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#you walk into the living room and you see ghosty at the edge of her seat
ghostlyanon · a month ago
Stuff that Ghosty secretly enjoys watching are: paranormal & mystery shows, cryptid watchings, sci-fi movies, cheesy horror movies, and those yt channels that cook really small food.
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anime-shipper22 · 5 months ago
Here’s a part four.... if anyone would prefer just a link and read it on your own time let me know. And, without further adu here part four of Domestic Violence!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Domestic Violence
Chapter 4: Reggie’s house
Reggie jumped and clutched Luke's arm. Luke just smiled and stared at the TV, not really paying attention to what was on it.
   "Dinner, todos," Ray shouted from the kitchen. "Finally," they all sighed. Willie pulled Alex out of the couch and Julie did the same to Flynn.
"You coming," Flynn asked. Luke looked at Reggie and held back a laugh, "Give us a minute." They smiled and nodded, walking to the kitchen.
"Reg, it's okay. The mean ghosties are gone now," Luke smiled, patting his head. "I don't believe in ghosts but that doesn't mean they don't scare me," he whined.
"I'll protect you from them," Luke said. "Promise," Reggie asked finally turning to his gaze. Luke smiled and nodded, "Of course." Reggie smiled and loosened his grip just enough to let him feel his arm again.
"Are you going to let go," Luke asked. Reggie shook his head, "No." Luke laughed and nodded, getting up and dragging Reggie with him to the kitchen.
"Hey, Ray. What's for dinner tonight," Reggie asked. "Finely thinned noodles, pasta sauce, and well-cooked meat," he smiled. Reggie and Luke raised an eyebrow, "What?" "Spaghetti, Reggie, Spaghetti, "Flynn smiled scooping the noodles out out a strainer.
Reggie's eyes lit up and he let go of Luke's arm and got in line. Luke pouted and followed Reggie.
     "And in the last ten seconds I hit the ball, it was a said home run, but I just wasn't fast enough. I went to slide into home and the buzzer went off," Carlos groaned. Reggie smiled and groaned, "No way! Ah, I wish I would've gone to cheer you on. Bro power, right?"
Carlos laughed and nodded, "You can come to my next game? It's next Saturday. It's the playoffs, a little extra cheering might just help me score that last home run." Reggie held out his fist and Carlo's fist bumped him, "Sounds like a plan little man. What time?" "4:00, on the dot," he said.
"I'll be there. Count on it," he smiled. "Yes," Carlos smiled. Julie smiled and patted his back, "Come on. Clean up." Carlos scooted out of the table and grabbed his dirty dishes.
"Have you ever played any sports, Reggie? You seem to know an awful lot," Ray smiled. "Oh, no. I've never been much of an active kid. Music has pretty much been the only thing I've played," he smiled. "Do you watch sports than," Willie asked.
"No. We don't have a TV at my house," he shrugged. "Really," Alex asked. Reggie nodded, "So I just study or play my bass." "Is that why your so smart," Luke asked. "That and I don't fall asleep in class," Reggie said.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh! He called you out, Luke," Flynn smiled. Luke made his angry/pouty face, "Don't make fun of me. I'm nocturnal." "It's okay Luke, we all have our flaws," Willie smiled. Luke chuckled and threw his napkin cloth at him, "Shut up. You don't even go to high school anymore."
Willie laughed and grabbed the cloth and his, getting up. "Hey, babe, take mine too," Alex asked, holding up his plate and cloth. Willie smiled and grabbed his turning to the counter. "Thank you," Alex smiled.
"Hey, baby, take mine too," Luke asked playfully turning to Reggie. Reggie laughed and collected their plates, "Always." Alex turned to them, "Shut up." Luke laughed and patted his shoulder, "Ease-off a little, man. I was just asking him to take my stuff with his." Alex smiled and nodded, "I know. I'm sorry."
"You okay? You've seemed a little on edge lately," Luke said. "I'll tell you about it later," Alex whispered as Willie and Reggie came back to the table.
Julie looked at the oven clock, "it's only eight o' more movie?" Ray looked at her and sighed, "One more. Then off to bed." She squealed and grabbed Reggie's wrist, grabbing Willie, grabbing Flynn, and walking back into the living room.
"Hey," Luke and Alex shouted, "You forgot us!" They stood up and scooted in their chairs, walking towards the living room.
Luke shrugged Reggies' arm, but the boy didn't stir. "Do you guys need a ride home," Ray whispered. "No sir," Alex said, "I don't live far from here." "Me either. But, thanks for offering," Willie said.
Ray nodded and scooted back slightly letting the two get up. He turned to Luke and smiled, "Do you?" "Please, Mr. Molina. You can just take Reggie home, I'll walk from there," Luke said.
"You sure," he asked. Luke nodded, "Yes sir." He turned and scooped Reggie into his arms, smiling when the boy snuggled into the warmth. Ray smiled and walked to the door opening it for Luke to step through.
He walked down the stairs and smiled, "Flynn, psst, Flynn get a picture of this." Julie and Flynn stopped talking and turned to him. Faster than Luke could blink she had her phone out.
"Ready," she asked. He nodded and smiled at her. The flash temporally blinded him but was totally worth it. "Send it to me, please," he whispered walking to Rays' car.
She smiled and sent it to the group chat, "Too late." Alex looked down at his phone and smiled, "That's going to be my new home screen till they get together." "Well, you better like the picture, you'll be seeing it for the rest of your life," Julie remarked.
Alex chuckled, "You're not wrong. But, I'm still doing it." Willie laughed and draped his arm around Alex's' neck. "Julie, Flynn, you girls coming," Ray asked opening the door. "No, thanks. I think we're just going to head to bed," Julie smiled. He nodded and shut the door.
He pulled out of the driveway and down the road. Willie sighed and nudged Alex, "I should get going too. I'll see you Monday, yeah?" Alex smiled and nodded, "Yeah."
     "Thanks for the ride, Mr. Molina," Luke said. "No problem," he smiled as Luke shut the door. He walked up the small concert steps and knocked on the door.
Reggie was still sound asleep on his back, now.
"Mr. and Mrs. Peters? I brought Reggie home," Luke called out. When there was no answer he looked to the side, the car wasn't in the driveway. Okay, so his parents weren't home, what now?
He sighed and maneuvered enough to get his phone out of his back pocket. "Hey mom, can you come to get me," he asked. "I'm at Reggie's house, you remember where that is," he asked.
"Yes, of course," he heard keys jingle, "I thought you were hanging out with Julie today." "Yeah, it's a long story I'll tell you in the car, okay," he asked. "Alright, I'll be there in five minutes dear," she said hanging up the phone.
"I love you too," he whispered, sliding his phone back into his pocket. Reggie was starting to get heavy on his back, this was going to be a long five minutes. Well, more like three his mom never did figure out how to go the speed limit.
      He sighed and hummed quietly, tapping his foot against the concrete. "Living like it's now or never," he whispered. He wasn’t trying to sing, so wasn't surprised when he thought the garbage monster sounded better than that.
He felt the man on his back smile, causing him to smile. "You awake Reg," he asked. The man moaned exhaustedly but said or did nothing else. "Well if you can hear me but are just tired to open your eyes, I'm taking you back to my place. Your parents aren't at home."
Reggie wanted to tense, but his body was too exhausted to do so. He wanted to tell Luke to walk away from his porch and not to look back, but his mouth wouldn't let him.
    Luke sighed happily when he saw his moms' car coming down the road. He stepped down the stairs and walked to the end of the sidewalk.
The car slowed down to a stop and the passenger's window rolled down, "Do you need help getting him in?" "No, but thanks anyway," he said. He adjusted him to where he was holding Reggie's thighs long enough to open the door.
He turned around and slid him into the back seat. He turned back around and sat him up, pulling the seatbelt across his body. "Sorry," he whispered, placing his hand on his butt and sliding it over to buckle the seatbelt it.
He placed a hand on his cheek and smiled, "You okay, Reggie?" The boy moaned quietly. Luke patted his cheek and shut the door.
He opened the passenger's side door and climbed in, buckling his seatbelt. Emily pulled back into the road and began to drive back home.
"I was taking him back to his house, but his parents aren't home. . . Is it okay if he stays the night," Luke asked. Emily smiled and glanced in the rearview mirror at Reggie, "Looks like I don't have a choice." "Thanks, mom," he sighed.
Her gaze went back to the road, "He's grown up so much since last I saw him. Hard to believe that's still Reggie." "Yeah, he grew up to be pretty good looking, didn't he," he asked.
"Uh, wait...that didn't. I mean-..."
"It's fine Luke. You're not wrong," she laughed. He blushed and sunk into his seat, "Sorry. I'm just so used to being called out for saying something like that." She laughed again and pulled down their street, "Why? You're just complimenting him."
"I know that," he mumbled. "Than that's all that matters, isn't it," she asked pulling into their driveway. He sat up and sighed, "I never thought of it that way."
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