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#i’ll just rope it in
morceid · 22 hours ago
you know people are going to block and unfollow you bc you stuck up for morcias right
i haven’t made a single post about haley so idk why you’re bringing it up but since you did i’ll talk about it
i know almost nothing about what happened, i just woke up one day and no one liked haley
as for the claims that haley has fetishized black people i have no say in that as i am white and as far as i know all of that stuff happened on haley’s nsfw blog and i’m a minor so i don’t know what’s true and what’s not for that
with the fatphobia thing, as a fat person i don’t think that using pictures of skinny people in moodboard or whatever it was for a fat person is fatphobic. sometimes there just isn’t representation for fat people and/or it’s extremely hard to find.
the only thing i’m sure of right now is that aj is not a person i want to be associated with and not a person that should be trusted.
i’m on the fence right now on my feelings about a lot of people and i’m just trying to stay as neutral as possible because i don’t want to hurt anyone.
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ignorance-on-fire · a month ago
Just took off my bracelet from the camp that really sold me on becoming a marine biologist I’m a little sad about it
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starbuck · 2 months ago
This post re: how ‘Dead’ Black Sails characters are was getting long so continuing responses here to break it up a bit! :))
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@cptnrackham I’m not considering Treasure Island in a direct sense (re: allotting points) but I do very much have it in mind!
And I also agree that Identity Deaths would be hard to track and would sort of depend on one’s mileage for what “counts” towards that. Like you say, it’s not always a big dramatic moment that we can point to. Additionally, since identity is a very personal, internal matter for each character, choosing to reject one’s identity is always within the control of the character themself. Like, in some situations you could argue that the circumstances forced their hand but idk... I’m more interested in ‘Dead’-ness in a Fate Real sense than I am in the sense of something the characters themselves have control over.
Tumblr media
@benjaminagunn Oh absolutely! That’s why I feel like Death Foreshadowing should count for something because Black Sails does not fuck around with that.
Again tho, it would kinda depend on what one’s mileage is for what Counts as death foreshadowing... I get a little creative with it sometimes I think haha
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charlesgranillo · 2 months ago
Ignore me if this is a stupid question, but which were you into first: “Rope” or Leopold and Loeb?
rope! i was collecting old movies at my used bookstore, saw rope and watched it. i knew nothing about it prior to watching and ended up enjoying it a lot. for several reasons. then i looked up stuff about the movie and found out it was based on the leopold and loeb trial. which i knew nothing about at the time but ended up looking into, and here i am now lol.
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w-ithering · 5 months ago
i hate how i bounce around hobbies and interests so rapidly and sporadically. it means i invest a bunch of money into one thing which is very short lived and move onto a new interest and do that same thing. it means i’ll never be able to pick one thing and dedicate my life to it and make it a career because as soon as i get bored or a new interest ignites in me i won’t be able to get myself to continue the work i was doing before.
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twstoric · 6 months ago
So, did Rook come home?
Tumblr media
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bastardmanvibes · 7 months ago
hey, i'm sorry. i'm confused. do you still watch and support it's always sunny? i know a lot of people have decided to stop watching. anyways, have a nice day either way! biden2020!
janfkeknfkejxnekfkrj i don’t blame you the way i blog is very confusing and i do not accommodate new followers with information very well
so um the answer is yes? but with a question mark. i watched sunny about 10 times in 2019 and have basically memorized the episodes esp the ones i love a lot, but then my like. fixation i guess morphed into more of a blogging experience than anything. now it mostly has to do w my connection to the gang, esp dennis, and the community i have here. i don’t watch sunny anymore bc it makes me emotional no matter the episode 🙄 it used to be a good distraction to make me laugh and feel things but now it’s connected to emotional baggage and that’s all i can concentrate on when i watch. i’m slowly starting to recover from that i think tho and i’m now able to laugh at myself and the situation like i should bc truly from an outside perspective, it’s ridiculous.
for ppl who don’t know rob posted copaganda in june and that’s when he got cancelled and everyone left and the fandom died. it was rly rly hard for me to take. i had already hated rob for the shit he was pulling before this happened, notably dee day, but i couldn’t take my online refuge falling apart basically overnight. i also felt shitty for it since current events were way more important, grave, and deserving of my attention. i feel like the people who left made the right call but i’m too connected and stuck here and i need this place. to be candid, i think of myself as a black sheep in the sunny fandom now bc the majority of the ppl still blogging love rob. i try not to judge them. mostly i just ignore it, cut rcg from my blog, and keep my disdain for them on the dl. i have to be vocal about it every now and then tho bc that’s the bare minimum if i want to keep consuming sunny critically.
so my attitude now is..... strange. i hate rob but i still love glenn. i hate sunny for being racist in 2019 and for being badly written in recent seasons (and for a LOT of other reasons) but i love sunny with every fiber of my being. i hate myself for letting this fixation bleed so far and for so long, but i love this space that i’ve created for myself and i respect myself enough to not beat myself up over something harmless. this began as a happy place where i speak my mind and i rly want to maintain that.
i’m not sure what support is defined as tbh. i want the show to continue bc im heavily invested but at the same time i want it to be cancelled LMAO. i know for sure i’m done w rob bc i hate that guy but he’s in charge of my favorite show which i hope success for? it’s not rly the success of the show i want it’s the return of good writing... which is synonymous with being successful i suppose. UGH ya girl just loves dennis and the gang and wants to see them shine and be assholes and have the endings they deserve. if that means i support sunny i guess i support it 😔 i’m just trying to support myself ultimately!!!!!!
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