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#they haven’t realeased a synopsis yet right
marvelxs-universe · 5 days ago
Okay but what if the Marvels adds Dylan O'Brien as Genis-Vell hence why it's called the Marvels (3 Captain Marvels and 1 Ms. Marvel) and Genis is an ex-Ravager turned Starforce soldier who has arrived on Earth trying to warn Carol about an incoming Skrull invasion which Monica doesn't believe while Carol is conflicted since the guy doesn't know how his mom died. Cue maybe it looks like Genis is wrong until it's revealed he's right and the main villain is Kl'rt aka Super-Skrull.
Tumblr media
no but the way you just wrote a script and did the casting
dylan in the MCU yas please 😫
this sounds so intriguing honestly. i’m not that well educated on Cap Marvel’s comic storyline that well tbh. i only know a few BUTTT
with the title. i am expecting more characters related to the story of when these 3 women team up. i’m seeing this as a way to introduce so much more characters and expanding on the Kree and Skrull story
it won’t be far fetched to believe that we could see something like this! i hope Marvel sticks to lose to the comic source because this sounds so cool! ✨
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