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eightmuppetynotes · 12 hours ago
Muppet Song of the Day: "A Lovely Sunny Day"
Written by Matt Silverman, Paul Loren, and Annie Colbert
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ericalynne007 · a day ago
Out with another Chuck tribute because this show deserves all the love in the world!
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stuffilikeipostno2 · 2 days ago
What do you do when you have a couple of weeks off work? Binge the entire Tangled series, that’s what. And I am loving every minute!
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sohoharlem · 2 days ago
Zachary Levi's new relationship starts being more awkward I'm towards PR team lol
Lol it’s possible
- SH
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agentoutoftime · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chuck rewatch » 1.06 | chuck versus sandworm
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hellotherekenobi · 4 days ago
───flowers in the sun.
Tumblr media
summary: you know fandral well enough to know how much of a flirt he is, but when he asks you to join him on a picnic one day, it turns out he has a reason behind it all with you.
a/n: dedicated to the one and only @megmeg-chan for fueling my daydreams of this man. this goes out to all my fandral lovers out there. i respect you. song i listened to while writing: flowers by in love with a ghost.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Days like today were always lovely, where the sun shining made everything gleam and sparkle and the breeze were gentle, not too cold but just the perfect temperature. Of course, days like today were always lovely when they’re spent with someone equally as such, but perhaps that’s why he was given the name “dashing.” You weren’t always that interested in him, nor the warriors three, but he slipped through the cracks and you didn’t put up much of a fight once you realized how far you had fallen for him—and who could say no to a picnic out in the Asgardian fields with Fandral, anyhow?
When he had asked you earlier today, you weren’t expecting much but as soon as you had seen the spread—fruit baskets and crystal glasses, a fine linen blanket with golden patterns etched into the fabric—you knew that, once again, he managed to slip further past the cracks you’ve never bothered patching up, and probably never will with him being so close to your heart already.
“These are delicious,” the strawberry in your hand drips down your finger as you wipe your lips.
Fandral chuckles, leaning his head further back to close his eyes up at the sun, resting on one hand where he lays. “I made sure to get only the best for you, darling.”
You don’t react to the nickname, having heard that from his lips countless times before directed at many a fair maiden. “I can tell, with all the food you packed. Must have taken some convincing to sneak this out of the palace.”
“Oh no,” he smiles, tilting his head to look at you. “Not at all, my dear. Only so much convincing for you to join me.”
You smile, wiping the strawberry juice off of your hands with one of the serviettes packed. “I’ve never taken you for the picnic type.”
“Well, what is it they say? A moment is only as good as the people you spend it with.”
“And this moment?” You tease, leaning on your elbow closer to him. “How good is it?”
He doesn’t hesitate to say, “Far greater than any I’ve spent before.”
It makes you smile, looking down at your lap as you fiddle with the serviette in your hands. The confidence in his words could make anyone swoon, but you’ve always been more hopeless than hopeful as a romantic for him. Yet you still cling to it, smiling wider and letting out a chuckle, looking up again.
“Always such a charmer.”
He nods in agreement, pursing his lips slightly as he grabs his glass for another sip. There’s a moment of silence between you two, where you simply sit basking in the sun and listening to the rustling of the flowers amongst the grass as the wind blows gentle and cool. Fandral was right about moments, since this one wouldn’t be as pleasant if he weren’t beside you, but you are still wondering why you’re with him here to begin with—not that you’re complaining but time spent with Fandral was always giddy at most, throwing quips each other’s way and believing his flirts to be mere fun. Hopeless not hopeful, you remind yourself.
“When are you leaving?” you ask finally, seeing as the question was danced around before the food was even brought out.
He sighs, something tired. “Tonight.”
“And you’ll be gone for...?”
“I don’t know—” he sits up—“I’m hoping no more than a month, should everything go to plan. These things don’t usually turn out that way, however.”
You hum in agreement, knowing how long his last campaign with the warriors had been—and how you waited to see him ride back home almost everyday. “I thought you enjoyed fighting battles? I hear so many stories.”
“All in truth, I assure you.” he wags a finger for emphasis. “But when I go, I’ll miss moments like these. I’ll miss you.”
Your cheeks burn by his words. “You won’t have any time to miss me.”
He shakes his head. “I’ll think of you always.”
Hopeless. Remember it. He’s a natural born flirt, and a good one at that, but this doesn’t mean anything to him. You keep telling yourself that but the more you do, the more you think differently. Or maybe you’re just trying to deny what he might feel because of the way you feel. Cutting your thoughts short before you lose yourself, you lean over to pluck a flower from the field, twirling it in your hands to have something other than the serviette to fiddle with in the hopes that Fandral won’t notice how nervous you are. He doesn’t leave the topic unfinished, though.
“That is why I asked you to join me here. If I’m to leave tonight, I want you to be the last person I spend my day with.”
“I know,” he chuckles lightly. “Everything will be alright. I know that more than anything.”
“Because of your bravery or your silver tongue?” you joke, expecting a laugh from him but only getting a smile.
“Because I have something worth fighting for.”
“What is that?”
You think you know the answer already, most likely for Asgard or his companions—something noble—yet you don’t expect his answer when he leans over to take the flower from your fingers, twirling it once before he fastens it behind your ear, looking at you softly to say, “You.”
It’s said so sincerely that you do nothing but stare at him, watching for a furrow in his brow or the crease in his smile to tell you that he was only fooling, but he just continues to look at you, something so genuine and intimate that it could tip you over if his hand weren’t still by your ear and gently brushing along your cheek.
You don’t know what to say, so you change the topic. “Does it look alright?”
It almost takes him a moment, but he doesn’t even look at the flower, instead staring so wistfully at you that you can feel his gaze, noticing the way his eyes flicker between your own and he swallows the clearing of his throat. “Yes, well... you are always beautiful.”
You can feel your heart racing against your chest, you’re scared it might rip right through the skin. What could you reply with that won’t end in a stutter? He’s captured your heart, though you try to deny it, and maybe now you’re about ready to tear down the wall after all these years. But even when his fingers brush along your jaw so tenderly, working their way to your chin, you need more before you can let him in completely.
“I need to know,” you say so quiet like the breeze, placing your hand on top of his to still his movements. He looks at you with those swimmable eyes of his, brows furrowed in a way that makes him look like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “All of this... how you are with me... is it anything more than just Fandral the Dashing?”
He leans back slightly, like your words had shoved him backward. The look on his face changes to disbelief but so fractionally, so soft-hearted, that you could almost think he was saddened.
“Do you truly believe I have no feelings for you?” he waits for you to tell him he’s wrong, that all this time you’ve known, and when you remain silent he says, “All that I do for you, it’s all of me. Every word I speak, every touch I give, it’s a reflection of how much I care for you. My dear, I have loved you ever since we were young.”
For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to hear those words from him. Every moment you spent wondering ‘what if?’ has come to a standstill, telling you so clearly that all your doubts were for nothing. Fandral loves you, but more than that he has loved you for the beginning. It’s so much to take in that you sit there, frozen, balancing on the edge of happiness and surprise, your thoughts being too loud for you to even choose how to outwardly react.
He’s known you for so long and chuckles breathlessly when you make no move, knowing how many words must be swirling inside your head. “Must I prove myself once more for you?” His thumb rubs gently at your chin as he leans closer, smiling when he notices the way you hold your breath. “Very well.”
You can’t think to close your eyes when he leans just that much closer and presses his lips to yours—the feeling alone being too good to be true, you have to make sure you’re not dreaming. Then just as softly, all at once, you fall into him. The wall comes crumbling down as you close your eyes and kiss him back, your hand reaching out to hold onto his shirt so that this moment doesn’t drift away from you. He smiles against your lips, tilting his head to kiss you deeper and feel you press against him. As he wraps his arms around you, he begins to peck kisses along your jaw, beneath your earlobe, and scattering featherlight kisses along your neck just to hear you laugh as you squirm in his arms.
“You laugh so sweetly, I might have to kiss you more just to hear it.” he has the biggest smile on his face as he speaks, leaning in close to bump his nose against yours. You giggle as you push him back lightly, hearing him chuckle along with you. “I’ll take the sound with me until I come back home to you.”
can i get an uwu in the chat: @moonlight-prose @rebelledjester @aw--heck @americancowgirl19 @xxpoptarts @alwayssleepingforreal @awesomeri14 @karedevil4ever
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pie-king-dean · 5 days ago
The only character I’m okay with watching do the floss dance from Fortnite
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
via Flowsupps on Instagram
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more vids of Zac training
via Flowsupps Instagram stories
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chuckepisodes · 10 days ago
Chuck vs. The Lethal Weapon Part 2
Tumblr media
Sarah took Cole into the interrogation room as he was fixing himself up while you, Chuck and Casey were watching and listening in from the other side. "After that, it was eight, maybe nine guys until the door." Cole told Sarah, explaining to her how he escaped.
" Oh, come one. We're supposed to believe that he took out nine guys and escaped a FULCRUM holding facility all by himself?" Chuck asked. "Please, I don't think we can trust this guy." "I've done nine before." Casey said, turning to look at you both. " You've taken out nine guys?" you asked. " Just saying it's doable."
"So when they questioned you about the Intersect..." Sarah began. " I didn't tell them anything. It's not my first dance, Walker. If I talked, then Chuck, Y/N, Casey, you... are all in the crosshairs. Not an option." " Why come back here after you escaped?" " I wanted to make sure you were safe."
"I still kinda ship this." you quietly said to Chuck, leaning over a bit. Chuck smirked and put his arm around you.
You later all gathered around the screen to get more info from Beckman. "Thanks to information provided by Mr. Barker, we now know that FULCRUM is protecting a man that goes by the code name "Perseus. " " Beckman began. "Perseus is the head scientist behind FULCRUM's effort to build their own Intersect." Cole said, placing a file in front of you and Chuck to look at. "Anything, guys?" Sarah asked, hoping one of you flashed on it. You just both shook your heads no. " I spent the past year undercover trying to get close to him, but only the inner circle is ever allowed contact with the man." Cole told you all. "Intel tells us Perseus is attending a formal event tonight at the Swiss Consul's office. The State Department has arranged invitations for the two of you." Beckman said. " Um, the two, the two of who?" Chuck asked. " Agent Walker and Agent Casey." " Are you sure, General? I'd be happy to accompany Agent Walker." Cole said. " I bet you would." you said with a smirk. "Chuck and I'd be happy to go, too." " Oh, aren't you two popular?" Casey said. "I mean, you know, we are, we are the Intersects and everything." Chuck added. " Neither Agent Barker nor Bartowski and L/N will be going on this mission. FULCRUM is still actively searching for the three of you. You will all stay in Castle and monitor by remote feed. If you recognize anyone, you'll have radio." Beckman explained. "Well, at least no one's telling us to... " you started, leaning closer to Chuck. "You heard the General. You two stay in the bunker." Casey said. "And there it is." Chuck said, turning his head to look at you. "Mm-hm."
Sarah and Casey were all dressed up and arriving at the party while you, Chuck and Cole were down in Castle, doing surveillance. "Video check. Do we have a signal?" Sarah asked.
" Yep, we got you. And you look fantastic. Sarah, is that dress CIA issue, or do you just make everything look that good?" Cole asked, still trying to flirt with her. "Cole? Can we leave the flirting for another time?" you asked. "Oh like you and Chuck never flirt on a mission." "Not the point. Let's get back to business." Chuck said. "Okay, too many cooks in the kitchen. Chuck, you get in Casey's ear, I'll get in Sarah's." Cole said. "And me?" "You just keep a lookout and make sure we don't miss anything." "Sure." you said, not that excited. "Okay, you two, split up. Sarah, you've got an unsecured exit at 2:00. The guy in the bad suit standing in front of the Swiss flag is packing." Cole began. " Casey, you got a bogey." Chuck warned. "Honey it's a tray of crab cakes coming in." you said, looking at him and giving him a funny look. "I'm just trying to be helpful, okay? Works up an appetite on missions." You just smiled and shook your head. "Sarah, the Italian minister for trade is headed your way. Now he can get a little handsy." Cole told her.
"Hello. I'm Paolo Giordano. I saw you arrive and couldn't help but admire your beauty." The man said as he took Sarah's hand and kissed it.
"His wife's name is Isabella and he has three little bambinos." Cole told her.
" Thank you. How are Isabella and the children?" Sarah asked. "Senorina." The man told her as he left awkwardly.
You and Chuck let out a soft laugh. " Nicely done." you said.
"Thank you." "Who else haven't we seen?" Casey asked.
"I don't know, look at the people by that ice goose thing." Chuck suggested. As Casey walked over, you and Chuck saw this one man and you both flashed on him. " Oh, okay, I just flashed." you and Chuck said at the same time. "The shorter balding gentleman in the sweater wearing the glasses-- that has got to be Perseus." Chuck told them.
" I have a visual. Moving in." Casey said.
"His name is Howard Busgang. He's a research scientist with the Department of Defense." you informed.
"Good job, Y/N and Chuck." Sarah said.
"Hey... Just you know...Doing what we do." you said as you looked at Cole. "So nine guys, huh? Really, you're not fudging that number? Not even a little bit?" Chuck asked Cole. " Sounds harder than it is. Always go for the knee." " You mean like sweep the leg?"
As Sarah and Casey were heading into the room, they accidentally ran into a man. "Ooh. Ooh, I'm sorry. Excuse me." The man apologized.
" That's him." Cole said, pointing at the man. "Well, yeah. You're a little late to the party. We just flashed." Chuck told him. " No, not Busgang, him. He was the guy who was torturing me. He's Fulcrum." All of a sudden, all the cameras went down and it was just static on all the screens. "Where'd they go? Where'd they go? Where'd they go? " you asked, panicking a little. "My guess is that Fulcrum made them, and they just jammed the signal." Cole explained.
Cole left for a sec and came back in with a case and pulled out a gun. "Your friends are in trouble." " Yeah we've gathered that. We have to call General Beckman." you said. " For what?" " So she can tell us what to do next." " I'll tell you what we do next. We go to the consulate and we save them." Cole told you as he got the gun ready. "No, no, no, no. Sarah and Casey specifically said for us to stay here." Chuck told him as the two of you quickly got up to join Cole. "Yeah, well, sometimes things don't always go according to plan, Chuck. You have to improvise." " Look, you can't just go run off and be the hero all the time." " It's not about wanting to be a hero, Chuck. It's about needing to be." Cole then took out another gun to make sure it was ready to go as well. "Two guns, huh? Oh, you really are a badass." " No, Chuck, one gun. One for you and this one...for Y/N." Cole explained handing you two the guns. You both hesitantly grabbed them. Cole then pulled out another gun for him. You and Chuck took a deep breath and looked at each other a little nervous. "Let's go." Cole said as he clapped you both on the shoulder and walked out. You and Chuck were absolutely not ready for this.
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kryptongurl84 · 10 days ago
Do you believe Zachary Levi and his girlfriend is PR stunt?
I will start off by saying normally I refuse to post about anybody’s personal life and I feel it’s not my business. I try my best to respect people’s privacy. That being said, I will make an exception this time for for Zachary Levi. I have to voice my opinion because he is apparently not seeing the red flags. I think this is either a PR stunt or this girl is using him to get her name out there. She has a YouTube channel about fitness and she’s done a little modeling. I just find it odd that he moved her into his house only after a few months. I suspect she needed a place to stay for COVID and shacked up with him. We will see.
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diamondbodiedblack · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Flower, gleam and glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine
Heal what has been hurt
Change the fates' design
Save what has been lost
Bring back what once was mine
What once was mine
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bambieyestuff · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
zachary levi - avatars
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ambear9 · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So Zac replied to my tweet and Adam replied to his.
Imagining Adam googling pics of Chuck and Casey makes it even better.
I love them so much
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sohoharlem · 13 days ago there any blog which talks about Zachary Levi? Do you know any?
I don’t know any that are still running. I knew one years ago but they deleted. Anyone know any??
- SH
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