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#yuu knows malleus there. they can see the horns.
minzart · a month ago
[Malleus escaped sebek's and silver's watch, and now is walking by the forest on day time]
Maleficent: and you two have a night walk? How adorable
Malleus: it's nothing realy, we do this all the time
Maleficent: and you still doesn't belive they might love you
Malleus: grandm- mistress, it's nothing like you are expecting, we only talk... well I talk and they listen... they always do little smile*
maleficent: chuckles* I will see it myself once night falls then... are you hearing this?
[Cautiously Malleus slides behind a tree, only to be surprised as Yuu pass by, dancing with Grim singing once upon a dream]
Maleficent: well if that isn't something, a great opportunity to make the first move don't you think so child?
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hipsterteller · 6 days ago
I can't believe, I'm doing this but man, I really didn't expected this...oh well enjoy.
Italic-Thoughts and dreams.
"Little sheep, little sheep, please come back to us~"
N-No! Stay away!
"O Lost little sheep, why must you be this stubborn?"
Go away! Help!! Malleus!
"So sweet and innocent, like an virgin angel..."
Get away! Help!!
"Don't struggle little sheep, submit to me."
"Don't make us find you little sheep~"
Anthy gasp as she find herself in infirmary, Lucius is at her chest starring at her. Beside her is Mozus Trein, who is relief and worried.
Trein-You were tossing and turning Anthy...
Anthy-W-what happen? -Sat up-
Trein explain that when she was picking up a plant for Crewel class, she collapse causing the pot in her hand shatter making Crewel check on her and had to rush her to the infirmary.
But this ain't the first time, according to his explanation. Grim and Yuu notice her odd behavior in the Botanical Garden and the fairies notice her expressionless face.
To add to more info, her mother, Mia was called by Crowley and told him about her odd behavior in the morning. She nearly trip when she rode her bike to the woods. Which she never done it...unless something happen.
Anthy looked down and they had read her easily like an open book, it didn't took about 15 minutes when the dorm leaders along with Jamil and Ortho came to see her.
Idia even have to see her in person and Ortho is frantic on what happen, even Kalim.
Kalim-Are you okay Jewel?!
Anthy-I-I'm fine...
Malleus-are you sure your not sick my love?
Anthy-N-No, I'm not Malleus..
Riddle-Anthy, you could have told us but why didn't you?
Leona-I must admit, that was reckless you did. We never seen Professor Mozus this worried before...he sure is your uncle alright...
Jamil-speaking the staff, has anyone told Sam yet?
And right now cue, Sam burst in and panted from running. He look up and saw her then gave her a hug.
Sam-Oh Anthy, why must you worry us?
Anthy-I'm's just...recently this dreams...
Riddle-Dreams? You mean like Yuu had before?
Anthy-yes but instead of mirror and great felt so real...they were calling to me...
Azul-do you remember anything? Any specific thing they call you?
Anthy-They kept calling me...Sheep...
This made everyone confuse as Ortho decided to look up on the symbolize of Sheep.
Ortho-Okay, I got the info and symbolize of the bible, sheep are known to be gifted by the God...and sometimes in recent years...sacrifice.
Hearing the word Sacrifice made them worried for Anthy, Sam held her as she held him. But when Crowley called the dorm leads and staff along the students to meet up in Dark mirror.
This happen...
Crowley-oh great Mirror of darkness, guide the half-witch and see what's her struggle...
Mia gave her a smile that it means she needs to approach to the mirror and look to the soulless eyes.
Mia-it's okay dear, I'm here...
She approach the mirror and starred at the mirror, the mirror of darkness starred at her as she felt a bit awkward starring something at the mirror...that's when he spoke.
Mirror-something is pulling her...I can sense great power...and sinister...
This made Anthy gulp and everyone are now worried, Malleus approach to her and press his thumb on her forehead and close his eyes.
Lilia-Malleus, what do you see?
Malleus-I see...a throne thrones figure...with horns...
Sebek-Do you think it's from our home?
Malleus-no...I sense something the mirror said...sinister...the horns are not like dragons...but rather...a devil...
Crowley-Oh no... don't think...
Crowley-There's no denying...they found her.
Crowley-Anthy, did they contact you? Have they know your location?
Anthy-n-no, I only saw them in my dreams...
Crowley-do they say something about you?
Anthy-they called me sheep...and telling me to come back..
Ace-woah, didn't see that coming... you know this creature?
Crowley-this Creature are no mere monster like overblots, they are someone's you do not want to cross path...and since Anthy encounter them in her dreams, it's only a matter of time they'll find her...
Mia-You boys take her home while me and Crowley along Trein talk about this and how to stop them. Sam and Crewel need to stay too.
Riddle-okay, Anthy come on.
Trein-we'll be fine...just head home and don't open the door, okay?
Mia-and keep your pen with you at all times, okay?
Anthy nodded, Sam kiss her forehead and Crewel hug her,the dorm leaders sprint out of the room with the rest behind.
Vil-Epel told me that he and Coach Vargas had made a bus, and good thing too since they are going to test drive it.
Rook-they wouldn't mind if they take us to the woods?
Silver-as long nothing happen, let's hope the ride is smooth...
Anthy-I hope so...
Once they got out, they saw the deck out bus as Vargas is the one driving. With that it drove off...the ride is long but it took the others to rest at ease.
Anthy is sitting next to Malleus who is worried for her, she held his hand tightly and he too held her.
Malleus-I wonder what the staffs and headmaster know about this creature...
Anthy-they mention they are not to mess with or cross paths...
Sebek-still! We better be careful!
Jack-I agreed with Sebek here, we've face a lot of things and whoever this people are not normal.
Lilia look out the window that's when his ears perk something...something coming.
And just like that, the bus made loose balance causing to swirl and flip. This startle everyone and as for Anthy, she let out a piercing scream. The bus slam upside down and let out an explosion as it engulf in flames.
Luckily for them, Ortho, Lilia, Malleus had manage to save everyone and Asthon from death while Anthy is being carried in bridal by Malleus.
Malleus-my love, are you alright?
Anthy-I-I-what happen?!
Trey-My answer is right on top.
They all look and saw seven male figure on top of the cliffs looking down below to them, Anthy eyes widen in fear...
They are here...
One reveals two large horns curling up and out from the sides of his head and four black, fallen angels' wings.
He has black hair with white tinted tips that's parted on the right side of his face, and black eyes with an outwards red gradient
His eyes were on Anthy as she held Malleus close, as his words to her...were enough to make her spine shiver.
I found you...little sheep.
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leonameowzz · a month ago
Vampire MC
In case it wasn’t obvious, I’ve been in a picrew mood lately, anyways try it out yourself here :p
Tumblr media
She’s actually only half vampire, but the vampire genes were more dominant, hence the horns
She’s from a noble family, but because of her mixed blood she has faced discrimination since birth
Met Malleus at a ball once and was the only one brave enough to speak with him; the dragon fae immediately took a liking to her for her courage
Got enrolled into NRC by accident, but her vampire side of the family didn’t bother to rectify the mistake so she ended up staying
Actually really likes NRC and even refused to transfer when her father (who found out about it late) told her to
Truth be told, she’s just glad to be away from all the political crap and befriend others who won’t judge her for her heritage
She encounters Grim the same way Yuu did in canon, and finds him interesting, so she makes him her familiar
Is glad to see Malleus again in school and becomes friends with the other Diasomnia gang
I can see her definitely getting along well with Lilia: they’re the type who look young but are super wise and knowledgeable
Also they have that mischievous side to them; they enjoy “greeting” their fellow NRC schoolmates by popping up randomly upside down
Playfully jokes with (more like lowkey threatens) the first years (especially ADeuce) that she’ll “bite them” if they start misbehaving
Always has a stash of blood bags at Ramshackle that she regularly stocks up from Sam
Since she actually has $$$, lucky Grim gets his fill of premium tuna, although if he does cause trouble she will not hesitate to take away his tuna privileges
She won’t drink blood in front of the other students, knowing that it makes them squeamish, except when she’s around the Savanaclaw guys since they don’t really mind
She met Leona one morning when she skipped class (”Vampires are nocturnal creatures, it’s too early for me to be awake yet~” She reasons)
Initially he didn’t have a good impression on her since she was Malleus’ friend, he thought she was just another pompous noble, but he slowly warmed up to her after seeing her interact with Ruggie and Jack
Takes great pride in her horns, often polishing them. No one but Grim is allowed to touch them.
“They make great stabbing tools in emergencies”, she told the others once and they were all like 👁👄👁
Tumblr media
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yuuanoma · 2 months ago
Day 3 - Hurt/Comfort
My Yuu Anoma is still a WIP in regards to his backstory, but there’s one thing that I’m 100% sure happens in his past; he loses someone very dear to him before coming to Twisted Wonderland.
And because the new chapter hasn’t come up yet, so we don’t know what happens after that cliffhanger, so I’m just gonna go out on a limb with this one.
Yuu tossed and turned in bed then awoke with a start and sat up.
He took a moment to settle himself before realizing he hasn’t heard Grim either complaining or asking if he was okay and looked to see that he wasn’t in the bedroom in Ramshackle.
But the room wasn’t unfamiliar to him and his stomach dropped.
The room was more of an abandoned beach shack, but he hopped out and ran to the ajar and splintery door, only to catch a glimpse of a young female figure heading to the water before the morning light blinded him unnaturally that he had to lift his arm and look away.
When he was able to look again, he was in the school courtyard, but the manicured lawn and the ripe apple trees were now upturned and broken to the point of splintering.
He looked to see the stone corridors that were open were now toppled in places.
Then he heard a roar, then a different roar and started running towards it, smelling smoke and ash. 
He knows he’s been down these halls countless of times, but for some reason it felt off, as if reality was there, but isn’t.
He found his way outside of the school castle building to see that the long stair case to the cluster of buildings where the library and Sam’s Shop were located only to see a large winged being of a black dragon go up in the air only to start diving down, roaring out neon green fire, while a burst of electric blue fire erupted on the ground with a clash, causing a blast wave to knock him back and hit the stone ground and tumble a bit before stopping.
He groaned as he slowly got up, only to realize he was somewhere else. 
The space he was in was similar to the beach from earlier, but the feeling around it wasn’t familiar. 
He slowly got up as he noticed water not far from him, but something was off about it.
He walked towards the water, which look unnaturally dark.
Then he stopped as his whole body froze as the water disappeared to reveal fallen bodies of everyone he’s known in NRC.
“Ace… Deuce…” He whimpered seeing the glassy lifeless eyes stare out to nothing as he looked beyond them to see and recognized the other students…
All but two...
Then a large shadow appeared on the other side of the bodies. 
The fiery blue glowing eyes seemed uncomfortably familiar as the lion-like muzzle was carrying something that looked like a large bird.
But he could see Crowley’s body among the others, and focused on the wing and his blood froze to realize the wings wasn’t a feathery bird wing.
“...No…” He was now hyper focused on making out the long legs and the tail he recognizes as being very familiar, then he could make out the horns as well as the dark strands of hair.
The shadow mass made a low throaty sound as its lower jaw slacked, letting the body fall with a wet plop as blood dripped from the faint silhouette of long, sharp canines. 
Yuu wanted to run up and grab Malleus, but his feet wouldn’t cooperate, as if rooted to the ground as the shadow lifted what appears to be a large paw with sharp black claws extended out.
“...op…” He tried to speak, to scream, to break whatever was keeping him as a witness to a gruesome end. “S-Stop…”
But it was pointless as the shadow creature lifted its paw high enough to violently swipe the lifeless, still bleeding body of Malleus.
“NO!!” He screamed as he jumped forward, only for something to stop him.
He couldn’t see anything but the bodies, and Malleus’s body being thrown like a torn up rag doll. He can feel that he was no longer rooted, but now there was something else keeping him from moving forward, to get somewhere, to get-
“YUU!” A familiar voice broke through the haze, pausing his racing mind to settle and realize he wasn’t in that space with the dead bodies of his friends, classmates, upperclassmen and staff.
Instead it was the familiar sight of the infirmary and, unlike what he was seeing before, it felt real and right; as it should be.
Once his mind calmed, he realized his beating heart and looked down to see a hand that wasn’t his on his chest, and followed it to an arm, then the shoulder, then to the familiar sight of Malleus.
“T-Tsuno...taro…?” He whimpered as he was relieved to see him, but confused as to how he got to the infirmary.
“I had heard of the accident that happened in Crewel’s class.” Malleus said, looking relieved that the teen was back to his senses. 
“You don’t remember?” He asked seeing the teen shake his head. “I see.”
“I’m back!” Grim said, carrying two bottles of what appears to be soda. “Didn’t know what you’d li-” He started then noticed Yuu. “You’re awake! Damn it don’t scare me like that!” 
“H-Hey… You still don’t look too good.” Grim said as he set the bottles down to jump on the bed. “What’s -” He nearly screamed in surprise as Yuu reached out, grabbed him, then held up against the teen’s chest within a second. “H-Hey! Warn a guy!”
“Must’ve been a terrible dream.” Malleus said as he used his other hand to rub the teen’s back, something he had seen Lilia do when Silver was upset when he was much younger. He was a bit relieved to see the teen relax a little with that.
“... ay…”
“Please… stay…” Yuu said as he turned his head to look up at the tall fae.
The scared vulnerable sight of the teen broke Malleus’s heart, not used to seeing as such, and offered a gentle reassuring smile. “I did come here to see you. I do not plan on leaving you.”
Yuu nodded as he moved so he was sitting with his legs and feet off the edge of the bed, patting the open space next to him.
Malleus took the hint and sat next to him, immediately feeling him lean up to him, in which he wrapped an arm around his shoulders. “Better?”
Yuu could only nod as he relaxed further next to the fae prince.
Malleus wasn’t too sure what he should do as Grim made himself comfortable, but even he wasn’t too sure what to do.
“Have you heard about the Witch of Thorns tale?” He offered, seeing the teen shake his head. “No? Hmm. I suppose it is a child’s tale at this point. But for one not from this world, this should be a treat to listen.” His response was the teen relaxing his desperate hold on Grim, which the monster cat appeared grateful for a bit more breathing room. 
“As all stories start off with… Once upon a time…”
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themonotonysyndrome · 3 months ago
Imagine if Malleus accidentally drank some appearance altering potion and it made him look drastically different (No horns, no fae eyes, different hair color, etc.) People approach him normally and only Yuu and Lillia know. (Silver was asleep and Lilia forgot to tell him while Lilia thinks it would be funny to mess with Sebek) Everyone is really confused as to how Yuu knows the new person he's hanging out with. Ace and Deuce assume he's from Mystic Elixer.
How about his aura though? One of the reasons why people tend to stay away from Malleus is his magical aura/presence if very pronoun. But let’s go with the idea that the potion could also conceal it! 
I can see Malleus enjoy this sort-of newfound acceptance. Temporary as it is, he’ll treasure it as a precious memory. To the NPCs of NRC, they just treat this disguised Malleus as one of the many, many people Yuu knew so they don’t think too much of it. While Yuu is having tea with Malleus and Lilia, Silver and Sebek came over to ask where Malleus is. Sebek is growing distressed by the minute but cheeky Lilia told them not to worry, Malleus will show up whenever he wants. In the meantime, why don’t they come and join them?
Unfortunately, Sebek ran out screaming for his Young Master, worry over him, and Silver chooses to accompany him so he won’t get too freaked out. 
In a rare chance of coincidence where all of Yuu’s first-year squad are together, Yuu would invite the disguised Malleus to come and hang out with them. Jack and Epel treat them friendly enough - asking polite questions about Malleus here and there while Grim, Ace and Deuce needed some time to get used to this new stranger that Yuu befriended. 
But best believe that after the initial awkwardness, they’ll be inviting Yuu’s newfound ‘friend’ to all sorts of pranks and Malleus will be treated to them all complaining about their Dorm Leaders (minus Sebek because he’s well... Sebek, lol) 
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pianostarinwonderland · 6 months ago
What kind of role do you think Yuu will play during Grim's OverBlot? I mean, they are kind of responsible for keeping him out of trouble. One more thing, who do you think MC is closest with besides Ace and Deuce (or at least, gets along with better)
In all honesty, I don’t know. Yuu has no magic, so they can’t beat the shit out of Grim bring him back to normal with the other dorm leaders. I mean, as far as I can understand, Yuu usually tells Grim to do this and that to help stop the other overblots, but it’s not like they can do that when Grim’s the one going apeshit. Seeing how Grim doesn’t remember anything about his past, Yuu might be a contributing factor to his emotional buildup. Or if Grim does remember his past (which sounds kinda sad), Yuu was probably the person that made his life so much better...............
Who do I think Yuu is close to? Hm, I’d say Jack since he does hang around with the group, seeing how he was with them at the end of chapter 4. I won’t say Malleus as of yet because Yuu probably just knows him as the gargoyle fanatic horn guy who randomly appears and disappears. Tempted to say Azul, but I think he just wants us for favors lol so no
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yuuanoma · 7 months ago
Random November Writing Prompt Thing (for fun!)
Earlier today I made a post asking about if there was a thing for November like the one with October, and then I looked at other places in tumblr for writing prompts for this month and found one with a list that have given me some good ideas so I decided to go with that.
And so... I’m going to post the first three on the list that I wrote down today (which a couple I had to go back and delete when it got off topic). I’m not very good with writing short stories, and the twst characters could possibly be out of character, but I haven’t been in the mood to work on my other writing projects, and this looks fun to do.
There’s really no order or any clear point in time, just random scenarios with Yuu Anoma and various characters that I felt worked well with the prompt.
I hope you enjoy it, and I may have more tomorrow (following the actual days of the month).
1. Crisp Air
Yuu and Grim headed out of Ramshackle, bidding the ghost uncles well until later in the day and meeting up with Ace and Deuce in front of the Botanical Garden’s glass dome building.
Yuu walked a bit of a slower pace, enjoying the cool breeze of the autumn wind that lightly gusted by.
Grim however didn’t appreciate it as much as the teen. “Hey! Are you feeling sick or something? We’ll be late at this rate.”
“No we won’t.” Yuu pointed out as he mentioned to the building that was getting bigger the closer they got to it. “Besides, it’s a pretty morning. Especially after that small bit of rain last night.”
“Hm? I guess you’re right.” Grim said as he took a moment to look around. “The air’s cleaner…”
“Where I’m from the air doesn’t smell like this.” He said solemnly. “I got so used to that scent that such clean air like this is a luxury.”
“Sounds like you live in a dump.” Grim blunty commented.
“You’re not wrong.” He said as he can hear before seeing Ace and Deuce fighting in the distance.
“They’re at it again.” Grim sighed.
“Probably over something dumb again.” He said as he picked up Grim as he started to jog to the other duo were arguing at their meet up spot.
2. Memories
Grim was taking a nap when he sniffed the air and it woke him up. “Something smells nice…” He said as he groggily got up and followed the scent.
His nose led him to the Ramshackle’s kitchen, where he saw Yuu looking at the oven before he was noticed.
“Nice nap?” Yuu asked as Grim walked up.
“It was.” He answered, since it was a nice smell that woke him up from a good nap, which isn’t a bad thing. “Whatcha making now?”
“Pumpkin gingerbread loaf cake.” Yuu answered as he can see the monster cat starting to drool. ‘He acts like a dog when food is involved…’ He thought as he sighed, looking back at the oven, having nothing else to do until later in the evening.
“What’s the occasion?” Grim asked. 
“Thought I bring something to the Gargoyle Appreciation Society club.” He answered. “And Azul had all these extra pumpkin purees to use, so Trey, Jamil, and I took what was left and I decided to make a cake out of it.”
Grim went up to see that, not only was there a large loaf in there, but there were also mini loaves in as well. ‘So not all of it is going to that dumb club!’ Grim thought happily, knowing what he was going to be doing while Yuu was out. 
Yuu knew what Grim was thinking by how the monster cat’s tail was wiggling, but he wasn’t bothered by it. 
Once it was done and was left to cool completely, it was around nine when Yuu left the dorm to head to the library to meet up with Tsunotaro for their club meeting.
“Good evening.” Malleus said happily, which made Yuu smile in return.
‘He’s going to kill me with that happy smile one day.’ He thought as he responded. “Evening Tsunotaro. How’s your day?”
“Like any other.” Malleus answered when he noticed the wrapped item in the teen’s hand. “What do you have there?”
“Pumpkin gingerbread loaf cake.” Yuu answered. “I figured we can enjoy this while we look into the gargoyle from our last meeting.”
Malleus nodded, trusting the teen as they entered the library. “Normally the library doesn’t allow food or drink, but as long as we’re careful, I don’t think the ghosts will mind.”
“I made sure to bring some things from my dorm to enjoy this with. I didn’t make this just to go to waste after all.”
“You made it?” He asked, surprised to say the least.
“Yup.” He said as they found their usual table, which was at the back corner of the library where it was hidden by a tall bookshelf filled with mainly abandoned and forgotten books. “I’ve always wanted to make gingerbread loaf cake, and Trey mentioned about adding pumpkin purees into it. And Azul just happened to have extra of the stuff from the pumpkin spice craze.”
“I see.” He said as his sense of smell made him eager to try a slice. 
Once Yuu put out the small plates, cut the slices onto it, they started off enjoying the cake, which Malleus was surprised how good it was.
“It seems Trey’s lessons have been going well. But your comment about wanting to make this has me curious. Any reason of this specific recipe?”
Yuu shrugged. “Gingerbread was my sister’s favorite treat to have. And I could recall only three times that we’ve actually had it before…” He went quiet. “You know…”
“I see…” Malleus said, feeling a little guilty for reminding what the teen has lost, but it only grew his curiosity even more.
“And I’ve always wanted to make it for her so she could enjoy it everyday instead of just once a year around a special holiday.” Yuu continued as he leaned back against the wall. “But of course I grew up not having anyone to teach me, and even if I did know what I do now, I didn’t have access to a kitchen nor funds to buy the ingredients. I was hired to be the companion to the wealthy winner and clean up after them. And any money I do receive goes straight to my sister’s hospital debt.”
Malleus only knew a little about the teen’s tragic and abusive past, and this only shed a bit of light to what he knew already. 
“It was frustrating not being able to.” Yuu admitted. “Even when I knew she would understand, it didn’t make it easier to come to term with it.” He then looked to Tsunotaro. “Remember when I told you I never make promises?”
“You did. And I asked why, but you said you didn’t have a good enough answer to explain.” He said as he waited for the teen to respond.
“It’s still hard to explain, and it’s more of a personal thing with me, so it might sound odd to you, but when I said I never make promises, what I really meant was that I don’t make promises that I know can’t be achieved on my own. So I don’t make promises, even to myself because I know no one would help me get there. That is… until I came here.” He admitted. “It’s still hard to explain, but I’m starting to feel all of those things I thought were unreachable can be reached… I just have to learn to trust others again.”
Malleus listened intently, knowing the teen was opening up to him about something that was painful but was healing at the same time. “I have noticed that your talks have become more animated, especially after what happened at Magical Shift.”
“You think so?” Yuu said, feeling a bit at ease. 
“I do.” Malleus responded calmly yet confidently. “You know… I’ve never been a fan of cake.”
Yuu looked at Tsunotaro with a confused look. “Really?” He asked as he knew the mysterious horned fae upperclassman was enjoying his second slice.
“To be specific, cakes that are not divided and remain whole even after being sliced.”
“That’s a waste, but no one really can eat a whole cake, a small one maybe, but the visual itself is pretty depressing.” He said as he slightly figured the upperclassman was hinting at his own life experience. “But you like my cake because I’m here?”
“That, and you made it.” He said. “I’ve had cakes that are… unique in flavor.” He honestly can’t remember how many times he had tasted Lilia’s cooking. ‘This is divine in comparison.’ He thought.
Yuu however just felt happy that this mysterious and slightly quirky student loves his cake despite having a negative association with it. “I’m glad you like it.” 
“I don’t like it.” Malleus corrected seriously before smiling like a child. “I love it.”
Yuu couldn’t help but feel his face warm and the corners of his lips turned up into a shy grin. “I’m happy to have someone to enjoy my gingerbread cake. Makes me feel my efforts weren’t wasted.”
Malleus reached over and ran a hand through the teen’s hair. “Your efforts are yours alone. You don’t need mine or anyone else’s to put value on it.”
Yuu leaned into the touch, not minding the gentle touch of an attempt at comfort. “True. But it’s nice to see all the same. I’ll still make it only to improve.” That's when the hand ruffled his hair, making him playfully pat the hand away from his head, only to see Tsunotaro laughing, highly amused by this, which only made him smile and savored the moment to a memory he would think back on.
3. Tea time
“So… tea time became an event once the price of tea rose?” Yuu asked Vil in the Pomefiore’s garden.
“In a manner.”
“And it was seen more of a ladies social gathering in the afternoon rather than the social gathering it is now.” Yuu said as he took a sip of his tea: a cardamom cinnamon full-leaf herbal tea that Vil was asked to try out for a brand in hopes for revenue using his popularity; a common thing to happen nowadays thanks to the rise of magicam sponsorship.
“Yes.” Vil said as he took a sip of the tea as well.
Off to the side, a few Pomefiore students were manning the camera and sound mics as this was being recorded to Vil’s magicam account at that moment in a live stream.
Vil did want to try out a new brand of sponsorships and the tea brand was actually small in comparison to the other brands, but with thanks to Rook’s insight, he had looked into the tea shop and found out that the small brand had been around locally for a good number of years and have proudly claimed of having the best quality loose leaf tea anyone can find.
He agreed, but he wasn’t going to do this product testing alone.
Rook had thought he would bring in Epel in this, but the vice dorm leader had a moment of rare shock when he mentioned that he was going to have Yuu be his guest tester.
“Epel’s voice is far too soft, and he’s yet to understand the appreciation when it comes to tea.” Vil reasoned. “And I had thought of Riddle, but he has informed me that he would be too busy. Understandably so. But he has mentioned that Anoma was a good tea time company, so that is why I have invited him.” He said. “To be honest I didn’t think he would agree. But it works out in the end.”
“Oui. He has an interest in history, so your conversation about the history of tea time over tea would not be met with little interest.”
And thus, why Yuu was here, looking at Vil like one would in a natural conversation over tea, talking about the history of tea time as well as describing the way the tea tastes, even surprising the dorm leader on his knowledge of possible sweet or savory treat pairings for it.
“To be honest, I’ve never been a fan of traditions that deal with a blatant visual of class supremacy, as well as sexist views that go with high society…” Yuu said, which made Vil both curious and anxious; curious because he didn’t know Yuu that well and after hearing varying rumors about this mysterious non-magic student, he somewhat understood the unusual appeal, but anxious because the topic the teen brought up could flop depending on how he responds to this comment. 
“But times have changed, and it’s continuing to change.” He continued. “I didn’t grow up in a great area, hence my earlier honest thought. But since coming here, I’ve begun to see other traditions both dorm related like Heartslabyul’s Unbirthday Parties, and personal ones such as this tea time. I now think that traditions that involve various individuals in order to talk over different matters, or nothing at all, are something that should be kept going for the sake of bettering relations and understanding.” He then smiled a bit. “That, and having an exceptionally nice cup of tea or two isn’t bad to help with the awkward air with a first meeting.”
“I agree.” Vil said as he made a closing statement, thanking the viewers and mentioning the tea brand’s name before the camera stopped rolling.
“Stream is in outro.” Said one of the students as everyone else started to carefully put things away.
“Anoma, thank you for a successful live meeting. I know you didn’t have much time to prepare.” Vil said as Yuu shook his head.
“It was no problem. I just took it like I was meeting up with Riddle for our own little tea time. Though in that case it was him to let out some frustrations.”
“I see. He has mentioned that you were a good companion for tea time.” Vil said as he finished his own second cup. “This really is good. Even after it has cooled over our talks, the tea hasn’t lost it’s flavor.”
“I just hope they don’t lose their motto of having quality leaves. When a small shop gets too noticed, it sometimes would switch to quantity to meet with demands.”
“I do have a personal review with the owners soon after this. I will mention your concern. A little mental preparation couldn’t hurt.” He then gave the extra tin of tea, that was gifted to him along with the testing product, to him. “This is my thanks for being a good guest host for this testing. I may call on you again.”
Yuu carefully took the tea tin and nodded. “This was new and interesting. And learning about tea time was actually a nice touch.”
Vil smiled, mentally noting to thank Riddle for the suggestion at a near future time frame. “I’m glad you think so.”
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mxlleus · 7 months ago
Twisted wonderland theory - who is Dire Crowley?
I'm currently drowning in my brainrot so I shall offer you this. Forgive me if it's kinda messy, I only have one brain cell ;-;
Some people speculated that our very kind headmaster is inspired by the Diablo, Maleficent's crow. This is pretty obvious just by taking a look at his design: the golden claws on his hands, his beak-like mask, the black feathers on his coat and his walking stick with a golden crow on top.
Now, what are Crowley's true intentions? What may be his final goal? Well, if he truly is based on Diablo (which by the way means Devil in Spanish), then he ought to share some traits with him, right? The Disney wiki describes the crow with a certain sentence that has caught my eye: "he is completely and genuinely loyal to her (Maleficent)". Why is this important? Well, what if Crowley was Maleficent's assistant in the Twisted Wonderland universe? Assuming she is Malleus' grandmother, how in the world would he still be alive then?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Let's take a look at his character design. First off, his ears are pointed, and we all know what having pointed ears means! He's a fae, and this would explain why 1) his age is listed as "unknown" (just like Lilia and Malleus', the only two fae characters in the game) 2) he could've easily lived long enough to serve the Queen of the Land of Thorns
(Another hint/foreshadowing of his long lifespan is here: )
Prologue ; Chapter 1 - 19
Crowley: In all these years that I've been Headmaster... For the day to come that students from Night Raven College to go hand-in-hand to face and defeat their enemy! [...] Ace: I would never do that, gross! But Headmaster, how old are you!
Second, he shares quite a lot of similarities with Malleus' design. They have the same pointed ears, same black lipstick and very similar color palettes (for the hair/horns). And what if the mask is there to conceal his eye color? (it could totally be green, for what we know; no one said that goldish glow is his actual eye color) To make it look less suspicious? Because to be honest, I've never noticed all these similarities until I actually stopped and intensely stared at Crowley's sprite.
(another fun fact, we have never seen Crowley without a hat, neither in official art, the opening movie, his usual sprite or the vacation one. He might be hiding the Vatican's secrets under there and no one would suspect a thing)
Second of all, what is he trying to do? I remember reading somewhere (I don't know whether it was a theory or in-game infos), that NRC's true objective is recreating the great seven, to find magicians talented enough to remake the original seven but in version 2.0. But why in the world is he trying to do that? Well, if he really is Maleficent's loyal servant, then he may be doing it for her. Maybe because of an order, a wish or it can totally just be independent acting on his part. That's also why we have dorm leaders and why he was so happy to have met someone like Yuu, a person who can coordinate the haughty students of the college. He wants to use us to control and in a way manipulate his future great magicians.
Prologue ; Chapter 1 - 19
You cannot use magic.
But, maybe, precisely because you cannot use magic means that you could give instructions to wizards and get them to cooperate. Perhaps that mediocrity is exactly what this school needs right now!
I have no doubt that your existence is essential to the future of this academy. So says my educator-senses.
This would mean that he's not researching a way for us to go back to our world as he wants to keep us there as much as possible.
As if he wasn't suspicious enough, in the actual opening of the game there's this sequence of images that hint at his connection with the overblots.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(1) the ink of the overblots (2) that's him doing the 👁👄👁, very suspicious if you ask me
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(3) this might as well be related to Pomefiore's overblot or the importance apple trees have in NCR as stated in the scary monsters event* (4) the symbol of diasomnia, a spindle (+thorns)
*why would apples be related to him? Do we have any proof? Oh! Would you look at that! Are those apples on his vacation shirt? Yes. Yes they are.
Tumblr media
Lastly, these two are the most important pictures:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(5) his jacket laying in a puddle of what I presume is water?? (6) the viewer is being closed into a coffin as a crow flies inside the mirror
Why are there 6 keys on the back of his coat? Yana wouldn't just give him a random number of keys just because, if there are 7 dorms then where is the seventh one?
Tumblr media
Right here! His walking stick is a literal key, and even the biggest one!
(He also has 4 keys on his hip ; they might as well represent the NRC staff: Crewel, Vargas, Trein and Sam)
Anyone who has ever pulled anything in the twisted gacha knows that coffins all have a little window that glows green, a fountain with green water and a mirror. When we pull to get a card, we see green flames and then a giant mask with the overblot symbols and dark lipstick. Are they obsessed with the color green? Did they choose it just because it has a nice contrast with the background? (the color palette is, once again, crowley's. I'd add a picture if I could but I've reached the maximum for this post) Or is it because it's a type of magic based off on Maleficent's? Each time we see the diasomnia students using magic in the opening movie, the color is always the same shade of fluorescent green that we have seen so many times.
Why is a crow flying into the mirror? Here I come to you empty handed because I simply do. not. know. We'll have to see what the next events/main story chapters will tell us because this image is too specific for me to find an explanation for it. It might be a mention to how we got isekai'd, it may represent Crowley flying off into the distance because he wants to break free from all the taxes he has to pay, or it may simply be a crow attracted to a glowing mirror, just like a moth flying into a lamp.
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yandere-wonderland · a year ago
Wait if Malleus is pulling the strings why would Yuu(mc) be in there world are they going to be some kind of vessel to yuus world or perhaps sacrifice their heart?(that image is terrifying but Hey villians can and would do it for their nefarious purposes) or maybe to make a brand new villain to show no one is completely pure it's just started a bunch of scary theories in my head
What I see happening is perhaps use Yuu to get to their world and possibly take over.
Or due to Yuu being in the Ramshackle dorm perhaps create a villian similar to the villian that the dorm was based on.
What I'm still trying to figure out is what Disney villian it is, cause we all know the others were based on the most popular seven my guesses are (based on Ranking)
The horned king (the black cauldron)
Mother gothel (Tangled)
Shan yu (Mulan)
Chernabog (Fantasia)
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