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youreanangelbaby · 2 days ago
it’s the end of our date and we’re watching the sunset, the glare of the sun bouncing off the buildings in front of us. you stand up, jutting your hand out, “dance with me, doll”
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youreanangelbaby · 4 days ago
🦇 For breaking bucky's heart or anything just really angsty in general?
he stared at you, eyes wide, a slight blush on his cheeks, his mouth agape, “you mean it, doll?” you stared back, eyebrows furrowing as you processed his words, “of course i mean it. i love you, bucky”
“did you even mean it when you said you loved me”
forever ll (ghost)- john allen stephens
the end of the world- sharon van etten
don’t call me at all- flatsound
i can’t save you- cub sport
misery- creeper
all i wanted- paramore
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youreanangelbaby · 4 days ago
🦇 with a happy James potter headcanon, anything soft, I feel like you need it lol
finally some happy james stuff; i had a dream about james being the lead singer in a band one time and it hasn’t left my mind since so here are some songs that i think he’d play hehe (mostly love songs bc he’s a softie)
heartbreak girl- 5 seconds of summer
cant take my eyes off of you- frankie valli
when we start to kiss punk rock will start playing (in my head)- big stick diplomacy
forever- john allen stephens
mind- willamette stone
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youreanangelbaby · 4 days ago
A play list for Sirius and Remus dying when you were their best friend/ in a relationship with them where you were all dating eachother.
mf this is sad as hell are you okay 🧍‍♀️
“ill love you til my last breath”
as the world caves in- matt maltese
i can’t handle change- roar
high- slow pulp
my tears are becoming a sea- m83
already gone- sleeping at last
where’s my love- syml
the night we met- lord huron
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youreanangelbaby · 9 days ago
Hi! I hope you’re doing amazing! 💙 May I please request 🧸 for Hank McCoy with a s/o who adores him? Like cheek kisses, listening to him talk science for hours, writing him love letters, sharing clothes, etc? Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I love all of your work. 💙 Wishing you a wonderful week!
hank mccoy deserves all the love ): putting a read more bc there’s a lot lol, i hope this is what you wanted my dear !
hank mccoy with a s/o who’s completely infatuated with him <3
hank mccoy is touch deprived
the first time your hand brushes his he jumps out of his skin, goosebumps arise on his skin and he blushes something fierce
lots of hand fidgeting, he fixes his glasses out of nervousness when he talks to you
as your relationship grows he becomes more comfortable with you, he goes on tangents about anything that comes to his mind. science talks are obviously his favorite, even if you don’t quite understand everything, you just love to see the way his eyes light up and the smile that adorns his face
it’s during these talks that he asks you on a date, and again during these talks he asks you to be his girlfriend
“i know we’ve been on a couple of dates a-and we’ve been friends for a while, i was just wondering if maybe you’d want to be my girlfriend?”
you two become absolutely inseparable after this. you’re always seen by each others side, soft smiles and heart eyes being exchanged between the two of you
he quickly realizes that your love language is touch, your hand brushing across his while you’re in the lab, slowly intertwining your hands together
at first he’s tense but melts in the small bit of affection you’re showing him. he starts to grab your hand on his own accord, feeling empty when he’s not holding your smaller hand in his
the first time he leaves you a little love letter is when he has to go into the lab super early. he tells you about how he has to go in and he’ll see you when you wake up; he has a way with words that makes you swoon
after you read the note you made your way into the lab, being greeting with the shy hank mccoy smile that has made its way into your heart
he’s sitting with charles and logan, you go directly to him placing a kiss on his cheek, sitting next to him and grabbing his hand
he stares at you, slightly in shock because you’ve never really done that in front of anyone before, the shock eventually subsides and gets replaced with pure adoration
the small kisses in public becomes a constant in your relationship after this with you often making him blush in the middle of his conversations
now the first time he sees you in his clothes; he swears he has never seen anyone more ethereal. you make hank mccoy speechless, all he can do is stare at you, the small act seeming so intimate to him. you in his clothes, something that belongs to him, it makes him feel so warm
he gives you his jacket at the slightest shiver, hands you his shirts whenever you sleep over, gives you his sweater when it’s barely below 60
“are you gonna tell me why i keep finding your shirts mixed within mine?” “i just love when you wear my clothes, darling. makes me feel close to you is all, my love” “you’re a sap, doctor mccoy” “what can i say, you bring out the romantic in me”
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youreanangelbaby · 11 days ago
omg omg omg no pressure but if you have time I would like to request a playlist for both of the weasley twins being head over heels for you 🌼💛☀
emotional paris
both the weasley twins being in love with you
carolina- harry styles
honey- coastal club
yoko- huron john
when i come home- the drums
girlfriend- *repeat repeat
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youreanangelbaby · 16 days ago
i made another quiz bc im bored & ignoring my work<3
find out which one of my (boy) crushes u are lol
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youreanangelbaby · 17 days ago
🦇 For for first date + first kiss with Peter parker please?
im a firm believer that by the time peter kisses you for the first time, he’s already so in love with you
also ! like seven more days before the celebration closes send anything y’all want ! <3
first date with peter parker
hey now- the regrettes
pineapple express- mr. hong
location- camera cult
first kiss with peter parker
feel you now- the driver era
cupid’s chokehold/ breakfast in america- gym class heroes
and i love her- kurt cobain
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youreanangelbaby · 17 days ago
🦇 mutual pining friends to lovers with peter parker?
hi my darlings there’s a couple more days on my celebration thing so send in anything you’d like<3
peter parker’s middle name is pining
tell her how you feel- dream wave
cvs- winnetka bowling league
to be alone with you- sufjan stevens
if you let me- seaway
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youreanangelbaby · 18 days ago
Good day! How about some headcannons (🦝) on some X-Men characters kinks? More specifically speaking, Erik Lensherr and Hank Mccoy. 😊😊
here’s a link to other hank mccoy headcanons <3
nsfw under the cut
hank mccoy’s kinks
being called professor/doctor
v self explanatory, he earned his title might as well use it<3
took a while for him to be comfy with choking but as soon as he did it, it became his favorite thing to do to you
public sex
if y’all aren’t having sex in bed y’all are doing it in the lab. his favorite thing you do is blowing him under the desk while someone is talking to him
“gonna fill you up baby, you want that hmm? want your professor to knock you up?”
biting/ marking
“you look so beautiful all marked up by me, darling. absolutely divine”
erik lensherr’s kinks
phone sex !!
hearing your moans through the phone drives him crazy
he loves knowing that you trust him enough for him to do it, he thinks it’s so intimate
loves seeing you have trouble sitting after
being called daddy/sir
authority !! “daddy fills you so good, doesn’t he little one? you take daddy so well”
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youreanangelbaby · 19 days ago
gosh i haven’t done asks in ages anyway, could i request a 🦇 enemies to friends to lovers with quicksliver
i dream of this concept 24/7 <3
enemies to friends to lovers w/ quicksilver
teeth- 5 seconds of summer
afraid- the neighborhood
bad idea!- girl in red
yer killin me- remo drive
kill the director- the wombats
take me on- joan
black butterflies and deja by- the maine
sticky- the maine
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youreanangelbaby · 20 days ago
Hi! Congrats on the 300!🎉 Can I get a 🦇 for falling in love with Peter Maximoff? Thanks!
im such a peter & pietro simp pls send anything that has to do w them 🥺
falling in love with peter maximoff
nobody gets me (like you)- wallows
oxygen- hometown losers
i’ll always be around- waterparks
suneater- leanna firestone
days- camera cult
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youreanangelbaby · 20 days ago
being best friends w/ fred + george weasley <3
running around the castle trying not to get caught by filch, pranks everyday, midnight broom rides, stealing potion ingredients from snape’s closet, laughing with the two boys who have come to be known as your best friends.
* @harrypotter-imaginess asked me to make this for the headcanons they did (which are so good btw ?? i love ! ) go check dem out<3
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youreanangelbaby · 21 days ago
can i have a 🦔 pls?
my name is summer-cadence, im 5’3, im have a cottage core/fairy core aesthetic. i love flowers and crystals. im really shy so i need someone to help me come out of my shell. and im kinda ‘sub’ so i need someone to put me in my place plss. prefrably a male ship from the golden trio era pls :) <3
you sound so cute im gonna cry
i ship you with..
george weasley !
okay listen, i didn’t even see your username til after but omg y’all would work so good
grunge-idiot-bf and soft-fairy-gf
he’ll listen to you talk about crystals for hours, asking you questions about them just so he can hear the excitement in your voice
for the first date he brings you flowers that he picked himself
“i know they’re not the most luxurious bunch but i saw them and thought of you instantly”
definitely a friends to lovers type beat
he was the extrovert that adopted you and helps you become you at your fullest extent
george is a dom idc
sometimes he’ll give you a look, one where his eyes are dark, almost cold, his jaw is clenched and his head tilts slightly to one side
and you know
safe to say y’all are very much enamored with one another and he knows how to put you in your place when needed
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youreanangelbaby · 21 days ago
🦇 Slow dancing with Neville Longbottom
slow dancing with neville longbottom
beating heart baby- waterparks
it’s been a long long time- harry james
angel- finneas
cherry wine- hozier
trouble- omar apollo
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youreanangelbaby · 24 days ago
Hello! Can I get a ship please? Marauders era? Male preference if that’s okay? I’m about 5 ft. With dark brown hair and pale skin. I’m a Hufflepuff, Aquarius, ISFP. I think my patronus is a doe. I love reading and i draw a bit. My love language is touch and words of affirmation. Just cuddling and whisper sweet nothings. Please and thank you love!
i ship you with..
remus lupin !
remus is touch starved, you having a love language of touch startles him at first but you slowly start making him comfortable with touch
it starts with soft touches in the hall, hesitantly grabbing his hand while you’re hanging with the rest of the marauders. putting your head on his shoulder while he talks to you about a book he read
he likes to spend the morning with you. he’ll make you tea or coffee and sit near you while you draw and he works on school stuff but he’ll almost always ends up watching you draw
“you just look so cute when you’re concentrating, darling. how’d i get so lucky to have you?”
he adores leaving you love notes, he leaves them everywhere he can. he comes up behind you an hour after he leaves them- hugging you and whispering sweet nothings to you
“i missed you my love, did you get the note i left for you? mhm im glad you liked it. have i told you how nice you look today? you look ravishing darling. is this a new shampoo? i like it”
overall he’s very much in love with you, everything about you has him falling deeper, you bring him comfort, you’re his home
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youreanangelbaby · 28 days ago
🦇 For james Potter watching you, who he's pined over for years fall head over heels for someone else?
Also, your playlists are the best!! I love them so much, thank you for making them ❤️
you’re the sweetest!! i’m so happy you like them<3 but also ): bc more sad james wtf is the obsession with sad james ):<
maybe we weren’t meant to be
exile- taylor swift
i don’t wanna be okay without you- charlie bug
a part of me- neck deep
i loved you first- joan
i fell in love with princess peach- hot mulligan
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youreanangelbaby · 28 days ago
Hello! How about 🦇 for falling in love/being in love with Bucky Barnes?? (I love you writings and playlists btw)💖
ahh thank you so much darling ! also bucky barnes makes my heart soar i love him
falling in love with bucky barnes
addiction- john allen stephens
golden- harry styles
heart like yours- willamette stone
put your head on you shoulder- paul anka
being in love with bucky barnes
strawberry mentos- leanna firestone
days- camera cult
chocolate y nata- bratty & carlos sadness
telephone- waterparks
ps im in the middle of making a lil bucky playlist so im gonna be posting it soon <3
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