
“Scott’s going to be dropping off food so don’t go to sleep yet.” You state, drifting in apprehensive thought. Soon Dodger whimpers into the room and you pat the spot next to you for him to jump on. Chris has always been weary of having Dodger on the bed but because of extenuating circumstances you felt like his presence was also needed as well.
“That’s fine. Thanks again for everything.” He shuffles over after he sees Dodger crawling up and wedging himself in between the both of you. “Mmm hi bubba.”
“Anything for you mio amore.” You say, rubbing his soft belly and soothing the ache to the best of your ability.
“You know, you’re going to be an amazing mother some day Y/N.” Chris muses.
“I hope so.”
“I know so.” Chris rebuts, drawing in a deep breath with his eyes closed. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too.” You say in return, spending the rest of the evening in his wake before the entire Evans clan shows up at the front door, each worried silly about their pride and joy, leaving Chris to be theirs and having you watch from afar while they enforced their own tender love and care.
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funfickgirl22 · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy 40th Birthday, Chris Evans🥳🎊🎉
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funfickgirl22 · 10 days ago
Surprised grandfather.
Henry Cavill x Single mother / Reader
words : 567
Keep reading
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funfickgirl22 · 10 days ago
hold me, love me, show me
pairing— chris evans x fem!reader
word count— 2,691
summary— chris misses you and wants you to know that
warnings— tub sex, fingering, riding, it gets fluffy kinda(???)
authors note— this is pretty vanilla compared to what i’m working on atm but its so cute and yah!! DO NOT STEAL MY CONTENT AND MINORS DNI
join my discord server
!! not my gif !!
Tumblr media
the water was piping hot, near the point of scalding, straddling that finite line between pain and relaxation. chris carefully lowered himself inch by lip biting inch, submerging until it was up to his chin. he had it customized before installing it, big enough for three people, had massage jets and a temperature regulator; the closest thing to the fancy one’s he had been in from a movie he starred in.
breathing a sigh of awaited comfort, you squeezed excess water out of the sponge, letting water trickle over your eyes, the soulful crooning of alicia keys from the Bluetooth speaker in the corner lulling me into a state of euphoria. It was quiet time. the dog was walked and fed, left to his own devices and you were across the hall in the master bathroom getting ready for another day at work. chris used to pray every day for a life like this, but he should have been careful what he wished for, or least got a warranty.
you and chris had been together for years and you two had what many would call a storybook relationship. you lived in the suburbs, two wonderful dogs, fulfilling careers, no financial worries. when he first met you, he couldn't stop staring at you; damn near dropped the carton of eggs he had in his hands due to his wandering eyes. you were clearly the most beautiful in the store.
he kept his distance at first, daring not to cross that social boundary, thinking he wasn't your type, if she even had one. he always remembered the outfit you had on, he would constantly go back to that store, making it his primary shopping spot even though the first time he went was the time he saw you. you wore simple skirts and blouses with no brand names. there was something about your simple demeanor that drew him to you. finally he made his move, inviting you to his favorite café.
soon the two of you would meet every other day at the café to just talk and enjoy each other’s company, sometimes even bringing work with you to get done. he’d try to occasionally buy you treats and you would politely refuse them, making him think you weren’t truly interested at all. there was no getting through your emotional fortress. he was ready to throw in the towel.
the first time you showed any emotion was after he made a joke about how be playing the next Johnny Storm again. you gave a crooked grin and a soft laugh, lips stretched tight around your teeth, not letting them peek through. he decided to give it another shot, sidling up beside you.
the click of the bathroom door startled him back from memory lane. he opened his eyes, tilting his neck to the left to see you looking in the large bathroom mirror as you applied your lipstick. you were wearing only panties, giving him a full view of all of your loveliness. hair hanging down to the small of your back. your caramelized skin shining under the studio lights, still glowing from your shower.
he gazed upward to the backs of your knees, remembering how he would make you squirm when he kissed you there. he kept moving; to your ass that he would slap to your delight when you was on top. it was now a little thicker and wider, but still sufficient to take a light swat or a heavy nibble. he stared at your rounded hips; how he wrapped his arms around them the first time you danced together.
in the mirror, his gaze fell upon your breasts. you were usually dead to the world by the time he comes home now. your areolas always reminded his of peanut butter cups topped with chocolate kiss nipples that never melted under his burning breath. he gave them the most attention, nipping at them for what seemed like hours. it was your eyes that made him lose train of thought during those working at the café times. they truly were windows to your soul, but you controlled the blinds at will.
"huh?" you caught him looking and was now staring back at him through the mirror. "you need something?"
"no, babe." he tried to settle back in the water.
"the lights in my bathroom are out again." you concentrated on your lips. "you said you would call the electrician."
“i will." he wrung out more water from the sponge. "you leaving soon?"
"i got a meeting at ten." finished with your lips, you picked up the liner and started doing your eyes.
“i love you." there was a smatter of sadness in his voice that he tried to hide to no avail. you stopped trying to draw along your eyelid and turned around to face him. “what made you say it like that?" he faced you. "i just wanted you to know it."
"i know you do, chris" you turned back around to the mirror. "come here."
"hold on."
"for a second, please." you lay the tube down on the counter and approached the side of the tub, your eyes registering confusion. he reached a wet hand out to you. you let him take your hand and sidled closer. other than the obligatory goodbye peck, this was the first time you had physical contact in a long time. he wasn't going to let that moment go to waste. without warning, he moved up to your wrist and pulled you in the tub with him. your surprised yelp was quickly drowned out by the large splash of displaced water hitting the tile floor. "it's fucking hot, chris!" you tried to scamper out but his grip was unyielding. you bit his shoulder in hopes of him letting go, but he wasn't about to. “it's not that hot."he rubbed your shoulders and arms in an effort to calm you down and lessen the growing redness on your skin.
realizing your efforts were futile, you ceased struggling. "usually, people that say that love you, don't try to scald and drown you." you splashed water his my face and turned your back to him. "i gotta do my face all over again," you said in a less than jubilant tone. you moved away from him but made no attempt to get out. "your face is fine."he moved over to your side of the tub and kissed you on the shoulder. you smiled briefly, but was still visibly upset. "i have an important meeting, sweetie."you were using the same tone on him that you used with the dogs when they weren’t listening or when they didn’t leave the kitchen.
he kissed you on the neck right behind you right ear, your spot. "when can you say you have me all to yourself?" you didn't reply, but he felt your walls crumbling. "can't you hear it?" he asked. you cocked your head to the side, water dripping off your earlobe, to listen. "i don't hear anything."
"exactly." he grinned at you. "when was the last time the house was this quiet?" you grinned at that remark, drawing circles in the water with your fingers. he pulled you closer to him, coaxing you to lean against him. you obliged; your wet hair splayed over his chest. he opened his knees till you were directly between his legs. he squeezed a generous amount of liquid soap in the palm of his hand and began to spread the green goo all over your shoulders and breasts as you delightfully shivered from the acute chill.
as ms.keys began to belt out the starting chords of "Unbreakable", filling the room with the tender keys of a baby grand, you softly began to hum along. he grabbed a sponge from a hook on the wall and began to wash you like he use to. starting at the back of your neck and tracing a path along your right arm, leaving a trail of tiny suds in his path, to the tips of your fingers which you quickly entwined in his.
you sighed and collapsed against him, completely at ease. he ran the sponge over your shoulders, traveling under your neck, leaving tiny bubbles on your chin. you took the cloth from him and began to run it up his left arm, slow and loving swaths, till you reached his upper arm. dropping it in the water, you traced the tattoo he got of his moms astrology sign, taurus underneath with your fingernail, leaving a sudsy copy on top.
he used his hands to rub the tension out of your upper back, grinding out the brick of problems until you were a cotton ball of relaxation. he watched your nipples harden as he used his thumbs to circle your areolas, grazing over them. they fell under the pressure of his thumb, only to stand erect again when he passed. you groaned your approval and reciprocated by reaching behind for a grip on his hardening cock. lightly running your fingers up and down his shaft, her breathing turned into soft moans.
"hold me." twisting your body around until you were able to wrap your arms around his waist, you rested your head against his chest. the steam left your eyeliner in ruins as they ran rivulets down your cheeks and lazily mixed with the bath water. you looked up at him and kissed him. you tasted the mint of his toothpaste as his tongue sought out yours. he ran his right hand down your back, fingers fighting through wet tangles of hair until he reached slippery spine. he rubbed along the ridges, feeling each bump pass underneath my fingertips until he reached the curve of your butt underwater.
you moaned in approval as he squeezed it, kneading it between his fingers; slight give like a baker's dough. he hooked the waistband of your panties with his finger, sliding them down your thighs. you kicked them the rest of the way down your legs, flicking them off when they reached your ankle until they landed with a wet splat on the tile. you chewed on his bottom lip, one hand remained behind him, scratching him between the shoulder blades while the other resumed stroking him, your fingers seeking out the pulsing vein.
you shifted your hips, pressing his dick against your palm, he couldn't remember the last time it was held by someone other than himself. you kept kissing, exploring each other all over again. your breast brushed against his forearm, nipple hard enough to cut diamond. your tongue left his mouth, in search of other orifices, plunging into his ear. that was the weakest spot on his body and hid body reacted to it. goosebumps sprouted along his arms, quickly washed away by your wet kisses.
with his left hand, he moved from your breast to your belly until he found your sensitive nub. you gasped and then moaned, spreading your legs wider to give him better access. you gripped him tighter, he flicked his fingers back and forth, eventually parting the soft folds, until he was inside you two fingers deep.
“love me." he rose up, grabbing you by the waist, and pulled you in a straddling position till you were facing each other. He could feel the slipperiness of you love as you brushed against his thigh. you moved against him, pressing your clit against his shaft, rubbing back and forth till it hardened like your nipples. he cradled your head with his right arm, supporting your back with the other as you increased the friction. you moved your hair, which was now plastered against your face, out of your eyes and looked at him.
"i never stopped loving you, chris ." "i know, baby." "we never had the time anymore." "well, the world is gonna have to wait while we catch up." you smiled and drew closer to meet your lips with his, while guiding him inside of you at the same time. the sloshing of the water along the sides of the tub slowly overtook the music as you humped against him, lower lip trapped between clenched teeth, the sounds of your pleasure escaping in the tiniest of moans. as hot as the water was, he could feel the difference between it and your arousing heat.
he pressed closer and gripped your ass with both hands as you rocked on top of him. "no one's here, y/n" his comment was answered by a deep groan as you stopped biting your lip and let out all the pent-up frustration of work and day to day responsibilities. he felt himself slide deeper inside you, your inner sanctum receiving him, gripping vise-like. "i love you, i love you, i love you..." he couldn't get the words out fast enough as he peppered your face and neck with kisses.
"show me," she breathed. he raised his hips higher, causing him to slide deeper inside you and lower in the water. Before he knew it he was submerged. he opened his eyes underwater and stared at her. he held my breath, tiny bubble escaping to pop at the surface. his lungs burned from the lack of oxygen and his throat tightened in search of fresh air but he stayed under, still inside of you, his hands locked on her hips. the water stilled and he began to see more clearly. you looked back through the water at him and he saw the love was still there. you saw that he was ready to give life for you as quickly as he could give it to you.
he was out of air, ready to rise but you came down to him, planting your lips on his, giving him your oxygen. he took all you gave; breathing turned to kissing. he felt the familiar twang starting in the pit of his stomach, his dick convulsing in anticipation. the little air he received was spent and you were surely out as well, but you kept your lips pressed to one another, pelvis' crushed together as one.
he began to come, deep blasts of devotion filling your sanctum, starting you on a simultaneous orgasm. you both rose out of the water together but never detached, riding it out together. you wrapped your arms around him tightly, knees raised out of the water. he felt you shaking as you bit down on his shoulder, hips bucking feverishly. you stayed in that for what seemed like hours, only a light caress or shared kiss to break up the monotony. he was no longer hard and his cock slipped out of you , but you stayed in that position. your phone rang in the next room, but you two didn't move. the water cooled, but you just hugged the chill away.
only when the downstairs door opened; the weekly maid showing up for duty, did you part. he moved quickly as he could, trying to jumpstart his circulation through his legs again. when he got out, he helped you, wrapping you up in a towel. you ran giggling like a schoolgirl back across the hallway to the bedroom before the maid made it upstairs. he grabbed his bathrobe, quickly donning it and meeting the help halfway on the stairs.
chris dismissed her for the day and returned to the bedroom to find you stretched out on the unmade bed, towel cast aside. you had your eyes closed, a coy smile on your face. he turned to leave you, assuming you fell asleep when you spoke.
“you know that light in my bathroom?" “huh?" “the broken light." “oh yeah. i'll call the guy." “don't worry about it, i like your bathroom better." he smiled, strolling over to you on the bed and curling his body around yours.
"i'm cutting back on days." you opened your eyes and turned to look at him. "ive missed this too." he knew you weren’t just talking about the sex, even though it was as intense as the first time, but the fact that you were together. he leaned over and kissed your eyelids, then your nose.
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funfickgirl22 · 10 days ago
Stoner!Chris loving to be really handsy with you when you both get high cause he knows how extra sensitive you feel to touch and his voice especially 👀
Imagine its like your fourth time getting high with him right and just looks at you and goes
"Do you wanna make out?" and of course you say yes, you’re basically unable to hide your excitement. You led Chris to the couch. You sat there together and started kissing. You couldn't control your hormones — your wrapped your arms around Chris and began using your tongue.
"I actually feel more high from doing this," You laughed softly, and you drew your lips together again.
As things heated up, Chris put his hand on your breast. You moaned softly and stroked his arm. So he kept going. Each escalation seemed to make you more and more excited. And Chris never sensed an ounce of hesitation from you — only desire. Your sexual energy was so powerful.
Minutes later, You paused your kissing and gazed into his eyes. You had never wanted someone so badly.
Soon, Chris felt your lips wrap around the head of his cock, then the wetness of your tongue, and your suction, as you took him in. He moaned and ran his hand across your back. Chris had never felt so overstimulated in his life, just from everything that was happening.
When Chris started cumming, You got extremely excited. The moment you felt the first jet of cum hit the back of your throat, you started swallowing, and sucked him with even more passion. You didn't always do this for guys, but with Chris it was different. You felt hungry for his cum, like every drop was precious. All of his groans drove you wild and made you drain him even more vigorously.
His eyes were rolling back, and he felt like his head was going to explode, feeling you vacuum the life force right out of him. He didn't even realize how loud he was moaning. He listened to your little gulps as you swallowed his cum. It was just too much. And you kept going. It was like you wanted to make sure there was not a single drop left in his body.
Chris began unbuttoning your pants. You helped him out, pushing your jeans down with your panties. With his desire boiling over, Chris couldn't wait. He got down on the floor and moved his head between your legs, kissing your thighs and letting his beard tickle your skin, looking up at you while your pants were still around your ankles.
You gasped when you felt his tongue. Then you closed your eyes and put your hands on his head. He ate you out so affectionately. His warm mouth, his fluttering tongue, the way he gently sucked your clit.
"Oh my God," you moaned.
You could not get over the fact that after so many smoke sessions, your smoking partner was eating your pussy right now, and clearly loving it, even making "mmm" sounds. You got so excited by all of it that you came way faster than you expected to.
Chris wasn’t surprised, at times his cockiness pushed over and in his mind he was amazing with his mouth. It was nice to feel your orgasm, but he didn't want this to be over. He started licking you again very gently. You moaned softly and put both hands on his head. Chris felt a rush of hormones surge through his body, savoring your pussy — he just wanted to devour you now.
Chris passionately at your pussy, bringing you to a second orgasm. This one was even more intense — he could feel you trembling as you squeezed his head with your thighs.
Afterwards, you cuddled together there on the couch. He kissed your cheek and held you, caressing your naked breasts while you rolled another joint for you to share.
You put the joint between Chris’ lips and lit it for him. He took a slow drag, then quickly exhaled, making you laugh.
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c.e fluff prompt #10+11 pls 💛
cuddle bug — chris
prompts (send more if you want)
10. “You’re quite comfy.”
11. “Your bed hair is really adorable.”
Tumblr media
Sunday mornings were by far your favorite because Chris always blocked off his day for you since he had been focusing on the ASP. You had been home since you wrapped filming on Falcon and the Winter Soldier, playing your long time role of sidekick and love interest to Bucky Barnes.
Chris had been incredibly clingy when you got back, jealous that you had been spending all your time with the boys. He knew it was your job, but he couldn’t help how jealous he got when the boys sent him selfies with you or how they sent a picture of you with Wyatt captioned “Captain Steal Yo Girl.” and when Anthony finally got his suit, he had gotten a similar message.
So, when you came back that Saturday morning, he had made sure you knew you were all his on Sunday. Chris had given you quite the work out the night before after he wined and dined you.
He had spent time worshipping your body, drawing out moans and mewls from your lungs. Hickies littered your body, dark red marks gracing the swell of your breast, neck, and inner thighs. Chris had pinned you against the mattress, taking you slow and hard. He showed you just how much he missed you and loved you until you were both too tired to go anymore.
You had fallen asleep completely bare, snuggled into his side. He liked sleeping like this, preferring you both nude and close together.
The sun was shining through the low blinds, the numbers 11:13 AM blinking on the digital clock beside the bed on Chris’ side. He blinked open his tired eyes, yawning as he took a long breath and turning his head toward you.
You were curled up against him, blanket wrapped around you and brought up to your face. You looked so at peace, sun shining against your features. It made Chris’ heart skip a beat. He was so glad to have you home.
Your hair was wild, sticking up and slightly tangled. He thought he might have to take credit for that with how he threaded his fingers through your hair the night before, but you had also been restless the during the night. He had to pull you onto his chest to get you to calm down and stop moving in your sleep.
“Staring is rude,”You uttered sleepily, voice clouded with fogginess. You pressed into j’ai chest further, hiding your face into his neck.
“‘m sorry, bunny, but your bed hair is really adorable,”Chris breathed out, thick arms tightly woven around your body.
“I bet I look like a wreck,”You yawned, hand resting on Chris’ abdomen softly.”’cause you wrecked me last night.”
He chuckled at that, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead.”Yeah? You sore today?”
“A little,”You admitted. He had the tendency to manhandle you, which you loved endlessly. It left you with a nice ache and most of the time your ass is red from his obsession with watching the flesh jiggle.”Think my ass might need some lotion, really did a number on me.”
“I can’t help it, princess, that ass is to die for.”
“Oh shut it.”
“Let me get some lotion,”Chris went to move, but you hung on to him tightly. He didn’t get far at all, falling back into the bed with you on top of him.”Not gonna let me go?”
“No, you’re quite comfy,”You whispered gently, nose pressed against the base of his neck. He can’t help the smile that etched across his face. Chris just basked in the feeling of his sunday morning, sun shining and his girl cuddling against him.
Nothing could be better than this.
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Surprised grandfather.
Henry Cavill x Single mother / Reader
words : 567
When you told your man that you know about his secret ( the midnight trip to Andy Barber) you didn’t expect that you will still hold a grudge and will partially horny. You tried to blame your pregnancy hormones, but it wasn’t the case. You weren't happy that your man did something behind your back, but at the same time, you imagined Henry fighting for you - That’s a view to die for.  
Henry – o well, he tried to do his best to make it up to you. He bought flowers, chocolates, Birkin bag. You tried to let him know you are not upset anymore, but each time you wanted to have one-to-one time with him, your pregnancy sickness took over your body.  
Even though it has been the beginning of your pregnancy, you and Henry thought you start showing. Being close to the 12-week mark, it was difficult to hide your belly. Your man had an idea. He wanted to invite his parents to London, so he could meet your dad and stepmother. His brothers should be in town too. It would be a perfect opportunity to share this wonderful news and have a gender reveal at the same time.  
The day has come, and you were very happy to see both families getting along well. Your son Nathan was busy playing football with his uncles. There was a comment from both sides, that their next meeting will be at your wedding. Henry looked at you lovingly, smiling, imaging you at the altar with two kids running around. You read his mind and like that image of two of you. You blushed, getting even more excited that your families can imagine that too.  
After dinner, you asked your son to help you in the kitchen. Little Nathan doesn’t know about the baby yet. You wanted to involve him in the gender reveal, hoping it will help him in transition to the role of the oldest brother.  
You asked your son to place the cake on the table and wait for you next to Henry. Henry was very nervous as you both didn’t know the gender of your baby. His mum noticed his being impatient. She sends him their secret wink, letting him know it will be ok. The cake was at the table, you were standing next to your man who had your son sitting on his lap.  
The nervousness was taking over your body, so you asked your dad to cut the cake. Everything since then was in slow motion. Your dad placed the first slice on the plate. You and Henry could see the one thing only. The pink color.  
You looked at Henry in shock, he smiled proudly, and you could swear you have seen a tear in his eye. You kissed him passionately and he hugged your waist.  
The guest enjoyed their cake, then your dad asked:  
“Is there any reason why the cake is pink? Your dad looked at you like he suspected something.  
You smiled, quickly looking at your boyfriend, and when he nodded, you answered:  
“It’s pink because we are expecting a girl. It’s a gender reveal, grandpa.” Your dad was in such a shock that he dropped his fork.  
Then, at once, both families cheered. The wishes, hugs, and tears were exchanged. You hugged your son, leaning on Henry's chest, being grateful for this gift in your life.  
tag: @severewobblerlightdragon
Tumblr media
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funfickgirl22 · 11 days ago
To you my heart grows (8)
Pairing: Henry Cavill x fem!reader (3rd person)
Word Count: 6,243
Warnings: rpf, fluff, nervous/insecure reader, minor drinking (on swig of champagne), minor body issues, slight teasing, fingering, oral (f receiving), a bit of dirty talk, unprotected sex, cream pie, language (basically all the ingredients for a fantastic first night with Henry 🤣)
Summary: Henry takes the reader to his suite at the Adlon and things begin to heat up quickly.
A/N: Two of my stories coming to an end in one week? I don't think I can handle the sadness. Gosh, I really, really loved writing this story. Curing myself of my Fernweh and bringing my love for Berlin and Henry together in just one fic seemed like a tall order, but then again, I've never been known to shy away from an honest challenge. (Please excuse me quoting myself here, it's the rush of finishing a story speaking. 🙈🙊) So, I hope I didn't overdo it with this long ass bonus scene. It really was a piece of work and I just hope it was worth the struggle in the end. (Hopefully) Enjoy!
Also, thanks to everyone who read the story and asked for a tag, especially those who took the time to write a comment on every single chapter. I see you and I adore you! And if it isn't too much to ask, please let me know what you think because your feedback is the air I need to breathe more fics. (Does that even make sense? 🤔)
If you like my story, you are very welcome to like, comment or reblog. Please don’t copy, repost or share my work on other platforms.
Tumblr media
“Wow.” A few steps into the room she halted, looking back over her shoulder where he was about to close the door. “You know, when you said I could wait at your place, I sure expected this to be a nice room, but this? My gosh, look at all the posh wood and golden decor. And are those…are those real flowers?”
An amused chuckle reached her ear from behind her back as she bolted over to the coffee table and gently touched the petals of one of the many ivory roses that had been carefully arranged into an impressive bouquet. She had no mind to count them all, but it had to be at least thirty to forty of the perfectly immaculate flowers. And this wasn’t the only floral arrangement. Taking a good look around the living area, she made out at least three more vases filled with the finest floristic artwork.
Of course the colours matched the interior of the suite perfectly. The soft pastel and creme shades harmonised with the champagne sofa and armchairs, and even the strange sculptures that looked like ancient ornaments on a stick fitted the colour scheme.
Everything was flawless, just like the man who was pressing his chest to her back, pulling her closer with his large hands on her hips. Instantly her heart began to speed up, his warm lips that brushed her ear ever so slightly doing nothing to calm her.
“I also promised you a drink. How about some champagne?” Delicately his lips pressed to her shoulder, making her heart skip a beat.
“Oh, no. We don’t need to bother anyone with bringing it up here.”
She wasn’t actually worried about someone having to come up from the bar to serve them drinks, it was their job after all, but she had never tasted champagne before and she didn’t want him to pay for a bottle of overpriced sparkling wine that might not be her cup of tea in the end.
“We won’t have to,” he simply stated, while his hands slowly retreated from her body. “I think I saw a bottle in the minibar. I’ll be right back.”
And with that he vanished into yet another room of this excessively spacious apartment, leaving her alone with her racing mind. God, she couldn’t actually remember that she had ever been this nervous. Well, maybe before her first time, but that had been too long ago to compare her emotional state with the turmoil that had started to cook up inside of her now.
Restlessly she paced around the room in the desperate need to find something to distract her. Should she maybe sit down? No, no that wouldn’t do. No way could she sit still right now, knowing what was about to happen here tonight.
She jerked heavily as the signature pop of the champagne bottle impetuously echoed through the suite. Fuck. Maybe some air would help. And so she made her way over to the floor-length windows, eagerly pushing the curtains aside to pull one open. Immediately a balmy breeze flooded the room, cooling her overheated mind. Bracing herself on the waist-high banister, she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, letting the fresh night air fill her lungs to the brim.
Neither had she heard his steps, muffled by the plush carpet, nor did she feel his eyes on her, while he watched her curiously from across the room.
“Are you okay?”
Jerking again, she snapped out of her calming ritual, looking at him, eyes wide open, as if she had completely forgotten that she wasn’t the only person in the apartment. He instantly knew that something was wrong. It hadn’t escaped his notice either that she had been kind of tense ever since they had stepped into the elevator.
And yet she kept a brave face, nodding mechanically, trying her best to hide that something was off. But he wouldn’t have any of that. And so he set the two glass flutes down on the table before he made his way over to her.
“No, you’re not, sweetheart.” Worried eyes scanned her face while his hands gently cupped her cheeks. “Will you please tell me what’s wrong?”
A deep sigh was her first response, before her eyes fell shut, too embarrassed to look at him. She felt like a stupid baby. This - the luxurious hotel room, her favourite city, a wonderful man by her side - was everything she had ever dreamed of, maybe even more, and yet she couldn’t bring herself to simply enjoy it.
“I’m nervous,” she whispered, her voice barely audible above the noise of the city outside.
But he had heard her, a compassionate smile curling his lips upwards.
“There’s no need to be. Look,” he tilted her head upwards a little and waited until she opened her eyes again, “we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, okay? It’s absolutely fine with me if we just have a drink now and I’ll call you a taxi to take you home later if that’s what you want.”
“No,” she croaked out quickly, “that’s not…I want this. You and me. I really do. It’s just…God, this sounds like a speech from a corny Hollywood movie, but I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone as much as I want you and that feeling is a little overwhelming at the moment.”
“Hm.” He thought about her words for a second. “Will kissing me make it any better?” He smiled sweetly and she couldn’t help but return his expression.
“No.” His face fell a little, just to light up in the brightest of smiles again when she went on, “But I guess it won’t make it worse either.”
Her heart sped up an impossible notch as his eyes darted down to her lips and back up again as he brought her face closer to his. And then it seemed to stop beating after all when his lips met hers, and she could feel the flutter rise from her stomach to her chest. Heat washed over her skin, as his mouth moved with hers, tongue darting out to taste her fine flavour. The way he held her, his sure but tender movement, the hunger in his kiss, made her knees go weak and she was quick to dig her fingers into his shirt to steady herself.
He also pulled her closer, as a wave of desire made his whole body tingle, everything about her so wonderfully addictive. He didn’t want to overdo it, but he needed more. She felt so soft against his mouth, so warm under his touch, invading all his senses, until he wasn’t sure anymore if this was actually real or if she was just an illusion, a perfect dream, designed according to his every wish.
With a gasp they parted, both trying their best to catch their breaths.
“You know,” she panted, the grip on him loosening before she smoothed out the cool fabric of his shirt, “I was wrong. Kissing you definitely did make it better.”
“I’m glad I could be of service.”
He pecked her lips fleetingly, and after he had allowed himself one last stroke of his thumbs, he finally let go of her face.
“Look, why don’t you make yourself comfortable on the sofa while I put on some music, hm?”
Finding her former decision against sitting down somehow outdated, she did as he had suggested, scooting over to the far end to make some room for him. But when he came back, both their glasses clutched in his hand, it was very apparent that although she had tried to leave a decent gap between them, his wide shoulders squeezed her up against him quite nicely. And so he extended his arm along the back of the sofa after he had handed over her glass of champagne.
“So, what shall we drink to?” He held out his hand while he waited for her response.
“Um…I dont’t know. The night, maybe?”
“You’re the boss.” He shrugged, mouth twitching slightly at the corners. “To the night then. Whatever it may bring.”
The look he sent her made her stomach flutter again. His words, however innocent he had made them sound, couldn’t cover up the hunger in his eyes. There was a fire to them, so enticing, drawing her towards him, and the moment she would be close enough, it would spread to her as well and set her alight.
“Whatever it may bring,” she chanted, completely entranced and not even the clinking of the crystal glasses was enough to bring her back to reality.
She had already taken her first swig, the fizzy liquid running down her throat smoothly, when the song on the radio changed, and she almost choked on her drink.
“Oh my God!” she pressed out huskily, coughing up the few drops that had chosen to take the wrong turn.
“Oh dear. Are you alright?” He disposed of their glasses immediately, readying himself to perform first aid, when her soft touch on his forearm held him back. Shaking her head, in disbelief as much as in humiliation, she needed a second to be able to speak again.
“Yes, I’m fine. It’s just the song. Gosh, I can’t believe they’re playing this exact song, now of all times.”
One hand still clutched to her chest, she coughed up the last remains of the champagne from her lungs.
“Why? What about it?”
His eyes searched her face in bewilderment. What could possibly be so upsetting about this lovely ballad that it made her almost choke on her champagne?
“It’s…um,” she could feel her face heat up violently. Why did she have to open her stupid mouth in the first place? God, this was mortifying. “It’s the song I had my first time to.”
Her last sentence had merely been a whisper, but he had understood enough to put the pieces together. Fighting very hard to suppress a chuckle upon her bashfulness, he tried to sound as unfazed as possible.
“Well, it’s a good song to have your first time to, I think. The rhythm is nice and slow, setting the right mood, and the lyrics are very fitting as well.”
She tried to muster a little smile for him, but the fidgeting of her hands gave her away in the end.
“I’m afraid that didn’t really help.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.” Her words had washed away his amusement completely as his hand reached for hers, caressing it tenderly. “Do you want me to switch it off?”
“No, no. It’s alright.”
She had started to play with his fingers by now, fingertips drifting along the soft skin and tracing the prominent veins that decorated the back of his hand.
“If it helps, my first time didn’t go swimmingly either,” he confessed. “Then again, in most cases it doesn’t go ideal, I guess.”
With a slight nod, she looked up into his understanding eyes, losing herself in the depths of the blue swirls once again.
“If you want, we could try to make it up to you. You know, maybe make it right by creating a new memory for that song tonight.”
Thinking back to this exact moment later, she wouldn’t be able to tell what had finally unleashed the boisterous wave of desire that washed over her with unprecedented force. It might have been his hopeful eyes or the way his last statement had rather been a careful question, leaving it up to her entirely to deny or accept his offer. The only thing she knew for certain was that she wanted him, wanted his touch on her bare skin, his lips devouring her mouth while his body seized hers just like he had begun to seize her heart, slowly, steadily, and with a depth beyond comparison.
In an instant her lips found his again, her hands finally drifting into his soft curls like they had yearned to do again ever since that unguarded moment on the balcony of the Traianeum. His mouth met hers with an equal need, moaning into the kiss as he pulled her closer. But no matter how close he brought her, it still wasn’t enough and before she knew what was happening, he had pulled her onto his lap, straddling him. For a second he thought it might have been too much, but her fingers had already begun to flick the buttons of his shirt open.
One by one, they exposed his firm chest, sending her senses into overdrive. Avidly her fingers raked through his plush fur, losing herself in the heat of his skin as they drifted up and down. God, he really was build like a Greek deity, the rippling muscles of his chest and stomach even putting most of the statues at the museum to shame.
Henry watched her carefully, basking in her gentle caress. He wanted to give her all the time she needed to acquaint herself with his body, but as her teeth buried themselves deeply into her bottom lip, he suddenly found himself desperately wrestling his need to enjoy the bare beauty of the heavenly creature that throned on his lap as well. With a low growl, his hands slowly drifted up her thighs, feeling her soft flesh through the superfluous fabric. And when his fingertips finally reached the hem of her shirt, he couldn’t hold back anymore. In one swift motion he grabbed her top and yanked it up above her head, disposing of it with a flick of his wrist, not caring in the least where it would land.
There was nothing but pure desire raging in the sea of his eyes and for a second she was worried something would snap and he might go feral on her now, but he didn’t. Gently, as if she was a delicate flower, his fingers wandered along her bare skin, exploring every inch of her, mapping out every curve and every dip on their way. His gaze followed his tender caress, unleashing a heat inside of her that slowly sank down from her cheeks to her stomach and further down, into the bottomless abyss between her thighs. If his touch alone could set her alight like this…
She didn’t even need to finish the thought before she could feel the reaction forming inside of her and, like a force of nature, a heady moan broke loose from her lungs as her eyes fell shut. And just when she thought his touch would be enough to make her go insane, she could feel him stir underneath her and then his lips pressed down on her neck, proving her oh so wrong in the best way possible.
Surrender was all she wanted to do, give herself over into his loving hands, be his. For now, for the night, forever - it wasn’t important, just as long as she could feel him. She was ready to fall, to let go completely when his fingers finally found the clasp of her bra and changed everything.
She had no idea where the thought came from and she knew that it was pointless to strain her mind with nonsense like that, but once it had appeared inside her head, she just couldn’t ignore it, no matter how hard she tried. With a gasp she broke away, her arms wrapping tightly around her torso to hide most of her bare skin from him.
“What is it, love? Why are you hiding all the parts I long to see?”
There was a pain in his eyes, as they looked up at her, that broke her heart. She hadn’t meant to hurt him. It wasn’t his fault at all. And yet she couldn’t help the way she felt. Averting her gaze, she took a deep breath before she tried to voice her stupid thoughts for him.
“I…I imagine you have seen a lot of women in your life, probably all more beautiful than me. Are you…are you sure you want this?” And with a shaky little whisper she added, “Want me?”
He wanted to pull her into his arms immediately, hugging her insecurity away, but he knew all too well what she was going through now and touching might not be the best idea just yet. And so the only comfort he could offer were words.
“It may have been far less women than you think. But let me assure you of one thing, there was not one among them I didn’t enjoy seeing naked. So please don’t hide yourself. Not from me.”
It took some time for the truth to sink in, but then he could gradually feel the tension leave her arms until they started to fall away, setting her free.
“You’re beautiful, love. A unique piece of art,” he marvelled at the sight in front of him. “And don’t you let anyone ever tell you otherwise.”
Softly his lips pressed to the valley of her breasts to seal his words inside of her. And when she didn’t shy away from his touch, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into him. His strong arms secured her tightly to his chest as he got up to carry her over into the bedroom. And while he held her, all thoughts became superfluous but one: he wanted to lay her down on the cool cotton sheets to worship her body until she could grasp the beauty he saw whenever he looked at her.
And so he did, sure hands peeling away the rest of their clothes, before he came to lay down beside her. Her lips quivering in a feeble smile, she reached out for him and he understood. His hand sneaking down underneath her neck to cup her shoulder, he pulled her into him to unite their lips once again. She moaned as the first sensation of feeling him skin on skin took hold of her. Instantly, it eased the last remains of her doubts away, as his warmth engulfed her. And under the gentle persuasion of his kisses, she let her desire take over.
Shivering underneath his touch, she could feel his lips curve into an amused smile upon her reaction before he set out to trace the goose bumps along her body with his free hand. He took his sweet time exploring her, fingertips gliding along the curve of her collarbone, then all the way down to her breast, circling her pebbled bud, but refusing to touch it. He stayed there for a while, relishing in the velvet feel of her flesh, but when touching her wasn’t enough anymore, he let his lips dive down to gently tug at her bud, only once, allowing himself to taste her sweet aroma as it briefly rolled over his tongue, before he released it with a pop.
“Don’t be a tease,” she whined weakly at the loss of contact.
Henry chuckled, “You think this is teasing?”
And she knew that she was in trouble when his fingers continued on their trail along her ribs and belly, his fingertips barely touching her skin in the process, until she didn’t know anymore if he was touching her at all or if his ministrations were the product of her delusional mind. Especially, as his fingers began to near the glowing heat between her thighs, gliding down deeper and deeper, making a promise of the pleasure he was about to give her. She had already spread her legs apart eagerly, when he drew away to tend to the inside of her soft thighs instead.
“Please,” she pleaded desperately as he refused to sate the hunger he had so easily ignited. And to underline the agony she was going through, her hand clutched his wrist tightly, stopping his antics and trying to pull him back to the spot that needed his attention. She knew he could have easily withstand her gentle force, but he didn’t. Instead he let her guide his hand between her legs while he smiled down smugly at her needy face.
“Oh, so that is what you want. Why didn’t you just say so?” he mocked her as two fingers drifted up and down her folds. He could already feel how ready she was for him, and before she could counter his tease with a sassy remark, he let them glide into her, burying them to the hilt in her sweet heat.
In an instant, stars began to blur her vision while her back arched upon the sensation, her hand leaving his wrist and flying up to her mouth to muffle the unrestrained keen that broke out of her. But then his fingers were gone again, leaving her excruciatingly empty, before they firmly wrapped around her wrist.
“No. Let me hear you.”
And with that he freed her lips, bringing her hand up to rest on the nape of his neck instead, while his eyes looked at her intently, waiting until he was sure she understood and would obey his wish. With the smallest distance possible, his lips hovered above hers, his hot breath mingling with her own, as his fingers set out to repeat their excursion down her body, opting for the shortest path this time, but testing her patience nevertheless.
He reeled in the feeling of having her this close, his senses picking up every little detail about her. The way her breath hitched almost imperceptibly when he sank into her again. The slight trembling of her body, pressed up against his, whenever he hit deep. And the sounds, oh those sweet, enticing sounds, that fell from her lips in tune with his every move. He had her exactly where he wanted her in no time, her juices coating his fingers thickly and reminding him of the candied prize that was awaiting him.
“Will you let me taste you?”
She hummed in agreement, not able to form a coherent sentence in her delirious state, and Henry could feel the vibrations echoing deep down inside of her before he slowly retreated from her velvety core. With sure lips that knew what they were about to do to her, he kissed his way down her body, until he finally reached his destination. But instead of diving right in, he took her in for a while, fascinated by the way her wet sex glistened and flickered in the dim light of the bedroom like a precious jewel. A wild growl surfaced from deep within his chest, his sweltering breath rolling over her folds, charging up every fibre of her being with the thrill of anticipation.
The last thing she saw was the hunger in his gaze, before his tongue dipped down between her folds, pulling a high-pitched whimper from her mouth. With a thud her head fall back onto the mattress, and as her mind was still trying to process the sheer amount of pleasure that washed through her in boundless waves, Henry grabbed her thighs, yanking her further down against his mouth to press his tongue flat against her sensitive bud.
“Shit,” it escaped her mouth when her mind clouded over with desire. Frantically trying to ground herself, her hands glided along the neatly flattened sheets, unable to find even the slightest wrinkle to twist her fingers into. But then she could sense a movement, before soft fingers slowly drifted between hers. And he didn’t let go, ever and anon a moan filling the room, sometimes from her mouth sometimes from his, while he steadily drove her towards the abyss.
And suddenly she could feel him watching her. Slowly, gradually, she opened her eyes which proved to be a rather strenuous task against the heavy fluttering of her lids, but when she finally managed to lock eyes with him, she was rewarded with the most beautiful shade of deep blue she had ever seen, sending such a tremendous shock through her lower body that it forced her rapture to discharge against his mouth violently.
“Mmmmmmh,” he hummed between her legs as the honeyed nectar her pussy provided so generously now, rolled over his tongue, the vibrations he caused making her spiral even deeper into nirvana. She convulsed and writhed under his careful watch, feasting him and leaving him starved all the same, until her body slowly calmed down, her vicelike grip gradually loosening around his fingers.
Dazed and mellowed, she hardly felt his soft lips drifting up her body, nipping and sucking her supple flesh here and there. It was only when he found the sweet spot on her neck that she came back to the moment, to him, to find his lean body on top of hers, his weight pushing her down into the mattress deliciously.
“There you are again,” he quipped, the cutest smile curling his lips, before he leaned down to brush his lips against hers. Not wanting to strain her too much while she was still caught in the afterglow of her high, he tried to keep his kiss light and gentle, but when her hands cupped his cheeks to pull him down against her mouth eagerly, he couldn’t help but deepen the kiss. Fervently his hips ground against hers on their own account, matching the rhythm of his lips, while his tongue dipped between her lips and swirled in unison with hers.
It probably wasn’t fair, considering the amount of pure bliss he had so selflessly bestowed upon her only minutes ago, but this just wasn’t enough. She needed to feel him, all of him, be one with him.
“Let me feel you,” her gravelly voice whispered of her want and need against his lips. And who was he to deny her a wish like this?
In a sure movement his hand reached down between their bodies, letting his tip glide up and down her folds a few times to cover himself in her juices. It was only now that she realised how hard he already was and how much it might have cost him to hold back his own needs until now. But before she came to think about this any further, she could feel the insistent press of his length against her entrance, sinking into her agonisingly slowly.
God, there was nothing that could ever compare to the torturous pressure of the first stretch and she was sure that she had never been filled this well by anyone else before. Inch by inch, she took him in, her tight walls welcoming him inside with a loving embrace, fitting him just right. A drawn-out moan of pure pleasure escaped her lungs, making him shiver with pride. When he was completely seated, he halted for a moment, giving her time to adjust while he allowed himself to admire the enchanting sparkle in her turmoiled eyes.
And only when he felt the first rush of being one dwindle, did he gently start to move. Slowly he withdrew before he slid home again with a pointed thrust. Gasping, her fingertips dug down into his skin and for a second the uneasy feeling befell him that he might have gone too deep. But then her legs hooked around his waist fiercely, pushing him even further into her.
“I love when you go deep like that.”
“You do?” As if he couldn’t believe his own ears, he looked at her intently. “Want me to go even deeper for you?”
Digging her teeth into her lower lip, she nodded eagerly. This was all the confirmation he needed to push himself up on one elbow, his free hand grasping her thigh firmly to spread her even further for him.
He set up an amazing pace of unhurried thrusts, burying himself inside of her to the brim every time and making sure to give her some extra pleasure by rolling his hips languidly at the deepest point. But what really drove her crazy were his low, guttural grunts that accompanied his every move. They were pure bliss, making her head so pleasantly dizzy while he rocked her into heaven on earth steadily. She didn’t need to say a thing, he could already feel the ecstasy build inside of her a second time, the soft flutter of her walls giving her away, grabbing him just a bit tighter every time he bottomed out inside of her. Speeding up his hips only a little, he coaxed another heavy moan from her, a sound, he was sure, he would never tire to hear. Just as he would never grow weary of her enraptured face, only seconds away from giving herself over to euphoria.
He knew he wouldn’t be able to go as deep as he did now, but he couldn’t help it. He needed to feel her soft lips on his right now while he made her moan into his mouth. And when he bend down, giving in to his desire, her arms wrapped around his back as if she had already waited for him to close the distance.
Fingertips pressed into his back, she could feel his muscles flex and bend so temptingly and when he leaned in to press his lips to hers in a passionate kiss, she was almost there. All it needed was one last grunt against her lips, deep and feral and laced with his devotion, to make her fall apart underneath him.
Her high hit her even harder than the first time, sucking her out into deeper waters and she had no strength left to counter the suction that was threatening to pull her to the ground. And so she let it take her, sinking into the infinite blue that surrounded her.
But there was one thing that kept her from drowning, softly breaking through the silence that caged her in. Listening closely, she could make out his husky voice, chanting incoherent words of affection against her ear and so she followed it, letting it guide her back to him.
With a gasp her eyes flew open, panting heavily as she readjusted herself to her surroundings.
“Are you okay?”
Of course her spaced out state hadn’t escaped his attention and she could feel guilt gathering in the pit of her stomach when she looked into his worried eyes.
“Yeah, I’m good. I’m good,” she huffed out, her hands drifting up and down his sides to ease his troubled mind.
“I’m glad to hear that. You know, for a second I thought you had blanked out on me.”
Maybe she had, she wasn’t really sure what fainting felt like, but she imagined it might be something similar to what she had just experienced. Of course she would never admit that, at least not now. Not until they had finished what they started.
“I’m fine, for real. Don’t worry.” And to affirm her words she pulled him down for the softest kiss.
“So, do you think you can give me another one, love?”
“Excuse me?” She looked up at his smug face with wide eyes.
“Oh, you heard me alright. You didn’t think I was done with you already, did you now?”
He didn’t even wait for her answer, instead he sat up on his haunches with a wicked smile on his face as he began to rut into her again. Her ankles tightly clutched in his strong hands, he pulled her legs apart, licking his lips while he watched the spot where his body was joined with hers.
He was absolutely majestic, the way he knelt between her spread legs, wide open, just for him, to take her and make her his. Covered in a light coat of sweat, his pecs and the lean muscles of his belly shimmered bewitchingly, making her wish she had a thousand hands to touch every last inch of his sculpted body. But it would have been of no use because, although he was right there, it would have been impossible for her to reach him while he had his way with her like this. And just as she thought about a solution to her dilemma, he sped up his pace.
“Oh fuuuuuck,” she keened, writhing in front of him while she took his brisk pounding like a good girl and what a ravishing sight she was. Eyelids fluttering, fighting so hard to keep them open and focused on him, lips wide apart, releasing the most delightful sounds and her breasts bouncing up and down to the rhythm of their lovemaking.
It was hard to stay focused for him as well when everything about her was so utterly alluring, especially designed to fuel his desire and make him let go. But he didn’t, not willing to end this already, to part from her just yet. So he pushed his yearning to let go aside, tending to her pleasure once again.
Letting go off one ankle, he brought his free hand down to her crevice and began to stimulate her sweet little nub. Immediately, she clenched down on him, only once, but enough to bring him close to the edge.
“S’this good?” he slurred, while he kept on rolling his thumb in rapid circles.
“Yes, yes, oh God, yes!” she cried out, clenching down again.
It was clear to him by now that he couldn’t keep this up. Not if he wanted her to reach her peak one more time before he did. And so he hooked his arms around her shoulders, pulling her up against his chest. Meeting her lips again halfway, he muffled her cries as he hit so perfectly deep, brushing against that one spot that never failed to do the trick. And so it took only a few more bounces on his thick shaft to fulfil his promise and coax another orgasm from her.
Holding on tightly to his shoulders, she came hard, her whole body tensing up before she was shaking and trembling in his arms. There was nothing even in the slightest comparable to the feeling of another human being pressed up against his body, he thought, so warm and soft and bursting with life.
Completely wrapped up in her ecstasy, everything about her called to him. The sweet scent of her sweaty skin, the little whimpers and mewls she uttered directly next to his ear, and the fluttering and quaking of her walls in the last rear of her subsiding high, inviting him to follow her to the promised land. And so he did, with no strength left to hold back, a loud roar bearing witness to his defeat.
Still panting heavily, his lips searched for hers, engaging her in a kiss that spoke of all the things that had yet been left unsaid. Carefully her hands raked through his messy curls, making him practically purr beneath her tender touch. It took him a while, a lot longer than usually, to come down again and finally regain full control over himself, but when he did, he didn’t hesitate a bit to lay her down gently upon the plush pillows and pull her into his warm embrace.
Entangling her legs with his, she pressed herself further against his chest, her fingers finally finding the fuzzy hair it was coated in.
“Are you cold?”
“No,” she snorted, confusing him a little with her amusement.
“What’s so funny about that question?”
“Henry, you just made me come three times in one round. That’s not exactly a thing my body is used to experiencing on a daily basis. I’m as hot as a furnace.”
He chuckled deeply, pressing a sweet kiss to her temple.
“Well, first of all, thank you for the compliment, I guess. You’re very welcome.”
She slapped his chest playfully upon his boisterous pride.
“Now I’m too afraid to even ask what your second point is.”
“I was merely going to suggest a solution for your problem.”
“My problem?” Her eyebrows knit together tightly.
“Yes, that you’re not used to coming this often. I mean, the best solution for a lack of stamina is training, of course.”
To be fair, that did sound like a rather persuasive plan, but no way would she boost his ego even further.
“I hate to break it to you, but I actually have plans for tomorrow already.”
“Really?” He narrowed his eyes and stared at her suspiciously. “And what exactly are those plans?”
She shrugged, her fingers continuing to stroke his fluffy chest hair.
“Maybe explore a part of the city I don’t know so well yet.”
“Hm, exploring sounds good. Would you be up to sleeping in and having an opulent breakfast in excellent company first?”
She could smell the trap from miles away, but she decided to play along anyway.
“Sure. Seems like a reasonable way to start the day. And after that? Which part of the city would you like to explore?”
His lips started to form a devilish smile and she found her suspicion confirmed before he had even answered her question.
“Who said anything about the city?” And with that his fingers began to wander across her body again. “I want to explore every inch of your body, cataloguing every bend and every valley of that smooth skin, until I know my way around blindly.”
“That’s a rather tall order, don’t you think?”
She looked up at him with an immaculate pair of doe eyes, making him grateful he was lying down already. And before his lips dipped down to meet hers again, he whispered in a cocksure tone, “I’ve never been known to shy away from an honest challenge.”
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funfickgirl22 · 11 days ago
Work, Then Play
Tumblr media
Summary: You need to finish your work, but Sy isn't a patient man.
Pairing: Captain Syverson x Female Reader
Word Count: approx 2.2k
Warnings: SMUT, dick pics, dirty talk, fingering (f recieving in P and A), anal play, anal sex, oral sex (female recieving), masturbation (m and f), maybe cream pie (if you read between the lines), coercion (not quite dubious consent)
Authors Note: Who knows where these crazy ideas come from. I hope you enjoy.
Thanks to @blakerogue for a read and confidence build.
Work, Then Play
Its late on a Friday and instead of by gone days where you would be listening to the sound of the bass in a club, you were listening to the sound of the clacking keypad of your laptop and the faint background noise that was the TV upstairs. Sy was watching TV, no doubt drinking a few beers in bed and watching some mindless car show, since football season was over.
Sy had gone to bed an hour ago, coming into the study, giving you a kiss on the cheek and saying, “Don’t stay up much longer.” He nuzzled your neck, his beard tickling your sensitive skin. “Don’t make me wait too long, Sugar. I don’t like sleepin’ without you.”
You giggle, knowing he didn’t actually mean he wanted to go to sleep. He had been dropping hints all day, some subtle, some not so. His most blatant was after dinner when you were stacking the dishwasher and he came up behind you while you were bent over. He rested one hand on the small of your back and the other on your hips while he rutted against you, humming to himself. “Damn Sweetness, you’ve gone a nice ass.” Before giving you a light smack and walking away like nothing had happened.
You wanted to be upstairs with him, his head between your legs, but you knew while you had this work hanging over your head, you weren’t going to enjoy it. So, you shake off thoughts of Sy and get back to work. You worked for about an hour, uninterrupted and you were close to finishing when you get a text. You have a quick look at the notification and see it’s from Sy, so you ignore it, thinking he’s sent you a meme or a video of a kid falling off a swing or like he sometimes does when he’s bored. Just twenty more minutes you mentally send to him, then you’ll be all his.
About five minutes later you get another text from him, immediately followed by another. Sighing you check the messages, your roll of concentration already interrupted, you might as well see what he wants.
Your eyebrows raise, your jaw drops and you feel a low throb between your legs as you read his texts:
Are you coming upstairs so I can lick that tasty pussy or what?
Come here. Now.
I’m not fucking waiting, woman.
The last text message also had a picture. His magnificent cock, hard and ready in his big hand. You stared gobsmacked at the photo, taking in every vein, the ridge under the dark, soft skin of it’s large head, how big it is in his massive hands. You feel your heart race, your core clenching thinking of how good he feels inside you.
While you’re staring another picture comes through. Its nearly the same as before, except this time there is a drop of clear liquid sitting on the top of his cock about to dibble down the side.
“Shit,” you breathe. Your eyes move between your lap top and the picture and back. Are you going to finish your work, have a clear head or has Sy just completely fucked you without lifting a finger? “Damn him,” you hiss under your breath. Your clit was throbbing, you feel your heartbeat down the inside of your thighs. You weren’t getting any work done now. You slam the laptop shut and using all yourself control, walk upstairs as calmly as possible.
When you get to your bedroom, the TV is quiet but Sy is not. He makes a low, deep noise of satisfaction when he sees you, his hand running languidly over his sex, teasing himself, while his other hand laid lazily on the bed. You bite your lip, taking in his burly body, his thick thighs covered in light curly down, his soft but flat stomach and his defined and huge pecs under his dark fur. He was the picture of masculine sexuality, lusty and on full display without a hint of embarrassment.
“I almost finished without you, Sugar. You know you can’t leave me alone and horny like this.” He said with a cheeky grin, “I’ll take matters into my own hands.”
You don’t know what to say, you’re frozen, watching his hand still pleasuring himself, his broad chest puffing, veins popping in his forearm as he moves.
Sy doesn’t care that you can’t speak, he likes the control, the effect he has on you when he shows off for you. It makes him feel good too, to know how much you want him. Its only fair, he always tells you how much he wants you. “Get undressed,” he orders. “Slowly now, I wanna see it all, Darlin’.”
You take your shirt of, lifting it over your head with deliberate movements. Sy growls as your bra and breasts are revealed. “Keep going”, he says, his voice starting to get breathless as he pumps himself harder. You smile, loving the effect you have on him and slowly peel off your pants.
“Turn around, Sweet Pea,” Sy says, his voice really starting to struggle now. “Show me that sweet ass.” You turn and give him a wiggle. “Oh, you’re in trouble now. Come ‘ere naughty girl and let touch you.”
You giggle as you walk to his side of the bed, and still working himself, he uses his free hand to pull the straps of your bra off, lifting your breasts free of the cups. Roughly he squeezes them, grunting as he does, giving your nipples a twist, making you moan. He smiles, he likes hearing your noises. “Take the rest off,” he says his impatience growing.
Sy looks you up and down, his rumbling breath making him sound like a bull preparing for a charge. All four of his fingers are pushed into your mouth, your lips stretch grotesquely around his hand. “Get ‘em all wet Darlin’,” he says fervently. You suck his fingers, coating them in your saliva, his hand pumping furiously around his cock and you think he’s going to make himself come.
He doesn’t. He removes himself from your mouth and his huge arms wrap around you, pulling you over his body and into the middle of bed. “I hate it when you make me wait,’ he snarls. Sy aggressively pushes two wet fingers into you. You arch your back at the violent intrusion. It was both welcome and sudden, and you feel your walls yielding around his demanding fingers. He pushes your legs apart, wider than comfortable, and lifts your knees up. You think he’s going to lick you, relieve his brutality with a gentle tongue, but he doesn’t. He watches you as he roughly fucks your cunt with his fingers.
Then you feel a pressure back there and cry out, “No, Sy.”
With a near mocking grin he says, “Come on Sugar, don’t play innocent. You love it.” You felt heat rise to your face, and your ears felt hot. Sometimes you did like it. You bite your lip, unsure. It always hurts so much at first but then it feels so good. Sy’s pinky pushed at your hole. “Come on,” he repeats, but this time he adds “I want it.” You see the primal need in his eyes, he wants all of you tonight, and he won’t take no for an answer.
You nod your agreement, and with a smirk he pushes in, the full feeling already beginning and he was barely past his first knuckle. Sy croons, “You’re such a good girl, Sugar. You do the naughtiest things for me.”
You mewl under his touch, his words are like tinder, fanning your desire. You can’t talk, you can’t think, there is nothing you can do except lay there as Sy plays with you and his finger inches its way further in. Both pain and pleasure work together as he leans over and breathes on your clit. With his bright blue eyes dancing with relish he watches you as he sticks his tongue out and circles your clit.
Almost immediately you feel as though your body has burst into flames, the combination of sensations brings you to the edge faster than you thought possible. Normally you had to concentrate hard to climax have things just right, but this time no, Sy fucked you so roughly and with such savagery you were nearly there in minutes.
“You’re so good to me, Sugar,” Sy whispers into your pussy, and he increases his pace, pushing you to the brink. As you get closer you feel his last finger push into your ass, but you hardly notice any pain. Your body was riding so close to the edge, it can’t make sense of anything except pleasure. Sy hums onto your clit, growling into you, fucking your holes without restraint. It was the last push you needed and you fell over the edge, your whole-body convulsing, all control lost as you explode around Sy’s fingers.
“Fuck,” Sy says in a hoarse voice, as he lays over you. “That was so hot Sugar.” He kisses you, his lips soaked in your wetness, his fingers still inside you. You’re a shaking mess, shivering uncontrollably and you hold onto Sy to warm up. He pulls a blanket over the two of you with his free hand and reaches into your draw to pull out some lube.
“Sy,” you say nearly begging, your teeth chattering. “I can’t.”
“Yeah, you can Darlin’,” Sy encourages, more gently now, his feral tone partially sated by making you cum. He awkwardly uses one hand to squeeze lube onto his still rigid cock. “You always say that, but you always take me.”
He’s right, but you still aren’t sure, you watch him spread the lube over himself, his eyes close as he does. When he opens them, he removes his fingers from you, pumping more lube onto his fingers before he puts them back in, stretching you further, getting you ready. He kisses you as he prepares you, he licks and nibbles at your neck, he sucks on your breasts. You start to relax, he makes you feel good and you stop shivering, and start moving your hips.
“There you go, Sugar,” Sy says, “It’s good ain’t it.”
You moan, you want him now, and you pull him to your mouth and kiss him. “Fuck me Sy,” you whisper into his mouth. “Fuck my ass.”
He gives you a half growl half chuckle, and you feel him line himself up, his cock pressing against you. You whimper, you want it, but you know it will hurt. Sy, enters you, slowly, letting you get comfortable, but you still tense up. Sy lays on you, kissing you, caressing your skin as he continues his intrusion. You relax and he slides in easily, he gets too excited and pushes too fast, you bite his lip as he makes the last thrust and you both cry out.
“Shit, you feel good,” he says, as he starts to carefully rock in and out of you. “So fucking tight.” You don’t say anything, you hold him close, gripping his back, and letting your nails dig deep into his skin.
He moves faster, leaning over you, his grunting breaths, smelling of beer and your essence, steal your oxygen. He holds your hip steady as he increases his rhythm, his movements becoming rapid. He is getting close, with ragged breath he says, “Touch yourself, Sugar, cum with me.”
You move your hand down between your legs, your fingers immediately wet from your own desire and the lube. You rub yourself quickly, you don’t build up, you want your release again and so you go straight for it, touching yourself the way you like best. Sy watches you for a minute, “Fuck, Sugar, you’re gonna make me cum.” He looks at you, his face tight, he wasn’t going to last much longer. “Tell me where you want it.”
“In my ass, Sy,” you say. “Please, cum in my ass.” Even saying the words get you hot and soon you’re crying out his name and his steady thrusts become uncontrolled pumping as he watches you cum.
“Shit. Fuck,” he chants, until he shuts his eyes and throws his head back with a roar, his body tenses above you, the tendons in his neck stick out, every muscle in his body clenches and in your post orgasm haze, you fall in love with your gentle beast once again.
Sy collapses, only half his weight on you, even boneless and blissed out he doesn’t want to hurt you. He lays breathing heavily but cups your cheek and turns your head so you’re looking at him. When he can he kisses you, all over your face, laughing and growling at you, “Fuck I love you, Darlin’,” he says.
You roll your eyes at him. You feel him soften and start to fall out and shift uncomfortably as you laugh. “Why? Because I let you fuck my ass? Thanks, Babe.”
Sy looks a little hurt, “No, Sugar. That’s not why I love you.” But then he smiles, “That’s why I made you my wife.”
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funfickgirl22 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary || You're invited to a party at Chris Evans beach house. It's getting late so he insists you stay over for the night and sleep in his guest room. An awkward half naked encounter in the kitchen leads to a sexy staring contest. You can't break eye contact, even though all you want to do is look over every inch of him.
Pairing || Chris Evans x Fem Reader
Word count || 2, 508 words
Warnings || oral, unprotected sex, teasing, Light Dom/Sub, fingering, flirting, corny jokes, staring contest —18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
The night was coming to an end. Empty beer bottles and snack crumbs littered every surface in the modern beach house. It was a successful evening of drinking games, playlist sharing and funny stories emphasized with hand gestures.
As the last couple of guests trickled out, you were finally left alone with Chris.
You couldn’t believe you’d been invited to Chris Evans’ party in the first place as you’ve only shared a few hurried conversations on set. It was hard to tell if his charm was his typical actor spiel or if he had more devious and sincere intentions.
You took one last sip from your wine glass. “Do you want me to help you clean up?”
Chris shook his head no. “Don’t worry about that. You probably shouldn’t drive home though. It’s already like 3. Why don’t you just crash here?”
You were not prepared for this. In your head the game plan was to flirt like crazy and steal as many glances as possible before leaving in a mysterious cloud of smoke. But now your ability to play it cool was being tested.
“Really? I can just call a cab…”
“This place has five bedrooms so I’ve got plenty of room for you. Don’t be silly.”
“Alright, alright you’re making all the good points. Just tell me what bed to plop on.”
Chris smiled and led you to a large bedroom which was decorated in various shades of blue.
Chris’ dog Dodger followed behind, making a mental note of the new human. This would come in handy during his nightly patrol.
You admired the king size bed and started to envision how the rest of the day could go. After getting up from bed the two of you could get breakfast, have a walk on the beach or get cozy on the couch. Each dream scenario made you feel giddy but then it hit you - you didn’t have a hair brush, makeup or a change of clothes.
“Hey, can I borrow a t-shirt or something to sleep in?”
You would have to improvise your way into looking presentable but at least you wouldn’t have wrinkled, dirty clothes.
Chris went to his room and came back with an old New England Patriots shirt.
“I’m not shocked that you’re giving me a football shirt but I was really hoping for something weird, like a CATS the musical t-shirt.”
“Sorry my CATS shirt is dirty. I usually wearing it on Sundays. You know, Skimbleshanks Sundays.”
“Oh right… that makes perfect sense.” You laughed and plopped down on the bed.
“Just in case, I’m just down the hall to the right. And you might hear Dodger walking around so don’t freak out.”
“Dog not ghost, got it. Thanks for letting me crash here.”
Chris said goodnight and closed the door behind him. You instantly unhooked your bra, took your pants off and changed into the Patriots shirt. With no judging eyes watching, you shoved your nose into the shirt and breathed in deep. It smelled like Chris and a flowery detergent.
It was hard to go to sleep as your mind kept replaying all the subtle looks that Chris had given you throughout the night. Even when surrounded by a group of people, Chris would always find a moment to lock eyes with you. Those intense seconds were burned into your memory.
After some time of being restless, you got up and quietly crept to the kitchen for some water.
As you closed the fridge door, Dodger was patiently waiting with a chunk of rope in his mouth. Dodger was not used to having playmates at this hour and was more than happy to take advantage of this opportunity.
You whispered, “Okay, okay, I’ll play with you for a little bit. But I can’t play long, I’m not wearing pants.”
You tugged at the rope but Dodger refused to let go. After much wiggling it eventually dropped, signaling the start of the repetitive fetch dance.
Chris laid awake in bed and could hear Dodger scampering around more than usual. He couldn’t help but see what was making his dog so excited. As he turned the corner he saw you in just his over-sized t-shirt rubbing Dodger’s belly
“Hey I didn’t know there was a late night kitchen party going on,” said Chris.
Your face blushed a fervent red as you became painfully aware of your bare legs and the small amount of bum that was peeking out from under the shirt.
“Oh hey, I was just grabbing water and Dodger gave me the cute ‘I want to play face’. I just couldn’t say no.”
Chris was only wearing a pair of plaid boxer shorts. He grabbed himself a drink and leaned against the counter. Your eyes wandered over his muscley form. You caught yourself staring and awkwardly blurted out, “I’m not wearing any pants and you're missing a shirt. We kinda cancel each other out.”
“You’re right.” Chris smiled, looking you up and down and pointed to his own lack of dress. “Well this is the late night kitchen party dress code right? I didn’t want to come overdressed.”
You smiled and rested your elbows on the kitchen island across from Chris. You realized that you mirrored each other’s slouchy, comfortable stances.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be respectful and keep my eyes up here.” You pointed to Chris’ eyes.
Chris laughed and rubbed his stomach. “You better keep those eyes locked onto mine. I don’t want to be objectified.”
You scoffed, “I would never. This is going to be THE most respectful staring contest ever.”
A mischievous grin slowly took over Chris’ face. You both locked eyes and the game was on.
“You can blink but if I catch you looking anywhere else, you lose,” said Chris.
“Deal.” Your eyes squinted as you focused all your attention on Chris’ light blue eyes and his long enviable eyelashes.
Chris slowly moved towards you, his eyes still locked on yours. If you were going to play this game, he was clearly going to play dirty.
As Chris’ broad chest got closer and closer, you grabbed onto the island counter, gripping the edges. It became harder and harder not to look at his sculpted shoulders.
“I’m respecting you so hard right now,” you joked.
Chris put his arms on either side of you, getting his face as close as possible to yours. “I feel very respected.”
From the corner of you eye, you could see Chris’ rippling arms. The temptation to look at him was building up inside of you.
“Not gonna look at all those muscles. Nope, just not gonna do it.” Your voice faltered, exposing that your tough smack talk was all a ruse. His close proximity was definitely having an effect on you.
Chris decided to up the ante. He moved his right hand onto your exposed thigh and slowly traced his finger tips up until he was under your shirt. His fingers playfully wrapped around the underwear that laid against your hip.
A small gasp escaped your mouth as you continued to stare into his eyes. Your quivering response to his touch made Chris hard.
“That feels like cheating,” you whispered as Chris continued to stroke your hip and thigh.
“Hmmm, do you want me to stop?” Chris pressed his body against yours. You could now feel how excited he was.
Your eyes widened and you slowly shook your head ‘no’.
If this was the game they were going to play, you reached for Chris’ hand and started to guide it towards your ass. You were going to make sure he got a good handful.
“My bum looks pretty spectacular. Too bad you can’t see it.”
Chris' hand brushed over your silky panties and gave each cheek a good squeeze.
“That’s okay, I have a very active imagination.” Chris bit his lower lip.
His cocky demeanor meant you would have to bring out the big guns. You pulled off your shirt in one quick motion. Chris could now feel your bare breasts against his furry chest.
“You don’t want to look?” you asked.
Chris' face twitched as everything in his body was telling him to look, touch, suck and lick every inch of you.
“Now that’s cheating,” Chris said.
You held each other for a little while more, each of you expecting the other to break eye contact.
“How about a peace deal? On the count of three we stop staring at the same time.” You could feel yourself getting wetter. You would do anything to speed up this armistice.
Chris put on a contemplative face and pretended to mull over your proposition. After a very painful minute, Chris revealed his answer.
“Okay… deal.”
With anticipation you began the countdown.
Before you could say ‘three,’ Chris leaned in and passionately kissed you, his tongue quickly finding yours. Both pairs of hands began exploring each other’s bodies. Chris hungrily grabbed your breasts, and you let out a moan into his mouth.
Chris picked you up, and your legs wrapped around his waist. While kissing your neck, he gently placed you on the counter.
He pushed you back so you laid across the island. He slowly peeled off your underwear, leaving kisses on your now bare hips.
Chris kneeled down so that his mouth could take you all in. He made a low murmur as he found you dripping in wetness, sweet confirmation that he wasn’t alone in his eagerness.
You reached out for Chris as his tongue encircled your clit and two of his fingers slid inside. You grasped the air as a wave of pleasure coursed through your body.
Wave after wave, lick after lick. You were getting closer to coming but you wanted to feel more than his fingers inside of you. You sat up and grabbed Chris’ hard cock, pulling it free from his boxers.
While staring into his eyes, you guided his cock inside you. You both stared at each other as pleasurable sensations danced across your faces.
Chris’ cock filled you completely and with every thrust you let out a deep moan. You leaned back and began rubbing your clit.
“Are you going to come for me?” Chris asked as he watched your body writhe.
The pace of your hand began to quicken. “Oh my God… you’re hitting the right spot. Please don’t stop. I’m coming.”
The final wave crashed, sending your whole body into spasms then all tension was released. A giant smile spread across your face as your body relaxed against the wooden countertop.
“You're not done yet,” Chris said. “Get down on your knees.”
You scouch off the island and did as you were told. You got on your knees and looked up at Chris’ beautiful sweaty body and throbbing cock.
You opened your mouth and leaned towards him until your tongue touched his tip.
“Look at me,” Chris said as he hungrily gazed down upon you.
You stared deeply into his eyes as you enveloped your mouth around his cock and began sucking. You watched as every flick of your tongue drew out a gratifying expression.
Chris grabbed your long hair into a ponytail and guided your head as you moved your mouth up and down his shaft. You held onto Chris’ thighs and took all of him in. The occasional choking sounds would only elicit words of encouragement from Chris.
“Good open your mouth wide for me.”
All of that deep throating pushed Chris over the edge.
“I’m going to come. Open your mouth and look at me.”
You dutifully stuck your tongue out and looked up at Chris as he stroked his cock. You watched as his body pulsated and then erupted, his white, thick load trickling onto your cheek and neck. Chris let out a satisfying sigh and grabbed a fresh towel. He knelt down on the floor with you, wiping your face and body clean followed by tender kisses to your shoulder.
“Come on, let’s go to bed. For real this time.” Chris grabbed your hand and led you into his bedroom.
You both collapsed onto his bed and began to entangle your arms and legs. Before closing your eyes for a well deserved sleep you took one last look at each other.
Nothing needed to be said. Your eyes told enough of a story.
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funfickgirl22 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Plenty of Room
Warnings: Smut, Oral (female receiving), kinda rough sex, Syverson again is his own warning.
Summary: You’re staying at an old, rentable holiday home with some friends. You just want to sit down and enjoy the night, Sy has other plans. 
Word Count: 1,909
Authors Note: Uh. This was supposed to be a tiny drabble. I was possessed half way I think and it led to almost 2K words. Not Beta’d. Eat me.
Tumblr media
A small group of your friends had rented an old holiday home. It was rustic, with a modern twist. Outside was a large garden with what seemed like dozens of paths leading off to other areas of the property. Your friends were gathered around the small, round log burner in the centre of the veranda. The night was dark and the stars shone in abundance, helping the fairy lights to illuminate your company. As you walked out of the house with a new drink you noticed all of the seats were now taken. You didn’t mind and decided you could happily sit on the ground.
“What’re you doing? plenty of room here, lil’ gurl.” As you’re about to sit down you’re pulled with a mighty force. You come colliding down onto the soft sofa and begin to frantically move around, confusion written all over your face. You were placed between the very large thighs of a certain Army Captain and his arms had your waist in a vice grip. His dark, deep snickering sends a shiver down your spine. None of your friends batted an eye at the soldiers' antics, a couple of chuckles given here and there. They returned to their conversation as if it hadn’t happened. 
Wriggling around, nervous laughter echoed under the veranda. The grunts of the man behind and around you reach your ears and you freeze as you’re pulled even closer to his chest. The feel of Syverson’s breath against your neck makes your walls clench involuntarily. 
“Gotta stop wriggling like that, baby gurl. Unless you wanna wake up the beast…”. Your face heats up at his vulgar comment, spinning your head around, your eyes meet his lust-blown gaze, with a smirk to match. You’re shocked he’s just said such a thing to you, having never even hinted at anything sexual to you before. Not even a tiny flirt. You look around the group to see if anybody heard what he said, but you find again they’re too carried away with their conversations. Syverson presses a quick but firm peck on your cheek, shushing you.
Tumblr media
After being held by Sy for about an hour, everybody decided to take the party inside. The fire had finally blown out and the night was only growing darker. One by one everybody walked inside but as you began to follow a hand gripped your wrist and whisked you away down the lawn. 
“Sy?” You questioned, the soldier dragging you down the old pathway towards the little, old building at the edge of the property. “Hank! Where are you taking me?”
“Shhhhh, trust me.” With a failed wink he kicked the large, wooden door open. This building had clearly been abandoned and you knew it was probably off limits.
“Sy, I think we should go back to the house.” You were silenced again, but this time by the soldier's mouth as he hungrily took your lips and pinned you against the old stone wall. He groaned as he demanded entrance into your mouth, but you wouldn’t let him. Breaking the kiss you were faced with a disgruntled looking man. Your chest heaved as you struggled to regain your breath, Sy took your slightly open mouth as an invitation and pressed on to kiss you once more. A single finger pressed to his lips stopped him and he let out a whine. 
“What?” He complains.
“What are you doing, Sy?” You asked in a hushed voice. You had no idea why you were whispering, but the place looked like it shouldn’t be disturbed. “I don’t want to kiss you if you’re drunk….” You pleaded.
“I’m not drunk, darlin’. I just wanna kiss you.” 
“But why? Why are you suddenly interested?”
“‘Cause I never been able to get ya alone before.” Again, his lips try to find yours and you push him away once more. An even louder whine leaves his mouth and you giggle. 
“Y/n, come ON! Please let me kiss ya, I’m dying here.” He whines more, his hands finding your ass and grabbing as much as he could. You yip, the contact is unexpected but before you can complain his tongue is tasting your mouth and you’re pushed against the wall again.
He pulls you down to the dusty, stone floor crouches next to you, hands grabbing at your shirt. When he finally grasps the fabric with his big fingers, he rips it away from your body, buttons flying everywhere. You would yell at him if it wasn’t the hottest thing you’d ever seen. The next item of clothing he decides is his enemy is your jeans. You have to stop him from trying to rip them away. It was like he was caught in some kind of trance, only one thing on his mind. He stopped and moved his hands away from you, allowing you to pull your own jeans off and toss them to the side. 
The feel of his touch sets your skin alight, your eyes fall shut as you let the feeling take hold. It had been so long since you’d felt another's touch in this way. In fact you weren't sure you’d ever felt another touch you how Sy did. When you finally opened your eyes to find the man, your underwear had been removed and Sy was knelt down in nothing but his briefs. You absentmindedly licked your lips at the sight. 
The river of fur coating his torso directed you to what you needed most. Sitting up your hands found their way to the band of his briefs and you pulled them down with anticipation. Sy watches your every movement, entranced with your delicate fingers and the way they glide across his thighs. 
Abruptly you’re pinned to the ground by a beast in human form.
“No…” Snarls the soldier, with one hand clasping both of yours above your head. “I wanna please you.” He announces. You’re watching as the barbarian lights his way with chaste kisses down your body, marking his path to his true desire.
A harsh finger begins to map out your entrance, his tongue worshiping another area. Your head falls back as you embrace the feeling of his flattened, wide tongue. Reaching lower he laps at the juices already forming there. Every sound from his voice vibrates through your core, back arching with each harsh press of his tongue. Inserting a finger into your opening he begins to thrust and arch the digit. Yearning for more you push against his motions as he swirls his tongue and lavishly pulls you to the edge of the abyss. He sucks and laps your pearl for what feels like forever.
One last harsh suck sends you spiralling into pure bliss. You thrash and buck as Sy helps you to ride out your orgasm, but he doesn’t stop there. You writhe beneath him as his tongue continues to lap at your clit with aggression. Moans turn desperate as you begin to push his head away from your womanhood. With a swift movement your hands are pinned down and Sy continues with such ardor you don’t think he’ll ever stop. 
“SY!” You all but scream. Abruptly he stops, his head snapping up to meet your gaze. Eyes blown wide and jaw clenched he stares at you like a man possessed. Unsure who’s going to break eye contact first you notice his juice-soaked beard and makes your walls clench with desire. “They’re gonna wonder where we are, Sy….” You hoarsely try to explain to him. 
“Good.” Your eyes widen as the man pounces on you, smashing his lips into yours. 
Whimpering against his lips you feel the light sting as he stretches you wide open, thrusting into you with no warning. Breaking from your lips to release a cry the Captain hovers above you, arms planted beside your head.
“Fuck…’re so damn tight still.” Slowly he begins to move and you watch as his eyebrows furrow with each languished movement. 
“God, Y/N. So. Fucking. Tight. Baby.” He sets a rhythm and you move your hips to meet each of his thrusts. 
The beast begins to lose control, moving faster and shoving his hips against yours with each plunge. The sound of his grunts bounce off the old, stone walls and the slapping of skin on skin becomes louder as he takes over your warm cavern. The warrior continues his desecration on your hole, reaching down to capture your lips in an oddly sensual kiss. Moaning into the kiss your hand reaches for his head and you bring him closer to you. 
Opening your mouth you finally allow access and he doesn’t waste a single moment. Fucking your mouth with his tongue he groans again and again. His movements begin to falter and you both know he won’t last much longer. 
Pounding into you fiercely he breaks from your lips and screams into the old building, coming hard inside you. Over and over he pushes into you until he can’t, collapsing on top of you. 
Tumblr media
Together you lay side by side in the old, dusty building, facing each other. Your eyes are shut as you regain your energy and breath. If you could see Sy you would see the look of pure adoration he’s giving you. 
The man reaches forward and places a sweet kiss on the apple of your cheek, forcing you to open your eyes and truly see the way he’s looking at you.
“'Uhibuk” What did he say? You give him a look of confusion and he beams at you.
“It’s Arabic.” He states, still staring into your eyes.
“What does it mean?” You hadn’t known he could speak any Arabic, but given how much time he spent in Iraq it made sense.
“It means, ‘I love you’.” You melt. Did he really mean that? Stunned, you could do nothing but stare back at the man. 
“It’s uh….it’s okay if you don’t feel the same way….” Syverson sighs. Your lack of response had led him to believe you didn’t feel anything for him. Launching yourself forward you press your lips to his with as much passion as you could muster. Instantaneously the captain kisses back, arms folding around your form and pulling you to him. Your lips mold together so perfectly you don’t ever want to break away, but you need to tell him. 
The lips of the soldier follow yours as you pull away from him. Voice dry, you breathe out. 
“I love you too, Hank Syverson. Truly.” You don’t think you’d ever seen him so happy, but the smile that graced his features right now was something you would remember forever. You spent the next five minutes trying to get up but failing and being pulled back down again. Sy would cover your face with butterfly kisses and everytime you attempted to move he would shush you and continue his attack on your features.
“Sy, please. I’m getting really cold. Can we go to bed?” Finally, the man released you from his grasp and you both got dressed. 
“Uh...Sy…” Holding your torn up shirt in your hands you stare at him accusingly, to which he simply shrugs. “Really?” Noticing his plaid shirt on the ground he picks it up and gives it to you. 
Once more you are dragged by the Captain down the old pathway but this time your destination leads back towards the house. 
You hope it will lead you to the rest of your lives together.
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funfickgirl22 · 12 days ago
Good Optics
I don’t know. Have this.
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. None so far. Angst.
President Andy Barber x Female Reader
Summary | You probably should keep it professional.
Tumblr media
Andy hears your bellow of rage when the door swings open, Secret Service agents standing both in front of you and behind.
“Sir, she’s here as you requested.”
He smiles at you, lifting from his chair. He seems pleased with their efforts. You’re sure he knows how they herded you into the waiting car and away from your office.
“You mean ordered,” you snap. “You can’t do this.”
“Thank you,” Andy tells the agents. “I’d like to speak to her alone.”
They leave, closing the door behind you with a resounding thud.
“Let me explain,” Andy begins, watching you shake your head.
“No. No, Andy,”‘ you stress, pushing his hands away when he tries to reach for you. “I said it was over. I’m not here to be at your beck and call.”
It was over before his inauguration. You were ripped to shreds by the press, your personal life broadcasted for the world to see. An eligible bachelor, as far as the world knew.
And yet, you knew better.
Andy Barber would never let you go.
“You aren’t,” he says gently, leaning against his desk. He’s smart. Not the Oval Office but a side room.
Safe. At least for now.
“Really,” you huff, watching him stare at you with those blue eyes that you could get lost in and had so many times. “Seems like it.”
“I wanted to see you.”
“And I said we shouldn’t.”
Andy tilts his head to the side, looking at you in amusement.
“Shouldn’t. Not couldn’t.”
“I need to go.”
“Yeah? Where are you going?”
“Why does that matter to you and how is it any of your business?”
His eyes narrow at your tone, getting up as you meet his determined stare.
“You used to share everything with me.”
“Used to,” you remind him, trying to think of anything but wanting to kiss him. The effect he has on you should have abated but it’s still here.
“Then go,” he tells you, motioning his head to the door. “Leave and I’ll know that is what you truly want.”
You spin on your heels, your black blazer billowing out behind you as you head toward the door. You don’t want to reach the door. Not yet.
When he calls your name, you stop.
“We can’t,” you whisper. “This won’t end well.”
“We haven’t even started.”
You feel him at your back, his hands sliding down your arms. The sense of safety in his arms makes you close your eyes, trying to talk some sense into yourself.
“Andy,”’ you breathe, his lips pressing at the base of your neck.
“One night. That’s all I ask.”
You both know it won’t ever be just one night.
You nod, hearing his sigh of relief.
“Thank you.”
You straighten your shoulders, smoothing down your blazer as you reach for the door.
Two agents stand at the door, waiting for you.
“Madame Vice President,” they greet you. “Are you ready to go?”
“Yes, thank you.”
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