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they say our body’s will forget each other after 6 months
but i don’t think mine will
i think i’ll always remember how it felt to be in your arms, on your chest, the way your hands held my face, the feeling of your kiss on my forehead, the feeling of you.
i shouldn’t miss you but i do
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I wonder, do you think of me?
do you think of me like I think of you?
do you think of me when you walk past the books at work?
do you think of me when 5sos comes on? how about Ruel?
do you sit up late at night wondering if I miss you too? how about whispering I love you?
if you're thinking of me, wondering how I am, how I'm feeling, if I still love you, here are your answers
I'm ok, well at the very least I think I am, I have my moments where I crumble or fall apart completely, but I'm still here. I don't know if I feel again just yet, all I've known these past weeks is pain and heartache, I have become accustomed to it, it seems like a new home. do I still love you? that's something that i don't know, regardless of the answer I shouldn't, you hurt me, you did to me what i never would've done to you,
you walked away.
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a message for a broken heart #1
it hurts and it'll hurt for awhile, but i can promise you it'll get better with time.
you loved with everything you had, there was nothing more you could do.
the love you give so widely and deeply is the purest of love and should never be taken for granted, you will find someone who's so worth it and who will stay and never give up,
i know it's cliché but i promise it'll happen.
what's important now is that you take care of yourself and take your time healing. its not going to happen over night, some days it'll hit you out of nowhere and now as well as during those days i say feel it all, allow yourself to cry and feel the pain because keeping it in, that only breaks us more
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sometimes i smell your cologne and i remember,
i remember how it smelt when you’d hug me, it was subtle and warm on your chest, it was in my hoodies and pillows, you were everywhere.
but now
i smell your cologne, it’s no longer warm, there are no more hugs or hoodies, it’s just a crisp, cool smell in the wind.
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i was going to text you today, but i realised that we are supposed to be strangers for awhile, but i know that you’d be proud of all the things i would have told you about.
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maybe i don’t miss you,
maybe it’s me that i miss.
the person i was all those nights, the way i was always falling asleep happy, not a worry in the world, i felt full, but weightless.
the nights i fell asleep next to you and in your arms, i felt safe, i found a home that had a heart.
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time, attention, respect, reassurance, trust, commitment and emotions.
they are the bare minimum,
it’s not that hard to do, you know this.
so why do i have to beg for it?
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you left and that was your choice and now you’re gone, maybe forever, maybe not
i know i was always by your side and always readily available to you as someone who loves someone always is or tries to be,
but now, that you’re gone dont expect me to be sitting around sad, yes i did that for a little, but not anymore.
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no matter what my love is not temporary,
if i ever loved you,
if you ever had the honour of having me love you just know
you were loved widely and deeply,
and you always will be
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and so it settles,
as all things do,
like the sea after a storm,
like the wind on those nights,
and like the rain on the dark days,
it settles and finds its way back to the peace it once had.
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it's like you're everywhere but, nowhere at the same time.
everywhere i go,
there's a ghost of you,
it could be as simple as the park, a street sign, a bus, or even banana milk,
it's the little things about you that you didn't even notice
but i did
i miss you, every day and in every way
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i really look up to the people who are able to love like they haven’t been broken before,
for having a heart so pure and full of love that despite one person (or more) doing the wrong thing, they are able to go back out and somehow love someone just as much if not more
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