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#you weren’t my mission
bionicbarnes · a month ago
hi! been working on chapters 3 + 4, but am goin thru finals + a breakup so it’s takin me a bit longer than expected :[ hoping to have them up in the next few days, tho!
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an-b-u · a month ago
i mean people BADLY mischaracterise kiba all the time and i’ll be honest, I started to believe some things were actually canon but i’ve been re-watching bits of Naruto here and there and the mischaracterising is way way way worse than I realised. Kiba is actually well-mannered, respectful, and cares very deeply for his family and friends and teammates.
He’s really focused on missions, even if he has a tendency to act rashly (he’s 12... 12 year olds are just Like That sometimes) and has a mature understanding of in-mission leadership (in the Sasuke retrieval mission, Naruto starts to say what they should do and Kiba tells him it’s up to Shikamaru- the team leader - which is smart! if they dissolve into an argument or just let people run off and do whatever they want it puts the entire team in danger!! Kiba seems to be aware of that).
He’s really good at map reading, has a very good sense of direction and even has enough knowledge of medicinal plants to create a paste for his and akamaru’s wounds after his fight with Ukon and Sakon - and this is all as a Genin.
He’s just a really caring person and he doesn’t like to put others in danger. He seems to me like he’s the Mum Friend but in denial. he’s loud and mean to cover up that he cares very deeply!!!!!!!!
What I loved most about the Sasuke Retrieval Arc is that we got to see how absolutely badass Kiba is and how absolute his resolve can be, and his unstoppable determination. He was facing down extraordinarily strong opponents and didn’t back down once. He stabbed himself twice in the stomach, literally dug it around in the wound to kill both himself and Ukon... and when he ended up surviving it he didn’t mess around at all, setting up diversions in seconds to distract Ukon so he could get away and actually dress his wounds.
He’s not “just Naruto but with a dog” that I see all the time, or incapable or useless or weak. He’s resourceful and strong and really fucking interesting.
#ukon: i win motherfucker#kiba: (john cena voice) are you sure about that#no but kiba was done so dirty#ugh he was an awesome character and you know the ground work was sort of just... laid out ready to go#ready to turn kiba into a very very capable very very scary shinobi#and then kishi said no ❤️#what was the REASON#this is just a ramble hope it makes sense#anyway kiba deserved so much better#that sasuke rescue mission shook me to my CORE on the rewatch#like rewatching this as a 21 year old is a different experience#kiba is so fearless#even when sakon and ukon track him down after he escapes he literally SMILES as they’re about to kill him#HELLO#it’s that the kind of insane capabilities and resolve you want in your little murder village??????????#I know the fillers aren’t canon but it’s not like the characters are that ooc or anything and there’s this bit where kiba tells akamaru not#to eat the food off this plate bc they weren’t given permission to eat#he’s the sweetest boy and i want to adopt him#also his cares about hinata SO MUCH!#he’s always so concerned about her well-being and shino’s too of course#but team 8 are literally the best team#they love each other so much they’re like a little family IM-#okay this got so ranty lol#kiba inuzuka#kiba#also i haven’t watched shippuden in a million years but... i know in my heart it’s going to disappoint me..... kiba i am so sorry honey#also listen. yes kiba is stupid but he IS smart#he can be both he has the range#only real kiba stans get me#jack’s post
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deus-ex-moshina · 2 months ago
your sambucky fic? the only sambucky fic I have any interest in
Well. Thank you for indulging me, and now that I know I have an audience, I WILL abuse this power and start being as insufferable as possible. Here’s another galaxy-brained idea that I just came up with/is absolutely going to be one of the important plot points in The Bro Code, my completely normal Sambucky fanfic:
Bucky ends up having to wear prescription glasses because his “staring problem” has finally started to take a toll on him. He couldn’t stop staring at Sam when they go on missions together/Sam is always in the sky/even his super soldier healing couldn’t save him from the consequences of. Staring directly and unblinking into the sun for 7 hours a day 4 days a week. And this of course leads to Sam seeing him in these nerdy oversized black frame glasses one day, and internally going Oh no he’s CUTE
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moved-to-void-kissed · 4 months ago
Sorry I haven’t really been around much recently. suffice it to say there’s been a lot going on
However, when I was trying to relax earlier, I found out something interesting: XC2 can spoil its own later locations
Perun asked to go to the area where her Heart-to-Heart takes place, which is deep within a location that cannot be accessed until Chapter 7. ..but I’ve only just started Chapter 6, and this is a separate Switch profile so it’s not like it’s new game plus or anything like that
Way to go for wanting to visit a place that’s never been mentioned before, Perry..?
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imanadultvirgin · an hour ago
Protective: Tony Stark x f!Reader
Tumblr media
↳ PARING || Tony Stark x Female!Reader
↳ SUMMARY || Being the youngest Avenger isn’t easy, even more when you have Tony Stark breathing in your neck all the time. When you confront Tony about his protectiveness, one secret comes out of the blue. 
↳ WARNINGS || SMUT!, 18+ minors DNI!, very poorly written. (Mayor warnings below cut)
↳ WORD COUNT || 3,100 (porn with plot)
↳ (A/N) || This took me ages to write for some bizarre reason but it’s finally here. It isn’t my favorite but my daddy issues loved it (lol). I say I make some more of this shots and I can start making a Masterlist and opening requests and taglist :) 
↳ EXTENDED WARNINGS || age-gap (reader is 18+), daddy kink, fingering, angst, mayor make-out, dirty talk, degradation speech. *** Being the youngest Avenger isn’t always great. Being younger makes people think you don’t have the same strength nor experience as the rest of the Avengers, and it’s frustrating. You can't rely on anyone and work harder to have some validation. Worst of all is being smodering like a baby. You understand the group of people has grown attached to you, and they have become the only family you own, you’ve ever own. However, they became overprotective eventually. Like Bruce, Clint and Steve, they were like those uncles who are really close to you and tease you like brothers in a cringy way and even though they are super dead serious take their time to be completely opposite with you. Then comes Thor who became a big brother, overprotective, annoying and loving. Nat and Wanda are sisters, they however got sort of maternal with you and were always making sure you weren’t hurt or doing anything “dangerous” which kind of comes with the job. But the worst of them all was Tony. You have no idea what it was with him, but he acted like a father and you hated it. He had power over the whole team even when the rest of the group tries to deny it, he does, he is the owner of the tower and the one with the money, and he is the “oldest” of all of you, so he does have the power of being the leader; and that meant he had power over you as a member, that meant he got the say in wether you could go to a mission or not. That made you hate the man more than you loved him. You fought with him more than you did anything. The tension was hard. 
You were pacing in your bedroom grunting and cursing the billionaire, genius, playboy, philanthropist who was with the rest of the team fighting an attack you weren’t allowed to participate in. If someone were to see you right now you would understand why they think you’re a child, you were stomping your feet and whining. “Fuck him!” You screamed and groaned. You dropped into your bed and screamed into the pillow. The frustration was getting the best of you, blinding every single aspect of your brain. All you could think about was the piece of mind you would give Tony when he got back, oh you were gonna show him alright. You planned on calling him every name in the list. 
When the sound of them coming back echoed in the building you jumped from the bed and ran through the hallway to meet them. All of them sitting in the living room, all except Tony fucking Stark. “Hey sweet!” Steve said with a smile even though he looked pretty tired. “Hey…” you said softly. “How did it went?” You asked even though you were scanning the place to find the metal suit. Natasha groaned. “Horrible. We are all so tired!” She exclaimed. They all agree with their drinks in hand. “Where’s Tony?” You asked. “Went to his room. Was too tired” Bruce said, rubbing his forehead. “Okay thanks” You said and went up the stairs. Your heart starts to beat fast, the courage leaving your body as you make your way into Tony’s room. Over the years you’ve seen girls come in and out of that room making you curious and slightly jealous. It’s true, you couldn’t stand that man and his ego, but you couldn’t deny the way you would always stare at him when he wasn’t looking, feel butterflies whenever he would touch your arm or shoulder, feel a sting in your heart whenever you saw him flirt, kiss or take to his room another girl. You felt guilty though, you shouldn’t be attracted to Tony, he was older than you and you pretty much hated him, but there’s a thin line between love and hate. 
Yes, you loved him, even when you wanted to kill him you loved him. He was an egocentric and narcissistic asshole but he had his moments of showing he had a heart, a great big heart. He would always offer you something from the kitchen or bar when he went, if you fell asleep on the couch he would cover you with a blanket, when you were upset about something unrelated to him he would hug you until you stopped crying. 
You stood in front of his door regretting ever climbing the stairs. Your fist ready to knock on the door but something stops you. The butterflies in your stomach going crazy. You reminded yourself the reason you were here in the first place and knocked before you doubted yourself once again. It didn’t took long for the door to open showing Tony looking tired. He looked at you. 
“Ah, it’s you. What is it?” He asked. You were lost in words for a second. He was wearing sweats and a tank top showing his big arms and the blue circle illuminating his shirt. “Em...I want to talk to you about something,” you said. He stepped out of the door meaning he was letting you in. You complied and looked at his room. It smelled like him. He closed the door and sight. “So?” He asked, turning to look at you. You cleared your throat. “I need you to stop treating me like a delicate girl” you said trying to show a little determination and authority. Tony smiled teasingly. “I don’t treat you like a delicate girl” he said, walking over to his room grabbing an unfinished whisky. “Right. You never let me go on missions nowadays. I am part of the team, you know?” You say crossing your arms in your chest. “That’s different. I do it for your own good” he mentions. You puff. “Yeah right. See? Treating me like a child” You exclaim. He puts the drink down. “Maybe I wouldn’t treat you like a child if you didn’t act like one” he says frowning. You were offended to say the least. “I do not act like a child!” You yelled going over him. “Ah you don’t? Because to me it seems like you do” he says in your face. “How so?” He groans. “For starters you complain too much and whine about everything, you don’t follow orders and are a distraction to everyone” he numbered. You frown. “How am I a distraction to everyone?” You followed his pace around the room, like he was trying to somehow get away from you. “Oh please, don’t act so innocent. You have the whole team wrapped in your little finger. Every time you come to the mission you become the priority. You even got Bruce to soften up” he complained. You scoff. “Well maybe that’s their fault, not mine. I’m trying to do my job!” You had a point and he knew it, but Tony Stark was never going to lose an argument with anyone, especially you. “Yeah? Well you don’t do the job real well” he mentioned. To say your heart broke a little was an understatement. You needed validation most of the time, it was something that you always needed for some ridiculous reason, and his validation mattered so much more than the rest. Your eyes tear up. “I try my best,” you said in a lower tone. “No. You don’t listen. You do whatever you want and it jeopardizes the whole mission. You rather do it your way than follow the rest” he says without stuttering. You sniffed and looked away. “Are you crying?” He asked. “No” you lied. In theory no tears had spilled yet. “See you are acting like a child right now” he says. You turned to him. “Fuck you!” You scream. “Oh yeah? Real mature sweetheart” he says. “You are not so great yourself you know? To be the leader of the group you are pretty self-centered and you don’t care about any of us!” You yelled. He looked caught off guard for a second. “You think I don’t care about you?” He asked, his voice softer. You sniffed. “Of course you don’t! You only care about yourself!” You yelled and turned your heels over to storm out of the room so you could cry in peace. Tony, however, stopped you grabbing your wrist pulling you to him. “Let go!” You exclaim fighting his grip. “It’s because I care that I don’t let you go on missions,” he says. You look at him. “You think I could live with myself If something happened to you?” He continued. You didn’t know how to answer back. “I care too much and that’s the problem. You are a priority, your safety is a priority” he said. He had a sparkle in his eyes and you wanted him, your heart softened. Even though you were touched you still felt the anger towards his comments. You pulled your wrist away from his hold. “And I’m touched by that. But you need to let me go to the missions, you are not my father” you said sternly. He breathed in. “No. I am not letting you until you learn to follow orders'' he said. You wanted to punch him right there. “You can't make me,” you said in gritted teeth. He raised his eyebrows in amusement. “Wanna bet?” He asked to get closer to you. You pulled back, but each step back he was two steps forward. You were crowded in the wall and he was inches away from you. His brown eyes looked down on you bore, you looked at your own feet afraid he might notice your trembling. “Look at me sweetheart” he whispered. You didn’t. His fingers graze your chin and pull your head up. You whimper looking at him so closely, feeling the warmth of his breath. “Are you going to listen to me and learn to follow orders?” He asked in a whisper. “Tony…” You whispered and something came over you and pulled in to kiss him. Tony almost jumped at the surprise but didn’t take a second to wrap his arms around your body kissing you back. His beard scraping your skin gives you tickles. He pushed you against the wall, pressing your bodies together. It had to be the best kiss you’ve ever had in your life. His hands are gripping your sides. You both pulled away and Tony looked at you almost adoringly. “If you only knew how much I wanted to kiss you...touch you…” his hands went up your breasts slowly. You exhale closing your eyes, filling his fingers caressing your chest. Tony looked at you and pulled away. 
“This is a mistake, a terrible mistake. You are younger and-and I shouldn’t” He said pacing in circles. You were still impressed by the wall looking at him. “Maybe you’re just scared I am too much for you” You said challengingly. He looked back. A smirk painted his face. He walked over to you with determination, pasted his body back into yours, his arm resting in the wall beside your head leaning his head down with yours. He chuckles and you look up at him defiant. He grabs your jaw and pulls your face close to his. “Since the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were trouble” he whispers and passes his lips through yours. Your breathing is heavy. “So, what are you going to do about it?” You whispered. Tony grabbed your neck with a little pressure. “This” he says before kissing you deeply, passionately. You wrapped your hands around his neck and he picked up making your legs go around his waist. He groaned in the kiss and it was enough to make chills run through your spine. He moved you from the wall but you were too busy kissing him you had no idea where he was taking you. You could only concentrate in the way his lips felt against yours, his musk and the way his hands gripped your skin. He dropped you in the bed and your lips disconnected, both of you panting. 
Tony looked at you, his eyes roaming your body. His hands rubbing circles in your hips. He took off his tank top the reactor core at full view alongside his body. You bite your lip and he smirks. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and you lifted your hands in sign of consent, he smiled and pulled it up removing it from your body. His hands massaged your abdomen, he lowered down kissing your collarbones. You exhale lost in the sensation of his lips around you. He unclasped your bra and removed it. His lips traveled down your chest until he was kissing your tits, sucking your nipples. You moaned, arms wrapping around him. His hand circling your other nipple. “T-Tony'' you whimpered. He hummed and changed it. “I need you!” You whimpered. He looked at you. “You do?” He asked. You nodded. He got on the bed and sat down. “Come here baby,” he said. You crawl your way to the bed and get on top of him. You kissed, you were sure you could spend your last day just kissing him. He opened your shorts and took them off you. With his hands on your hips he turned you around in a swift move. Your back up against his chest. He looked at his legs with yours keeping you open up. You whimpered. He inhales your hair and kisses your temple. “Want me to make you feel good?” He asked. “Please” you whispered. His hands travel your thigh. “Need to hear you say it love” he said. “I need you to make me feel good, I've been wanting you for so long,'' you said. His hand graced your cunt and you trembled in his hold. “You have your panties all wet my love” he whispered. He pulled them aside. “Is that because of me?” You nodded. “All for you” he chuckled in your ear sending goosebumps in your back. His fingers touched your pussy lips and your head dropped on his shoulder. He grunted. “You’re dripping and I haven’t even touched you'' he said. You tried to move your legs but Tony had you trapped in his. He grabbed your jaw and pulled your head against his shoulder, he kissed your neck while the other hand started toying with your pussy. You moaned deeply. Tony groaned. His fingers rubbing you. His hand left your jaw and grabbed your throat. You whimpered. His fingertips rubbing your clit in tight circles. You trembled terribly, making Tony grin. He kissed your cheek and tightened his hold on your throat. You gasped. “Tony!” You whine. “You wanted this huh? I can tell by how you are coating my fingers with your juices. Dirty girl” he said. His voice was deeper. You moaned louder. He teased you like that for what seemed like hours, you couldn’t move from his hold on you and you were a whimpering mess. His two fingers slowly pushed into you and your mouth opened. Tony groaned, pushing deeper. You squirm in his hold, your hips grinding. Tony got the message and started pumping them in a steady pace. His hand left your throat and took care of pushing your soaked panties off your legs and threw it to the other side of the room. Somehow he managed to open your legs further. His fingers started to move faster. “Fuck Tony! It feels so good!” You whine and let out a moan. “Want the whole building to know don’t you? Want to let them all know you are having a good time here with me. Do you like me finger-fucking you baby?” Tony asked in gritted teeth. You could feel his boner growing more underneath your ass as you rocked your hips. “Mmm” you said pressing your lips helping the loud moans. You would be terribly embarrassed if the team knew what you were doing. He stopped and you cried. “What the fuck! Don’t stop” you yelled trying to grind but you were greeted by a slap directly in your pussy. You screamed and pressed your eyes. “When I ask a question, I expect an answer,” he said sternly. You trembled once again. Another slap. Your back arched. “Let me hear it, princess,” he said. “I love when you finger-fuck me!” You yelled. Tony grinned. “Want me to continue?” He asked even though the answer was quite obvious. He wanted to hear you say it. “Yes!” “Yes what?” “Yes daddy please continue finger-fucking me” you whined. You had no idea where the daddy came from, but you were so blinded by the pleasure to even care. Tony on the other hand almost groaned hearing you say it. His fingers immediately went back to your pussy and started pumping them faster and harder. You could hear a mixture between your moans and your wetness alongside Tony's groans. “Are you gonna cum beautiful? Cum in daddy’s fingers?” His thumb find its way to your clit and rubbed in circles. You were out of breath. “P-P-Please dadd-y! I want to cum!” You said. The knot in your stomach is killing you. “How bad do you want to cum my love?” Tony asked. “So bad! Please daddy! Let me cum!” You begged. “Are you going to be a good girl from now on?” He asked, still keeping the rhythm in his fingers. You nodded your head fanatically. “Yes! Yes! I will! Daddy’s good girl!” You said. Tony smiled in triumph. “Cum little slut. Cum on daddy’s fingers. Make a mess” he said in your ear and you did exactly that. Your hips elevated and you came hard into his fingers. Moans and little screams of his name leaving your mouth. Eyes closed. It was the best orgasm you’ve had. When you came back to your senses Tony was riding your orgasm until you whined sensitively. 
“That was wonderful” you mumbled. Tony kissed your lips. “You are beautiful princess,” he whispered. “I will never let anything happen to you,” he continued. Your heart warmth at his words. “Does that mean you won’t let me go to the missions?” You asked a little upset. Tony rolled his eyes with a smile. “It means I’ll have to keep an eye on you now that you’ll join us” you grinned widely and kissed Tony. “Thank you,” he smiled. “Now, I don’t think we have finished” he mentioned. “No, I believe I have something to suck on now,” you said, biting your lip. “It’s going to be a long night baby” 
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randoimago · 2 hours ago
Thanks Molly, I guess :: Beau x Reader
“ Hey ! So for pride month could I get a Beau x Reader where the reader has like this super dorky personality? Not quite like Jester but more along the lines of the classic “nerd attempts to flirt and fails “ character. Like Molly gives the reader some pick up lines and she/they goes to use them on Beau ? “
Pairing: Beau x Reader
Rating: Fluff
Warning: None
Words: 990
Support Me (if you want):
This is super cute and I’m always up for doing some pride month requests! This is set before Episode 25 timeline wise but I tried my best to not include any spoilers to other events!!
“Love, yer staring at her again.” 
The questionably-Irish accent from Molly caused you to perk up from your daydreaming. Right daydreaming is what you were doing, not staring. Totally not staring at the really buff and super hot Beauregard. Definitely not staring... You’re still staring.
“Shut up, Molly,” you muttered as you tore your eyes away when you saw Beau looking in your direction. You really hope she didn’t notice your staring. What if she thinks you’re being creepy? I mean staring is creepy but you weren’t really staring, more so admiring. That’s less creepy, right?
“Just go and talk to her, [Y/N].”
“I can’t just go up and talk to her, I’ll look stupid!” You whisper-yelled at him. Go up and talk to Beau, you could already feel yourself clamming up.
“You look stupid with all your pining. Beauregard is blunt and crass and honestly her? You’d go after her?” You sent a glare at Molly who was giving a slight smile to show he was slightly joking when it came to mocking Beau. “Look just go up to her and say something nice, doubt she had many people talk nicely to her.”
“That’s easy for you to say, I’m stupid! What nice thing am I supposed to say? ‘Hey your arms look super buff today’??” Molly rolled his eyes at you as he searched his over-the-top coat for something before pulling out some parchment then going to grab a quill and some ink.
“Here I’ll help you.” Molly began writing on the parchment. You tried to get a glimpse of what he was writing but you weren’t able to see. It took a few moments but eventually he fanned the ink to dry it quicker before sliding it over to you. “Those always work in my favor when I use them, now go.”
“Are you sure?” You asked as you read some of the lines before glancing up to see Molly roll his eyes again.
“Yes go. Just name your first child after me. Or whatever you two decide to do, just name something after me and make it obnoxious.” You gave Molly an odd look at that as he waved you away. 
You took some deep breaths as you tried to calm your heart as you made your way over to Beau. God she looked so cool leaning against the bar and stuff. You wanted to turn tail and abort the mission but froze when Beau locked eyes with you and gave you a smirk. Fuck mayday, mayday!
“H- Hey Beau.” You smiled and felt yourself cringe at your stuttering. Beau just rose her pierced eyebrow at you as she looked amused at your panic. Oh god you were going to die.
“Hey.” God even her raspy voice is hot. What are you doing?! 
“U- Um...” You scrambled to look at the piece of paper to read one of the lines and made a face as it looked like your panicked state caused the ink to blur a bit. “...” You were staring at the paper now as you realized how fucking stupid these pick up lines are.
“You good, [Y/N]? Want me to buy you a drink?” You completely ignored Beau as you tried to find a line that wasn’t dumb. Did Molly set you up to fail? Did he want you to flounder in front of your crush?? 
“If you were a chicken, you’d be impeckable.” Why did you settle on that one?! That one is so stupid! You risked looking up and saw Beau seemed to be staring at you before she let out a snort of laughter. Oh god she’s laughing at you.
“What the hell was that?”
“U- Uh-” You scrambled to find another pick up line. “If you were words on a page then you’d be fine print... Molly!” You couldn’t help but exclaim as you looked to where the purple tiefling is sitting and giving a shit-eating grin. 
You sent him the best death glare you could before looking to Beau, who seemed very amused as she shook her head.
“Let me see that,” Beau said and you sighed and gave her the stupid parchment before going back to glaring at Molly. You heard Beau snort at some of the lines and groan at others. You looked back to see her looking up from the paper, giving you a smile.
“It’s a good thing I have my library card, because I am totally checking you out.” You felt your face just light up red at the statement from her as you floundered at how to respond to that. Okay maybe some of them do work.
“I am an idiot,” you said as you decided to just go with the truth because fuck it at this point. “You’re super cool and I definitely have a crush on you but I’m an idiot and don’t know how to let you know so I went to Molly and-”
“And take a breath,” Beau told you as she gave you a smile. “These are dumb but it made my day. Let’s have a drink and then we can plan a date from there.” You felt your jaw drop at her just being so plain about it.
“Wait, really?”
“Yeah, you’re cute. A dork but cute. I want to date you.” You smiled at that as you felt your heart beating a mile a minute.
“Yeah, I want to date you too.” You couldn’t help a wince at that. “But you know that... Are you sure you want to date me cause-”
You didn’t get to finish your self deprication as Beau leaned in and gave you a kiss. You were shocked so you didn’t register what was happening until she pulled away. You just smiled at her and shut up and took the drink that she bought you.
Meanwhile, the purple tiefling just chuckled to himself as he knew his plan would work. 
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imaginedreamwrite · 4 hours ago
Multiverse Marriage: Part 7
A few days after your Steve left, skinny Steve returned to the suite, looking exhausted and drained, but no worse for wear than usual. Skinny Steve relayed the details they knew that someone was using the ‘power surges’ to create potential leads that would only distract. The distractions were an attempt to draw the avengers away from the tower and leave you opened and exposed.
It was all information they already knew, and it was all the exact reiteration that was just passed from one person to another with no new news available.
“We’ll figure this out, though,” skinny Steve assured you, “you don’t have to be worried.”
Worried. Your worry had made it to the two others. The two other Steve’s had been informed by nomad, who thought informing the others of your anxiety attack, of your breakdown, was pertinent information. You’d instead he not tell; you’d rather it be secret information that no one knew of, and yet, he said anyway. You understood why he had. You understood why he told them because if you had loosened your handle on your emotions and your anxiousness had run loose, then they would have to step in and offer you some medication.
“I know,” you chewed the inside of your cheek and covered your face with your hands, groaning into your palms, “I just-ugh.”
“I know,” skinny Steve hugged you and rubbed his hand down your back, “I know, sweetheart.”
You leaned into him. You were drawn to them all. You were drawn to all of the Steve’s in your life because they represented a part of the man you loved. Each of them was your husband and your husband, yet there were inherently different.
Nomad was bold, grislier. He was possessive, rightfully so, after losing his fiancée and his unborn baby. He was the darkest in spirit. Nomad was on the darker side of the spectrum.
Skinny Steve was shy; he was quiet and gentle-natured. He was courteous, polite. He was on the lighter side of the spectrum.
Your husband was in the middle. He could be a man of great need and passion, possession and desire. He could fuck you senseless with his hand wrapped around your throat and your cunt dripping for him. Or he could make love to you; he could sensualize you most erotically while placing tender kisses to your flesh and filling you while whispering delicate thoughts in your ear.
You thought there was the capacity to love them all. To want them all. But what did that say about you? About your marriage?
You loved Steve. You loved your marriage to Steve. Yet, there was that capacity to love nomad and skinny Steve. You knew you had that capacity.
But what…but what…
“Can we do something? Please?” You whipped around and followed skinny Steve with your eyes as he moves from the kitchen to the living room, where nomad was stretched across the couch.
“Y/N-“ nomad groaned.
“I haven’t been able to leave the tower for weeks. I haven’t gone on missions; I’ve barely been able to train. I’m bored. I want to go out. “
“You’re here for your safety, honey.” Nomad called from the couch, lifting his head to gaze at you. “This is the safest place for you right now.”
“Says you. You’re allowed to leave.” You crossed your arms over your chest and pout. “I haven’t been able to leave in weeks, and I feel like I’m going crazy.”
“Sweetheart,” skinny Steve spoke before nomad, “I know you want to go do something, and we would but-“
“Are you going to pout?” Nomad asked, raising an eyebrow.
“I’m not pouting. I’m making my point with enthusiasm.” Your lips were still formed in a pout, despite you saying you weren’t, and your eyebrows were knit together.
“You know we can’t-“ the sound of the door opening brought the nomad to his feet and skinny Steve to grab your arm and pull you closer to him.
They were on the defensive, unaware of who could be back. Nomad was standing closest to the door, with his jaw clenched and his back rigid, while skinny Steve had placed himself directly in front of you.
The moment of fear was temporary and eased when the familiar face of your husband with his bright blue eyes came into view. It dissipated and was replaced with your enthusiastic joy, your relief at seeing him again.
“Steve,” you departed skinny Steve’s side and ran toward him. You wrapped your arms around his neck and jumped, wrapping your legs around his waist. Your mouth was instantly planted on his, kissing him deeply and intensely for the first time in a week. “I missed you.”
“I missed you,” he mumbled against your neck, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, “you’re beautiful.”
“So are you,” you spoke with a laugh, mumbling against his lips, “I missed you so much.”
The world faded until it was you and Steve. The world faded until it was nothing but his arms wrapped around your waist and your arms around his neck. It was a perfect moment, what you had been waiting for.
“Y/N-“ Steve started to speak again, only to be stopped by the splattering of blood. Your blood. Your blood spurts landed on his clothes, you gasped for air and fell to the floor, your hand pressed tightly against your abdomen, your fingers becoming coated in warm, sticky blood.
Another shot rang through the suite, embedding the bullet into space beside Steve. It came too close, too quickly.
“Get her to the medical bay,” Steve lift you carefully and passed you off to nomad. Strong arms lift you, strong arms held you as whispers of encouragement. “Keep her close.”
Steve reached for his shield sitting by the wall of the kitchen. He swiped his protection from the floor and pushed his arm through the leather straps, holding the guard in front of a nomad as he moved, deflecting the bullets being fired into the suite.
“You’ll be okay.” He mumbled, “you’re going to be okay.”
** **
The steady beeping machine was rhythmic, yet it didn’t make any of them feel better. It was complicated; the entire situation was twisted in nature, yet at the heart of it all lay the mysterious truth that was slowly being unveiled one little twist at a time.
“Tainted bullets,” Bucky held the metal casing in between his finger and his thumb, “HYDRA was known for using them when they didn’t want an immediate kill.”
“Tainted bullets?” Nomad turned his attention from the medivac bed secured in the quintet toward the ex-assassin.
“Dipped in poison before they’re fired. If they only graze the skin, they can cause infections that will overtake the body within days. The victim gets treated for the gunshot wound but not the infection.” Bucky tossed the casing to Steve, the original Steve, and then placed his hands on his hips.
“Hydra’s destroyed. Hydra’s done.” Steve countered, glancing from his best friend to his wife.
“If they could get through the realities, then it begs the question whether an agent of Hydra could too.”
“I think it’s the Winter Soldier.” Bucky grabbed the bullet when it was handed to him again, examining the markings left behind and the residue from the position. “I think the winter soldier, from some reality, crossed into this one.”
“I agree,” Tony’s hologram flickered beside the medivac bed, “you three will take Mrs. Rogers to a safe house, one that HYDRA would not be aware of, and we will work on finding the Winter Soldier.”
“Once we find him,” Bucky conferred, “we’re sending him back to where he came from.”
“That still leaves the ‘why?’ hanging in the air.” Skinny Steve stood to your right, his hand placed on yours, his thumb brushing across your knuckles. “We don’t know why The Winter Soldier is here. Or what reality he’s from.”
“I think we do,” Tony’s hologram crossed his arms, “we think he’s from the twig’s.”
“Don’t be an asshole, Tony.” The original Steve came to skinny Steve’s defence, shooting him a glare.
“How do you know?” Skinny Steve asked, his hand squeezing yours. “How do you know he’s from mine?”
“Y/N has a bigger effect on you and Barnes in most realities than we thought. In skinny guy’s reality, Y/N first made contact with Barnes under HYDRA. It was Y/N who first made it possible for Steve to find Barnes and help rehabilitate him. Without Y/N and help to find him, HYDRA’s control grew, and the Avengers were wiped out. If HYDRA was able to bridge between realities to get The Winter Soldier here, then they could bridge realities and spread their control through each.” Tony finished with furrowed brows.
“The butterfly effect begins with the flutter of wings. One death could change the course of history.” Bucky looked at each of the Steve’s; his lips downturned into a frown.
“So the safe house…” nomad placed his hands on his hips. “Where is it exactly?”
“In the middle of nowhere.”
** **
Tumblr media
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To Build a Home
Imagine being rescued from a Djinn and having a hard time readjusting to reality after living a lifetime of an almost perfect life.
Tumblr media
Words: 5.7K Author’s Note: TRIGGER WARNING for suicide. And angst. Why the hell did I write this?  For your information, Djinn’s poison their victims and put them in a coma-like state where the victim can live a lifetime in a fantasy world while the Djinn slowly feeds off their blood in real life. 
Tags: @aya-fay @70s-chic @sipsteacasually @kaitlyn2907 @scarlettwitch99 @thingsforimagination @b1sexualtonystark @living-that-best-life @alexnicolaidisss @l0ve-0f-my-life @eliwinchester99 @mimilh @rosesloml  @meredeph @lexy9716 @mummy-woves-you  @wxnderingthoughts​ 
Adoring smiles. Loving touches. Deep belly laughter. Childish giggles.
Life is absolutely perfect and you can't remember the last time you were so happy.
You were a stay at home mom, your husband worked from eight in the morning until five in the afternoon, and your neighbors weren't as nosy as you thought they would be. All in all, you had the perfect life.
Until you didn't.
Everything came crashing down when you started getting headaches, your surroundings started flickering in and out, and memories of another life kept coming to you in dreams. You tried to ignore it, but it was hard to ignore when a real life human being flickered to life right there in your kitchen.
The translucent stranger- no, not a stranger. Wanda. Wanda smiles sadly at you. "Hey, Y/N. We've finally found you."
"Found me?" You wonder. "I wasn't hiding. I've been right here this whole time."
"O-Of course you have." It's then she finally looks around, her brow furrowing at the simplicity of it all. She exhales softly. "I hate to do this to you, Y/N, but you need to wake up. This isn't real."
"Hmm?" You glance up from chopping up some fruit, licking the juice from your fingers. "Of course it's real. You, on the other hand, might not be. You keep.. flickering."
"Y/N," she says. "You went on a mission with Natasha and Clint weeks ago. You were taken. You were poisoned until you were comatose and were slowly being fed off of. You need to wake up."
A pain blossoms in the middle of your forehead.
"Nat, you better get in here. These things are freakishly strong!" Clint calls out over comms.
"Come on, Barton. Live a little," you muse. Stabbing another Djinn with a silver knife dipped in lamb's blood, you grunt as another takes a swing at you.
"The djinns," you mumble. "They-"
"Y/N! Look out!" Something heavy collides with the back of your head and all goes dark.
Your eyes flutter open and only then do you realize you're on your knees. Wanda is crouched in front of you, eyes sad. "We found you a couple of days ago, but the Djinn responsible for poisoning you got away. I've been trying nonstop to break into your mind and I've only just succeeded."
"But I don't- how can I-"
"Baby, we're home!"
Your eyes widen and Wanda glances towards the entrance of the kitchen. You quickly scramble up to your feet, head throbbing in pain as Wanda looks around for a hiding spot. But it's too late and in walks Bucky with your three year old perched on his hip.
Wanda gasps.
"Hey, sweetheart." Bucky walks right up to you, completely ignoring Wanda as if he can't see her. Which really, he probably can't. He presses a kiss to your lips as you stare at him, wide-eyed, and he passes your daughter over into your arms. "She missed you."
You gulp, unable to speak as you look down at the little girl that has her father's eyes. She reaches up to touch your cheek and your heart aches with such longing.
"Oh, Y/N."
Wanda's sad sigh knocks you out of your musings and you paste on a smile, blinking away tears while staring at your husband's- no, not your husband's- back. "Hey, Buck," you call out. "I know you've been spending all day with Emma, but do you think you can do it a little bit longer? I don't feel so well."
Bucky turns around to look at you. "Are you okay?" He walks up to you, brushing the back of his hand along your forehead and cheek. "You don't feel warm, sweetheart."
"I-" Your voice cracks, but you quickly shake it off. "I think a migraine is coming on. I need to go lay down a bit."
"Of course." He takes your daughter and lightly bounces her when she starts to fuss.
You smile at both of them. Your gaze darts between them, heart aching at the adoration etched into his features as he stares between you and your daughter. "I love you. You know that, right?" And at Bucky's blinding smile, you turn on your heel and head straight for the bedroom. You don't need to turn around to know that Wanda is following you.
Inside your bedroom, you grab a pillow and shove your face into it while screaming out some of the anguish you're feeling.
"I am so sorry." Sniffling, you pull the pillow away from your face and look at Wanda. "But you need to wake up. This isn't healthy."
"I know, but how do I do that?" You ask.
As if possible, her expression turns even sadder. "You need to kill yourself. We can't kill the Djinn who did this to you to wake you up, so you need to do it yourself."
You squeeze your pillow tighter, tears silently falling as you nod. "O-Okay. I can do that. I think."
"Okay." She tries to smile encouragingly at you, but it doesn't quite work.
You glance around your room, heart aching for everything you're inevitably going to lose. "Don't tell the others."
"The others," you say. "Don't tell them about Bucky. Or our- the baby. Just-"
"I won't. This is your story to tell."
You nod. "Thank you." A beat passes and then, "I guess I'll see you soon."
"I guess you will."
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
When Wanda pulls out of Y/N's mind, everyone is immediately asking what she saw. How you are. But Wanda merely shakes her head, tears stinging her eyes. "That is not my story to tell. She will tell you when she's ready. If she's ever ready."
"You think she'll do it?" Clint asks. "Committing suicide can't be easy."
Wanda's bottom lip wobbles. "She became aware of what was real and what was fake when I got in there. She knows what she has to do even if it breaks her heart."
"Why would it break-"
You gasp awake, screaming and sobbing and trying to fend off the hands holding you down. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
"Hey. Shh. You're fine," Wanda urges. She manages to get you to lay back down, cooing over you in order to make you calm down.
Your gaze darts all around the room, unseeing, until you meet Wanda's gaze again. "He got in the car with me," you keen. "Why would he- I didn't mean to and- it hurts so bad," you cry, trailing off. "Just please make it stop. It hurts."
Everyone stares at one another in shock as Wanda immediately puts her hands on either side of your head again. People are talking over each other, telling you that you're okay and you're safe, but your mind isn't comprehending it. Darkness quickly overcomes you and your body slumps back onto the bed.
Astonished gazes seek out Wanda, but she merely shakes her head as she fights off her own tears. "Have a therapist on standby. She's going to need it."
Tumblr media
You wake up slowly, the beeping of a machine pulling you from your slumber. You feel a little sluggish and your gaze lazily darts all round the too sleek room- a hospital room, your mind supplies when you realize what kind of bed you're laying in.
Doctor Helen Cho walks in, tablet in hand, and you smile tiredly at her. "Heya, Doc."
She smiles upon seeing you. "Hey. You're awake! How are you feeling?"
"Ugh." You groan as you attempt to sit up, sighing softly when Helen presses the buttons on the side of the bed for you. "Thanks. And I've been better. My whole body hurts like I've got the flu or something."
"Well we did give you multiple blood transfusions," she says. "That djinn had you longer than we'd have liked."
At the reminder of the djinn, the memories of your fantasy world come rushing back. There's an unbelievable ache in your chest and it must have shown on your face because Helen immediately apologizes. "Oh Y/N. I'm so sorry. I was told to tread lightly about that and I just-"
"No. It's fine," you say, waving her off and blinking away tears. "It wasn't real anyway." You say the words for her benefit and wish with all your might that you could believe them as well, but you're having a real tough time doing so. Helen then goes through the motions of checking your vitals and eye dilation, then entering everything into the tablet. "Is there, um, do you know when I'll be able to get out of here?"
"I'd like to keep you one more night to keep an eye on your vitals now that you're not under."
"Okay." Smiling sadly, you ask, "Can you restrict my visitors please? I rather not see anyone right now."
For a moment Helen looks stunned, but she quickly gets herself under control. "Sure thing."
She types something down on her tablet and then tells you she'll see you later, and as the door shuts behind her you hear it automatically lock. Grief consuming you once more, you lay your bed back down and turn on your side to curl up as the tears fall once more.
Tumblr media
The moment you're free from the medical wing, Wanda is there with a change of clothes. You pull on the leggings and socks, and pull a zip-up hoodie over the plain shirt she'd brought as well. You want to desperately just hide away in your apartment, but Wanda tells you you need to eat something other than what Helen had allowed. And that the others were waiting to see you as well.
So you reluctantly follow Wanda into the communal kitchen, unsurprised to find Natasha, Clint, Bruce, and Tony already there. And the sight of just them is enough to make the tension drain from your shoulders.
"Baby Agent!" Tony greets. "We missed you."
You smile tightly at him. "Tones. Bruce," you then nod in greeting at the other scientist.
Natasha and Clint readily come around the kitchen island, the redhead embracing you first. "You locked us out."
"I know." You hug her and then let go to step back. "It's just- it's hard to adjust. I'm not still right up here," you say while tapping the side of your head, "but Helen said I was okay to go."
Clint hugs you next. "Just tell us what you need and we'll do our best to give it to you."
"I will."
Wanda serves up some chicken and dumplings she had been making before you were released, and slides a bowl across the kitchen island towards you. You take a seat on one of the stools and hesitantly dig in.
Clint and Natasha fill you in on what exactly happened during the mission with the djinn, and you listen halfheartedly. Bruce tells you all about Tony's shenanigans in the lab and though you laugh here and there in all the right places, everyone can see your mind is elsewhere. However, no one dares call you out on it.
The elevator dings off in the distance and you tense, but no one other than Wanda pays you any attention. Your gaze darts to the three figures who step around the wall, and your heart soars at the sight of Bucky. You forget yourself for a moment and move to stand to greet him, but a hand on your wrist stalls you. Freezing, you glance at Wanda and she sadly shakes her head at you. And oh. Right. This is- this is the real world. This isn't-
"Y/N!" Sam cheers. "Damn it's good to see you, girl."
You glance at Sam and offer him a smile, blinking through the gathered tears to clear your vision. He and Steve make a beeline for you, and you're grateful that in the real world you and Bucky aren't exactly the type of friends who hug. Because if he had, you'd have lost it.
"H-Hey guys." You take turns hugging the two of them.
"How are you holding up?" Steve asks.
You shrug, sheepishly smiling. "As good as I can be for now." You glance around them and offer Bucky a shaky smile. "Hey."
He nods at you, smiling faintly, and heads straight for the food on the stove. You reclaim your seat as the others serve themselves some food, but your appetite is long gone now. Wanda smiles encouragingly at you, hand on your knee and squeezing to offer you a semblance of comfort. Steve, Sam, and Bucky fit themselves around the island and everyone starts chatting amicably so as to not put too much pressure on you.
Unfortunately, Bucky is sitting across from you and it doesn't help that every time you glance at him you catch him already staring at you. Your heart flutters and then aches as you remind yourself this isn't your Bucky, and you only last another handful of minutes before you're excusing yourself from the kitchen.
"I, uh, I'm sorry," you say as you abruptly stand up. "I'm not feeling well so I'm just going to go lay down."
Bucky sits up a little straighter in his seat. "Do you need to go see Doctor Cho?"
Your breath hitches at the sincerity of his question and you shake your head, averting your gaze when you feel the tears well up. "No. I'm okay. I'm fine."
The team watches as Y/N scurries from the kitchen and disappears around the corner, no doubt repeatedly pressing the elevator button. All eyes then dart over to Wanda and she sighs. "It's still not my story to tell."
"But you do know what's wrong, right?" Sam asks.
"Yes. And it's going to take a while for her to stop grieving."
"Grieving?" Clint wonders. "What the hell type of life is she grieving?"
Wanda stands, collecting her bowl and Y/N's. "A happy one."
Tumblr media
For the next few days, no one urges you to talk about what happened or to leave your apartment since that's the only place you can find a bit of peace. But then Steve comes around to ask you to speak with a therapist, or even Sam since you knew him, but you waved off his concern and told him that this was something you had to work through on your own.
One late night you're down in the gym, hands wrapped as you deliver punch after punch to the punching bag. You've worked up a sweat and have let all your sadness and anger consume you that you don't hear anyone else enter. And you don't know they're there until a hand comes down on your shoulder, and you whirl around with your fist flying out.
Steve blocks the punch as you pant and heave, and it takes you a moment until you come back to your senses. When you do, you straighten up and take a step back and refuse to meet Bucky's gaze who's standing just a few feet behind his best friend.
Steve sighs as he takes in your appearance. "It's five thirty in the morning," he says. "How long have you been down here?"
You shrug. "Couple hours maybe. I don't know."
"Y/N.." The disappointed exhale makes your jaw twitch as you clench your teeth. "This isn't good. I'd been calling your name for over twenty seconds. You need-"
"What I need, Steven, to continue punching the shit out of this bag. Now are you gonna let me or and I-"
"You need to talk to Sam." You scoff and step around him, heading for the door. "Y/N, we're not done talking."
"We are!" You yell, whirling around on him. "You have no idea what went on in-"
"Because you won't tell us!"
"How can I?!" Angry tears fall and your bottom lip trembles as you face off with your friend. "How does one tell the closest thing they have to a family that they led a normal life? That it felt like a lifetime in that stupid fantasy world and that I was happily married with the cutest little girl." Steve's mouth snaps shut, but the words just keep coming. Your breathing picks up as your voice lowers, cracking as you cry. "How do you tell someone that the djinn poison didn't want to let me go, so to keep me in it's clutches it made my husband strap our daughter and himself in the car when I made the decision to drive my car off the cliff?" Steve and Bucky can only stare at you, and your heart shatters all over again. "How do I tell you that I killed the only two individuals who I loved with my whole heart?"
"Y/N, it wasn't real."
"Well it sure as hell felt like it."
Steve takes a step in your direction, but you shake your head and take a step back before turning around altogether and hurrying for the exit. The last thing you hear before you make it out the door is Bucky's voice telling Steve to let you go.
You don't remember asking FRIDAY if Tony's awake or asking to be taken towards him, but Tony is waiting for you when the elevator drops you off on his floor. You stop a few feet away from him, hands crossed over your chest as if holding yourself together.
"I don't ask you for much, but I'm asking now."
He nods. "Anything."
"I need to get away. I need to be away from everyone's sympathetic looks or sympathetic advice. I just need- I need-"
"Say no more. Go and pack a suitcase or three and I'll ready the jet. I'll drop you off at Pepper's favorite getaway."
Tears fall again, but this time they're from relief and not anger. "Thank you."
Tumblr media
Pepper's favorite getaway ends up being a private island. There is a larger island nearby from which Tony employed a few locals to look after the house and stock it when necessary, so it is no surprise to find fresh groceries in the refrigerator and cabinets when you get there. Tony had only gotten off to show you around the house and the ways to contact the help should you need anything, and he only took his leave after giving you the combination to a safe so you had access to the right type of currency should you need to go shopping.
For the first few days you remain in the house, keeping all windows and doors shut as you put the AC on. You walk around in hoodies and sweatpants, and you throw yourself a brief pity party as you continuously tell yourself you have no business grieving a family you never had. It doesn't really work and you only start feeling a bit better when a girl (call me Anna), possibly a bit younger than yourself, drops by to clean the house. You're a bit embarrassed of all that she has to clean up and, when you realize she speaks decent English, you ask if it's possible to go onto the mainland because you hadn't packed any swimwear. She's ecstatic to take you shopping and hurries through her job of cleaning so she can show you around.
You're grateful that Tony took the time to explain the currency to you and take more than enough money to buy some swimwear and treat Anna to an early dinner for all her help.
You end up finding yourself three bikinis and a pair of sandals, and Anna takes you around the local shops where they sell the best trinkets and locally made treats. You're honestly so relieved you brought so much money because the handmade jewelry is to die for, and it warms your heart to see Anna so honored that you wanted to treat her to dinner for all that she's done for you.
You end up taking a selfie with Anna, being sure to catch the twinkling lights and paper lanterns hanging overhead behind you, and ask her permission before sending it to Tony and Wanda. A bit of weight feels like it's been lifted off your shoulders when you see yourself genuinely smiling in the picture and you quickly lock your phone before enjoying the rest of your meal.
The rest of the week is spent sunbathing on the private beach and walking just far enough into the ocean that the water comes up to your shins. You weren't the best of swimmers and since there was no lifeguard around you'd rather not tempt fate and wade any further into the water. So instead you enjoyed the hot tub when you wanted a good soak.
In your second week, Anna comes by to drive you back onto the mainland. While you had been browsing your first trip there, you saw some rings Wanda would adore and a necklace Natasha would like as well. Tony had no problem with you spending his money on Anna as well after seeing the difference in you via the pictures you'd been sending him and Wanda, so you and her have a girl's day. Then later on, when the sun's gone down, she's driving around when you see nearly a hundred people gathered in a field.
"What's going on?" You ask.
"It is the lantern festival." Anna smiles. "Many come to light a lantern for a lost loved one and then set it free, hoping to feel a bit of peace."
A moment passes and then, "Do you think I can get a lantern?"
Anna quickly glances at you before watching the road once more. She nods. "Sure you can." She pulls off the side of the road, parking in the next available spot she can find.
She goes on to find those in charge of the lanterns, speaking briefly with them and then thanking them when they hand her a paper lantern, a lighter, and a marker. As she makes her way back to you, she hands the lantern and marker over to you. "What's this for?"
"To write a message to your loved one. Or their name. You don't have to, but I've learned it's cathartic to write a note."
"Oh." You take a moment to think about it before sitting on the ground as countless others are doing. Uncapping the marker, you stare at the blank lantern before putting the marker to paper. B & E, I'll miss you always. The message is short and simple, and you're surprised you don't feel the need to write how much you love them. There's still some misplaced love there, but it's not the aching longing you felt when you had first woken up. "Okay. I'm done."
Capping the marker, you get up and Anna helps you open up the lantern. No one has lit theirs yet so you wait, but once you see them lighting them, Anna is quick to light yours. She steps back so you can have a moment to yourself and without you knowing she takes out her phone to video the entire thing.
          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Steve and Tony opted for a team bonding night when they noticed Bucky pulling away from everyone. He became quieter and more aggressive in his sparring sessions, and grunted out a negative answer whenever Steve tried to invite him out somewhere. He seemed to be most annoyed with Steve, Tony, and Wanda, and no one knew why. Well Steve kind of figured what it was about, but he didn't want to confront his friend about it just yet.
So here the team sits, gathered around the conversation pit with a random movie playing as background noise. Tons of food had been ordered in, the refrigerator is stocked with beer everyone enjoys, and there are numerous board games scattered about that no one dares touch less a screaming match break out.
"So what's with team bonding night?" Clint asks distractedly, eating a tray of wings. "The entire team is not even here."
Steve winces and refuses to glance around when Bucky huffs. "You can blame your precious Captain for that."
Steve audibly sighs then and everyone braces themselves for what's to come. "She's the one who chose to leave, Buck."
"And why was that?" The dark haired individual glares at his blonde best friend. "We all knew she was struggling with what happened and you pushed her to talk about it when she clearly wasn't ready."
"Why do you even care?" Steve finally snaps, though not harshly. "I mean I know why we're all worried about her, but you're taking this a little too far. What's going on, Buck?"
As if possible, the glare Bucky is sending Steve's way gets even scarier. "I'm pissed off because one of our own is God knows where and the only two who know her whereabouts won't give us any clue as to where she is." His glare then gets directed at Tony and Wanda who don't even bat an eye at his anger. But before he can start in on them, the simultaneous chiming of their phones stalls him.
Tony and Wanda eagerly pull out their phones, and everyone watches with bated breath. It was known that Y/N was most close with Wanda and that she had ran to Tony for her impromptu getaway, so those two were the only ones getting updates from her. They watch as Tony and Wanda stare at something on their screens- Tony huffing a laugh and Wanda smiling adoringly at her phone. Tony then puts his phone away without so much as a word, but Wanda quickly types something on her own phone before putting it away.
A moment passes and then Bucky's phone dings. Wanda meets his gaze and grins. "It's okay to admit you like her, Barnes. Everyone, but she can see it."
The fact that his teammates don't say anything shows that what Wanda says is true, so to keep himself occupied he pulls out his phone. Only to find a video message from Wanda herself. She nods for him to open it and he does, and what he sees eases some of the anxiousness he'd been feeling since he realized Y/N had left without a word.
Who he can only assume is Y/N is on his screen, surrounded by numerous individuals with lit up lanterns. He watches as she bows her head briefly before raising the lantern high over her head and pushing it upward so it'd float away on its own. When she turns around she quickly wipes away a few tears, but she smiles nonetheless as she throws her head back and laughs.
"She's laughing again," Tony says aloud. "She looks genuinely happy. I'm not sure what went on in that coma of hers, but if she needed time away from us then I'm glad I could offer her that and I don't care that it hurt anyone's feelings."
Bucky continues to stare at his phone, letting the video play on a loop.
"Speaking of," Natasha suddenly muses, "are you ever going to tell us what went on?"
Steve shifts uncomfortably in his seat, Y/N's words coming to the forefront of his mind. But it's Wanda who sighs. "I still believe you should wait for her to say-"
"Agreed." Steve says.
"-but I will say this." Everyone looks at Wanda as she gets up, gathering her trash. "Whenever she calls for a pick-up, we need to send in Bucky to gauge whether or not she's truly come to terms with what went on."
"Me?" Bucky frowns. "Why me?"
Wanda stands tall then, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She looks like she doesn't want to answer, but she knows she has to give him something. So steeling herself for the room's reaction, she says, "Because in the coma, you were her husband."
Tumblr media
Your time on the island has come to an end and you feel like you can breathe again without wanting to collapse into a ball of grief. Your time away has been good to you- sorting through your misplaced feelings and coming to terms that this Bucky isn't your Bucky and that Emma never truly existed. So even though it's just been under three weeks, you're more than ready to see your friends again.
Sitting in a lounge chair just off the back patio, you dig your toes in the sand right before you hear the familiar noise of a quinjet's engine. Shielding your eyes from the sun, you look up to see a jet fly overhead before landing a little ways down the beach. The ramp lowers and you momentarily tense when you see Bucky disembark from the jet, but you exhale in relief when there's not a single ounce of guilt or an insane amount of affection for the man you've only had a crush on for the past year or so.
"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes," you muse when he approaches.
Bucky smiles and takes a seat on the lounge chair next to yours. He exhales softly as he relaxes in the chair and looks out at the ocean. "Time here seems to have done you some good."
"Yeah." You glance at him from the corner of your eye, smiling softly. "I just needed some time away to sort my shit out. This place was apparently good for me."
Bucky doesn't utter a word, but he does huff a brief laugh. Then taking a page out of his book, you stare out at the ocean to calm your mind once more. A moment passes, then another, and he asks, "Why me?"
"Excuse me?"
You're already glancing at him when you see him wince and oh. Oh. He knows. He shifts in his seat before answering. "Wanda let it slip that I played a significant role in your coma world."
You groan. "Of course she did."
"Don't be mad at her. Tensions were running high back at the tower and people were too curious for their own good. Wanda just thought it'd be best to send me in and see if you were truly ready to come home because of what I meant to you in your coma."
"I'm not- I'm not mad," you say. "I just wanted to explain everything for myself." Bucky hums at your explanation. "And you were granted the unfortunate role of my husband because I might have had a crush on you that the djinn picked up on." This time it's your turn to wince. "To keep me under, the poison did it's job and made me a reality I wouldn't want to leave."
"Had?" Your gaze darts to him in surprise when you hear his sad tone. "You had a crush on me?" Your mouth opens to retort, but it snaps shut a second later. You can feel your face slowly flushing in embarrassment and the softest expression you'd ever seen him sport is directed at you. "You know, if the djinn had caught me, I think I'd have ended up in the same scenario."
Your heart skips a beat. "What?"
"I really shouldn't be telling you this, especially so soon after you sorted through everything."
"Tough shit." You scoot forward in your seat until you're on the edge, angling yourself towards him. He snorts. "Spill it, Barnes."
"I've a thing for you for the longest time," he says. "I just never said anything because I didn't think I deserved someone as good as you."
"For how long?"
He shrugs. "I took an immediate liking to you the first time Steve introduced us." He starts to grin as you try recalling your first meeting. "You were cleaning the kitchen and you had some rubber gloves on. You were kind of on a roll when Steve got you to look up and as soon as he introduced me to you, you looked straight at me and snapped your gloves at your wrist as you said-"
"Drop 'em." Your face is burning red now as you groan and drop your face into the palms of your hands to hide. Bucky laughs. "If I remember correctly, Steve looked so offended that those words left my mouth and you just stood there with a blank look in your eyes."
"I was laughing. On the inside," he says. You shake your head, chuckling. "But the day I knew I really liked you was when I found you in the kitchen during that one really bad thunderstorm we had. You admitted your fear of storms to me and I sat with you until they passed."
"Didn't we fall asleep and then wake up a couple hours later to find that they had passed while we slept?"
"Yep." You chuckle softly and briefly watch him as he watches the ocean. Then his gaze darts to you, but you quickly avert your own before he catches you. "You can tell me if I'm out of line, but if there's even a chance that that crush is still there, I'd like to explore this."
Bucky's admittance has caught you way off guard and his request for something more has made your heart beat faster in a happiness you haven't felt since you were under the influence of the djinn's poison. You don't know you've stopped breathing until Bucky tries to backtrack, but you hurriedly cut him off. "Buck, I worked so hard to put everything I felt in that coma world behind me-"
He deflates. "I know. I'm so-"
"-but.." You slightly glare at him for cutting you off. "If we attempt this, we have to take things really slow." He starts to perk up and grin, and you roll your eyes at him. "I mean it, Barnes. Slow."
He smirks. "I'm fine with that."
"Are you?"
"For you, doll? Anything."
Against your will, your heart soars at his words but you manage to scowl at him to keep him from knowing how his words affected you. But his smirk widens as if he already knows. "Rat bastard," you mumble. "I should have made you sweat it out longer."
"You probably should have." He shrugs. "Now come on. Lets get your bags on the quinjet and get back home. Wanda is going stir crazy without you."
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nene-niragi · 13 hours ago
Cock Whore
Pairing: Niragi x Fem Reader
Genre: Smut, fluff in the end
Summary: Niragi has been ignoring you for a few days, you decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. And so you decided to hang out with Chishiya, only to find your pussy aching because of your boyfriend who’s been distant with you.
Warnings: ya’ll already know what you’re getting into when its niragi i dont even have to warn you
Note: gaahhhhh its my first time posting smut on tumblr- hope you liked it! Also sorry for my bad grammar- english aint my first language. ALSO!!!! Niragi has  DICK PIERCING here so uh- enjoy~
Tumblr media
You missed your boyfriend. A lot. He’s been gone for 3 days cause millitant business. You missed his warm hugs, his piercings, his face, his playful attitude and how good he touched you.
He came back from his 3-day mission with the millitants, whatever they did, you opened your arms for your boyfriend only to be found hugging the air. You turned around to find him walking by passed you whilst ignoring your presence. You tried calling out his name, but he only ignored you. You’ve had enough, you were touch starved. If he was being an ass then you’ll have to find yourself some other dick.
You went back to your room and changed outfits, you wore the black two-piece swimsuit Niragi got you. You opened your door only to be faced with Chishiya. “come with me, i wanna hang out with you, its been a while” he eyed you head to toe and gave you a smirk. (sheesh ok hoe) 
Both of you reached the pool where it was crowded by peasents, “you look great in that two piece y/n, what’s the occasion?” “oh its nothing, just wanted to try something new~” you teased, “well you look hot” Chishiya licked his lips, you felt something wet down there as a light blush spread threw your face. “you know you should reconsider dating that fool, you deserve someone better. More clever, and better at eating you out” he stared at you with a smirk visible, not until you noticed the music stopping and so were the peasents chatting. He’s here. Niragi wasn’t with Aguni this time, but he was with the rest of the militant buddies 
“awwww you get me Chishiya! Niragi hasn’t been generous and i’m kinda disappointed” you pouted “want me to change that?~” he grabbed your thigh. ohoho, little do you know someone was watching. you bit your lip as Chishiya’s hands moved slowly to your dripping wet core. All thoughts were disturbed when a rough hand grabbed your arm. “what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Niragi pushed you back and pointed his hun to Chishiya’s head “calm the fuck down moron, i wish just pleasing your girlfriend, you know, something you should be doing?” he sent death glares to the mischivious man, and scoffed. The grabbed your hand tightly and dragged you to his bedroom.
“what the fuck was that y/n?!” he yelled at you whilst throwing you on his bed. you sat back up “oh idk niragi, maybe the fact that you weren’t with me for 3 whole fucking days?! and maybe the fact that your ignoring me when you arrived at the beach while i called your name?!” you slapped him hard “or maybe it was becauseyou tried flirting with another woman knowing i was waiting for you?” 
He was hurt, at the thought of you, thiking about him cheating, he could ever do that, he loved you so much. And it made him agree just thinking of you cheating on him, with Chsihiya. he pushed you on the wall and kissed you roughly,while he gripped your face quite tightly, he slipped his tongue inside of your mouth, you felt his tongue piercing roam around your mouth as you did the same for his. He wasted no time and ripped both your clothes off. he pushed you down the bed and continued to make out with you roughly, while his hands travelled down thru your sex. he shoved two of his long fingers and moved them roughly, making you choke onto the kiss. you mewled and moaned as his fingers made magic, you felt so close to your limit, only to find him stopping and pulled out his fingers. 
“did i tell you to cum? i didn’t now did i?” “p-please niragi-” “shut up you slut and hold it in” he licked his fingers and swallowed all of your juices coming from his fingers. he grabbed your thighs and pulled you closer, he rubbed his pierced dick up and down, then in he goes. he went fast, god speed, and you weren’t shy at all, you moaned as loud as you could. his piercing hitting your spot makes it even better. he grabbed your face harshly ad kissed you whilst moving fastly. he pulled his face away as a string of saliva connected from your mouths. he went down to your neck and left multiple marks, marks so that everyone knows who you belong to. you drooled all over the feeling of his dick ramming in and out of you and how hard he thrusts. his piercing hittting the right spots makes you wanna cum right there, he felt you tighten up, letting him know you were close he gave you a smirk. you came, you couldn’t hold it in any longer, and creamed all over his cock “does that feel good? does it feel good cumming all over my dick you fucking whore?” you nodded continuously. you felt him twitch and bulge inside of you, his moans and grunts becooming more vocal. he starts to hit deeper than usual, he starts to go rough as he picked up his pace. he gave you one ahrd hit and came inside of you. 
he dropped out of exhaustion, you too, panted, he slowly went beside you and hugged you. “im sorry i haven’t given you much attention.... i promise ill be better” he gave you a sly smile only to find you fast asleep. he sighed and gave you a kiss on your forehead.
hope you guys liked the lemon!!!! jfc its even more embarassing knowing your old classmate will most likely see the smut- anyways if you guys have any request, JUST FUCKING TELL ME. thank you!!! love ya’ll
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lcvesdeath · 16 hours ago
( sms )  my thoughts when i’m stuck in a car with you
IN ABSOLUTE FAIRNESS, sam had tried getting buck’s attention in other ways. the casual texts of ‘hey’ and ‘wassup man?’ just weren’t cutting it, no matter the sheer volume of them that sam would send in. in his experience, sam equated people dealing with trauma like bucky, who were also extremely avoidant, to being on the edge and potentially in danger. no, he doesn't fucking like bucky, if he could be honest about that. and he gathers that it’s a pretty mutual kind of hostility. how could sam act all chummy with someone who’s crossed him more than he’s ever tried to hash things out maturely with him? even now, bucky was playing a game of tag that was steadily aggravating, distracting sam from the ever-important mission at hand.
Tumblr media
some uniformed airman tries to give him orders and it gets taken in with a devil-may-care half-grin. those days were over, and if sam wanted advice on an operation, then he’d ask for it. rarely ever does he ask or give a damn. after giving his phone a final glance to see if bucky would take the bait and be reeled into an argument over text, sam tosses the device away and ends up leaping out of the side of the aircraft with a vibrant ease. 
amidst this mission in particular, he’s in military-minded mode against a terrorist group breaking out all brutal resistance ( meaning that he's prepared for loss of life that can't always be prevented. ) manages to make it back with only some scrapes and bruises, but the exhilaration would always make the lingering wounds of the aftermath worth it. eventually, he’s seated outside of a restaurant with torres, whose company was absolutely more amicable than the other airmen who liked to flex and bark orders too goddamn much. he got out of the military for obvious reasons; however, since returning from the reverse snap? sam had been hungry for work, needing the distraction. needing to not think about all of the time he lost, and whatever complexity being given the shield had been bringing out of him. in truth, he doesn’t want it. his heart breaks a little more each time he has to cope with why his country doesn’t want him to have it, either.
but you know what else is a great distraction? texting buck.
( sms ) i bet this is how you sound.  ( sms ) i’m just kidding around, man. 😂 ( sms ) anyway, it’s been an exciting day. thank you for asking. how's new york and the pardon going?
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themysteryofwriting · 19 hours ago
A Shocking Mission
TW: electrocution, torture, interrogation, tortured for information, hopelessness
Pidge should have figured this mission was going wrong once the alarms started going off.
One moment they were taking the info they had downloaded, the next they were quickly sending it to the other Paladin’s as the Galra were right behind them and they weren’t sure whether or not they were going to get out.
And now, here they were, in what they assumed was some form of interrogation room. They weren’t sure what the Galra had planned, all they knew is they wanted to get off this fucking table they had been strapped to.
They were struggling against their bonds when a Galra came in. “You won’t get out of your bonds that easily, Green Paladin. Our records show you are the weakest of the Paladins and even the Champion had trouble getting out of those during his time here.”
Pidge only glared at the Galra, who only chuckled at them.
“Now, I’m going to ask you some questions, Paladin, and you’re going to answer them.”
“Fuck you,” Pidge hissed, “You’ll get nothing out of me.”
Pidge noticed the smirk that the Galra had on their face after Pidge said that. “I was hoping you’d say something like that.”
Before Pidge could react, the Galra attacked them with a prod and Pidge fel electricity coursing through their body. It was everything Pidge could do to keep from crying out in shock from the pain.
“Now, you’re going to answer my questions, or I’ll shock you. And from what I’ve heard, your species is quite weak to electric shocks. And from what we've found, electricity is most effective when you’re attached to something metal. So this is sure to hurt.”
“If you think I’m going to betray my fellow Paladins you’ve got another thing coming,” Pidge hissed.
“We’ll see about that then, why don’t we.”
Pidge tried to keep coherent, wanting to stay focused and fight back. They lost that ability after the fifth shock. They weren’t even sure how many times they had been shocked by now.
How long had they been there? They know the Galra had stepped away a few time to give them a break and even given them food once. Probably just to make sure they didn’t die before giving them information.
Had it been hours? Days? They weren’t even sure anymore. Everytime they thought they were free from the pain, it started again.
Soon their fellow Paladins would come rescue them. Soon they would be put in a healing pod. Soon they would have help getting over their fear of electricity. And eventually, everything would be okay.
But for now, all they could feel was the pain shooting up their body everytime they refused to answer a question. Leaving them wondering if they would ever be free.
Tumblr media
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mercy-of-the-ashes · 21 hours ago
🌹Rose kept her breathing steady, she had dealt with Junk Monokumas before but.. with a busted shoulder she couldn't be as agile as she wanted. However for the sake of the mission she had to put herself in this kind of harm's way, that door NEEDED these parts.
She kept close to the wall of the building, keeping an eye on the floor to step over or around anything that could make a noise. She looked back at Haiji when they started to round the corner, giving him a small smile and holding out her hand to him. "Hey, almost there; Amore." She whispered.
She looked around the corner and she was instantly relieved to see the piles of scrap metal and metal beams she remembered. "Found them." She said softly. Genocide Jack crept up closer towards Rose to get a better look, leaning over Rose's shoulder. "Whaddya mean? It's just metal." She seemed confused. "That's what we're here for, the mission?" Rose asked, just as confused.
Genocide Jack raised an eyebrow before smirking. "I don't know what you're talking about buuuut I assume Toko-Woko knows soooooo let's just get this metal shit outta here." She giggled softly.
Kotoko's eyes grew wide and sparkly. "OOOOOHHHH MY GOSH!!!~ They're beautiful! So so adorbs! So cute! So you!!" She squeaked, she carefully looked at the bats and booped their nose.
Before she suddenly gasped and grabbed her wrist. "You HAVE to meet my friends, they would love you!! Just as much as me! Please? Please please please!!!" She begged, whining as well.
Tumblr media
Staying close was key to prevent Haiji from losing to his terror that he has to bottle up before any drops could leak. Part of it was because he didn’t want the girls to make fun of him. He knew Toko would mock him for it, which would probably trigger his button and want to smack her for being insolent.
But the biggest reason of all about Haiji forcing an aura of courage was to reassure himself and Rose. She needed him to keep her safe. With that busted arm, Haiji couldn’t let her do this alone. He wished to prove that he could be the best boyfriend for her.
“Finally.” His relief was thinly veiled.
They found the parts Nozomi would gratefully utilize to rebuild the doors. Now he could relax…well, as soon as they weren’t near dangerous deadly robot bears.
“Genocide Joker’s right. Let’s hurry up and leave. I’m worried about the others.”
He could categorize it as a poor excuse for his eagerness to escape this place, but it turned out he really was worried.
“I hope Haruka didn’t do anything stupid.”
Melantha’s faded light red eyes flared with a blazing anger.
“Melly!!” Joshua hissed in alarm.
Haruka cast Kotoko her cutest pout. “Awwwwww, so soon??? I really like chatting with you.” She leaned closer, hugging her bats. “Besides, I got a secret that I can’t tell anyone but you. It’s pretty embarrassing.”
Secret? What secret? Haruka absolutely lacked any secrets worthy of telling Kotoko.
Shoot! Gotta think of something!
“What secret?” Melantha muttered to Joshua, who just comically shrugged.
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ksfnmoments · 21 hours ago
~Friday Headcanons~
Today’s Topic: Midas and Jules
got a little distracted by ALIEEEEENS and meant to get this out an hour ago, sorry!
Midas was born with the golden touch. It was a result of his father trying to more or less steal and harness Oro’s powers, obviously Oro wasn’t happy with that and cursed him and his family. His father didn’t know what the curse was until Midas was born.
Midas and Jules are siblings in my universe, with a 7 year age gap.
His father created E.G.O, so half of his life was bent on learning his father’s ways and training to become the next leader.
With their father’s greed and mother’s boredom and lack of concern for either of them, Midas started teaching himself how to basically detach his emotions and quickly grew to resent them, especially after Jules was born.
He taught himself how to braid her hair :)
Jules doesn’t like being touched by most people, and since she has long hair she especially hates when people mess with it, except for Midas.
These two practically live on coffee and caffeine.
Despite Midas’ hardships with their parents, Jules got along with her father often and he even introduced her to the world of engineering.
They were both hella introverted growing up, however the year before Midas took over as leader of E.G.O, he really started to come out of his shell during his training and became more charismatic and bold.
Aside from that, though, he still prefers to do his work alone and generally not be bothered.
Jules is still an introvert and prefers to be alone, sometimes doing anything she can to avoid being social.
Jules was incredibly sheltered by Midas growing up, which also ended up being a factor in her turning to SHADOW (or, becoming a double agent in The Tide Rises). When Midas activated her for GHOST, he did give her more freedom after she confronted him about it, but she still enjoyed the extra bit of it she got when she was in SHADOW bases.
They can be workaholics often, Midas would sit in his office doing paperwork and stuff for hours and Jules is the same way with her gadgets.
Some of the negative morals his father taught him still ended up sticking with Midas after becoming leader, especially about doing everything it takes to get what you want. He’s also really good at manipulating people, whether for good or bad, another result of his father.
He admired his parents for a while growing up until he realized they weren’t everything he thought. It hurt him and to avoid having something like that happening again, he tries not to become too attached to anyone.
His first genuine friendship was with Brutus, and from there on as he recruited the agents he began to start lowering his guard for them.
Midas and Jules are constantly at each other’s throats, but it’s just a typical sibling rivalry and all meant in good fun (though Jules is very vocal when it comes to making fun of him).
Other than that, they always make an effort to be there for each other and give each other advice as much as they can.
Jules gets stressed easily, especially when something goes wrong with her machines. Midas tries his best to stay with her and calm her down.
When she’s not focused on her own stuff, Jules will try and get Midas to stop focusing on his work so much and encourage him to take breaks to clear his mind.
Midas loved to show off her designs before she officially worked for GHOST.
The only type of engineering Jules never really picked up was weapons engineering. She just never bothered to learn how to craft and upgrade weapons as she rarely went on bigger missions unless no one else was available. She knows how to shoot, but that’s about it when it comes to her firearm knowledge.
Sometimes the overprotectiveness Midas had over Jules slips through to his agents and henchmen, though it’s notably more common around the six main ones (even Brutus and Peely).
Despite her impatience towards his protectiveness, she’s also extremely protective over those she cares about.
All in all, if you mess with their family, you will get the drum gun.
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butwhyduh · 22 hours ago
Alone Time
Tumblr media
Garth of Shayeris x batsis!reader
Warning: smut, being cockblocked so many times. Canon has no home here.
It didn’t take long for you to figure out that you needed your own place in San Francisco. The tower was nice, free, had food and friend. It even made work simple. But there was absolutely no privacy besides at 3 am in your locked room and with certain metas, you weren’t even sure that was private.
You been dating Garth for a few months and there had been a learning curve for sure. He was not used to dating land dwellers and you had never dated an Atlantean and that provided a challenge. Garth learned gentle was not actually as easy as he thought. And you found Atlantean biology unique.
Garth had to hold back. A lot. The first few times he had gotten farther than a few chaste kisses had you pulling back with the intensity. “Softer, please. Not so rough,Garth,” you breathed after his tongue had darted in your mouth like a military invasion.
“Sorry! Sorry,” Garth had quickly answered, his cheeks reddened. His kisses had gone back to simply chaste. You had to encourage him to kiss you more because of his fear of hurting you.
Another time you came across something no land dweller had: gills. Garth had figured out how to gently explore your mouth and was pretty good at it and you finally had some alone time for once. You pulled back just enough to kiss along his jaw. Little nibbles and licks that had him moving toward your touch. Garth’s hands were feather soft against your skin.
You kissed his chin and down the center of his throat with your eyes closed and moved to kiss the pulse point that most air breathers liked but you felt something different and Garth kinda froze. You pulled away to look at him and realized you kissed his gills.
“Did I do something wrong?” You asked concerned. Did that hurt? Or was it bad?
“No. I mean, it was just weird. I’ve never been kissed there. Kinda like getting kissed on the lung, you know?” He said with a little smile as if to say ‘I’m fine.’
“Not really. If you can kiss my lung, I’m in a very bad spot,” you joked and Garth chuckled and nodded. “But I won’t do it again if you don’t like it. On us,” you said, pulling hair from your throat to show him. “There are spots about here and here,” you motioned to your pulse points. “That are sensitive and feel good. They’re probably different on you.”
“Here?” Garth said, pressing his lips to your throat. You breathed in quickly and nodded. “And here?” He asked before straight up licking the other side. You moaned softly. You nodded and Garth had a mischievous smile on his face. He licked and kissed and nipped at your pulse points until you were holding his shoulders, making little noises.
“I’d say a similar structure on Atlanteans are here and here,” he pointed to spots near his collarbones. “As far as reactions.”
“Noted,” you said looking at the spots. “But they’re pretty sensitive on us too,” you replied before kissing them. You nipped at one spot and his gills fluttered slightly and you pulled back.
“Are you okay?” You asked and he opened his eyes confused. “Do you need water?”
“Why do you ask that?”
“Well, your gills..”
“Oh,” Garth said, turning red. “You know when you breathed in fast when I kissed your neck? That’s kinda the same thing. But we pull from both the lungs and gills. It’s isn’t... weird, is it?”
“No. Of course not. I just didn’t know. The only time I’ve seen you do that was when you needed water,” you admitted.
“It can happen other times...” he trailed off.
“Don’t think twice about it. Just wanted to make sure you were okay,” you said before kissing his lips. Garth tried to pull you on his lap to almost toss you on the floor. You grabbed his shoulder to stop yourself with a yelp.
“Sorry! Again,” he said. “I forgot how light you are,” he said and compared to Atlanteans of similar size, you were probably at least 50 lbs lighter. They are so much denser in muscles.
“It’s okay-“
“Is Garth in your room? We have a mission,” said Kori knocking at your door and you sighed. Garth winced and shrugged.
“Yeah, he’ll be there soon,” you called. “It’s okay. We’ll hang out later,” you said before kissing his cheek and climbing off the bed.
It was a few weeks later and you were at the tower alone in his room. A pizza box sat empty on a chair and a movie played on a laptop. But it was completely ignored by you both.
Currently you were on top of him, with your mouth on his. Your hand had slid under his shirt and he was squeezing your breasts through your shirt. You pulled back and pulled your shirt off.
“Hmm,” he said making a little pleased noise before touching all over your bra. It and his shirt soon joined your clothes on the floor and you were flipped over. Garth had kissed down the column of your neck and across your upper chest before finally playing with your breasts. He left soft wet kisses across the skin before wrapping his lips around your nipple unexpectedly. Your body arched off the bed into his touch and you made a little moan.
Your phone started to ring and you smashed the side button without looking. Garth switched sides to give both breasts attention. Your phone rang again. You sighed.
“Do you need to-“
“Ignore it. We’re busy,” you breathed pushing the side button again. Garth kissed the valley between your breasts. He kissed down your stomach and you inhaled quickly with each kiss. When his lips were near your hipbones and his fingers were pulling at the button of your pants, your phone rang yet again. You groaned loudly before grabbing it.
“What?” You said roughly. Garth simply laid his head in your stomach to look up at you on the phone. “Now? Why on gods green earth do I need to be in Gotham, now?.... I’m a little busy..... not a case. Fine! I’ll be in Gotham soon.... I can’t tell you exactly-soon!” You said before hanging up. Garth looked up at you wistfully.
“I’m guessing you’re leaving,” he said.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I really want to stay but...” you said throwing on clothing.
“Gotham. Batdad?” He suggested and you nodded.
“Yep! Batman,” you said before leaning over Garth to give him a slow deep kiss while holding his jaw. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”
“Sure. Be safe.”
It was almost 4 months and the farthest you had gone was shirt off makeout and honestly you were losing your mind. You were never alone. The tower was full. Bruce kept call you for minor Gotham emergencies. You were half a second from blocking him on your phone.
You were at your own apartment. After M’gann had informed you that you think loudly in an embarrassed tone while you were imagining Garth absolutely railing you in the kitchen as you stirred pasta, that was the final straw. You moved out of the tower and it was a little bittersweet. You didn’t have a perfect saltwater pool for Garth to swim in so he couldn’t stay over for days at a time.
But then again, you couldn’t climb into his lap and toss his game controller on to the coffee table at the tower. Garth made a small ‘oh’ sound before sliding his hands up your thighs. You grasped his jaw with both hands and roughly kissed him. You didn’t worry about being too much. He was Atlantean and could handle it.
You pulled back and yanked your shirt off and Garth pulled his off as well before attacking your chest. You held his hair in your fingers as he licked and sucked at your breasts. One of Garth’s hands slid down to unbutton your shorts. You felt fingers move into your panties to play in your folds. Okay, yes. Finally, you thought.
Garth kissed back up to your lips before sliding a finger inside you. You moaned against his lips. “Yes,” you breathed and you could feel his smirk against your skin. After a little bit, he slid in a second finger and your hands moved down to his belt.
“Anyone hooo-mme....” Tim called out before stopping. You froze in your position. You were both shirtless, Garth’s hand was in your pants, and you were frantically trying to open his belt. You turned to see it was much worse than you thought it was going to be.
Tim was staring at the ceiling, Dick had his hand over his face, and Jason was looking with a face that could murder. You both moved your hands and you went to get up but Garth stopped you quickly. His face was red and you realized he was obviously hard and only your body was blocking the view.
“What are y’all doing here?” You asked furiously. Jason was now also looking at the ceiling.
“We thought we would take our sister to lunch but I guess you’re pretty fucking busy,” Jason said. “Gillhead? Really?”
“That’s pretty rude,” Garth said with a frown and you felt him tense a little. You placed a hand on his chest to calm him.
“Anyways, we’re going to leave now,” Dick said practically dragging Jason along. “Lock your damn door next time.”
“We’ll call next time,” Tim said quietly.
After the door closed, you sighed before standing up to lock it. You walk back over to Garth with a hopeful smile.
“Back where we were?”
“Lost the urge. Seeing most of your brothers kinda does that to me,” he said and you nodded, sitting beside him.
“Yeah. Next time I am going to lock the door with traps so elaborate that it would make the Riddler blush so no one can come in,” you said and he smiled.
“Now I see the resemblance between you and your brothers.”
“Okay so I rented us a hotel room at a place I’ve never stayed under a fake name I’ve never used before and told the staff that we will have no visitors. I also paid off the bellhops and maid that we were never here,” you said pulling off Garth’s shirt as you walked towards the large bathroom.
“It’s it all necessary?” He asked a little bemused. “Pretty,” he commented looking around.
“They asked if I wanted it romantic and I said sure and they chose this but I can’t say that it doesn’t works,” you said as you both looked at the bathroom. Probably 15 candles were lit on every surface and roses floated in a giant stone hot tub style bath that was steamy with warm water. The room smelled faintly of vanilla.
Garth touched the water with his fingers while watching you pull off your clothing. You pulled off your shirt and shimmed out of your pants and Garth made a little humming noise at the sight of you in a simple shear lacy black set. It wasn’t crazy but was just perfect.
You suddenly felt a little self conscious. This was the first time he’d seen you without clothing on. Garth pulled you close and kissed your forehead and cheek and shoulder. “This might be a bit much but I definitely appreciate it,” he said. His hands ran along the lace around your waist before pulling you close by the ass. “Really appreciate it.”
You pulled at his belt and Garth shrugged his pants and boxers off in one move. Atlanteans were not really prudish with clothing. He pulled you to the bath and you both in while you still wore clothing. You yelped and laughed as some of the water sloshed out.
“I’m still dressed, you nut,” you laughed.
“I can fix that,” Garth answered with a roguish grin. “Shit, I forgot condoms.”
“I’m going to kill you,” you said, glaring at him. “You know what? I’m clean and on birth control. You?”
“Clean as a clam.”
“Are they? Are they clean?” You asked.
“Yeah, they clean the water around them and everything,” he answered.
“Okay, new info. We’ll talk about how bad clam metaphors are later. Anyways, I’d be willing if you are,” you said and he looked you over.
“Like I’d say no to that kind of offer,” Garth mumbled, kissing the side of your mouth. He pushed your underwear to the side and before he could do any kind of foreplay, you lowered yourself on his cock. You inhaled quickly. He felt amazing and it had been a long time coming.
“God, Garth,” you whined, just sitting on him.
“Yeah,” he breathed in the crook of your neck. You started moving. The roses and water sloshed around, ignored by you both. You arched your back in pleasure and he took the opportunity to hold your waist and pepper kisses all over your chest. He popped the wet bra off and tossed it somewhere unseen before going back to your chest.
You felt his abs and crazy buff arms. The markings along his skin. You almost smiled at the sight of both his lips open in breath and his gills fluttering slightly. He thrust up into you and you made a mewling noise. There was so many advantages of his strength. Garth held you up and thrusted up into you quickly. You gripped his shoulder as you saw stars.
“I- I- I’m close,” you gasped before clenching around him. Garth groaned but kept up the pace through your high before burying himself deep in release. You both rocked against each other in the afterglow.
“That was something,” you said breathlessly kissing him.
“Do you think we are done? I see a made bed in a hotel room. What an awful thing to waste,” Garth said giving you a look before picking you up leaving a trail of water from the bath to be bed.
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What Not to Expect
Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader
Synopsis: Your relationship with Peter has sent many curveballs your way. To the point where you thought you couldn’t be surprised anymore, it only takes one night to prove you wrong.
Word Count: 2.6k
Warnings: A curse word or two. Mentions of pregnancy. Mentions of children. kinda angsty
Author’s Note: This is a repost of my old work.
Note: My work is not to be posted anywhere else on any other platforms. If my work is posted elsewhere it was put there without my permission. Also, I do not own these characters.
Tumblr media
Your life had changed exponentially in the past few months. See, you’d gotten married to the love of your life a year and a half ago. But you’d gone a little further in your relationship since then, see now you were expecting. And your family had become as overprotective as you assumed they would be. 
You’d been benched from missions almost immediately. With at least one person sticking around with you to make sure that you weren’t over exerting yourself.
You’d busied yourself with many tasks to prepare for your upcoming bundle of joy. You were setting up the nursery, and purchasing the necessary decorations and materials. 
You’d made your way through practically every book you could find about the development of your child. Peter was also incredibly passionate about reading all of the parenting books. He was a bit worried about being a good father, even though you knew he was going to be a phenomenal dad. 
See, you were prepared for practically every upcoming trial and tribulation that could come your way. 
The one thing you weren’t prepared for was your loving husband returning home from mission in the form of a toddler. 
You and Peter had been rather anxiously awaiting the arrival of your little baby Benjamin, and in complete honesty you were about ready to pop. It was really an any day now type of situation. Which meant that Peter was even more worried about you than he usually was. And his worry led to a bit of distraction on the battlefield. 
Peter had his mind on you and your precious little bun in the oven, he didn’t want to miss a thing. He was patrolling less, and he went on less missions with the team. He didn’t want you to be left all by yourself. He wanted to make sure that everything was prepared. 
The nursery had been finished for a few weeks, and he knew that you guys had everything you’d need for the first few weeks, but he was still worried. He was worried that something would go wrong. He was worried that you’d go into labor and he wouldn’t be around. 
Or the worst possibility of them all, he could get wounded in battle and then he wouldn’t be able to be there for you or your son at all.
He was worried that something would go wrong, and that he’d be ripped from your loving arms. He just wanted to do everything in his power to protect the precious future the two of you were creating. 
He was doing his best to stay away from grave danger. He was incredibly content with eating snacks and cuddling with you on a Friday night.
But some missions just couldn’t be bypassed. 
There was some new evildoer that had decided to make his presence known. He was a royal thorn in the side of the entire team. He wasn’t their worst foe, not by a long shot, but they wanted to put an end to his minor reign of terror. 
The man was an inventor by trade apparently, and the team was grossly underprepared to say the least. 
They had no clue what they were walking into. And that was never a good idea. 
See, this new loon had decided that he was going to mess around with things that he really shouldn’t. The deaging process to be exact. 
Suspicious and unknown technology combined with a sidetracked spiderling was far from a good combination. But it just so happened to all come together perfectly to create a very strange phenomenon. One that you came in contact with when the quinjet landed at the compound that evening. 
You had a habit of meeting Peter at the helipad, waiting to give him a welcome back kiss while being fully prepared for him to pepper you with a million and one questions about your wellbeing as well as the baby’s wellbeing. 
But that night was different from the second you stepped out into the night air. Something felt off, and you couldn’t quite place it. But you still put on a brave face as you saw the quinjet getting closer and closer to where you were standing. The hatch opened a few seconds after they landed, and that’s when everything really hit the fan.
You heard crying - scratch that - wailing from inside the vehicle, and you didn’t really know where that could be coming from. It sounded like a child throwing a tantrum in the middle of the store aisle because their parent refused to buy them the toy that they wanted.
Well, turns out you were half right about the sound. Because only a few seconds later your father walked out of the quinjet with a screaming toddler in his arms. One that seemed to calm down as soon as he laid eyes on you. 
The kid began to squirm, attempting to get out of Tony’s arms. And he succeeded. Your father put him down, and within a matter of seconds the toddler had his arms wrapped tightly around your legs.
“Y/N.” The tiny voice came out, and you were confused to say the least. Why did they bring a child back from their mission? And why did said child know your name? But, most importantly, why were they hugging you?
“Who is this?” You asked, attempting to not further upset the youngster.
“That,” Your father began as he pinched the bridge of his nose, his exhaustion surrounding the situation was more than evident, “Is Peter.” 
Your eyes landed on the little tot whose arms were holding onto your thighs. He was looking up at you with an apprehensive smile, and you knew that smile anywhere. Even on a much younger face. It was definitely Peter. But how?
“How did this happen?” You asked, and your father seemed like he was far beyond agitated with the fact that Peter was a toddler. More specifically, he seemed even more annoyed because he knew he was going to have to figure out how to fix it. 
“Some sort of ray gun. It was pointed at Peter, then he fired. One second he was the Peter you know and love, and then he was like this.” It wasn’t the best explanation. No real idea of what exactly the villain had done to your beloved. But you had faith that they’d be able to figure it out. You just hoped that they’d be able to do it soon.
Your father started walking towards his lab, and you followed hot on his heels. With a teensy child running after you to catch up, not that you were really able to move that quickly given your condition, but you were reminded to slow down by the feeling of a tiny hand grabbing onto your fingers. You turned your head slightly and your heart nearly burst at the small, innocent face looking back at you. Who gave him the right to be that cute of a child? 
At least you had another assurance that your own baby would end up being adorable. 
“How long is it going to take to reverse the effects?” You asked, and you could tell that your father was rolling his eyes even though all you could see was the back of his head.
“If I knew that then we wouldn’t be in this predicament in the first place.” That’s true. If he knew what to do then there would be no reason for the worry in both of your souls. Your father was a genius, but even he couldn’t possibly figure this out in such a quick turnaround. “It’ll probably take me a few days to figure out how to bring him back.”
“Days?” Your shock was misplaced. And in your heart of hearts you knew that. As previously mentioned, a turnaround that quick was impossible. Logically you knew that it would take time to figure out this tricky stunt that had been pulled. But you were still naively hopeful that maybe it’d only take twenty four hours for your Peter to be back in your arms. 
“Don’t worry. It’ll fly by.” He said, but you both knew that was the furthest thing from the truth.
After several tests were run, and after Peter squeezed your hand so hard that you felt your bones crack while screaming at the top of his lungs while your father administered the first version of a cure which didn’t work, you were walking Peter back to your little section of the compound. The place where you’d set up a secondary nursery. The nursery was across the hall from your bedroom in this little apartment of yours. 
You knew that Peter was a bit big to be spending the night in the crib. But you were still going to try. You really needed time to process the turn that your life had just taken.
You helped Peter get changed into a spiderman t-shirt that practically swallowed him whole, but it was all that you had that would even come close to fitting him. You put him down in the crib, and within a matter of minutes he was passed out. Clearly he was also worn out from the events of the day. 
You got yourself changed into something more comfortable and climbed into your bed. Your eyes were incredibly infatuated with the slightly off-white ceiling above your incredibly preoccupied head. There were too many questions forming inside your head. Too many what-if scenarios that were running amuck and taking control of your brain. 
What if your dad couldn’t fix it? What if Peter would never come back to you? What if you had to raise this baby alone? What were you supposed to tell May if there was no way to reverse the situation? You’d promised each other forever, and what if Peter wasn’t able to follow through?
You’d imagined many horribly tragic endings to your love story, your mind had a tendency to meander into thoughts that definitely weren’t beneficial, but none of them had ever played out like this. This situation was beyond your imagination. 
Sleep didn’t come easily to you in the later days of your pregnancy, but, somehow, you were able to fall asleep that night. It was a rarity in and of itself. Maybe your mind had decided that you deserved a bit of a break from everything swirling around inside your brain. 
You woke around three o’clock in the morning, and it was only because you felt something poking at your stomach. As you began to wake up you were better able to understand that someone was drawing on your stomach. They were tracing shapes, and you started to hear some quiet muttering from right next to your belly.
You peaked your eye open just a little bit, and you saw Peter knelt down next to the belly. He was drawing hearts, and stars, and figure eights for some reason that was beyond you. But he was babbling about the silliest things. Whatever came into his little mind. 
He was so at peace with the world, but at the same time he was so curious. He was wide eyed, and he had so many questions that he wanted answers to. He wasn’t all that far off from the man that you were married to. They are some things that you just don’t grow out of.
His eyes moved to your face, and you quickly shut your eyes once more. You didn’t want to get caught. You felt some movement on the bed, and then a small kiss pressed to your forehead followed by his tiny voice once more.
“Goodnight Y/N.” He mispronounced the word, but it made your heart swell nonetheless. That boy just had a way of making your heart do things that it never would have before you encountered him all those years ago. Peter Parker had turned you into a big softie.
But he wasn’t done making your heart explode just yet because a few seconds later you felt a quick kiss being pressed to your belly. “Goodnight baby.” He whispered before you felt him snuggle into your side. His head right above your heartbeat.
You’d spent many nights with a full grown Peter in the exact same position. Hearing your heartbeat calmed him. It grounded him. Sometimes it was his only reminder that you were safe. That you were right next to him and you weren’t going anywhere.
And you found yourself drifting back off to sleep within a matter of seconds. Somehow all of those prior worries weren’t so suffocating anymore. There were a few ounces of clarity seeping in, and you had the feeling that everything was going to be okay. Even if your dad couldn’t find a way to fix this. Even if he couldn’t find a way to set Peter’s clock forward and bring your whole world back into your grasp.
You’d find a way to adapt. Your world would just change a little bit. Even though it was the scariest idea possible, you’d find a way to do it. You’d have no other choice.
Three more days passed, and you found yourself spending nearly every spare second with Peter. He seemed to know who you were. He remembered quite a bit about who he was before all of this took place, even though he wasn’t at an age where he was good at articulating the details of his life.
You’d been feeling a bit of pain for the past few days, but you didn’t think much of it. It was in the lower back, and your lower abdomen. But you were a bit preoccupied. You were much more concerned with Peter than with yourself.
You were in the kitchen making a plate of pancakes for breakfast when your father came running in. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days, and the more you thought about it you realized that you hadn’t seen him outside of his lab since the night that everything got crazy. 
He went over to Peter and picked him up off the chair he was sitting in. And then he was running back towards the direction came from.
“What’s going on?” You asked as you followed after him at a much slower pace.
“Lab now. Questions later.” You didn’t take the time to object, you just followed him into his lab. Clearly he’d had some kind of breakthrough, but you didn’t know just how far he’d gotten.
When you finally made it into the lab you saw little Peter sitting on an exam table, but your father had a syringe in his hands. You walked over and immediately took hold of his hand, letting him squeeze it as hard as he needed to while your father administered what you assumed was the antidote. 
And it worked.
Within three minutes of the antidote being injected into Peter’s bloodstream he was back to his normal self. Back to being the man that you married. The man that you were having a baby with. 
Speaking of, the pain you were experiencing was getting more intense as time passed. And you were struck by an especially harsh pain in your abdomen. Then you felt something trickling down your legs. You looked down to find your nightgown wet, and there was a puddle at your feet.
Your dad and Peter were talking, your father was too busy catching Peter up on the past few days. Apparently the toddler remembered being Peter, but Peter didn’t remember being turned into a toddler. 
But you had the feeling that your current predicament would take precedent.
“Hey Pete?”
“Yeah.” He responded, turning his head to look at you as he flashed you his signature charming smile. Oh how that precious expression would change in a matter of seconds.
“My water just broke.”
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🌹 Rose could feel Haiji shaking, she was shaking too.. but she had to be brave right now. She lead them into this mess, she needed to step up and do something useful.
"... We can do it. We just need to get rid of the Junk Monokumas first, after they're gone then we should be fine." She said, her confidence wavered but she still did her best to appear like she knew what she was doing.
Komaru held up her megaphone. "We'll do our best." She said, smiling at Rose before turning to Toko. "Toko.. I think we need a killer right now." She said, causing Toko to whine. "S-Seriously?... F-Fine.." She used her tazer, her eyes popped open red and her long tongue came out in a giggle. "Where's the party-?!" Her mouth was covered by Komaru's hand.
"Shh, Junk Monokumas." She said.
Genocide Jack pushed her hand away. "Ugh, your hand tastes like burnt toast." She looked at Haiji and Rose. "Oh hiiiii again, Haaaaaiji." She snickered before getting very close to Rose. "And you... You're the music girl~ Surprised to see you here!"
Kotoko tapped her foot impatiently.
"Well?! You're supposed to be my new friend, tell me nice things!" She stamped her foot down harder.
Tumblr media
Haiji brought Rose closer to him, not trusting Genocide Jack one bit! The Junk Monokumas were enough for him. Why freak him out more than he already was? This was unfair and uncalled for!
“First off, stay away from my babe.” Haiji threatened her with a finger. “Second, let’s kick some Monokuma ass.” And kick his own anxiety while he was at it.
Breathe. Haiji just needed to breathe. He had fought Monokumas before, especially those hideous Junk Monokumas. How was this any different? He had been plagued by the same horror every time. Was it because Rose was with him? Damn, he sure lacked a brave bone in his body right now. She needed a protector, damnit.
Stop being a giant chicken!
Haiji heaved a shaky breath and tried to relax his tense muscles. He can do this. He needed to be strong.
“L-Let’s get this over with so we can get the fuck out of here.”
Getting sick of her attitude, Melantha almost approached Kotoko until Haruka stopped her. Her smile was back, sugary sweet and shining bright. Melantha and Joshua weren’t sure what was happening, but then they got the gist of what she had in mind. Joshua led his reluctant partner away from the girls.
Haruka needed to play along to not jeopardize Rose’s plans and blow everyone’s cover, or else Haiji would blow a gasket. He’d never let her join any more missions ever again! But Haruka had it under control. She can do this. She just had to act like the cutest girl that she always had been and always would be.
“Well, for starters, you look amazing in pink! I doubt any color could do you justice!”
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Racquel misplaced 160 kilos | Black Weight Loss Success
Transformation of the Day: Racquel misplaced 160 kilos. Her motivation was to beat PCOS and insulin resistance to turn out to be a mom. She found out what consuming habits work for her, had gastric bypass surgical procedure, and addressed her meals dependancy.
What was your motivation? What impressed you to maintain going, even once you wished to surrender? My motivation was to be more healthy and have youngsters. I used to be recognized with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and insulin resistance. These two circumstances plus the burden brought on me 14 years of infertility. There have been many occasions once I would say, “Oh nicely, guess I’ll by no means have youngsters.” I attempted to neglect that after 14 years, my husband and I nonetheless weren’t mother and father. Nonetheless, in my coronary heart, I knew that wasn’t what I actually wished. I used to be bored with crying each evening and watching family and friends get blessed with a number of youngsters whereas I couldn’t conceive. I wished to be a mother. I needed to battle for what I do know I wished in my coronary heart.
Is weight reduction surgical procedure a part of your journey? Sure, as a result of I struggled a lot to reduce weight due to the PCOS and insulin resistance. I had Gastric Bypass surgical procedure in June 2020. I’m so glad I did as a result of proper after surgical procedure, I came upon that my hormone ranges have been corrected. Earlier than surgical procedure, I used to be additionally pre-diabetic on account of insulin resistance. That’s all gone now. My hormones are balanced, and I’ve an opportunity to lastly have a household.
How did you alter your consuming habits? I’m at present on a Paleo-style food plan. I fully lower out all processed carb and sugars. As an alternative, I persist with consuming lean proteins comparable to hen, seafood, and turkey. I additionally don’t eat processed meats (together with deli meat, sizzling canine, sausages, and so forth.). I additionally eat contemporary greens and fruits and snack on nuts and seeds. 
What did your exercise routine encompass? How typically did you’re employed out? After I first began, I might simply run/ stroll a mile. As I misplaced weight and gained power, I started to run 2-Three miles a day. I additionally did power coaching, HITT, and Yoga. I at present work out 4 occasions per week. Day-after-day I try to do one thing completely different to maintain issues blended up. 
What was your beginning weight? What’s your present weight? My highest weight was 320 kilos. My surgical procedure weight was 295 kilos, and my present weight is 160 kilos.
What’s your peak? I’m 5’4″.
When did you begin your journey? How lengthy did your transformation take? The reality of the matter is I’ve been making an attempt to reduce weight just about my entire life. At 12 years outdated, I used to be very obese and didn’t find out about my well being points. I didn’t know I had PCOS till 23. That’s once I made it my mission to battle to get wholesome. 
It took plenty of analysis to determine what sort of food plan an individual with my situation ought to eat, however the issue was carb dependancy. Nonetheless, as soon as I had weight reduction surgical procedure, I used to be in a position to break that dependancy and reduce weight. I began the method for bypass surgical procedure in June 2019 and had my surgical procedure in June 2020.
What’s the largest lesson you’ve realized thus far? The most important lesson I realized is that (for me) sticking to a wholesome, low carb or low sugar food plan is how I have to stay. I do know that this may sound scary to some folks, however I had to determine what works for me if I actually wished to be wholesome, blissful, and have youngsters in the future. I had to surrender what was holding me again, and that was unhealthy meals. 
What recommendation do you may have for ladies who wish to reduce weight? I might say be sincere with your self in relation to your consuming habits. So many individuals aren’t sincere with what they put of their mouths. When you’ve got a meals or carb dependancy, get the make it easier to want, search skilled assist to seek out methods to beat meals dependancy. So many ladies don’t even find out about consuming dysfunction therapists, or they don’t assume that overeating applies as an ED, nevertheless it does. I had it myself.
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Finding Home Chapter 19
Chapter 18
The first morning of our mission, I awoke feeling better than I had in years. I knew immediately why, too.
I had slept. A beautiful, deep, restful sleep.
Waking peacefully, with that massive arm wrapped tight around my middle, I knew that Bucky had finally gotten a good night’s rest as well. I was warm - almost too warm - which meant he had stayed close the whole time.
A small smile forms across my lips as I slip out from under his grasp. Turning to watch him sleep, only for a moment, he looks thoroughly at peace. I make my way into the bathroom to get ready for our day.
As I emerge, I see that Bucky has turned and is facing the bathroom. His eyes are open, and he is watching me.
“I… I didn’t hurt you at all last night. Did I?” He questions softly, his body visibly tensing up in worry.
“No, Buck. You didn’t.”
“Good.” I watch as he relaxes again with a sigh. “I was afraid… when you weren’t here…”
“I just woke up before you did, Bucky. I figured I’d get my shower out of the way. If it helps, I’ll stay in bed until you wake up next time.” I chuckle.
He offers a small smile as he makes his way into the bathroom.
I get dressed, putting on a beautiful yet simple dress and some heels. Standing in front of the mirror, putting on a little makeup, I hear Bucky make his way back into the room. Watching through the mirror, though never stopping my task, I can’t help but stare at the perfect man behind me.
It is unmistakable as ever to me at that moment - I missed my soldier. I wanted him, sure, but the truth was, I needed him.
But I couldn’t think of myself. I had to focus on the mission at hand.
With the comm piece in my ear, and the team chattering away, Bucky and I walk the streets. Hand in hand, a smile plastered on my face; we explore all the little vendors set up along the way.
Both of us are oddly relaxed. Our muscles aren’t tense and ready for a fight like they usually are; our eyes aren’t scanning everything around us, looking for a threat. Sure, we are still aware of our surroundings - the people, the vehicles, the action going on around us - but we had slipped, subconsciously, into a different frame of mind.
Typically, if you know what to look for - which the opposition usually does - you can pick out one of the Avengers from a crowd with ease. Even someone as good as Natasha can’t completely hide from a trained eye amongst the general public.
That was something Bucky and I have always been able to do, though. We could stay vigilant while still appearing to be typical people. It is one more reason that Hydra would send us together. Bucky and I could blend in with no problem - well, so long as we kept his left arm covered - but still get the job done better than anyone.
I have to say, I am thankful Bucky is listening to me and following my lead. Having him put that trust in me helped his mind open up to the things he didn’t know, or at least didn’t remember, he could do.
“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two had done this before Petrova.” I hear Tony quip in my ear.
“And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to blow this for us, Stark,” I mumble in a quiet reply.
“There’s a reason I said they were our best choice, Tony. Now let them do their job.” Steve jumps in to try and help.
“You two are hiding something from me. I know it.” He retorts.
I feel Bucky’s hand release from mine, but I pay no attention. I know he is safe - I trust him.
“Where is Bucky off to now?” I hear Steve question.
“How should I know? It’s not like we had a plan or anything.” Tony’s tone is a distinct mix of sarcasm and frustration. “Trust them, you said. They know what they’re doing, you said. So why don’t you tell us where he’s off to Capsicle?”
“Natasha, any visual?” Steve’s voice comes through again, seemingly ignoring Tony’s outburst.
“He’s at some fruit stand or something.” She can’t see much from her spot at the little cafe.
“That man and his plums,” I speak quietly, avoiding any unwanted attention. “He’s fine. I’ll make my way his direction.”
I smile at the vendor in front of me as I step away and walk toward Bucky. Never shifting his gaze from the food in front of him, his hand instinctively snakes around my hips and pulls me in closer to his side.
“Are you going to get some to take back to the room? Or only admire them here in the street?” I smile softly.
“I suppose we could bring some back with us.”
He finally looks down at me and realizes where his hand is. I smile again, reassuring him it is okay, even going as far as to place a gentle kiss on his cheek before reaching for a piece of fruit myself.
It wasn’t clicking in my head what exactly was happening.
Maybe a part of me wanted to ignore the sign. Revel, silently, in the calm and comfort.
Our time went by quickly.
A couple of days spent walking the streets. Putting on a convincing show for the lowlifes that were watching us.
A couple of days spent dealing with the crooks themselves, putting up the front as a power couple looking to make a large weapons purchase. We knew what to say, what information to give, and what to keep quiet.
Then, it was just a dull day of taking down their entire operation when they were stupid enough to take us to their warehouse to see their stock.
Each day of that week ended the same way, though with us lying quietly in bed, drifting off to sleep.
And each day - save for the first - began the same way. Bucky’s arm wrapped around me, pulling me in close as I waited for him to wake. Whether I was facing him or having my back pulled to his chest, I always awoke in his tight embrace.
That second day, when he cautiously opened his eyes and saw how we were lying, he’d been embarrassed. Unsure why he had me held so close and afraid I would be upset.
I can’t say I blame him, really, after the way I’d been acting towards him since my return.
I reassured him that it was of no consequence. If anything, I welcomed it, though I still would not tell him why.
Now, the only thoughts I had on that final night were how I desperately didn’t want the mission to end.
I wanted to continue waking up in his arms. Continue getting the best sleep I’d had in a long time. Continue feeling at home once again.
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You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me (Janeway x Reader)
Summary: The longer Voyager stays in the Delta Quadrant, the more rules go ignored. The biggest? No swearing on deck. When Janeway hears the reader curse, she pulled them aside to admonish her but can’t quite bring herself to stay angry at her wife. 
Gender/sexuality: Female, unspecified
Major tags: swearing, comfort, softness, established relationship
Words: 1189
Notes: This is for the darling @ginger-bastard​, I wrote this in one sitting, it’s mad but I hope you enjoy :D Please let me know what you think!
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Tumblr media
    “You have got to be fucking kidding me.”
It slipped out before you could stop it. Really, how could it not? Over the past months, standards on Voyager had become lax. Not to say that the crew were failing in their duties or half-arsing tasks; quite the opposite. Since becoming stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the crew had pulled together and buckled down in a way that was, given the past tensions, quite frankly extraordinary.
What had slipped was the formality of the officers, yourself included. When it became clear that you weren’t going to get home any time soon, the barriers that you would have otherwise maintained with your team began to crumble. They weren’t just colleagues any more. They were friends. As such, you saw no reason to keep up a proper exterior. You joked with each other, hung out when your shifts were over. Conversations became more personal, professional distance dissolving. You laughed, you teased, you swore.
It was only a natural reaction to the insanity that the Delta Quadrant housed. Truly, how else were you supposed to react when faced with an alien swarm that wanted to mate with the ship than with an amused holy shit. It was perfectly understandable to see a squad of Hirogen warriors and scream, fuck! The very presence of Q on board was more than enough to make anyone on the crew lose it; to call him a self obsessed cunt was, in your opinion, perfectly justified.
The crew loved how your barriers fell. They felt embracing the very human need to swear made you more approachable and you had spent many afternoons in the mess hall trading alien insults and swears. New additions to the crew’s vocabulary were basically currency now. In exchange for particularly good lexicon, you could get a week’s holodeck privileges or even a covered shift.
However, you’d become so comfortable in the freedom of the lower decks that you forgot how colourful language was looked down upon on the bridge. When the tiny scavenger ship had appeared from wrap demanding you hand over your dilithium or risk annihilation, the disbelieving words had slipped from your lips before you’d even registered them.
     “Chakotay, open a channel and try to reach a diplomatic solution. Lieutenant,” Janeway said calmly, not evening turning to face you. “A word in my ready room.”
You nodded, a level expression on your face despite the internal monologue of oh, shit circling through your head as you followed her across the bridge. You knew the captain’s tone inside and out and the fierceness that occupied both her words and her glare was not one to underestimate. You’d crossed a line and you had no doubt that she would make you pay for it.
The doors closed with a quiet hiss, leaving you in silence. Arms folded across her chest, Janeway finally turned to face you. Her disappointment was clear as day. “How many times -”
    “Come on, Kathy.” You stepped forward, not quite pouting but certainly on your way there.
She pursed her lips. “No. Don’t think you can Kathy your way out of this.”
Already, though, you could see her resolve failing. This was why Starfleet usually kept wives apart. All it took was a little smile, a familiar jab and all sins would be forgiven. The only reason you had even been allowed on Voyager with your wife was because the mission had only meant to last a day. Truthfully, you were both immensely grateful that you weren’t separated by 70,000 light years of space but it did make situations like this more difficult for Kathryn as captain.
    “You’re supposed to maintain a standard for the crew. If senior officers start breaking the rules -”
You took another step forward and reached out, running your palms down her arms. “I promise I won’t do it again.”
    “We both know that’s a promise you can’t keep.”
Fair. She was right and you quickly conceded that. Unfolding her arms, you stepped into the gap created and stared into her beautiful eyes, watched the tension fade as she relaxed in your presence. Usually this sort of softness was reserved for the end of the day. When you both finished your shifts, you’d curl up together in your quarters and just be, content in the calming aura of the other.
    “A few swears aren’t going to send the crew into anarchy, Kathy.”
That wasn’t the reason for her tension, though, and you both knew it. She feared the closeness that you had embraced, envied it sometimes. While you could afford to relax around your team below decks, Kathryn had to maintain a seriousness at all times. The crew relied on her strength and needed her to be a figurehead for Starfleet, a reminder of what they were fighting for and a torch to guide them through the murky waters of the unknown. She had to be perfect, to demand perfection and embody the purest ideals lest Voyager lose its way entirely.
Cupping her face, you gently traced the lines around her eyes with your thumb in the hope of drawing away the worry and concern that weighed her down so heavily. The past years had taken their toll on everyone, but none more than she. You knew she worried that it made her look old but it didn’t detract from her beauty at all. In fact it served to highlight her strength and resilience, just another reminder of the reasons you loved her.
Kathryn didn’t protest when you pulled her into a tight embrace. “You are doing the best you can. The crew are happy. Every day we get nearer to home. They believe in you. I believe in you.”
Her fingers dug into your flesh, the squeeze saying, thank you. You were her strength, the single reason she hadn’t broken down under the pressure of this unusual command, and made sure you knew it; Kathryn clung to you, held on to you like an anchor. She held you until the ship shuddered, the first of many weak torpedoes to bounce off the shields. Clearly the scavengers had not responded well to Chakotay’s diplomatic attempts.
You broke apart, still able to feel the pressure of her arms around you, the love that her proximity ignited. She caught your hand as you turned back for the bridge, serious. “Try to remember that Starfleet officers keep it professional. Please. Just because you’re my wife doesn’t mean I won’t send you to the brig.”
    “Yes, Captain, ma’am.” You gave a mock salute, smirk pulling at your lips, knowing how she hated it.
Together you stepped onto the bridge to find the aliens holding your crew to hostage. A phaser pressed against your temple (not real, you noted with amusement) you were thrown to your knees as a being with a tail curled up like a spring demanded your dilithium – and now, in addition, your service as a slave upon their ship – lest they call upon their long term allies: the Borg.
You glanced to Janeway, unable to stop the words. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The AOT girls + Hange’s fondest memory with you.
[modern au]
ah ! here we go with more fluff mini-scenarios because I still love these characters. I hope you enjoy!
Reblogs welcomed! Requests are open !
Tumblr media
Annie Leonhardt: Her fondest memory with you was when you both had been visiting her family for the winter holidays and you both saw the first fall of snow together. She recalls you getting overly excited about it and couldn’t help but kiss you unexpectedly, she couldn’t resist. You both made sure to cuddle up warmly by her father’s fireplace and eventually fell asleep together, her leaning on your shoulder and your arms around her to hug her close. of course, embarrassment hit her when she woke and her father teased her about it.
Mikasa Ackerman: When you surprised her by making a pillow fort with a mini projector for movie night. She remembered coming home from a harsh day in class to see her dorm was reshaped with pillows, chairs, and blankets. When she saw you pop your head out of the small entrance, she swore she fell in love all over again. You both enjoyed each other’s presence while enjoying movies together. What really tied the night together was when you fell asleep mid-conversation. Mikasa remembered softly laughing about it and snuggling up with you.
Sasha Braus: When you were grounded, Sasha made it her mission to do anything in her power to see you. This included her sneaking over to your house when everyone else in the house was asleep. You let Sasha in, of course! you weren’t gonna deprive her of seeing you. But when your mom/dad came into your room to see you both smooching away, Sasha booked it. Sasha was literally running out of the house with a big grin and laughing away as she ran down the street. Sasha says it was a great time because she remembered how much adrenaline she had.
Historia Reiss: When you took her on a picnic but it got ruined by the rain, you both literally had to run back to the car. She watched you slip on the wet grass and she couldn't help but laugh really hard. When you both got inside the car, you both were soaking wet and a little cold but Hisu thought the day went perfect. It was almost like in those chick-flicks but she much preferred this. You both kissed in your car just wet but still laughing at what happened.
Ymir: She remembered you both ran from mall security. She remembered the panicked look on your face when she grabbed your hand and drag you everywhere in the mall. It’s not like she did anything bad either! all she did was trick the vending machines into getting a free drink! She remembered how you both hid in a shop, slipping into one of the dressing rooms. you both laughed like there was no tomorrow, it was just funny seeing the mall cop completely pass by you.
Hitch Dreyse: Hitch’s favorite memory with you were on a roadtrip together with friends. She was very fond of watching you and Annie try out fishing for the first time, you both stood sat in a little boat together in the lake before Annie had the moved the boat too fast and boop, you both lost balance and fell in. Hitch was watching on the pier and my god, she was glad she looked over at the right time. It was all just too funny to miss.
Pieck Finger: You both went stargazing together and Pieck just enjoying sitting in bed of her truck and just enjoying the outside with you. She found it memorable because you had little fairy lights with an inflatable mattress and blankets decorating the back of the truck, you even made sure to play some soft music as you both just admired the view. Pieck also remembered that was when you both said “I love you.” at the same time.
Yelena: Yelena’s fondest memory was when you both decided to get matching rings. It was just something that made her love you 100x more, seeing you show her different rings, slipping them on her to figure out her size. She couldn’t help but just look at you. When you caught her staring too hard, you did something even she didn’t expect! You just stuck your tongue out at her and then carried on talking to the lady about rings as if it was nothing. She almost broke out in a little laugh however she didn't want to seem rude so she had to hold it in.
Hange Zoë: Their fondest memory with you was when you came into their office in the middle of a meeting, you walked in expecting to be spoiled with love, your arms were out reaching for them and you gave a little whine like “Hangeeee, I need hugs-” You were met with people discussing lesson plans and that's when the embarrassment kicked in. Hange never saw you leave a room so fast, it was so funny. They find it even funnier when you say it ever happened.
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