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#you weren't my mission
bionicbarnes · 3 days ago
You Weren’t My Mission: Ch. 2
Tumblr media
Chapter Two – Making Amends
TW: alcohol, mentions of violence and death
Note: Hello! All chapters will have warnings at the beginning of their content and possible triggers. If you find that I miss any triggers, please let me know and I will add them to the chapter warnings as soon as possible. Thank you! <3
Series masterpost
Also available on Wattpad and AO3
You stared blankly at the hand in front of you, still attempting to process his mere presence. After a few moments of silence, Bucky nodded and gave a slight grin, resting his extended arm on the edge of the bar.
“Tend to get that reaction,” he chuckled. ・:*:・゚☆
You stared blankly at the hand in front of you, still attempting to process his mere presence. After a few moments of silence, Bucky nodded and gave a slight grin, resting his extended arm on the edge of the bar.
“Tend to get that reaction,” he chuckled. You glanced up, meeting his eyes for the first time since he sat down. A look of worry and sympathy met your own hesitant gaze.
As you held eye contact, your mind reeled through what he’d said, trying to sort out what exactly he meant. Amends? What does he mean ‘make amends’? You didn’t realize that you’d asked your questions aloud in a frantic whisper until the bass of his voice rushed to your ears, making you jump.
“Sorry to startle you. Uh, it’s a part of this whole process I’m going through,” he explained. He paused, waiting for some sort of reaction, but you sat frozen still. “I’ve been meeting with different people that I hurt — no, the Winter Soldier hurt — over the years on Hydra missions. You’re one of the last few names on my list.”
You gave a small nod, eyes darting back to the hand resting against the bar. His list? you wondered. It was then that you noticed how long you’d been holding your breath. You let out a small sigh and briefly closed your eyes, attempting to ground yourself.
“Why?” you asked, shifting your gaze back to his. Your voice was small, barely above a whisper, but he managed to hear you.
Although quiet, your question seemed to grant him some relief from the silence that had been hanging. Taking in a deep breath, he explained, “You were one of the few people who survived Hydra’s attack on The Tribune. I’m sure you know that, though.”
You nodded, mind taking you back to the scene at the hospital in the aftermath of the attack.
Of the forty or so staff members in the office at the time, only six of you had survived. As you laid in your bed at the urgent care clinic, nurses and doctors rushing around you, you kept your eyes pinned on the entrance, praying that more of your coworkers would be wheeled in. After hours of watching from your bed, you came to accept that it was just you six that had made it. You’d lost your best friend and boss. The only person you knew well of the survivors was your boyfriend at the time, who you watched be rushed into the ER as a piece of shrapnel stuck in his side was dangerously close to shrinking that survivor count down to five.
You were snapped back to the present by the clinking of glasses behind the counter, Vincent cleaning up after a party had left.
“Are you going to hurt me?” you asked, meeting Bucky’s gaze once again. He winced at the question, his eyes showing a shimmer of empathy.
“No, I’m not,” he assured you. “I’m actually here to say that-.” He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. “That it wasn’t me who did those things.”
Confused, you arched your eyebrow, to which he continued.
“I was controlled by Hydra for almost about seventy years. They kidnapped me after an accident in Europe while I was on active duty and brainwashed me, making me into a living weapon. I was the Winter Soldier, they made me an assassin. But I wasn’t me, I had no control over myself.”
You nodded, vaguely familiar with the story. You’d known and read about him as the Winter Soldier, a Hydra assassin. While his pardon signified that there was a difference between Bucky and the Soldier, your memories subconsciously considered them as one.
Bucky’s eyes returned a soft and regretful look, glancing down at his metal arm before holding out his palm between you. You stared at it, eyes running over its ridges and flecks of gold.
“They gave me this, the arm,” he explained. “Well, they gave me the old one. This one’s new, from a friend in Wakanda.” Images of his old silver arm raced, memories of the way his metal fingers firmly gripped his gun, a red star painted on his shoulder.
Your eyes flickered between his dark metal fingertips and his gaze, trying to piece together what any of this meant and why he was here in front of you.
“What do you mean by making amends?” you asked again. He’d given the gist, but you couldn’t understand why he was here or what he wanted from you.
Bucky shifted in his seat, relaxing a bit as he sensed your fear turning into confusion. He delved into explaining the process of his making amends, telling you about the types of people on his list and how he wanted to give people closure. He talked about the memory wipes, the separation between him and the Winter Soldier. You nodded along, mind finally wrapping around the concept when he abruptly stopped his explanation.
“I’ll let you go,” he offered, aware of his intrusion on your evening. “I just wanted to explain, you know,” he paused. “That I’m not that person anymore. Or, I guess, that I never was.”
He glanced at the bar top before pressing his hand against the surface, pushing himself out of his seat and onto his feet.
“Thanks for listening to me. I’m sorry for-“ he glanced at the ground before meeting your gaze again. “For everything.” He turned to leave, straightening his arms and stepping out from between your seats.
Your sudden grasp on his arm startled him, Bucky whipping his head around to face you again. He'd never been able to shake the fight or flight instincts that Hydra had intensified in him.
“You don’t have to go,” you suggested. “I mean, you can, but we can talk about it more.”
Bucky nodded slowly, not used to your reaction. Most people were glad to see him leave. But you wanted to know more.
“I think talking about it could help. You know, with the memories and stuff. Plus, I don’t really want to hate you if it wasn’t you that hurt me,” you explained.
Glancing between your grip on his jacket sleeve and your gaze, he hesitantly sat back down. “What do you want to know?” he asked.
“Do you remember it?” you pressed. You relived the memory each night in your sleep and every day at work for years afterwards. It was only recently that you’d been able to suppress it, sometimes making it a couple of days without acknowledging what had happened. How did he even remember you?
“I remember all of them,” he admitted, a hint of sorrow in his voice.
Wanting to break the tension, you waved Vincent over to your end of the bar and motioned towards Bucky’s empty hand. He ordered a glass of whiskey before turning back to you, a hint of a smirk on his lips. Maybe a drink would loosen him up, you thought, unaware of the serum’s restrictions.
While the alcohol had no effect on him, having the drink in his hands seemed to help him relax. He asked about how you’d been faring in the years since the attack, to which you shared briefly of the recurring nightmares and post-traumatic stress you’d faced. You feared that you’d shared too much, but he nodded along, a sympathetic look in his eyes. You weren’t opening up much but talking about it with him helped.
It wasn’t taking you long to recognize that the man in front of you wasn’t the same man who had eyed you down the barrel of his gun. Although difficult, the eye contact and talking with him helped you make this distinction, as did his understanding and willingness to listen. Even when you were sharing about the effects of the trauma had because of the Winter Soldier, things you knew probably weighed heavily on him, he nodded along and gave you his full attention. You felt comfortable telling Bucky these things, and he seemed comfortable around you; neither of you were fully relaxed, but at least were trying to talk.
“What have you been up to all these years?” you asked. “Since Tony, you know …” Ever since everyone came back from the snap, you’d heard about him from time to time, still referenced to by most news outlets as ‘the Winter Soldier.’ You knew he’d been pardoned and seen pictures of occasional sightings, the metal arm a dead giveaway of his identity, but knew little else. He told you he’d been living in Brooklyn the past few years, to which you were shocked that you’d managed to avoid seeing him for so long.
“I’m surprised we haven’t run into each other until now,” you quipped.
Bucky smiled, but you could see the subtle grimace beneath the expression. “Yeah, I’ve been steering clear of anywhere you’d be,” he admitted. Your eyes widened — how had he known where you were? Where you worked now? “I’ve got people who’ve helped me avoid running into you or anyone else around here,” he explained as though he could read your mind, but offering no further explanation. Truthfully, you didn’t want to know the details.
“Why now? What made you come here tonight?” you asked. It had been nagging you the entire evening — what made him come to see you now?
“I’d heard you come here in the evenings,” he offered, exposing yet another detail you didn’t really wish to know. “Figured I’d give you some time before just showing up, didn’t want to scare you more than I have.”
You nodded, grateful that he hadn’t come sooner. Things had gotten better with the nightmares and flashbacks in the past few months thanks to work getting busier, and if he had come to see you any earlier you would have undoubtably had an instant panic attack. You were admittedly creeped out that he knew you would be here, but given his connections, you guessed that he had intel on nearly whatever information he wanted about anyone. Plus, talking with him had proven fruitful for you, helping you disconnect Bucky Barnes from the Winter Soldier. He didn’t say it, but it helped him too, helping him humanize himself.
Over an hour had passed since he sat down, and your stomach twisted in hunger. You’d had two drinks without eating dinner; it was beyond time for you to go home and eat. As the conversation came to a lull, you shifted to face him fully, looking him in the eye.
“Could we meet again?” you ask hesitantly. “I think it may help me, you know, with processing what happened. Only if you want to, though.”
He paused to consider your proposition and you watched as the wheels in his mind turned, weighing the possible outcomes. A moment passed and the corner of his mouth twitched upwards in a subtle smile. He nodded in approval.
“I’ll come back by soon,” he assured. You nodded and stood up, grabbing your phone and bag before adjusting your shirt, smoothing your hands over your jeans.
“I’ll see you soon, then.” You gave a small nod and did a quick wave to say goodbye, not comfortable with shaking his hand quite yet. While talking to him helped, you weren’t exactly relaxed around him. It was going to take some time for your mind to fully separate him from the man who had threatened your life and ended so many others’.
Fifteen minutes later you were at your front door, fumbling in your bag for your apartment keys. Once inside, you set your bag in its usual spot on the bench in the doorway and walked to the kitchen, opening the fridge to grab the takeout you’d saved from the night before. You dished out your food onto a plate and stuck it in the microwave. As you waited for the timer to go off, you leaned back against the counter.
Besides the sound of the microwave whirring and the occasional honk from the street below, your apartment was completely silent. The silence always gave you time to think, whether for better or worse. Tonight, your mind wandered to the conversations you’d had, running through the details he’d shared and wondering if you’d said too much. Was meeting him again a good idea? Was this really going to help, or were you doing yourself more harm than good?
Just as you began to question yourself, the oven timer rang through the kitchen, making you jump. You grabbed a fork and took your plate from the microwave, walking to your living space to curl up on the couch. Normally you’d put on the news, your mind always focused on work and the need to stay up to date on current events. But tonight, you ate in silence, instead looking out the window at the city street below as your mind wandered back to your interaction with Bucky.
You desperately hoped that this wasn’t a horrible idea.
A/N: Thanks for reading chapter 2! I posted both chapters 1 and 2 back-to-back, and am gonna take a little bit to get chapter 3 up but already know where I want for it to go. This is gonna be a bitttt of a slow burn, if you haven't picked up on that yet. Thanks for sticking around!
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bionicbarnes · 3 days ago
You Weren’t My Mission: Ch. 1
Tumblr media
Chapter One – A Second Encounter
TW: alcohol, implied violence
Note: Hello! All chapters will have warnings at the beginning of their content and possible triggers. If you find that I miss any triggers, please let me know and I will add them to the chapter warnings as soon as possible. Thank you! <3
Series masterpost
Also available on Wattpad and AO3
His eyes were fixed on yours, gaze intense despite the physical distance between you. If the sight of his metal hand hadn’t confirmed that it was him, then his face solidified it. You’d seen this exact glare in your nightmares for years now. Although nearly a decade had passed since the last time you saw him, you had never been able to shake the memory. It was him, and you were sure of it. ・:*:・゚☆
Your thumb swept around the surface your glass, collecting the droplets of condensation that had begun building up. With one final swig you downed the remainder of your gin and tonic, eyeing the entryway on the lookout for any newcomers.
“You all done for the night, y/n?” Vincent wandered over, dish towel in hand, to collect your glass that was now only filled with ice and a slice of lime. He knew your routine by now — you only ever came by for a single drink after work, people-watching as you unwound before heading home to your quiet apartment. While you hadn’t ever told him that last part, he figured that if you had somewhere urgent to be that you wouldn’t be here every night, although he’d never ask.
“I’ll have another, actually,” you declared, voice unsteady as you weren’t sure in your choice. Typically you’d have one drink and leave, occasionally staying around a bit longer to sip on some water if you really didn’t want to go home that night. But the week had been long and it was only Wednesday; you wanted — no, needed that second drink.
“Sure ‘bout that?”
“Yea, I’m gonna hang around a bit longer tonight.” Vincent’s eyebrows raised as he did a slight nod, reaching below the counter for a new glass, to which you let out a playful scoff. “Don’t act so surprised,” you teased, “I mix it up sometimes.” While you rarely talked, you and Vincent had become more comfortable with your banter over the past year or so. Even the most guarded of patrons like you couldn’t avoid small talk with the bartender — especially not if you were a regular.
As you waited for your drink you scanned your surroundings, looking to see if anybody new had come in for a drink. Weeknights tended to be slower, but there were a few couples and groups of friends scattered throughout the room. You and a man no younger than 50 were the only ones seated at the bar, him closer to the entrance while you sat furthest away at the seat you knew had the best view of the place. Almost every night you were in this exact spot, sipping slowly on whatever drink you’d ordered, checking your phone for the occasional text message or work email, and people-watching. It was pretty rare for you to spend more than an hour there in one evening, but tonight it had been nearly an hour and here you were ordering a second drink.
You jumped when Vincent placed the new glass in front of you, your mind focused on the other people scattered throughout the room. He let out a light chuckle as he turned around, walking towards the other side of the bar; he was pretty used to your skittishness by now. Hand wrapped around your new drink, you brought your focus back to your surroundings. A couple seated at a small table to your right engaged in small talk, exchanging pleasantries in-between awkward sips of their drinks. Definitely a first date, you thought. A burst of laughter from a booth further away caught your attention, where a group of men in suits sat meeting for a drink after work. Aside from that, there was little commotion in the bar tonight. While commotion made for fun people-watching, you preferred the gentle hum of casual conversations on slower nights, the occasional clinking of glasses from Vincent’s cleaning or a new table being served.
Realizing a few minutes had passed, you grabbed for your drink and took a sip, eyes skirting over the rim of the glass as you spotted movement in the entryway.
Suddenly, you wished you hadn’t ordered that second drink.
A tall figure entered the bar, shoulders swaying with each step. When he came to a stop you finally took him in, eyes scanning over the black leather jacket that spanned his broad frame and running down to his hands. Dressed in all black, the flesh tone of his hand stood out. Which made the metallic black of his left hand all the more apparent, confirming what you had hoped was just another instance of unnecessary panic.
The brooding figure wasn’t foreign to you.
Your eyes glossed over as you remembered the last time you’d seen him all those years ago. While the nightmares weren’t as frequent and you were able to go days at a time without thinking about it, you were still able to vividly remember the moment. The way his eyes had met yours, menacing and unforgiving as you held back a wail of pain from the pressure of debris pressing on, or into, your torso. The fear that ripped through you when you registered the M4A1 in his tight grip, barrel pointed in your direction. The way you laid there, shaking and ears ringing, wishing that he, whoever he was, would keep moving past you, that he would leave you be. He had done just that, only pausing for a moment to assess your helpless position before lowering the barrel of his gun and trudging onward in his search for his true target.
So many times since then you thought you’d seen him again, only to sigh with relief when you saw the two flesh hands of whoever had startled you.
But this wasn’t one of those moments, and the sight of his metal hand confirmed it. It wasn’t silver like the one in your memory, but there were only so many guys out there with bionic left arms.
You came out of your trance to find that his eyes were fixed on yours, gaze intense despite the physical distance between you. If the sight of his metal hand hadn’t confirmed that it was him, then his face solidified it. You’d seen this exact glare in your nightmares for years now. Although nearly a decade had passed since the last time you saw him, you had never been able to shake the memory. It was him, and you were sure of it.
With a slight roll of his shoulders and a subtle nod, he dropped his gaze to the floor and began his slow descent towards the bar.
The sip of gin and tonic you had taken still sat on your tongue as you finally lowered the glass, letting the liquid slide down your throat and feeling the tingling sensation travel down to your chest. Your breath was shallow as your hands started to shake, to which you began fidgeting with the closest thing in front of you — the paper napkin that had been under your glass. As you ran your fingers along its corners and kept your eyes glued to the bar top, you felt his presence near yours, confirmed by the sound of heavy footsteps that approached.
The scent of fresh balsam and a bit of mint flooded your senses as you noticed him standing to your side, giving you a moment to take in his presence before sliding into the seat to your right. Having kept your eyes trained on the napkin at your fingertips, you subtly glanced over, noting the metal arm that was closest to you. It’s really him, you confirmed. Instead of a reflective silver like the arm you remembered, this one was much darker, a black metal with hints of gold in between the plates. You couldn’t see further up than his wrist, the rest of his arm concealed by the jacket.
It took everything in you to refrain from bouncing your leg against your barstool. Maybe if I stay as still as possible, you thought to yourself, I’ll make it out of here alive. You had no clue what he wanted and it terrified you.
The desire to fidget became all the more intense as you felt him shifting his upper body to face you while in his seat. Your breath hitched when his flesh hand came into view, extended for a greeting in your direction. He let out a low sigh as you shifted your gaze slightly, glancing at his hand before sheepishly making eye contact with the man who had once both threatened and spared your life. You watched as he slightly parted his lips, allowing for a gentle smile to form at the corner of his lips.
“Long time, no see, Miss y/n. I’m James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, and you’re a part of my efforts to make amends.”
A/N: Thank you for reading the first chapter of this story! I'm currently drafting up what will come next, but am in the end of a semester so it may be a few days until I have something ready to publish. This is my first longer work and I'm looking forward to the journey. Stay tuned for updates, and please let me know if you have any comments or questions!
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nny11writes · 11 days ago
So y’all know how many wips I got right? (I know you do, and fun fact I thought of more I forgot on that giant list so RIP me)
I’ve got so much to write! So much to write!
....................anyhow, Anakin and Dooku are going to be forced to go grocery shopping for a LTTA spin off while somehow comically managing to barely keep their undercover status. Anyone have suggestions for what they’re buying?
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worstloki · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some Loki™
#Language!#language#memes#currently obsessed over the idea of loki's mind-stone-bedazzled brain going ''oh they're a team they must be dating good for them''#''i wouldn't kill any of the group bc im not a homoph*be but this phil guy isn't on the team i believe''#''i accepted you all being a poly couple why can't you accept my love for the tesseract thor'' ''i don't know what you're talking about''#and then infinity war happens but thanos is killed offscreen (obviously) and tony says ''the team broke up''#and loki just walks around the room giving everyone back pats because ''i'm sorry it didn't work out for you all''#''i had heard of Thor and Jane but not everyone else... I'm sorry for your loss''#stephen: i wasn't even on the team#loki: im sure you're sad you missed out#endgame isn't a time heist it's Mission: Get The Team Back Together and it's run by Loki Peter Shuri Harley and Nebula#Loki has managed to convince them that the team was dating and that they are all unhappy split apart as the team is#cue Loki faking being evil so there's some Great Evil to unite over and defeat#the gaang splits so harley and nebula join him while peter and shuri are inside agents (Harley stages a dramatic turn-cloak betrayal moment)#team is back together by the end of it and someone makes a comment about a wedding and Thor just turns to Loki having Realized twas a scheme#Loki figured they weren't having s*xy times on the side after getting hulk-smashed in 2012 but he thought the idea was funny and kept it#loki blames the mind stone messing with his head which is true enough#Vision admits that he'd thought they were all dating which is why he panikked and started dating Wanda ASAP#why the mind stone is convinced everyone is dating is never explained#that's it that's my iw/eg rewrite#you're welcome
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an-b-u · 19 days ago
i mean people BADLY mischaracterise kiba all the time and i’ll be honest, I started to believe some things were actually canon but i’ve been re-watching bits of Naruto here and there and the mischaracterising is way way way worse than I realised. Kiba is actually well-mannered, respectful, and cares very deeply for his family and friends and teammates.
He’s really focused on missions, even if he has a tendency to act rashly (he’s 12... 12 year olds are just Like That sometimes) and has a mature understanding of in-mission leadership (in the Sasuke retrieval mission, Naruto starts to say what they should do and Kiba tells him it’s up to Shikamaru- the team leader - which is smart! if they dissolve into an argument or just let people run off and do whatever they want it puts the entire team in danger!! Kiba seems to be aware of that).
He’s really good at map reading, has a very good sense of direction and even has enough knowledge of medicinal plants to create a paste for his and akamaru’s wounds after his fight with Ukon and Sakon - and this is all as a Genin.
He’s just a really caring person and he doesn’t like to put others in danger. He seems to me like he’s the Mum Friend but in denial. he’s loud and mean to cover up that he cares very deeply!!!!!!!!
What I loved most about the Sasuke Retrieval Arc is that we got to see how absolutely badass Kiba is and how absolute his resolve can be, and his unstoppable determination. He was facing down extraordinarily strong opponents and didn’t back down once. He stabbed himself twice in the stomach, literally dug it around in the wound to kill both himself and Ukon... and when he ended up surviving it he didn’t mess around at all, setting up diversions in seconds to distract Ukon so he could get away and actually dress his wounds.
He’s not “just Naruto but with a dog” that I see all the time, or incapable or useless or weak. He’s resourceful and strong and really fucking interesting.
#ukon: i win motherfucker#kiba: (john cena voice) are you sure about that#no but kiba was done so dirty#ugh he was an awesome character and you know the ground work was sort of just... laid out ready to go#ready to turn kiba into a very very capable very very scary shinobi#and then kishi said no ❤️#what was the REASON#this is just a ramble hope it makes sense#i also should be studying#anyway kiba deserved so much better#that sasuke rescue mission shook me to my CORE on the rewatch#like rewatching this as a 21 year old is a different experience#kiba is so fearless#even when sakon and ukon track him down after he escapes he literally SMILES as they’re about to kill him#HELLO#it’s that the kind of insane capabilities and resolve you want in your little murder village??????????#I know the fillers aren’t canon but it’s not like the characters are that ooc or anything and there’s this bit where kiba tells akamaru not#to eat the food off this plate bc they weren’t given permission to eat#he’s the sweetest boy and i want to adopt him#also his cares about hinata SO MUCH!#he’s always so concerned about her well-being and shino’s too of course#but team 8 are literally the best team#they love each other so much they’re like a little family IM-#okay this got so ranty lol#kiba inuzuka#kiba#also i haven’t watched shippuden in a million years but... i know in my heart it’s going to disappoint me..... kiba i am so sorry honey#also listen. yes kiba is stupid but he IS smart#he can be both he has the range#only real kiba stans get me
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deus-ex-moshina · 26 days ago
your sambucky fic? the only sambucky fic I have any interest in
Well. Thank you for indulging me, and now that I know I have an audience, I WILL abuse this power and start being as insufferable as possible. Here’s another galaxy-brained idea that I just came up with/is absolutely going to be one of the important plot points in The Bro Code, my completely normal Sambucky fanfic:
Bucky ends up having to wear prescription glasses because his “staring problem” has finally started to take a toll on him. He couldn’t stop staring at Sam when they go on missions together/Sam is always in the sky/even his super soldier healing couldn’t save him from the consequences of. Staring directly and unblinking into the sun for 7 hours a day 4 days a week. And this of course leads to Sam seeing him in these nerdy oversized black frame glasses one day, and internally going Oh no he’s CUTE
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shotgun-cake · 8 months ago
idk why but I just imagined Martín as Crowley and Sergio as Aziraphale from Good Omens (no romance tho), I think it's so funny because they are clearly the so-called demon that's actually just a disaster boy doing the best he can, and an apparent angel that's a real big asshole but because he thinks it's necessary
😇 😈 😇 😈 😇 😈 😇 😈
I absolutely LOVE this
Thank you so much, anon, for deciding to share this wonderful hot take with me - it warms my heart that you came up with that gem of a headcanon and thought, "who should I throw this at? oh I know, Shotgun, let's see if she catches it..."
And I am ENAMORED with this concept.
With Sergio being an objectively bad angel, with his own skewed morals, but still striving to do good, sometimes with questionable methods.
And Martín, just as incompetent, he gets off on putting lust in the hearts of men, but he won't do anything darker than small temptations, petty crimes. He does it for the thrill, not because he's been asked to.
They both find their job very rewarding, but neither of them plays it by the book. They have a centuries-old rivalry, but don't actually hate each other with a burning passion. Sergio doesn't really see Martín as his Nemesis, that he must defeat at all costs, but more as a mild inconvenience, a persistent thorn on his side. And Martín feels the same about Sergio, not threatened by him, but rather slightly amused. "This fucking guy again? *Tired Sigh* Alright, bring it on, Wings! Let's play..."
PLOT TWIST: Demon!Martín and Angel!Sergio both end up assigned to watch over one Andrés de Fonollosa - apparently an important player in the great game of Humanity™ - and both angel and demon try to sway Andrés to their own side. They infiltrate his life, as friends, and it turns out Martín and Sergio are evenly matched, and seem to have equal influence on Andrés's life, on his choices, on who he is as a person.
They both find Andrés utterly fascinating, he has potential for greatness and for cruelty, and Martín keeps nagging Sergio that Andrés would make a wonderful demon, that the Aesthetic alone suits him so well. Andrés is unlike any human Martín's ever met, he's actually complex, creative and bold. And so unpredictable that he keeps even angels and demons on their toes. Martín is entirely smitten. Sergio calls him out on his blatant lack of professionalism (falling for a human? Gross!) but he hopes he can use it to his advantage to turn Andrés into a Good Person™ (lmao)
One day, Andrés mentions that he sees Sergio as a brother. Of course, Sergio immediately boasts to Martín that he's won, that he made Andrés see the light and that he's the one who has the most power over him. Because "surely Martín, he never saw you as a brother, did he?"
But Martín doesn't bite back, he just smiles at Sergio, safe in the knowledge that Andrés is committing so many sins, the robberies and the violent outbursts, so Martín is clearly the one who has Andrés in his pocket.
Martín also knows for a fact that Andrés is this close to cheating on his wife, that he's corrupted his heart, he just needs to find the right woman to woo Andrés, the final temptation. He prepares the perfect event to make Andrés cross that line, an art gala full of elegant, cultured and beautiful women. But Sergio unexpectedly crashes the party and ruins it all (not fair! turns out Sergio is no stranger to playing dirty either, how rude!) That night, Sergio magically makes all women in attendance appear undesirable to Andrés.
A move that backfires in a spectacular way.
Because as Sergio leaves, confident that he did a wonderful job in there (stellar work Sergio, now we know for sure Andrés isn't cheating on his wife tonight!), it turns out that Martín is the one who catches Andrés's eye that night. Which isn't at all how he planned it, that part was entirely unexpected, and if Martín were to follow the rulebook, well, that's a big no-no, right?
But Martín would be lying if he said he never thought about it, and the biggest thrill of all is that he genuinely wasn't trying to seduce Andrés himself, he might have fallen for him just a little bit (a lot, boy fell hard, even harder than when he fell from heaven), but Martín never acted on his feelings for Andrés, all he ever did was befriend him. The moment Andrés shows interest, however, all bets are off. Martín, in quite the predictable demon fashion, goes "fuck the rules!"
And fuck Andrés ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Martín can just write on his report that he did 'what had to be done', and then some. Such a competent demon, so devoted to the task at hand, in fact, that he did absolutely 'everything in his power' to corrupt Andrés. And he did. He very much did. Employee of the month, that's for sure.
"Turns out you were correct, Sergio. Andrés never saw me as a brother, did he?"
And... that's all I have on this!
Thanks again for this ask, Anon, I hope you were entertained. I sure was!
😇 😈 😇 😈 😇 😈 😇 😈
#anon you are Galaxy Braining on this and I'll tell you why#i have in my drafts an outline for a Good Omens AU for Berlermo#probably never gonna write it but it's there#it's been there for a few months taunting me#i did not go in your direction but here's what i have:#Andrés as the overzealous demon with occasional impulses of goodness (rare and shameful)#Martín as the laid-back angel with his own moral compass and who's not scared of playing dirty (claiming it's for the ''greater good'')#Andrés and Martín keep meeting and ''influencing'' the same events and every time when they report back to heaven/hell#they portray the encounter as an unmitigated victory for their own side#Andrés will write ''I corrumpted a young man by putting lust in his heart''#Martín will write ''I did a Cupid Mission and united a lovely couple''#(same event but very different takes lmao)#Working Title: ''Conflicting Reports''#obviously they fall in love#but are both CONVINCED the other is fomenting a ploy for the interest of their own side#then the MINT heist happens and they both infiltrate it as hostages in the hopes of swaying the course of the events#the tension of the confinement paired with their rivalry and pent up desire means they end up boning in one of the vaults#neither of them mentions it in their rapport to heaven/hell#proving at last that this wasn't a ploy at all and that they weren't doing the seducing on behalf of their ''side'' after all#so that's what this was or at least what it was supposed to be (I'll never write this lol)#now YOUR TAKE has me curious and Angel!Sergio versus Demon!Martín is definitely a Sitcom I'd watch!!!#i want some angel versus demon shenanigans with Andrés vaguely in the background#entirely oblivious to the fight between Heaven and Hell currently taking place in his living room#and once Martín and Andrés get together OBVIOUSLY Sergio sticks along#still striving - struggling - to tip the scales and make Andrés a better person#lol i went off didn't i?#i got an ask!#anon#berlermo#shotgun's fanfics 🔫🍰
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hua-fei-hua · 9 months ago
SIX SENTENCE SUNDAY BC I SWAER ILL FORGET WHEN I WAKE JP(bc it’s technically morning as i semd this)(5 am c: ) also howd ur move go ?? ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
asfhasd i get timestamps on my inbox thanks to ~*xkit*~ so yes i know it was five a.m. when you sent this
*clears throat* six sentence sunday!!!! i haven’t written much this week it doesn’t feel like, so uhhhh here’s smth from rhythm 9:
Katsuki walked back to the band room with Hairbrain and his gaggle of losers once rehearsals were over, as per the contract. Not that his company was purely contractual at this point still— they were, after all, as Hairbrain so often liked to put it, real friends now— but… you know what, whatever. It was what it was, and what it was was mostly just Katsuki letting them all talk his half-listening ears off about whatever the fuck they pleased, and he grunted whenever he felt it was necessary. But there was something different about the band room that was impossible to miss, even in the fraction of a second before they actually entered.
Six Sentences Exactly :)
#asks#i called the internet company yesterday to get the wifi in my name but it seems they loaded me up with a bunch of other shit we don't need#gonna have to call them again aaaaa#hope your birthday went well!!!!! i've been meaning to write you smth for months but Could Not Get It To Work :C#that's part of why i wanted to sing happy birthday on stream so i could do that as i was posting it to ao3 n stuff#the first idea just kept not turning out that great and so i brainstormed another one w/a friend that i could write in about 24 hours but t#and by smth else came up i mean i learned that flip flappers was getting taken off crunchyroll#so the friend i'm leeching crunchyroll from and i went on a mission to screen record the whole show-- him w/subs me w/o for giffing reasons#and i meant to write while recording but i just kept getting drawn into the visuals anyway. flip flap is such a pretty showww#and then i started reading lj posts from 2005 harry potter fandom#it turns out all my meta-opinions on the bnha fandom have been had already and that most of my conclusions are correct#that in a fandom as large as this in a fandom that's often a threshold fandom churning out massive amounts of content daily#it's not enough to just be a good writer to get popular; you have to be noisy too. you have to participate in fandom events all the time#and likewise popular ships will get more popular bc that's what newbies will see walking in#the amount of fanfic for bnha has quadrupled in the last two years#And Not To Be Bitter Or Anything but taking that 2019 hiatus means i missed a critical point in fandom growth to become recognized#especially since that was also when the heft of fandom migration to twitter happened#man the stream on friday was actually kind of wild. it went on until 4 a.m. by my time lol#you missed the dick burner darron story but it's okay i'll just tell it again next week to people who weren't there to hear it#there were seven different people hopping in and out of the stream over the course of the night that's just wild#also we can do the chapter number game too i think it's btwn 19 n 73 rn#anyway i'm probs not gonna have internet wednesday/thursday as we get the router set up but i do have my mobile data so i'm not uncontact-a#also how are you feeling abt this previewwwww CCC:#stardust-make-a-wish
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so-i-did-this-thing · 10 months ago
So presumably good ole Nick is your favorite Fallout 4 companion; but I was wondering how you feel about the other companions/characters? Like top 5 maybe? (personally I was also a Deacon and Hancock fan, with Nick as 3rd) (also sorry if you've already answered something like this)
Gonna answer these from my personal POV, since my Sole Survivor is basically just an idealized me. ;)
1) Nick, to no surprise. My toaster husband. Love his aesthetic, his sass, and his reckless kindness. Also, thank god for a Companion solidly coded as middle age, coz I ain't exactly in my 20's any more. I would happily play an entire game solving cases with him, with some downtime indulging in Pre War fancies, like hunting for good cigarettes, bringing some old Drive-In movies to a settlement, etc.
2) Preston! My work husband, ha ha. (I am leaning towards the Minute Men ending.) He gets a bum rap for being a radiant quest giver, but he's such a good man and someone I could really see myself working with to rebuild society. I really admire his passion and energy. In my head, he is the true General of the Minutemen and I'm just the settlements logistics guy.
3) Piper! She's like a kid sister to me and I feel real protective towards her and Nat. I actually feel guilty keeping her away from Diamond City, so don't travel much with her. She's brave and has a lot of passion and I feel like she needs someone who is already a bit worn around the edges to make sure she doesn't become jaded at wasteland life's frequent setbacks.
4) Deacon! He's a good guy, but the sort I can currently only take in small doses. Maybe as he mellows more and drops more of his mask around me, we'd become closer. I don't agree with a lot of how the Railroad is doing its mission and feel like we'd butt heads a lot. (Why isn't a synth in a leadership role? Field agent isn't enough. And why not employ some counselors as an alternative to mind wipes, which just horrify me.) But he's fun when you're in the mood for an Adventure.
5) Dogmeat! I am really not a dog person, but make an exception here. XD
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slowiedrakie · a day ago
If Ashkore accepted to take you with him when you asked him pt.2
Since you guys seemed to like part 1, here is part 2 ! Hope you like it too, and thank you so much for the nice comments, I really appreciate it ;w; I tend to not give much details sometimes, so if you have any question, my ask box is open !
TW : slightly toxic relationship, because I can't think of a healthy relationship (romantic or not) with TO Lance but don't worry, it's not that bad.
It's been a few weeks since you left with Lance now. Most of the time you weren't alone, because the times when he left was when you were sleeping. You didn't go outside that often except to breath fresh air once in a while. The only problem with the fact that Lance acted only at night, was that he slept during the day. And curse anyone who would wake him up.
You always tried your best to not wake him up, but one time, you bumped your leg on the table and he had woken up, very, very angry. He had yelled at you for like thirty minutes, saying how disrespectful and ungrateful you were, and that if that happened again he'd leave you in the woods. You had said sorry a thousand times at least, but it didn't stop him from not saying a word to you at all for the next three days. He ended up saying sorry for getting so angry, but you quickly brushed it off, way too happy that he wasn't mad at you anymore.
After this incident, you developed more and more techniques to be as silent as possible when he was sleeping. He allowed you to light up one torch, the one in the kitchen so the light wouldn't bother him too much. But before that, you had to reach it, and that's why you learn to walk in the complete dark, as silently as possible. You didn't realize how good you had gotten until once, you got up and lit up the torch, just to realize Lance was already awake and he praised you because he absolutely didn't hear you get up and walk. You felt incredibly proud at that. While he was sleeping, you often got bored, so you wrote little stories and drew to pass the time. Sometimes, he looked at what you did and would be painfully honest about whether he likes it or not. Sometimes his words were hurtful, but at the same time, they could be very gentle and encouraging, so you didn't mind all that much and always hoped he would like your works. Your whole world and your actions truly revolved around him by now.
Other than that, he used the moments when you were both awake at the same time to train you to fight properly. It's true that you barely had any fighting skill, to not say none, and since you arrived in Eldarya, you didn't take much time for yourself to train, since you were always sent on different missions. He was surprisingly patient with you, teaching you all the basics and being really gentle at first. But as the days went on, you were training everyday until he had to leave during the night, and he finally seemed to truly fight with you when you were training. Your moves were more and more precise and fast and you coud anticipate most of his moves, even if deep down, you knew he wasn't showing you his full talent. When you had a particularly hard time learning a move, you trained on your own while he was sleeping.
But today was a difficult day. Lance had asked you to wake him up at 3pm, and needless to say you were dreading it. Even if he asked you to do it, you were scared he would get angry at you, knowing he usually wasn't in a good mood when he woke up, even on his own. You hated it when he was upset, even if it didn't last very long. You had prepared breakfast for him, so it would calm him down, just in case. You looked at the clock. It was time.
You got up and walked close to him before softly sitting on his bed. Which was actually a couch that could become a bed with a special spell, a little like the ones that exist on Earth, except that on Earth, you don't need magic. You took a moment to look at his sleeping face. He looked so peaceful like that, and you felt privileged when seeing him like that. He showed himself to you at the moments when he was the most vulnerable, and you were really grateful for that. His hair was all messed up with sleep, and you couldn't help but smile at how adorable he looked at that moment.
You softly slid a hand in his hair and whispered his name, trying to wake him up as gently as possible. He groaned and turned around slowly, facing away from you before pulling the covers back on himself.
- "Lance, you're gonna be upset if you don't wake up...", you murmured.
He didn't reply and you wondered for a second he hadn't fallen back asleep. You didn't know if you should insist or not, as both solutions could end up in him getting mad at you.
- "What is it, do you need your morning kiss so you can finally start the day ?" you tried.
You hoped it would make him react, even if it was to tell you to fuck off so you knew you could stop trying to wake him up, but he didn't say a thing. You were sure he had heard you, you spoke loudly enough to at least wake him up again, knowing how much of a light sleeper he was. You walked around the bed to see his face again and his eyes were still closed. You were ready to get yelled at at any moment now for insisting too much, but it was your first time waking him up and you didn't want to mess up. You thought about actually giving him a kiss. It would surely make him react, and he couldn't get upset over a kiss right ?
...He definitely could. But you decided to give it a shot anyway.
You bent over and leaned in before leaving a very very soft kiss on his cheek. You pulled away right after to see he finally had opened his eyes. He smiled at you without saying a thing before stretching in front of your eyes, and you could hear some of his bones cracking. You felt your heartbeat quicken in your chest as you blushed, that soft smile really doing something to you that you couldn't explain.
- "I-I made breakfast...", you stuttered out, trying to hide how flustered you were.
He took a deep breath and smiled again.
- "Smells nice", he said with that rough voice he had when he woke up.
You loved hearing that voice so much, it never failed to make you shiver every time. You really didn't know how to handle his reaction to the kiss. It's like he wanted you to do that, and he was very pleased that you did. You couldn't help but feel very happy as butterflies appeared in your stomach at the idea that he wanted you to kiss him. His eyes were still sleepy and you found him truly adorable as you couldn't refrain a big smile from appearing on your face. He sat up on the bed and stretched again before getting up, his hair really being a complete mess. You sat with him at the table as he was enjoying the breakfast you had prepared for him.
- "So um...", you started, "Why did you need me to wake you up ?"
- "I have something for you", he replied, "I believe you're sick of staying in there, so from now on, I'll be taking you with me."
You immediately felt your heart be filled with joy as you heard that, excitement taking over you.
- "Really ?!"
- "Yeah. You made a lot of progress these last few weeks, and I think I can trust you enough by now. I'm also really impressed at how you manage to become so discreet in so little time."
You blushed as he praised you like that. You couldn't be happier and prouder, feeling like all your efforts finally paid off. He finished eating and got up before opening a closet. He pulled out of it an outfit that looked like his own and you stood up to get a closer look to it.
- "I got it done for you", the dragon said, "That way you can come with me without anyone recognizing you."
He gave you the armor and your looked at it with stars in your eyes. You were beyond happy, it felt like Christmas came early. You immediately started changing, way too happy to try it on and Lance quickly turned around, making you blush as you realized he was indeed, right in front of you. You quickly put on the armor and looked at yourself in the mirror. It was pretty similar to his own, except it was your size and had a little more details. You felt flattered he actually took the time to get it done for you, to include you in his projects. You quickly put on the mask, and understood how he could wear it so much. It was really comfortable, you had no trouble breathing, and you could see way more clearly than you thought you would. It was made to let your hair rest freely on your shoulders, and the overall outfit was really comfortable. It was just feeling more heavy than your usual clothes but that seemed pretty logical.
You turned to look at Lance excitedly and saw he was looking at you with a proud smile on his face. You absolutely loved to be the reason for that smile, it made you feel so valid. You took off the mask again as he put very detailed plans of HQ on the table. You sat back down on your chair and looked at it while Lance was changing to put on his armor. He then joined you and explained to you what the plan was for tonight and you became serious again. He told you that since it's the first time for you, you'll just follow him but after, you'll probably have to go alone while he's somewhere else. He also explained that Leiftan would be the one letting us in tonight and you nodded. The dragon had told you for Leiftan and Chrome, and you couldn't say you weren't shocked. You really didn't expect that from the both of them, but in the end, was it really a surprise that the guard was based on lies ?
You tried to memorize everything he told you, wanting him to be proud of you when you'll be coming back. He showed you on the plans every place in which you could hide in case we happened to run into someone. After you two reviewed all the details, you both went outside, and Lance taught you a few techniques to hide or to neutralize an enemy quickly and efficiently. You smiled as you remembered the time ke knocked out Valkyon with a frying pan... Indeed very efficient.
You continued until it was nighttime and Lance started guiding you in the forest to reach the secret tunnel you had used when leaving the first time. You were nervous but also very excited to finally get some action and happy that Lance trusted you enough for this. You finally reached HQ, and as planned, Leiftan was here to help you out of the secret tunnel.
- "Don't mess around", the blond said, "The guards leaders are still up and drinking in the canteen, you might run into them when going for the food."
- "Oh come on Leiftan, you know I am always serious."
Leiftan looked at him with a bored expression as you stayed behind Lance. They exchanged a few more words before the daemon left without sparing you a glance. It was like you were completely invisible. You didn't say anything about it though, quietly following Lance when he told you to. He was very careful to only walk in dark places and so were you. Adrenaline pumped in your veins as you used everything you've learnt to be as quiet as possible. Lance was keeping you close behind him, always making sure you were following him. You first went into the alchemy room and the dragon told you to just hold the bag while he was searching for what he needed. You obeyed and watched him quietly as he was opening different cabinets, always taking something and putting it in the bag you were holding. He wasn't searching, he knew where was what he was looking for. Obviously it wasn't the first time he stole things from this room so why didn't the guard change the organisation of it ?
But before you could actually ask him about it, you suddenly heard footsteps behind you and without thinking, you immediately pulled Lance with you in one of the hidden spots he had showed you on the plans. You two were barely hidden that somebody entered the room, holding something you had never seen before to have some light. The corner you hid in was way smaller than you thought, and your body ended up being pressed all over Lance's, the bag in between your feet. His hands were on your shoulders and yours rested on his waist where you had grabbed him to hide in the corner.
You felt your cheeks heat up even if you knew it really wasn't the right moment to think about how good it felt to be so close to him. Your heart was pounding as you could feel his chest heave up and down slowly as he breathed silently. He seemed really calm in contrary to you who was all flustered because of your position and also scared to get caught. He probably sensed you agitation, because you suddenly felt his thumb rub your shoulder softly in a comforting manner, and you'd be lying if you said it didn't help you calm down a little. You heard more than you saw the person take something from the room before leaving quickly, closing the door behind them. You didn't dare to move a muscle for a while and Lance didn't move either, probably waiting to see if the person was coming back or not.
After a few minutes that seemed extremely long, you both got out of the corner and the dragon immediately turned to you while you were picking the bag back up.
- "I'm really glad I took you with me", he started, "I don't think I could dream of a better partner, thank you."
Your heart immediately swelled with happiness and pride when you heard this sudden confession. Even if he couldn't see you, a big smile appeared on your face as your heart started beating faster, but for really different reasons than a few minutes ago. You didn't know how to reply but Lance didn't seem to be waiting for an answer as he took the last things you needed.
When he had what he wanted he took your free hand and pulled you out of the room silently. You didn't really understand why did he suddenly took your hand, but you weren't going to complain. You walked to that room where all the food was being kept. You could hear loud laughing coming from the canteen and you listened carefully to make sure no one was ready to come out of the room. Lance let go of your hand, and just like in the alchemy room, you held the bag and he put everything he needed in it.
He was going much faster, visibly not completely serene with having people so close, especially the guard leaders.
And he had good reasons.
Indeed, you didn't hear the vampire approach because of his natural discretion, and you three froze in place when he bumped into you. Nevra opened his eyes wide but was quick to pull out his knife and try to attack you. You didn't have time to react, you just dropped the bag and tried to cover you head with your arms. However, Lance intervened immediately and protected you, brutally throwing the vampire against the wall, almost knocking him out The dragon took the bag from the floor and grabbed your hand before pulling you out of the room.
You two started running through HQ, even if you knew Nevra wasn't following you after he hit the wall so hard. But Lance didn't slow down and soon enough, you were running in the secret tunnel, which suddenly seemed extremely long. Your lungs were starting to burn in exhaustion, but you weren't going to complain. You didn't want to be a burden. So you kept running, even through the forest.
Fortunately, Lance finally let you take a break when arriving at the heart of the forest and you put a hand on your chest, trying to catch you breath as best as you could. You felt like every muscle in your body hurt and your lungs were terribly making you suffer, to the point you could taste blood on your tongue after running so much. You knew you weren't a good runner from the very beginning, but you didn't think you'd be so exhausted after running for quite a while like that.
- "Are you okay ?" worried Lance when he heard you breathe with so much difficulty.
He took off your mask as you put your hands on your knees.
- "Yeah... Yeah... Just... Just give me... A minute", you replied.
He also took off his own mask and he looked around you to make sure no one was about to arrive. It took you a few minutes to finally get a normal breathing back and you started walking again next to Lance, even if your lungs kept hurting and your legs felt like jelly by now. You tried to hide your exhaustion as best as you could, but it was impossible to fool the dragon. And that's why, all of a sudden, he put his hands at the back of your knees and lift your up before carrying you bridal style. You let out a yelp of surprised but didn't dare to complain when you saw Lance's very serious gaze. He was looking forward and you lowered your head, feeling like this was a huge failure after you finally got his trust. You were scared he was disappointed in you and you started making dramatic scenarios in your head, going from him taking back the armor to him throwing you out and abandoning you.
- "I'm sorry..." you ended up saying, on the verge of tears.
He looked at you, surprised.
- "Why are you sorry ?"
- "I'm... I really feel like a burden right now..."
He sighed.
- "Don't feel like that, you're not. I'm the one who should say sorry. After spending so many weeks, barely doing a few steps in a small room, I should've known you would have a hard time running, especially with the armor on. Don't worry, we'll work on that, I'll make sure you improve and have more endurance."
You relaxed slightly in his arms and he seemed like he had read you thoughts.
- "Don't worry, I'm not mad at you..." he continued in a soft voice, "It's not your fault. And I don't think you're less good or anything. I still trust you a lot, and if you hadn't been here today, I would've been in a very difficult position now. I'm thankful to have you, really."
You couldn't hold back your tears anymore at Lance's unexpected softness. You felt so relieved to hear those reassuring words, especially with how exhausted you were at the moment because of all those intense feelings and exercise you did since you had to wake Lance up. Lance wasn't the type to talk about his feelings, and hear him say that truly resonated in your heart. You laid your head on his chest, finally feeling like you could rest a little.
He said he was thankful to have you, but you couldn't put into words how grateful you were to him for agreeing to take you with him that day.
It could sound strange when you knew his personality, but you felt safe with him.
Maybe... Maybe if you could stay with him, you didn't mind staying in Eldarya all that much.
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goddess-of-green · a day ago
Can you do a neko! reader x Tobi smut? Tobi finds out that reader tail is sensitive and it ends up to some soft fucking? And in the end Obito reveals his voice saying that he loves her?? - 💦
This gives me flashbacks to my Wattpad days
Warnings: Language, NSFW, unprotected sex, Nekophilia
Tumblr media
You were laying with Tobi on the couch of the Akatsuki base, just being lazy and enjoying each other's presence since neither of you had missions that day.
Tobi giggled as he ran his hands over your soft ears, they were just one of your quirks and he loved that about you. How unique and beautiful you were.
You leaned into Tobi's touch with your eyes closed, very relaxed and on the verge of dozing as you laid against Tobi's warm body.
Tobi giggled again, moving his hand down to stroke your hair before he let his eyes fall to...another part of your anatomy.
I wonder if she likes being pet there too?
Wordlessly, Tobi let his hand fall to your tail, wrapping around it and stroking it lightly.
Tobi flinched as you squeaked, your eyes flying open as your tail twitched out of his grasp.
Thinking that he had hurt you in some way, Tobi immediately threw his hands up. "S-Sorry, Y/N-Chan! Tobi just wanted to see if Y/N-Chan liked tail pats too! H-He didn't mean to hurt you!" Tobi exclaimed in defense.
After a few seconds, your posture relaxed, realizing his intentions were...unintentional.
" didn't hurt me." You said quietly, scooting back closer to him as he tilted his head.
"W-What? But Y/N-Chan yelled..?" Tobi sounded confused, and you smiled slightly at his ignorance.
"I-I'm just really sensitive there, Tobi. It didn't hurt, I just wasn't...prepared for you grabbing it so suddenly." You explained, blushing as you wondered whether or not he'd get the implications.
It seemed that he did, as after a few seconds, he started giggling darkly.
Wait, giggling darkly-?
"'re saying that Y/N-Chan does like it when Tobi touches her there~?" Tobi said, all but leering.
Eyes widening at where this was going, you raised your hands up defensively, "W-Well, I-I-"
"Say no more, Y/N-Chan!" Tobi exclaimed, jumping up and scooping you into his arms, "Tobi will make Y/N-Chan feel better than ever~!"
Now blushing wildly, you sputtered in protest as Tobi carried you to your bedroom.
Locking the door behind him, Tobi plopped you down onto the soft mattress before you could do anything about it.
And then Tobi was on you.
Tobi's mask was tilted up as he kissed down your neck, relishing in your soft and flustered sounds as he went.
"T-Tobi..." You sighed, your eyes glazing over as his hands traced your hips.
After he was satisfied with the marks left on your neck, Tobi's thumbs hooked under the waistband of your shorts.
"Just to make sure...Y/N-Chan is okay with this, right?" Tobi murmured against your lips, tugging on your shorts to accentuate his point.
You turned your head to the side, blushing at the fact that he was making you say it.
After a moment, you huffed. "Y-Yes, Tobi...please keep going...i-it feels good..." Your face flushed, the pink hue of your cheeks giving away your embarrassment.
Tobi giggled and kissed your pink cheek, "Good~"
Pulling off your shorts and underwear, and making sure to brush your tail as he did so, Tobi relished in your moan as he admired your now bare lower half.
You blushed at Tobi's blatant staring, but you weren't able to think on it any longer as he started touching you.
The sudden stimulation of Tobi's fingers against your wet slit and your tail had you whining as you bucked into Tobi's hand.
Tobi's eye darkened with lust as he watched you, an undeniable hard on starting to strain against his pants.
Suddenly, Tobi applied more pressure on your sex, and you couldn't stop the long keen that escaped you as he crooked his fingers just right.
Tobi leaned down to lock lips with you again, continuing his ministrations on your clit and swallowing your moans as he started to rub himself against you.
Tobi kept going until you were so turned on, he could feel your arousal through his gloves, and with his own erection pressing insistently against his pants, he decided he couldn't wait anymore.
Breaking away from your lips, Tobi pulled his gloves off, and he didn't resist the urge to bring a hand up to one of your soft ears as he spoke, "Y/ ready for Tobi?"
Lips puffy and eyes glazed over, you were in way too deep to deny him now.
"Mn, yes Tobi...Please.." You moaned, leaning into him as he stroked behind your ear.
Smiling at how beautiful you never failed to be, Tobi didn't waste anymore time after you gave your consent.
He pulled your shirt off without another word, and he might have blushed at the fact that you weren't wearing a bra if he wasn't so turned on.
Tobi leaned down to capture one of your nipples in his mouth, flicking his tongue over it lightly as he used his other hand to release his hard cock from his increasingly tight pants.
You moaned as you felt him rub his cock against your wet slit, popping his mouth off your nipple after a moment to line himself up.
Finally pushing his weeping head into your cunt, Tobi groaned as your tight heat enveloped him, sliding in the rest of the way and growing harder as you moaned out his name.
The feeling of Tobi's cock catching and dragging against your walls as he started thrusting inside you had your eyes rolling back in your head, Tobi's name slipping from your mouth as pleasure started to overwhelm your senses.
Slowing his thrusts slightly, Tobi wrapped his arms around you and brought you up to straddle him, his cock still hard inside you as he fucked you sensually.
Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you tucked your face into Tobi's neck, your soft ears tickling his jaw as you moaned and whined for him.
Moaning at the feeling of you wrapped around him, you keening and whining as he fucked your tight little cunt, Tobi felt himself getting close embarrassingly quickly as he tried to slow his pace.
"F-Fuck, Y/N-Chan~ Your- You make Tobi feels so good~" He groaned, his hands falling to your hips as he guided you against him.
You moaned at Tobi's praise, lifting your head up to ask him for a kiss. But Tobi was ahead of you, pressing his lips against yours before you could even get your mouth all the way open.
Feeling that tight feeling coiling in your tummy, you knew it wouldn't be long before you came.
Though not knowing Tobi was close as he was, you whined, trying desperately to hold out as Tobi's hips moved against yours, rutting into you unforgivingly.
"F-F-Fuck, Tobi~ m' gonna cum! m' gonna cum!" You cried, clinging to Tobi as you lost the last of your control.
"Mn, fuck~" Tobi groaned, your crying out his name and clenching around him pushing him over the edge along with you.
You sighed shakily, your tail twitching as you clenched around Tobi's cock, his hot seed spurting into you and his hands so tight on your hips it was almost bruising.
Pulling out of you after a few moments, you both moaned slightly.
Tobi leaned in to kiss you and nuzzle your cheek before pulling his mask back down. "Ne~ let's get cleaned up, okay Y/N-Chan? And then we can take a nice, long, nap~"
You smiled slightly, leaning into Tobi and nodding into his chest as he hummed. "That sounds lovely, Tobi..."
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misc-headcanons · a day ago
Omg, your inbox is open! It's been so long since I submitted, can you do some cutsie relationship domestic relationship headcanons between Tatsumaki, Seras Victoria and Fubuki and their boyfriends!!! Please and thank you!
Very nonchalant about introducing her boyfriend to others. Like if a fellow high ranking Hero asked who the guy following her was, she'd just go "Oh, my boyfriend. Anyway, why are you talking to me?" She doesn't get why everyone is so shocked at her having one, except for them thinking her standards are impossibly high so it's amazing she found someone who met them. But she knows ____'s great and nobody else has to "get it" except for her.
She gets bored easily during mission briefings and other meetings she has to go to as a Hero, so she'll just randomly talk to her ____ telepathically. Sort of like when your s/o sends you a bored text at work, but it's their voice directly in your head!
She tends to do that more often than talking directly. She doesn't like anyone hearing what she wants to say to him EXCEPT for him, so she'll just say it using her powers.
Because she's so petite, she'll typically just use her powers to reach for stuff she can't reach. If her boyfriend gets it for her before she can though, she gets all pink-cheeked and flustered while insisting she could've gotten it herself.
She doesn't hold hands unless they're both in private (she hates the way other people fawn over the two of them and call it cute; even if they just think it, she can still hear them), and her main forms of affection are leaning against them or having an arm on their back or something. If they don't have powers, she'll make them float around with her while they cuddle at home.
Tumblr media
She's a fashion icon and she loves coordinated couples' outfits SO much. Nothing tacky like matching cutesy t-shirts or something, but she'd make sure they have a lot of dark green in their wardrobe to go with her trademark dress. She likes taking her boyfriend shopping to get him outfits, but she always insists that EVERYTHING looks good on them so they always come home with a lot of stuff.
Her tone instantly changes whenever she's talking to them. Like she's usually very cold/calm and haughty, but the instant she addresses her boyfriend she'll be subtly sweet and warm.
She's the type to send messages (through text or telepathically) every day asking how they're doing. She's protective of any s/o she has, especially if they don't have abilities as strong as hers (or any at all).
Sometimes she'll try cute dating and romantic tips from websites or magazines since she isn't really used to this sort of thing. Like she'd get some shades of lipstick to see which one she wants to wear in the morning, and coyly ask if she could test to see how they looked on ____'s skin by kissing them with each shade...but she gets so flustered that she's stammering out the question and blushes like crazy, lol.
Unlike her sister, she has no problems being affectionate in public. Anyone who stares at her holding her boyfriend's hand or leaning against his shoulder isn't her. She'd appreciate if they weren't too lovey-dovey or "sensual" when she's meeting with a superior Hero or the higher ranking Association members though, just because she doesn't want to be seen getting so red-faced and cute.
Tumblr media
She always brings an umbrella with her on dates during the day, just because she dislikes the feeling of the sun on her skin. She's powerful enough that it won't kill her, but the itch is annoying. If her boyfriend tried to help as best as he could by putting sunscreen on her, she'd think it was so sweet. It probably won't do much but still, he's so caring and cute...
Always gets embarassed when Alucard calls her s/o her "mate." Even if she's a vampire, she prefers more human terms to describe her boyfriend. There's more to them than just mating, you know!
Always sounds British as fuck when using affectionate names for him. Like idk where she's from in terms of regional parts of the UK but still. When she calls him "love", it's "luv". When she calls him "honey", it's "hun." And if she's from the Midlands she'd def use "duck" or "me duck" as a nickname whenever they're alone together.
Even if she doesn't need to eat food anymore, she still likes cooking with her boyfriend. It's a nice little domestic thing that reminds her that there IS some trace of humanity in her, even when she thinks she's nothing but a monster sometimes. Typically she'll pour a glass of blood for herself to go with whatever they're eating, but apart from that it feels just like any other loving couple having dinner together.
Tumblr media
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itsjackywrites · 2 days ago
Incorrect hxh
Ft y/n
Chrollo: what are you up to?
Y/n: none of your business Chrollo.
Y/n: talking myself up. i'm going on a big mission with the boyz
*3 hours later*
Paku, on the phone with Chrollo: yeah y/n lost an arm.
Y/n, moving around while machi is trying to sew the arm back on: Y'ALL LOOK NO HANDS.
Y/n: What do you think Killua?
Killua, not paying attention: uuuhhhh.
Killua: I agree with Gon.
Y/n: Killua...
Y/n: Killua, Gon isn't even here.
Leorio: man i fucking hate tonpa.
Kurapika: Leorio language, y/n is here.
Leorio: Oh yeah my bad.
Leorio: Man i fucking hate *covers y/n's ears* tonpa.
Illumi: okay first of all, you weren't allowed to have friends. Second, couldn't you really have chosen a better one.
Killua: i ask myself that same question everyday.
Y/n, doing just dance in the middle of the zoldyck mansion: HE WAS BIG AND STRONG IN HIS EYES A FLAMING GLOW.
Bisky: I only had y/n for a day, but if anything happens to them, i would kill everyone in this room and then myself.
Shalnark: you can't get everyone to like you. You're not y/n.
Machi: Not everyone likes y/n-
Shalnark: Who?
Machi: Well just not everyone lik-
Shalnark: i heard you. I need names right now.
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mischiefsemimanaged · 2 days ago
Mornings after a mission
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x female!Reader
Warnings: nothing, could be interpreted as implied smut but it doesn't have to be
Words: 1194
a/n: This is for @omgrachwrites 1k follower celebration! I chose the prompt "Stop moving and let me braid your hair!" Check it out; this girl rules! And thanks for the love on the last post!!
Russian is google translate, so my apologies. Feel free to leave a correction if this is wrong!
милый= darling
дорогой= sweetheart
It was the morning after a mission. You had gotten back late last night, and with the debriefing and how gross you felt, you hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Nat. You had recently started dating, and while you weren't to the point of sleeping together, you usually talked to her before bed and gave her a kiss. Stretching (and wincing when you realized how sore you were), you got up in search of Nat and maybe, breakfast.
In the kitchen of the common floor, Nat was feeling guilty. The mission had been rough. You had gotten hit pretty good by a couple of agents, and she had been busy trying to get to the hard drive, so she hadn't been able to check on you. She knew you were tough; it wasn't about that. Nat wasn't used to this feeling, the way she felt about you. She had fallen head over heels for the newest avenger, this girl fresh out of the SHIELD academy, the one who bounced on the balls of her feet when shown a new weapon. You were pure, something Nat wasn't used to. So here she was, attempting to make your favorite breakfast, planning out a day with you.
You shuffled into the kitchen, yawning. You were so focused on getting coffee that you hadn't noticed your girlfriend standing at the stove. What you did notice was your coffee, made the way you liked, set in your favorite mug, already on the counter. Looking up, you grinned.
"Nat! Thank you, my saviour!" you gushed dramatically.
"You're welcome, I wasn't able to check on you last night, милый, so I'm making up for it." she replied, snorting a little at your theatrics.
"There isn't anything to make up for! I didn't come to see you either! And check up on me? I'm a big girl, I'm fine!"
"Too bad, I'm spending the day with you. We're doing the dorky couple stuff, movie, dinner, whatever you want." Nat answered, ignoring your protest at her checking up on you.
"Whatever I want? I've got some thinking to do." you considered your options.
"Whatever you want, дорогой."
"Okay, first I want you to not burn the tower down trying to make... that." you told her, scrunching your nose up at the smell of burning.
Natasha whipped around, groaning at the burnt mess she had created. Scraping away what was meant to be a nice breakfast, she was grateful for her forethought to have a backup. Slipping away to her room (the greatest hiding spot, no one went into her room), she returned quickly, proudly holding a box of donuts from that little place down the road from the tower. You smiled and took your favorite from the box, happily eating.
"Donuts! Thanks, Red!" Tony exclaimed, walking in, much too peppy for this early and going for the box.
"Nope!" Nat answered, swiping it before Tony could get it, "These are for y/n."
"Come on! This is my tower, share the donuts!" he argued, a pout forming on his face.
Grinning at the exchange, you passed Tony a donut. Though Nat groaned outwardly at the action, inside, she was beaming. This was why she loved you. You were so kind to everyone. She expected this to happen, which was why there were more donuts stashed away. She retrieved them and set them on the counter as more avengers filled the common room. After a few minutes of quiet, filled with the sounds of eating and the occasional groan, Tony suddenly spoke up.
"So why does y/n get donuts? We were all on that mission!"
"Because y/n's her girl, that's what you do." Steve answered.
"That's right! We're spending the day together doing that coupley stuff so don't you dare call me down to the lab because you accidentally blew yourself up! Call dum-E.," you told Tony.
"Ooh, Red and y/n/n are going to be gross today. Thanks for the warning." Tony snarked back. "And I certainly will not call Dum-E. I like the building intact.
Nat shook her head, a fond smile on her lips. The rest of breakfast was filled with similar exchanges. You and Tony could go head to head for hours. You were the only one on the team that could match Tony without ending up in a snit for hours afterward, a trait Natasha and the rest of the team admired.
Soon the group dispersed. With a day off, the team had the freedom to do whatever they pleased. When you and Nat were the only ones left, you both started on cleaning up. After a few minutes of comfortable silence, you started talking.
"So let's definitely watch a movie. Maybe one of those silly rom-coms, and then we can go out for lunch. That can be your choice because I am not deciding everything we do. After that, we'll change into pajamas and do absolutely nothing. Take-out for dinner in one of our rooms if we want to be alone, or we can see what the rest of the team is doing."
"Sounds good, дорогой. But for lunch let's just go for a walk until we spot something that we want. Just a nice casual day." Nat replied.
With a plan in place, you finished cleaning up the mess that the Avengers tended to leave when eating and made your way to the movie room. Snuggled up next to Nat, you put on some cheesy movie and relaxed. An hour into it, you got bored; after all, you were used to being busy. You brightened up as you got an idea.
"Tasha, can I braid your hair? My hands need to do something." you whined at her.
This was a pretty big request. Natasha was quite proud of her hair. It was always perfect, something you were quite jealous of. You expected her to say no, for her to take your hands and lay back, but Natasha Romanoff was full of surprises.
Natasha shifted a little so you could reach her hair. You thanked her repeatedly as you got to work making the perfect Dutch braid. Nat sat still for a few minutes, watching as the man on the screen made some declaration to a girl who was not interested. Soon though, she reached a hand behind her and stroked whatever part of you she could reach. Soon that progressed to her snuggling closer. Finally, she turned her head to try and kiss you.
"Nat stop moving and let me braid your hair!" you complained, but your laughter and smile betrayed you.
Utilizing her skills, she wiggled out of your hold without pulling her hair and grabbed you. Pulling you close, she started kissing you, anywhere she could reach. You soon did the same. The two of you were delighted, close to each other, until...
"Oh come on! When I said you guys were being gross, I meant, like being cheesy and giving me cavities. Cavities not nausea!" Tony exclaimed, interrupting your moment.
Nat stuck her middle finger at him, pulling you up off the couch and into her bedroom.
You never did finish that braid.
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aboyandhisstarship · 2 days ago
Anyone left down there now is on there own. Repeat, if you weren't already, you are now fucked"
Gwen day was truly awful, I mean she had some rough days before, but this was on a new level.  she wondered aloud “is it even the same day.” as she crept along holding a crowbar like it was the most valuable thing in the world. 
she shuddered a resonance cascade! that should only be theoretical, but well there was nothing theoretical about the aliens invading Black Mesa...were they even technically aliens, I mean they are from another dimension...meaning these “aliens” could just be humans from a widely different timeline...wait that's another realty not dimension...damn it she was making the classic Hollywood mistake she must be tired.
just then a man rounded a corner, he was carrying a submachine gun, pistol knife and a pipe wrench, for some reason. he was wearing urban camouflage a Powered combat vest, gasmask and a helmet. on his left sleeve was the American flag, and on his right was a black patch with two coloured lines moving diagonal over it, with the letters HECU underneath. 
But Gwen did not see all this at least until after she had already swung crowbar letting out a battle cry “HAAAAAAAAAA!” 
the crowbar hit the HECU helmet with a *ping* and he stumbled lifting up his weapon for a second before seeing it was an scientist and lowering his weapon “easy.”  the flittered voice said from underneath the gasmask. 
Gwen still held the crowbar in her shaking hands ready to make another swing. the HECU carefully removed the magazine from his weapon and lifted up his gasmask so she could see his face “hey there, my name is David, and see look I’m friendly.” 
Gwen glared “not from what I have been told.” 
David looked dumfounded “what do you mean?” 
Gwen gestured “that you lot are the worst rescue team ever!” 
David looked hurt “ouch, I mean aliens certainly complicit things, but I have been doing my best to help any personal I see.” 
Gwen glared “so does killing everyone to “silence the facility I bet that complicates your rescue mission” 
David blinked “your joking?” 
Gwen laughed sarcastically “yea I hit you with my crowbar on sight because I’m such a godman joker!” 
David answered seriously “Well, I don't know what the hell those guys are doing, but my standing orders are to ensure the safety of civilian personal, and even if they did order me to kill a bunch of unarmed people, I would be forced to refuse the order and report the officer who gave it to the power that plane was shot down before they could give my squad there orders...damn they really are ordering a cover up.” 
Gwen looked at him “you really didn't  know?” 
David smiled “at the risk of hurting my case, if I wanted to shoot you I would have done it already Doctor...?” 
Gwen reached out “Santos, my friends call me Gwen.” 
David grinned “nice to meet you Gwen, don't worry everything is going to be fine.” 
Gwen grumbled “why did you say that.”
David lowered his mask back over his face “jeez aren't you a bit superstitious  for a scientist.” 
just then David's vest radio crackled to life “Forgot about Freeman! we are cutting our losses and pulling out!  Anyone left down there now is on there own. Repeat, if you weren't already, you are now Fucked!"
David looked down as Gwen said simply “well shit.”  as Black Mesa rocked as the bombing started. 
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cc-2020 · 2 days ago
How do you think Cody reacted when Rex told him that Fox shot Fives? (And would Cody believe Fox if he says that he didn't know how it happened?)
ready for my thoughts? let's go:
first of all: i truly believe that fox knew what he was doing. they weren't looking for a mere drug dealer or something, as far as fox knew, fives tried assassinating the chancellor. he saw fives capturing a jedi and a clone captain, grasping for a blaster the moment fox and his men appeared and fox still said don't do it don't do it but fives took that blaster and honestly, fox reacted according to the situation. it just doesn't mean he's happy about it
rex doesn't tell cody about fives, because his mind is full as it is, trying to understand that fives is actually dead, thinking about fives' theories about organic chips - there is no room left to think about telling cody
cody figures it out by himself. he checks the crew for the upcoming mission of the 212th and the 501st and at first he just skips through his brothers' names until- wait why isn't fives on that list?
so he obviously checks his status, just to see deceased written right next to it. he tries reaching rex via comm, but no one answers
so he digs a little deeper and ends up reading about the whole affair - reading about how fives captured anakin and rex and how fox shot fives
but here's the thing: cody NEVER blames fox for fives' death. cody's the marshal commander, he has to make ugly decisions on a regular basis, he KNOWS that feeling of making a terrible decision and he KNOWS fox. he knows that his brother doesn't go around shooting fellow brothers because he has a bad day
and here's the other thing: cody knows that rex is struggling, but he still decides to check on fox first
and it's good that way because even though fox reacted according to the situation, fox still shot a brother and he takes it hard. he told fives to not take the damn blaster but in the end, fox had to make a decision
so cody stays for a while. they talk and talk until fox calms down, far from happy but at least a bit more stable now. and fox asks cody about fives because he truly wants to know who fives was
if you ask me, i highly doubt that cody would be angry at fox. he would be concerned and observant and absolutely willing to gather as much information as possible before drawing any conclusions. i do believe that cody was deeply shocked upon hearing the news of fives' death, but he would never blame fox for it. i also believe that cody's faith in fives remains untouched - cody's a strategic man, he understands that people have certain perspectives and beliefs that make them act in a certain way. he knows that both fives and fox believed that they were doing the right thing. it doesn't necessarily mean that cody believes it, but they did so and that is enough for cody
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mischiefsemimanaged · 2 days ago
"Is that my shirt?" "You mean our shirt?"
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: mentions of injury
Words: 392
a/n: Hey y'all this is my first time publishing my writing here so be sure to leave some feedback. This is being written at midnight because my body decided to be mean, so I'm sure I'll need it. This is for @omgrachwrites' 1k follower celebration, congratulations girlie!
You dug through Steve's dresser, trying not to make too much noise, though there was no reason to worry. You were the only one left in the tower; everyone else had gone on a mission and weren't expected back until the next evening. Your leg had been burned badly in an explosion during the last mission, keeping you benched.
It had taken you three hours to convince Steve that you would be fine on your own. The man was a mother hen. Eventually, with some gentle threatening from Natasha, he had agreed.
You now regretted encouraging him to go. Nightmares filled your sleep, waking you up drenched in a cold sweat. You missed Steve; he was a teddy bear and security blanket wrapped in one.
This led you to your current mission, stealing one of Steve's ridiculously comfortable shirts. Tight on Steve, they dwarfed you, making them perfect for sleeping in.
Finally, you found the shirt you were looking for. It was one of Steve's favorites, the one you had custom-made for him. The shirt was navy blue and read, "Just a kid from Brooklyn". Steve had grinned when he read it and now wore it constantly around the compound.
Smiling fondly at the memory, you slipped off your pajamas and replaced it with the shirt. You felt the tension in your body drip away as you realized it still smelled like him too. Contently, you crawled into the bed and fell asleep.
7 hours later, Steve hummed happily as he made his way to his room after the debriefing. The mission had taken much less time than anticipated, allowing him to spend the day with you. He reached his room and opened the door softly, expecting you to still be sleeping.
There you were, lying sprawled across the bed, hair a mess and mouth open. Steve quickly removed his clothing and got into bed, pulling you into him gently. You woke up immediately and promptly rolled over and kissed his cheek happily.
"You're back early," you remarked.
"Yeah intel overestimated the amount of agents they'd have and..." he answered before pausing and taking a look at you, "Is that my shirt?"
"You mean our shirt?"
"Oh now it's shared?" he asked, a smile on his lips.
"Yep, I'll draw up a custody agreement in the morning. Now, we're going to sleep."
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writing-shroom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“I’d rather fight an upper moon”
Pairing: A. Zenitsu x Reader
Summary: When you're the tsuguko of the water pillar, people immediately assume that you can swim or at least you like being in the water in general. So imagine their surprise when you absolutely refuse to even step foot in the ocean.
Words: 1,7K words
Warnings: Mentions about drowning and panic attacks. Minor talk about death but it’s only an offhanded comment. Minor Inosuke slander but it's a joke i swear.
Female reader!
a/n: I’m doing good thank you for asking anon! Thanks for the ask btw i was waiting for my next one, hope you don’t mind the stuff i added to the story!
−○❖○❧ •❁※❁• ☙○❖○−
It was a miracle you even became Giyuu’s tsuguko, it took a lot of pestering on you part and a lot of annoyance on his
But at the end of the day you didn’t regret it one bit, sure the training was gruelling some days but all to become a stronger slayer right?
The best outcome however, was meeting your sweet blond boyfriend
Oyakata-sama had paired you both on the same mission, since not only did your breathing style compliment each other, it was also good experience for the lower levelled slayer
At first you were slightly miffed with him, with the constant whining and asking your hand marriage and all that. But you can't deny that he did look pretty cute.
Zenitsu on the other hand was whipped
You looked so pretty?? He didn't even know someone could look that pretty in the uniforms every slayer had to wear
It was only when you actually watch him slay the demon that you actually stopped seeing him just as a whiny kid, maybe he did have some potential after all
So you sucked it up and tried to make small talk on your way to the butterfly estate, though it mostly consisted of you and him bickering on who actually killed the demon. Boy was so sure that you did it, no way he could have done it and you were soo cool so it had to been you.
After spending your time healing at the butterfly estate bonding with him and the other two boys he introduced as his friends, it was not surprising to see that Zenitsu had developed a huge small crush on you
Obviously the next step is asking you on a date, no one at the estate bat an eye at his confession and hand filled with flowers. What did surprise them was the fact that you said yes.
Zenitsu himself had to blink twice before realising that oh my god you actually said yes, this hasn't happened before what do I do next??
But after getting over his initial shock he immediately latched on to you
You said yes so there's no going back now, you're stuck with him clinging to you forever now
It wasn't so bad really
Things were just going jusssttt fine
That was until,,,
So there was this one time where after you and the whole squad finished a mission, and there just so happened an open ocean a few paces away
Everyone wasn't too badly injured, considering that the mission was pretty easy, so they immediately jumped at the idea of swimming
How bad could it be? A nice relaxing swim in the ocean after a mission, sounds like a luxury to the others
So as Inosuke pulled Tanjiro into the ocean, Nezuko crawled out from her box and sat on the sand. Making a little sand castle, with pieces of broken seashells as decoration. How cute.
Your boyfriend excitedly pulled on your hand, swimming with his gorgeous girlfriend as the sun rose? Sign him right up.
It wasn't until he realised you weren't moving that he realised something was off, no matter how hard he tugged on your arm
He nearly swooned over how strong you were but he noticed how pale your face became
That- that was not normal
Zenitsu tried waving a hand in front your face to snap you out of it, but you kept staring at the ocean like it was an upper moon
"(Y/N)? Are you okay?"
It was there that he found out your fear of the ocean, there was a reason why you couldn't learn deep calm after all
You just hated how it looked like open ocean whenever you would use it, so you simply stopped
Giyuu understood so he never forced you to master it, but no one ever questioned you about it
So your fear of the ocean remained unknown by most, that included your boyfriend
And so he was rightfully concerned when you suddenly starting screaming when Inosuke came along and tried to throw you in the ocean, you nailed a good punch on his face as well
So now with you sitting as far from the beach as possible, and Inosuke's black eye, Zenitsu was torn between yelling at Inosuke for making you panic so much or comforting you instead
But seeing that Nezuko was currently keeping you company, he decided on the first option instead
Meanwhile Nezuko, the sweet bean that she was, was curruntly patting your head to calm you down
She got very concerned when you ran away as far away as possible and curled into ball, and she got even more concerned when you starting hyperventilating
Good thing Tanjiro was there to help, he saw you were going through the first stages of a panic attack, and quickly stopped the fight brewing between Inosuke and Zenitsu
After shooing away the rest of the gang, he did his best to calm you down. He's a little bit clueless on what to do but bby's trying okay
Depending on how you deal with panic attacks he would either help keep you grounded by continously talking about the numorous things he loved about you and all your little quirks that he loved, or instead he would cuddle you and hold you tight while you calmed down
He wouldn't mind doing either, and was glad to sit down and talk about your fear with the ocean.
From then on he kept you away from the ocean as much as possible
He wasn't going to force you to get over your fear just for a nice swim, he cared about you too much for that
But if you turned to him to help you get over your fear then he would gladly help, although he may need a bit of guidence from you or Tanjiro
Overall, he's a very sweet and doting boyfriend as expected from Zenitsu
He's very caring of you as well, maybe even bordering on over-protective when it comes to your fear of the ocean
As in, until he knows your ready to face it, then he will not let you go near any body of deep water that would trigger your panic attacks
One time Inosuke questioned your fear of the ocean, nearly calling you a coward if not for the seething rage that is Zenitsu, but with a little bit of gentle encouragement (mosty from Tanjiro and Zenitsu) you opened up about it
What really made you fear the ocean is not only the looming fear of the deep dark waters
But for some reason, your dear elder cousin thought it was a good idea to tell you of how one of your ancestors drowned in the ocean once
Ever since you dreaded going any where near it, just thinking about it made your spince tingle and your mouth go dry
None of the squad really judged you for it, not after you punched Inosuke's eye out that one time, so you can count on your friends to be there
Sometimes, if you were okay with it of course, they would ask questions it was mostly Inosuke asking them
But Zenitsu would ask some too, just to make sure then if something happens then he wouldn't be a clueless idiot
The questions were mostly, "Why are you so scared? It's just the ocean" those were the ones coming from Inosuke
To which you responded with, "I'd rather fight an upper moon"
The gang knew not to bring it up again, because they know for certain that you would actually fight an upper moon then step foot in the ocean if given the option
And they weren't going to let that happen any time soon
But other questions included, "What kind of fear is it? Is it like you can't move fear or wanting to run away fear?" "What do you feel when it happens (Y/N), do you feel faint or sick?"
None really completely rude of course, they were coming from a good place after all, and they knew not to push your buttons
Inosuke learned that the hard way, and the others didn't really need an example to the learn the lesson too
But one day someone, just a random slayer that discovered your fear of the ocean asked, "How do you train under the water pillar of all people? You would be a terrible tsuguko then if your scared"
To which you responded once again, by beating their ass
In all fairness, the only breathing form that your fear prevented you from learning was the final form that Giyuu created
The endless water that surrounded you when you did it was just too much, but your mentor understood and never forced you to learn it
And you were still a force to be reckoned with, even if you can't master all of the forms
There wasn't a legitement reason to why you stuck with that, it was simply the most comfortable one for you to learn
You've tried learning other breaths before but none of them stuck, and so now here you were the tsuguko of the water pillar
If you want to get over your fear however, they would be very supprotive and help in their own way
Inosuke tries bringing some seashells or pretty things he finds after swiming, to maybe hopefully show you that the ocean isn't so bad
Tanjiro and Nezuko, those sweethearts, try slowly bringing you closer and closer to the edge of the beach over some time. Never really forcing you to move closer but always encouraging when you do
And then there's your boyfriend
Zenitsu, that darling, was the most important factor in you getting over your fear
He not only was the one to calm you down during your panic attacks, but he was also the most encouraging
Every small achievement you made he would celebrate it to no end
You moved a step closer to the ocean? Damn you are such a goddess, how did he manage to date you again? Endless compliments
You manage to stand at the edge of the water? He'll get you any snack you want, just ask and you shall recieve
At the end, no matter if you actively try to get over your fear or not, you'll always have your friends and your doting boyfriend to cheer you on
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hi peoples, im blood with tea in the breakfast and im back, not that this is good, but anyway, I think I have more to say, it is good to write here, although I wanted more people to read some of my writings (not the ones on tumblr are just fictitious passages that are much like one from a book ) I thought about giving up and blowing everything up hahaha but I think I entered a new mission in this utopian world full of pain, it is a good mission, I promise not to cry ps: if people cry, it was not the intention, but if necessary, do what, it's life isn't it. Are we just not ready? or do people charge too much? are our dreams too difficult? Of course they are, if they weren't, dreams would be like buying bread, but it requires preparation, empathy, and a good deal of neurons. hey man let's talk about fun, today i studied chemistry, how about you? well in my utopian world I just slept and disconnected, I can't help that everything that happens in my life affects me like this, no more, I have to be strong and move forward in my mission, accompanied by my cat, and God; I don't know when I'm going back, I know that nobody will read the passages, ps: it saddens me. but it’s what we have for today, even.
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