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tea-pettiest2 hours ago
possibly some austria content? nsfw and sfw or however you prefer because i have an intense love for him and i swear have written an entire greek tragedy of him and i in the chronicles of my mind
HES SUCH A PRETTY BOY TEA-PETTIEST WE BOTH KNOW IT OKAY he will definitely play piano if you cant sleep or spends hours picking out roses at a local flower shop . i am rambling for no reason in this ask feature but yes some austria content if thats not too much to ask for !!! 馃挒
already done here
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tea-pettiest2 hours ago
Which nations do you think goof around the most during sex, and like keeping things lighthearted and fun?
already done here
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tea-pettiest2 hours ago
Can you do the NSFW alphabet for Poland?
already done here
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tea-pettiest6 hours ago
I love your tattoo it鈥檚 so adorable 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶also tell frukmerunning that we miss her art (and her lol)
thank you lol, fmr drew it up for me 20 minutes before we went and got ours haha.
i'll pass that along!
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tea-pettiest6 hours ago
Somehow, you being friends with fmr doesn鈥檛 surprise me at all and makes total sense
bc we're both the baddest bitches in the galaxy? yeah, i see that
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tea-pettiest6 hours ago
Aaaah! I love your content and fanfiction, that's all. Have a nice day
thanks! i'm glad that you enjoy my work; i appreciate you supporting me!
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tea-pettiest6 hours ago
I know people suck, but just remember to keep swimming :)
I also write headcannons, though for a different fandom, and I kinda look up to you for writing things you enjoy writing. So stand tall, and fuck them, people will say whatever to bug you.
(Also drink some water 馃寠 馃槈)
i mean, but also for why? like honestly, there are sucky people everywhere and i know that but like, people give writers so little attention -- my like/reblog ratio compared to how many requests people send in is so janky.
what's the point of taking all the abuse and for fan work at that?
it's not like i want to be known for my headcanons anyway, i want to be a writer.
i don't know -- i'm getting pretty disenfranchised with it.
power to you, you must know as well as i do how fucking wack fandom's gotten lately. i don't know if i find it worth it anymore. the headcanons aren't fun for me any longer and if i'm going to pick a hill to die on, i think it should be my own work.
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tea-pettiest8 hours ago
Hi I hope you鈥檙e having a good day! I was wondering if you can do sfw/nsfw hcs of Ukraine x Cuba? Anyways, take care of yourself!
- katyusha tries to write love letters to m谩ximo but struggles with being a poet.聽 her letters end up being relatively chaste, being about her day and all the things she wants to tell him as they happen -- closer to a diary entry than a conventional love letter.聽聽 m谩ximo loves them; in a way, he thinks this is almost more intimate, her sharing the details of her life with him.
-聽 m谩ximo likes to go out dancing regularly and is incredibly light on his feet.聽 katyusha finds this to be great fun and loves their weekly routine.聽 date night is sacred for them.
- prior to them actually getting together, katyusha tries to get his attention (at natalya鈥檚 instruction) by making him jealous.聽 while m谩ximo can be the jealous type, he鈥檚 not the sort to play games, so this backfires and katyusha is forced to come clean.
-聽 m谩ximo doesn鈥檛 wait until he and katyusha are officially together to curb his flirtatious tendencies, he swears off other partners and flings completely once he realizes he has feelings for her.聽 by the time they hook up, it鈥檚 been so long for him -- and god, has she been worth the wait.
- katyusha has a little bit of an issue with overlap and has been unfaithful to聽 m谩ximo before, who now knows about all of this.聽 it鈥檚 something they鈥檙e working through.
-聽 m谩ximo has a knack for fucking in all sorts of strange places.聽 he likes to get creative.聽 almost everything in the home they share has been...christened by them.
- katyusha likes giving m谩ximo prostate massages.
- m谩ximo knows that katyusha likes to have more than one partner.聽 sometimes, he鈥檒l invite another woman in to be their third.聽 he doesn鈥檛 mind sitting back, touching himself, as he watches katyusha and another woman fuck.
- katyusha gets off on yanderes and she likes when m谩ximo puts on this act for her -- this possessive, vicious desire.聽 the feeling of being owned so wholly, body, heart, and mind by someone.
-聽 m谩ximo finds it hot when katyusha pulls his hair during sex.
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tea-pettiest9 hours ago
Nsfw alphabet for Indonesia
A = Aftercare: he likes painkillers for all his aches after sex.
with his lover, he likes to touch them, tenderly, non-sexually, to soothe them.
B = Body part: he likes his chest, firm and toned.
his favorite physical attribute on his partner, is their hands; capable and firm.
C = Cum: his cum tastes awful.聽聽
D = Dirty Secret: he has plenty of fantasies about aliens and animals.聽 real sex has very little appeal to him.
E = Experience: has a moderate amount of experience compared to his colleagues.
F = Favourite Position: 鈥渃ross booty,鈥 a spicy missionary that he feels puts emphasis on his ass 鈥 his favorite place for his lover to put their hands during sex. 聽he also feels like the sensation and feeling of motion and movement are intensified in this position.
G = Goofy: is quite silent and stoic during sex.聽 to not take sex seriously is to not take himself seriously.
H = Hair: is very hairy; his body and sometimes his face is covered in thick, dark hair.聽 he does not wax or shave and likes to let his facial hair grow out.
I = Intimacy: sex is more of a fun, light-hearted affair for him.聽聽
J = Jack Off: he seldom jerks off.
K = Kink: multiple eyes.
L = Location: will only fuck at his home or his lover鈥檚.
M = Motivation: to make some sort of connection with his lover; not necessarily a life-long one, but something.
N = NO: feminization.聽
O = Oral: gives as readily as he receives
P = Pace: fucks slowly and sensuously.
Q = Quickie: loves quickies. 聽he loves the desperate, unable-to-wait feeling of them. 聽quickies are almost his favorite type of sex to have.
R = Risk: is down for anything.
S = Stamina: has a small libido.聽 he might not outlast his lover.
T = Toy:聽 has no toys.
U = Unfair: prefers partners that see things exactly the way he does.
V = Volume: isn鈥檛 too quiet or too loud during sex.
W = Wild Card: loves stripping naked.聽 will undress every chance he gets.
X = X-Ray: is a grower. 聽uncut. 聽long, thin cock.
Y = Yearning:聽 yearns like crazy.聽 will pine for his lover for years before fucking them, and when he does, it鈥檚 like a spiritual experience.聽聽
Z = ZZZ: is energized during sex -- wants to clean up or do chores.
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tea-pettiest10 hours ago
This probably sounds weird but could you rank the axis and allies by how good they could rail you?
Like from 1-5 (1 being awful like no coordination, way too serious, never on the right rhythm and 5 being a literal sex god. Like that dick is transcendental.)
italy: 3.聽 he鈥檚 had a lot of sex and it shows -- he鈥檚 got techniques up the wazoo, but because he gives his love so freely, it doesn鈥檛 feel sacred.聽 his lover is on a popular ride and it shows.聽 the fuck itself might be good but not so much that his lover won鈥檛 be wondering about who鈥檚 been there just before.
germany: 1.聽 he鈥檚 a younger nation with less experience and it shows.聽 he tries to be sweet and romantic but it鈥檚 horribly forced.聽 when he tries to get it in, he misses several times.聽 ugh.聽 he tries to hold your hand and look into your eyes, and ends up crying afterward.聽 super uncomfortable.聽 he鈥檚 hunky, but it鈥檚 not worth it.
japan: 3.聽 he鈥檚 got great technique but it always feels a bit sterile.聽 he鈥檚 in the business of humiliation but he struggles with intimacy and as such, his lovers never feel...connected with.
prussia: 1.聽 too stunted to be good at sex despite his age.聽 he鈥檚 emotionally awkward and too rough for most people in the sack.聽 yikes.
romano: 3.聽 he鈥檚 alright -- technique wise he鈥檚 great but this is overshadowed by his crippling emotional baggage.聽 he tries his best but somehow, even though feliciano鈥檚 not there, he makes his way into your bed.聽 eh.
america: 5.聽 he may be new but he鈥檚 enthusiastic and a quick learner.聽 alfred does whatever he can to please and as such, he really does please.聽 plenty of oral, lots of enthusiasm, and a hunky boytoy?聽 yes please.聽 someone this young, should not have this perfect of a score, and yet...
russia: 5.聽 sexy.聽 he鈥檚 built, a little emotionally unavailable, and has that accent.聽 his cock is huge and he鈥檒l rail you.聽 fuck.聽 i love him so much.
england:聽 4.聽 he鈥檚 got lots of experience and despite his chaste demeanor, he鈥檚 anything but.聽 the only thing is that he might need his lover to show him that they want this side, before actually unleashing it.
france: 2.聽 don鈥檛 be fooled -- he鈥檚 romantic and tender but he鈥檚 very vanilla.聽 he caters so much to less experienced partners that his own experience has been inhibited.聽 he鈥檚 good for sappy, needy partners, and that鈥檚 it.
china: 1. it鈥檚 so hard to get into his bed that he can barely be judged.聽 so few people have actually slept with him, that his rating suffers, despite his actual prowess.
canada: 4.聽 has a hot hockey bod and is emotionally, quite tender for the perfect blend of rough and sweet.聽 however, it鈥檚 unlikely you鈥檒l notice him your first time around.聽聽
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tea-pettiesta day ago
Tumblr media
so normally i just ignore inflammatory things people send me because there鈥檚 no sound way to argue with someone who鈥檚 already contextualized you in their mind as being unsound, be that morally, psychologically, or what have you, but i do think it鈥檚 related to how we as a society talk about sex and what鈥檚 acceptable within that.
listen.聽 it is perfectly fine to curate your own experiences and that absolutely should be done.聽 it is perfectly okay to block/unfollow/etc. and be wholly uninvolved with content to whatever degree you need to be.
however, what i鈥檝e found in my experience, is that people will swoop in on that mighty, mighty high horse of theirs (weary after making the long, arduous trek on the moral high ground for so long, of course) and start dropping accusations of bombardment and harassment despite having gone out of their way to come to me, and having ventured far enough into content that they deem聽鈥渕orally repugnant鈥 despite it being clearly labeled at the top for what it is, and tagged using well-known, identifiable tags that describe the content it deals with.
someone @ed me a bit ago about misusing the word聽鈥減urity culture鈥 and while there are many more things written by people more qualified to talk about why it鈥檚 an appropriate term to use with respect to the 鈥渁nti/fanpol movement鈥, and who are far more eloquent when they do talk about it, this screenshot right here, to me, feels like a good example.
usually, the first bit of resistance i get when people want to argue with me about portrayals of kinks, and more often than that, paraphilias specifically is that they jump to the聽鈥渋t鈥檚 just wrong and icky鈥 argument.聽 not only is it a depiction of sex but it鈥檚 a depiction of sex that falls outside the scope of what they鈥檙e comfortable with.聽 it鈥檚 fine to think things are wrong and icky -- but just because one person doesn鈥檛 like it, doesn鈥檛 mean the whole thing is morally reprehensible.
what鈥檚 morally good and okay is inherently subjective -- there is no universal moral good, so it鈥檚 our job in a society with laws to decide where we draw that line -- it鈥檚 our job as people who live in a community that has and will continue to have established social norms, to decide where we draw that line.
you disliking something just because you find it icky, or don鈥檛 know about it, or are afraid to like it are not where the line gets drawn.聽 what doesn鈥檛 hurt people is where most have decided to set that line.聽聽
while people might make the argument that this content is harmful -- keeping it to audiences who consent to seeing it is how we keep it safe.聽 setting clear boundaries and respecting those boundaries is how we keep the community safe.聽 people who go out on witch hunts and harass others for the聽鈥渟ake of boundaries鈥 are all about paying lip service without even understanding what it means or takes to have and keep a safe community.
moreover, there is no purely fictional content that is directly and solely harmful to anyone.聽 the fictional component of this makes sure of it.聽 insensitive?聽 sure.聽 does it perhaps have the potential to make bad waves?聽 absolutely -- but that requires at least a modicum of accountability and responsibility on the consumer鈥檚 part -- something that really seems to scare antis.聽
deciding to draw a line somewhere just because you think聽鈥渇inding it icky鈥 gives you some moral authority is similar rhetoric used by purity culture to perpetuate other harmful sentiments, much like the homophobic and transphobic sentiments the lgbt community is subjected to.
to be perfectly clear -- i鈥檓 not comparing the fuck ass tumblr discourse surrounding kink to the systemic oppression and marginalization of the lgbt community, but i don鈥檛 think they鈥檙e entirely unrelated (and i鈥檓 not just referring specifically to the history/origin of kink though i think this history is married to ideas of censorship, progress, and purity culture.)聽 .
but if someone can take up a legitimate platform to condemn kink (a means of sexual expression) as being morally wrong off the context of it being聽鈥渋cky鈥 then what sort of precedent does that set for other things?聽 what kinds of people and in what contexts have traditionally been considered聽鈥渄eranged鈥 or聽鈥渋nsane鈥 with respect to sexuality and expressions of sexuality?聽 (not to mention how ableist undertones in this sort of talk) and does the mass condemnation perhaps have -- gasp! -- real consequences that impact peoples鈥 lives?
there鈥檚 a reason there鈥檚 an instinct to shut down censorship at low levels, such as not being allowed to read certain books in school or why we like our government to keep their hands off what media we鈥檙e allowed to consume by and large, and that鈥檚 because we all have an understanding of how these smaller, seemingly trivial instances relate to bigger, more pressing components of our life, like who we鈥檙e allowed to legally marry, what we鈥檙e allowed to do for a living, what we have access to in our education, be it formal or informal, and who we choose, or even if we choose who represents us and continues to have major influence over these major components of our life, depending on the collective noise we make as people living under the unified concept of a community.
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tea-pettiesta day ago
kind of a funny ask but which countries do you think are stoners? I鈥檓 curious lmao
hungary: prefers bongs.聽 always makes sure everyone鈥檚 hydrated while high.
norway: has a filter he uses that allows him to smoke literally anywhere, even like, right outside of a police station lmao.聽 discretion is his specialty.
belarus: smokes and then lights a ton of smelly candles to bury the stink.聽 even if it鈥檚 obvious, she鈥檒l maintain that she doesn鈥檛 smoke pot.
poland: has an incredibly big stash.聽 most people come to him when they鈥檙e out, including many of his colleagues.聽聽
ukraine: prefers thca cannabinoids as they relax her more, which is why she smokes.
prussia: has a ceramic bong he swears by.
finland: likes to get high as fuck and watch nature documentaries.
england: has a watch that鈥檚 also a grinder.聽 he wears it everywhere and though he rarely uses it for its...other purpose, he still gets plenty of shit for it.
greece: has a double barrel joint holder for him and his smoke circle.
sweden: keeps smoke buddies on him at all times to smoke freely and filter out that weed smell.聽
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tea-pettiesta day ago
amechu sfw and nsfw hcs?
- alfred is so used to trying things at his own that he always wants yao to wait on the sidelines while he figures things out, which conflicts with yao鈥檚 views that as a couple, they are a team.聽 this is a reoccurring point of contention in their relationship.
- yao, never so graceful when it comes to casual work relationships, first met alfred by crashing right into him while being hasty and careless on his way to a meeting.聽 yao thinks this is mortifying but alfred views it as their meet-cute.
- alfred is suspicious of yao since he鈥檚 so much older -- hasn鈥檛 he had his better, greater loves before him?聽 is he just settling for alfred?聽 yao has to convince alfred time and time again, that he loves the man for him.聽 he鈥檚 not settling at all.
- during meetings where ludwig had one of his long, boring slideshows, yao鈥檚 and alfred鈥檚 hands would find each other鈥檚 in the dark.聽聽
- they were friends with benefits before they were a formal couple.
- yao used to convince himself that alfred was just a cheap fuck.聽 god, he doesn鈥檛 think he believed it, even back then.
- alfred was serious about taking their intimacy slowly and by the book.聽 when yao wanted to throw the other man down and suck his cock right away, he was shocked and yao had to slow things down.
- foreplay is yao鈥檚 bread and butter; he prefers it to the main event, really.聽 toying with al鈥檚 nipples, making out, frottage -- it鈥檚 all a much more complicated dance than the menial back and forth of a fuck.
- alfred likes wrist restraints.聽 he likes to see his lover pinned beneath him, vulnerable, waiting for him to stick his cock into.
- yao gets off on feminizing alfred; it鈥檚 a nice contrast to the hypermasculinity front he usually puts up.聽 plus, he really is so pretty.
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tea-pettiesta day ago
which countries have a praise and/or mommy/daddy kink
mommy kink in the queue
daddy kink done here
russia: maintains that he dislikes praise in the bedroom -- it鈥檚 corny.聽 what is he, a dog?聽 he doesn鈥檛 need anyone to ruffle his hair and call him good.聽 he doesn鈥檛 need it, but fuck, if it doesn鈥檛 make him hard to know that his lover likes what he does.
italy: he especially likes to be praised for his oral skills;聽鈥測ou look so good sucking my cock/ with your mouth on my cunt.鈥
america: it鈥檚 funny, because he really dislikes dirty talk as a whole but he loves praise.聽 he gets off, not only on attention but on being revered and adored.
belarus: gets off to praise but more specifically pet names.聽聽鈥渄ear鈥/鈥漨y love鈥/鈥漦itten鈥 are her weaknesses.
sweden: works for a good fuck and to make his lover feel good.聽 he gets off on praise because it鈥檚 just a sign that he鈥檚 succeeding in these.
hungary: has always known she had a praise kink.聽 she just...likes to be validated, even non-sexually, so it was of no surprise to her when her lover鈥檚 compliments went further than what they might otherwise go.
new zealand: had a series of bad foster father figures in his life, and as a result, he鈥檚 got a thing for older men and responds to their praise like crazy.聽 his praise kink is tied to his daddy kink.
finland: his praise kink is simple -- he just wants to be a good boy.聽 what you see is what you get; no one is surprised to find that tino has a praise kink.
spain: loves when his partner gives him orders paired with praise;聽鈥渘ow suck my cock -- ah, yes, that鈥檚 it.鈥澛 he鈥檚 not one to take orders blindly, but perhaps if his lover revers him in the process, he鈥檒l accept it.
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tea-pettiesta day ago
also can we see the tattoo?
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tea-pettiesta day ago
haha yeah! we were there for each other's first tats :') we're meeting up in a few weeks again
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tea-pettiesta day ago
hehe not only do i have exclusive fmr art for my blog header, but i have her handwriting tattooed on my arm too :鈥)
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tea-pettiest2 days ago
Does anybody like fucking to music? If so what type?
austria: don鈥檛 be fooled -- classical is his work music.聽 his play music is actually music through the decades -- sappy, groovy, ideal for getting it on to a good beat and completely separate from what he does as a musician.
turkey: regional mexican music.聽 it鈥檚 got a good beat and some subgenres are especially romantic.
cuba: the blues.聽 it鈥檚 sexy and low and a little bit anguished.聽 so yeah, fitting for his sex life.
ukraine: fucks to pop.聽 it鈥檚 familiar and easy to get into.聽 usually it鈥檚 just playing in the background from when she was getting ready earlier in the evening, so it makes for a seamless transition.
greece: hip hop.聽 it鈥檚 objectively the sexiest genre of music.
canada: fucks to his workout playlist because he needs something somewhat rigorous and is sex not something of a workout in itself?
australia: jazz.聽 call him old fashioned, but it鈥檚 still the most romantic genre of music.聽 it鈥檚 the perfect one to get anyone in the mood.
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tea-pettiest2 days ago
Is saw you have any answered some on pet play and puppy play. What a animals does each country prefer'?
france: a bull.聽 he does well with partners who have a breeding kink, and enjoys more aggressive roleplay scenarios.
england: switches between a kitty or a puppy because he鈥檚 new to pet play and this is pretty standard.聽 he feels safe being such a common animal, which allows him a nice, little sandbox in which to explore the fetish.
belarus: also prefers a kitty or puppy.聽 she鈥檚 experienced though and can communicate well through body language.
america: also plays as a puppy or kitty but does so in both a sexual and nonsexual context.聽 he just likes it as an outlet over all.
prussia: changes it up each time because he gets off on the act of roleplaying as an animal in itself.聽
japan: he likes to be a puppy; sociable and warm -- both traits he feels he鈥檚 lacking in.聽 he likes feeling as if he鈥檚 super easy to love.
russia: is a puppy because when he first got into the community, it鈥檚 what he was shown and he鈥檚 just used to it now.
hungary: started off as a furry and then got into pet play.聽 she defaults to some sort of big cat, and occasionally a kitten.
sweden: he gets really into being a puppy.聽 he follows his聽鈥渕aster鈥 unfailingly and sniffs at everything they touch.
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tea-pettiest2 days ago
can you do a nsfw alphabet for austria 馃ズ
A = Aftercare: he gets achy without his aftercare regimen, and will make his lover pay for it if they don鈥檛 make the effort to take care of him initially.
for his lover, he tries to bring out books they鈥檒l like.聽 he might offer to read to them.聽 it鈥檚 something intimate but physically hands off; space without abandonment.聽
B = Body part: he likes his arms.聽 lean and though a little scrawny for his liking, capable of many beautiful things.
likes a lover with fine wrists.聽 lovely with the gleam of bracelets, or the marbled tendons and blue-green veins snaking their way beneath the skin.
C = Cum: his cum tastes terrible.聽 it鈥檚 very watery but seems to coat the back of his lover鈥檚 throat when they swallow.聽 when he comes, it spatters and goes far.
D = Dirty Secret: doesn鈥檛 have nearly as dirty of a mind as many think.聽 when he speaks in innuendo, it鈥檚 more often than not, an accident.聽 he鈥檚 ended up in a lot of sexy situations without intending to, and then went on ahead with it because he thought聽鈥渨hy not?鈥
E = Experience: has an average amount of experience compared to his colleagues.
F = Favourite Position: 鈥渢he om鈥澛 he sits cross-legged as his lover straddles him and wraps their legs around his waist, riding him in a snug fit.聽 this is a smooth, slow fuck, rather than a rough, hard, bouncy one.聽 he gets lots of time with their face and chest/tits.聽 his arms wrapped around them, it鈥檚 as intimate and affectionate as it is sexy.
G = Goofy: is quite solemn during sex.聽 he takes his desires rather seriously.
H = Hair: doesn鈥檛 wax or shave.聽 has been experimenting with growing his facial hair out lately.
I = Intimacy: sex isn鈥檛 intimate at all for him.聽 when he fucks, it鈥檚 just because he wants to get his dick wet.
J = Jack Off: jerks off about once a week.
K = Kink: illness/disease.聽 he likes to fuck his lover when they鈥檙e sick; the fever makes it hotter, their weakness makes them seem more vulnerable, and when they cough, they tighten around him to a deliriously good measure.
L = Location: will fuck anywhere and everywhere.
M = Motivation: to recommit himself to his lover. 聽to know that in this moment, they鈥檝e left their mark on each other as irreplaceable pieces of each others鈥 lives.
N = NO: breeding.聽 the idea of pregnancy and siring children just...ugh, and he鈥檚 sterile.
O = Oral: is exceptionally generous in giving oral.
P = Pace: fucks at a nice, steady moderate pace.
Q = Quickie: hates quickies.聽 they鈥檙e sloppy and hasty and not at all what sex could be.聽 roderich considers them to be a waste of his time.
R = Risk: wants to try new things but won鈥檛 do anything with lasting consequences.
S = Stamina: has relatively low stamina compared to his colleagues.聽 his lover will often outlast him.
T = Toy:聽 has a few toys; a vibrator, cock rings, etc.
U = Unfair: he鈥檚 critical of partners bigger than him, whether that鈥檚 in terms of weight, cock size, etc.聽 this really just stems from a place of insecurity as he feels rather scrawny.
V = Volume: isn鈥檛 super loud or super quiet.聽 a very balanced lover in terms of this,
W = Wild Card: he鈥檚 attracted to people who look like him -- and isn鈥檛 even aware of this.
X = X-Ray: is a grower.聽 uncut.聽 short cock.
Y = Yearning: he can hold out and聽鈥測earn鈥 a bit but he usually can鈥檛 want for his partner more than a day or two before making a move.聽 he鈥檚 not very patient.
Z = ZZZ: knocks out right after sex.
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