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notveryflamboyantofyou · 8 minutes ago
even more science don't you all love me
So you guys know how in the ... mcyt origins smp(with ghostbur) Niki can't get out of the water and the reason Ranboo/enderman in genreal cant get wet( i don't remember where the post is but it's there)
What if the reason the merlings(not just niki) can’t really go above water is not just because they can’t really breathe air( though that is a playing factor) but because merlings cells are made to absorb much more water because of the fact that they live in the ocean and rivers and because of that if they are on land or above the water for an extended amount of time their cells would collapse on themselves because they aren’t getting enough water so the merlings shrivel up and die.
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croakiemoo · an hour ago
Hey, have I ever told you guys how totally awesome I am at Smash and MK? ‘Cause I’m totally awesome at Smash and MK! 😎✨
Oh and uh...if you ever find people interacting to this post trying to say otherwise? Don’t believe ‘em, Kay? They’re just jealous of all this poggyswag energy I have and all the W’s I’ve ever earned. But I don’t blame ‘em for hatin’, after all I’ve got a collection of THOUSANDS of W’s of all my years of bein’ an alpha gamer.
Oh? What’s that? You said I’m totally amazing and the best gamer known to man and everyone who doesn’t think so is just a liar and a total loser at games. Why, I couldn’t agree more bro. I’m glad we see eye to eye. uvu ✨
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deity-of-calamity · 3 hours ago
Looks Like a Cinnamon Roll, but Could Actually Kill You
"Heh. Better watch out~"
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artbyrosalinduk · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
I spent six hours today writing fic for these two. They are beyond adorable. And Pan's hair in this is my everything, tbh.
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thewhizzyhead · 3 hours ago
let's watch like a good chunk of people who have grown out of their SIX phase immediately go back to the six side of tumblr to figure out what in the actual fuck happened to six this time like WOOOO THE CHAOS IS BACK!!! THE SIX ALT CRAZY BULLSHITTERY IS BACK!!! YAYYYY
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sockiesock · 3 hours ago
cottag cheese...
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odiko-ptino · 4 hours ago
7 and 14 for the salt ask meme? :)
7: Is there anything you used to like, that you can't stand now?
Nothing/no one specific - but I would say this applies to a certain tone.
When I first got into mythology, years ago, I only saw the scandalous parts - all the sex and violence. All the worst cliches - Zeus and Apollo's constant assaults on women; Hera's crazy bitchery; everyone fighting and fucking and destroying each other when they weren't destroying mortals.
Now, I can't stand the edgelord interpretations. Now that I've read a great deal more and come a long way towards a broader understanding of the myths, I see a lot more beauty and comedy, the full range of the human experience, and the gods who love that and love being part of it. When I do see the violence, I don't really see shocking scandalous behavior, but tragedy. And I have no patience now for the edgelordery (even though I used to be one myself 😅)
14: Unpopular opinion about your fandom?
I'm gonna keep this one reined in a little lol, I know it's a salty ask meme but my salt is piquant on this matter. so... regarding a vocal majority of them here on Tumblr...
I think a lot of these fans would be STUNNED if they realized how much catharsis and shared humanity they deny themselves, when they only look at the myths through a Purity lens. That's not what humanity is about; it's CERTAINLY not what ancient Greece was about, and they do themselves a disservice by believing that Purity Culture is an appropriate lens to look at Greek myths.
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 5 hours ago
So, the players were given the option to play this evening or tomorrow at 12pm.... so, there was no option at all is what they're saying. Giving someone a choice between two equally shitty options is not a choice. It's an ultimatum.
Fuck UEFA.
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hyotenhyakkaso · 5 hours ago
"Toshiro-san is the best! He's my hero, I'm glad we're friends."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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butchsubaru · 6 hours ago
if the blocklists being posted today wasn’t enough, people are still reblogging content from w*ncesties without checking
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Another good we'll I give you two failure of a friend and in my dreams I can fly by evergreen terrace
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So back to that game there'd be team play up to four people for different phones I mean the game would have multiplayer
June 12th 2021 12:09 pm
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mysterylover123 · 8 hours ago
Mysterylover watches Bleach episode 293-294 "Aizen, this is why Syndrome said No Monologuing."
Tumblr media
1. Aizen vs Ichigo, right off the bat! That was fast. Anyway let's see how long Ichi can last. Take your bets. Five minutes? Half an episode?
2. Aizen is like "Bitch I'm so the GOAT you'll never ever ever be able to touch me" and Ichi is like 'oh shit' while everyone else joins in so Aizen can be distracted with more SideFights. Le sigh. Please overpower them all really fast, Aizen, I need this arc to MOVE.
3. Damn Aizen really is good. He can practically teleport. He's like maz power Frieza but now "final form" stuff. Oh shit maybe this isn't even his final form. Dammit how long IS this arc?!
4. Aizen brings up Momo again to piss of Hitsu, which I'm SURE is going to turn out well for hitsu.
5. WOW Aizen actually drew his sword and looks a litle worried. I guess I underestimated the SideGuards. Well, they have Hitsu on their team so technically there is a main character in the mix
6. Aizen however, who knows he's the Main Villain, is totally unimpressed now. And he decides to sexily beat them all while gin watches and fanboys over him
7. And really evil demonic music starts playing while Gin explains "they follow him cause he's really really OP ya'll. That's all". Um OK.
8. Basically Aizen aces all of them because he's too OP to ever ever lose. I guess this is gonna come down to Ichi going Super Saiyan or something like that. I mean technically he already did that this arc. Though if he combined powers with Orihime's healing...I'm just saying dude.
9. Poor Ichi watches and Aizen just slashes through all the SideVillains in seconds, because he,s' well, Aizen. Gotta get a move on Ichi he's gotten through the side fights, now he's gonna go after actual MCs
10. OMG Aizen vs Soi Fun. THIS GONE BE GOOD. You're not dealing with a SideFight now dude, you're dealing with a REAL badass. And Soi Fun immediately STABS AIZEN IN THE FREAKING CHEST. Cause she's a BAD-ASS-M-F.
11. Ichigo you just got shown up. I mean, it doesn't work, but hey, she landed a hit on him, which is more than our MC has done yet.
12. AND HOLY CRAP while she had him occupied freaking Kenny impaled him! HOW THE HELL IS HE ALIVE FROM THAT. Anyway the Mainish guard characters are actually getting Aizen looking a little worried, but since he's Aizen I assume he's fine.
13. And somehow, because he's Aizen, Aizen tricked Hitsu into killing Momo instead. WHAT. HOW. WHAT. He swapped with her? How'd he do that? Did he talk her into doing that? Or just puppeteer her?
14. Basically Aizen's been hypnotizing everyone All Along. Damn poor Momo. He really is a dick to her. What'd she ever do to him. Hitsu loses it and Aizen gets him. And Soi fun. And everyone, because Main Villain.
15. So after 294 spends most of its runtime on recap we finally get back to WHAT WE CAME FOR AT THE START OF 293, Ichigo vs Aizen. Geez took you two long enough.
17. Anyway so Aizen is facing off with Old Dude whose name I still don't remember. I'm gnona call him Shinigami Dumbledore.
18. Dammit Ichigo stop standing around while Aizen sets the city on fire! Or is it Shinigami Dumbledore, I can't tell.
19. Some weird ass skull faced thing attacks Shinigami dumbledore from nowhere. Wonderweiss Aizen calls him, which is a cool enough name that I'll probably remember it
20. Oh it's that weird ass shinigami that makes strange noises. OK so he was a chekhov's gun.
21. Long story short Shinigami dumbledore kicks Wonderweiss ass. Aizen monologues a bit about how Actually I Am Not Evil Casue They're Just Shinigami whatever. Whatever dude would you JUST FIGHT THE MAIN CHARACTER ALREADY.
22. Aizen delivers another monologue that can also be best summed up as ALL ACCORDING TO KEIKAKU and redirects a bunch of fire into a big explosion to destroy Karakura town. And possibly kill Shinigami Dumbledore. Or at least try to. Damn dude you had that big an explosion and you only managed to singe SD's face a little?
23. Aizen, coat billowing dramatically, goes into the pit to kill SD, but spends too much time MONOLOGUING about how he's gonna kill him, so SD has time to grab his foot and blow them both up.
24. And Ichigo finally DOES SOMETHING, goes Super Saiyan, and slashes at him, just in time for the To Be Continued sign. So we end exactly where we started.
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tojifilms · 8 hours ago
some nsfw toji links for everyone 😋
link | link | link | link
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It would move the sword sorry I forgot that part
June 12th 2021 11:34 am
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thejessmarianoanswer · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
#the jess mariano answer: #yup #sure #twelve #we'll go with that
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