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Hi!! I write and make aesthetics for Hufflepuff. • She/her • 18 • Call me Ry • Main is secretsandwriting
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 15 hours ago
Ok, so my moms going out of town which means I’ll hopefully have a better chance at making new parts and fulfilling requests. I make no promises but the chances are higher.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so since fanfiction is essentially my way of coping with things.... can you do an avengers x reader (Bucky, Steve, Sam, Tony, Loki, Thor, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, etc.) and they react to the reader scratching their car or getting into a car accident (not fatal)-A (I don’t mean for it to be ‘dark’ just like them comforting the reader bc obvs you’re a bit shaken up afterwards)
I got you babe! I did this as teen reader, who's Peter's partner.
So the accident, not that bad. You were ok, no one else was involved and the car was ok. But your heart was racing, you were shaking, and you felt like crying.
Therefore in no condition to drive, so you called Tony to see if anyone was nearby or willing to come drive instead.
The other Avengers were in a meeting so when Tony said it was you and answered they all payed attention. If you were calling right after school something had to have happened whether it be good or bad.
However, when Tony said minor accident, everyone started getting ready to come get you.
"What do you mean Minor accident? Your ok right? Are you sure? Yeah of course someone can come drive you back."
Bucky and Natasha won and got to drive you. Sam and Steve got to go get your favorite food and drink in an effort to make sure you would eat.
Wanda and Pietro were in charge of setting up a movie you wanted to see and some of your favorites.
When Steve and Sam dropped off Bucky and Natasha, Bucky took the wheel while Natasha sat with you in the back.
He made sure to try and make the least amount of sudden movements with the car. You didn't need any more stress.
When you got back to the tower, you were immediately brought to the room filled with pillows and blankets in front of a large screen, a stack of movies, and food.
Thor and Loki weren't completely sure what was going on but they both knew you weren't doing the best and since they thought of you like a little sister, there was no way there were going to let it slide.
So, throughout the whole movie marathon. You would be sitting in between the two gods.
The rest of the group kept their eyes on you to make sure you were feeling better.
If you need anything, someone would get it for you.
They were going to pamper you for the rest of the day and tomorrow if you were still nervous, they would do what they could to help then.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
Hi so I'm working on requests now so hopefully I can refill my queue and post something tonight. But really just to tell you all, I don't really do requests in the order they come, I do them more in the order of insperation because at least then I get something done but I will eventually get them all done!
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x-hufflepuff-reader · a day ago
I got into a very minor car accident (just a scratch and no one else involved) but I'm still really shaken up from it-Athena
Oh no! I hope you feel better! Make sure to rest and drink lots of water too! It can help you relax a little and hopefully feel better!
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 2 days ago
What different soulmate AU’s are there again? Like you have the timer, first word, last word, their name, the one where you see the world in black and white , whatever they draw on their arm you can see, you can hear them in your head, and I guess there’s a couple more but idk -A
I mean, there are too many to list in one place like that. If you search on tumblr or pinterest for Soulmate au you’ll get a ton of different ones. 
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 2 days ago
I decided to make this post before it goes longer to keep you all updated. For about a week and a half updates are going to be spotty at best. My mom works in a nursing home and national nursing home week is coming.
For those of you who don't know national nursing home week is basically like spirit week where every day gets a general theme and the management can pick how they go about that theme. My mom is on one of the management teams and on their day they're having a tea party. So my mom and as well as a few friends who have and are helping us, have to make 150 fastener barrettes for all the residents and staff.
We have to have them done by May 13th I think? but in general its a lot of work to be done and considering how important this is for the residents I really need to help. Depending on how fast we can get them done will determine when I can refill my queue or even just post regularly.
I'm sorry if this causes any disappointment but this only comes once a year and with covid it's probably even more important. Thank you for your patience, I'll try and work on updates on my breaks when I'm tired of crafting but we'll see if I have any creativity left.
Hopefully I can refill my queue before we have to start baking for it. Anyways wish us luck with getting them all done and that we stop burning ourselves on the glue gun.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 3 days ago
Yeah I agree the solstice soldier was SO good. Like the creativeness? The idea? The execution? FLAWLESS -A
Thank you!!! It’s probably one of my favorite pieces. 
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 4 days ago
Whenever you feel like it, please write something about Timothee Chalamet & just him gushing over you in interviews & practicing French w/ him & meeting Saoirse and becoming best friends with her! -Athena (p.s, good luck on your job? interview!)
As for the interview, They missed it and never responded to my call back so idk whats going on.
Ok I gotchu, I added Lily Depp too because in this fic, they both agreed they were better as friends and just went back to being friends. Aka, Timothee's female friends end up becoming best friends with his girlfriend. Chaos ensues (at least in my head. As for the fic it might not make it that far.) Also I suck at coming up with usernames so if they don't seem like something they would have, Its probably because I don't do well naming things. Also, Timothee snaps in this one. But like, it makes sense when you read it.
I was going to do this in parts but decided not to please enjoy this took me like 4 days...
This one has a key, they're in all caps to try and make it easier to read.
Y/S/B - Your side blog, if you don't have one just imagine what it would be called.
Y/M/B - Your main blog
Y/O/NN - your online nickname. Basically the nickname you give online instead of your real name.
Y/I/U - Your Instagram username.
Word count - 3,512
Beta read - As always, Nope.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had met Timothee online, without knowing it was him. He had gotten bored and after seeing a bunch of screenshots about a dead site called Tumblr, he had decided to make an account and see if it really was dead. It was there he found out it wasn’t in fact dead and people there loved him. Enough to write fanfiction about him.
He refused to read any, that only lasted about a month until he was completely bored and finally gave in. He quickly learned to avoid anything labeled NSFW or smut, thankfully most of them had warnings so he didn’t learn it the hard way.
Some of them were amusing, it wasn’t even really close to how he was. While others were partly right some more then others. He didn’t really care about the plot, he was more interested in how people thought he would be in a relationship.
It wasn’t until one night, when he stumbled onto one that freaked him out. From his point of view they were spot one. So he called Lily. He explained the fact he had gotten tumblr and the whole reading fanfiction. Lily thought it was hysterical but didn’t want to make a tumblr so he read it to her. He wasn’t the only one freaked out anymore. Lily ended up coming over as well as Saoirse to look through the rest of the blog. All of them were sure that the writer somehow knew Timothee.
The night ended with the girls making accounts and all three following the writer. It wasn’t until a month later that the writer posted an announcement.
Y/S/B Posted:
I’m opening up my inbox for a Q&A, I’m currently on a three hour flight with nothing to do and I paid for wifi so I’ll be answering them as they come. You can ask me any appropriate questions and I’ll answer as long as the question doesn't make me uncomfortable. Depending on how many come, I may not answer them in order but I’ll try to get all of them out.
They all got on facetime and sent in questions. While they waited for you to get to their questions they discussed their theories.
floraldepp asked:
Sooooo…. Thoughts on Timothee Chalamet? I mean you write about him a lot so you must like him right?
Y/S/B Answered:
It's actually kinda funny, I started writing about him because one of my friends went through this huge obsession with him and she asked me to write her some stories because to her my writing seems so much more realistic. She refused to explain what she meant by that. Well I posted them because I post most of my fics. Well, they got really popular and people started requesting them so when she moved onto a different celebrity I kept writing to appease the crowds.
I have yet to actually watch a movie that he played in or really much with him in general. All of my knowledge comes from google and the videos she had me watch with her.
Over all, I don’t really have an opinion on him? Though his hair looks soft and it makes me want to touch it.
“I didn't expect that…” Saoirse laughed at Lily’s expression. “I mean, it's better then her hating him or being obsessed I suppose.” That was true. No opinion was better than the ones that they could have had.
Anonymous asked:
So in some of your earlier posts you mentioned that this is a side blog. Would you mind sharing your main? I just love you and want to support you.
Y/S/B answered:
Thank you!! All I really do on it is reblog things that interest me or look pretty, I didn’t realize I never said what it was. Its @Y/M/B
“It's so weird you can have more than one account without having to use a whole new email. But it's also really cool. We could’ve made official accounts and then had side blogs that no one knows about.” Saoirse was right. It was a nice feature that made things simpler with hiding identities.
“Except, the fact it shows your main account when you like things or send in asks. I found that out when I googled side blogs.” Lily stated. “Which means, for that to work our main accounts would have to be the secret ones while the side blogs would be the official ones.” At some point during her lesson another question was answered.
uunaronan asked:
How do you write Timothee so well???
Y/S/B answered:
Literally all I do for writing romance, is imagine the type of boyfriend I want and would get along with me. Then I look at things about the person/character I write for and then make it so it works together I guess?
Basically I can't write romance unless I can imagine myself being with them. Why idk but it seems to work. Maybe that's why my friend says it's realistic…?
"Ooohhh!!" Timothee sighed, both of them were in on this now. "You're their type!!" They weren't going to let him live this down now.
Tchalamet-but-infrench asked:
What got you into writing fanfic?
Y/S/B answered:
It was because of fandoms. Before I became active online I didn't really like writing. But then I started watching (anime/movie/Tv Show) and I loved it! I stumbled across fan art and fanfiction and fell in love. I didn't know stuff like this existed until then and I loved it. I'm not good with art so I started learning how to write better through reading others fics and figuring out what I liked and the things I didn't. So you can thank the creators of (anime/movie/Tv Show)
It wasn’t exactly what he expected but it seemed to fit. They stayed on the call for a while, just chatting while they waited for more answers. But all good things end and they needed to go to bed, after all, work and interviews happened tomorrow.
He really wasn’t planning on telling the public about his tumblr, but during an interview where he was answering tweets, the only ones they pulled up were ones asking about what it would be like to be in a relationship with him or even asking extremely personal and inappropriate questions. It was clear that the interviewer wanted to know the information herself and that's why she picked them. It was like she wasn’t even trying to hide it. One last tweet and He could leave. Looking at the screen next to him he waited for it to change.
“Alright, and for the last one which was sent in by @timmotheesimppp asks. What would it be like if we slept together?” What a surprise, something completely inappropriate. The look the interviewer was giving him made him feel sick.
“If everyone really wants to know what I’d be like in a relationship… Um… Do you have something I can write on?” He was handed an Ipad connected to the screen. “Ok, I can show it then. Going into safari he typed out, Y/S/B.tumblr.com. Your blog popped up. “I got bored and decided to try tumblr where I found, Y/O/NN. Out of the tons of things I found that I was willing to read, hers is the most accurate and I very much Love the fact it's SFW! I hope anyone who checks her out gives her love and respect. And to Miss Y/O/NN, you mentioned you saved all your request asks as drafts which is good, but for now. I’d recommend charging some of the new ones at least $20, if its bad, $50. Now, I believe that was the last question, correct.” His tone gave away his anger and annoyance.
Before it was released, you received an anonymous ask telling you that your blog was probably going to be spammed. You figured maybe they were just going to tell a few friends or something. Two days later, you woke up to over four thousand notes, three thousand reblogs, 900 asks, and 400 messages. As well as a text from your friend with a youtube link and a short message saying the video would explain your tumblr notifications.
Scrolling through the asks first, most of them were requests even though it stated on your pinned post that requests were closed. Time to tell people what happens when they send in a request when your requests are closed.
After four hours of deleting asks, blocking rude people, and trying to get the notifications to stop. You gave up and decided Timothee was onto something. So you set up an online payment for them to send in requests but messaged a few of the people that had requested before and had kept coming back to your blog and told them that when requests were open they could just send you a request on your new sideblog but not to release the name of it. They agreed and thankfully they didn’t seem to spill. You posted the new request form and in ten minutes you had $275 dollars, and the requests were closed.
After a month of this, the Ellen show reached out to you to see if you would be willing to do an interview. They had an idea but they wanted to make sure you were on board so if you were willing, Ellen would call you herself and explain it.
“So during the interview, when you revealed the tumblr user Y/S/B. I noticed you looked extremely uncomfortable the entire time. Are you feeling better now?” Ellen waited for Timothee’s answer.
“Yeah, I don’t like answering questions like that, it's none of their business. I wasn’t ever planning on saying I had a Tumblr unless I had too but I just wanted it to stop.” Ellen nodded while listening to him. “I hung out with some friends after and that helped so I’m better now.”
“Now, If you’re ok with it. I’d like to ask you about Y/O/NN and what you think of her blog.” Timothee nodded. “Ok, so how did you find her?” TImothee snorted.
“I had seen some screenshots of fanfiction about me from tumblr on twitter.They weren’t hers but I was extremely bored so I decided to see what this was all about…” He made a face. “I quickly learned how to block some tags...” The tags in question were pretty obvious by his face. “But then I kinda just started going through and skimming them when I was bored. It was kinda fun to see how people would think I would be in a relationship. But then I found hers and I panicked because it was almost exactly like a situation I had been in with Lily and it was how I acted so I messaged her and she read it and freaked out herself. She ended up doing a Q&A a few days later and we all sent in questions and talked things over. I actually sent her an anonymous message before the interview was released to give her a little warning.”
“So, It freaked you out at first? I can understand why. Now, did you like her writing?” Timothee made a face and nodded his head.
“I love it! Y/O/NN is an amazing writer! Some of my favorite things she posts are just little blurbs as she calls them based on writing prompts. I could read an entire book of them. I just love her writing!”
“So you're a fan of hers?” At Timothee’s confirmation, she smiled. “Well, I got to talk with her. Would you like to talk with her?”
“I can talk to her? Yes! Yes please!” Timothee was literally on the edge of his chair. Ellen laughed and pulled out a phone and hit a button. After three rings, you picked up.
“Hey, O/L/NN how are you!” Your voice flooded through the speakers and Timothee looked genuinely excited to talk with you. “You know how you wrote about Timothee Chalamet for a friend and then in an interview he said he found and liked your writing and now your blog’s viral? Well I have him here, and he’d like to talk with you if you don’t mind?” The phone was handed to Timothee.
“Hi!” He looked more excited than a kid in a candy store. The crowd laughed at his reaction when you responded. “How are you?” While you talked with Timothee, a guy came on stage behind Timothee and held up a sign.
After a few minutes he went back and a girl holding a phone to her ear quietly walked up to Timothee, the crowd was surprisingly good at listening to their request and didn’t make any noise about it.
“If you don’t mind me asking, when is your next post coming out?” He kept talking with you, completely unaware of the girl behind him.
“It's Queued for 10 tonight.” He jumped up and turned to see you standing there.
Timothee set the phone down gently in an effort to keep from throwing it. You were standing in front of him. He didn’t know what to do. A chair was brought out for you and placed next to Timothee’s. The audience loved it, Timothee just sat there glancing at you like you were the best thing in the world.
“So Y/O/NN, or should I call you Y/n since everyone now knows what you look like? How are you handling your new fame?”
The interview went by faster than you thought it would, Ellen had a comforting presence. While you expect the cameras and audience to make you nervous, the worst part was probably the way Timothee kept staring at you. Like you were the best person in the world.
When you got home later that night, you got a series of notifications from instagram. Which means it was people you followed. You had changed your settings before going on the interview so that your phone wasn’t blowing up again.
tchalamet followed you
tchalamet tagged you in a post
What? You looked and it was a picture of you with Timothee. One that you had taken after because Ellen wanted one. You didn’t know Timothee had gotten one too. It was captioned with “Met my favorite author today! @Y/I/U”
There goes your instagram notifications… Oh well, you were starting to get used to your notifications spammed.
After that, you and Timothee started taking over DMs after he messaged you thanking you for coming to the interview. The Dms turned into direct facetime and then texting, phone calls, and facetime over the phone instead of instagram.
When Timothee learned you didn’t know French, he made it his job to teach you. Which went as well as it sounds. In one of your lessons you, Timothee spent ten minutes trying to explain it to you since you had failed at it multiple times.
“Timmy, I still have no clue what you're talking about…” He just laughed at you. “Hey, it's not my fault that French is so hard!” He shook his head at you.
“Mon coeur, that's no excuse not to try!” You stared at him and he seemed to realize what he said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to le-”
“What does it mean?” He just looked at you. “Is it ba-? Are you blushi- Did you- Timothee Chalamet what the fuck did you call me?” He looked away from the screen and whispered something. “I can’t hear you.”
“I called you Mon coeur, I need to go. Bye.” He hung up, not fully answering you so you took to google. It took a little bit before you found it again but when you did it, all you could do was stare at the screen. My heart. He called you his heart. This man was going to kill you. So you figured maybe while you calmed down, youtube would help.
Timothee didn’t ignore you persay, he just didn’t talk to you as much. It was starting to get on your nerves, but as someone who didn’t like confrontation, you took to tumblr where you knew he would see it. After all he was still liking all of your posts. Knowing full well all lot of people would go crazy over it and figure it out you still went with it. Deciding to go with your main to make it slightly less obvious. Wording it was a bit hard at first before you decide to go with the way you two normally talked to each other when partly serious and joking.
Y/M/B posted:
Mon Coeur my ass you're just acting like a bitch. Fucking prove it Mon chéri.
Nail-you-to-my-grave liked your post
Tchalamet-but-infrench liked your post
He saw it, but before you could even change tabs or scroll you got a video call from him. Well, it looks like you were successful. Setting your phone up so that you could be seen without having to hold it before answering. You couldn’t even get a greeting in before he was talking.
“You called me Mon chéri? You mean it?” He kept rambling out questions faster than you could answer and even understand. Instead of doing what you normally did you decided to try something new.
“Mon chéri.” It was like he stopped functioning. He just stopped and stared at the screen, you could see the blush rising on his cheeks. “You’re talking too fast I can’t answer or understand you.” He just nodded. “You ok Mon chéri?” Maybe you were having a little too much fun with this. It wasn’t often you could make Timothee Chalamet completely and utterly speechless.
“I want to kiss you so bad.” He clearly didn’t mean to say that out loud but now both of you were blushing and didn’t know what to say, he seemed to gain some confidence from that but you didn’t want to lose the upper hand.
“Tomorrow. I’ll go walking around and post hints about where I am. You find me, you can kiss me, Got it Mon chéri.” And you had the upper hand again. He nodded. “Alright, maybe I’ll see you tomorrow Mon chéri. Bye.” And you hung up. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.
You sent Timmy a quick text telling him you were headed out and headed to Culture Espresso for some coffee. Posting a vague hint to your tumblr while you sat down to drink.
Y/M/B posted:
The best Espresso is espresso with Culture.
Timothee liked it within seconds. Enjoying your drink, you scrolled through your phone until you finished your drink then headed out again. Every Time you went somewhere you posted a little hint. As always, Timothee liked it within seconds. After a few hours, you were getting bored. You had been sitting on a bench by the water for a little while now.
Y/M/B posted:
Hurry up bitch. I’m bored and about ready to go home.
“Good thing I’m here then.” Jumping from it being whispered in your ear, you were given enough time to make sure it was him before you were pulled into a kiss. You didn’t expect him to do it in public but at the moment, you weren’t complaining. “Call me it again?” He asked when the two of you separated.
“You mean bitch?” He groaned. “What? I call you bitch all the time?”
“No Mon Coeur.” Damn that was sexy in person. “You know what I’m talking about.”
“Maybe later, let's go get coffee!” Pulling away, you went to pull him to the nearest coffee shop when he stopped you and pulled you back in for another kiss. “Lets keep it pg or the press will have a hayday. Now, lets go Mon chéri.”
After that, you started dating. Seeing each other every time you could. Someone had gotten a video of your meeting and kiss and it had gone viral. Before he went to any interviews he tweeted that Ellen had first dibs on any information.
Reason being because she was the reason it happened. Ellen retweeted and jumped on the chance. When it was posted it went everywhere, people were loving it. Claiming couple goals and other things like it. It was accepted better than either of you thought it would be.
It was about this time that Saoirse wanted to meet you, so Timothee invited you both over. To say you hit it off would be an understatement. Within ten minutes it was like you had known each other all your lives.
Timothee regretted it because one of your favorite topics was him, and the stories being shared were embarrassing. While it wasn’t his favorite, he was glad you two got along. Especially because you didn’t seem to be jealous in the least when Saoirse messed with him. He didn’t see any distrust or worry in your face or actions.
You truly were his Mon Coeur.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 4 days ago
Okay so I got another request: anything w the winter soldier (bucky barnes) to be honest. I'm simping so hard for him :/ It'd be great if the reader has powers too– OH imagine them both being from Hydra and they're trained to fight together (so I guess she is like the Summer Soldier? that sounds weird but I think you get the idea). But they don't really know each other since she was trained after he escaped. Then they meet when they have a fight between Hydra & Avengers) and (1/2)
Tumblr media
OOHHHHHHHHH THIS IS GUNNA BE A BLAST!!! Also, friendly reminder that infinity way and endgame are just mass hallucinations and never actually happened. Also, this was so much fun it write. It just flowed out of me.
Word Count - 1505
Beta Read - As per usual, Nope
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They had taken you from your bed when you were ten. From there, things only got worse. Every day you were taken to a room and strapped to the bed. A scientist or more would come in and inject you with random liquids. They would make you take pills, put things in your body. Sometimes, you would pass out from the pain and when you woke up they would still be going.
Every day for a year they did this. You stayed sane, only because your mom taught you that in really bad times to think of your happy place. So you did, it got to the point you could tune everything out. The pain didn’t reach you there.
It made things worse. They couldn’t control you with pain, so they had to brainwash you. So they did. You became the perfect soldier by the age of 11.
By that time the experimentation had paid off. You were no longer a normal human. You could control and turn into a shadow. On command, you could make your body a shadow. Meaning nothing physical could hit you.
So you were trained in martial arts as well as all sorts of weapons. It was decided you would become a team with the Winter Soldier. So your training changed to match his. To make it so you could work perfectly, to create an unstoppable force.
Your brainwashing changed as well, they made it so you would recognize his face with or without his mask. You learned all about him and were told you loved him. This was done under the theory that if that implanted feelings, your partnership would be stronger and couldn’t be broken. Your orders went as followed,
Assist the Winter Soldier in any mission/fight
Follow the orders of Hydra
Never surrender
After a few years of making sure you were solidly brainwashed, they decided it was time. They were going to introduce the two of you, but the day it was planned. The Winter Soldier escaped on a mission and never came back.
Hydra instructed you to forget, they stopped the brainwashing used for the partnership and just started sending you out on missions. Everything related to him was wiped from your schedule and room. The next 2 years were spent taking over the Winter Soldier’s job.
“We have another one of Hydra’s agents causing trouble that needs to be stopped.” Tony glanced at Bucky to gauge his reaction. “She’s known as the Solstice Soldier, she’s basically the female superpowered version of the Winter Soldier.” Bucky sucked in a breath. “If you think it will be too much you don’t have to go.” Bucky shook his head.
“I can do it.” Tony nodded and put up a video that started. Showing a member of Hydra telling them to surrender or they would all die by the Solstice Soldier. In the back of the video was part of a girl, suddenly the video paused when she was fully on screen. She was armed to the gills and had a bored look to her eyes.
“This is her. We searched for missing persons that matched her description and came up with one.” The video changed to a missing poster of a ten year old little girl. “Y/n L/n. She disappeared from her room one night without a trace. This is the first confirmed sighting since her disappearance. We’ve been ordered to proceed with extreme caution. Because she was taken so young, there is a chance she hasn’t been brainwashed. But there's a chance she has. We have no idea how stable she is.”
“You mentioned a superpower?” Natasha asked as she looked at the poster on the screen. The picture was changed to a short video, it was extremely blurry, but black surrounded her and formed into weapons on top of the ones she had in her hands. Then it surrounded her and when it disappeared, the only sign she had even been there was the dead bodies.
“The analysts think it's something to do with shadows, one of them went all in and thinks she was supposed to work with Bucky when he was still there. Making a team Winter Solstice. The shadows tie into her name as Solstice days are the days where the Sun’s furthest from the earth.”
“Alright, shall we try to find her?”
It took months. Even then it was only because Hydra came to fulfill their threat. The Avengers stood together in the abandoned town. It was better than Hydra attacking the city.
“Get ready.” Bucky and Natasha stood in the front. Their reasoning, they were a part of Hydra, they know how they do things. Four planes landed around them and agents left, putting up handheld bullet shields. None of them made a move to do anything. Then a lone Helicopter came, standing in the open door was Y/n.
When it was about 20 feet from the ground, she jumped out and landed hunched over. She stood up and pulled out a gun but froze the second she looked up and saw Bucky. Everything was quiet, no one had any idea as to what was going on.
“Solstice, attack them.” She didn’t move. Just kept staring at Bucky. It was then, they realized they forgot something important.
They had only ordered her to forget, they didn’t change her previous brainwashing. Their orders wouldn’t work. They needed to restrain her and fix it. The ones near you, started moving towards you. Your restraints in their hands. Bucky realized something was wrong, you looked familiar but he coul-
“Tomorrow you’ll meet with your new partner, The Solstice Soldier. She’ll be your new partner and you’ll be working together permanently.”
That's why you weren’t moving and Hydra looked partially panicked. They hadn’t undone your brainwashing yet. Maybe he could use that to his advantage.
“Go behind something but stay close. I have an idea, if it doesn’t work then stop her.” They didn’t want to listen, Bucky knew that. Thankfully they seemed to understand that it was important so they did. They were close enough that if this didn’t work they should be able to get to him in time.
He walked towards the center of the ring and shot the Hydra agents ready to restrain her. Hopefully that wouldn’t bite him in the ass, it seemed to bring you back as you started walking to him as well. Hydra didn’t seem to know what to do. Should they shoot or should they try to capture you?
“Mission, assist S.H.I.E.L.D and take down Hydra.” Weapons were drawn and the two of you opened fire. Hydra decided to retaliate, moving closer with the shields they started to box you in. A few in the back had more restraints, but they were losing more people than they ever expected. They were right, you made an unstoppable team. There wasn’t an open spot, there wasn’t a weakness, and there was no hesitation.
They decided to retreat. If they didn’t the loss would be almost too much to come back from. Unfortunately they weren’t allowed to.
“We need to get them all!” Bucky wouldn’t let them. So the powers they gave you were used to destroy them. After all.
Nothing could live without a shadow. Every living thing needed one, and you, you could control shadows. You could rip their shadows from their bodies. None of the Hydra agents made it out alive.
After that, you were taken to Wakanda to have your brainwashing removed. It went better than Bucky’s reversal as he has told you to work with them as it was part of your mission. This was how they found out the details as to how Hydra brainwashed as well as what they did to you. They sent the details back to the Avengers, including what they did to prepare you for working with Bucky. None of them knew what to think. Implanting feelings? That was a level they didn’t think was possible. It made sense that they would do it, but the fact it could actually work never crossed their minds.
Because they knew all the details, it was easier to undo. You were back to normal in less than a year. From there, you stayed in Wakanda. Trying to figure out who you were without the brainwashing, learn how to go through life. Basically learning how to be an adult. The calming small village you stayed in helped, the people there helped you. Some of them acting more like parents than neighbors.
It was during your second year there that the Avengers came to see you. Bucky knew the village, it was the same one he had been in. He was welcomed back with open arms and the other greeted as friends. It was shortly after that, that you saw each other for the first time in 2 years. This time, it wasn’t on a battlefield and you weren’t programmed like a machine anymore.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
That's a lot of children? I don't really follow or know the stuff about batman but I didn't know he had kids? -A
Only one is biological. The rest he "adopted" not really but he didn't kidnap them I don't think.
I don't know much, I just know what I need to know
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
I can't wait till your next fic! -Athena. Hope you drink a lot of water and that you're well rested and that tulip is alright! I feel a billion ideas just on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of any as of right now and I think you already have a couple of mine anyways so I don't want to overload you. Also, what is the batfam about? Like I love smau's and I wanna request one for dc bc u write them amazingly but I have no idea what its about so its kinda hard to.
Thank you! I’m currently doing pretty good with water today, Tulip is being his normal cat self and just sleeping so he seems to be doing better. 
The batfam is basically Batman and the kids he adopts/is his biologically. I know for a fact i don’t include all of them in my smaus but I’m trying to incorporate more as I go and get more comfortable with the main ones.
The ones I tend to use more are Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, Cassandra, Stephanie, and Barbara. Though this time I’m going to try and add Duke and Selina but I’m not sure how much yet. 
If you just want an smau I can do them on this blog as well to give more options then just DC.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
I think Cedric’s ghost took over bc it definitely has his undertones? Like who doesn’t love ced and he might not have changed the entire school, but def was important for us hufflepuffs -A
Thats true! I’ll agree with you on that one!
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
Actually it wasn’t too bad it was pretty heart warming! And Ced gets to live so that’s definitely a bonus point. But what about u girl? There can’t be an athenery without a Ry :( It’s sort of comforting in a weird way, like often I think that if I die nobody would really care. Like people would get over it very soon. It wasn’t necessarily what I wanted, but that did not mean I didn’t like it! The idea & concept was pretty cool so props to you! I got chills when reading it so that’s good I guess?
Thanks! the only memory of writing this i have is the single thought “this is gunna make people sad.” so I can’t answer this because I genuinely have no idea how i wrote this. 
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
Girl I’m scared wdym bad ending??? -Athena
It should be up now, if not tell me and I’ll try to fix it.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
You asked so I’ll deliver– imagine a day at Hogwarts (obviously in hufflepuff), whatever year you want, and you have the classes herbology, potions, care of magical creatures and defense against dark arts. Classmates: Cedric, Draco, Luna, Hermione, Ron & Harry, the twins, and whoever you want (yes ik they’re different ages and different houses but idc) and then after school going to hogsmeade or having quidditch practice, what the common room would be like, notes passed in class, rumors, etc -A
I don’t where this went but its definitely not what you were thinking of so if you want something else just say so but Like I sat down and wrote this entire thing at once so yeah... Anyways, prepare yourself this isn’t really happy. 
Word Count - 1217
Beta Read - Nope
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Herbology was one of your favorite classes, all the new types of plants and their uses was something that you enjoyed learning. There were so many more than you had ever thought could exist. It was fun to go through the greenhouse and find new plants to learn about. How to care for them, what they could do, and what they could be used for.
Then potions, while Snape wasn’t the nicest professor he knew what he was talking about. Students that managed to do well in his class were treated a bit nicer, and while it wasn’t the easiest class it was fun to learn. Potions opened up so many options for literally anything it was almost impossible to not want to learn them.
Care of Magical Creatures was another easier one, simply due to the fact you were raised with the idea that none of them existed and even the thought was childish, but here you were learning how to take care of them. All the different types were amazing. It was better than any zoo back home. It was amazing what they managed to hide from normal people.
Defence against the dark arts was interesting, boggarts weren’t fun. You almost learned that the hard way but thankfully Professor Lupin was a good teacher. Then there were the three unforgivable curses, those weren’t fun but it was important to know about them.
All the classes were interesting to say the least, some more than others but all of them were ones you never thought you would ever need to learn or were even real. Then there were your friends.
Cedric was the first one you had made. You had started the same year, of all the other ones who had joined the same year. You had connected with Cedric better. There wasn’t anyone you particularly disliked, you just hadn’t spent much time with them. Every Wednesday you two would have a baking day where you would share the sweets with your other friends.
Draco was friendly with you when he was willing to. You had found him in his first year crying alone in the hall and managed to calm him down and make him feel better with some sweets. Ever since then, he’ll hang out with you when he feels like it or wants some comfort. Which means at least once a week.
Luna was another you had met during her first year. You told her you liked her glasses and when she started rambling about things she liked you listened. Eventually time ran out so you invited her to tea so she could continue telling you. Ever since then she started calling you one of her best friends. You did the same with her.
You met Hermione in her second year, she had come up to you in the library because she was struggling with something and figured since you were an upperclassman you would know. So of course you helped where you could and when you weren’t sure you gave her the name of a ravenclaw who would be willing to help her. Before she left you offered her a sweet and told her she was always free to ask you for help if she needed it.
It was during his second year that you stumbled upon Ron, he had missed dinner and was trying to see if he could get into the kitchens to get something. The house elves wouldn’t let him in until you told them you would be there too. While you made him something he talked about Harry, Hermione, and his family. Before he finished, you told him he would just need to send you an owl and you would get him in the kitchens if he missed a meal.
Harry was similar to Draco, it wasn’t until his third year when you found him in one of the abandoned halls sobbing. Offering your shoulder and a listening ear you listened as he told you everything. It angered you that they would put this on a child but you kept it to yourself. After that, whenever Harry needed someone to listen; he would go to you.
Sometimes you would be able to get a large group of friends together at Hogsmeade together and everyone would put aside their differences and have a good time. Other times you were just small groups that got along but that was ok.
One thing most people were surprised about was the amount of Slytherins you had as friends. Sometimes it seemed like you yourself were a part of Slytherin instead of Hufflepuff. It wasn’t uncommon for you to be seen eating at their table or with a group of them. But you were like that with all the houses, it was just the fact not many people were willing to attempt with them.
It was in your Sixth Year when you were named the Mom of Hogwarts, you had access to all the dorms and were commonly seen helping and “mothering” other students. You didn’t mind it lead to more students who needed help coming to you.
Because you didn’t know everything, when someone asked you something you didn’t know you would send them to someone you knew would know. Therefore strengthening the relationships between dorms without even trying.
Then the Triwizard Tournament came and you put your name in not expecting anything to come from it. But you were called. So was Harry but that was ok, you didn’t like the spotlight and Harry wasn’t one who would do something like that.
So you worked with him, while Harry Potter was the chosen one. You were the School Mom, so everyone cheered for you to win. Even Harry.
So when the Yule ball came you went with a few of the girls but still ended up dancing almost the entire time with boys you knew from Hogwarts. Not a single one of them wanted to miss their chance.
But then disaster struck. You were killed in the third task.
Everyone believed Harry. Why? Because they needed someone to blame for taking one of the only people who treated them all the same. With Love and Respect. The entire student body started training. The students with Death Eater students stayed with others during the summer.
When the ministry tried to get involved they were met with an army of angry students who demanded measures be taken, and when they weren’t the groups were pissed. When they went underground, they went by Y/n’s army.
Then when Voldermort showed up, he was tortured on the spot as well as all the Death Eaters. All the while they were told about you.
About the girl who made sure all of them were taken care of, that all of them were ok. It didn’t matter their house or blood, all that mattered was that they were people. That's what they wanted now. That's what they were going to fight for in your name. Later, when it was over and students were interviewed. They all told different stories of the same person. And when the article was published, they had to make more because it sold more than any other paper had in their records.
The Mom of Hogwarts
How one student changed an entire school.
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
I just got the best request of my life. Thanks Athena, giving me an excuse to write my favorite celebrity is literally the best thing you can do for me!
Because I’m so excited Ima post my queue post now. I do feel partly bad as to what your going to read because yeah... but you get it early so thats something?
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
Girl when is your next post gonna be??? I don’t mean to rush you just tryna see your schedule so I don’t check every hour if there’s something new -A
tomorrow at noon new york time. 
I feel like my queue ate one of my posts but I’m not sure
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 5 days ago
Yup Arden Cho would work. Funny tho since I’d sorta be the love interest of Cedric and his ravenclaw girlfriend is also called Cho
True it's just meant to be
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 6 days ago
Ok so here's 2 that might work? Idk you'll have to tell me what you think
Arden Cho
Tumblr media
Lyrica Okano
Tumblr media
SAOIRSEEEEEE I love her. I feel like if Saoirse is in it there's a 90% chance that Timothee is also gonna be in there too. Who do you think should play me? -A
I mean... I didn’t think of that.... At all.... I swear.... 
I have no idea. The reason I picked  Saoirse is because we look somewhat similar and she just so talented. Um, so for you, I would pick one that had at least some similar features as you? As to which ones idk but someone that wouldn’t seem like a stretch
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x-hufflepuff-reader · 6 days ago
It has come to my attention some of you don't know who Jamie Campbell Bower is and I have to fix that. Mostly because there is no content for him because no one really seems to know about him...
First off, this man is EXTREMELY talented!!! You've probably seen him just didn't realize it.
He played Caius in the Twilight Saga
Tumblr media
Young Gellert Grindelwald In Harry Potter but mainly in Fantastic Beasts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jace Wayward In Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
Tumblr media
Anthony in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Tumblr media
King Arthur in the show Camelot
Tumblr media
And Christopher marlowe in the show Will
Tumblr media
There are more but I can't fit them all in. However his newest role is in Stranger things. He'll be playing Peter Ballard, who is described as ​“a caring man who works as an orderly at a psychiatric hospital. Tired of the brutality he witnesses day after day, will Peter finally take a stand?
But now we've established hes a talented actor. He was in a band, though they recently broke up and hes headed solor. The band's name was COUNTERFEIT. they were an English punk rock band from London.
But then here are some other reasons why you should look him up.
Tumblr media
Also if it helps, he's 6'0. Also, his Instagram is really nice and somewhat gothic.
@cipheress-to-k-pop now you know who he is.
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