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#youthinclusivity painting artwork kingfishers birdinapond
youthinclusivity Β· 5 days ago
Artwork of the day by Pie Signey
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Kingfisher is small to medium-sized bird that belongs to the kingfisher family. There are 87 species of kingfisher that can be divided in three major groups (or in three separate families according to some systems of classification): river kingfishers, tree kingfishers and water kingfishers. These birds can be found all over the world, with the greatest diversity of species in tropical areas. Kingfisher inhabits lowland freshwater areas, river estuaries and areas near the streams, lakes, marshes and ponds. Stuffed kingfishers in the glass cases were kept as decorative items during Victorian era, and their feathers were used for decoration of hats. Even though kingfishers are rarely hunted today, many species are classified as threatened or endangered due to accelerated habitat loss and introduction of new species.
These vocal, colourful birds are renowned for their dramatic hunting techniques. Typically, the bird sits still, watching for movement from a favourite perch. Having sighted its quarry, it plunges into the water and catches the fish usually no deeper than 25 cm (10 inches) below the surface in its dagger-shaped bill.
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