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#yuki writes
juuten · 3 days ago
For You | Tenma Sumeragi
@chewie-santatoast​ says:  Merry Christmas! How about ‘secrets’ with Tenten? ❤️💚🤍🧡
Aimee replies: Hello! Thank you so much for requesting! Sorry I couldn’t greet you ‘Merry Christmas’ during that time :< That’s why I wish you a very advanced Merry Christmas! Also, stay safe and healthy!
This fic really took me a while to finish mainly because I needed to revise/shorten lots of parts. But surprisingly, I didn’t stray away from my initial idea when I thought of secrets and Tenma.
Anyway, the story takes place before Act 2. I hope this story will make you smile :D
For ‘A December with You’ event.
Tumblr media
Today, Summer Troupe made sure to have the living room for themselves.
Fairy lights hung on the walls, painting the living room with an orange glow. Blankets and pillows surrounded the coffee table with a plate of onigiris on it. However, a winter’s night would never be complete without steaming mugs of hot chocolate. Muku delicately placed three mugs beside the onigiris, Yuki setting down the other two.
“Mr. Triangle!” Misumi grinned at the familiar triangle drawn on his cup of hot chocolate.
Muku grabbed his cup and giddily sat on his star-patterned blanket. "Mine's a crown!"
"The bear's almost like mine.” If one looked closely, a small smile dangled on Yuki’s lips.
Tenma reached for his mug and peeked at what Kazunari drew for him. "Is this a bonsai?"  
"Yep yep!" Kazunari sat on his spot in the living room. Then he winked and made a peace sign. “Kazunari Miyoshi’s latte art, everyone!”
Tenma's lips curled upwards. "Not bad." 
"Yippie! Now everything's set," Kazunari clapped his hands, "Operation ‘Tenten Living as a Non-Celeb: Christmas Edition,’ start!” 
But before Kazunari had the chance to show off his plans, the doorbell rang. Muku, being closest to the door, set down his mug and stood up.
"Who is it?" Muku said as he opened the door.
A brunette man wearing a gray suit smiled at him. “Good evening and advanced Merry Christmas, Muku-san.”
“Ah, Igawa-san! Likewise." Muku politely bowed.
Igawa set down an enormous sack on the ground. It looked like it was about to burst at any moment. "Please accept these gifts for the MANKAI members. Sumeragi-san and I chose them with utmost care." 
Then Igawa placed a thick scrapbook on Muku’s hands. "Also, please give this to Tenma-kun."
Muku obediently nodded. "I will! And thank you so much, Igawa-san!"
Igawa bowed and bid farewell before driving off. Muku secured the scrapbook under his armpit. Then he rolled up his sleeves. Pulling the sack with all his might, he trudged towards the living room.
“Mukkun, are you- Woah! Where did that super-duper big sack come from?” Kazunari’s eyes became as wide as saucers when he saw the boy set down the sack beside the Christmas tree. 
“It’s from Igawa-san and Tenma-kun's parents. They're gifts for us," Muku said in between pants. Tenma made a mental note to call his parents later.
Misumi put a familiar yellow triangle with a Santa Hat on Muku’s palms. “I'll give you Mr. Triangle Claus!”
Muku giggled and said thanks. When Muku returned to his spot, he presented the scrapbook to Tenma. “Tenma-kun, Igawa-san said this scrapbook was for you."
Tenma looked at him with confusion. Igawa always dropped off gifts from fans at his house while he delivered the important ones to the dorms. The gifts for the members were certainly one of those. However, the scrapbook was questionable. He was sure his parents did not make this; their careers always ate almost all of their time. Igawa was possible. However, Tenma knew managing his schedule was currently hectic. He always received more offers for both acting and modeling during the Christmas season. 
Suddenly, another potential person popped inside his head. With wide eyes, Tenma said, “Muku, who did it come from?"
“Um…” Muku flipped the scrapbook. He stumbled upon some initials at the far corner of the scrapbook. “There’s (First Letter of First Name) (First Letter of Last Name) written at the bottom.”
Within a blink of an eye, Tenma grabbed the scrapbook from his hands. All of the Summer Troupe members looked at each other in mild bewilderment.
Kazunari was the first one to recover as he playfully nudged Tenma’s arm. “Hey, Tenten, who’s (First Letter of First Name) (First Letter of Last Name)?”
“S-someone I'm close with!” 
Yuki suspiciously eyed Tenma as he drank his cup. “Hm…” 
Tenma fidgeted under his gaze. “Wh-what is it?”
Yuki placed his cup on the coffee table. Then with a menacing look, he said, “If you don’t tell us who they are, I’ll make you wear that rabbit costume again on Veludo Way. This time, alone.”
Misumi grinned. “I want to see rabbit Tenma again."
“That was supposed to be a one-time thing!” Tenma protested.
“Maybe the money-grubbing yakuza will increase the budget for costumes if I tell him the hack will advertise MANKAI Company this Christmas.” Yuki tapped his chin in thought.
Tenma grumbled. He was always careful to not expose your relationship with him when he was barely prepared. But now that his reputation (dignity) was on the line, he could not remain tight-lipped. Letting out a defeated sigh, he said, “Fine. I’ll tell you.”
Tenma breathed in before saying, “The initials stand for (First Name) (Last Name). It’s my girlfriend’s name.” 
“Someone managed to date the hack, huh," Yuki said.
“What do you mean by that!” The man in question violently reacted.
"Hold up, fam. Since we're on this topic," Kazunari wrapped his shoulder around the orange-haired man and shot him a grin, “we should look at the scrapbook together!"
Tenma glared at Kazunari. “No way. And this isn’t part of your operation or what in the first place!”
"It's fine, it's fine!" When Tenma still had a scowl on his face, Kazunari clasped his hands and pleadingly looked at him. "C'mon, Tenten! Please!" 
Tenma hugged the scrapbook to his chest. He knew he was doomed to be teased once he showed the scrapbook. Knowing you, you put lots of pictures he was unaware that you took them. Nevertheless, this was a risk he would rather take instead of wearing a rabbit costume for the whole Veludo to see. Besides, he trusted that his members would never leak his and your private lives to the public. 
Tenma unwrapped his arms from the scrapbook and placed it on his lap. “Fine. But no taking of pictures or videos.” With that, everyone sat closer to Tenma. 
Tenma’s heart pounded as he opened the scrapbook. A photo of a smiling couple sitting on a flowery meadow filled up the upper part of the first page. Below the picture was a handwritten caption that said, "First date planned by Yours Truly ☆." Then at the bottom of the page, there was a colored drawing of the meadow. Tenma's eyes widened in astonishment. Your illustration looked the same as he remembered. The difference was you put a dried sunflower at the center above the flowery meadow and drew its stem.
"(First Name)'s drawing and design are totes amazing! Kudos to her!" Kazunari said, which Tenma replied with a proud 'of course!'
Muku turned to the orange-haired man with excitement gleaming in his eyes. "Tenma-kun, what did you do on your first date?" 
"Did you find triangles with her?" Misumi asked.
"Only the Trianglian will do that there," Yuki commented.
“We had a picnic, talked and took some photos. Then, uh...” Tenma scratched his head, trying to remember any fascinating but not too embarrassing moments from his first date. "We also played Twenty One Questions.”
“So what do you do?” Tenma asked the moment you proposed this game.
“We just alternately ask each other twenty-one questions and answer them. The questions can be about anything at all!” A mischievous glint passed your eyes, which you covered up with a smile.
Your boyfriend seemed to be unaware of it as he smirked. “I’ve handled many interviews, so this one’s easy.”
“It’s still your first time playing this though. That’s why I’ll start asking you.” You intertwined your hands with his. Then with the most serious face you could muster, you said, “If you meet an alien who lands in Japan, what is the first thing you will give them?”
You tried to hold back your laughter when you saw his dumbfounded face. He was so confident seconds ago, and now, he was a flustered mess. 
You brushed your thumbs on his hands to help him relax. “It’s only a hypothetical question, Tenma-san. You don’t need to think too much about it.”
“Still, how did you even come up with that question?”
You wagged your index finger. “It’s not yet your turn to ask a question.”
“I can’t ask at all?!”
“That’s a question, Tenma-san.”
Tenma groaned, making you laugh. Then he scratched his head. “I’ll give the alien a map of Japan, I guess.”
You frowned. “I don’t know if they can understand our language though.” Then you shook your head. “Well, a map’s still a good choice!”
You squeezed his hands. “It’s your turn to ask a question, Tenma-san.”
Now that Tenma paid attention to it, you still used an honorific for him. It was progress compared to the early days wherein you called him by his last name. At that time, it was so awkward for him; it felt like you two were co-workers instead of lovers. But even now, he wanted you to be comfortable with him. With those thoughts, he said, “You know you could drop the honorific, right?”
You nodded. “I know. But I can’t just casually call someone who I really respect and admire.”
At the corner of your eye, you saw a pair of bloomed sunflowers near your side. You unclasped your hands from his and plucked the sunflowers. Giving one to him, you said with a tender smile, “To my sunflower who I adore.”
Muku tightly hugged his pillow to his chest. “That’s so romantic of (First Name)-san!”
“Yeah… but then she asked another random question for the game.” Tenma sighed at that. Then he looked at the next page. Red painted his cheeks as he saw a stolen shot of him eating your homemade sandwich.
“The sandwich is a triangle!” Misumi grinned.
“You’re right, Sumi! It is!” Kazunari patted him on the back. 
Meanwhile, Yuki pointed at the picture and said, “Hack, you eat like a kid. Look at the crumbs on your mouth.”
“It only happened during that time! Besides… (First Name)’s sandwich was delicious,” Tenma murmured the latter part as he munched on an onigiri.
As Tenma continued to tell what happened in the other photos, his gaze softened. He never thought that he would enter a romantic relationship and last this long. After all, school and his career demanded so much of his attention. But this scrapbook proved him wrong. It carried the many memories both of you made. If he had to choose his fondest memory of you, it would be you watching his performance. Tenma beamed with pride whenever he saw you laughing, crying, or overall getting hooked alongside the audience. It meant that Summer Troupe’s efforts paid off. Moreover, he got to express his gratitude towards you through his acting. Nonetheless, the ambitious actor would never stop improving and showing you the best performance. 
As Tenma flipped to another page, a photo fell out and landed beside Kazunari’s lap. The latter looked down and picked it up. Kazunari stopped chewing his onigiri, his jaw dropping in surprise. 
“OMG! Tenten, you look super cute!” Tenma had no time to react as Kazunari shoved the photo to his face. Tenma grabbed his wrist and pushed his hand out of the way. 
“Kazunari, what-” 
The orange-haired man froze. Out of all the pictures, why did you include this one in the scrapbook? It was a photo he definitely could not show to anyone without stripping his dignity away. But you were an exception since you begged for it as your birthday present. Still, you owning the photo did not mean you could put it without letting him know first! Anyone else could see it the moment the scrapbook landed at the dorm. And news traveled fast in a dorm with many people.
Misumi giggled. “It’s baby Tenma.”
“He doesn’t have the ‘Ore-sama’ air around him yet,” Yuki said as he stared at the photo.
Tenma snapped out of his trance and snatched the picture from Kazunari. "Oi! You don’t need to see it!” 
Misumi tilted his head in wonder. “But it was in the scrapbook.”
"Yeah, but still!" 
Then Muku noticed the black ink on the back of the polaroid. Tugging on Tenma’s sleeve, he said, “Tenma-kun, I think there’s something written at the back.”
Tenma begrudgingly flipped the photo on its back. He immediately recognized your handwriting that wrote the following message:
I hope your true friends will see all of your sides that I love, including this one. 
P.S., Merry Christmas, Tenma-san! I hope you like my gift ♡ 
Tenma covered his face with his hand, trying to fight off the smile forming on his lips.
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yeongwvnhi · 4 days ago
ᴸᵒᵛᵉ ᴬᵍᵃⁱⁿ
Tumblr media
Pairing - Baekhyun x fem reader -> exes to lovers | Genre - Angst, fluff | warnings - none | taglist - @twancingyunhoe @trashlord-007 @tiddy-boys | synopsis - when Baekhyun and you broke things off a year ago, it felt alright, but you came to the painful realization that nobody could ever replace him or love you like he did | word count - 2.1k | thanks to @tiddy-boys for beta-reading ♡
It's days like these, rain hitting the window in harsh taps and angry wind blowing, when the nostalgia hits the hardest. After all, you were always one to dwell on the past. It's just what you do. 
Every day felt the same after the two of you broke things off. You don't even remember why exactly you even ended it in the first place. The pain still sits deep, coming to haunt you when you least expect it. 
Rainy days like those just trigger the nostalgia, the memories and bygone feelings. 
It's 12pm when you check your phone, yet you're still laying in bed. The lack of motivation due to this sudden wave of sadness is something you're not experiencing for the first time. 
And it's killing you slowly. These feelings are eating you up from the inside out. 
Without even realizing, tears are running down your cheeks in even, salty streams. 
"Why am I even crying…" You mumble and lift your arm to cover your face, trying to make it stop. "God, I'm so pathetic" 
You try to manage to stop your tears, wrist harshly rubbing your eyes. After a minute or so, you succeed in stopping them. 
instead pick up your phone, unlocking it and opening Instagram. 
One peek won't hurt, right…? 
His name at the top of your searches seems to be mocking you as you hover your finger above it. Should you really do it? What if he found someone new and his profile is filled with couple pictures? Or what if he feels nothing and is glad to be alone? What if, what if, what if…
"Fuck it" you hiss and tap on his username, his profile popping up after a brief second of loading the page. 
He… hasn't posted anything for a few months, his last post being from October last year. 
Oh for fucks sake… is this a good sign or not? It could mean he's been seeing someone new, but it could also mean he's just been living his life like usual. 
So many possibilities, yet no resolution seems to be in sight. 
"This is so annoying, oh my gooood" You groan and smack your head into your pillow, laying sprawled out like a star with an annoyed pout on your face. 
"It's been a god damn year," You grumble, "why do I still feel like this?" 
The sound of your fist hitting the mattress of your bed is dull, not the way you wanted it to sound. "I hate this, UGHH" The frustration in your voice is for sure loud and clear, accentuated well by the 'ugh'. 
This whole situation is stressing you out. "I need a shower.." You mumble, absent-minded, as you fling the covers back and swing your legs over the edge of your bed. 
Despite the gloomy weather, you decided to take a walk outside. The rain still hasn't let up, droplets of it occasionally hitting your face. 
"Why is it so cold today? It's already spring…" You mumble quietly to yourself, eyes strictly trained on the path in front of your feet and head held low. 
You're so lost in your thoughts, you don't see the person headed your way. 
And apparently, the person doesn't seem to notice you as well. So your shoulders collide and you stumble, umbrella falling out of your hand and fast quick steps to regain your balance. 
"I'm so sorry! Are you al-" The man rushes to apologize, but his words get stuck in his throat as he takes in who he just, quite literally, stumbled into. 
Rain has hit you mercilessly, soaking you from head to toe within seconds as you stand there, paralyzed. "Baek…Baekhyun?" 
His eyes are wide and mouth slightly open in shock as he doesn't know what to say or do. 
He hasn't seen or talked to you in at least nine or ten months for sure. What is he even supposed to say? "Yeah… it's- it's surely been a while" he dumbly answers. "Ah! Your umbrella!" Baekhyun rushes to pick it up and hold it over your figure. 
But the damage is already done. 
You're shivering, dripping with water but still you've a tiny smile on your lips at the sight of him. 
You delicately take hold of the handle, fingers gently enclosing around the man's hand. 
He doesn't move to let go, just standing there and staring into your eyes. "I-" 
You cut him off by mistake with a sneeze, the cold creeping in deep. It feels like your bones might freeze, grasp around both Baekhyun's hand and the handle of your umbrella tightening, muscles contracting to desperately stay warm. "S-Sorry for interrupting you" You say, teeth clattering and eyes averting. 
"No no don't worry about it!" He insists, "but we should get you home, your hand is cold as ice, Y/N" 
"Ah… you're right" You nod and he flashes you a warm smile. 
"Do you still live in the same apartment or did you move?" Baekhyun asks, back to being concerned about your wellbeing now. 
"I- I still live in the same place" You reply, your free hand holding onto your jacket for warmth, but in vain. 
"That's too far away, my place is way closer" He objects and gently pulls you along, "come on, let's get you freshened up before you really get sick" 
You only manage an awkward nod and let him lead you along, a surprisingly pleasant silence engulfing you two. 
Baekhyun unlocks the door to his apartment and firstly puts both of your umbrellas away, taking off his wet shoes in the process and you follow along. 
"Come on, I'll show you the bathroom" He says and you tag after him. 
He opens the door, turns on the light and quickly pulls out two towels for you. "You can just use my shampoo, I don't have anything suitable here for you, sor-" 
"Thank you" you break his rambling. "You wouldn't need to do this, so thank you" 
Baekhyun smiles softly, although his eyes tell a different story. "I'll bring you some clothes in a bit, okay?" 
"Mhm" you nod and give him a curt bow before he leaves the room, shutting the door behind him. 
You waste no time in stepping out of your soaked clothes and into the shower. 
You set the water to a nice warm temperature and rinse off the cold first, feeling relieved. 
Then there's a knock. "Hey Y/N, I'm putting some clothes on top of the washing machine for you now" he announces before opening the door, doing as he said and then leaving just as quickly as he came. 
"Still the considerate guy he always was…" You mumble with a sad smile, old memories coming back to haunt your mind with sweet images of the two of you. Him always knocking before he'd enter a room you would be in to announce himself. 
You loved that about him, he was always mindful of others and you're happy to see it hasn't changed at all. 
You finished quickly and put on the clothes he gave you. Some boxers and a way too big on you, black shirt. You dried your hair as best as you could with the towel he gave you and made sure you don't look like a lion by patting down your hair a bit. 
"Baekhyun?" You timidly call out after opening the door a bit. 
"Yeah?" He replies and you hear his footsteps approach. "What is it?" 
"Uhm- Where to put my wet clothes?" You ask. 
"Oh- Hold on, I'll put them in the washing machine" He says with big eyes and opens the machine for you to put them in. "I'll dry them after they're washed so you can change back, alright?" 
You nod quickly and thank him quietly. He opens the machine and you put your clothes inside, him doing the rest. 
"So, uh-" 
"Do you want some water?" He quickly asks, ears flaring red as he avoids your eyes. 
"Sure" you squeak back and follow him into the kitchen. He gets a glass out of a cupboard and fills it with water before handing it to you. 
You nip at the liquid as Baekhyun leans against the countertop adjacent to you, eyes taking in your figure. 
He missed seeing you in his clothes, you always looked so good in them. He just missed you in general. 
The reason why the two of you broke up a year ago? 
Baekhyun remembers it all too well. 
It was a work related thing actually. The two of you worked in different shifts and barely saw each other, yet alone had time for any couple stuff. 
Free days? Spent alone or arguing about never seeing each other. 
And at one point you had said to just break up. In that moment Baekhyun felt like he was hit by lightning, body stiff and eyes wide. He couldn't believe what he heard. Baekhyun felt anxiety cursing through his veins as his brain processed your words.
You had told him that you wouldn't hate him, but that your situation at that time just didn't allow any dating. The two of you never had hard feelings about the outcome, but it was hard to suddenly go back to being alone. 
And now you're here, in his apartment, wearing his clothes and smelling just like him. He can't believe this is happening. 
"Uhm, so" You speak up after setting the glass down on the other counter behind you. Your hands come up to grab the surface besides your waist and you avoid the man's eyes. 
"Yes?" Baekhyun can't help the hopeful hint in his voice as he urges you to continue your thoughts. 
"How has life been for you?" 
A chuckle escaped his lips at your question, shoulders jumping up and down in the process before he answered. "It's been rather boring but nice, if you get what I mean? I found a different job and work from home now" 
You nod quietly, "I've also found a new job and my shifts are less hectic" 
"Have you… found someone new?" 
You halt at his inquiry, gears in your mind temporarily stopping and he seems to take the lacking answer the wrong way. A frown pulls at his normally friendly and soft expression, making him look grumpy and bothered. "I see" 
"No, no! I- I haven't found anyone!" You quickly say, "I just… I couldn't move on" 
His expression changes to a sad smile, although he's kind of glad you're still somehow his. "Me neither" 
You scoff lightly, a cheeky smirk suddenly on your face. "No wonder, nobody could put up with your annoying ass anyway" 
"Hey!" He exclaims in shock. 
"I'm joking, I'm joking!" You insist, holding your stomach and laughing. "You're bearable most of the time" 
"That doesn't make it any better!" Baekhyun whines and you laugh out loud, hand flying up to cover your mouth. 
"Still the cocky little girl you've always been" He fires back and you snort. 
"Like you're one to talk" You roll your eyes at him and he exhales through his nose. 
His hands grab you by the collar of his shirt you're wearing and unexpectedly pull you into him. You squeal, hands shooting up to brace against his broad chest and you look up to be met by his cocky smile. "You never knew when to stop, no change at all there" he playfully nags. 
"Shut up" You weakly fight back. 
Baekhyun chuckles and you feel the rumble drumming against the palms of your hands. "How come you haven't moved on?" 
You lower your head, hands fumbling with his shirt. "Well… I came to the conclusion that just nobody could replace you. Nobody could love me like you did…" You mumble against his chest and Baekhyun feels a smile creeping up on his face. 
"I felt the same" He whispers back and his arms move to pull you into him more by your waist. 
After hearing that, you look back up at him with big eyes. "Really?" 
He nods and flashes you a bright smile. "Even though we fought a lot and barely had time for each other, I never stopped loving you" 
"Shut up" You almost whimper and move your hands to pull him closer by the back of his neck, lips meeting in the middle. 
Baekhyun's eyes almost fell out of their sockets before he came to his senses. 
One of his hands found its place on the back of your head as he moved his lips against yours with fervor. He greedily breathes you in, not wanting this to end as moves his mouth against yours. 
You shiver when his tongue meets yours and that's when you draw the line… for now. 
He chases after you for a second and you chuckle, dazed eyes meeting yours. "Slow down tiger" you say and peck the corner of his mouth. 
"Okay, okay" He smiles and pulls you in for a hug, "will you let me love you again?" 
"You bet" 
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solomonsolstarbuck · 5 days ago
working up the courage to finally read the translations of re:vale's songs lads. who's ready to hold my hand through this
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yeongwvnhi · 5 days ago
Love Again - Teaser
Tumblr media
Pairing - Baekhyun x fem reader | genre - angst, fluff -> exes to lovers AU | warnings - none | word count for the teaser - 121 | synopsis - When Baekhyun and you broke things off a year ago, it felt alright, but you came to the painful realization that nobody could ever replace him or love you like he did.
Rainy days like those just trigger the nostalgia, the memories and bygone feelings. 
His name at the top of your searches seems to be mocking you as you hover your finger above it. Should you really do it? What if he found someone new and his profile is filled with couple pictures? Or what if he feels nothing and is glad to be alone? What if, what if, what if…
Despite the gloomy weather, you decided to take a walk outside. The rain still hasn't let up, droplets of it occasionally hitting your face. 
But the damage is already done. 
You loved that about him, he was always mindful of others and you're happy to see it hasn't changed at all. 
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natsu-tte-noodle · 9 days ago
It will never stop being funny to me that Tsuzuru will hand the Summer Troupe a “blank cast list” meanwhile one of the characters is so obviously supposed to go to Yuki
BUT I think it would be even funnier if one day they see one of those obvious Yuki-roles and straight up just cast someone else.  Intentional or not.  I wanna see them being like “ok this character is a smaller female character.  Hey Muku you’re small.”  Or “this character is a female gardener.  Tenma knows the most about gardening!”
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hangsxng · 11 days ago
You're laying on the couch, phone in hand and legs stretched out comfortably. A TV show is running in the background for some noise, the volume the perfect pitch and that's when your boyfriend enters the living room.
"Y/N~" he chimes and crawls onto the couch to lay down on top of you, his head finding comfort on top of your chest as you put away your phone. "Hi"
You exhale a laugh through your nose and squish his cheeks, making him giggle. "What's up?"
"Nothing" Sungchan grins, his big hands engulfing yours which are resting on his cheeks, "I just wanted to cuddle"
A laugh escapes you, staring into his face with nothing but love and adoration. "You're such a big baby"
"I'm your baby only" He says in a cutesy voice and you both laugh.
Those are your favorite kind of evenings.
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yeongwvnhi · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: tbz x fem reader | genre: (full length fict) crack, fluff, angst, suspension, suggestive | AU: superpowers | w.c. for this teaser: 128 | credits to @naturalogre for the 2nd passage♡
In a world where superpowers are nothing special and everyone is gifted with some kind of special ability, you and your friends quickly grow tired of it and all the rules. So when one of your friends brings up a certain ritual with which you can travel into another universe, it sounds like heaven, but you quickly realize it's harder to adapt than you'd like. 
'Gifted' is the term they use. Special is relative. According to you, however, the only thing special about your abilities, is that they should be opening up a world of opportunity, when in fact, they do the opposite. Rules, rules, and even more rules. You're sick of it.
A solution lies ahead, however. But it's risky. Are you willing to pay the price?
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yxlxna · 17 days ago
Yuki sohma and killua(maybe they meet at the exam along with gon) with willing darling please(maybe some nsfw headcanon too if you're comfortable)
a/n: i kind of skipped on the nsfw part just because I could never see yuki in a sexual situation lol sorry abt that
warnings: yandere, unhealthy relationships, unhealthy mindsets, unhealthy behavior, toxic relationships, possessive behavior
soma yuki
❥ he’s thrilled when he realizes that his darling is okay with his rather odd behavior. While I don’t see him as a particularly aggressive yandere, he’s rather possessive and likes to know where his darling is at all times, which he thinks is reasonable, at least in his mind it is. Yuki isn’t terrible, is what I’m saying, so it’s quite easy to just go along with him if his darling tends to overlook his possessiveness. Yuki is happy, and treats his darling well. Due to his darling being more in the willing side, being with Yuki is extremely pleasant and wholesome, he’s always doing things that’ll make his darling happy and in general is just a very good significant other since he doesn’t have any reason to fear his darling leaving him.
Tumblr media
killua zoldyck
❥ so, he was pretty much raised in a really weird way. Killua doesn’t think that his behavior is all that out of the norm, and it’s not like Gon of all people is going to correct him when it comes to how Killua acts around his darling, so since his darling is willing to be with him despite how paranoid and obsessive he can get, I can see Killua’s behavior going unchecked most of the time. He just doesn’t see his feelings as weird or abnormal, so things never really get fixed, he’s never confronted about it, at least. Killua is rather chill as long as his darling never confronts him or acts out of turn, things will always be fine as long as they show their love for him, he’s one of the easier ones to deal with... if his darling is willing.
Tumblr media
masterlist ❤︎
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pastelraccoons · 19 days ago
Can you do one with this prompt: comparing hand sizes, then linking fingers together?
With a pair you attached the most lately?
Thank you!
Thank you for the request, anon!
Um, this may not be what you had in mind since I normally write for Kakegurui, but this request made me think of this one scene from A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow hardcore. And this series means a hell of a lot to me. So I couldn’t help myself ;;;
There are spoilers involved for the series in this fic however, just as a heads up!
Either way, here is what I ended up with: It’s Okay to Feel Lonely
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yeongwvnhi · 21 days ago
A Vampire's Diary ☆ 내꺼 하자
"A Vampire's Diary" isn't all too important to the actual story of "내꺼 하자". It's simply Ravn's personal diary in which he writes about his past, feelings, thoughts, plans etc. It may be of help to figuring certain things out in the story.
Taglist (send an ask if you want to be added): @twancingyunhoe @vickylamore @glxwingstar @se0--0ho @seohospepe
Pairing: none
Genre: angst
General Warnings for AVD: mentions of death and stalking, blood, assault, murder, witnessing death, drinking blood, violence, weapons, language
Warnings for this entry: stalking, assault, blood, drinking blood, violence, mention of murder
Word count: 803
》Masterlist 《
Date: 2220.09.09
I can not believe I am actually starting to write a diary, but here I am. I must be going crazy...
Regardless, this is not why I am writing this entry, but rather because I do not know where else I should keep this burden. This may sound incredibly weird and surreal but I guarantee, all I am stating here is, and will, be nothing but the pure, naked truth. 
It had all begun with a suspicious person following me around a few months prior - it started in May? June? I do not recall exactly when, but it has been a while. I have started to notice how there was a presence lurking just enough to be close to me. I did not pay much mind to it at that time, foolishly thinking it was just some weird person. How wrong I was. 
The first few weeks it was just noticeable while I was out in the open, whether that be during broad daylight or in the middle of the night. I always felt its presence near me, but it was always just out of eyesight. 
When the first month had passed, I noticed how also sometimes objects in my apartment would be moved to different locations or they were gone for a while before they appeared in a completely random spot again. It really threw me off, at first thinking I was the one who just simply misplaced them or accidentally knocked them over or out of place when I was passing by. You, whoever might be reading this whenever, might probably already have guessed that this was not the case. At all. 
Over the following next month it only grew more obvious that there was indeed a stranger with me wherever I went. I could not escape them. I found myself in rather often recurring confrontations with this stranger at night. 
It turned out to be one of my biggest mistakes yet, since that night will haunt me until eternity. 
It was a man, about my height and build, so I did not see him as much of a threat, but that was my initial mistake. 
That man was so, so strong. He lifted me off the ground by my neck without much effort as he told me the most haunting words I have ever heard… 
After that, I was glad to still be alive. I could not grasp the situation at all. My mind was all over the place when I came back home, but I found my living space completely thrashed. Clothes were thrown everywhere, furniture knocked over, plates and glasses smashed into bits and pieces and cables were cut. 
I remember having a breakdown and just running away. 
I ran to my closest friend I had at that time, begging to spend the night because I was terrified. He was kind enough to let me stay and helped me to clean up my apartment the following day. 
Another month flew by without another incident and I was so very grateful, but now that I reflect on it, I wish I would not have been so naive to believe it was over. 
That was just the calm before the storm. 
It happened last week and I still have not recovered. I am still in pain, I still can not leave my living space nor interact with others. 
I am changing. 
It happened while I was taking a stroll through the park close to my apartment building, admiring the view of the trees and wilting flowers with the bright light the moon provided. 
He was following, hidden by the shadows and watching me. 
At that time I did not pay much attention as it was dead quiet and nobody else was around… well I thought no one was. 
He sneaked up to me on such quiet feet that it still wonders me how he managed to do it. 
It all happened so fast, I can barely remember. 
He pulled me behind some bushes and tilted my head. I could feel him smelling the skin of my neck before something sharp pierced my skin. It hurt so much but I could not scream. All I could do was claw into his arms which held me so tight, but he was not bothered. 
I felt him draining the life out of me as he sucked my blood. 
After that I do not remember what happened, but I somehow ended up in my apartment, still dark. Everything hurt and my neck felt like it was alight. The pain was searing hot, like flames licking at the skin. 
I could not move without being in pain. I am not certain how much time passed then, but it must have been a week at minimum. 
내… 친구 
나는 그를 죽였다 
(My... friend, I, I killed him)
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xxxbookaholic · 24 days ago
beauty and the beast au but masumi is gaston, yuki is belle, tenma is the beast, izumi is the inventor, and various other characters take the place of the palace residents
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yeongwvnhi · 26 days ago
Pairing - Younghoon x genderneutral reader
Genre - fluff
Warnings - sappy flirting lol
Taglist - @twancingyunhoe
Word count - 964
It's around 10:20pm when Younghoon bursts into your room, startling you. 
"Gosh, I almost dropped my phone!" You exclaim and put a hand over your racing heart. 
"I'm sorry" He sheepishly smiles at you, "but come one! The night sky is so pretty tonight, let's go stargazing for a little!" 
Your eyes practically sparkle at the guy's suggestion and you're already getting out of your bed and putting on a jacket. 
Younghoon quickly goes to fetch his own, fast but quiet footsteps navigating through your shared apartment. 
The two of you have been flatmates for a few years now and got really close, but recently, maybe a month or two back, you caught yourself slipping. 
Lingering stares on his breathtaking smile. The slight heartache, when he would comment on how a friend of his looked really good. The longing to just hold him close whenever he's had a bad day or rough week and his emotions got the best of him. Oh, to be able to just hold him tight, peck his cheek and tell him how everything will be fine soon and that you'll always have his back. 
"Are you coming?" His voice shook you out of your distracting thoughts, head shooting up to meet his eyes. 
"Oh, yeah I'm coming!" You quickly reply, heat rushing into your face as you move past him to put on your shoes at the door. "Is the roof even empty?" The sudden question leaves your mouth unexpected and in the middle of your small journey. 
"I'm… pretty sure it is?" Younghoon answers with a questioning lilt at the end. "I haven't checked because I got too excited to look at the stars and all the different constellations!" 
His contagious bright grin brought a smile of your own to your face, a short chuckle disrupting the short silence. 
"Let's just hope it is then" 
And you were lucky. The roof of your apartment complex was as empty as your mind when you saw Younghoon's beautiful smile. "Oww it's really cold tonight" You mumble and shiver, rubbing your arms to keep some warmth. 
"Why didn't you put on a thicker jacket you dummy! You're gonna get sick" Younghoon nags. "Come here, my jacket is big and warm" 
Another flush of heat spreads over your neck, face and ears as you step closer to him and into his inviting warm embrace. 
"Woah Y/N, look how pretty it is" He mumbles in awe, head thrown back to have a clear view of the sky. 
You do the same and an involuntary smile creeps up on your lips. "It really is beautiful" you whisper into the silent night, voice light in the quiet atmosphere. "Do you see the big dipper?" 
Younghoon hums. "I see the big and the small one" He says, "can you spot cassiopeia?" 
You move your head and your eyes flit over all the stars and possible constellations until you spot the familiar 'w' shape. "It's there, south to the big dipper!" You excitedly point out and Younghoon gives a breathy chuckle before turning to find it. 
"I forgot how much you love astrology" He chuckles after turning back and looking into your eyes. 
A chuckle escapes you as well and you playfully smack his shoulder, unintentionally leaving your hand on the spot. "How can you just forget that?" 
He cranes his neck, staring into the pitch black sky, illuminated but an infinite amount of stars. "I don't know" He huffs with a smile, "but something I do know, is that whenever I look into your eyes all I see is stars" 
He meets your now widened eyes and smiles shyly. "Sorry, it just came out" 
"Younghoon" you mumble quietly, the atmosphere crackling with electricity. "Can I tell you something?" 
He furrows his brows, a small and confused pout forming on his lips. "Of course, you can tell anything" 
You clutch his shirt with the hand that's still resting at his shoulder. "I really like you, Younghoon" 
The man is stunned by your sudden and blunt confession. "Y/N-" 
"No matter how pretty or beautiful you think of the starry sky to be, for me you will always be the most breathtaking view" 
You can feel his heartbeat accelerate and one of his free hands lands on your hip. 
"Don't just say stuff like that out of the blue, I wasn't prepared" He pouts. "But that was so smooth of you, I'm jealous I didn't come up with such a line" 
You chuckle, the smile lingering. "So..?" 
"I like you too, Y/N" Younghoon says, "and your smile makes any room light up so much brighter than the sun ever could"
Another wave of heat crashes over your face and you hide in his chest. "Stop iiiit, I can't deal with such compliments! Especially coming from you!" 
"Don't be shy, you started this" 
"Oww shut up!" You whine and remove your head from his broad chest to shoot him a playful glare. 
"You'll love it" He chuckles and his other hand pulls you close by the neck, his face closing the gap and connecting your lips. 
It felt electrifying, your whole body felt alight. You relish in the moment, eyes closing and following his every move.
He was way too good at this, his lips moving too expertly and applying just the right amount of pressure. 
You caught yourself chasing after his lips when he broke the kiss, eyelids fluttering open and confronted with Younghoon's beautiful smile. 
"Wow" you hear yourself whisper and he chuckles yet again. 
"What did I do to deserve you" He mumbles and hugs you close, "please, tell me you'll be mine" 
You sling your arms around him and put your face against his chest with a smile. "I'll be yours, Younghoon" 
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yeongwvnhi · 27 days ago
𝕆𝕟𝕖𝕦𝕤 𝕒𝕤 𝕪𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕓𝕣𝕠𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕤
Pairing - none
Genre - fluff, angst, crack
Warnings - being mistaken for a couple, language because cursing is my lifestyle, mentions of drinking (alcohol), mentions of food
Taglist - @twancingyunhoe
Word count - ± 1k
Tumblr media
Sometimes he's a bit much
Y'all know how much he cares for his members
Now imagine that but even more caring
He would never start a fight with you, he loves you too much
You wanna meet someone of the opposite gender? He gotta approve first
Wouldn't let one of his members talk to you without him being nearby
Okay honestly tho
He takes care of you so well, doesn't matter if you're older or younger than him
He talks to you about everything and likewise
You two don't keep secrets from each other
But you do love to be crackheads together
Usually siblings hate each other, but you?
Sometimes people mistake you for a couple 😭
Youngjo is v affectionate
He loves cuddling you and annoying you with his smooches
But when people ask you two if you're dating you're like "eww hell no"
Youngjo loves having you as his sibling even tho he doesn't say it
You're the first person to know if something's wrong, because he relies on you so much
You both just trust each other with your whole life
Just quite literally best friends ngl
Tumblr media
The complete opposite of Youngjo lmao😭
Usually he's just being a prick to you. Just because.
But if someone else is being mean to you...
Oh boy that person is done for
When he isn't being an asshole he clings to you like glue
Will literally not let go of you until you pinch his back or sum
He's that type of person to laugh his ass off when you fall and only ask if you're okay after calming down a little
Knows when to stop or when it's serious tho
He might just steal your face wash because he's too lazy to buy himself a new one
He's also the type to always having to know where you're going and with who
Deadass just your second mom but also not, ygwim?
Your friends love him tho
They think he's so funny
And pretty
I mean.... He is, but how would they know that he's an annoying little shit most of the time
If he witnesses someone making you uncomfortable you bet your ass that one glance from him will send them running
When you two aren't at each other's throats you love to talk about anything and everything
He's a good listener and gives great advice
And he's v smart but wbk
Oh yeah he loves to steal your charger :))
Tumblr media
Goshhh he's that kind of brother who's super cool but always has to be a weirdo for some odd reason
Like,, he's genuinely an amazing brother, you can't fight me on that one. No matter if you're older or younger
He's just precious
Will pull out weird childhood stories out of nowhere to embarrass you
Or make weird faces, making others laugh and you want to die of cringe
Guys are scared of him. ALWAYS HAHA
His deep voice, blank stare and big muscles? Yup, boys think twice if they wanna be a bitch
Anyways,, Geonhak is also a great listener and even though he might not always know what to say, he's there for you
The type to creep up on you at 2am and scare you to death, laughing his ass off
Sometimes you wanna smack him square across the street
Contrary to you, he doesn't talk a lot about his problems to you
So if you know something is up, you get him to drink something with you, ending up in him telling you everything on his mind
If he knows you're in a bad mood or down, he'll drag you to the gym
Your muscles may be sore for a few days but at least he cheered you up
Tumblr media
Lmao okay big baby alert
Again, doesn't matter if you're older or younger
He's baby. He will always come to you first if he's got any kind of problems
Loves you to bits and pieces
But also loves to get on your nerves
You have developed a 6th sense by now and know if he's hiding something from you
Sometimes when he had a bad day or a nightmare - whatever really - he'll come into your room, cling onto you like a baby and cry his eyes out
Of course you're always there for him and calm him down, always and try your best to ease his mind
You wont hesitate to prepare his comfort food, no matter the time
He will scare off sketchy people wherever you go,, he's quite literally your guard dog 😭
You love to play pranks on him like scaring him after watching a scary movie and laughing when he almost cries
Random pillow fights at least once a week
Cry fests over your favorite show you share
Taking care of the other when sick
Singing contests on the daily
Tumblr media
Annoying younger brothers vibes, sorry but I don't make the rules
Will tease you to no end if you happen to be shorter than him
Likewise if you're taller than him, joining his members and bullying the poor guy
You two actually stick to each other like glue
He teaches you a lot of dances and loves to jam to any song with you
People never witnessed you having a serious fight before
You two literally just don't argue, quarrels here and there but nothing more
Whenever people see you two outside and together it's most likely because you're getting bubble tea
The other Oneus members are whipped as hell for you, you're basically also their siblings by now
You're Oneus' personal hype man/woman, no matter what kinda shit they do, you're cheering them on😹
The members are making fun of Woong's height? You're joining in (if you're taller)
Otherwise you're their new target now (if you're smaller)
If there's one thing the two of you have in common, it's the sleepiness and ability to sleep everywhere
Oh you got promoted to Oneus' personal photographer as well (Youngjo loves you)
Woong better not be thotting with you around, he'll regret it later...
Tumblr media
Ah yes, this one's fun... because Dongju + Dongmyeong
You three are absolute chaos
You're just as chaotic as Dongju at times
You try to spend equally as much time with each of the two
Mostly you join Dongju in annoying Geonhak, but knowing that guy he's not doing anything about it cuz he loves you
At this point you're just as much family to both Oneus and Onewe
Your current favorite hobby is to experiment with Dongju's hair tho
Anyways back on track... the three of you love to have movie nights and instead of watching you talk about everything that comes to mind and just having fun
Dongju and Dongmyeong protect you like their lives depend on it, no cap
You always assure Dongju that he's doing well and that everyone's proud of him for everything he does
When you're not annoying the other members, then you're probably sitting somewhere quiet with whoever it is and listen to their problems (literally Dongju 2.0)
The members just trust you so much as well because you always take care of them to the best of your abilities
Mamamoo might just adopt you as well
I keep getting distracted- anyways, Dongju (and Dongmyeong) love you to bits and pieces but will still tease you for whatever they can find
They'd never let anything happen to you, they're just the sweetest what more can I say
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yeongwvnhi · 28 days ago
Repost from old blog. 
you carefully open the studio's door, your jacket keeping you warm as you look for you boyfriend. 
he said he'd be done soon, but that was 2 hours ago so you got worried and decided to check on him. 
"Youngjo?" you quietly ask into the room, still standing in the doorway, "are you here?" 
"right here" he speaks up from behind you unexpectedly, making you jump and stumble, almost falling if he didn't hold onto you. 
"hey, I told you to stop creeping up on me!" you whine, softly hitting his chest once. "and you said you wouldn't take long!" 
Youngjo bashfully scratches his cheek. "sorry baby, I'm done now. let's go to bed" 
you pout, softly glaring at him.
he pulls you in by your waist, also pouting. "Don't be angry!"
giving in, you let him hug you close with your head resting against his chest. "i was worried about you, idiot" 
a soft chuckle erupts from his throat, making you look up at him. "what's so funny?" 
"You're just so adorable when you're tired" he says, pressing a kiss to your forehead. 
"hey!" you protest. "you missed" 
"Oh my, how dare I" he jokes, connecting both of your lips in a sweet peck. "now let's go baby, you're tired" 
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yeongwvnhi · 28 days ago
Repost from old blog. 
"Y/N, quick!" your boyfriend, Seoho, calls for you from the balcony. 
confused, you stand up and oblique, stepping out into the cold winter air. "it's so cold, Seoho" you whine, squishing yourself against him. 
"just a minute" he says, putting his arm around you to keep you warm, looking into your eyes then, "I love you" 
you smile, eyes full of love. "I love you too" 
and just then, you hear some people counting down from 5. 
Seoho cups your face, your hands resting on his chest as he connects your both lips at the yell of "Happy New Year!" and fireworks going off in the background. 
you didn't pay much mind to it though, just relishing in the fact that you've started the new year with a kiss of the guy you loved, feeling all fuzzy and warm inside even though it was freezing cold. 
After parting, he hugs you close again. "a new year with you, Y/N, and hopefully not the last one" 
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yeongwvnhi · 29 days ago
Requested by @rr0zu 💕
I hope it's not too short and to your liking 🥺
Pairing - Jaehyun x genderneutral reader
Genre - fluff~
Warnings - none
Word count - 303
Packing up your belongings after hearing the bell is the best thing. You finally get to relax for a little before having to focus on studies again. As you leave the classroom and take a step into the hallway, you're met with the figure of your boyfriend. 
He's standing across the room, leaning against the wall with two cups of coffee in both of his hands and a smile on his lips. 
"Hey" He speaks up after seeing you, pushing away from the wall and stepping forward. "How was the lecture?" 
A smile makes its way up your face as Jaehyun extends one of the coffee cups towards you. "My lecture was quite alright, I think I took part well" You tell him and take the paper cup out of his hand, "and thank you for the coffee" 
He flashes another dimpled smile and nods in the general direction of your next shared lecture. "My first lecture was canceled, so I got us coffee instead" he tells you while you both walk down the hallways, relaxed and at ease. "I knew you were probably too tired to think of getting coffee along the way" 
You playfully roll your eyes at that and instead opt to nip at your beverage. "Damn, this coffee is really good, where did you get it?" You ask Jaehyun with surprised, big eyes. "I don't remember having such a good coffee for a while now" 
He gives a deep chuckle and a smug grin. "Guess you'll have to find out then, because I'm not telling" 
"Aw, c'mon! Don't be like that!" 
Jaehyun avoids your disappointed stare and chuckles quietly to himself. "Fine, maybe I'll show you later" 
In an instant, you light up and lock arms with him, mindful of his own coffee cup. "Thank you, you're the best~" 
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yeongwvnhi · a month ago
Repost from old blog. 
requested by anon 
part 2 of Jaehyun x reader 
pairing - Jaehyun x genderneutral reader 
genre - Angst
warnings - none 
synopsis - Jaehyun regrets his decision of cheating on you and tries to get you back, but it's too late for him. 
Word count - 320
it's been 2 months since your last interaction with Jaehyun and to say you didn't miss him was an understatement. 
you felt free, sort of, since he kinda took all of your time when you ever saw each other to the point where it was suffocating. 
but you didn't expect to run into him at around 7pm while you were walking back home from visiting a friend. 
"Y/N?" it's him. you'd recognize his baritone voice anywhere. 
hesitantly you turn around, looking at him with no emotion. "what?" 
"it's uh... it's been a while" he says, scratching his neck. "how have you been?" 
"I've been just fine" you reply. "now cut this chit chat and say what you want"
he takes a deep breath in. "I... I really regret cheating on you, you're a great person and you didn't deserve that" 
"thanks, I know" you sarcastically smile at him. 
Jaehyun splutters at your response. "i-i want you back okay?"
you shoot him a blank stare before starting to laugh. "n-no way! you're kidding right? do you even hear yourself?" 
"why... why would I be kidding-" 
"god, are you even for real? first you cheat on me and now you come crawling back? I bet if our roles were reversed you wouldn't even spare me a glance, boy. my answer is no. get out of my life, I don't want to be associated with a cheater" 
the last word you spit had hit him right where it hurt, but he deserved it. "I'm sorry, Y/N…"
"sorry isn't going to fix the shit you've done, but I'm mature enough to know I don't need you. goodbye, Jung Yoonoh, have a nice life without me" you say and resume your walk back home, leaving said guy standing in the middle of the sidewalk, regretting his past choice. 
he really lost the most precious thing, just because he didn't see your worth sooner. 
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yeongwvnhi · a month ago
Repost from old blog. 
requested by @floweringtheflowers // deactivated
angst prompt 52; "Don't apologize if you don't mean it."
pairing - Jaehyun x genderneutral reader 
genre - Angst
warnings - raising of voices, cheating
synopsis - you caught your boyfriend, now ex, Jaehyun cheating on you after only 3 months of dating and decided to confront him.
Word count - 215
"Jaehyun!" you call after him, almost missing the way he hastily left. 
he turns around, annoyance written all over his face. "what?!" he snaps, tapping his foot on the floor. 
"Why are you avoiding me? Did I do something wrong? talk to me for fucks sake!" 
Jaehyun's nostrils flare at his angry breathing. "Just leave me alone" he says, tone flat.
"not until you give me a damn reason why!" you raise your voice, tears springing to your eyes. "is it something I did? or-" 
"babe?" a new voice joins in and a girl steps into view. "what's taking so lo- oh, who's that?" she asks and looks you up and down, judging hard. 
you exhale a shaky breath and Jaehyun suddenly loses his composure. "y-you're cheat-ting?" you ask, voice cracking and tone growing quieter. 
"no! why would y-you do this to m-me?!" you yell. "you could've j-just said you lost feelings o-or anything!" 
"Y/N, I'm sorry-" 
"Don't apologize if you don't mean it" you spit, angrily wiping your tears away. "we're through. enjoy fucking your new bitch. I hate you and I never want to see you ever again" 
That's all you say as you turn around and run into your apartment, blocking his number and his profiles everywhere. 
you were done. 
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yeongwvnhi · a month ago
Repost from my old blog. 
[2:10am] angst prompts 3 & 40
you're fast asleep in bestfriend!Baekhyun's bed after having played games with him for almost the whole day. 
he lays next to you, wide awake and scanning over your calm face, the moonlight softly filtering through the window and casting soft shadows across it. 
Baekhyun sighs, his eyes softening sadly as he looks at you, right next to him, so close and yet so far away. 
"I think I might be falling in love with you." he mumbles into the night, knowing you will never know those ten words ever left his mouth, a single tear falling down his cheek and hitting the pillow. 
he quickly wipes it away when he notices you stirring in your sleep, groaning a bit and reaching your arm out. "Baek?" you mumble, sleepiness coating your voice, eyes still closed. "yeah?" he replies quietly, afraid his voice will crack. "why are you still awake..." 
he huffs out a short laugh. "sorry, I couldn't sleep" 
you open your arms for him, offering to cuddle him, knowing he hates sleeping alone. "come cuddle.." 
Baekhyun can feel the dull ache in his chest at your offer, knowing you meant well, but he can't help but feel pained. 
he takes you up on your offer though, not wanting to worry you any further and curling up in your embrace. 
the pain will go away, for now he's just making the best out of it. 
he listens to your breathing pattern evening out and heartbeat steadily thumping in your chest. "I'm sorry..." He whispers, the words barely audible, yet carrying so much weight with them, hanging heavily in the room. 
the moonlight which shines softly through the window now blocked by thick clouds moving in front of it slowly like a curtain. 
Baekhyun can't help the crushing despair in his chest, which only gets accentuated by the sudden darkness of the room, a shaky sigh leaving his mouth. "Why can't you love me back?"
but his question falls upon deaf ears, not giving him a chance of getting the constant, dull ache in his chest out of it. 
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yeongwvnhi · a month ago
𝕊𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕄𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥
♧ 𝙛𝙡𝙪𝙛𝙛
☆ 𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙨𝙩
♡ 𝙨𝙪𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚
◇ 𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙣𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙤𝙨/𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨
ℭ𝔥𝔬𝔦 𝔖𝔢𝔲𝔫𝔤𝔠𝔥𝔢𝔬𝔩
𝔜𝔬𝔬𝔫 𝔍𝔢𝔬𝔫𝔤𝔥𝔞𝔫
ℌ𝔬𝔫𝔤 𝔍𝔬𝔰𝔥𝔲𝔞
𝔚𝔢𝔫 𝔍𝔲𝔫𝔥𝔲𝔦
𝔎𝔴𝔬𝔫 𝔖𝔬𝔬𝔫𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔫𝔤
𝔍𝔢𝔬𝔫 𝔚𝔬𝔫𝔴𝔬𝔬
𝔏𝔢𝔢 𝔍𝔦𝔥𝔬𝔬𝔫
𝔏𝔢𝔢 𝔖𝔢𝔬𝔨𝔪𝔦𝔫
𝔎𝔦𝔪 𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔶𝔲
𝔛𝔲 𝔐𝔦𝔫𝔤𝔥𝔞𝔬
𝔅𝔬𝔬 𝔖𝔢𝔲𝔫𝔤𝔨𝔴𝔞𝔫
ℭ𝔥𝔬𝔦 ℌ𝔞𝔫𝔰𝔬𝔩
𝔏𝔢𝔢 ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔫
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