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#zora oc
gracegootee · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ref/model sheet of my Sonic OC, Zora the Hedgehog!
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yanderemommabean · 2 days ago
How would Abella react to meeting Ozzy?
High pitched squeals of happiness, followed by her vines playing with him as he skitters across them to try and find where her face is so he can give her forehead kisses. 
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yanderemommabean · 2 days ago
He's about 34 beetle years old. I found him under a rock, and he is SOOOOOOO cute and sweet. My precious little beetle friend! 🥰 Abella would ABSOLUTELY ADORE him, and he would ABSOLUTELY ADORE her, too!
It’s settled, they’re friends! Abella loves all types of bugs and insects, and considers just about all of them to be her friend. She loves to show them off to you, as well as her rock collection!
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yanderemommabean · 2 days ago
Ozzy is a Carabus Nemoralis, or European Ground Beetle, and, yes, he is EXTREMELY friendly! 🥰
How old is he? Where did you find him? He looks so cute! I bet Abella would love to have him around!
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theangrycomet · 2 days ago
Do the Saturdays ever find Amber?
Yes, ironically enough through trying to help the Plumbers catch Bishop after he broke out Albedo, though the Saturday’s wanted him because he’d stolen Zon’s missing eggs from the original thief. 
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dryanpierce · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Okay well here’s an update on my Leafy Seadragon Zora OC for @prisiidon (sorry for another tag) Zora Mer-May 2021! I’m very proud of how he looks and this is really my first full venture into color on digital.
I’ve still got a bit more to do, and this has been such a challenge to do. But I’m learning so much from it and I’m so proud.
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artistic-scramblings · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Did this when out with mom- it was fun to draw I’m pen again and be more limited to just blue
The species of the second cat-dog-fish like creature is a Ramunagi and was made by Joycawn/Valentine ( YouTube Link:, go check them out they’re an inspiration of mine and an awesome animator. Remember they had a Tumblr too but I lost that and it’s not linked. If someone still knows it pls let me know so I can link that too? )
The one Miku was based off GHOST’s Entomologists design loosely and concept heavily ( mostly the wings: )
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tchallasbabymama · 4 days ago
Ménage à Trois Chapter 9
Hey y’all, here’s the next chapter of Ménage à Trois. Check out my masterlist to read my other stories, or catch up on this one if you’re new here (hi, welcome☺️). As always, let me know what y’all think and let me know if you want to be tagged. Enjoy!
Word count: 6467
CW: smut
Tumblr media
“You know, if you’re gonna mope around my house all week, you could at least tell me what happened. Do I need to go whoop some Wakandan asses?”
Zora looked up at her mother from her spot on the couch and gave a small smile that barely flexed her dimples. When she called her mom and told her she’d be coming home to visit, Cheryl was ecstatic, but that feeling quickly faded when Zora showed up on her doorstep in tears a day later.
The door opened, and Zora’s resolve crumbled as her mom came into view.
“Mommy,” she croaked, her body pushing out tears quicker than Cheryl could pull her into her arms.
“Shh, it’s ok, honeybun. Let it out,” she said as she held Zora tight and rubbed circles on her back. Sobs wracked Zora’s body as she let go of the tears she had been trying to hold in since that night. Cheryl’s mind wandered to all the worst-case scenarios as she tried her best to comfort her daughter. 
After a couple of minutes, Zora’s crying spell subsided, and she lifted her head from Cheryl’s shoulder, wiping her tears away. Cheryl’s eyes scanned over her daughter, looking for hints to what could be wrong. She cupped Zora’s face in her hands and kissed her forehead before pulling back from the embrace and reaching for Zora’s suitcase. She rolled it into the house with Zora on her heels and shut the door behind them.
“I’m not kidding. I’ve never seen you like that before, Zo. I’m worried about you,” Cheryl handed Zora her favorite mug full of one of her homemade tea blends and a little honey.
“I know. I’m ok, momma, I promise,” Zora stared down into her mug before taking a sip of the perfectly warm tea. She sighed as she spoke, “I broke up with both of my boyfriends.”
“What?” Cheryl’s eyes were full of confusion at the 180-degree turn as she sat down on the couch next to her daughter. “What happened? You seemed so happy every time you called me... Always gushing about how sweet they are. Ugh, it was sickening.”
Zora wanted to chuckle, but her body just didn’t have the energy. Just speaking took a lot out of her, but she knew she had to say something eventually. She had been there two days and had barely spoken a word. Cheryl had been trying to give her space, knowing her daughter would come to her when she was ready, but Zora could tell she was reaching her limit. The younger Franklin woman got comfy in her corner of the couch and pulled her legs up under her. “They lied to me, momma.”
“About what?”
Zora weighed her options. She knew she couldn’t tell her mom all of the details, specifically the ones they went to such lengths to hide from her, but she figured it was as good a time as any to come clean about exactly who her boyfriends were. “I can’t exactly tell you because I signed an NDA.”
“Why on earth would they make you sign an NDA?!”
Zora looked back down into her mug and mumbled, “Because one of them is my boss.”
Cheryl’s eyes grew wide, and her left hand quickly came up to cover her mouth in shock. “You were dating the king?”
“Yup, and the other one is a chief of one of the tribes.”
Cheryl was speechless but not surprised. Her daughter always had a way of attracting good partners somehow. She wished she had been so blessed. “So what did they lie about?”
“I can’t-”
“Tell me without telling me,” Cheryl urged. Zora sent her mom a look and shook her head. “Oh, come on. Get me in the ballpark at least.”
Zora knew her mother would be relentless, and since she was hiding out in her house for the next week, she figured she ought to tell her what she could.
“Basically, they had been keeping a secret from all of us Americans, but everybody in Wakanda knows about it. It’s, um, a state secret, but imagine if you found out your boyfriend was a spy. You’d be pretty upset, right?”
“Sweetie, if it was something they wanted to keep from the ambassador, you can’t blame them for keeping it from you, too.”
“Yes, I can. They lied to my face, momma. For four months!” Zora set her mug down on the coffee table. “They could be lying about anything.”
At that moment, Cheryl understood what the problem was. She scooted closer to her daughter and enveloped her in her arms. “Oh, honeybun...I get it.”
Zora pulled back and looked up at her, grateful to be understood. “You do?”
“Mhm,” Cheryl said as her hand found its way to Zora’s curls, massaging her scalp as Zora laid her head back on her shoulder. “But everyone’s not your dad. You said it yourself; they couldn’t tell you because you worked for the government. They didn’t lie because they wanted to deceive you. Well, they did, but it wasn’t personal.”
“Momma, I know why they couldn’t tell me...I just can’t trust them anymore. What else are they lying about?”
“Nothing. Didn’t you say you found a therapist out there?”
“Why don’t you bring this up next time?”
Zora was quiet for a moment before she nodded and curled into her mother. 
“You know...I’m sorry.” Zora’s brows furrowed, and she looked up at Cheryl as she continued, “I should’ve had you talk to someone when you were younger.”
Zora sat up and looked Cheryl in the eyes. She knew her mom harbored a lot of guilt and shame when it came to her father and raising her on her own, but Cheryl never let it show. Or, at least, she didn’t think she did, but Zora could see it. She was a proud woman, but sometimes the insecurity slipped through the cracks, and Zora got to see another side of her mom. An unsure side, a wavering side. A side that needed just as much reassurance as Zora did.  “You did the best you could...and I think you did a damn good job with what you had.”
Cheryl’s eyes watered, and she fought the tears from falling as Zora’s arms pulled her in tight. The two of them sat there like that for a few minutes before Cheryl had an idea.
“Let’s watch a movie. I’ll make popcorn, and you can start building the fort.”
Zora’s eyes lit up at her mom’s suggestion, and within seconds she was already racing to the hallway closet for blankets. She pulled the pillows off the couch and placed them on the floor before draping the blankets across the furniture and crawling into her little homemade cave.
“What are we watching?” Zora asked, already flipping through the Roku apps.
“You know what I haven’t seen in a while?”
“What’s that?”
“Kiki’s Delivery Service.”
Zora’s smile could light up all of Atlanta, and she quickly pulled up her Prime account and found the movie in her library, queuing it up and bouncing excitedly as she awaited her mother. Cheryl climbed in shortly after with a massive bowl of movie theater butter popcorn, and the two of them sat in their blanket fort watching Zora’s favorite movie, followed by Cheryl’s favorite movie, Soul Food.
The two of them enjoyed their night, tossing popcorn into each others’ mouths and, at some point, pulling out the nail polish for mani-pedis. It was exactly what Zora needed to get her mind off of her breakup that she was slowly beginning to think was a huge mistake.
“Hey, honeybun,” Cheryl called to her daughter as she fished for her keys in her purse. “I need to run by the damn mall and pick up a baby shower gift-”
“I can go. I need to get off this couch and see the outside world anyway,” Zora hopped up, and Cheryl gladly handed over her keys once she found them inconveniently at the bottom of her bag. Zora knew her mom hated shopping, and since they differed in that respect, she figured she’d lift that burden from her shoulders. “Just text me your list.”
“I can’t argue with that,” Cheryl smiled at her daughter, happy at her progress over the last few days. She’d be going back to Wakanda tomorrow, and Cheryl was thankful she seemed to be in a much better headspace.
Zora threw on her sneakers before kissing her mom’s cheek and heading out the door. When she walked into Lenox mall, she couldn’t help but smile as she hightailed it to Steve Madden. She had her own list to work through, after all. The hustle and bustle reminded her of the market back in Birnin Zana, but since Wakanda had spoiled her, the architecture left a lot to be desired. When she finally made it to the store, she was immediately called to a pair of red patent leather stilettos, and right as she reached for them, she saw someone trying to squeeze past her out of the corner of her eye.
“My bad,” she mumbled as she moved to the left to get out of the way.
Her head shot up, and she turned around as she recognized the soft alto of her ex-girlfriend’s voice.
“Tiana? Hi.” 
An awkward silence settled over them for a moment before Tiana cleared her throat.
“In town visiting your mom?”
“Yeah, I uh...yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen her face to face, are you?”
“I’m doing well. You?”
“I’m, uh, doing ok. What are you doing in ATL? Last we talked, you were still in Harlem.”
Tiana held up her left hand, and the light reflected off the diamond ring on her finger, “I’m actually here for my wedding in a couple of days.”
“Wow, that’,” Zora’s mind went numb as the ring caught her eye again. It had only been six months since they broke up, yet she had already found someone to spend the rest of her life with. “I mean, um, congratulations.”
Tiana chuckled, “It is fast, but when you know, you know. You know?”
Zora looked down at her feet as guilt wracked her body.
“Yeah, I know…”
“Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to make this more awkward than it already is.”
“No, it’s not you...I’m really here to get over a breakup.”
“Damn. I’m sorry, Zora.”
“Eh, it’s my own fault. Trust issues,” she shrugged.
“Yeah, I remember,” Tiana said dryly with a sly smile on her face. Zora met her eyes, and they both smiled. “Is this one worth fighting for?”
“They both are.”
“Both? Jesus, Zora,” she laughed, and Zora joined her. “Some things never change.”
“Yeah, but some things should.”
A more comfortable silence fell over the conversation.
“Well, I should get going. I’m only here because our families are driving me crazy. I’m sure they’ll send a search party out soon.”
“It was good seeing you, Ti. And for real, congratulations.”
“Thanks. Good luck.”
They smiled, and Tiana grabbed a pair of gold sandals before checking out and waving goodbye to Zora on her way out of the door. Zora sighed to herself and continued about perusing the store, deep in thought again. Between her talk with Tiana and her mother’s words a couple of days ago, Zora was beginning to regret her decision. She figured a little retail therapy would be an excellent way to help temporarily ease the pain, so she called on one of the employees to bring her a size nine. 
After settling back into her home in Birnin Zana, the first thing Zora had to do was go to the market. Her fridge was empty, and her growling stomach did not approve. When she made it to the busy market, a sense of ease washed over her. Wakanda had started to feel like home to her, and she was happy that the magic was still there despite her breakup.
One thing Zora loved about the market was that people didn’t tend to bother her. Every now and then, a shopkeeper would recognize her and wave, but for the most part, people let her live. Something about being around so many people helped Zora feel alone. Not the lonely sort of alone, but herself. It was a feeling she was growing to enjoy thanks to living alone, but it wasn’t always the best practice out in public because Zora had a habit of going so deep into her thoughts that she stopped paying attention to the world around her. 
She hadn’t meant for her mind to travel so far this time, but as she wandered through the market checking off her shopping list, she almost ran right into a cart full of plantains until a strong arm pulled her back at the last second.
“Hey-” Zora protested as she turned around to get a good look at whoever had grabbed her. When she laid her eyes on him, her mouth dried up.
“What are you doing here?”
“Keeping you from crashing into things, apparently.”
“No, I meant- well, thank you.”
“You are welcome,” he looked away shyly. “I should get going-”
He turned to leave, and her hand found its way to his arm, gently pulling him back.
“M’Baku...can I say something?”
“Of course.”
Zora pulled him around the corner into an alleyway where they could have some privacy and took a deep breath before fixing her eyes on his. “I’m sorry.”
“About what? We are the ones who-”
“Did what you had to do for Wakanda… I get it.”
M’Baku felt relief wash over him and took a step forward. “I would never have lied to you otherwise, Zora.”
“I know that now, but I didn’t know it then. I just kept thinking that anything y’all said could be a lie, and I just...I freaked out. I couldn’t trust you.”
M’Baku’s eyes shifted downward at her words as memories of that night flashed through his mind. They fell into an uncomfortable silence, and Zora scrambled to fill the void.
“I went to stay with my mom for the week.”
“I bet she loved getting to see you,” he said, thinking back to the couple of times he had spoken to Cheryl over the phone.
“She did, she, um, I was actually about to try that cute little cafe at the center of the market. Would you want to join me?”
M’Baku’s eyes brightened, but he played it cool otherwise. That is until he remembered he had duties to attend to back home, “I would love to, but I have to go.” He took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips for a kiss, sending shivers through Zora’s body. “Will you be busy tomorrow?”
“No, T’Challa gave me more time off than I asked for.” Just saying his name made the butterflies in her stomach go crazy, and she smiled lovingly at his generosity.
He noticed the fondness in her eyes, and a warmth settled into his bones. She seemed open to both of them again, and he would take every opportunity she afforded him to win her back. And he knew T’Challa would do the same. For the first time in over a week, M’Baku saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He had spent the last several days in a funk he had been unable to pull himself out of. But, of course, Zora’s presence soothed him. It always did.
“Have you spoken to him yet?”
“Not yet. I just got back today. You’re the first person I’ve spoken to.”
“Well, it was an honor, Lady Zora,” he bowed to her, and she giggled. He had missed the sound, and in his excitement, he forgot himself and kissed her dimple.
Zora stilled as lightning struck her cheek and traveled down her spine.
“I-I’ll see you tomorrow?”
“Tomorrow,” M’Baku nodded before turning around and lumbering in the direction he was going when Zora first saw him. She watched until his large figure disappeared around in the crowd, and a small smile appeared in the corner of her mouth as she thought back to the way his lips felt on her skin. That bolt of lightning returned, and she lifted her hand to touch the spot where it struck twice, a dazed smile on her face. 
Zora shook herself out of it and continued about her shopping. She picked up some curry on the way home for dinner since she knew she was in no mood to cook, then made her way back home with her spoils. After she had put everything where it belonged, she plopped onto the couch and stared at her beads.
She wanted to talk to him. She needed answers, but she couldn’t bring herself to press the communication bead. She sat there for two minutes before finally working up the courage to call him.
Her heart thumped harder in her chest the longer the beads rang, but when she saw his face, it all went away.
“Zora. Hi,” he breathed out, barely above a whisper. He couldn’t believe it when he saw who was calling, but his heart dropped into his stomach when he laid eyes on her. It’s like he forgot how to speak, but what could he say to her after the way they left off?
“Hi,” she smiled, pushing her coils behind her ear. “Um, are you busy?”
He was.
“Not at all. What can I do for you?” Just like that, T’Challa, her ex, was replaced by T’Challa, the king. The professionalism in his voice almost threw Zora for a loop until she remembered why she was calling.
“I was wondering if we could meet up at some point and talk.”
T’Challa’s cheeks fought a smile as he reminded himself to calm down and see where this went. 
“I would like that very much,” his velvety voice tickled her ears, and she felt that damn jolt again. “Just tell me when and where.”
“I’m free tonight. I know it’s last minute, so I understand if you-”
“I am free tonight, too. Shall I come to you?”
“I’d like that.”
“Then I can be there after six.”
“I’ll see you then. I got some food from Curryosities that you’re more than welcome to.” Zora laughed as his face lit up, “I’ll save you some.”
“Thank you,” he grinned as he listened to the melody of her laughter.
“No, uh, I’ll see you soon?”
“See you soon,” he nodded.
The call ended, and Zora and T’Challa both stared at their beads with goofy smiles on their faces, eager yet a little nervous for the night ahead. 
The next few hours passed uneventfully. Zora showered and napped her jetlag away while the king negotiated treaties between the tribes. When 5:30 rolled around, T’Challa dismissed the meeting and all but ran to his quarters to change. In his hasty excitement, he found himself at Zora’s door fifteen minutes later.
She was outside watering her struggling plants when he arrived, and her hand found its way to her hip as she looked at him. She took in his appearance; he looked tired...but he looked really good in that hoodie and sweats. “You just had to be early.” 
“It is a hard habit to break,” he flashed a small and timid smile, suddenly very unsure of himself in her presence...until she smirked at him.
“I should have expected it. Well, come on in,” Zora said as she set down her watering can and left her poor flowers thirsty for more. T’Challa beat her to the door and held it open for her, and her skin felt flush as she walked past him and got a whiff of his woodsy cologne. “Thanks.”
“You are most welcome,” he cooed.
Zora cleared her throat. “Want to talk over dinner or after?”
“Over dinner, please. My nerves cannot handle waiting.”
“Now you know how I feel when you do it,” she ribbed him, and he nodded in agreement. 
The two of them sat around the table in silence as they settled in with their curry goat. The silence was thick, but after a few minutes, Zora cut it short by clearing her throat.
“So, uh...I have a few questions.”
T’Challa set down his spoon and leaned back in his chair as he hung on her every word.
“Well, I guess it’s more of a request than a question…”
“Tell me about Black Panther.”
“What do you want to know?”
“Everything, but mainly I want to know how...and why...and how do you have time to- oh my god, your business trips,” Zora’s revelation answered one of the many questions she was still forming as the clock ticked away.
“Well, for starters, I am not the first Black Panther.”
“You’re not?” she asked as her head cocked to the side.
“No, it is a position that has been passed down since the founding of Wakanda. Generation after generation, someone in my family has been the protector of Wakanda.”
“Ok...I know you have powers. What are they, and how did you get them?”
“I have superhuman senses, strength, and speed-”
“Ok, real quick, what do you mean superhuman senses? Like you can see and smell really good, or you have a sixth sense?”
“Both. My senses are enhanced, as are my instincts.”
“So you’re a mutant?”
“Not exactly. I ingested something we have here called the heart-shaped herb, ”T’Challa waved his hand across his beads, and an image of the glowing purple flower filled the air in front of them. “You see, when the vibranium meteorite crashed here, it affected everything. The goddess Bast led my people to the herb, and she instructed my ancestor Bashenga to consume it. Afterward, she awarded him the title of Black Panther. Bast walked with him and all of the Black Panthers ever since.”
“So you actually talk to her and stuff?”
“Wow, so it’s like how in ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were supposedly ordained by the gods.”
“Some of them truly were. That is part of the reason our goddess left the pantheon and found us. That is a very long story, though.”
“Ok,’re a king and a superhero ordained by a goddess.”
“I am not a fan of the term ‘superhero,’ but yes.”
“What do you prefer?”
“I like ‘warrior.’ It feels less pretentious.”
“Tell that to all your superhero friends,” she chuckled as she lifted the iced hibiscus tea to her lips and took a sip before something dawned on her. “Wait, do you know Thor?”
T’Challa rolled his eyes, “Really? Thor?”
“What? He’s cute for a white boy,” she shrugged.
“I never pegged you for the type to go for colonizers,” he teased.
“He’s not a colonizer, he just looks like one. He’s not even from this planet.”
“Ok, well, back to me-”
“Jealous?” Zora laughed.
“Of him? No, I just know you have more questions.”
“Mmmhm...I do, though. So you have a connection to Bast?”
“Yes, I do.”
“You’ve seen her?”
“I have. And I hear her all the time.”
“Wow...I’ve heard she’s a fierce warrior, so the Black Panther thing makes sense...but I thought she was also the goddess of pleasure.”
“She rules over many domains, and that is one of them.”
“I guess that explains why y’all are so open here.”
T’Challa chuckled. “Yes, we would be remiss to ignore the full spectrum of our goddess’ power.”
Zora’s pussy throbbed between her legs, so she wiggled slightly in her seat to readjust herself. T’Challa noticed and was reminded of one more thing as he got a whiff of her arousal.
“Another thing...I mentioned my senses are enhanced. I feel it is important that you know that I can tell what you are feeling by hearing your heartbeat and smelling your pheromones.”
“My pheromones?”
“ are releasing plenty right now.”
Zora froze. 
“So you know when…”
“That’s...that feels a little violating.”
“I am sorry-”
“No, you can’t help’s just hard to wrap my mind around.”
“Zora, you should know that I never meant to hurt you by keeping this from you. It is a secret to the outside world, and you were an outsider-”
“Yes, you are about as Wakandan as they come now,” he chuckled, and she smiled at him before her face fell serious again. T’Challa reached his hand across the table and stroked her knuckles. “What is it?”
“I’m sorry, too.”
“You did nothing wrong.”
“I did. I should have given you a chance to explain yourself earlier, but I panicked.” Zora looked down at her half-eaten bowl of food to distract herself from his eyes. She knew she’d cry if she looked into them. “I have a lot of baggage and issues when it comes to my dad. To sum it up, he’s a liar and a cheat. Even now that he’s not using anymore, nothing has changed. He’s just a shitty person, and I freaked out when I felt I couldn’t trust you...I guess my defense mechanism was to just immediately remove myself from the situation. That wasn’t fair to you. You deserved the chance to speak your piece.”
“I can only imagine what that must have felt like for you,” T’Challa tilted her chin up, and she met his gaze. “But I need you to know that this was my only secret...and you’re not ‘just anybody,’ Zora. I was careless with my words.”
Zora’s eyes watered as she fought tears from falling.
“Zora, I...I’m in love with you,” his voice cracked as he spoke, and a lone tear escaped his eye. Zora reached out to wipe it away, and he lightly grabbed her arm, placing a soft kiss on her wrist the same way he did that day in his office. “I love you.”
She couldn’t hold the tears back any longer, and her eyes became two cascading waterfalls. 
He said that he loved her...she couldn’t believe her ears, but she felt it in her gut. It felt felt long overdue. Her shock left her unable to form words, so she pushed her chair back and climbed into his lap. She grabbed his face in her hands and placed a soft kiss on his lips that left him wanting more. He deepened the kiss, and she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as his hands snaked around her waist to pull him closer to her. They stayed locked in that embrace for what felt like forever and no time at all. When Zora pulled back to look into his hooded chocolate diamond eyes, her voice finally returned to her as the sentiment rolled off her tongue, “Ndiyakuthanda.”
T’Challa’s hands came up to cup her face, and he pulled her into a feverish kiss. Her hips ground against his erection that was barely contained in his sweatpants, and he could smell the wetness pooling between her thighs.
“I have missed you,” he said between kisses.
“Show me,” Zora whispered in his ear, and just like that, he lifted her into the air as he stood from his chair. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed up and down his neck as he carried her to the bedroom. He set her down on the bed and removed her t-shirt and shorts. Zora wasn’t wearing any underwear, and his nostrils flared at the sight of her dripping pussy.
“You know, I see Bast in you,” he murmured as he kissed up her legs.
“H-how?” she shivered as his lips dusted over hers, leaving a sloppy wet kiss at the apex of her thighs. He continued to kiss up her body, and his tongue wrapped around her right nipple, the pebbled bud aching for his touch. He alternated between her breasts as Zora squirmed beneath him, hips bucking up into his. She could have sworn she saw a smug smile on his face as he kissed further up her body, ending up at her ear. His tongue traced the shell of her ear before he pulled the lobe into his mouth, lightly nibbling on it and making her release a whimper that caused his dick to jump in his sweatpants. 
“Your magnetism. Your ferocity. Your wit,” T’Challa said between kisses to both sides of her neck before grinding his hips into her. “You are every bit a goddess, Zora. Let me worship you.”
Zora’s breath hitched in her throat as she looked deep into his eyes and nodded. She was caught off guard by his words that were seemingly so unlike him, but the way he was looking at her, she could tell he meant every word.
There wasn’t an inch of her body that his lips didn’t touch. When he flipped her over and kneaded her backside as he kissed down her spine, she almost came from the sensation. He could tell she was ready for him, so he spread her legs and lifted her hips from the bed, his tongue plunging into her depths and reemerging with a loud slurp. Zora keened as his tongue slithered in and out of her, and her toes curled as he wrapped his lips around her clit, tongue swirling against the exposed bud. Her back arched deeper as he licked from her pearl back up to her opening. He never let her get used to his rhythm, purposely switching it up before her orgasm could approach. Her legs shook every time he brought her close to the edge, and her wails became music to her ears, fueling him further. He ate her pussy like he needed it to survive, like it was the only thing that could sustain him. His hunger for her finally reached its peak, and he couldn’t deny himself her sweet nectar any longer. His fingers snaked inside her, and his knuckles dragged against her g-spot as he continued his ministrations on her clit. Her body locked up, and her pussy clenched around his fingers. Zora’s back convulsed as she released a deluge on his tongue, and he made sure to get every last drop that didn’t fall to her bedspread. 
Zora’s hips fell back to the bed, and she thought he’d give her a moment to adjust...she must have forgotten who she was dealing with.
T’Challa pushed her legs together and straddled her round ass, slowly pushing into her as she moaned out at the delicious stretching feeling she craved oh so much. He leaned his body over hers and licked a stripe up her spine as he slowly thrust into her, whispering in her ear, “I have missed you so much, Babygirl.”
Her pussy clenched around him as her favorite nickname rolled off his tongue. 
“Mmm, I love how your pussy grabs me. Do it again,” he said as he thrust deeper inside her, his arms cradling her head as her mouth hung open at the thickness inside of her. Zora tightened her walls around him again, and he let out a groan in her ear that warmed her body from head to toe. He sat up and grabbed her ass tight with both hands before rolling his hips into hers. The new angle sent her over the edge, and her already overstimulated pussy was cumming soon after.
He was far from done with her. Without pulling out, he rolled them over to their left sides. His hand immediately came up and hooked around her knee, pulling it back as far as it would go as his other hand snaked around her neck and pulled her into a kiss. Zora’s hands found their way to his curls and tugged, drawing a moan from the king. His hips picked up the pace, and the feeling of his balls slapping on her clit sent her over the edge again.
“Sir, can-”
“Say my name.”
“Good girl,” he grunted in her ear before sucking on her neck.
“Can I ride you?”
T’Challa grinned at her and flipped them over so that he was on his back. Zora twirled around on his dick and sat up. She then placed her palms on his chest before getting up on her tiptoes and sliding down his glistening erection. He groaned once she was fully seated on him, and she started bouncing. Her clit called to him, and he reached his thumb out to strum it for her as she showed him how much she missed him, too. His other hand gripped her hip tight, pulling her down onto him. 
“Fuck, you take me so well, Zora.”
She almost paused at hearing her real name, but the feeling it sent through her body was unmatched, and she rode harder than ever before. She came down off her tiptoes and straddled his hips, grinding into him, his fingers still working her clit. She began to quiver again, and he pulled her down so that they were chest to chest. T’Challa spread his legs and thrust up into her with rhythmic abandon, his arms holding her close to him as she connected her forehead to his.
“I feel you, Zora. Cum for me again, Babygirl.” 
That was all it took for her body to tense up again and released all over him, pulling more moans out of T’Challa than she had ever heard before. His vocals only served to make her cum harder as his hips continued to piston into hers.
“B-Baby, I can’t-”
“I know, love. Where do you want it?”
“Right there.”
“Mmmm, right answer. I’m cumming deep in this pussy. My pussy. Say it; tell me who’s pussy this is. Tell the whole fucking neighborhood.”
“It’s yours, baby. This pussy is yours. Oh my- mmm, baby, I’m cumming again.”
Her tightening muscles milked him for all he was worth as he slowed down his strokes, still reaching deep inside her. “Tell me again.”
“This is your pussy, baby.”
“Not that.”
Zora grinned as she placed a kiss on his lips, “I love you, T’Challa.”
His entire face brightened with boyish glee as his smile took over his face. His hand found its way to her curls, and he pulled her in for another kiss.
“I love you, Zora.”
Around nine the next morning, the two lovebirds’ naked bodies were bathed in sunlight when T’Challa began to stir. His eyes opened, and he stared at the back of Zora’s colorful silk bonnet. His thumb rubbed circles on her stomach as he pulled her in even closer to him. They had spent the entire night rolling around Zora’s bed and even got it in on the kitchen counter as they took a break to clean up their mess from dinner. T’Challa had been amused by Zora’s wobbly legs, and around midnight he drew her a bath. He fingered her nipples as they soaked, and after they got out, Zora found herself on her knees, taking him down her throat. They didn’t fall asleep until around two.
Zora’s breathing changed, and T’Challa kissed the back of her neck.
“Good morning, love.”
She smiled at the first words she heard after starting her day and giggled as his beard tickled her shoulder. “Good morning, baby.”
She turned over to look at him, and in that moment, neither one of them gave a second thought to morning breath. They devoured each other again, and he climbed between her legs, pushing into her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Their lovemaking was slow, languid even. His body rolled into hers, and she bloomed as his thrusts, coupled with his deep kisses, pushed her toward her peak. They arrived at the mountaintop together, and he laid his weight on her as she soothed the scratches on his back that she knew would be gone soon. They both loved the feeling of him just sitting inside her. She got to appreciate how full he made her feel, and he savored the sensation of her walls contracting around him whenever he would move just the tiniest bit.
T’Challa’s stomach interrupted the moment, and Zora giggled.
“Someone needs to eat something.”
“I am sure you do, too,” he smirked.
“I could eat. What do you want?”
“Mmm, surprise me,” he kissed her nose and pulled himself from inside her, much to her dismay. He laughed at the pout on her face. “Food first, more dick later.”
She carefully hopped up from the bed and waddled into the bathroom, re-emerging moments later in a short black silk robe. He sat at the foot of the bed and pulled her in by her belt.
“I want you naked for me,” he said softly as his hands undid the loosely-tied bow and pushed the robe off her shoulders. He reached up to slide off her bonnet and fluff her curls. 
“Yes, Sir.” she kissed his lips and grabbed his hand, leading him down to her kitchen, where she took it upon herself to try to teach his non-cooking ass some basics. She tried her best to teach him how to scramble eggs, but somehow the man with genius-level intellect managed to burn them so severely that she considered just getting a brand new frying pan.
“You’re never touching anything in my kitchen again,” she said playfully as she turned on the fan to try to get rid of the smoke before her smoke alarm went off.
“Not even you?” he murmured in her ear as he stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist while she cracked some more eggs into a bowl.
“Stop,” Zora giggled. “Do you want to eat or not?”
“Oh, I want to eat, alright.” He nipped at her ear, forcing another wave of wetness to pool out of her.
“T’Challaaaa,” she whined, and his deep chuckle sent shockwaves through her body.
“Ok, I’ll stop.”
The two of them ate their breakfast together and chatted about the day ahead. T’Challa would spend the rest of the day in Shuri’s lab testing out new equipment, and Zora was looking forward to her time with M’Baku. They had already slept in late, so they didn’t get to spend much time together before T’Challa had to leave, but they were both sated from their time together. When they said their goodbyes and Zora closed her front door, she leaned against it and let out a sigh. That man, that king loved her, and she loved him. She couldn’t believe it, but her daydreams were cut short by the sound of her beads trilling upstairs with her other love’s special tone. 
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lablass-2882 · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Legend of Zelda and Linked Universe themed art dump. Picture quality is low cause....... my trusty rusty computer died today😭. And I'm taking pictures with my phone.
Geek squad resurrected him for a short while but he's living on borrowed time until I get a new one. Poor poor rusty. He survived college, two road trips and a fall down a concrete stairs. He will be missed.
Anyway. I got;
A mermaid Legend for mermay,
A loz Oc that I'm still working on. I might change the colors around. I'm not 100% happy with her color pallet yet,
An idea for a zora oc that is based of a yellow tang,
A quick drawing of Ravio with and without his hood.
And some simple doodles.
Peace out.
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kiiingsnake · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
my wrist is still kinda fucked therefore art is Going Slowly so here’s an update 
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alien-doodles · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
A quick comparison to all the other years
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beelzebumons · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Here is Netifa, my new Zora OC !! For day 1 of Zora Mermay
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kiiingsnake · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
since i missed it yesterday heres the sketch i’m doing for zora mermay (and also to get my wrist back in shape)
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meroodles · 6 days ago
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im redesigning my zora boi but it's probably gonna take a while for me to get back to this ; v ; but here he is concept wise! i feel like i dont post enough so deal with this WIP sketchie
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