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vitekvanecek · an hour ago
okay, hmm. what’s your hockey love language?
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vitekvanecek · a day ago
To YOU its a ufo. I know what it is
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vitekvanecek · a day ago
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Look buddy, i’m just trying to make it to Friday.
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vitekvanecek · a day ago
mildly obsessed with this photo of Bill and Koley from last night that looks like a romance novel cover tbh. sports photography is my new favourite genre of art lmao
Tumblr media
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vitekvanecek · a day ago
“I love hockey,” I say through gritted teeth, with murder in my eyes.
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vitekvanecek · 2 days ago
Reblog and put in the tags how many drafts you have
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vitekvanecek · 2 days ago
so theres a website that gives you the song that defines your life aka the number one song on the day of your 14th birthday and ummmm
Tumblr media
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vitekvanecek · 2 days ago
your love, it keeps me alive
Tumblr media
A/N: So y’all may or may not have noticed my recent obsession with this man. CAN YOU BLAME ME THOUGH?! Look at how BEAUTIFUL he is! 😭 Anyways, this literally just took me a day and a half to write but I’ve had the idea in my head for a while. Just some soft, sweet smut with my new favorite hockey husband. 🥰 I also want to give a huge shoutout to my bestie @charlie-theangelwrites for constantly indulging me and my Casey thoughts. LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK, GIRL! 😘😘😘
Song Inspo: “It Feels So Good” by Sonique
Pairing: fem!reader, established relationship
Warnings: Smut (oral (m & f receiving), unprotected sex), language, kinda sorta unedited writing.
Word count: 3.9k
Tagging: @barzysprincess @beau-est-beau @beauvibaby @chicagoblackhawkslover96 @extratragic @laurenairay @oreomcfleury @swsaradee @thebookofmags @troubatrain @vitekvanecek
It never ceases to amaze you just how much love you could have for a singular person. Never in your life did you expect to live the life you did, completely and utterly in love with who you viewed as the world’s most perfect human. Never did you expect to find someone who thought the exact same thing about you either, someone who always made you feel on top of the world with just one simple look. Maybe it was fate, meant to be…whatever other relationship cliches you could think of, that is what you considered your relationship with Casey to be.
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vitekvanecek · 2 days ago
Like This Pt.2 | T. Jost
Tumblr media
Summary: Tyson is the best roommate you could ask for, you can’t imagine ever living with someone else… no- no not like that, your relationship is purely platonic! A/N: it's a shortie Warnings: swearing Reader pronouns: she/her Words: 2,3K Tagging: @kerwritesthings @konecny-s @vitekvanecek @idontgiveaflyinggrayson69 @samsteel @notaccurateornice @tysojost @justjosty @stlbluesbrat21 @softboybarzal @sophiealiice ... lmk if you want to be tagged ❤️
Tyson tugs on his tie the second he gets home, he was quiet the whole way home, you noticed him fidgeting with his fingers in the corner of your eye as you drove. Without a word he heads for his room, leaving you standing in the hallway for a moment before you go to your room to change into one of Tyson’s old t-shirts and a pair of leggings.
When you come back out he’s still in his room, so you go grab a couple of beers from the fridge, knocking softly on his door waiting for him to speak before nudging the door open. You peek your head through to see him sitting at the end of his bed still in his suit, hair messy from him pulling it.
“Want a beer?” you say holding up the bottles for him to see.
He looks at you as if he’s mulling it over, before nodding - “I’ll be out in a moment, alright?”
“Okay” your voice is soft as you linger another moment in his doorway before turning. You’ve only been sitting on the couch a little while when he joins you, wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. He grabs his beer, out of habit he holds it out for you to click yours against it, you reach over and do just that. You both take a couple of sips in silence. nothing but the evening noises of Colorado filling the room.
“Wanna talk about it?” you finally say, knowing his mind will be loud as he tries to sleep if he doesn’t get it out now. He huffs and pauses before he speaks up - “I could’ve cost us the game”
“But you didn’t”
“But I could have”
“Tys, beating yourself up over this isn’t going to help, it’s not like you intentionally tripped the guy - it was a mistake, it happens.”
You see his expression soften just a little, knowing your words are working you keep talking. “Y’know it was probably because you didn’t eat those scrambled eggs,” you say making him scoff out an involuntary laugh.
You poke your foot against his thigh, teasing him. He rolls his eyes at you grabbing your feet, putting them across his lap. “I’m not having cereal on game day again, that’s for sure” he finally smiles.
“You’re blaming the cereal?” you can’t help but laugh.
“Yeah, that makes sense” your words are dripping with sarcasm.
“I’m glad we agree,” he teases you back.
“Seriously, though” you start, even though you’d gotten him in a better mood you still needed to know it wasn’t just on the surface. “You know you played good tonight, right? Making one mistake doesn’t change that”
He goes a little quiet again, looking at his beer bottle like it’s the most interesting thing in the world. “Cale wouldn’t have scored to tie the game if you hadn’t stolen back the puck in the first place,” you say matter-of-factly. He looks up at you, a small smile on his face, gratitude clear in his eyes as he softly squeezes your calf. “Thank you” he mutters and you know your words did the trick. relief washes over you now that you know he’s feeling better.
You finish your beers, and he grabs them, putting them on the kitchen counter to worry about later. You stand up, and you both head to the bathroom, bumping hips and smiling at each other as you brush your teeth side by side. You walk out before him and as you pass the threshold you feel his hand on your elbow, turning you around in your tracks. He wraps his arms around you in a warm hug, and you sigh as you rest your head on his chest, your arms wrapping around his waist. Your cheeks heat up as you feel his lips on the top of your head, he whispers “good night” before his arms loosen and he leaves you standing there as he goes into his room.
“Remember to bring your homework with you today” you point a playful finger at one of your students, Robert. He groans and rolls his eyes at you but continues to put his books into his backpack anyways. “See you tomorrow” you cheer and he gives you a hint of a smile and a wave as he walks out of the classroom. You pack up your things, double checking if you’ve forgotten something before you start making your way to your car.
“Bye, Mike” you wave, forcing a polite smile as you walk past one of your coworkers.
“Hey” you stop in your tracks as he calls after you. “Tell your roommate to stop taking penalties” he jokes - well, it’s his idea of a joke anyway. You’d began to expect comments like that from him after games at this point, but they never failed to annoy you. You don’t do much to hide the fakeness in your laughter before you leave.
You’re gripping the steering wheel on your way home, the good mood you’d been in all day ruined just like that by a few words from Mike. You hadn’t meant to share that you lived with Tyson to any of your coworkers, but your car had failed you one morning and while it was in the garage Tyson dropped you off at work a few times. The first time, your lovely coworker Alice had seen you, and she didn’t have a clue about hockey so it went unnoticed. Until Mike spotted you a couple of days after and decided to tell basically the whole school.
Tyson can tell something’s off when you come home, the way you put your car keys down on the entryway table and kick off your shoes.
“Bad day?” he tries
“No” you answer shortly, doing nothing to convince him.
He raises his eyebrows at you as you plop down on the couch. “It was great, actually,” you say, but he knows there’s more, “until?” he asks.
“Until Mike decided to be a dick”
Tyson scoffs, he’d never really met the guy, but he really didn’t like him - “isn’t he always a dick?”
“Hey, don’t waste your energy on him, whatever he said was probably bullshit anyway”
“It was!” you exclaim
“What did he say though?”
You pause, seeing how it affected Tyson yesterday you don’t want to dig it up again and risk ruining his mood too. “As you said, it was bullshit - let’s not waste our energy” you rush. He squints his eyes at you, trying to figure out why you’d avoided his question, but he decides to let it go - “right, so tell me about your day, like before Mike ruined it”
The next day Tyson leaves for a long road trip. It always made the apartment feel so empty whenever he left, and you found yourself inviting either a friend or a hookup over to keep you company. Your friends from university, Rachel and Caroline, had suggested coming over to watch a few of the games with you. They slept over if they could, and you usually gave up your bed and you’d opted for the couch. Once Tyson found out however he insisted that you slept in his bed instead. Sure, your couch was comfy, but there was no way he was letting you sleep there a whole weekend.
Tyson had been gone for a week and a half, and they’d had a great road trip so far, winning all but one game, hoping to win another tonight before heading home again. Friday night hockey meant that Rachel and Caroline were watching the game with you.
“You’re coming out tomorrow whether you want to or not” Rachel points a finger at you. You hesitate and before you can even speak, Caroline joins in - “it’s been too long, you have to”.
“I’ll think about it,” you say, which is your usual response when you don’t have a good enough excuse to say no yet. You had a paper due next week and taking time off to watch the game was more than enough, a night out would probably mean that you’d be useless on Sunday too, and you didn’t want to risk that. If you told the girls that though, they would say taking proper time off from your essays was healthy and that you needed to de-stress. The girls give each other a knowing look but decide not to press you further on it now as the third period was about to start.
“Predictions?” Rachel asks.
The Avs were up one goal to start the period, and Caroline pondered before voicing her predictions “we get an open net goal at the end of the period, but that’s it”.
“I hate to say it, but I think overtime,” you say. “We still, you know, w. i. n.,” you spell out the word, you couldn’t deny that Tyson’s superstitions had rubbed off on you just a little bit.
“I’m with you on that” Rachel agrees.
It doesn’t make you any less anxious when part of your theory is proven right though as the game goes to overtime. Perched at the end of your seat, not taking your eyes off the screen, your whole body tensing up as soon as the Avs lose possession. But seeing the reactions on the bench as Cale puts in the back of the net to win the game makes it worth it. You and Rachel jump up as well, screaming, Caroline puts her hands in the air, laughing at your enthusiasm.
You text Tyson to congratulate him, missing the look that Rachel and Caroline give each other as you press send with a proud smile on your face. The three of you sit up and chat for a while before heading to bed. You change into a t-shirt and some sleep shorts before brushing your teeth, saying goodnight to the girls as they go into your room. It felt a little weird going into Tyson’s room to sleep at first, but it didn’t take long for you to get used to his soft sheets, your body now melting into his mattress - subconsciously chasing the smell of him on his pillow as you nuzzle into it and close your eyes.
You stir awake as you hear the door open, still half asleep as the duvet is lifted a little and the mattress dips next to you. You gravitate towards the figure now lying next to you, “m’sorry, didn’t mean to wake you” the words spoken are so soft you barely hear them. You drift back into sleep with your newfound source of warmth.
Your eyes are still closed when you wake up, basking in the aftermath of the most amazing sleep you think you’ve ever had. You smile as you hear a soft snore, and you cuddle into the bare chest your head is laying on before it hits you. Your eyes shoot open, your head whipping up to see Tyson laying there, his arm wrapped around your waist, his curls wild on the top of his head. You’re frozen, as you look at him, vaguely remembering someone coming into the bed, but clearly remembering that you’d cuddled into him the second he got into bed.
Do you try to unwrap his arm around you and lay back on your side of the bed? or do you just leave the room? Maybe. Do you wake him up? Definitely not. As you’re mapping out a plan of action, he stirs in his sleep, quickly making you put your head back on his warm and comfortable chest, shutting your eyes. You know he’s awake when you hear him yawn, his free arm moving to run across his face. His hand on your waist moves back and forth in a soothing motion, before he squeezes, moving you closer to him. That’s when you look up at him, almost forgetting to fake a tired expression as you do.
His cheeks are a little red and he avoids your eyes for a second as his arm loosens around you. He clears his throat - “good morning” he smiles down at you, his morning voice making you warm all over.
“Good morning” you answer back, trying hard not to overanalyze how normal it feels to see his face and hear his voice first thing in the morning, how normal his arm had felt around you before he took it away, and how good his chest was as a pillow. Before you can think twice you’re sitting up and getting out of bed, mumbling “I’m gonna go see if Rach and Caroline are awake” before leaving him alone in his bed. He sighs, running his fingers through his hair, thinking if maybe he hadn’t panicked and loosed his hand on your waist you’d still be laying there.
When Tyson comes out of his room, breakfast is almost ready, Caroline is setting the table as Rachel helps you with the food. There’s a choir of good morning’s as he enters the kitchen. You hadn’t told the girls anything but they weren’t stupid and knew that you’d at least shared a bed last night and by the look of Tyson’s cheeks and how quiet you are, they knew that wasn’t the whole story.
It’s pretty quiet as you eat, until Tyson’s phone pings as he gets a message. He then says something, but it’s completely unintelligible through the food still in his mouth. You scrunch your face up in disapproval, and Caroline speaks up “Yeah, you’re gonna have to repeat that”.
“Do you have any plans tonight?”
“We’re going out” Rachel points at herself, Caroline and gives you a pointed look as she points at you last.
“Yes, we are” Tyson nods.
“I never agreed to anything” you half-joke.
“But you’re coming out” he puts his arm around your shoulder - “some of the guys are celebrating the win yesterday, and you girls are now officially invited” he continues
“Can’t refuse that offer, can you?” Rachel smirks at you.
Tyson’s arm, just like before, leaves you too soon, and as if you’re chasing the feeling of it you agree - “alright, I’ll come with”
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vitekvanecek · 2 days ago
I'm watching a video on r/murderedbywords. Something about the Islanders and Sabres came up. The Islanders beat the Sabres 3-0. The dude that commented said he bought a cardboard cutout of his aunt because she passed away. He asked if he could go pick it up because he didn't want her to watch the Sabres lose anymore. I'm--
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