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#you know this doesn't surprise me
eijiroukiriot · 12 days ago
TODAY on jpn krbk comics that got me pretty completely and forced me to stay up until like 2:30 last night in a krbk spiral we have this one, which the artist captioned “it’s probably okay to upload krbk that i don’t plan on finishing, right?~”! the rest of the caption is what the continuation of the comic would’ve been and i think it’s really good on its own but that definitely adds something so i’ll include it at the end under the cut!
bkg (narration): when we graduated, kirishima proposed to me...and after some time spent long-distance, we moved in together, as a couple. and then, two years into that new phase of our lives, on a surprisingly cold april morning...
bkg: (yawn) ‘morning...kirishima? (wasn’t he off today?) 
(keys sitting on top of a note that reads “won’t need these anymore!!”) 
bkg (narration): kirishima left. when i tried to figure out why, i thought of so many reasons that i started to hate it. “don’t fall asleep on the sofa with the lights on”. “the way you fold laundry sucks”. “if you use up the shampoo fucking replace it”- stuff like that. just yesterday, he left his bath towel on the couch, and i yelled at him and decided to sleep alone. 
flashback kirishima: you’re kidding, right? we’re both off tomorrow! let’s sleep together!
flashback bkg: shut up and die!
flashback kirishima: bakugoooooou!
bkg (narration): when you think about it, i’d been making a big deal about stupidly little things- just things that seemed natural to me. but of course if you were getting yelled at about that stuff every day, you’d get sick of it. 
bkg: what about that says “living as a couple”. more like living with your mother in law
bkg (narration): i never tried to meet him halfway- 
bkg: it’s also his fault, though! (phone rings) hah?!
bkg (picking up): ...what do you want
kirishima: bakugou! i’ve got something to tell you
bkg: i’m not letting you go, alright?
kirishima: ...
bkg: i’m saying i’ll hear you out!! get back here, kirishima. 
kirishima: ...sorry, bakugou, i-
bkg: fuck, just what is he apologizing for...
(phone dings) 
bkg: ..........................................
bkg: a voice message...
kirishima’s voicemail: OOOOOOOI BAKUGOU WHY DID YOU HANG UP!! are you mad because i left without waking you up this morning?! i tried! but you were breathing really soft, i couldn’t wake you up! were you lonely?! i’m sorry! i love you! 
(this is where the comic stops, but here’s the rest of the description:
after that, bkg runs to where kirishima is only to find a beautiful new home has been built, and then there’s a proposal and a marriage <3 the story has a happy end!! i don’t care if you change how it goes, someone please finish this for me~!) 
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a-s-levynn · 13 days ago
Have you ever wanted to just slap someone in the face with the fact that you are not straight? Just to see their reaction? Because their opinion is just batshit idiotic? Yeah.. me as well.
#that post with the pride turtle reminded me again to a conversation i had a few days ago and man if i'm not still fucking angry about it#okay i'm angry about a lot of crap but it's 1.30 in the morning and i'm still working so i have a right to rage about stupid people#especially if it's in relation to my father because he usually deserves it#don't get me wrong i don't hate him.. well not anymore. not in a way i used to but boi if he doesn't piss me off all the fucking time#i know i usually don't mention him only my mom but like.. there is a solid reason for that i can assure you#let's just say i was a 'dad-kid' until i wasn't.. he is half of the reason i turned out an asshole#yeah i realized like 4 days ago that my father has no idea that i'm not exclusive to men 😂#i have no idea how the fuck that happend but apperently it just never came up?#okay there was 10 years of my life when we didn't talk to each other that much other than shouting insults and throwing fists#so nowdays it's more like learning how to be like.. civilized towards the other? but fuck me if he doesn't drive me up the wall regularly#but my aunt surprised me mkre than pleasently#i like her the least from my family because she was always like that knlw it all always right kind of person#and she always came off as someone who would absolutely despise anything thats not heteronorm#but like.. she is like the most open? from my entire fucking family? anyd i had no idea until now? 😂#okay last i met her like 7 years ago so not lile there was a lot of talking over the years#but like.. i might actually start to like her after all#levynn cries about nonsense#ps. apologies for the typoos in tags but i'm not fixing them this time. sorry
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dirigibleplumbing · 24 days ago
There’s this kinda throwaway line in 4.16 where Cas asks Anna about her human body and she says “It was destroyed, I know. But I guess I'm sentimental. Called in some old favors and...” Which I thought was good to note for writing a season-4 era Dean/Cas story without involving Jimmy, among other things. 
I know there are lots of reasons that Zachariah, Michael, and co. wouldn’t want (or couldn’t -- it’s possible, likely even, that Anna’s favors weren’t from other angels) to make a Michael Sword this way but it would’ve been cool to see that revisited at some point. 
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restless-scarecrow · 2 months ago
There are sure as hell a lot of idiot psychiatrists who deserve their license and graduation to be revoked.
[edit: Likely those idiots are already dead and buried and I’m probably extremely biased but that’s been my experience. Anyway]
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littlespooneven · 2 months ago
I hate when shows (heavily) imply a pairing or a possible love interest or whatever and it gets super popular but then nothing happens and its not canon. Like why eveb bother
oooh boy, anon, do i have opinion about this!
see the things is, right. i don’t actually need all my ships to become canon, particularly those that are the so-called “unintended” pairings. it happens, y’know? sometimes actors have more chemistry than anticipated, sometimes characters are thrown together for a necessary scene and it works. and if it were the case in a lot of these shows that, y’know, the writers/creators had a specific pairing in mind for endgame then i don’t expect them to compromise that. i know tv show writing is a different, more fluid thing but as a writer myself i’ve learned my story always comes out better when i follow my own plan rather than trying to change it to please other people (this is another, much longer convo but this is the gist for now). so if showrunners want character A and B to end up together then i understand why they wouldn’t want to entertain character A being with character C.
now here’s the issue: if these showrunners just turned around and were like, look. it’s great that you ship them and we love how passionate you are about the show and while their dynamic is definitely an intrinsic part of the show, we don’t have plans to explore that romantically right now. if they did that, i’m p sure most fans would be fine and be very accepting of that. we have fic, we have fanart, there’s a part of us that knows deep down it probably won’t happen anyway, y’know?
the problem is when these showrunners keep things ambiguous~ on purpose, have the actors play it up on social media, use the pairing for promo etc. etc. without ever intending to follow through. like there are definitely levels and it varies from fandom to fandom and i’ve seen it happen with both straight and same sex couples and it’s just. like fine? put in the subtext if you want, i’ll eat it up!!!! but also. don’t get pissed then when people start to have expectations??????? that’s always been the thing that’s bothered me.
also to circle back to my original point about not expecting the ship to happen if there’s already a planned endgame pairing and to look at the flipside: i’ve often found it’s actually the characters who Don’t have a definitive love interest that end up becoming popular fan ships because they are literally forced together by the circumstances of their own show since they’re the single ones. and it’s fine while the characters are single bc it doesn’t matter what people ship, but it inevitably always gets to that point of Expectation and showrunners try to do damage control by giving one or both a love interest that resembles the other half of the ship or that tries to replicate their dynamic and it’s just. sad tbh. because in those cases they actually could explore it if they just- let themselves?????(and i know, i know networks - particularly mainstream networks - have a say too and that can be an issue but still)
idk i’m still waiting for that one day where a showrunner sees the fans hyping up a specific pairing and they just decide, “fuck it. let’s make this happen.”
not sure it’ll happen but i can dream lmao. anyway, to sum up this unnecessarily long response, i agree with you askdjhs
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rehaliahdrarys · 2 months ago
I’ve just read somewhere that Eric Kripke might try to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan to join in the third season of The Boys, and as much as I love the idea, I don’t know if I will be able to handle seeing both him and Karl Urban at the same time. I honestly don’t know. But if that’s how I die, that’s how I die and I will enjoy every second of it.
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mybrokenlittletoy · 3 months ago
You know what? Fuck Tarantulas. Not the spider, but a character. I'm all for mind control whump and nonconsensual modification, but that was dark as shit.
This asshole experiments on an mentally unstable character, does even more to fuck his mind up, and then implants a modifier chip that forces the character to use himself as a shield. This is literal dialog, too.
W: "Waspinator like helpless puppet, strings pulled for the amusement of others."
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kindahoping4forever · 3 months ago
You feel nothing towards Airplanes? AIRPLANES?!?!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is why I made the distinction between least favorite/hating a song and being indifferent towards it!! I could go on and on about why I don't like which songs are my least fav on a given album but I just don't have much to say, good or bad, about these songs. Thus: indifference. I listen to them, I enjoy them but I probs couldn't hold a convo about them 🤷🏻‍♀️
(Altho I have to say, Lonely Heart I only picked bc I had to, I def "feel" more for it than the other songs I chose and I genuinely think CALM is a skipless album)
@notinthesameguey @cashtonasfuck
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