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#you still love me right
vuliyshenanigans · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After much planning, foreshadowing, plotting and scheming the first Crypt Dive event finally went down! Way more people turned up than I expected and my pre-written emotes mostly worked as intended. A good time all in all!
I had 13 rooms in total planned and scripted for the event. The team of 4 that went into the crypt managed to clear 2 before retreating due to the surface team suffering injuries due to an attack from a goblin company wanting to claim the crypt and its loot for themselves. 2 friends of mine hosted that part which I’m very grateful for.
The crypt dive team returned with several spine segments made out of gold, 4 giant golden eggs, and a suspicion that clearing the entire crypt in one night wasn’t gonna happen.
The goblins had a ‘permit’ with them which didn’t convince the surface team to up and leave, so combat it was! The dive team returned to a battlefield right after the fight there ended. 
Moral of tonight’s story? Goblins have guns and mooks and they won’t hesitate to use them in the name of good business. Also being eaten by an undead devilsaur sucks.
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wickymicky · a day ago
i think there’s a real chance that loona, weki meki, and dreamcatcher all come back in june. and if they overlap with fromis’s promotions, then all four of my main ult groups that i’ve had since 2019 will be promoting all at once. 
tho tbh i dont think that’s likely, i think fromis and loona could definitely overlap because loona seem like theyre only days from announcing their comeback (so it could happen in late may, actually), and weki meki i think need to come back soon so hopefully early-ish in june, and they’ll probably overlap... but dreamcatcher... i have a hunch that they’ll be late june or early-to-mid july. so they probably wont overlap with fromis. this could be the closest its ever come to all four of my main ults promoting at the same time, but i think it just baaarely wont overlap. i mean for all i know, dc might not come back again until autumn, if they stick to their two-cbs-per-year thing. but i really do think they’re gonna do 3 this year, which is easier bc their first was in january lol, that gives them a lot of time. 
but so if this does happen, obviously it means that theyll all be competing against each other, but thats fine i think. the good outweighs the bad. interactions are good, and also just like... idk... i like music, and i like getting a ton of new stuff at once. twice is gonna be promoting in june anyway, so it’ll be an uphill battle even if only one other group comes back in june or whatever lol. i’d rather have them all come back during a difficult and super-stacked month than have them all wait for an “easy” month that will never come because of how stacked kpop in general is nowadays. music show wins are awesome, but they’re not the most important thing. music and performances are, lol. if groups are in it solely for wins, then they should be a sports team or something, not a music group. wins are an important goal for all of them, im sure, but i mean at the end of the day i bet what matters most to them is releasing music and performing performances that they can be proud of, so yeah, ive never had a problem with a ton of groups i like coming back at the same time and “competing” with each other. especially if they become friends haha
#weeekly are also an ult group now and i think at this point theyre probably higher than loona for me....#but thats a recent development lol. ive had a definite top 4 for like two years now and it hasnt changed#well the order of the groups has changed lol but its been the same four groups at the top for a long time#i only got into kpop 2 years ago lol so its been my entire time#until recently lol cause i gotta recognize that weeekly are at that level for me now#and loona have fallen off a little bit :( i'd love to really reignite my passion for them though! i wanna have another loona phase#rn im still in weeekly phase and ive been there since after school. theyre my current favorite group#not my overall favorite group... thats still weme and dc. but like... you know what i mean? my favorite group at the moment#like... theyre the group im focused on at the moment. theyre not my all time favorite but theyre my current favorite#like how in a sport you can say theres the greatest player of all time but they might not be the current number 1#the current number 1 is some up and comer who is really hot right now but the all-time number 1 is based on legacy#and like amount of time spent as number 1. theyll fall off the top occasionally but maybe they could jump right back in#and be the best again if they try for it. sorry lol this is a topic for another post#i watch a lot of fighting game stuff so im thinking of discussions about best players as an analogy lol#like whether mango or armada is the best melee player of all time.. even though zain is number 1 in the world rn#weme and dc are my favorite groups of all time.. even tho weeekly are number 1 for me right now hahaha#and im sure when fromis come back i'll enter a fromis phase and they'll be my favorite for a while#im SUCH a nerd#i took my adhd pill about two hours ago which means this really is peak ramble territory#that always happens right around this time lol. 2 to 3 hours after taking it i just get really talkative#but like in a very stream of consciousness way#and if im not posting stuff like this then im just saying it all to myself out loud in my room lmao pretending im a youtuber or smth#or im super glued in to something... laser-focused... completely absorbed. i mean thats what it is lol#2-3 hours after taking vyvanse seems to be when my laser-focus is at its most potent... and so if im talking about stuff..#then this is what happens haha. ive im working on something#then i'll get super focused on it and the whole world fades away and i lose track of time completely#and then 5-6 hours after taking it i just kinda crash and feel super tired and depressed and i take a nap. it happens#vyvanse is a stimulant so it works kinda like caffeine. caffeine is a stimulant too after all.#why am i writing all this? idk lol. but do you see what i have to deal with every day? this is my brain lol#just be glad i dont post stuff like this all the time
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deepseawave · 2 days ago
Send this to 12 people you think or seem to have a good heart ❤️(Happy Weekend!!! :3)
Awww, thank you so much!! <3333
Also right back at you, you’re such a genuinely nice person, I’m super glad I got to know you!! ❤️❤️❤️
Imma change the rules real quick and tag some people who’s presence on my dash just makes me smile, cause they’re amazing human beings :3
@albino-pony @kozidraws @calamarikaminari @kladraws @kiribak-uwu
Also hey! Chicken anon! If you’re out there seeing this, bless you, you’ve got a good heart for sure! 🐓❤️
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marcvsjvnivsbrvtvs · 4 days ago
ngl I’m still low key fucked up thinking about small gestures of love people give to each other. like, dramatic declarations and big promises have nothing on the time in art school hell when it was 6am and I was still half asleep so my friend held my hand as we crossed the street to go to a convenience store to get coffee
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widevibratobitch · 4 days ago
Sometimes I read the confrontation scene between the Queen and Posa in Schiller's Don Carlos.
And afterwards I am always very much not ok and I regret it immensely. Just. Wow. Get fucked, Schiller, why are you doing this to me? Why am I doing this to myself?
#don carlos#don karlos#whichever you prefer#this is NOT about the opera for once#god#GOOOOD#friedrich schiller#how could you man#i mean uhh#i love Rodrigo what is new#but i also adore Elisabeth in this play. she's gorgeous. iconic really.#the way she calls him out on his bullshit at the end of this scene????? PREACH GIRL#but also. do you know what doesn't help? the fact that i genuinely believe she had a huge crush on him#it's like. obvious. look at the way she interacts with Carlos. and then how she talks to and about Rodrigo#she's all like '😍😍 the Marquis of Posa?!?! oh yeah i like him a normal amount what a nice guy right he's so cool hahaha yeah Carlos whom?'#poor girl#but yeah this scene makes me. scream.#and i will neeeeveeeer forgive Verdi that he didn't put it in his opera#now that i think about it - Rodrigo and Elisabetta have like what. ONE scene together in the opera?#and she still doesn't really speak to him. im not counting the quartetto because they do not interact there#but in the play??? they have like three or four scenes together? i love their relationship in the play so much.#i just love that basically everyone is in love with someone who's not in love with them#and that all this could have been avoided if only carlos and rodrigo werent such idiots and lerma didnt try too hard to be nice and helpful#and if philip wasnt such a mess. and if eboli wasnt such a bitch. and if alba and domingo werent such douchebags.#ok... so maybe it couldn't be that easily avoided. but anyway. love this scene. it always makes me cry and just. ughh#honestly if you're still here and you haven't read Schiller's Don Carlos yet - what are you doing here?! go! go break your own heart in two!
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moransumbrella · 4 days ago
you know another thing I really really like about Mo Ran. Is that for all the sacrifices he makes, he's not a self-sacrificing TYPE. You know the ones: it's not that they don't make sacrifices out of love, but there's also a self-loathing thing going on where they'll be relieved to find something good to martyr themselves for. I love those characters too! But Mo Ran, even though he DOES sacrifice quite a bit (and gets to go all the way with it multiple times because magic, yay meatbun...), and DOES have quite a bit of self-loathing for a lot of the story, he's still not that character. Even as 0.5, every moment in misery, he was convinced there was something worthwhile to living that was just out of reach, and maybe if he fought hard enough he could have it. And his downfall as 2.0 is so heartrending and painfully slow because, deserving or not, he's snatching every last moment in the sun he can get. He clings so tenaciously because he knows that life can be truly good and joyful. (Remember he told Chu Wanning at the end-- he should stay alive, because to live is beautiful?). Self-preservation is actually pretty high on his list of priorities: he's in love with being alive. It's just that there's something else he loves even more.
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stcrryslibrary · 5 days ago
I tweaked my masterlists a bit just to separate the marvel writings a bit. i'm now gonna go back into the void but I will still occasionally reblog fics and will sometimes mass queue things up for my main blog. if you need me before then feel free the dm me or send in an ask, I'll try to get to them when I have the energy to <3
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eloennerosa · 5 days ago
aftg au where everything is the same...... except neil doesn't have any connection with the mafia, he's just a normal kid from millport being dragged into the foxes shit and damn he only wanted to play exy what the hell is moriyama
#oh but andrew is still sooo suspicious bc... well. neil's personality right?#and then he finds the binder/altar and neil is like 'yes i have a crush on kevin day?? i mean he's kevin fucking day!'#n neil is the kind of person who really DOESN'T CARE so. he would do everything REALLY the same even without his past! let my son be WILD!#and let me say something: that's the reason why andrew never 'gets bored' of him. neil is interesting because he is INTERESTING#without the wesninski threat?? his attitude problem is BLOSSOMING! feral neil josten. dont make him angry if you know whats good for you#yet he can also be softer? giving and accepting love more easily. no need to lie hide and escape.#and above all things: he understands people. he respects them. and soon comes the time he will do anything to save his foxes#chaotic good indeed#no running away for a decade also makes wonders to a person's mental health wow#but he still has some trauma bc its like prerequisite for joining the foxes or whatever and lets say... mary hatford?#just the reason wymack imagined in the first place#stuart is The Cool Rich Uncle but not a mobster! he comes to visit neil once bringing gifts to all the foxes (+a shovel talk for andrew)#anywayss: i just wanna say that when wymack appears with a contract... neil doesn't run.#and WHAT THE FUCK COACH WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH MAFIA?? WHY IS THE BLOND MIDGET BULLYING ME??? KEV ARE U GOOD MAN?#he came from a small town poor boy! all he knew was gossip and old people!#once he called stuart saying 'uncle come pick me up i'm scared'#jokes on me neil josten is still able to mess up the entire thinking about writing more about this but im not that creative. give me your thoughts my dear traumatized fandom#aftg#all for the game#the foxhole court#tfc#tkm#trk#neil josten#aftg hc#andreil#aftg fic#aftg fanfic
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