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youlightmeupfinn · 4 days ago
1945 - Part 2 - Bucky Barnes x Reader
a/n: Here is part two!!! This is about to become a series in itself, as I maybe landed this on a part where a third edition can be created! i honestly love this idea... i hope you guys enjoy this second part!
1945 (part one)
warnings: angst, yelling, crying
tagging: @sebby-staan, @bluemoon-icecream, @lejardinfleur, @miss-i-ship-it, @posteyymaloney, @slut-for-buck, @shannonleanna182, @itzagothamcitysiren, @mylifeiscrazy0423, @quinnmaddie, @marvelseverything
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Wait a minute, you haven’t seen the woman since the war in… 1945? Buck, are you sure this is wise? Is she even alive?” Sam asked his friend as the two of them walked alongside each other along the streets of Romania. Bucky had the piece of paper that Zemo gave him crunched between his fingertips, his anxiety levels spiking.
“Sam,” He exhaled. “She was the love of my life.” This was a conversation he had never gone full depth in with someone, except for Steve, once he was back and semi-alright after the Zemo incident.
Sam looked at him, stopping in his tracks.
“I had plans after the fight was over, after Steve, her, and I stopped Zola,” He brought in a sharp breath, his chest tightening. “I was going to ask her to marry me. I thought we’d grow old together, have a family of our own… she did things for me, showed me things that any other woman simply couldn’t.”
Sam tucked his tongue in the inside of his cheek. “And Zemo ensured you she’s... “ Bucky nodded.
“He said she’s alive, but she went through exactly what I did. But I don’t understand, how did we not cross paths?”
“Are you sure you didn’t see her and Hydra simply wiped your memory of it?”
Bucky shook his head. “No, it would’ve come back by now.”
He half-smiled. “I find it funny that she chose to reside in Romania.” He whispered, Sam, looking at him.
“Future resting place?” Sam pondered.
Bucky smiled wider this time.
“Yeah… she loved the scenery when we visited. Said she always wanted to settle there with me.”
Bucky could feel his heart jumping inside his throat as he approached the numbered apartment. The door was a royal blue in color with the numbers 714 written across it.
“You got this?” Sam asked, more than ready to stand at Bucky’s side.
“Yeah,” He cleared his throat. “Thanks.”
Sam nodded his head and walked off from the door, ushering himself around the corner. Bucky inhaled deeply, the photograph in his hand that Zemo gave him. He looked down at it once, noting how gorgeous you looked, how in love he once was with you. Just like Steve’s admiration for Peggy Carter, Bucky felt the same for you, even after all the years.
He braced himself and knocked on the door. A few moments of sickening silence crowded his ears, his heart thumping harder behind his ribcage. He heard the lock click and the doorknob twisted. He embraced himself for what he was about to see.
The door slowly creaked open.
“Can I help you?” You muttered, staring at the person on your doorstep.
Bucky’s eyes widened at the sight of you. You looked just as you did the day he last saw you, except…
His eyes directed to your right arm, noting the metal arm, which had a star symbol on it, but not in reference to Hydra.
“(Y/N)?” He called your name.
Suddenly, you slammed the door shut and the force from it blew wind in Bucky’s face.
Bucky knocked on the door again but you yelled, “Go away!” to which Bucky hissed.
“Please, (Y/N), I just want to talk to you,” He pleaded behind the door, resting his hands across it.
A few moments later, the door slowly reopened and you stared at him in complete horror.
“Please tell me you know who I am,” Bucky begged. “Bucky? Bucky Barnes?”
“Who the hell is Bucky?” You turned your head to the side.
His heart shattered at the sound of your vile tone.
“You really don’t know me.” His voice cracked halfway through.
“(Y/N), are you alright? I heard you scream?” A woman appeared behind you. She was slender with dark hair, freckles, and a buff frame.
“Oh my God,” She noted as she gazed at you. “Sweetie, I think you need to go sit down for a moment, I’ll take care of this.” She looked at you. You stared back at Bucky, your mind turning gears to try and depict who this stranger was… or was he a stranger? You remained standing there, but it wasn’t until the woman spoke in Russian to you that your eyes flickered.
“Soldat, vernis' na svoye mesto.” Bucky quickly translated the words to, “Soldier, return to your seat.”
You turned into a hypnotic state as you marched back to the seat and sat down, eyes emotionless.
The woman then emerged from the apartment and shut the door.
“James Buchanan Barnes, I was wondering when you’d show up.” She snarled.
Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed. “Who are you again?” He questioned.
“Katherine Amerson, former Sergeant, ex-Winter Soldier, Ms. (Y/N)’s… helper. I'd also like to think best friend in these trying times, though.” She said with arms crossing over her chest. “You’re the ex-boyfriend, am I right?”
“Technically current boyfriend, as I don’t think we properly broke up from falling off a train together.”
She clicked her tongue, heel-studded boots clicking along the pavement.
“How in the world did you find her?”
Bucky swallowed.
“Does Zemo ring a bell?” He tossed back. Katherine chuckled.
“Yeah, I found out about your little gimmick to break him out of prison.”
Bucky shook his head. “Why did he decide to tell me she was alive? I have no clue. All I know is that it is not the same (Y/N) that I used to know.”
Katherine nodded. “She’s essentially damaged. When I escaped from AFTER, under Karmin, I was able to convince them to let me have (Y/N). She has killed so many people in her lifetime, had her memories shocked away, she’s broken, Bucky. You of all people should know how that feels.”
Bucky nodded.
“So while I was Hydra’s toy, you and (Y/N) were with AFTER?”
Katherine nodded. “(Y/N), with her exquisite military skills and training, she fit the job they wanted. She was practically a war machine.”
Bucky bit his bottom lip, fearing for you. His heart ached at the torment you went through.
“But… why?”
“Karmin Vozenilek wanted to out-perform what Arnim Zola was doing. She heard they were developing the Winter Soldier program, to which I know you ended up being a victim. So she developed her own source of super-soldier serum. Same techniques, brainwashing after each mission, do not let personal feelings be in the way,” She expressed.
Bucky shook his head.
“Bucky, her whole family was sent the notice she had died in combat. She’s never seen them, she now has recollection, but a lot of her memories… aren’t there. As you saw, she still follows Russian orders.”
He kicked the stone that was on the ground as he processed. “How do you remember everything and she doesn’t?”
Katherine looked hurt for a moment as she pondered her response to Bucky.
“I committed a selfish act.” She whispered, gazing down. “I had the choice. If I were to take (Y/N) and escape, only one of us could have our memories restored. I chose myself. Only because I didn’t want her to undergo the massive pain and hurt that I knew she would endure.”
Bucky fisted his hand and shook his head.
“She can get those memories back. They just have to be triggered. If I can remember who I was before, she can too.”
Katherine shook her head this time.
“Bucky, I would easily tell you no. But I remember when I met (Y/N), before we were even super soldiers together, she had photographs of you and her, everywhere. Said you were the one for her.”
Bucky nodded. “I loved her too… I still love her. Looking at her face, she looks so broken.”
Katherine sighed deeply. “She is. Her memories can be restored, I know who to go to, but (Y/N) performed a massacre on the poor man’s wife beforehand, so he’s essentially not the person to go to.”
Bucky shook his head.
“We can help her.”
Bucky and Katherine walked back into the apartment to see you still in your seat, not having moved an inch.
“(Y/N), you need to sit down with this man. His name is James Buchanan Barnes, former Sergeant of the 107th Infantry. You know him as Bucky.”
You carefully looked at him, your mind turning circles to try and adhere.
“Doll, it’s me,” Bucky said audibly.
Suddenly, your eyes flooded with tears as you gazed at him.
“I-I don’t know who you are, I’m sorry!” You cried in agony, Bucky’s heart-shattering for what felt like the millionth time.
“Would you accompany her if I were to bring her back to the United States with me?”
Katherine’s eyes widened.
“It’s either I get her to remember me the normal way, or I try and convince whoever this man is to reverse the process and give her memories back.”
Katherine looked down at you and brushed her fingers through your hair soothingly.
“(Y/N), why don’t you go lay down?” She asked as you shyly stood up and made your way to the upstairs.
“I’m ready for anything, Barnes.”
Bucky simply nodded, half-smiling.
He was never more ready for a mission in all of his life.
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youlightmeupfinn · 13 days ago
Baby Name Poll!
Alright... these are the ones I came up with (I know I have James as a middle name for the girls, but I absolutely adore the name in reference to a girl. Makes me think of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds' daughter <3) Anyway, as I said, sex won't be revealed until, well, it's revealed, but I have 3 options for each! Feel free to suggest your own too!
Either reblog with your pick, or if you want, send me an ask/message!
When you do vote, vote on both categories! The one with the most votes will be the name! :)
Tumblr media
Ava Marie Barnes
Olivia Grace Barnes
Madelyn James Barnes
Lucas Grant Barnes
Alec Steven Barnes
Kasen Michael Barnes
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youlightmeupfinn · 13 days ago
Forever - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Little Beginnings series)
Request: OMG. first the LB series so far is 🥺🥺
what about 2 am talks with the bump by Bucky. Him telling them how much he loves them and that he hopes he’s a good father and y/n listens 🥺 (@noshame-cth-bb)
A/N: Here is the official part four of Little Beginnings! I loved your idea so much and I wanted to add a twist to it! Thank you SO much for requesting! Also, I'm currently trying to generate baby names and I'll have a poll ready to go soon once it's decided! Ugh, I love this series so far! Thanks so much for reading!!!
Baby Fever (prelude) | Mini You (pt. 1) | Little Beginnings (pt 2) | Dance With Me (pt. 3)
TAGGING: @fandomxreaders, @bloodyproudpotterhead
Tumblr media
Six months in and you were bewildered time had passed so quickly. Your once flattened belly had finally found itself protruding outwards, your body taking on a whole new form. Although this pregnancy first had you kneeling over the nearest sink or laid on the tiled floors of your bathroom, not daring yourself to move a single inch, you wouldn’t take a single moment of it for granted. Why? Because in a little over three months, you would come face-to-face with the beautiful child created between you and him. You would finally know what they would look like, whether they take after you, or their darling father.
Tonight was different. A movie played on the television in front of you, your head nestled in Bucky’s lap. It was a Friday night beforehand that had just turned into a very early Saturday morning, the clock striking twelve o’clock two hours ago. You hadn’t paid close attention to the clock, rather your attention was zeroed in on the movie. As the end credits made their way onto the screen, you sighed, sleep not finding you.
“You alright, doll?” Bucky asked, stroking his fingers gently through your hair, massaging your scalp in the process. You smiled, resting a hand on the top of your stomach, rubbing small circles into your lower abdomen where you could feel the baby’s foot pressed against your stomach. He or she was stretched out and you smiled, noticing that soon enough, they would be completely out of room.
You nodded your head and gazed up at him. “I’m fine.” You propped yourself up on your arms, Bucky helping to pull you towards the head of the bed where he was positioned. You had a loose t-shirt on and a pair of shorts, Bucky shirtless in a pair of sweats. His dog tags hung loosely around his neck and you smiled, reaching up to peck his lips gently.
Bucky smiled into your mouth, his hand reaching instinctively to rest on your stomach. You laid your hand on top of his and wrapped a hand carefully around the back of his head. “I cannot wait to meet this little one,” Bucky whispered as he pulled back slightly and looked down at your stomach. You giggled and grabbed his hand, positioning it where the baby’s foot was still rested.
You pressed his hand against their little foot, Bucky’s eyes widening. “What is that?” He asked you in a half-whisper, as if he was about to disturb the baby. You laughed, your belly jostling with the movement. “Their foot. I felt them stretch out, apparently they’re comfortable.” You smiled down at his hand.
Bucky smiled widely and nestled further down the bed until his face was directly in front of your stomach.
“Hi there, baby,” He cooed, using both hands to rub in circles across the entirety of your belly. You remained quiet, watching how his blue orbs lit up with awe when the fluttering kick of the baby announced itself against Bucky’s hand. “Do you think he or she knows my voice?” He gazed up at you. You nodded your head, motioning him to keep going.
“If mommy’s right…” He continued. “This is your daddy. I can’t wait to meet you. I’m so ready to snuggle you in my arms and be there for you.” You noticed he kept his eyes directly on your stomach the entire time, his hands grazing across the skin, relaxing you at the same time. “I love you so much. So many people are excited to meet you.”
The smile on your face was stretched wide as you listened intently. “Sometimes I wish I knew if you were a boy or a girl, so y’know, I could refer to you as that… but I know we want to keep you a surprise.”
You and Bucky had decided to not know the sex until they were here. Although you wanted to decorate the nursery and buy items fitting for a specific sex, Sarah helped you along with picking out unisex items. She was your absolute go-to. However, everyone around was making bets on the baby’s sex.
“That is definitely a little boy. I can promise that.” Sarah had told you.
“My guts telling me, girl.” Sam interjected. “With the crazy attitude (Y/N) has, girl.” - “SAM!” - “What, Sarah?!”
“I promise I’m going to try and be the best daddy I can be to you, baby. I may not be perfect all the time and I may mess up… but I promise I will love you, take care of you, cherish you.” Bucky continued talking. “And your mommy? Oh, you are going to love her, too. She is so gorgeous and I’m so proud of her for carrying you, keeping you healthy.” He kissed gently below your belly button.
The flutters continued and you bit your lip. “He or she absolutely adores you, babe.” You felt tears erupt behind your eyes. Bucky smiled up at you.
“You are the second best thing that’s ever happened to me and I haven’t even laid eyes on you yet.” He sighed. “The first being your mommy.” He looked up at you and crawled to you, kissing you deeply, making your tears fall. “You have given me everything I’ve wanted, that I thought I would never have.”
Suddenly, Bucky crawled off of the bed and walked elsewhere. “Babe? Where are you going?” You asked. He walked back into the room and motioned for you to get off the bed. “What’s going on?” You asked.
Bucky inhaled deeply. “I know it’s two in the morning. I know I was alive in the 40’s and this should be a lot more thought out, but sometimes, in the moment? That’s when it needs to happen.” He took your hands into his.
“From the moment I laid eyes on you, the day I saw you while you were with Steve, Sam, and Natasha… Even though I was clearly not in my right mind… I was drawn to you.” Bucky’s voice was shaking. “And once I was able to get to know you, despite everything I’ve gone through, you stuck with me through it all.” Your eyes were refilling with tears.
“I always wanted a family, I’ve always wanted someone to call my own. Doll, you have given me everything I’ve wanted in life and so much more. You gave me the privileging title of boyfriend. You’re giving me the amazing milestone of becoming a father…” He carried out. You watched as he reached into the pocket of his sweats and pulled out a small black box and immediately, your heart pounded in your chest.
He dropped to one knee, his eyes locked on yours.
“Will you do me the extraordinary honor of becoming my wife?” He opened the box to reveal an engagement ring nestled with diamonds and it sparkled against the lights of your apartment bedroom. You gasped, one hand covering your mouth, the other on your stomach as the water flooded your cheeks.
You nodded, face scrunching up. “Yes! Yes! A million times yes!” You cried aloud, swinging your arms around Bucky’s neck as he stood, hugging you tight.
He slipped the ring on your finger and you looked at it, your face bright red.
“I love you so much!” You cried. Bucky’s tears fell down his cheeks as he held you tight.
“I love you too, doll. So much.” He kissed your cheek, holding you close.
“How long have you had the ring?!” You cried, laughing now.
Bucky looked at you sheepishly. “Four months ago… I bought it right before we found out you were pregnant. Sarah went with me to pick it out. I was actually going to propose that night you told me you were pregnant and since then, I just could never figure out the right moment. But this was the right moment.”
You smiled and kissed him hard. “You are beyond amazing, Barnes.”
It was official. You were the future Mrs. Bucky Barnes and no one could take that away.
This was a precious moment and you were positive it could not get any better than this.
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youlightmeupfinn · 17 days ago
hi !!! i hope you’re doing well ! i absolutely adore your writing ! 9 and 34 from your prompt list make my heart ache !! i was wondering if you could use them to write a Buckyxreader ? it can be about anything ! though preferably not about being cheated on as you’ve just written something about that ! thank you !!
I Will Choose You - Bucky Barnes x Reader
There you are, anon! Thanks for the request! :)
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youlightmeupfinn · 17 days ago
I Will Choose You - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: hi !!! i hope you’re doing well ! i absolutely adore your writing ! 9 and 34 from your prompt list make my heart ache !! i was wondering if you could use them to write a Buckyxreader ? it can be about anything ! though preferably not about being cheated on as you’ve just written something about that ! thank you !!
Prompts used (-> PROMPT LIST <-)
- #9. “Love, don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart.” & #34. “I will always choose you. Every single time.”
A/N: Anon, I combined them both to form this! I hope you like it! And guys, keep sending in those numbers! Really helps me out with the ideas :)
Tagging: @fandomxreader
Tumblr media
It was nights like these where your mind always managed to get the best of you. Your anxiety heightening, the random, penetrating thoughts crashing themselves against your skull numerous times, onsetting the feeling of a mild headache. You gazed at your image in the mirror. He loved you, right? Of course he did, he chose you after all. Out of every person in this world, he stuck by your side and no one else’s.
But what if something changed? What if one day he woke up and realized he was not happy? You know you would never be the one to say otherwise to him; you were in love with him, mind, body, and soul. Inhaling deeply, you folded your body over, reaching to grasp your toes from your position on the floor by the bed.
The piercing thoughts continue to swim that you hadn’t realized the hot tears had begun to spill until you gazed up and saw the puffiness raiding your once tear-free eyes. The streaks of black from your mascara made their welcoming entrance and you huffed, the small sniffles coming on next.
“Hey, doll, you are not gonna believe this! Sam and Sarah decided they’re not selling the,” - As he walked through the doorframe to the bedroom and noticed you on the ground, he stopped in his tracks. “Whoa, whoa, what’s going on?” He quickly got down beside you and rested a hand on your arm. His instincts were quick, reflexes flashing quicker than you could process as his fleshed thumb came to wipe underneath the delicate skin of your under-eyes. “Baby,” He coaxed gently.
You shook your head, smiling halfway through, feeling like a complete idiot for feeling this way.
“Your anxiety?” As long as he had dated you, Bucky was quick on picking up on the cues that directed to your anxiousness. He remembered all of those heart-wrenching nightmares he’d awake from, just to have you at his side to comfort him. His anxiety was heightened and only you could ease his tension and barrelling mind.
“I’m sorry,” You gasped, coughing quietly. “I’ve just been thinking, that’s all.” You whispered halfway through, those hurtful images coming into your mind yet again which made another wave of tears flood the back of your eyes.
“Love, don’t cry. You’re breaking my heart.” Bucky smiled softly and pulled you into his lap. He hugged you tight, his arms engulfing your smaller frame as he rubbed gentle circles across your back. Your folded your arms around his body as best as you could despite his larger size and felt your mind continue to fill, the dull throbbing piercing the back of your head.
“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Bucky always wanted you to talk it through. It was his own form of therapy. You always taught him to talk it out and get those emotions out there, don’t just hold them inside, it’ll only make it worse. Bucky knew you would explode at some point if you kept it bottled up, and when he gave you the option to release, that was when the stammering began.
“Am I good enough for you? What if someone better comes along and you find yourself unhappy?” You sighed deeply. “What if she’s a freaking supermodel with golden legs and bright hair with a tiny waist?” You curled further into him. “And what if you start comparing me to her and decide she’s better for you? What if I can’t give you everything you want and need?” As you kept blubbering, you didn’t see the smile that was stretched along Bucky’s face. He consoled you by continuing to rub your back, but he refrained from commenting until he felt you were finished.
“I will always choose you. Every single time.” He stated as a matter of fact, rather than opinion. You gazed up at him, eyeing him carefully. “I don’t care if a hundred models from the runways of New York came into this room. I will always choose you. Why? Because you are everything I want and need. You make me feel like I’m supposed to be here, doll.” He smiled and pushed a strand of hair out of your eyes. “I would never ask for anyone better, because I have her right here in my arms.”
You smiled widely and reached up, pressing your lips against his, your mind flooded with the absolute love you felt for the man beneath you.
“You are perfect.” He smiled.
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youlightmeupfinn · 18 days ago
Forget About Him - Bucky Barnes x Reader
A/N: ALRIGHTTTT, so this does feature some smut. I'm not an explicit smut writer, I feel like I take on a more... romantic way of writing smut? idk all i know is i wrote this and i'm feeling kinda hot, so lemme go drink a nice tall glass of Sebastian Stan water. Y'all... enjoy!
Also, this derived from a prompt list I created. If you'd like me to write a number from this prompt list, let me know!
and not even gonna lie, this gif below? literally I used this to write part of the one-shot loooool
TAGGING: @fandomxreader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The rain poured against the roof of your apartment. Tears flooded your eyes as you looked at the phone, screenshots sent to you by your best friend all proving your point. He had cheated. He was snuggled up with a girl, her head rested on his shoulder, the next picture their lips on the others, not to mention the many others that consisted and told of the dirty secrets they shared.
“I can’t believe this,” You whispered to yourself in utter disbelief.
The front door opened and you braced yourself for the fall.
“Babe?” His voice railed against the walls and your insides churned, the feeling of sickness arising in the pit of your stomach. “You in here?”
His frame sauntered into the room, black hair drenched with rain, his emerald eyes filled with lust for her.
“Get your things and get out.” You said as stern as possible, clenching your jaw, teeth grinding in order to hold back the tears. Jason stared at you, the blank expression covering his seldom features.
“Excuse me?” He asked, mouth parting to speak, but you shook your head.
“Get everything and go!” You screamed, tightening your grip on the phone until your knuckles turned sickly white. “I’m done being played! Go to her!” Your voice grew louder and echoed off the walls, you were positive your neighbors heard your screeches.
Jason played the guilty card, beginning to stutter. You walked over to his closet and jerked out every article of clothing you could get your hands onto, tossing his belongings into the pile on the floor, hot flashes of anger coursing through your body.
“Get out of my freaking apartment! I can’t believe you would do this to me!” You hissed, now getting in his face. “You really thought you could hide this?!” You shoved the phone in his face, the evidence clearer than ever that he was into the woman nestled in his lap.
“After two years, this is how you treat me?!” You cried, the tears flowing. “After I defended you? You are so screwed up!” You screamed in agony.
Jason stammered. “Let me explain!” He reached to grab your arm, but you recoiled.
“Don’t you ever touch me again.” You spat. “Bucky was right,” You snarled. “I should’ve left you the first time this happened.”
Jason had cheated once before and you forgave him.
Once the mention of Bucky’s name made its way into the conversation, Jason’s switch flickered.
“Oh, you wanted that cyborg from the beginning, (Y/N!” He got in your face. “You let him feed you absolute lies for the last two years about me!”
You laughed, crossing your arms over your chest. “He told me you’d cheat again and he was right, wasn’t he?” You tilted your head.
You shook your head and grabbed your keys off the nightstand and clutched them tight. “You know what? Have the place, I don’t freaking care. Bring your fling back too, why don’t you?” You turned on your heel and left the room, barreling down the stairs.
“Where are you going?! We aren’t done!” He raced after you. You ignored him and exited the apartment, hurrying to your car. You were going to the one person you needed so desperately in times like these.
The drive there was filled with silence, your tears not falling. It was when you appeared on his doorstep and rang the doorbell that the ball in your stomach tightened. The lump in your throat casually started to form and your eyes were burning from the salty tears that threatened to spill any second.
“Man, come on, it’s like ten o’clock,” - Bucky’s tone called upon the fact he was half asleep, but he stopped his sentence as soon as he saw a drenched you standing there, thunder crashing in the distance. “Whoa, Doll,” He reached out and grabbed you, pulling you inside.
Moments later, as Bucky was pulling you in, tires screeched against the street and Jason’s car pulled along Bucky’s street. You turned and your eyes flooded once more.
“(Y/N), come on! We need to talk!” He cried as he raced to Bucky’s doorstep.
“Hey, hey, what’s going on, doll?” Bucky asked you. “What the hell did you do?” He turned his attention over to Jason who glared at him.
“Why don’t you stop putting ideas in her head, James.” He snarled.
“He cheated on me,” You whispered to Bucky. “You were right.” Your cries emptied themselves out into the air and immediately you felt Bucky’s body convulse against you.
Jason adamantly walked on the doorstep and gripped your arm. “You need to come with me.”
The match was thrown into the startling fire. Bucky’s reflexes were quicker than Jason’s thinking, as he reached out and grabbed his arm from yours. “You have two seconds to let her go, or else.” He threatened in a low tone.
“Yeah? Listen up, cyborg. I don’t know what you’ve put in her head to think that I cheated, but I didn’t, ok? Samantha came onto me.”
“Samantha?!” You cried. “You did it once before! I knew something was up, Jason!” You hissed.
Bucky shook his head. “One, you ever put your hands on her again, your dead. Two, yeah, I told her you were capable of cheating AGAIN. She deserves someone way better than scum like you.”
Jason shook his head and reeled his arm back. He winded up and swung at Bucky whose left arm immediately caught it, the metal hand clenching around his fist. Bucky’s right arm reached forward and grasped his throat, picking him up and throwing him across the yard onto the wet ground.
Bucky was in nothing but a pair of sweats and his dog tags as he hurled out into the pouring down rain and gripped Jason’s shirt, holding his face directly to his.
“Now get off my property. She’s done talking. And you don’t want to mess with me, Jason.” He tossed him to the side as if he weighed a pound and hurried back up the steps to you. Watching Jason as he retreated into the apartment, he closed the door and locked it. Your clothes were drenched once Bucky was able to pay closer attention to you, your arm glowing red from where Jason had dug his hands into your delicate skin.
Bucky disappeared into his bedroom and returned with a towel and a shirt. He helped you dry your damp hair that dripped with water and gave you privacy as you changed into his shirt he offered you. It smelled like his cologne and you inhaled deeply the aroma.
“Oh, doll,” He wiped the mascara away with the pad of his thumb. “I’m so sorry.” He said honestly, hugging you close. You radiated the warmth that was given off from his body, your shakes halting. You sighed and sniffled gently.
“I was so stupid to think he wouldn’t do it again.” You mumbled, feeling dumber than ever for trusting Jason and his scummy ways.
Bucky shook his head and placed a gentle kiss against your forehead. “You are not stupid. You just have one of the most forgiving hearts I’ve ever come to know,” he chuckled. “And it gets you into trouble sometimes.” He joked gently, making you slap his arm playfully.
Silence brewed between you two as you pulled off of Bucky who gazed at you, pushing loose strands of hair out of your face, admiring your features.
“You are so breathtaking,” He whispered, carefully drawing a line down your jaw as he cupped your chin. “Let me help you forget all about him tonight.” Bucky’s voice turned deep, his eyes flickering with a new intensity you hadn’t seen before. Your eyebrows furrowed slightly as Bucky perched forward on the couch, his hand still cupping your chin. Your heart beat frantically in your chest as realization sparked at what was happening.
It was like a scene out of a movie. His lips brushed against yours, a new passion, a new fire igniting between you two. The electricity shocked through your body, your veins burning with a heavy desire. A soft moan fell from your crumbling lips, a smirk plastering across Bucky’s face as he unlocked a new sound.
“Let me take care of you, doll. Let me take care of your body.” Bucky whispered sultry as he pressed his lips firmly against your neck, his mouth performing wonders. His teeth nibbled at the skin as he skillfully sucked the delicate area, a moan slipping from between your lips. He pressed his tongue and applied pressure to the sensitive area, your hands instinctively finding their way to tangle through his dark locks of hair, pulling to earn a low groan from him. “Do I have your permission, kitten?” Bucky asked you this time, needing full consent. You never hesitated, you simply nodded your head and begged for him to continue.
He picked you up, swinging you around so your legs wrapped tight around his waist. Locking them together, your hands entangled themselves around his neck as he whisked you up the staircase into his open bedroom, the bed big enough for two. Bucky laid you down on the soft mattress and lifted your shirt, exposing the mounds as he worked his lips from mouth, in between where you wanted, gently sucking and kissing his way to your belly button where he firmly held you in place and toyed with the shorts you still currently had on upon arriving. He shimmied them down your waist, your heart quickening in pace as he tossed them to the side. Your hand instinctively reached for the sheets as you gripped them in between your fingertips as Bucky’s mouth pressed against your inner thigh. He used a hand to lift your leg, making full eye contact with you as he kissed the insides of your thighs, enjoying the sight of you squirming at his touch.
“You like that, kitten?” He growled and you nodded, nearly whimpering. Before long, you were tightening your hands around the hair on Bucky’s head, your legs parted as his tongue worked wonders against your heated core. Your moans filled the reminiscing air of his apartment, the sight in his full-sized mirror enough to drive you wild. A thumb tapped against your gentlest spot as he sucked and prodded with his tongue, the taste of you turning him on. You watched in the mirror, the mere sight of Bucky’s head nestled in between your legs driving you up the wall, your entire body exposed to the cool air of his room.
You felt your walls begin to convulse and you were nearly at the point of screaming.
“Bucky, I’m gonna,” - Before you could finish, he lifted his head and removed himself from your dripping core. “Bucky!” You whined, breathing heavy.
Bucky smiled and ran his fingers through your hair. “Oh, kitten, you tasted so good.” He smirked. “But that’s now how I’m letting you finish.” You gazed up at him, on the verge of a breakdown, the feeling still wound up in the pit of your stomach.
Within seconds, you felt something tease your entrance and you knew exactly what it was. As you convulsed at the feeling of not being able to release, Bucky had already prepared himself and was right where you wanted him.
“My name better be the only thing that comes out of your mouth.” He whispered huskily, pushing himself in. Your mouth fell open as you adjusted to the feeling before he pushed all the way in, your moan ripping through the air. Your legs adjusted to the perfect width, Bucky pulled out and reentered, gaining the perfect rhythm and pace. He hit your spot every single time, rocking you further into the bed, your release closer than ever.
“Bucky,” You moaned. “Oh, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” You cried out. He kept his game and pushed harder, gaining speed. Your core began to twist and the bud started to form. A few more minutes later, you felt as your release washed over you. Your mouth formed the perfect O-shape as Bucky finished riding out his own high, satisfied at the sight of you shaking underneath him, your walls clenched around him as he adored the feeling, yours and his moans mixing together to form the perfect harmony.
He retracted and fell beside you, his chest rising and falling. You laid there on your back and huffed, regaining the air into your lungs as the beads of sweat dripped from your face.
“B-Bucky,” You stammered. “That was amazing,” You gasped.
Bucky smiled.
“Who were we talking about again?”
You pondered and shook your head.
“I have no clue.”
Bucky smirked and rolled over, pressing a long, hard kiss against your lips. “Wanna go take a shower and get cleaned up?” He asked you.
“As long as you’re in there with me.” You quickly replied.
“Of course, doll.” He smiled, the two of you rushing off the bed and chasing the other into the bathroom.
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youlightmeupfinn · 23 days ago
Colors - Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers
A/N: So I've been seeing on TikTok a lot currently those soulmate AUs where they don't see color until they meet their soulmate, so I wanted to do one. I might make a part two to this, only if you guys want it. I feel like I could start some drama here, somewhere, lol! I threw this together, so I'm sorry if it sucks. Enjoy! Also, the whole gang is alive and well here, and Bucky's looks match TFATWS Bucky rather than Endgame Bucky.
Also, lowkey was gonna put the reader with John Walker for the hilariousness of it and then have them meet Bucky, find out he's their soulmate, and crush John's heart... comedic, right? Just kidding!
"Looking strong, John."
TAGGING: @fandomxreader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The world was black and white, quite literally. From the moment you were born and started to make memories, you’ve always seen the world in black and white, but the phenomenon was clear to you. Everyone around you in the world also could not see color; the truth discovered that color was revealed to you upon meeting your soulmate.
“Does it ever scare you sometimes?” Peter asked you, with his arms crossed over his chest. “That when we do see color, everything will change?”
You chuckled. “Peter, of course everything changes. It means you’ve finally met your soulmate, duh.” You smacked him across the back of his head, making him chuckle and mouth a quick “ow”. But here was the complete shocker; you were with the guy you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. He was amazing in every sense of the word, he treated you like a literal queen. He wasn’t of this world though. People were shocked at the idea you two were together, as you derived from two completely opposite worlds, but that did not matter to you one bit.
An ex-HYDRA agent falls madly in love with Captain America himself.
“But shouldn’t you have seen color if you and Steve are soulmates?” Peter countered, which made your stomach churn at the idea of him not possibly being your soulmate, but you pushed the thought aside.
“I’ve heard it takes a while, depending on the people.” You sighed. Steve Rogers was more than just a person to you. You wanted to see color so bad, but you were patient. As of now, you simply enjoyed his company and the blossoming relationship that aspired between you two.
“You think you can talk about me and I don't hear?” Steve’s voice sounded from the distance and you immediately turned, smiling in his direction.
“Eavesdrop, much?” You giggled as he took you into his arms and placed a gentle kiss against your forehead.
Peter silently gagged himself, making you slap him for the second time. “Why don’t you go find MJ and leave us alone?” You suggested, ushering him to slip away so you and Steve could have a moment. Peter stifled a laugh, nodding.
“I’ll take my cue to leave.”
Steve snapped his finger and pointed at him momentarily. “Don’t forget about the party at Tony’s tonight. He made me promise to tell you. Said if you don’t show up, all of your fancy tech is being taken away.”
Peter laughed. “Yes, Captain!” He smiled and started walking away, hands pushing themselves into his pockets.
Steve wrapped an arm around you and began to walk along the sidewalk. “Everything okay?” He questioned, rubbing your shoulder with his hand. You sighed and nodded your head.
“That sigh indicates otherwise and you know it, (Y/N).” He caught you red-handed. He read you better than anybody else.
You stopped walking and faced him directly. “Does it ever bother you that we can’t see colors?” You questioned. Steve stared at you for a few seconds, processing what you had just asked him.
“No,” He shook his head. “With time it’ll come, we both know that.” He grasped your shoulders and pressed a gentle kiss against your forehead. You smiled lightly and grasped his forearms. “I guess I need to go pick out something for Tony’s tonight.”
Steve laughed. “I’d say wear nothing… but I couldn’t let you out of our room then.” He whispered in your ear, earning a flirtatious chuckle to emerge from your mouth.
You picked out a tight fitting dress that hugged your curves perfectly in the mirror. Steve was in a dress shirt and pants that fit him wonderfully, showcasing your favorite parts of him.
“So handsome,” You growled and kissed his lips. Steve smiled into the kiss and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you close to his chest.
“And so sexy,” He whispered huskily into your ear, sending chills racing down your spine. The two of you took your car over to Tony’s place. The driveway was filled with cars, those that belonged to Natasha, Bruce, Sam, Thor, just to name a few. The whole group hadn’t spent time together in quite some time, so Tony felt the need to put on a light party for everyone to get around one another and catch up.
The two of you walked inside his place, everyone smiling once they saw you two. “There’s America’s favorite couple.” Bruce smirked. Natasha shot you a smile as she sat on the bar stool, a drink in her hand. Steve clasped the hands of many of the gentlemen as you sauntered over to grab a drink from Tony’s special stash.
“You look stunning as ever,” Natasha smiled at you. You thanked her with the nod of your head and a smile in return. “You look great too, Nat.”
She was one of your closest friends and you adored her company whenever you were given the chance. You two have worked alongside each other, one time against the other due to your time at HYDRA.
You two picked up on gentle conversation until thirty minutes later, the question assembled.
“Where is that kid?” Tony asked, doing a quick head count on everybody, only to realize Peter was missing from the party. “Steve, you did tell him to come, right?” He looked over at Steve.
“I did,” Steve nodded.
You chuckled. “He’s probably still out licking ice cream cones with MJ.” You giggled, everyone laughing at your joke towards Peter.
Just as Tony was about to open his mouth, the door opened and Peter’s voice rang loud through the flat.
“Guys, I’m here! Sorry it took me so long, I saw Bucky and we were catching up.”
Your head was towards the ground, but it slowly lifted. You gazed up and your eyes locked on him. All of a sudden, the room filled with bright colors. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the color of Natasha’s dress, black. Your dress was bright red, Steve’s dress shirt a royal blue.
Bucky’s shirt was black and tight around his chest, his jeans dark and his hair cut short.
“Oh my God.” You whispered.
Bucky stared at you, his eyes filled with the same realization that you had just uncovered.
Bucky Barnes, Steve’s best friend, is your soulmate.
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youlightmeupfinn · 23 days ago
hiii i saw a recommendation for your page on tiktok and was definitely not disappointed!!! you are amazing!!
OMG! Thank you so much!!! That means the absolute WORLD to me! :)
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youlightmeupfinn · 25 days ago
Dance With Me - Bucky Barnes x Reader (L.B Series)
Baby Fever (prelude to the whole series)
Mini You (part 2 -> Baby Fever, prelude to Little Beginnings)
Little Beginnings (part 1)
Request: I don’t know if you take requests for story short story or an imagine if you will but it’s pregnant reader slow dancing with Bucky in the kitchen at 12AM?!?!???!?
A/N: AWWW, I loved this SO MUCH! Thank you so much for the request, anon!
TAGGING: @fandomxreaders, | @bloodyproudpotterhead
Tumblr media
Sleep seemed as if it were a thing of the past, especially within the last three months. Your sleep patterns had changed drastically and you found yourself to be up at all hours of the night with either nausea or just throbbing pain in your lower back. Tonight was no different. As your usual routine began to unwind, you pulled the sheet off of your already heated body, making sure to not rustle around to disturb a sleeping Bucky who was on his stomach, his toned back exposed to the cool air of the room. You smiled but envied his peaceful slumber, desperately wishing for it.
Walking down the dim-lit hallway, you made your way into the kitchen. Glancing down at your body, you admired the bump that had formed within these last few months, smiling gently. You weren’t as big as the house yet, but you knew it was soon approaching. The gender of the baby still was unknown, you and Bucky thinking more on waiting till he or she was born to find out, but you were still unsure on that topic, too.
“You really don’t like me to sleep, hmm, kiddo?” You stroked across your stomach, nudging, feeling the slight flutters that made your heart swell. “12 AM is your playtime.” You chuckled gently and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. Twisting the top off, you grabbed your phone and turned the music on to a low volume, ensuring for Bucky to remain asleep. You at least wanted one of you to get their desired amount of sleep, especially with what had been going on lately.
You sipped the water carefully, swaying your body to the slow rhythm of the song. Your lower back begins to ache in the process and you instinctively maneuvered your hands to the pinpoint position; but you were startled when you felt two hands rest themselves on your back, one warm and one cold.
“Bucky,” You gasped, turning around, but he reverted to your previous position. “I felt you leave,” He said in the deepest voice, his tone coated with sleep still. But he made every effort he could to make sure you were taken care of. He kneaded his hands into your lower back and a small groan left your mouth as you leaned across the cold counter.
“Feel good?” He whispered, kissing your cheek as a hand stroked your protruding stomach. You whimpered as his fingers pressed in hard at one certain area that caused relief to find its way down your spine. You were swaying by this time as Bucky peppered your shoulders with kisses as he finished working his touch against your back. "Baby, you just don't want mommy to sleep, hmm?" He rubbed against your stomach, making you giggle quietly.
"It's not his or her fault." You chuckled gently. "Okay, maybe 50/50." You winked, Bucky laughing softly.
You smiled in happiness as you stood up straight. Bucky smiled and pulled a few loose strands of hair away from your eyes, cupping your cheeks in his hands. He pressed his lips softly against yours, tasing you, making you instinctively reach up and grasp his forearms.
“You are so gorgeous, doll,” He breathed out, pressing his forehead against yours as he pulled your arms around his back. You could remember a few months ago being able to fully press your front against him, but in between, you was a dilemma, but a good one. One that you were so ready to meet, hold and snuggle.
Bucky tapped your phone screen and noticed the song playing. He smiled gently and pulled you away from the counter.
“Dance with me,” Bucky said, pulling you close. You smiled and nodded.
“Just lean on me, doll.” He ordered you in a loving whisper. He wrapped his arms around you snugly, your bodies swaying in unison to the beat. You snuggled your head into his chest, the scent of his cologne filling your airways, no longer causing you to become sick. You were so eager when that scent quit making you rush to the nearest sink, for you absolutely adored Bucky’s scent.
You were at peace at this moment, the love of your light nestled in your grasp, this child you two made together wound in a tight bundle in your abdomen who would soon make their appearance in just six months. Time was ticking and you were so excited to embark on this journey.
“Are you scared?” You asked Bucky quietly as he continued to slow dance with you in the kitchen.
He hummed, kissing your forehead. “Of what?”
“That we won’t be good enough?” You questioned, in reference to your child. Bucky chuckled softly.
“If you think you’re not going to be a good mother, you’re crazy.” He sighed. “It’s me that we should be worried about.”
You shook your head. “Steve always told me to have your babies.”
Bucky stopped slow-dancing and stared at you, his stare going blank as you busted into a fit of giggles. “He told me to secure your kids the moment I met you… Winter Soldier and all.” You winked, hitting his shoulder.
You started laughing and shook your head. “I’m kidding, but Steve did say you would make a wonderful father. He said you and him talked about having wives and families with kids who would become the best of friends… Although you two didn’t get that, Steve knows you’ll be amazing at this whole father thing.” You smiled.
Bucky smiled at you and continued his slow dance with you. “Of course he’d say that.” He smirked.
“I just want him or her to love me, that’s all. I want to be for them, what I didn’t have.” He sighed. You gripped him tighter. “You’re going to be the absolute best, babe.”
Bucky pulled back and gazed at you. He quickly cupped your cheeks and kissed you hard, so passionately, so lovingly. He would be the best father he could possibly be, you knew that.
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youlightmeupfinn · 26 days ago
Welcome to the 70s - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: hi hi !!
i just found your blog and ugh 😫 i’m obsessed ! you write bucky so well — and just write so well in general ! i already have baby fever as it is, and now you got me thinking about having James’ babies ?? my ovaries can. not.
if you’re taking requests... i would like to request one in which the reader introduces Bucky to 70s music (or just some media from the decades he missed out on) and it leads to their own little silly dance party ! i feel like he’d have loved the Beatles 🥺
A/N: oh I LOVED writing this! I have an absolute weakness for the 70s/80s music, especially in the rock genre, but I absolutely had fun writing this. Thanks so much, anon!
Tag List: @fandomxreaders
Tumblr media
You shuffled through your playlist on your phone, trying to decide on the music you wanted to blare throughout the apartment as you cleaned. The duster nestled in between your hands, you smirked and found Dancing Queen by ABBA. You adored the music that was created in the 1970s. You always felt based on your taste, that’s the decade you belonged to soulfully.
The opening tune started and you gripped the duster, putting the end to your mouth, enacting as though it were a microphone and you were center stage.
“You can dance! You can jive! Having the time of your life, ooooh, see that girl. Watch that scene. Digging the dancing queen.” You sang out loud, turning your volume up full blast as you circled around the living room, dusting the end tables by the couch and the lampshades.
Moving along with the beat, you were in your own world. You posed endlessly, spitting out the lyrics as if it were your second language.
“You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen!” Your voice rang loud and proud, so loud that you hadn’t heard Bucky enter the front door until you spun around as the chorus ended. He was standing in the doorway, watching you in pure amazement. Hurriedly, you paused the music and stared at him, the duster held tightly in between your grasp.
“Babe,” You snickered, now embarrassed. You had nothing on but a pair of athletic shorts and one of Bucky’s t-shirts that looked more like a dress on your small frame.
“Doll,” He said in the same tone. “What on earth are you playing?” He questioned, walking over to your phone. He picked it up and glanced at the playlist. “The 70s?”
It was a decade he wasn’t quite mentally or physically there for. He was off doing Winter Soldier business by this time and he hadn’t experienced anything.
“You’ve never heard of Dancing Queen?” You prodded. Bucky shook his head.
“Doll, jazz was the going thing when I was a teenager. Rhythm and blues, that sort of thing.” He shrugged. “But Dancing Queen? Never.” He chuckled. Your mouth fell open.
“Oh, no, no, no! We are changing that right now, Mr. Barnes!” You giggled, more than prepared to school Bucky on your favorite decade he missed out on. You took your phone from him and motioned for him to sit down.
“First of all, The Beatles. Classic, you can never go wrong.” You typed in The Beatles and shuffled through some of their most popular songs. You played ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’ and Bucky’s eyebrows only arched.
You noticed him start tapping his foot as the guitar entered and he showcased a smirk. “Not a fan?” You questioned. He shrugged.
You played a couple more, including Help and Here Comes The Sun.
“Okay, those are good.” He nodded. “Anything else?”
You bit your bottom lip. “Queen, you’ve heard of them, right?”
He nodded. “In passing, I’ve just never listened to anything personally.”
“James Buchanan Barnes, prepare to have your mind blown.” You nudged him and quickly played We Will Rock You, of course, a classic. You noticed his foot tapping to the beat and when you started singing the first verse, Bucky’s eyes widened. You added the clapping motions that went along with it, your whole body getting into the feeling of the music. Once that song was over, Bucky was smiling from ear to ear. You introduced AC/DC next, noting that Tony was the reason you got into the band specifically along with Black Sabbath.
Michael Jackson was next on your list and Bucky especially grooved along. You even played My Sharona, which had him up and his hands on you, spinning you around.
“How about you play the first one?” He referred back to Dancing Queen. You smiled and restarted that one. Within moments, Bucky had fallen into a step and he grasped your waist and spun you around, making chills race down your spine at the adrenaline. You giggled profusely as he whirled you around and lifted you, making you laugh. Before it was over, The Beatles was what you danced along to next and Bucky made you promise to show him more as the day carried forward.
You even taught him the dance to Y.M.C.A, which had you both nearly on the floor laughing. “Big Y, Bucky!” You said, helping him spread his arms. He laughed at you, tears wetting his cheeks, his smile so massive and his laugh so loud.
“Oh, doll,” Bucky gasped as you two laid on the floor beside each other, Queen playing distantly in the background, each of your chests heaving as you regained air. “That was so much fun.”
You smiled and rolled on top of him, staring him deep in his oceanic eyes. “See, stick with me and I can teach you a thing or two.” You winked, tracing lines across his chest. Bucky smiled and instinctively wrapped his arms around you, holding you tight against his chest.
“My Dancing Queen,” He laughed, thinking back to the dance you two shared about an hour ago.
“See? The 70s had some of the best music. Wait until I get you into the 80s!” You giggled
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youlightmeupfinn · 27 days ago
Too Far - Sebastian Stan x Reader
Request: I have a request if you’re taking them, just sending them to some of my fav writers
You know how Seb and Anthony are always making fun of Tom Holland? I thought they could be doing this to the reader, and they’re usually ok with it, but Y/N is actually having a really rough time on this particular day and when Seb makes a joking comment to them, they just start to cry. ❤️
A/N: I went back and watched some roasting videos of Anthony and Seb... I laughed my butt off, poor Tom! So some of these, I kind of took from them. Hope this is okay, anon! Y'all keep sending in requests for either Bucky or Seb!
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Tumblr media
Your makeup had just been finished. You scrolled through your social media, trying your hardest to respond to as many fans as you could. You were cast in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier alongside two of your best friends, Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, while one of the two also happened to be your boyfriend that you had been keeping hushed from the press. Your heart was overwhelmed with the comments of how well everyone enjoyed the first four episodes of TFATWS.
However, today was one of those days where, when you opened your eyes everything seemed a little out of whack. “(Y/N), you look stunning each and every time we finish.” Chelsea, your makeup artist commented as the hairstylist put hairspray in your hair to hold it in place. You smiled slightly, nodding. “All because I have you doing this splendid work.” You nudged her, laughing gently.
“There’s the heart of the show,” Anthony said as he walked over to where you were, rubbing your shoulders gently. You scoffed. “Uh, based on the ratings, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes receive the most attention.” You chuckled quietly.
“There’s my girl,” Seb’s voice filled the room as he walked over. His black t-shirt clung to him and you couldn’t help but mentally bite your lip. He pressed a small kiss to your cheek until Chelsea smacked him away. “Stan, no!” She hissed. “I just finished her makeup.”
Sebastian raised his hands in defense and you just chuckled gently. Today was an interview day for all three of you. You were excited to conduct the interview, you just weren’t in the mood for anything else.
“You're almost ready, shorty?” Sam asked. You sighed and nodded your head.
“Ready as I can be.” You smiled half-heartedly and made your way out of the chair. The cameras were all positioned and ready to go.
As the three of you made your way out, the questions flowed and everything seemed to be going well. You sat in between Sebastian and Anthony, the female interviewer pinpointing questions to all three of you.
“(Y/N), we remember your role in Avengers: End Game. How does it feel to be a part of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier?” You smiled.
“I’ve loved every moment of it. Being cast in both productions, of course as a huge Marvel fan, is a literal dream come true.”
She smiled. “Do these two boys give you a hard time?”
Anthony laughed. “See, when this girl came to set, she got two assistants plus her juice box.” He laughed, referencing the fact that you weren’t but in your early twenties, meaning you were much younger than the rest of the cast. The press would be shocked to know 38-year-old Seb was actually your boyfriend. You readjusted and just smirked, shaking your head.
Seb laughed at Anthony’s remark, clapping his hands together. “Her and Tom both have to have handlers because they’re so young compared to the rest of us,” He smirked and you felt his fingertip brush against your thigh, unnoticed by the interviewer.
You just half-smiled, your heart slightly hurting at the words. Usually, you were all up for the fun and games of poking fun at you or Tom Holland, but today, it was severely different.
“(Y/N), you shouldn’t let them bully you!” The interviewer chuckled as she watched you. You sighed.
“It’s an everyday thing, let me tell you.” You laughed.
“She’s like a Shih Tzu, she’s just all over the place.” Sebastian laughed. “And she’s so small, she just blends in,” Anthony added.
That was it. You felt the tears build in the back of your eyes as you sink your teeth into your bottom lip. A few more questions were asked and once the interview was over, you hurried up out of your seat and walked speedily towards the room you were having your makeup done in, and slammed the door behind you.
“Uh oh,” Anthony suddenly raised awareness of the situation.
“Yeah, I think we went too far.” Seb sighed and glanced at Anthony, giving him a look that said stay there, he’d handle it. Anthony simply nodded his head and watched as his friend walked towards the door.
“Babe?” Seb knocked on the door. You sniffled in the chair, your back turned to the door. Sebastian carefully opened it and saw your back turned and your shoulders slumped. “What’s wrong?” He coaxed as he approached you, resting a hand on your shoulder.
“N-Nothing,” You wiped your eyes with your hands and sniffled once again. Sebastian walked around to stand in front of you, his thumb and index finger rested underneath your chin. He saw your teary eyes and he quickly pulled you into his chest.
“Oh, love,” He whispered. “I’m sorry for what we said out there,” He knew what was wrong. You rested your head against his chest and sighed deeply.
“No, it’s okay,” You whispered. “You guys always joke with me like that, and usually I’m alright, it’s just… I don’t know, today just doesn’t feel right.” You shrugged and whimpered once more. Seb forced your eyes to look up at him and he cupped your cheeks, kissing your forehead gently.
He pulled you tight against his chest and kissed the top of your head. “Now I feel like an idiot. I’m sorry, sweetheart. You know I love you more than anything, right?” He stared at you. You smiled softly and nodded.
“Of course I do. I love you, too.” You chuckled. “Calling me a Shih Tzu was too far, Seb.” You laughed now.
“Oh, baby, you’re so much cuter than those yappy things.” Sebastian laughed, making you punch him in the arm.
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
I Hate You - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: fic where reader and bucky can’t stand each other bu then they get into a heated argument and they’re like locked in a small closet or something and then they start to make out
A/N; Hi, anon! So... I took your idea and vamped it up. This has a bit of smut in it. I loved the idea of being locked in a small space together and well... an elevator seemed pretty good... I had to go drink some water after this one... enjoy! 
Warnings: yelling, little smutty,
Tumblr media
Pushing hard against his shoulder, you made your way out of the hotel, Bucky rolling his eyes. “You know it’s common courtesy to say ‘excuse me’, right?” He peered at you. Shaking your head, you huffed. “Not when scum is in the way.” You smiled a toothy grin, Sam mouthing an ouch in Bucky’s direction. 
You noticed out the corner of your eye, Bucky tucking his tongue deep into his cheek, his hands resting on his hips. You and Bucky Barnes never had the easiest relationship. You two came from polar opposite worlds and neither of you figured out how to function amongst one another. Sam, Steve, Tony, everybody tried to patch up the holes but none of them could get you and Bucky eye-to-eye. 
“Sam, can we just go?” You asked. Sam simply nodded his head. 
The three of you walked alongside, you at the very front. Bucky lagged behind, his mind still fuming with ways he could irritate you. He couldn’t stand you even in the slightest bit. Sam noticed the extreme tension that brewed between you two and he sighed. “Can you two please be nice for today?”
“That demon? Absolutely not.” Bucky snarled. You rolled your eyes.
“At least I’m not in therapy.” 
Bucky growled at that one. “(Y/N), that’s harsh.” Sam snapped at you.
You shrugged your shoulders. 
“Don’t call me a demon again.” 
The three of you continued the walk silently, approaching the elevator shortly that would lead you to the lobby. As you pressed the call button, Sam sighed heavily. “Guys, I left my wallet back in the hotel. You guys go ahead, I’ll meet you in the lobby.”
“You’re leaving me with her?” - “You’re leaving me with him?”
You and Bucky said it in unison, both of you grumbling. Sam scoffed. “It’s five minutes max! You two really need to grow up.” He shook his head as he stalked off back to the room. The elevator doors opened and you crossed your arms over your chest.
“Ladies first,” Bucky snapped. 
“You first, metal-boy.”
Bucky’s lips twitched in pure irritation as he stepped inside the elevator, you following in behind. “Nice to know a dog can take orders still.” 
“You’re a real bit-” Just as the elevator doors closed, you heard the snap. The lights began flashing and a warning alarm sounded, letting you and Bucky know that this elevator was about to either drop to the bottom or you were stuck in between floors. Suddenly, the elevator dropped almost at the speed of light before nearly crashing. You and Bucky were thrown around, you smacking into the wall as Bucky reached out to grasp you in his arms before your head hit the ground. 
“Are you okay?” Bucky asked once the shaking subsided. You groaned under your breath, your back beginning to pulse a throb as you hissed. 
“What’s it to you?” You asked, rolling your eyes. 
“You are so hard to deal with!” Bucky practically screamed.
You hadn’t registered that Bucky had you in his arms until you gazed down. “Let me go!” You hissed, throwing punches into his abdomen. You felt his chest rise and fall, his front pressing into your bottom, the feeling enough to make you throw up. But he did what you asked. He dropped you, causing you to land on your side. 
You stood up, grabbing the side of your head as you looked around. “We’re seriously trapped in this elevator.” You mumbled under your breath. 
“Two people who hate each other more than anything… how fun.” Bucky hissed, beating his hand against the elevator door. 
“You can’t use that stupid prothestic to beat the door down?” You looked up at him. 
His lips twitched. “Vibranium is the term you’re looking for, not just a stupid prosthetic. And no, if I do, there’s no telling what floor we are actually on. We could be at the very bottom in the basement!” 
You shrugged your shoulders. “No need to get butt hurt over a piece of metal.” You referenced his arm yet again. 
Bucky’s groan was low, deep in his throat as he looked at you. “Why do you hate me?”
“Why do you hate me?” You retorted.
“I asked you first.” 
“Because! You’re a walking death machine.”
“Used to be!” He screamed. 
“What, because of therapy?” You crossed your arms over your chest. “Your little exercises on rules 1, 2, and 3?!” 
Bucky glared at you. “You’re asking for rule #2 to be BROKEN!” He screamed louder, referencing the part about not hurting anyone. If he could’ve, he would crack your skull into the mirrored glass and watch you suffer, it’d give him utter joy to shut you up for a while. 
You started laughing, that laugh that irked Bucky’s nerves. 
“Oh, Barnes, you’d never lay a hand on me. You know Steve would be devastated if he ever found out you hit me.” You smiled deviously.
“Steve would be pleased if I could figure out a way to shut you up forever. You are the most annoying, self-centered, brattiest woman I’ve ever met and you step way out of line. All. The. Time” 
You clicked your tongue. “Then do something about it, Bucky! Do something to shut me up forever. If you hate me so much, get it done!” You stepped closer to him, your chests inches apart. 
What happened next, you never saw coming. 
Bucky grasped you by your throat, your breath hitching. His grip was firm and he pushed you into the mirrored glass, his reflection staring back at him. 
“You don’t want what I’m going to do.” He growled in a low, sultry tone, a voice you had never heard out of him before. 
You reached forward and gripped his hair, pulling tight. “Do it, Barnes. You wimp.” 
Bucky attached his lips to yours, hungrily kissing you as he forced both of your hands above your head, his lips attacking your neck. You wanted to protest so badly, tell him how much you hated his guts, but the way his lips worked against the pulse on your neck made you begin to see stars. A moan escaped your pretty pink lips as Bucky’s hands worked at the buttons on your shirt, nearly ripping them.
He jerked the shirt off of your body, exposing your chest and he growled at the sight of your perfect skin, not a blemish in sight. You stared up at him and hurried to undo his belt as Bucky pulled his own t-shirt from his body and tossed it to the side.
“So freaking stupid,” You huffed as Bucky’s lips reattached to your neck and slid down, kissing in between your chest as he skillfully unclasped your bra, watching as it fell to the floor. 
“I hate you so much, (Y/N),” He moaned as he took you into his mouth, sucking gently, your eyes rolling as you tangled through his hair. Your back was pressed against the now fogged up mirror and your inner core began to ache for his touch. 
“I hate you too, with every fiber in my body, Barnes.” You grumbled as you pulled him up to face you. You slid his jeans down his legs and he kicked them to the side. You moaned at the sight of him, never once imagining him to be this… perfect. You only begged internally for him to be inside you, to have your walls pulsating around him as you rode to your climax. You hurriedly pulled your jeans off and tossed them to the side. 
Bucky turned you around so your chest was pressing tight against the mirror. “How much do you hate me now?” He teased your entrance, your breath hitching. “I’ll hate you even more if you don’t start working,” You cried out, almost prepared to grab him and put him in yourself. 
Bucky smirked, pulling a fistful of hair back, forcing you to look at him. He wrapped a hand around your throat and squeezed, your eyes blurry. 
“Say it, (Y/N).” He snarled into your ear. “Say how much you want me. Beg for me, kitten. Beg.” 
You knew he wanted the satisfaction of seeing you crumble. He squeezed your throat tighter and pulled your hair a bit more, making you breathe heavy.
“I want you, Bucky!” You hissed. “Please!” 
Bucky smiled in pure lust as he released you. “Good girl, kitten, good girl.” Bucky wrapped a hand around your waist as he pushed in, your eyes rolling as you felt him. Instinctively, your hips began moving with his and your cries filled the air as he went harder, faster, deeper, pushing points you never even knew were there. With a hand still wrapped around your throat, you knew he was close, but you had to give him this.
He made sure you finished first before he followed suit. Once you both reached your high and settled down, foreheads sweaty and the elevator mirrors reflecting your messy images, you suddenly turned around and gazed up at Bucky.
“You’re not a bad lover,” You kissed his cheek sloppily, still panting. “I wouldn’t mind doing that again… tonight.” 
You both pulled on your clothes quickly, just as the elevator doors began to open. 
When they finally released, there was a lobby filled with people gazing at you, eyes wide. Sam stared at you two, a look you could hardly read plastered across his face. 
“Are you two okay?” The receptionist asked as she looked at you two.
You and Bucky glanced at one another. “We’re great.” He smiled, grabbing your hand and quickly pulling you out of the elevator. You two rushed past Sam who was still standing there, wide-eyed, and he quickly ran after you two to catch up.
“D-Did I just hear,” - “You heard nothing, Sam.” You cut in.
“Oh, it wasn’t just me, the whole lobby heard you begging for Bucky.”
Your cheeks flushed red as Bucky kept his eyes to the ground.  
“Told you she wouldn’t hate me for long.” 
You glared at Bucky, smacking his shoulder.
“You’re such an idiot!”
“Here we go again…” Sam sighed deeply. 
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Mini You - Bucky Barnes x Reader
A/N: here’s part 2 to Baby Fever! I’ve decided to start this as a series, so you guys send in requests for what you’d like to see for the Baby Barnes series! This is going to be funnnnn! 
Tumblr media
It had been three months since that particular conversation with Sarah, Sam’s sister. The talk that sparked your interest highly in having a child with Bucky after witnessing his easy connection to children around him, how they gravitated towards him, how they blossomed. You sat on the bed in yours and Bucky’s room, the three positive pregnancy tests all nestled in your hands, your heart pounding. You hadn’t planned this even in the slightest chance, things just happened. 
You and Bucky had traveled off about eight weeks ago for a getaway, just to have air for the two of you. After everything that had been spiraling, you two wanted to soak up one another in a bedroom all alone that wasn’t in your current city. You remembered it vividly. You had a few drinks in your system and played a random question game for couples you discovered prior to arriving. The question was, “If you could do anything you wanted to me, in this exact moment, what would it be?” 
Bucky’s eyes had lit up like New Years Eve in New York City. He smiled widely and took the phone gently away from you. From your position on the couch, he crossed over you and sat with his legs spread open, swiftly pulling you into his lap. 
“I would take you right here, right now. Kiss every square inch of your body and hear you scream my name for the whole city to hear. I want your nails dragging down my back with each stroke, I want you all over me.” 
He unbuttoned your shirt and whisked it off of you, kissing you fervently, his mouth taking on new ways of igniting your match. 
The night carried forward, just as Bucky had said. You were digging your nails into his back as he sent you into overdrive, your walls quaking around him as your teeth sank into his shoulder, his groans mixing with your moans. Little did you know, you had forgotten to take the pill and Bucky wasn’t wearing protection just in case you did forget. 
Now you sat on the edge of the bed, your life flashing before your eyes. You ruffled your hands through your hair, shaking your head. You were anxious, but excited. This wasn’t exactly how you and Bucky had planned on starting a family, but this was the way it was. 
And as you waited for him to arrive home, your nerves heightened the closer time got. You kept staring at the pregnancy tests, astonished. You were pregnant. A child was in there, a child that shared the DNA of you and Bucky both, who could either be an exact copy of him, you, or a perfect mixture of both. That was when you started thinking. What would he or she look like? Would this child have your quiet personality with Bucky’s breathtaking looks, or be your twin with Bucky’s attitude that could kill? 
The door opened to the apartment and you hid the tests behind your back. Bucky smiled when he saw you. “Hi, kitten,” He walked over and pressed his warm lips to your forehead. His eyebrows furrowed when he noticed your hands behind your back. “Hiding something?” He chuckled gently.
You motioned with your head for him to take a seat, which with a raised eyebrow, he obeyed. 
“I know we said we wanted to do this in a more formal, planned way,” You inhaled sharply, just wanting to spit it out. “But remember about eight weeks ago when we took that trip and played that random question game?” You questioned. Bucky nodded, his mouth halfway opening as the firesome memory returned, that look of lust glistening. 
You pulled the three tests from behind your back and set them in front of him. Bucky’s eyebrows furrowed together and he picked one up, examining it. Within seconds, his eyes widened and his mouth fell open.
“Oh my God,” He whispered. “Doll, you’re pregnant?” He looked at the other two tests, seeing the positives clear as day. “We’re having a baby?” He looked back at you, his eyes glossy. 
You nodded, tearing up. Bucky breathed for a few more seconds before he pulled you into his arms, his lips attaching to your hair. “We’re going to be parents?!” He nearly screamed, his own eyes pooling. “We’re going to be parents!” He exclaimed as a statement this time. He pulled back and grasped your face, kissing you hard, his thumbs wiping underneath your own eyes. 
You stared at him, your smile wide. “Baby Barnes is official!” You cried, laughing as Bucky engulfed your body once more.
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Baby Fever - Bucky Barnes x Reader
Request: bucky x fem!reader fic where reader sees bucky with sam’s nephews and she REALLYYYY wants to have a baby with him in the future?
A/N: ohmygosh, I loved writing this so much. now you guys got me wanting to make a Baby Barnes series. I mean, we’re definitely open to the idea, lemme tell you that. You just let me know! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You looked around at the countryside, peace falling over you. Sam, Bucky, and you were staying at Sarah’s, Sam’s sister’s home for the weekend. You admired Sam’s upbringing and loved to understand where people originate from. Looking at the land, what Sam and Sarah had because of their parents, fascinated you. They worked for everything they had and you loved how authentic Sarah remained throughout everything, especially with the public knowing who her brother was.
As you guys exited out of the truck, Sam’s nephews, Jim and Jody, ran over immediately. “Uncle Sam!” They expressed as Sam hopped out of the driver's side, Bucky soon getting out of the passenger seat. He extended his hand for yours and you happily grasped it as he helped you out.
“Hey, guys!” Sam smiled, hugging them both tightly. “You boys helping your mom out?” he looked between them and they both chuckled, nodding their heads. Sarah smiled and walked out to meet you all, hugging her brother’s neck tightly. Jim and Jody’s eyes brightened when they saw Bucky.
“Bucky!” Jim screamed, racing over to Bucky, attacking him in a bear hug. Jody followed soon after, both boys latched onto Bucky’s waist. He released your hand and hugged them both tight, messing up their head with his hands. You giggled, admiring how they lit up with smiles while around him. Each boy made it a point to hug you, too. They were very affectionate kids and you loved it. Made you wonder how yours would be someday…
As the day carried forward, you and Sarah were at the outdoor table in the backyard. Sam and Bucky had a football, Jim and Jody standing straight up. “Alright, pick sides, boys,” Sam called out. Jody immediately ran over to Bucky, Jim siding up with Sam. You could overhear everyone talking, team captains making plans for plays.
Pretty soon, Sam was hauling the football across the backyard, Jody chasing after it while Bucky helped to block him. He caught it in his grasp, deeming an interception from Jim and he rushed it back to the other side of the backyard, earning a touchdown and a screaming Bucky. Sam and Jim smiled, his uncle ensuring to high-five him for good work despite the interception.
“Uncle Sam, you and Bucky are next!” Jim announced. Bucky and Sam chuckled, getting face to face. “You’re going downnnnn, metal-boy.”
Bucky’s eyes widened. “Metal-boy? Alright, bring it bird-boy.”
Jim and Jody busted out laughing. Sam lined himself up in front of Jim, Bucky, and Jody positioning themselves. The ball was hiked and Jim quickly tossed the ball to Sam who hurled it down the field. Jody was screaming for Bucky to catch up and out of nowhere, Bucky tackled Sam, pushing him onto the ground.
“No fair, Barnes!” Sam yelled, the two men busting out laughing as Bucky rolled off of him. Jody and Jim hurried over to Bucky and crawled onto him, everyone’s laughter ensuing. You stared fondly at the image of Bucky with the twin boys, in complete awe of how natural his instincts were. Kids adored him, it was plain and simple.
You watched as each boy got off the ground and Bucky propped himself up. “Can we do pull-ups, Bucky?” Jim questioned. You watched as Bucky cut them a smile and extended his metal arm, both boys grasping on. “Can you lift us both?”
Bucky chuckled. “Can I?” With that, he immediately started curling both boys up into the air, both of them laughing hardcore as Sam watched on with a delighted grin. Your heart was swooning at this point, your mind wandering. Your hand voluntarily rested on your abdomen, imagining what it would be like for you and Bucky to have a child of your own.
“He’ll make a great daddy, (Y/N.)” Sarah cut into your daydream. You turned your head over and saw as her eyes looked down at your stomach and back to your face, eyebrows furrowing. “Wait… are you?”
You shook your head, laughing sheepishly, releasing your hands from your stomach. “No,” You chuckled. “But do you really think fatherhood would suit him? Do you think motherhood would suit me?” You questioned in an honest tone. You really wanted to know.
Sarah smiled, resting her hand on top of yours on the table. “Sweetie, Bucky and you are the perfect match. Sure, you two have been through some major things over the last few years… but I can see the love radiate between you two. The idea of bringing a tiny bundle of joy into this world? Together? You two would make perfect parents.”
You smiled from ear to ear. “Talk to him about it if you’re nervous about what he thinks.”
And so you decided to settle it. Later on that night, as you and Bucky stayed in the guest room of Sarah’s home, you had your head rested on his chest, his heartbeat thumping against your ear, sending waves of calm over you. “Can I ask you something?” You whispered delicately, finding his hand and intertwining your fingers with his.
“Anything, doll.” He kissed your forehead.
“Do you want a baby with me?” You quietly asked. Bucky remained silent. You slowly picked your head up and gazed at him, searching for his answer in his expression. Bucky’s eyes were ignited, a softened expression covering his beautiful face.
“That’s why you were staring hardcore at me today with the boys, isn’t it?” He laughed. You slightly frowned, thinking maybe he didn’t see a baby in your future as a couple.
You looked away but felt as Bucky’s hands came to rest on your abdomen. “I also noticed you holding this today,” He nodded towards your stomach. You didn’t know if he had caught it. Sarah sure did. “And at first I thought maybe you had something to tell me.” He cracked another smile.
“So…?” You prodded. Bucky smiled, keeping his hands there.
“Doll, there’s nothing I want more in the world than to have a family with you. I would love to give our children the life I wish I had, the life you wish you had.” He kissed your lips softly. “So to answer your question, yes, I would love to have a baby with you. You would make the perfect mother. I might be a little rocky on the fatherly side, but I promise I’d be the best I could be for you and our child.”
Your heart swelled as you immediately reached out and tangled your arms around Bucky’s neck, hugging him tightly.
And it was official. Baby Barnes would definitely make his or her appearance at some time in your life. The question is, when?
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Soul Search Pt. 2 (Bucky x Reader)
A/N: Here you guys go! Part two of Soul Search. If you guys have any more requests, please send them over! I haven’t had this much fun in I can’t tell you HOW long writing for someone.. Writing for Bucky just comes so easy. And if you want to be tagged in future Bucky x Reader’s, make sure you let me know! Tagging below all who have asked for a second part -- 
Tagging: @imaginesthatmehappy @mggpleasedontlookhere @abitofeverythinggg @coffeebooksandfandom @multishippinglife @nykole5 @sergeantbuckybarnes @stavroulaschreave @uncensored-steve-the-platypus @agentstarkid​ @shittyfuckinweeb @gig4world​ @jungjxxhyun @stolenxkissess 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The rain poured down against the roof of your shared apartment. You had a bag sitting on the bed and you contemplated throwing your clothes into it and calling it quits. That therapy session with Bucky proved itself to be horrendous and why you thought maybe Bucky and you calling it quits would be the best solution. But you loved him. Wholeheartedly, with every fiber in your being, every ounce of your soul, you loved him and couldn’t bear to lose him, even if he had the tendency to be difficult.
So, you hoisted the duffle bag across the room and walked into the bedroom you two shared, yet half the time one of you ended up on the couch due to frustration and jerked back the covers. Thunder and lightning from the storm caused you to fall into your depressed state. You could still feel the tears welling behind your eyes, but what good did it do to cry?
When the person you wanted to fix it said for you to just leave?
Did he not care as much as you thought? You wanted to stop fighting, you really did. You thought back to every moment you two had shared, the major and the minor. From the first time, you met him as the Winter Soldier in Washington DC, to fighting alongside him and your team while Steve and Tony battled it out, to visit him in Wakanda while he went through his recovery process. You were his peace in the storm, and once the blip happened and he disappeared for five years, you two weren’t the same.
You pulled the covers to your chest as you turned to face the window. The rain began to come down harder and the tears escaped your eyes, droplets falling against the pillowcase. You sniffled, wondering where you went wrong.
On the other side of town was Bucky who had just emerged out from Dr. Ingrid’s office. He knew he had just screwed up and the idea of you forgiving him was slim to none. He walked in silence, the rain dancing across his jacket. His mind was scattered and he wanted you in his arms more than anything right now. He knew he had to go home and fix this. But whether or not you would be accepting of him still, that was very questionable at this moment.
The outburst in the therapist’s office was unlike anything either of you had experienced. You could normally keep your arguments to a minimum when in public, but therapy was meant to get your feelings out and find healing, right?
Bucky crossed the street and knew he would be home soon. He prayed silently you were still there to welcome him.
And you were. You were curled up in the bed. You inhaled, the scent of Bucky’s cologne filling your airways which made your chest tighten, the tears streaming faster. Your heart ached to know that the love of your life may just hate you. You felt horrible for telling him you wished you had never met, but the anger got the best of you.
You hadn’t heard the door click and open from downstairs. The rain was falling too hard for you to make out sounds except for the sniffles that erupted from your nose as you wiped your eyes with your hand.
Bucky heard you before he even got to the door, his heart aching at the sound of you crying. “I really screwed up.” He mumbled to himself as he twisted the doorknob. He carefully opened the door to see your back to him, your front facing the window. The room was dark due to the thunderous clouds overhead and lightning was the only light source you had in between rainstorms.
Bucky carefully slipped off his shoes and let his jacket cascade to the floor in a crumpled mess. He slowly walked over to the bed and gently pulled back the covers.
“Doll?” He called, your heart crying out. “Can I join you?”
He watched for the nod of your head before he slid his body into the bed beside you. He carefully rested his chest against your back and wrapped his arm around your body, holding your flesh against him. He buried his chin into the crook of your neck as he brushed his fingers through your hair. His free hand reached under the hem of your shirt, his fingertips dancing across your back.
“I am so sorry,” He whispered. “I should have never said what I said to you.” He whispered into your ear, his breath fanning against the flesh of your neck. Your face crumpled into a kid-like expression as tears still flowed down your cheeks.
“Come here, love,” Bucky motioned you to turn over and you did, your chest now pressed against his, but this time your face was buried into the crook of his neck.
“I-I’m sorry too, Bucky,” You cried out, breathless. Bucky’s heart skipped when he heard your cries, his pain building up in the pit of his stomach. In an instant, he had you on top of him, his arms wrapped tightly around you, his eyes brimming with tears.
“I’m sorry I haven’t given us enough time. You’re right, you’ve gone through so much, it’s not just me. I have to think about you too, (Y/N). I can’t afford to lose you.” His voice cracked as he kissed your head. You held him tight against you, your ear resting on his chest. The sound of his heart beating quickly made your own heart mimic the rhythm.
“I love you so much, doll. You are the love of my life and I’ve done you so wrong.” He continued. You sniffled. “Bucky, I’m sorry, too. I love you so much. I was also wrong for not listening to you. I need you.” You cried into his chest. Bucky picked your head up gently and gazed into your eyes.
“Even when you’re sobbing, you’re the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever laid eyes on.” He pulled your face to his and kissed you hard, harder than he ever had in quite some time. You responded immediately, your lips crashing against his like you were first-time lovers. Bucky’s hands grazed the flesh of your sides, his hands roaming to feel every piece of you. You moaned into his mouth and lifted the hem of his shirt, your own fingertips grazing across the skin of his stomach, his abs well defined at your touch. Bucky let out his own soft moan as his hips moved against yours.
This is what you two needed. You needed to break down before you could breakthrough.
“How about we head into the bathroom and I’ll run us some hot water?” He whispered into your ear. “That sounds relaxing.” You breathed out in a quick sigh.
Ten minutes later, you were nuzzled in between Bucky’s legs, your frame sitting perfectly against his chest like a puzzle piece. Bucky used his hands to run warm water across your shoulders as he massaged every bit of flesh on you, moans erupting from you each time he cupped certain areas and kissed your neck simultaneously.
You grasped his legs, your arms hooking behind his calves as he peppered kisses across your shoulder blades. He grasped your chin and made you look up, his hand reaching across your stomach and slipping right into the water where your agonizing heat begged for his touch. He grazed the surface, your groans of desire flooding the bathroom.
“I’m shocked Dr. Ingrid didn’t ask if we had sex frequently.” Bucky chuckled as you reached to intertwine your fingers with his. You giggled, grabbing up the soapy bubbles in your free hand and blowing them into the open room.
“Hate sex did happen… it didn’t fix anything, but it was pretty nice.” You giggled in response and sat straight up. You turned around in the tub and cupped Bucky’s cheeks, pulling him into you. You kissed him softly, your tongue dancing along his lips until he granted you entrance and he returned the gesture.
“Hate sex won’t happen for a while, will it?” Bucky questioned in between kisses. You smirked and grasped his dog tags, again, pulling him hard against you.
“If you want to cross me, that’s your poison to choose, Barnes.” You growled, Bucky splashing water in your face, making you gasp.
“Calm down, kitten. We just started being nice again to one another.” He winked, kissing your cheek. You laughed aloud as Bucky picked you up and settled you onto his lap, your moan being induced when you felt just what you wanted, sliding against your heat.
“Can we get out and maybe… take care of some things?” You suggested, nodding downwards. Bucky smirked.
“Doll, I feel like you’re just using me for sex now.” He had a twinkle in his eye as he brushed the hair out of your face. You growled.
“You put me on you.”
Bucky clicked his tongue and bit his lip.
“Oh, sweet kitten,” he growled, rising up to meet your face directly. “Let the fun begin.”
You screamed happily as he hoisted you up onto his waist, his smile wide and breathtaking.
“I freaking love you.” You smothered into his neck as his nails ran across your back.
“Hard to believe an hour ago you said you hated me… I love you too, (Y/N).” He smiled, kissing your shoulder.  
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Soul Search - Bucky Barnes x Reader
A/N: So based off of episode two of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I found it so hilarious when Bucky and Sam did that therapy exercise together of the soul searching, that I wanted to dabble with it myself! Except... this one is angst, yelling, fighting, and I wanted to take on my own twist. It’s definitely open for a part two, and if you want it, let a girl know! 
Tumblr media
“I’m getting real sick and tired of you.” You exhaled with a sharp breath, the agitation in your voice prominent. Bucky glared at you, not uttering a single word. “And there you go, doing that stupid stare!” You scoffed. He huffed his chest and chose to stand firm on staring deep into your soul. 
“I can’t believe we’re seeing a therapist, Bucky. All because you can’t function with society!” When you said that, you noticed the twitching of Bucky’s eyebrows. 
“Ouch.” He resonated. You growled in response, watching as other couples sat in the room. Bucky and you had been suffering lately since both of your recent encounters with the last major scuffle you all got into. Bucky disappeared in the blip and when he returned, things weren’t the same. You two tried to rekindle the relationship, but Bucky’s mind was so contorted with past memories as the Winter Soldier, his constant nightmares, and your struggle with losing Tony, that you two hardly ever saw eye to eye anymore.
Not to mention, you uncovered Sam again and told him that Bucky was alive and well despite being the same aggravating pest he sought him to be their first encounter. You knew the stress levels were massive at this point, especially with the new Captain America, which made your blood boil every time you looked at his face. 
So, here you and Bucky officially sat in the office, both in separate chairs. 
“James, (Y/N),” She started with a gentle smile. “How have things been going since last time?” 
Bucky glared at you. “Awful. I want to kill him, doc.” You fake-smiled. You noticed the death-stare Bucky threw in your direction and he inhaled deeply. Dr. Ingrid shuffled her cards around on her desk and folded her hands together, gathering a notebook and an ink pen. The clicking of the pen caused you to recoil and a headache soon began to throb at your temples. 
“James?” She turned in his direction. “Maybe you should teach (Y/N) what it’s like to help somebody out who’s struggling mentally.” He snapped, making your heart drop into your stomach. You narrowed your eyes and huffed. 
“You? What about me, Bucky?!” 
Dr. Ingrid raised her hands to stop the both of you. “How about we do an exercise? Ever heard of the Soul Searcher?” Bucky scoffed. “Doc, my previous therapist made Sam and I do that, it was awful, can we not?”
“No,” You interrupted. “Let’s do it. How does it go?”
Before she could guide with instruction, the screeching of the metal chair against the floor ripped through the air and Bucky was facing you. You mimicked him, your chairs farther apart. 
“Get closer.” She instructed. You rolled your eyes and pulled your chair further. Bucky’s knees separated and your leg rested in between his thighs, his arms crossed over his chest. Your hands folded into your lap and Dr. Ingrid cleared her throat. 
“(Y/N), what is it that Bucky does that aggravates you?” She asked. 
You swallowed the lump that formed in your throat. 
“I hate how he thinks it’s just him that went through anxiety, depression, PTSD… I did, too. When he disappeared in the blip, I just knew he was dead and wasn’t coming back.” You gritted your teeth. Bucky gazed at you. 
You closed your eyes. “He doesn’t understand what that felt like, on the outside looking in. One second… I-I was beside him. The next? He was turning into complete dust in front of my eyes.” 
You watched as Bucky swallowed. 
“Bucky?” Dr. Ingrid prompted him. 
“I lived in a reality where (Y/N) didn’t exist. That was soul-crushing enough.”
You shook your head. “Then why do you make it so hard on me, Bucky? I went on for five years, not understanding what happened to you! Not to mention, I lost my mentor who was a father-figure to me, Bucky. Peter and I both did.” You expressed, referencing Tony at the end. That was a wound that was still open.
“Don’t you think I would’ve reserved all of that, if I could have, (Y/N)?! I was not in any place to reverse the damage!” 
You suddenly lurched forward. “Why can’t we just accept what’s happened and move FORWARD?! Bucky, I love you! But you make it so hard to love you when you keep shutting me out!”
Bucky moved closer this time, his breath hitting your face as he spoke. “I’ve spent the last 90 years jumping from war to war (Y/N)! My best-friend’s gone, I thought you were gone, Sam went like an idiot and gave the shield over and now we have some new kid running around thinking he’s the new Steve! My life is NOT easy and you have to give me time!” 
Tears flooded your eyes. “This is why I hate you sometimes! Bucky, we need to focus on US! I understand everyone need’s saving, you need to make amends, Sam needs you, but what about ME?!” You immediately stood up, the first tear falling from your face. Dr. Ingrid was about to come in between the two of you until Bucky stood up, his face inches from yours. 
“If you hate me so much, then why don’t you just LEAVE?!” He screamed at you. “Do yourself a damn favor and GO! Because you know what? I can’t freaking stand you either.” Your blood was boiling, your heart pounding in your chest as tears streamed down your cheeks. You grabbed your things and looked at Dr. Ingrid.
“You see? If he wanted this, he would’ve tried. I’m done making excuses for him. I’m done bending over backwards to make sure he’s okay. He’s screwed.” You glared at Bucky and growled. 
“I wish I would have never met you.” You snapped, Bucky blinking. “You are so screwed up.” 
With that, you walked out of the room, slamming the door behind you. Dr. Ingrid flinched and Bucky made no movements. He rubbed his face and brushed his hands through his hair.
He looked back at Dr. Ingrid before walking out, slamming the door himself. He knew he had just hurt you tremendously. 
And he wasn’t sure if he could fix it. 
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Dating Bucky Barnes Would Include
Tumblr media
• Bucky is super affectionate once he’s comfortable with you 
•  Loves to play with your hair 
• Definitely jealous 
•  “I don’t like the way he’s looking at you.” - “Bucky, relax.” - “Seriously? He’s basically had sex with you with his eyes.” 
• You became really close with Steve when you two started dating and he helped you to cope with some of Bucky’s mood swings 
• “I’m not the problem, right, Steve?” - “No, (Y/N), trust me. He’s just been through a lot.” 
• Loves physical touch, whether his hand is wrapped in yours, resting on your hips, or pulling your hair during... fun times *wink wink* 
• Bucky’s a passionate lover to say the least, but sometimes he just wants you to shut up and look pretty for him. *cue Small Talk by Niall Horan* 
• “Just sit pretty for me, doll. I want to see just how far I can take you, maybe bring you over the edge a little more.” 
• He loves to just lay beside you in his small apartment in silence. Something about hearing you breathe and have your chest against his gives him peace 
• You and Sam become literal best friends and sometimes it irks Bucky when you’re around him 
• “Do you have to hang out with Sam as much as you do?” - “Oh, Bucky, stop.” 
• Training together. You two love to push the other past your limits, more so you than Bucky because I mean... remember who he is? 
• Sex in the training room right after is especially fun, then round two and three in the showers after you’re all finished 
• Talks about a future together are quite often
• After meeting Sam’s nephews, he really wanted some of his own 
• “They’re cute. They dig the metal arm, too. Doll, do you think our kid will like the metal arm?” - *hysterical laughing from you* - “They’ll love it, Bucky.” 
• Hearing Bucky complain about therapy
• “Kitten, she won’t stop pulling out that damn notebook and clicking that stupid pen.” - “She did say to make amends, babe.” - “Yeah? Well I’m seriously going to break that pen if she does it again.” - “Bucky... you did lie to her about not hurting people...” - “Doll!” 
• He slow dances with you to music from the oldies in the kitchen at 12 AM when neither of you can sleep 
• “I think our first dance song should be something from the oldies.” - “Really? Way to remind me of my age, kitten.” 
• I think you’ve got the picture, but his pet names for you are kitten, doll and love
• He especially loves to use kitten during sex. It makes you feel little
• “Good girl, kitten, you look so pretty on your knees.” 
• You two love to sing in the car together. He won’t admit that to anyone, but it’s true 
• Sam thanking you for how you treat Bucky
• “(Y/N), when I first met him, I hated him. Sometimes I still can’t stand him. But when he met you, you turned his entire world inside out... for good. He’s an entirely different person when you’re around.” 
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Song Lyrics Dedicated to You - DBH Preference
It’s been sooooo long since I wrote for these guys and you guys were overdue for an update! Threw this one together, enjoy!
You were the song stuck in my head. Every song that I've ever loved. Play it again and again and again - Fall Out Boy, Favorite Record
Connor → 
Tumblr media
“She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets.” - Ed Sheeran, Perfect
Markus →
Tumblr media
“But there's nothing to be afraid of
Even when the night changes. It will never change me and you.” - One Direction, Night Changes 
Simon → 
Tumblr media
"Please don't ever become a stranger whose laugh I could recognize anywhere.” - Taylor Swift, New Year’s Day 
Gavin → 
Tumblr media
“I can make you feel all better, just take it in. And I can show you all the places you’ve never been.” - Avril Lavigne, Hot
Luther --> 
Tumblr media
“Your hands fits in mine like it’s made just for me. But bear this in mind, it was meant to be. And I’m joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks. And it all makes sense to me.” - One Direction, Little Things
Josh → 
Tumblr media
“No sweeter sounds than what I’ve found, no perfect love could be more perfect than us..” - Big Time Rush, Music Sounds Better With U (DON’T Y’ALL HATE ON BTR, Y’ALL KNOW IT’S GOLD)
Daniel →
Tumblr media
“You were the song stuck in my head. Every song that I've ever loved. Play it again and again and again” - Fall Out Boy, Favorite Record
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youlightmeupfinn · 6 months ago
I’m Broken - Jason Todd x Reader
Request:  Hi! May I please have a Jason Todd x reader where the reader thinks they’re asexual but isn’t sure (Jason and them haven’t had sex even thought they’ve been together for a while) and one day is crying because they think he’ll leave them if they’re ace. Jason finds them and is worried and then she tells him she thinks she might be asexual and says ‘I’m broken and we can’t be together if I’m asexual. Because I don’t think I want sex. There are so many other girls who would be perfect for you.’ And Jason says ‘I love you so much and I’m the happiest and I want to be with you whether we have sex or not! tell me your boundaries!’ And he genuinely doesn’t and will never care if they have sex or not. It just doesn’t matter to him very much. And lots of words of comfort and love. Thank you! I really like your writing!
A/N: Alright, so I’m a straight woman who isn’t asexual, so writing this was a little tricky... I have a friend who is, so based on her input, this is what I came up with. I hope this is about what you wanted, anon! Hopefully it’s got enough fluff in there! I apologize it’s taken me so long to write this btw, life has been crazy! Enjoy! 
Tumblr media
Intimacy. That was one word that felt so strange to you, as you could never figure out how to comprehend it. You struggled with it immensely, even to the point you thought you were possibly going insane. What couple doesn’t share intimacy? Oh, that’s right, the weird ones. Were you weird? No… Maybe? Your mind cluttered, a small wave of pain inching across the back of your skull.
You and Jason had been together for six months now. A question you were always asked, although it wasn’t anyone’s business, was “How is he in bed?”. Women loved to gossip, especially when it came to their partners. How they functioned within the bedroom, how they carried on about their world being rocked nightly. How their significant other was a sweet in the streets and a freak in the sheets.
“(Y/N), how is Jason? You know… behind closed doors?” Your friend asked you with a playful wink one day, nudging you in the side multiple times. Your girlfriends scattered around the table at your weekly gathering, all prepped and ready to squeal over your answer.
You felt the beads of sweat collect around your forehead as you scattered for an answer. Truth be told, you and Jason had not even had sex. You held hands, cuddled, maybe made out a few times, but sex wasn’t a big dealbreaker for you. Jason hadn’t asked for anything from you. But deep down, you knew he had to be annoyed at the lack of sex in the relationship. He was a man, after all. They act like they need it to survive and function in society.
“Uh, he’s great, really hands on…” You trailed, but they just looked at you, still smiling. “You guys find anything out you’re both really into?” Another friend asked. Your heart jumped in your throat. You could feel your cheeks beginning to burn at the second-hand embarrassment. Suddenly, you glanced down at your phone.
“I’ll save it for our next gathering.. Jason just asked me to meet him. It’s an emergency.” You stood up quickly from your chair, your friends all watching as you hustled away quickly. You heard their immense whispers and giggles, one comment you caught being, “Bet they’re going to do a quickie.”
You hurried back to your home and settled yourself inside the house, locking the door in the process. Throwing your keys onto the counter, you fell into the couch, your body slumped. You had done relentless research on the topic. Not having a sex drive, not wanting sex at all. Turns out, there was a term used. It was asexual. It was a normal thing. You were intimate, but on your own standards. You just didn’t have a sex drive or any sexual feelings towards Jason.
Yes, it could change, but it would take time and a lot of working on, but for right now you felt content. However, deep down, you knew Jason wouldn’t be. You just had this tightening in your chest emerge that told you he’d be upset if you didn’t commit to him in that way.
All of a sudden, those feelings of despair came to a full head and your shoulders began to shake. The weight of the world came crashing down on your chest and your cries became sobs. “I’m broken!” You cried out to yourself. You were too busy bawling to hear the spare key that Jason had to your apartment, jingle in the keyhole. The door clicked and turned open, Jason’s frame walking through seconds later.
Decked in regular jeans, a black t-shirt and his boots, he immediately looked ahead to see you sobbing on the couch. Dropping everything he had, he threw his keys beside yours on the counter and hurried over to you.
“Whoa, whoa, (Y/N), what’s wrong? Who hurt you?” He immediately, without hesitation, pulled you into his lap. You rested your head against his broad shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably into his shirt, your mascarar staining the shirt, although it was invisible to the naked eye.
“I’m broken, Jason!” You repeated your previous statement aloud. The mere thought of Jason leaving your life petrified you. Jason’s hands immediately began rubbing along your back, kneading gentle and comforting circles through the fabric of your shirt.
“You are not broken… Come on, tell me what’s going on.” Jason peered at you, running his fingers through your hair as he tried to hush your cries. You gazed up at him, his eyes a bluish color despite their dominant green. They were beautiful.
You remembered back to your friends’ conversation a little while ago and broke yet again. “I-I’m asexual,” You blurted out. Jason’s eyebrows furrowed. He knew what the term meant, but he hardly ever took the time to deeply research it.
“Define asexual… and does that mean you don’t want me anymore?” He tried to add a chuckle at the end, but frowned when he didn’t see you smile. You heaved out a sigh, your bottom lip quivering. “I-I don’t feel sexually attracted to you. I don’t want sex. At least not now for a while.” You explained even though you were a blubbering mess in between sentences.
“And you’re going to leave me.” Your head fell against his shoulder. Jason’s mouth opened to say something, but instead he held you tight against his chest.
“Baby,” He called your name, picking your head up off his shoulder. “If you think I’m going to leave you just because we aren’t having sex, you’re wrong.” He expressed. Jason rested a fingertip underneath your chin and kept your head tilted upwards to meet his gaze.
“But I’m broken and we can’t be together if I’m asexual. I don’t want sex!” You reiterated the issue back to him again, but he shook his head.
“And again,” Jason wiped your tears gently with the pads of his thumbs. “You’re not broken. Darling, I love you so much. I’m the happiest I’ve been in the longest time. Whether or not we have sex, I’m not leaving you! I don’t care.” He explained, kissing your lips gently. “I want you to be comfortable in everything we do. I’m not pushing you into anything. I expect you to lead me.” He added.
You stared at him in complete awe. You loved this man so much. He understood every piece of you.
“I love you. More than I’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life. I’m not letting what we have go, just because you don’t think you want to have sex. I’ll never pressure you, love.” He kissed your forehead for a few seconds, leaving his lips to linger against the soft skin.
“I love you, too, Jason.” You hugged him tightly and felt your body begin to relax against his tall frame.
Jason nudged you. “And hey,” He smiled cheekily. “If anyone’s broken, it’s me. I died at the hands of the Joker, was suddenly brought back to life thanks to a Lazarus pit, put through extensive torment because my Dad who isn’t my Dad decided to betray me and instill another sidekick…” He trailed, waving his hand for emphasis.
You glared at him for a split second before Jason started laughing. “I’m sorry, it’s not funny.” He rested his chin on your shoulder. “But you get my point.” He winked, kissing your cheek.  
“I love you.” Jason repeated once more.
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