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#your name anime
safurakblog · 7 hours ago
Парные обои по "твоё имя", смотрели? Я про это аниме узнала через интервью Чонгука ~, и посмотрела его сразу ахаха, сюжет очень красивый, рисовка топ 🙌 не думала что буду плакать когда они встретились...
Paired wallpaper on the anime "your name", looked? I found out about this anime through Jongkook's interview ~, and I watched it right away ahaha, the plot is very beautiful, the graphics is top 🙌 I didn't think I would cry when they met ...
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kurozu501 · 12 hours ago
y’know id heard that Pepe had a crush on Daybit, but i hadn’t heard that Daybit went and put himself in debt to koyanskya to hitch a ride over to lostbelt 4 and check on Pepe just because he could tell something was wrong, was worried about him, and then heroically shows up to save Pepe’s life at just the right moment. and is also implied to have done that to show pepe they could use koyanskya to escape the lostbelt and survive this incident. 
Did not expect that level of caring from a guy who up to this point had been described as a cold cryptid of a man. 
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anartistsworld · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Um cometa passou por aqui
E disse que sentia minha falta
Eu apenas respondi
“Não sou eu quem vai embora”
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weaselbeetwins · a day ago
Please send show/film recommendations
My plans for the week have been cancelled and I have nothing to do so could you send in some anime recommendations that are on Netflix? I will also be catching up on writing so expect more posts (I mean it this time) but I just wanted something to watch inbetween.
Could be series or films, I don’t mind
Some anime that I’ve seen and absolutely loved is: Haikyuu, Tokyo Ghoul, Your Name, A Silent Voice, Your Lie In April
Also PLEASE send any recommendations for general shows/films that are on Netflix or Disney+ (doesn’t have to be anime)
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thegameofnerds · 3 days ago
'Your Name' (2016) & Why Western Culture Doesn't Get Animation
We recently came across Your Name and it absolutely blew us away.
*Mild spoilers ahead*  Source: Funimation. I recently came across a film that absolutely blew me away. I feel a few years late to this party (as it was released in 2016), but better late than never. And really, I’m not that late, considering how little attention is given to Japanese anime (or actually, any Asian work) in mainstream American media. I point this out because understanding why I…
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whiteuselesscrayon · 3 days ago
Ok quotes, my net was shit and these wouldn't go through
"Most of all, I hate you because I think of you. Often. It's disgusting, and I can't stop'
"If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse"
"Have I told you how hideous you look tonight?” Cardan asks, leaning back in the elaborately carved chair, the warmth of his words turning the question into something like a compliment.
“No” I say, glad to be annoyed back into the present. “Tell me.”
"I can't."
"Before, I never knew how far I would go. Now I believe I have the answer. I will go as far as there is to go. I will go way too far"
okay so its like enemies to lovers but really really slow?
sign me up
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wanderingbandurria · 5 days ago
Yay, interaction Thursday with V!
Ahmmm, 26 if you want 😸
Yeeees hellooooo interaction Thursday to make class preparation more fun! This is a great ask!
26. tell us about an experience you’ve had that seemed unreal or supernatural. (doesn’t have to be scary)
Omg so many. So so many. I lived for a time in the country side, yes? So there's this legend about witches that are shapeshifters in my country - they change into birds, and specifically, one bird that you cannot say the name three times or you call the witches - and then you have to feed them or they get very offended.
So of course bc I'm an idiot, one day a friend was alone in our house (I lived with 3 workmates) and I've forgotten my keys so I decided to stop under his window and make the sounds of the witches' bird - which is exactly the same as the name of the bird. You can see the issue there, right?? Of course I said the name three times. Of course I was dumb enough to not realise until after I said it (and what's dumber, my friend wasn't even in the house! Lol).
What followed were two weeks of birds attacking our house. I'm not kidding. They would crush against windows. One bird tried to tear apart a heater pipe. On windy days, birds would come to our house and yell for hours outside our windows, on top of the ceiling, everywhere. Me and one friend, with whom we had the riverside rooms, could barely sleep for two days because of the noise of the birds, the pipe, and the wind.
One day, after we all been away for a weekend, we found a dead sparrow inside one of the toilets. The closed toilet. In a closed house. No one had been in or out, according to our landlords that lived in a house in the same site. No windows were cracked or open.
After that, things calmed down, but god, the dead sparrow thing was creepy as fuck 👀
It's Thursday which mean I need distractions! Would you send me a number from this cool list?
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melmendeesss · 5 days ago
Infinity 🌌
Jaymes Young
Kimi no na wa / Your Name 💕
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