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mollysfoundfamily · 11 hours ago
Since Zora's mother is canonically dead, imagine her and Molly bonding over their losses.
(full disclosure I actually had a big loss occur in my family recently and when writing this I accidentally starting projecting a little so it might sound kinda weird but was just my personal coping take away form the the whole thing hope that’s okay!)
well since Percy is Molly’s official legal guardian and Zora is Percy’s partner that technically also makes her Molly’s guardian so percy thought it would be good for them to try bonding! that’s how to two ending up in a tree sitting in awkward silence at 6:00 am one chilly fall morn waiting for Zora to shoot something. They both like nature but Zora is more into dominating it…rather then peacefully enjoying it The two are the most distant from each other in the house mostly because both have of a low key mutual fear of each other.
Molly really does want to try and get to know her second legal guardian and Zora will attempt to connect with the adorable little Hannibal for Percy’s sake but all attempts at the mysterious art of small talk have thus far failed.…
until a sweet pretty doe wanders right into Zora‘s line of fire.
Molly stops her right before she can pull the tigger by yanking at the gun. Zora is obviously pissed because NO ONE TOUCHES HER GUNS. (Plus its super dangerous and Percy will kill her if she gets hurt) until she notices the little baby fawn with her.
Zora: “you’ve seen that Disney deer way to many times kid.” *cocks gun and accidentally scared them off* “DA! DOH SH- ugh now look what you did kid!” Molly: “wha- I- how could you still do that she needs her mom?!”
Zora: “psht- she don’t need shit that baby was big enough to be on her own! it’ll help build character I didn’t have no mom for most my childhood and look at me!“
Molly: “…y-you didn’t have a mom either?”
Zora: “I-uhh- y-yah so?”
Molly: well um how can- I mean how did you cope with it?
Zora: Cope? kid back and I my day we didn’t have time to “cope“ parents dropped like flies and it didn’t stop the fields from needin to be plowed for the cows from need to be milked or the wild rabid coyotes needin to be shot before they gnawed your legs off!
Molly: *weak chuckle* yah… I know how that is…
Zora: there were rabid coyotes in sweet jazz city?
Molly: Oh no no I mean the other stuff about still having to you know work… It felt so…. lonely
Zora:……. *looks at molly really looks at her and how tired her big green button eyes are for the first time* uhhhh *sign* yah it kinda was…. But it kept my mind off it too yah know…
Molly: yah I guess so… but its still just frustrating like no one even cared that she was gone exact for me and they just expect me to forget and move on like it didn’t matter at all! *tiny angry tears start to drip from the corners of her eyes*
*after a moment Zora awkwardly puts her arm around her tiny shoulders and pulls her into close to her poncho it’s surprisingly soft and smells like autumn leaves it reminds her off when her mom would hold her close on chilly fall days*
Zora: *deep sigh* I honestly don’t know what to say here Perc and soup boy are a lot better at this comforting thing then me…. You didn’t deserve to have to deal with all that kid not as young as yah were in whats supposed to be the “civilized age“ when you could of had like robots or something doing it… *sigh* I wish I could have some kinda sunshine and rainbows advice for yah….
but if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that no matter what you just can’t stop the world from turning no matter how much you want to…but the bright side of that is it can lead to something better…
*the early morning sun glimmers like molten gold through the dewey pine trees*
Zora slowly wraps around Molly and pulls her closer Molly hugs Her back just as tightly resting her head on Zora’s chest still teary but with a small smile on her face.... Zora rests her head on Molly‘s letting a single tear slip from her eye into Molly’s hair as the pair watch the sun slowly rise over the forest…..
Molly: *sigh* thank you Zora….
Zora: heh heh no problem little cub… (can’t believe that actually came outta me)
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epitheterasedgen · 12 hours ago
Maybe some hcs about zora and sylvie hanging out? I think they’d have a neat dynamic
Zora is essentially just the Substitute Sylvie Bully when Gio is gone
Also he's so tiny she can just pick him up and carry him around, which she will do
"What're you eatin'?" "Lucky Charms in orange juice." "...Gimme some."
Zora does the tall-person lean on Sylvie while they're both smugly listening to Percy lecture Giovanni on why he can't give Indus another tattoo
Sylvie's birthday comes and he expects Zora to just ignore him or disappear entirely because that's what she tends to do around birthdays, but to his surprise she gives him a cowboy hat with little bull horns on it
"Get it? Cuz yer a bull— heh— man I've been hangin' around Eyebrows too long huh"
He doesn't really wear it (because When would he have reason to wear that) but he keeps it on his desk and it makes him smile
Sylvie's still trying to convince Zora to go to therapy. It's an uphill battle, but at least she doesn't threaten to kill him anymore for offering. Usually.
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genderfluidzora · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
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epitheterasedgen · 13 hours ago
This one is a bit out there, but Molly within a silent hill type situation? Like strange creatures as representations of her flaws? If you need more detail just ask!
Looked this one up and it's an interesting concept, but Silent Hill is a bit too strongly in the horror genre for me! I'll write toned-down monsters for each character's flaws, but I'm not gonna actually throw Molly (or anyone else) into that kind of situation.
Still, mild horror TW!
Molly: She actually has the most character growth and overcomes her primary flaw (not standing up for herself) during the museum arc, but if it were to manifest as a creature, I could see it as something that looks small and innocent (like a teddy bear) that turns huge and rages when attacked too many times (bottling up emotion).
Sylvie: I'd say his biggest flaw is pride/ego, especially the lengths he'll go to protect it, so his monster would be something very large (we'll say a bull to be thematic) that grows larger and develops more limbs/heads/fur as people try to attack it.
Giovanni: He might be the least flawed character, which is very funny. Stupidity is hard to manifest into something scary, but if you really wanted to go for it, you could have a humanoid figure stumbling around with a nail through its head (like the arrow headband, but there's no headband...)
Mera: GLASS SHARD MONSTER GLASS SHARD MONSTER GLASS SHARD MONSTER. A huge quadruped with glowing blood-red eyes, and the glow bounces off all the glass that makes up its body. There's a sort of dark mass inside that pulses, looking like a sort of core, but it's hard to see because there's just so much broken glass that now makes up the limbs and outer shell.
Indus: I know, being the master of BARRIERS, you'd expect something hard, but since this is more symbolic of personality and psyche, his monster would be a gelatinous, moldable blob which is passive on its own but will attack on the command of the glass monster. It absorbs things without a second thought and seems impervious to most attacks.
Ramsey: A shapeshifting shadow-monster that usually assumes the form of a defenseless rat to hide in the vents. When someone wanders too close, it wraps shadowy claws around them and tries to drag them in, slowly sapping away at the person's will to live and turning them into a mindless husk.
Percy: A vaguely humanoid creature made of stone that grabs people and engulfs them in a death hug, strangling them in the process by crushing them and making it hard to breathe.
Zora: Just... just a huge freakin phoenix monster that burns anything and everything it touches into ash. It never goes out. It never dies down. It is too immense to be contained and too powerful to be defeated, all you can do is run.
Howie: A machine made of metal that runs like a smooth deathtrap. It doesn't move and isn't harmful on its own unless someone pushes someone else into its path. Eventually the grinding of sharp gears will destroy it from the inside out, without anyone else having to get rid of it.
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xenithfreelancer · 14 hours ago
Alrighty, my BotW side blog is pretty much ready! I apologize for not posting much new art lately. I should really start just doing some studies! But that aside, I wanted to let you guys know that all my zelda series fangirling will be moved to my new side blog, Please consider giving it a look!
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epitheterasedgen · 15 hours ago
Does Zora ever indulge in acting like a forest cryptid? With the glowing eye marks and her enjoyment of messing with people, I could totally see her trying to make herself seem like one
Oh, ABSOLUTELY. She's already got multiple aliases; several of those are from "mysterious creatures living deep within the forest" that are ALL just her messing around— except for the one that is Yoomtah, when the two of them decided to pull an ELABORATE multi-stage prank on the entire town of Redwood Run together.
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epitheterasedgen · 15 hours ago
HCs of Zora trying to teach the kids, Giovanni, Molly, and Sylvester, how to do things “The Cowgirl way™” (Aka the hard way.) and them just failing miserably. (Sylvie only agrees to do it when Giovanni calls him a chicken.)
Alright this is true, but one time she teaches them how to make a tire-swing and they have a BLAST messing around on it until Howie catches them and fixes it because it doesn’t have enough “structural integrity”
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kiteran · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
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justsimroarks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Post practice pizza party. All that sweat was worth it.
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justsimroarks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On Saturday, Coach Butlaire had the kids practice out in the Spice District to familiarize them with the environment and the court before they would come up against the legendary Timberwolves there the next weekend.
"Nice one, bud!" a familiar voice shouted as Jude executed a beautiful jump shot.
Eyes shining, he pushed back the hair plastered to his forehead and looked up to see his Auntie Ida hurrying across the street.
She joined her sister and sister-in-law on the sidelines to watch the kids play. "Y'all didn't tell me you'd be here today!"
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ladyphoenixnine · a day ago
Tumblr media
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beeofthewild · a day ago
Realized last night that with their proportions if a Zora wanted to actually run they'd have to use their hands
A Zora sprinting @ u like
Tumblr media
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theardentlove · a day ago
Tumblr media
"There are years that ask questions and years that answer."
-Zora Neale Hurston, Their Eyes Were Watching God
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the-black-bulls · a day ago
Gordon: You're that smart?
Zora: Let me put it this way, have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?
Gordon: Yes.
Zora: Morons.
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