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gardenhour · 21 minutes ago
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ik that the challenge says to not have a job, but is just so she can pay her bills!
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maaambeastrologer · 44 minutes ago
The Best compliment for every zodiac sign
It is said that nature has made each and every person differently and due to which likes and dislikes of all people are different from each other and not just likes and dislikes but, the way of thinking of each and every person is also different of each and every person.
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dalexna · 3 hours ago
Siento que las paredes se me caen aunque no halla ninguna
Necesito que una luz alumbre lo que no puedo alumbrar
Tantas hojas y tan pocos minutos
Tantas horas y tan pocos segundos
Seré la más brillante
pero ese papel está marcado con mi sangre
Es obligatorio
Soy un narrador omnisciente
Soy quien narra como se siente la gente
En este emboltorio
Seré vaga
Pero no hay somniforo que calme esas ganas
Se siente enjaulado
No está embrujado
Solo es un pobre muchacho
Se siente engañado
Puede que el alma
solo sea una pieza más de esta cama
No tengo luz
Me falta esperanza
No hay silencio
Me falta conocimiento
No seré estrella
pero esta sensación no es la más bella 
-Dalexna 🎭💖
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zodyacal · 4 hours ago
Aries: Capricorn wake up you fucked up big time
Capricorn, waking up: Aries...
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brazenbulls · 5 hours ago
someone psychoanalyze me based on my zodiac
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uniquebubble · 6 hours ago
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Pretty in pink.🤩❤👑
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hillarysss · 6 hours ago
placements & their true melodies 🤍
do not repost, plagiarize, “reword” my work.🕊
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- 🤍 Scorpio placements & Capricorn Placements & Heavy Saturn & Pluto & Pluto - Ascendant & Pluto in 1st
When you become untouchable, you're unable to touch Is there a real me? Pop the champagne It hurts me just to think and I don't do pain
- The Living Tombstone (My Ordinary Life)
- 🤍🕊 You display what you want to display but you keep a part of you quite untouchable because of what you experienced you don't wanna experience pain and despair ever again, you put up this image that is intense and admirable because you put a lot of effort and dedications to things... you find it hard not to get obsessed with what you love.. you learnt this the hard didn't you? When you put so much love into things you loose yourself and your dignity in the process and you loose yourself in the intense reactions other people have made of you thus making you question your worth. Don't you know how much power you have? The jealousy you've experienced.. people projecting on you because of your burning desire to do things you lost who you were in expectations that you made of yourself and that others have made of you.. say no to that and own your power.
- 🤍 Virgo placements & Aquarius placements & 6th house & 11th house placements & Uranus Dominance
Perfection is so quick to bore You are my beautiful, by far Our flaws are who we really are
- I hear a symphony (Cody Fry)
- 🤍🕊You've always been somewhat different in the ways you think and act since a young age.. you were analytical and saw through things no one else could because of your innovative mind. At such young age you've had to dim your ways of thinking because of other's expectations and the duty you've had to serve since young may have taken a toll on who you are today and you constantly feel what would happen if you were to just break free from society and the cruel world. You have a beautiful heart that humankind doesn't deserve. You've always been that person to give a hand out when needed but were those favors retreated? Tell me.. how many times you've tried to fit in? You don't have to please anyone and loving yourself is a mission for you. How many times people have stolen what you've done and taken credit for it? Embrace yourself and say fuck you to anyone else and only do things for you. Embrace your "weird" side"
- 🤍 Leo placements & 5th house placements & Sun dominants & Sagittarius placements & 9th house placements & Jupiter dominants & Sagittarius dominants
I've been catching planes for the fun of it Then I'll be watching fame turn to punishment The weather's only sunny when I'm under it And I haven't really changed, yeah I'm just confident I'm just fucking lucky I was born with it
Into it - (Chase Atlantic)
🤍🕊You have learned that running from responsibilities isn't any fun and you have to fear the dark side at times and the dark side can come from when you least expect it. You are most secretive than given credit for, you put up this pretty image with amazing charisma and you display wisdom and knowledge.. it's hard not to look up to you.. but eventually you create this standard that you always have to shine bright and that negative emotions aren't welcomed.. you repress emotions.. you have learned that you shouldn't always follow what the crowd wants. Sometimes you wish you could just go unnoticed but it's hard not to pay attention to you.. you've always felt like escaping huh? Wishing you were someone else.. while everyone wants to be you.. most people misunderstand your life and think it's all luxury because of that pretty image you put up.. it couldn't be farther from the truth.. you were gifted with wisdom and creative talents from youth.. use them
-🤍 Cancer Placements & Major 4th house placements & Pisces placements & 12th house placements & Moon - Pluto
You can hold my hand If no one's home Do you like it when I'm away? If I went and hurt my body, baby Would you love me the same?
Line without a hook- (By Ricky Montgomery)
🤍🕊 You have been gifted with the ability to love so much that your own persona becomes a blur and you loose yourselves in the ones you love you'd dare sacrifice yourself for them.. but have your ways of love always been given back? Perhaps.. you've found yourself staying a bit longer than you should in situations where you were giving too much? Does that hit a bell? Oh.. this is why you've built up walls because you're afraid you'd be used for your love again.. yes? You've always provided a home for people even if you yourself didn't have a stable home emotionally and mentally.. you always dared to care and love and nourish.. you were always watering dead plants.. you have had to learn so early on that not everyone has such big heart like you.. have you went so far for people who didn't really like you the way you thought? Use your ways of loving and your intuitive abilities for what's best and don't water dead plants.
-🤍 Libra placements & Venus dominance & Taurus placements & Moon in 7th & Venus in 7th
Kisses on the foreheads of the lovers Wrapped in your arms You've been hiding them in Hollowed out pianos left in the dark
Apocalypse - (By Cigarettes After Sex)
- 🤍🕊 You are naturally loved and liked that would be an understament of who you are.. You've always desired a beautiful connection when there was equal give and taken.. Your heart is beautiful your entire soul is.. who was the one who made you hide it all away? You still remember your first heartbreak don't you? Are you concerned for how others perceive you too much? Have you yet learned that love only comes within you the most? People tend to confide in you the most but who do you confide in? You were gifted with the abilities of art and aesthetics you've always tried to see everything in a better light until the darkness over took once and all you think is anxious thoughts.
- 🤍 Earth placements & 2nd house placements & 6th house placements & 10th house placements
But so broken on when you can't stop choosing To sleep through your alarms Man, you're losing your head
Sleep thru Ur Alarms (By Lontalius)
- 🤍🕊 You just need a need a break from reality.. no even that sounds too little.. you need to take it slow.. all those sleepless you've spent working so hard repressing tears.. did it all start from early school years and that perfectionism to get those grades? Or maybe it's your parent's expectations.. Sure you're "grounded' but who knows when you're not? who hide it so well just for the sake of not burdening anyone.. you suffer alone aiming for the price.. the high achiever.
- 🤍 Air placements & 11th house placements & 3rd house placements & 7th house placements
Do the wires in your mind get sewn together..
Rubbed and severed by the heat
Not allowed - TV girl
- 🤍🕊 Sure you can be seen as the friend who is funny and always up to chat.. but who really knows what's going on in your mind? All those thoughts racing.. do you know how fascinating your mind is and how it works? But let's talk about the uglier side.. you are more anxious than you let on and you can't help but analyze every little thing, you may at times questioned your sanity because of what you've noticed so early on that others haven't.. At such young age, you've been on this mission to feed on knowledge but what about your emotional nourishment? You can't just feed your emotional needs with your mind.. take time to yourself...
- 🤍 Fire placements & 1st house placements & 5th house placements & 9th house placements & Mars dominance & Sun dominance
All things come to pass With time But I want everything now To be all mine
Young - (By Vacations)
- 🤍🕊 With that burning desire you've had throughout your life to accomplish so many things.. you are a true child at heart with so many dreams.. ignoring the people who have told you your dreams are unrealistic and that you'll never make it.. but you'll make it there one day.. faith is what keeps you even if it's inconsistent faith has always been your friend. The burning loyalty you give to those who dare stand by your side and how much you're willing to give. You're not the easiest but that's for a reason you want everything and you'll give everything, all because of the intense love inside you.
- 🤍 Water placements & 12th house placements & 8th house placements & 4th house placements & Neptune dominance
But the rain never came So I made with the sun The shade Always comes at the worst time
Daddy Issues - (By The Neighborhood)
- 🤍🕊 The ability to feel the environment around has it side effects doesn't it? You easily get overwhelmed and because of your kind nature you take more than what you should've taken, you struggle making time for you at times. You escape the rain and despair by sleeping or ignoring the obvious. You become foggy to those around you because you are scared of letting people in on what you really go through. Your intuition has never failed you especially with people.. so why do you still doubt it? Is it because of what you think it could be? But it isn't right? Reality can be despair, you run and run until you run out of time and you have no choice but to face the dark truths.
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leolo404 · 6 hours ago
heyyy can you do a post ab rising degree in leo? thanks tyongf 💗
Ascendant in Leo Degree (5°, 17°, 29°)
♌Being influenced by Leo degree, you tend to radiate noble and shining energy. People tend to to feel as if you guys are meant to express yourselves. Also tends to have a powerful energy just like Scorpio and Capricorn. It's easier for you guys to be recognized by the crowd.
♌Usually these folks may tend to have a wavy or curly hair because of the influence. Being ruled by the Sun, you tend to be brilliant and has the energy or vibe as bright as the sun and as a fire sign, you also have an optimistic view of life making you guys more attractive (the influence might be toned down if the rising is under Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius)
♌Leo degree is usually known as the fame degree so maybe there's a chance you guys are well known by others or your appearance is something most people would remember most about you. Your looks has a big impact on your impression.
♌Ascendant represents your personality so the Leo degree would influence you some Leo traits such as being affectionate, generous, arrogant, creative, courageous, willful, and dramatic to name a few.
Tyongf YES😻✨
Hope this resonated you♌✨
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babapost · 6 hours ago
Horoscope Today 15 May 2021 : Check daily astrological prediction
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astrology101 · 7 hours ago
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Gemini Sun, Virgo Moon, and Cancer Rising ✨
“The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.”― Lao Tzu
Requested by @welcomethefears 💫
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bratbimbo · 7 hours ago
Can u please describe mars in the 10th house? Thank u
hi... I’m so tired but here you go!
You may have a problem with aggressive men, people see you as aggressive, maybe you’re trying not to be as aggressive?? You’d like to achieve success in your career more then anything, you have a lot of good ideas!
Tumblr media
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astrolobotomist · 7 hours ago
Animal Hybrids:
Aries: Koala + Llama = Koalama
Koala: Face, Arms, Tail
Llama: Ears, Neck, Body, Fur, Legs
Taurus: Buffalo + Wolf = Buffawolf
Buffalo: Horns, Neck, Hunch, Body, Fur, Tail
Wolf: Face, Ears, Arms, Legs
Gemini: Cat + Snake = Scnaket
Cat: Ears, Arms, Legs
Snake: Face, Body, Scales, Tail
Cancer: Butterfly + Crab = Butteredcrab
Butterfly: Wings, Antenna
Crab: Body, Pincers, Legs
Leo: Tiger + Bear = Tigear
Tiger: Ears, Fur, Tail
Bear: Face, Body, Arms, Legs
Virgo: Raven + Parrot = Raverot
Raven: Beak, Wings, Feathers
Parrot: Face, Legs, Tail
Libra: Scale + Mirror = Soul weigher
Scorpio: Dragonfly + Scorpion = Dragionfly
Dragonfly: Face, Wings
Scorpion: Pincers, Body, Legs, Tail
Sagittarius: Zebra + Gorilla = Zebrilla
Zebra: Ears, Neck, Mane, Fur, Tail
Gorilla: Face, Arms, Legs
Capricorn: Salmon + Goat = Salmoat
Salmon: Face, Neck, Scales, Fins, Tail
Goat: Ears, Body, Legs
Aquarius: Ostrich + Owl = Owlrich
Ostrich: Neck, Body, Legs
Owl: Face, Wings, Tail
Pisces: Swordfish + Dolphin = Swordphin
Swordfish: Swordbill, Sail, Scales
Dolphin: Face, Body, Tail
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astrolobotomist · 7 hours ago
Dragons Breath:
Aries: Original Fire Breath
Taurus: Flower Poison Breath
Gemini: TV Static Breath
Cancer: Crab Boiling Breath
Leo: Summer Fireworks Breath
Virgo: Volcanic lava Breath
Libra: Glass Sandstorm Breath
Scorpio: Icy Mint Breath
Sagittarius: Lighting Breath
Capricorn: Thick Muddy Breath
Aquarius: Hypnotic Singing Breath
Pisces: Hurricane Storm Breath
Reblog who would win :)
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bratbimbo · 7 hours ago
hello <3 jus out of curiosity, could you rate my big six?
sun: taurus
moon: cap
mercury: aries
venus: gemini
mars: scorpio
rising: virgo
i know, im all earth - sometimes i don’t feel like it though😭 thank you btw💖
Stubborn, you hide your emotions, secretive, blunt, manipulative, sassy, “player”, you let go of people easily, aggressive, intense, perfectionist.
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astrolobotomist · 7 hours ago
Dark Animal Symbolism:
Aries: Black Sheep
Taurus: Black Bull
Gemini: Black Wolf
Cancer: Black Widow Spider
Leo: Black Cat
Virgo: Black Vulture
Libra: Black Raven/Crow
Scorpio: Black Scorpion
Sagittarius: Black Horse
Capricorn: Black Goat
Aquarius: Black Owl
Pisces: Black Snake
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bratbimbo · 7 hours ago
Hello! Opinion on my big 6!?😄
Sag sun
Virgo moon
Aquarius rising
Capricorn mercury
Capricorn venus
Aries mars
Funny, perfectionist, adventurous, well-mannered, cold, dreamy, aggressive, unique, find it hard to love people, can be really dry-
Tumblr media
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bratbimbo · 7 hours ago
Hi,i wanna know your thoughts about pluto-asc aspects culture?
Pluto-ascendant aspects:
Pluto conjunct asc:
Very private!
concerned with their survival.
Self aware!
Understand ugly things that happen in the world.
They might try to hide themselves..
Feel like everyone’s watching them.
Pluto square/opposition asc:
May have had a lot of attention early in life!
A lot of family secrets.
People seem to think they have something to hide and they usually do!
Intimacy issues!
Sexy energy!
Like to control people..
Pluto trine/sextile asc:
Love getting under people’s skin.
People either love or hate them.
Intense gaze!
Sexual energy.
Seen as leaders.
Have a lot of secrets!
Tumblr media
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