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timetraveller1111 · 6 hours ago
I still see your face in my dreams
But I can't go back to our relationship
I still feel you watching me
Sudden calls and still obsessed with me
Everything could turn out great
We should never had dealt with this type of pain
I told you to stay
Society ruined you with its mind games
Now our story ends here
Another life chapter appears
For both of us to explore
It is time to move on
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timetraveller1111 · 6 hours ago
Wake up
Time to get things done
Get ready for work
Excited to see the one you love
It starts as a crush
Both of you express your feelings in a rush
And after a while you break up
Months of crying
Complaining about life
But you still trying to achieve your drram life
Later on
A new love appears at your home
Deja vus showed you long ago
How you will end up in this world
Isn't life strange ?
Sometimes you are broke and in pain
Next thing you know
You have everything you ever craved
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Sometimes they think of you
Secretly trying to reach out on you
But then they remember
That everything is over
Maybe in another life
They will appreciate your love and pure mind
But until then
They will always the regret
The moment they left
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Remember all the struggles you went through
Pain was always there with you
Depression was always bothering you
It was giving you a suicidal mood
Nobody around you tried to help you
They all where too busy to make a move
Always ignorant and arrogant
People are evil in this life
But there is always hope
You will find happiness in this world
No need to worry no
You maybe a lost soul
But everything happens for a reason
You will soon find abundance and true love
You will soon shine in this cold world
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Nights that are unforgettable
People that are unreplaceable
Memories that stay forever in your mind
Smiles that brighten up your vibes
Twinflames we call them
They offer true love and they are always honest
Life feels like a paradise with them
They always lead you to success
Always heal your heart
Always understand your inner self
Rare to find in this life
But they always appear at the right time
Soul purpose brings them to you
So focus on being the best you
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Crying every night
For a person that broke your heart
For a person that never appreciated your love
Wishing for him to come back
Is it too late ?
Is it worth the pain ?
Relationships are life lessons
They are there to show you
Your soul's purpose
Time to focus on you
Live for you
True love will find you soon
You can overcome anything in this life
You are a star and you will soon shine
Things maybe hard now
But soon you will wear a crown
A crown that represents success
Showing you that you finally became
Your best self
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Look at the stars
Forget the past
Let's enjoy this night
Cause tomorrow we might not be alive
What if we suddenly broke up ?
What if we suddenly lost feelings and break each others hearts ?
Life is unpredictable
Everything happens so fast
It is unbelievable
It is better to focus on the present
What ever happens
Will happen for the better
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timetraveller1111 · a day ago
Stressed from this life
You can't calm your mind
Life is too short
To worry about other people thoughts
They all have something to say
Always something to hate
Bad comments that make no sense
Jealousy makes them upset
About your whole success
You can't trust people
Most of them are evil
Stay in your lane
Be humble and try to heal your pain
Good things are coming
Soon there will be no more struggling
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timetraveller1111 · 2 days ago
Walk around for a bit
Watch people haunting each other for bit
They all crave money
Selling their soul to feel happy
And end up regretting it badly
Cause the devil tricked them into his trap
Made them ignore love and chase lust
Happiness was temporary
Money destroyed them mentally
Matterials don't buy mental health
True love and happiness
Comes when you put the effort
To be your best self
In a world where everyone is the same
Try to be yourself
Cause that's how you impact and make a change
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timetraveller1111 · 2 days ago
About how we are living
A life full of blessings
Everything feels so majestic
Looking back on our past
All the friendships we used to have
Memories of a broken heart
That got healed after a while
Now life has a new chapter for us
Something to explore by spreading pure love
Now life feels like heaven
We feel abundant everywhere we enter
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