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tara-learns-to-write · 2 hours ago
this isnt a request lol but bestie im loving the consistency of ur posts and the quality of ur works r IMMACULATE😌😌💘😽
🥺🤚 stop my heart can't take this 💖 (did I sit there for 2 minutes wondering if you meant consistency as in texture.... maybeeee). But seriously I promise I have stuff planned to come out later in the week so 😎. Jesus this is long.... HAVE A WONDEFUL DAY/NIGHT AND THANK YOU FOR THIS BESTIE 💖💖💖💖
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This just a little something from me so you don’t need to pay attention to it :)
Hey Besties✨ It’s Tara. Firstly let’s start this off on a high note, thank you so much for 56 followers. I appreciate all of you and it means a lot that you like my content enough to give me a follow or even just a like. Now talking of content, I feel I owe people an explanation or an apology (I don’t really know what to call it lol) just because I do realize that my writing isn’t that great and I don’t really have a posting schedule so they either come all at once or not at all. I have so much respect for you all for sticking around and reading my stuff. I feel like last week was a great week writing wize and I can only hope that I reach that standard again. Like I said I’m working on getting a schedule things are just busy right now in everything but just know I am trying my hardest to get stuff out and in some type of system. The opportunity to write means a lot to me as I think I have already said so thank you for being patient as I work things out. I hope you all have a great day or night and I’ll see you next time <3
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Forgotten Thing
@funsized-mimi bestie what about y/n finds out they have a sibling they never knew about (could be older or younger, brother or sister it doesn’t matter)and they find out that that sibling was kidnapped by hydra or something(just like y/n) and they’re being experimented on. the team helps y/n find and save the sibling because peter is like their best friend, tony sees y/n as their own kid also he’s smart and loaded he can help out a lot, and the rest of the team help out because y/n finally found someone from their real family, thank youuu
Hey, bestie :) this helped me out so much so thank you for sending this in! you are way too kind so I hope you enjoy this :) I might do a part 2 at some point, not too sure :)
You loved the family you had found they were kind, thoughtful, and would do anything for you
Just like family should 
Yet every time you felt like you took a step further away from what Hydra did to you, it always felt like something was missing
“Hey little genius, just sleaving you this to tell you how proud we all are of you for going out by yourself! This might not seem big but we understand the challenges you go through so well done we are all so proud” Tony’s voice rang through your headphones. You smiled and turned your music back up as you carried on walking down the uneven streets of New York. You knew this was a big deal and you should feel proud but instead, you just felt like something was missing.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Laughter and cheers echoed off the walls as you blew out the candles on the birthday cake Tony and Steve had insisted they bake you (with the help of Wanda of course). As you felt someone put a party hat on your head and the flash of someone's phone go off all you could think about was how it felt like someone was missing. “Is everyone here?” you asked worry clear on your face “of course sweetie, why? What’s up?” Nat replied with a soft smile “No reason, just felt like someone was for a minute” you laughed it off returning the smile but still that feeling remained.
You know that feeling you get on a Monday morning as you rush to school? The feeling of forgetting something and the daunting feeling that you had lost something?
That’s what you always seemed to feel 
You did talk to people about it 
Mainly your best friend Peter 
“I just always feel like something is missing and that whatever it is, it’s important” peter sat opposite you on your bed watching as your arms flew around animatedly and you ranted about this forgotten thing “maybe your mind is just worrying about helping design the new suits so it’s trying to distract you with this?” you ran your hands through your hair and sighed in frustration “you don’t get it, it’s not started because if the suits it’s always been here, maybe Hydra did something to me, maybe I am just broken”. Peter pulled you into a tight hug as you cried into his shoulder “you’re not broken, I promise”.
One thing the team had been very careful about was missions that included anything even remotely linked to Hydra but when Fury wants to talk about something you don’t really have a choice
That’s not to say that the team didn’t fight for half an hour to be able to stay in the room with you
“Fury you know this is sensitive for them still” Bucky argued from his seat around the conference table, giving Fury a look that even death would shiver at “I am perfectly aware of L/n’s dealings with the topic but this is important and you don’t even know what I’m talking about so I suggest that you stay out it” he bit back turning to Tony who looked like he was either ready to kill someone or go against the director's orders and handcuff himself to you in protest. “If you don’t like the idea of not being with them then what exactly do you suggest I do?” he said with a sigh “Well why don’t you let us stay in the room with them? That way you get to tell them and we can be there if they go crazy” 
Fury ended up agreeing to this
It’s not like they gave him a choice
You just wish you would have been more prepared for what was going to be said
“What exactly is this about?” you asked, shifting from nervously one foot to another as Bruce put a hand on your shoulder in an attempt to soothe your racing mind “You don’t remember much about your time with Hydra do you?” the statement caused the room to tense “apart from the pain, killing, experimenting. No not really” you replied with a hard look ingrained upon your face “At shield we were investigating a suspected Hydra base. It was confirmed to be a base and a base you stayed at nonetheless” he took a breath before continuing “it was also where your brother is currently staying” and suddenly it all made sense. You see what you had left out every time you opened up about your nightmares was the boy who would call out your name at the end of each one. It must have been him, you thought. Your forgotten thing. “How old is he? Is he being experimented on like I was? Why wasn’t he extracted when I was” you started to hyperventilate. Your mind racing at the needless possibilities that 10 minutes ago wouldn’t have even crossed your mind. “That’s where you come in” Fury spoke as the team tried to calm you down.
And with that, you and your found family hatched a plan
To reunite you and your older brother
Because at the end of the day they would do anything for you
Including inviting another person into the home you had created for yourselves 
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Hey besties 💓 is there anything you'd like to see from me this week? Or just anything you'd like to see me do 👀 if there is then feel free to shoot me a message or an ask :)
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 days ago
Part 2 of “if we had 5 more minutes”, Goodbye texts from the Avengers
Hey besties 👋 I made myself cry writing the first part so here’s to doing it again writing this 🥳😌😎 I am gonna have to do another part of this so stay tuned for that 💖
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 days ago
If We Had 5 More Minutes
Hey Besties, I just want to say that there will be talk of death, grief and a brief mention of alcohol being used to cope and as always me not proofreading. Anyway, this kind of sucks but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Hold on besties! I’m so proud of all of you
A mission goes wrong and you die. How would they react? Let’s find out 
The mission was supposed to be a quick one
Get in, take what you needed and get out 
But it wasn’t 
Before you even got there the vibe on the jet was weird 
Bucky and A few others claiming they had a bad feeling about the mission
“All I’m saying is we should be extra careful, I have been doing this long enough to be able to tell when somethings wrong” Bucky said to Steve obviously frustrated with the way the Captain wasn’t listening. “Buck you just need to take a breath, if you aren’t ready and can’t put your superstitions to one side then I will take you off of this mission and leave you in the jet” the blond replied using his captain voice. You were watching this all from your seat knowing that it was best not to get involved and get so emotional before a mission. You did have to admit that something felt strange but you had put it down to the adrenaline pumping through your veins as it always did before a mission. “I’m sure we’ll be fine, we’re a team remember. We go in together and come out together no matter how we are feeling” you said trying to lighten the mood. Whether it lightened the mood or not the men decided to drop the subject and carry on the prep.
If only
When you all made your way to the designated start point the air was still filled with something you couldn’t decipher, whatever it was you could cut it with a knife it was so prominent
Still you and the rest of the team got ready for Caps orders 
“Ready guys?” Steve's’ voice crackled over the comms
“What? Ready to kick some bad guys ass? When are we not” Tony joked. He always had a joke to make or a way to lighten the mood “Hell yeah Stark” you giggled. “Alright, on my count” Steve said, you could tell even just by his voice that he was smiling “1. 2. 3. GO GO GO”
And with that you were off like a flash. 
Zooming straight to the North Corner with Sam just like you were told
It all went wrong so quickly that if someone were to ask you what happened you wouldn’t know where to start
There were more guards than you had previously anticipated meaning you all had to work twice as hard to try and find the USB with the information on 
“Uhhhh Steve, we might need some help up here” Sam called through the comms as he fought off 2 agents at once. Mean while you were struggling to hold off 3. Left hook. Duck. Kick. Slash. Slash. Right hook. Just as you had been trained to do, whether it was the fact there was 3 of them or the fact that they were practically a wall of muscle, you were finding it hard to dodge their attacks. You already had a black eye, a slash on your arm and at least a fractured or bruised rib. “Steve Hurry up, unlike you I don’t think I can do this all day” you joked trying Tony’s tactic to pretend you didn’t feel like there was an elephant pressing on your chest.
Steve got there shortly after
Having taken down all the agents on his side 
However 1 shield and 4 more agents with guns wasn’t exactly the most reassuring situation
Bang. A scream.Falling to the ground, a scream tore from your throat. When had the guy aimed at you? Why did it feel like you were falling in slow motion? Your body hit the floor with a thud “Y/N’S DOWN GET OUT TO THE JET NOW” you could here Caps voice but it sounded like you were underwater. As you drifted in and out of consciousness you could feel your body being lifted up by a pair of arms and carried out of the building. Opening your eyes all you could here was the dull sound of cried from your team mates “it’s going to be okay” you coughed, blood spilling out your mouth. That wasn't a good sign. “We’re a team remember?” you said, smiling as best you could as your black dots started to cloud your vision. “Don’t you dare die on us doll!” Bucky choked from somewhere on the jet, “Bucky's right, we’re a team just like you said” Bruce cried. Where was everyone's voice coming from? “You can’t leave us” Natasha sobbed, you tried your best to open your eyes but they just felt so heavy. “I’m not leaving you” you said breathy “I’m always gonna be here” struggling to speak you said the only thing you had the strength to and the only thing you could think of “I love you all, I’m sorry” tears rolled down your cheek as you looked into Steve’s eyes. “It’s okay princess, you have” his sentence was interrupted by a cry “nothing to be sorry about” and with that you closed your eyes.
Dying. It didn’t feel like how the movies said it would. It wasn’t like being embraced in a blanket, it wasn't soft or calm it was harsh and rushed. You had been ripped from your families world in a flurry of tears and blood and broken promises. That’s the thing about death. The people who describe it as greeting an old friend or surrendering to the unknown in a blissful and unaware state, fail to account for the people we leave behind. The broken, griefing and shattered people. That’s all the Avengers were without you. Broken people. Bruce no longer looked forward to leaving the lab to see you standing there with a coffee in your hand and a knowing smile on your face. Tony no longer joked, opting to wallow in his pain at the bottom of a bottle. Steve no longer found joy in drawing, you were always his inspiration and now you were gone. Bucky no longer talked, what was the point if the people listening weren’t you? Clint was no longer a shoulder to cry on for others, spending more time at home with his own family. Vision no longer used the door to the bedroom you had once occupied, in fact he refused to go in at all. Thor no longer laughed. Loki no longer took pride in his magic, it’s not like it saved you? Wanda no longer baked, you used to do that with her. Pietro no longer raced around, it was normal to see him slowly walking through the corridors remembering how your laugh used to bounce of the walls. Natasha no longer had someone to mother or even talk to. Peter no longer smiled.
That’s the funny thing about losing someone you love. You often find yourself remembering the times you had, asking yourself all the what if’s and the why not me. It leaves a person shattered and more often than not the only person who could mend that was the person that was no longer there. Without you, they were no longer a team. I mean how could they be when you were the glue holding them together?
Yes the world kept turning and the sun still rose.
But without you around to light up their lives like the star you were 
The world didn’t seem the same.
So how did they  react? How did they cope?
They didn’t.
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tara-learns-to-write · 2 days ago
Being an agent in training and Nat being a mother figure
Hey Besties :) this isn’t my best work and I’m kind of disappointed at how the standard of my work keeps slipping but I promise that next week I am going to do a lot better and work a lot harder :) Also this could potentially be triggering to read as there is brief mentions of bad parenting so please take care if you read this. Sorry I’m rambling, Let’s get on with it :) 
Your mum had never really been there for you as kid
Whether she was out with her friends, drinking or going out to the middle of butfuck nowhere at 11 o’clock at night, she just wasn’t there
You never really felt like you belonged anywhere
But instead of dwelling on it you pushed yourself into your studies and into the idea of becoming an avenger
“Y/n L/n, My name is Director Fury and I am here to talk to you about our Young Agent Training Program” you looked at the man in shock, sure you had become a fighting machine but you didn’t think you had what it took to actually get onto the program “Uh sure. Uhm come in, sorry for the mess I don’t really have a lot of time to clean up” you stuttered as you tried to kick last night's paper plate under the couch. “So what exactly do you do L/n?”
After a long conversation it was decided that next monday you would start the program and see what you could do under the right training
When you got there you were both ecstatic and completely terrified to be told that The Black Widow would be training you 
You stared in awe at the red haired woman in front of you. You had been given the privilege of training with Natasha Romanoff and boy oh boy were you going to take advantage of that “Right let’s get started. Give me 3 laps as a warm up and then we will talk about what your training will include” a chorus of yes ma’ams ran through the group. “What. Should. We do. Once. We. Are done?” you panted obviously out of breath from coming first (not that it was a race) “well done firecracker just sit tight and wait for the others to finish”
Firecracker, that’s what she called you from then on
Not that you minded, in fact it made you feel safe.
Like you had someone in your corner cheering you on
And you did
“COME ON L/N JUST A BIT MORE YOU CAN DO IT!” that was the first time you had heard that in a while so you forced the pain in your arms down and carried on with god knows what exercise she had all of you doing.
“Good Morning Ma’am” you said with a curt nod as you made your way into the training room for today's knife throwing session “how many times have I told you firecracker? It’s Nat” she chuckled back, patting your back as you passed “right yeah sorry”
“Nice shot Firecracker” Natasha smiled as she watched you shoot the center of the target “thanks! I’ve been practicing” you replied putting the guns safety back on and placing it on the metal table for the next person you use. “I can tell” she said walking with you to the water station just across the hall “you keep it up and you’ll be better than me soon!”
That made you smile 
Someone actually believed in you and it made you all giddy inside 
When you graduated, Nat sat in the front row cheering the loudest as you got handed your new S.H.I.E.L.D ID and official badge 
Of course you were asked if you wanted to join the Avengers initiative and of course you said yes
I mean who would pass up the opportunity to do what they had been working towards for the last few years
The one thing that joining the Avengers did was turn Nat into an even bigger mother figure 
For example the first few weeks of your time in the tower
You were just sitting in your room scrolling on your phone when there was a knock at your door “Hey y/n have you eaten today? Because if you haven’t do you want to get breakfast with me and Bruce?” you turned your phone off and faced the woman with a smile “sure just let me put my shoes on and then we can go” 
This happened a lot, Nat knocking on your door and asking if you wanted to eat with her or asking if you had been taking care of yourself
“Firecracker get dressed and meet us in the car” you quirked your eyebrow at the woman but started to pull your jeans on nonetheless “us?” you said “Yes us me, you and Wanda are going for a day out” you just smiled and carried on slipping your shoes on
You were Nats kid and she was your Mum
No matter it was said out loud or not you both knew that was the agreement 
Except for the fact that you did say it once
You smiled sleepy at Nat as she made sure you were tucked in and safe. She did this nearly every night and you couldn’t work out if she was letting you know she was there or reminding herself that you were safe “Goodnight my little Firecracker” Nat said as she planted a soft kiss on your forehead “Goodnight Mum”
That was the moment that she knew she would do anything in the world to protect you and love you forever 
Little did she know, you had already promised yourself to do the same
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tara-learns-to-write · 3 days ago
They didn’t see that coming
Mind if I ask a steve x teen reader where they have a different mutant ability (fire manipulation and blood manipulation) seeing how they beat a bad guy by using two elements against them to using one bad guy as a puppet how would steve and the others find out
Hey Bestie, thanks for the request this was so much fun to write! I hope it lived up to your expectations :) sorry, it was shorter than expected :/
You were hired by Nick because of your skills in combat 
You were basically Natasha but… little 
No one knew about your powers as it wasn’t on your file and also because you didn’t use them unless you really had to as they took a lot out of you
“Oh come on Mini-me just because you don’t have Pietro’s lightning speed doesn’t mean you can’t try to race him,” Natasha said with a smirk plastered on her lips. Setting your feet at the start line you looked back at her “oh I intend to try, build up endurance you know?”. 
You didn’t think it was possible to be in pain everywhere until you ran a 10-mile race with Steve, Pietro, and Bucky.
“You know you could always ask one of us powered folks to get your glass for you ?” Loki chuckled from the corner of the room watching you struggle to get the cup from the top shelf “yep I am perfectly aware of that Mr last time y/n asked for a cup I put a spider in it” as your fingers wrapped around the object you realized it must have been him who put it up there in the first place “Bastard” you muttered walking away.
Another fun fact about you was that you were very protective of your family which showed up in little acts at first
Glancing over at them during battle to make sure they were okay, double-checking the mission briefs to make sure you had memorized how many guards there would be
They didn’t know how far you would go so they liked to test the boundaries
however, everything came out 1 mission
“y/n Cap’s gonna need an extra pair of hands in the south corridor” Tony’s voice crackled through the comms. You started to change your course and ran through the rubble of some building that had gotten knocked down in the process of the fight “Got it Stark, already on my way”. When you got there you weren’t expecting to see Steve fighting off 4 agents and struggling to beat them, you knew this wasn’t going to be good if you didn’t step in and use your powers, so conjuring a ball of flames in your hand you screamed “STEVE DUCK” and as the blond fell to the ground you threw the flames in the agents' direction. “2 down 2 to go” you muttered getting ready to use the one power you had been trying to hide for the last 6 months. “So boys, who wants to play a game?” you stalked towards the 2 men, a sick smirk slowly inching onto your face “How about Simon says? I’ll start” flicking a wrist up you continued “Simon says I’m gonna boil you form the inside out and then I’m gonna take you” you used your free hand to point at the now terrified agent “and make you fight against your own team, how does that sound? Great let’s get started”. Suddenly, the first man started to scream out in pain, writhing in the floor like a worm on concrete “pathetic” you spat. Using your powers to bend both the mans blood and body to your will and watched as he fought against the urges you were sending him “Y/N! IT’S DONE LEAVE THEM AND LET’S GO” you heard Steve shout, so letting your grip on them fall you ran out after the super soldier to the jet.
You could almost feel the tension when you stepped back onto the jet
And it was only then that you realized that they had been watching the whole thing from the CCTV cameras in the corridor
“So you do have powers?” “You didn’t think to tell us you could make a grown man cry”  “I’m impressed” You sat down as the team started to bombard you with questions, thinking that it would be best if you left it a minute before you started to talk “Look I didn’t think I would ever use them again, it wasn’t on my file so I didn’t think it was necessary. I’m sorry” and that was where the conversation ended
You were never teased again
And Loki even taught you how to do even more damage with your new skillset 
Fury made sure to add it to your file 
Apart from that, everything was fine in the Avengers Tower and if anything, it brought you closer together as a family
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tara-learns-to-write · 3 days ago
Being Shy and Quiet but loving Horror movies and how the Avengers would react:
Hey Besties, I did get this as an ask but I was an idiot and deleted it :/ but here it is anyway. Hope this is what you wanted :) if it wasn’t I can redo it but no more stalling let’s get into it. @loudbluepancake thank you for the request 💖
Okay so you were a pretty sweet person 
When you first joined the team it did take a little while for you to open up and make friends but that's only because they were THE AVENGERS and well you were a little nervous 
The team new you could hold your own in the field but that doesn’t mean they were any less protective
You were only training so there really was no need for them to get so upset over the fact that Thor had been a little rougher than expected “come on Point Break what were you thinking” Tony sighed at the God. You just sat there on the bench and waited for some quiet in between the conversation so you could get a word in. “Starks right Thor it was irresponsible yes they can take it but doesn’t mean you can just go at them like that” oh god he had his captain voice on, that wasn’t good “uhm guys” no reply too caught up in whatever Bucky and sam had started to say to the man “GUYS! You do realise that I don’t mind just because you guys go easy on me doesn’t mean the enemy will so thank you Thor for giving me a chance to actually train” that certainly shut them up. Getting up from the bench, grabbing your water you waved goodbye to them and headed for the showers.
Okay so it got a little annoying but it was fine as long as they let you get on with it when you were actually fighting whatever alien or mad man that had decided they wanted to destroy the world
There was always a monthly Movie night 
A night when everyone cleared their calendars, texted their family and got under the fluffy (overpriced) blankets Tony and bought and stay there for the night 
Without fail every month there would be an argument about who would pick the movie everyone claiming they had the better option
In those moments of normalcy there was no place you would rather be
“We are NOT watching The Hobbit again I swear to God I would rather shoot myself in the foot and run a marathon” it was safe to say that Sam was fed up of The Hobbit being an option every month but every month Loki would put up the same argument “But the small man is very interesting to watch” never mind The Hobbit this was interesting to watch you thought as Nat handed you the popcorn also content with watching the men acting like children over something so silly. The second movie that was always entered by an anonymous hero was ‘Teen Beach Movie’ it got picked once and you swore you saw Clint jamming along to the songs so you are starting to think maybe he puts it in.
So out of sheer desperation it was decided that you would all be watching ‘The Conjuring’ 
Everyone was a little nervous about how a sweet little thing like you would react but they really shouldn’t have worried 
“Pssssst, Bruce” Wanda whispered to the scientist as she munched on the sweets she had brought “HAhg what” who would have thought someone who could turn into a mean green killing machine would get so scared over a whisper “what is y/n doing?” 3 more heads that had caught on to the conversation looked turned to look towards you “ARE THEY GIGGLING!” yes yes you were “I think so” a murmur of confusion washed over the group as they watched you imitate the scared faces of the characters. All of a sudden the TV paused “hey I was enjoying that” you complained, a pout clear on your face even in the dark lit room “yeah we could tell”, were you laughing?” you had watched this movie at least 5 times so y now you found it hilarious “Yeah I was sorry was it distracting? I just love watching these types of things they just make me laugh” well that was new for them “even Tony is scared how are you doing this” Steve said from his cocoon of blankets “I don’t know I just am, can we maybe turn it back on now I was enjoying that”
They really didn’t expect it
Let’s just say anytime Loki wanted to watch a scary movie you were invited and anytime Steve wanted to try watching one you would get a phone call
Not that you minded
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tara-learns-to-write · 5 days ago
Hey besties 💖 thank you for 40 followers 😌🥳 I am taking a break until Saturday because I have a few tests tomorrow and am gonna spend tonight and tomorrow revising for them but don’t worry all requests and things will be up soon but until then BYE ILY 💓
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tara-learns-to-write · 7 days ago
Tony helping you open up and learn to love again:
It wasnt that you didn’t want someone to love you
You did but it was both the fear of letting someone in and the fear of not being accepted for who you were that scared you
You met Tony by chance 
He was giving a talk at your school and when you rivaled nearly everything he said from the back of the class room of course he was going to notice you
Your hand went up again. How many times were you going to correct him? “Actually Mr stark you forgot to carry the 2 so if you actually went through with that there would be a power outage in about 3 hours after turning the system on” you were right, you wished you hadn’t said anything though as you felt 30 pairs of eyes pierce through your skull. “Well done” breathing in and letting it go slowly, was it disappointment? Shock? Did you just make someone you had idolised hate you? The fear and dread of a thousand possibilities came flooding through you all at once like a raging flood. So you did what you knew to do, grabbed your bag and left the classroom.
He took note of this but carried on with what he was doing
After the lecture he was given a tour around the school and decided to ask about you and give you the opportunity to intern at Stark industries
“So that Y/n kid, what’s their deal?” Tony asked eyes searching the many pictures and posters that adorned the walls of your school, “y/n is a gifted and kind student but doesn’t really open up to the other students. If you’re thinking of letting them intern for you I would tell you that there would be no better person to have then them, it might even help them learn to open up a bit more” consider you he would however it wasn’t just for your mind it was the way you looked at the ground when you spoke and flinched when waiting for his answer as if waiting for approval on the decision you made. He knew how that felt.
So after the letter came through your door telling you that you had been picked for a 6 week intern at Stark Industries helping out in the lab with Tony himself you couldn’t believe it
Maybe you hadn’t messed up
After that your days in the lab were spent with Tony trying to get you to open up and interact
However it was harder than it looked, not like he was the type to give up
“So y/n” tony said as he tightened one of the bolts on the new project you had both started “what do you like to do when you’re not being held hostage in here with me?” the mans attempt at a joke did make you chuckle but you didn’t really know how to answer “what do you think I do?” it sounded more like a deflection than an answer and in a way it probably was but you were giving him an opportunity to talk to you and of course he was going to gobble it straight up like a kid with his favourite sweet “I don’t know stare solemnly at the wall, reading, if you’re feeling adventures maybe answer questions about yourself” you knew the man meant it as a joke by the way he laughed at the end but to you it was like he was saying you were to closed up and he didn’t like it. So kuching yourself out of your comfort zone you went ahead and said “well actually I like to listen to music, sometimes I even shut my eyes and just dance, well more like jump, around my room” okay that was not what he was expecting to hear so he stopped his wire cutting to look you in the eyes and carry on talking
He learnt more about you in that hour then he ever had 
And so he carried on chipping away at the walls you had built up around you heart 
That’s how you ended up there that morning 
In Tony's lounge at 3am eating coco pops and sharing secrets 
“Biggest fear, go” you asked giggling as he tried to shovel down his cereal so he could answer your question “spiders, hands down” you could see him resel with the temptation to say something else as you laughed at The Mighty Iron Man's fear of the eight legged creatures “or not being able to safe everyone, what about you kid” that was enough to get you to stop laughing and now the man had shared that you felt the need to say something. Putting down your spoon, with a sad smile you said “being loved, before you say anything I know how that sounds but it’s terrifying. Love is so painful but yet all people seem to see are valentine chocolates and love hearts. How many times have you loved something so hard then when it was taking away you felt yourself turn into a shell of a person because you put everything into this one thing? All your hope, happiness and love in this one thing and then poof gone” the man seemed to ponder on this for a minute “poof” he muttered “kid that’s no way to live. Even if love does hurt you can’t refuse to open yourself up to it. Yes when the thing goes poof it hurts but then you find a new thing that gives you the same feeling and you grow from the pain. I mean look how far you’ve gone” you took another bite and swallowed, he had a point “I just don’t think I am willing to admit to myself that love isn’t a bad thing” he understood that “well start with something small, you don't have to say it to someone just let them know you enjoy their time or spend more time doing what makes you happy” he collected your now empty bowl and put them into the dishwasher “now you head to the guest room and get some sleep” as he walked past you he ruffled your hair and smiled. 1 little action is all it took to make you realise maybe you were readier than you thought “Hey Tony” he turned around to face you “I appreciate what you have done for me” he smiled “love you too kid” 
and you were okay with that
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tara-learns-to-write · 8 days ago
Being Bucky's kid and comforting him after a nightmare:
 If there was one thing you hated it was seeing your dad in pain
He always managed to put on a smile to make sure you had the best childhood you could but you heard the screams and cries at 3am and there was no denying that
You never brought it up though because you didn’t want to make him uncomfortable but this one night was worse than normal.
In his dream he was running. From what he couldn’t really tell, having gotten so used to the dull sounds of screams during the nightly occurrence. All he knew was he had to get you to safety, he couldn’t pinpoint when you had made your way into his arms but that didn’t matter he just had to keep running. Running. Running. Bang. Another scream. Since when did what he was running from have a gun and who screamed? And then he felt it, the warmth slowly pooling on his shirt, it was you who had gotten shot. It was his fault, if he wasn’t a murderous, villainous asset then maybe you wouldn’t be dying in his arms on the cold hard floor of what looked like an abandoned hospital. When did he get here? So many questions swirled through his head yet all he could think, feel, hear and breathe was you. His little girl, his angel, his everything slowly losing the light from the eyes he had onced so dearly peered in the day you were born. “Goodbye daddy” he hadn’t heard you use that name for him in so long and these were certainly not the circumstances he wanted to hear it under. “No no no no y/n don’t leave me doll, you’re gonna be fine, I promise, this isn’t the end of the line! It can’t be” so with tears in his eyes and broken sobs falling from his mouth he watched you take your last breath.
He had been crying out for the last 10 minutes
It brought you so much pain to hear but you knew better then to wake him up and so you waited
Another 10 minutes went by until you heard his door open and the shuffling of his heavy feet on the tiled floor
You knew he would do what he always did; go the kitchen for a glass of milk.
Feet padding down the hallway, you made a concise effort to make some noise as you made your way to the kitchen as to not scare the already jumpy super soldier.
“Hey dad” you whispered as you opened the fridge, taking out the bottled water that you were sure you had told Tony there was no need to buy  just 2 days ago. “Hey doll, what are you doing up so late” he choked on the word doll as if it pained him to say, remembering the recent image that had flashed before his eyes and the name he had used to bid you goodbye. “Just got thirsty is all” you didn’t bother asking why he was up “dad, it’s okay to not be okay. To be hurting and in a place where reaching out might be both the hardest and the best thing you can do. You don’t need to keep it all locked up and carry on walking around like it doesn’t constantly eat away at the back of your mind” you looked up from your spot at the island and let your eyes fall on your dad's face, it was clear that during your little pep talk he had let a few tears slip. Making your way to the couch and seating yourself next you your dad, you looked head and carried on. “Do you remember when we had a sleepover in the lounge when I was 6? I was so scared without my night light. Aha I kept thinking that the monsters where coming to eat me. Do you remember what you said? You told me that it was okay to be scared and that I was so brave for telling you that I was scared” it was your turn to cry now, reaching for your dads hand and slowly encasing it in your own you said “I’m scared daddy, I don’t want you to think that you can’t ask for help, I want you to be okay but I don’t know what I can do to help you” tears streaming down your face your dad's arms found their place around yours as he whispered “it’s okay doll, you help me every time you smile, laugh, say something sarcastic to Tony or whenever you try ever so patiently to teach Thor some new slang but if it helps you I promise starting from tomorrow I will go get help” if anyone were to walk in now you would both look a mess but honestly you were too tired to care “promise?” maybe he would get help and maybe things would start looking up but it could only start with him making this decision. “I promise” adn with those words acting as a blanket of hope you drifted off into peaceful slumber.
You brought your dad so much comfort that night 
The promise you had thought was probably just an empty one meant to comfort you in a time of vulnerability was proved to be one filled with hope when you woke up the next morning and heard him say
“Steve, I’m not doing great”
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tara-learns-to-write · 9 days ago
Being Bucky's kid and encouraging Steve to ask him out:
You absolutely loved your dad
He had been through so much but never took it out on you and he made sure you had everything you needed for a good life
So all you wanted was for him to be happy even though his pining was painfully obvious to everyone except him and Steve
“Soooooo dad do you want to make your satreing anymore obvious or are you gonna finally say something to Mr ice ice baby” if looks could kill then that galre your dad just sent you then you would be 6 feet under and halfway to hell all ready “Well daughter of mine I would if it wasn’t for the crushing fear of being rejected and never being able to face my best friend again” he replied still staring at Americas Ass whilst it walked away. “Hey Steve you should come watch Star Wars with us, I am sure dad wouldn’t mind” ohhh you were really signing your death warrant now “Sure if it is okay with you Buck”  of course it would be you thought “mhm sure sure its fine its perfectly fine by me” this man really wanted to make is simping as obvious as possible didn’t he.
This was a regular occurrence, you would invite Steve into any activity you and your dad did together and watch as they cluelessly tried to flirt with each other, then you would all go back to the tower and repeat the cycle again
It was becoming a torturous experience so you decided that you would take matters into your own hands
You had expertly waited until your dad went to get a  coffee from the cafe down the road and then you asked for Steve's help putting up a shelf (you didn’t need another shelf you just didn’t know what else to say to get him alone). “You should ask my dad out” the fact that you had said that after 5 minutes of comfortable silence and the statement itself made The Star Spangled Man With A Plan choke on thin air “I- I don’t know what you mean, we are best friends and he doesn’t like me like that…. Right?” either he was blind or all that training had made him burst a nerve in his head “Steven Grant Rodgers are you kidding me! Of course he likes you! You are gonna look at me in the face and tell me that ‘I’m with you till the end of the line’ isn’t a bit gay?!?!?” you had him there you really did “I mean okay even if you are right he deserves more” it looked like you would have to do all the hard work “Listen, I wouldn’t be saying this unless I thought that you were perfect for him! You are and always will be an amazing person inside and out and you make my dad happy so what are you waiting for? An invitation?!” 
After that you made it your mission to hype Steve up and push him to confess
However at this rate you were debating just locking them in a cupboard until they told each other
“Honestly old man any metal armed man would love a private word with you” “What the fuck is she talking about Steve?” “Uhm I have no idea Buck”
 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Looking good old man dressing up for someone are we?” “Y/N stop” “Not until you confess buddy”                                                                          --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
“Hell yeah you guys make such a good team!” “Y/N the comms are meant for mission details only!” “Dad Caps being mean to me again!” “Seriously you both need couple therapy and I am meant to be the one with problems” “DAD!”
Remember that locking them in the cupboard idea I mentioned ?
Well you did it
“Y/N THIS ISN’T FUNNY LET US OUT RIGHT NOW!” you knew they must have been lying about wanting to get out because using your common sense here you were pretty sure that a metal arm and super solider serum would be more than enough to get them out “Y/n listen to your dad and open this door” it’s not like you wanted to lock them in there… okay that was lie you were enjoy this way too much “well until you fossils confess your undying, disgustingly obvious love for eachother that door stays shut” 
I am gonna let you in on a secret you hadn’t even locked the door
Nevertheless after an hour and a heartfelt confession from both men they finally tried the handle 
You were grounded but it was so worth it 
You have now officially appointed yourself the super soldiers hype man 
Lets just say you have way too much fun with that job :)
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tara-learns-to-write · 10 days ago
Texts you would get if you were Thor’s kid:
I am going to be making this into a series for the avengers so enjoy the first of a few :)
Tumblr media
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