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#you have absolutely no idea how many time my brother and got into fights and he won and i just immediately was like
youcouldmakealife · 3 months ago
LBTE: Jared (52-55)
In which Jared is a little out of his depth at the NHL level, Bryce is immune to Jared’s many faults, The Rossi-Marcus Bromance begins, Jared tells Greg about Bryce and Greg is UNDERSTANDABLY kind of freaking out, Mike Brouwer is Scary, Darryl Rogers is Good, and Jared gets sent home.
Series page if you want to follow along.
52. Stretch
Jared grins and bears media day, even though he doesn’t think it’s fair that they made him put a Oilers jersey on twice in the space of months and forced him to smile through it.
You utter muppet.
They’re definitely better than the snatches of what he’s hearing peppered at some of the returning Oilers, which sound like a nice version of ‘how are you going to suck less this year?’.
Jared never thought he’d feel empathy for an Oiler, but ouch.
Also, it’s — well, if he’s an Oiler, is it empathy or self-interest, him wincing at the thought that might be him in a year or two? Hard to tell.
Jared: am I developing empathy or is it just a different form of self-interest??
Most of them seem to handle it pretty well — Jared guesses you get used to it if you suck year after year — but Brouwer’s on the fucking warpath after — maybe they asked if he was planning on actually contributing to anything other than penalty minutes this year? — and Jared is unfortunately directly in the path of him marching the hell out of the building.
“Whoa,” Jared says, and manages to get out of the way before Brouwer like, knocks him out with his shoulder. It’s a very near thing. “Didn’t think you were supposed to take out your own teammates,” Jared mutters, after Brouwer’s past.
Mike just found out Liam had an off-season boyfriend, it is EMPHATICALLY not the time for snark Jared Matheson.
“I’d say his bark was worse than his bite,” Rogers says, from where he’s standing near the entrance. If Jared didn’t know better, he’d think he was hiding from the media. Who could blame him, honestly. “But.”
All bite.
Rogers grimaces. “He’s dealing with some shit right now,” he says.
So’s Jared. He’s wearing a fucking Oilers jersey. You still don’t see him knocking over innocent prospects.
Jared Matheson.
“Anyone call him Bruiser before?” Jared asks, to confirm Brewer’s incipient heartbreak.
“Definitely one of his nicknames,” Rogers says. “Bowser, Brouwbeater.”
“So basically anything synonymous with violence works,” Jared says, and Rogers laughs like he’s hilarious.
“Basically,” Rogers says. “Don’t worry, it doesn’t usually extend to his own teammates.”
When it does there is ENTHUSIASTIC CONSENT from one Liam Fitzgerald.
Jared has no idea how a roster so bad can have so many people in shape that makes him seethe with envy.
Easy to forget even the worst fourth line plug is in the 0.001 percentile in skill and will be in elite physical form.
Jared is suddenly very concerned he’s out of his league. Like. Literally. He knows he’s good, but — he just. He didn’t realise how big a leap he’d have to make, and he’s not sure he actually can.
Proper player development’s importance cannot be overstated.
Jared pretty much expected not to be able to shake Brewer off for the entirety of camp, preseason if they both made it to that point, but he ended up peeling off pretty quick to a group of dudes who’re closer to Bryce’s age than Jared’s. He’s nice enough in their room, he’s not ignoring Jared or anything, he just isn’t clinging to Jared like Jared thought he would.
Jared’s relieved. He’s not offended at all. Even a little.
Jared: I don’t want to hang out with Brewer
Brewer: *hangs out with other people*
Jared: RUDE
“If the dude doesn’t like you, he’s a moron,” Bryce says. He picked up immediately when Jared called him after trudging his way up to their room. Brewer was hanging out with that other table. They were laughing when he left. Jared doesn’t know how they still have the energy to laugh.
“I’m not actually, like,” Jared says. “Likable. I know that.”
Bryce makes a very offended sound.
“Okay, like, friendly,” Jared says. “Obviously I’m very likable.”
“You are,” Bryce says, all chiding.
Jared grins down at his comforter. “Friendly, or likable?”
“Both,” Bryce says.
Bryce Marcus shut your lying mouth.
“Really?” Jared says. “Really, Bryce?”
“Okay, maybe you’re not like, the most friendly guy,” Bryce admits. “But that’s just because you have like, standards. And obviously Brewer doesn’t deserve to be your friend, so he can suck it.”
Bryce <3
Seriously, though, Jared doesn’t spend much chatting with anyone. He needs to keep his head down, his head in this. It’s training camp, not find your Bryce and Raf camp.
You’ll have find your Julius camp next year.
bryce marcus just asked me if I wanted to grab a drink after training camp, Chaz texts him. I’m not gonna lie I’m fanboying a little.
Chaz <333
Jared grins, wide.
You are lying., Jared texts Chaz. You’re fanboying a lot.
true true, Chaz responds.
Jared is DELIGHTED at the idea of his former captain fanboying about his boyfriend.
Jared turns off the TV when the shower starts, resists the urge to text Bryce. He’s busy with Chaz right now.
Jared: be welcoming to Chaz.
Bryce: *is welcoming to Chaz*
Jared: :/
“Hey, Matheson,” Jared hears, and looks up to see one of the trainers. He hasn’t gotten all their names down, so this one is, for now, ‘the bald one’. “You’ve got to take it easy there, you’re asking to pull your groin if you keep stretching like that.”
He can’t believe the first thing Bryce ever fucking said to him was about pulling his groin, and he was right. Jared is never, ever telling him about this.
To his GRAVE.
Some sort of fight breaks out — well, play fight, Fitzgerald on the ground laughing hysterically while Rogers pummels him with not an ounce of real strength, and everyone starts cheering on one or the other, placing bets. Jared hears one of them put twenty on this ending in Rogers getting kneed in the balls, because ‘Fitzy fights like a rat’.
Absolute weasel, that Fitzgerald.
“So I’m definitely gonna do my best to get sent back down,” Jared says, and Jacobi laughs and claps him on the back. Everyone in Edmonton seems to think he’s hilarious, and it’s all based on the faulty assumption he’s joking.
Absolute hobgoblin, that Matheson.
53. Socialisation
“It’s um,” Jared says. “Dave Summers. I have his number if you’re ready?”
Apparently Greg isn’t. “Who the fuck are you dating?” he asks.
Greg is FREAKING OUT. Dave Summers is not in the league of agents that Greg is in.
“Bryce Marcus?” Jared says weakly.
“You did not tell me your boyfriend was Bryce Marcus!” Greg says.
Greg needed to know this A LONG TIME AGO JARED.
Bryce texts him a few hours later with summers is so mad at me rn lol and Jared doesn’t know if he’s imagining that it’s a little pissed sounding.
I mean he just got screamed at for an extended amount of time so he’s juuuust a bit pissed.
“To pussying out,” Jared says, lifting his beer a little in Brouwer’s direction.
Brouwer grunts. Scowls.
Nice guy. Not terrifying at all.
“Glad we had this talk,” Jared mutters, though he waits until Brouwer goes off to sit by himself in a corner first. He’s not stupid.
Don’t listen to your mom, his dad texts a minute later. No Man Is An Island…except Mathesons.
Seriously, Jared’s dad gets him.
They have a Bond. A Bond of Hating Everyone Except Those They Do Not.
“It is kind of weird,” Jared says, instead of, ‘my boyfriend says your brother’s a dick’
Good call?
Please don’t accidentally board me, Jared texts Bryce when Morris goes to the bathroom.
??? Bryce texts back, then, I wud never hurt u with a heart, because he’s a dope.
54. Losers First
He wonders if he should tell Bryce not to board Rogers either or something. Jared can’t help but like Rogers.
Darryl Rogers is such a good guy he won over Mike Brouwer AND Jared Matheson. That’s skill.
“This was my home ice,” Jared says, not sure why he’s admitting that. Why it even matters. It isn’t anymore, at least not tonight, so there’s no point mentioning it. He doesn’t know why he keeps blurting things out. Rogers just has one of those faces, Jared guesses, like whatever you say, it’s cool, he’s there for you.
Jared doubts that’d be the case if he mentioned what was really getting to him right now.
“C’mon,” Rogers says. “Take a walk with me, show me around.”
SUCH A GOOD GUY, offering that just to distract Jared from his nerves. I love you Roge.
Morris bumps shoulders with him on the bench, and Jared wonders why so many people seem to think Jared needs like, to talk. He doesn’t want to talk.
“Soon as you hit the ice it won’t matter,” Morris says, and he’s not right, exactly, but he’s not wrong either.
Ben is also a very good guy.
she definitely didn’t own that Oilers jersey when Jared left town.
“What are you wearing?” Jared asks, appalled. “Take that off right now.”
“I’m supporting my brother,” Erin says sweetly.
She’s fucking trolling her brother, and she knows it.
“I thought it was nice she wanted a jersey,” his dad says, with this little smirk around his mouth like he too knows she did it to troll Jared. Hell, he’d probably wear one himself if he wouldn’t like, melt if an Edmonton jersey touched his skin.
He was, however, willing to buy that jersey for her for dual support and trolling.
“I mean it,” his dad says. “You’re on a rebuild team, buddy, losing is something you’ll have to learn to live with. You can’t sulk about it every time.”
WATCH him. (But good advice from Don.)
“How’s Marcus in person?” Jared asks. “He seems like kind of a dick in interviews.”
“Nah, he’s a cool dude,” Chaz says, and Jared bites back a smile. “I think he’s just like, shy. He’s pretty quiet.”
Jared really wants to hug Chaz right now, but that would probably seem pretty weird.
“Shy,” he says, instead. “Really?”
“Yeah, I dunno, he doesn’t like, talk much in the room?” Chaz says. “But he’s been really cool to me, like, not even remotely how they make him seem, so I think the media’s kind of full of shit about him.”
Chaz <3333
That night, Brewer sleeping while Jared glares up at the ceiling, jaw clenched tight and eyes blurry, he wonders if he’s cut out for this at all, because it fucking — it hurts, and he didn’t expect it to hurt like this, didn’t expect to care as much as he does, more than he ever has, and the games don’t even — they don’t even count yet, and here is is fucking trying not to cry like a little kid.
55. Consolation (it’s not like you’re a prize)
“You looked great out there,” Donahue says. Jared’s stopped calling him GM Dumbfuck even in his head, because what if it escaped his head and entered his mouth? Nightmare fodder.
IMAGINE. And fair concern considering Jared’s sieve of a brain to mouth filter.
“It came down to the wire, Jared,” Donahue says. “You have a lot of potential already, but we think another year of development might make a difference in the long run for your career, and we have to think longterm here.”
Was the right call, GM Dumbfuck!
“Hey,” his mom says, picking up on the first ring. “Did you—”
“Can you come pick me up?” Jared asks. “I can take a train probably, but they’re expensive last minute and I just — I want to go home.”
“Oh, honey,” she interrupts, and Jared finds his eyes blurring. He doesn’t know why he’s this upset right now. “Yeah, I’ll take the afternoon off work, come pick you up this evening, okay? I’ll leave in about an hour, that work?”
Susan dropping everything to drive a six hour round trip because Jared needs her — she trolls, but she loves him really hard too. (Thankfully her boss is very understanding of ‘my kid just got cut from an NHL team and is understandably very upset can I leave at lunch or nah?’. It’s a tight knit office, they’re all rooting for Jared.)
Erin doesn’t say a single mean thing during dinner, which is good because Jared’s kind of afraid if she did he might cry, and that’d scare the shit out of everyone.
Mathesons do not CRY!!!
By some silent mutual consent, the words ‘Oilers’ or ‘Hitmen’ or ‘cut’ never enter the conversation, and Jared’s pretty sure that’s his mom’s doing, that she took his dad and Erin aside or texted them or something to tell them that Jared didn’t want to talk about it, so they weren’t going to talk about it or they’d face her wrath.
He loves his mom a lot right now.
She did do that and I love her a lot too.
Jared wants to go to Bryce right after dinner, but it seems rude, especially after his dad hands him a beer, and when Jared side-eyes it, says, “You can have one, you had a hard day.”, before getting one for himself, because Jared guesses he did too. Probably doesn’t feel great to hear your kid didn’t make it. Not quite the same as hearing you didn’t, but shitty regardless.
Yeah pretty shitty day for Don and Susan too, bud.
“I’m sorry,” Erin says quietly, lurking beside his spot on the couch, which is weird and a little disturbing, both the sorry and almost gentle tone of voice.
“Thanks,” Jared says.
“I wanted to get some more use out of my Oilers jersey,” she says, which is more like her.
Jared snorts.
“Sorry,” she says again, and leans down to give him a hug, probably the first time she’s done it in years. Jared hugs her back for all of half a second before she pulls away and darts back upstairs.
“Did that just happen?” Jared asks.
“She really does feel bad,” his mom says, then, “She liked that Oilers jersey.”
Mathesons are incapable of showing affection without a dose of mockery and I love them.
“You’re not getting a cab, don’t be ridiculous,” his dad says, and Jared wonders if this is it, the moment his dad is legit going to lock him in his room rather than let him go home to Bryce, before he says, “I’ll drive you over.”
‘Over’ is noticeably not ‘home’, or even ‘to your place’, but Jared’s not going to jeopardize a free ride by arguing semantics with his dad.
Free ride beats arguments about semantics (but barely)
“I know it sucks,” his dad says. “I’m sorry it sucks. I wish I knew what I could say to help, but you know I’m not — you know I’m not good at this stuff.”
Jared inherits his verbal acuity from his dad.
“It’s not okay,” his dad says, closer to a shout. “It’s fucking bullshit, Jared, they’re—”
“Dad,” Jared says. “Don’t, okay? If I’m not pissed about this you don’t get to be pissed about this.”
“Why aren’t you?” his dad asks. “You work so much fucking harder—”
“I don’t want to suck,” Jared says. “Okay? I don’t want to walk into my first season and fucking suck and make people doubt that I even deserve to be there, and if another season in the Dub means that I come out of the gate better, I want to do that. I’m — they’re probably putting Chaz on the fucking third line, and he didn’t even make the Golden Seals’ preseason last year even though he’s awesome, and Bryce — Bryce is a legit phenomenon, and even then he didn’t play more than a few games for the Flames until he was nineteen, so it’s not like this is weird. I don’t want to suck, and they don’t want someone who sucks, and that’s fine, okay? I’ll get better, and I’ll make it when I am.”
“You had seventy fucking points last season,” his dad says. “In what world do you suck?”
“In the NHL,” Jared says. “I didn’t deserve it and I didn’t get it, and I need to start focusing on the Hitmen season and I can’t do that if you keep yelling—”
Don is the only person (barring Bryce) that Jared offers an unvarnished truth of his career to (this is the man who drove him to every game and practice and sat in the stands and did post mortems with on the drive home, Don is intrinsically tied to Jared’s hockey) and one of the reasons that he has such trouble talking to Don in his moments of deep disappointment and hurt is that talking to Don means he has to admit they’re moments of deep disappointment and hurt. Don turns off Jared’s ability to compartmentalise his feelings, they all come out, and Jared can’t handle that right now.
When he gets in the door, Bryce is standing in front of the couch in front of a dark TV, like maybe he turned it off and stood up the second he heard Jared’s key in the lock.
Exactly like that.
“You know, it’s going to be super hard to live your life surgically attached to someone by the hand,” Jared says.
“Shut up,” Bryce says. “I don’t see you letting go.”
Well. Touche.
“It’s weird,” Bryce says. “Like — I dunno, you’re right here but I don’t like, believe it? So if you want your hand back, too bad.”
Jared shifts closer, letting go of Bryce’s hand — “Oh my god, I’ll give it back,” he says to the complaining sound Bryce makes— until he’s made himself comfortable, head on Bryce’s chest, offering his hand so Bryce can lace their fingers again. He listens to the slow pound of Bryce’s heart under his ear, and he holds on tight.
Bryce falls asleep fast, easy, and Jared can’t, finds himself staring into the dark same way he did in Edmonton, but at least he’s got Bryce’s even breathing to lull him, Bryce’s chin nudging his head, lax hand still twined in his, Bryce’s smell on the sheets and maybe Jared’s too, not right now, but eventually, because it’s not Bryce’s bed, it’s theirs, and he’ll be sleeping in it now, leave traces of himself too, so Bryce won’t ever doubt he’s been there, is there, is going to be there again soon.
Home, Jared thinks, and it’s a good feeling, but — it’s a good feeling, maybe, but it hurts too.
Always mixed feelings with this bit. Disappointment and relief.
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amysteriousmessenger · 5 months ago
Hey im kinda late, but... Do you mind writing snowball fight with reader + rfa + V and saeran? If that's too much to ask, then its okay love! Oh, its kinda late but merry holiday, or christmas if you celebrate it! May your holidays be blessed and filled with only happiness and love 😽😽. Here, take all your loves you deserve!
Tumblr media
AAAAA this is so kind of you, thank so much and a happy holidays to you too!! <3 You’re always so lovely to me! I’m sorry that I’m posting this on Boxing Day, but I hope it’s still okay for you!
RFA and Reader Snowball Fight Headcanons
Yoosung Kim Snowball Fight Headcanons 
You would have been visiting Yoosung at his university over Christmas, it has already started to heavily snow whilst you were on your way so by the time you actually got there, the snow had fallen to several inches. 
Yoosung was so excited about the snow, it reminds him of when he was young and would make snowmen in the garden with his Rika and his sister. He’d look a little crestfallen thinking about it, and you offered to build a snowman outside on campus with him. 
The two of you built the snowman together, dressing it in a scarf and sending silly pictures of the three of you to the RFA chat. It was then, as Yoosung was trying to take his own selfie with it, that you launched a snowball right into the back of his head and he caught it on camera. 
He feels so betrayed, pouting as he looked at you with big puppy eyes. 
He won’t retaliate until you laugh and begin scrambling to craft another snowball, at which point Yoosung with try to hide behind the snowman as a shield. He has to fight back, his time on LOLOL has trained him for this. 
He throws a few snowballs out from behind the snowman, and then gets hit with one in the face when he peeks around to see if any made contact with you. 
He’s laughing and having fun as you throw the snow, and it continues for a few minutes until you’ve tired yourselves out and return to his dorm for a hot shower and warm hot chocolate.
Zen/Hyun Ryu Snowball Fight Headcanons 
The two of you would be on a winter date in the park. Zen was marvelling at how the pure white snow compliments his air, and makes the red of his eyes stand out against the crisp background and how th- Bam. You hit him on the side of the head with a snowball, instantly silencing his handsome spiel. 
‘Jagiya! How could you do that to m-’ Bam, another one hitting him in the shoulder. He watched as you giggled, scrambling to gather enough snow for another attack and his heart just melted, he can’t stay mad at you. But, he also can’t lose: his ego would not allow it. 
He grabs a fistful of snow and starts chasing you through the thick snow, his trousers are getting a little wet but he doesn’t mind, you’re having fun. You turn back mid-run to throw another snowball at him, but miss. Zen takes this opportunity to throw his own snowball at you, hitting you on the ass and earning a smirk from him. 
You try to throw more, but Zen runs for fun, there’s no way that you could overtake him. You manage to get a few more snowballs thrown in his general direction but the majority of them miss and you somehow strumble and fall backwards into the snow as he got close.
Zen tried to stop himself falling, he really did, but the snow was heavy on his feet and he ended up falling on top of you, caging your body with his own.
After the initial moment of distress, he couldn’t help but think how beautiful you looked with the snowflakes falling into your hair and on your eyelashes. He leaned in and planted a kiss onto the corner of your mouth, his lips slightly cold from the weather. 
The two of you smiled, and then you scooped up a handful of loose snow and threw the dusting into his face. 
Jaehee Kang Snowball Fight Headcanons 
You were hard-pushed to get Jaehee to go out in the cold weather, she was too busy and didn’t particularly fancy getting her clothes wet. After enough pleading, she finally relented and agreed to make a snowman with you as long as it didn’t take too long. 
The two of you made a small snowman together, and gave it a small ponytail. You sent a picture of it to the RFA chat with the simple caption ‘Snowzen’.
She would be getting ready to go back inside to make coffee when you hit her in the back of her shoulder with a snowball.
After a brief moment of disbelief followed by a sigh, Jaehee would wait until you weren’t looking to quickly grab some snow and throw it at you. Obviously, she missed. 
But that still instigated a war. You grinned.
You both started gathering snow and throwing it at one another: yours in attack, Jaehee’s in defense. It wasn’t often that she got to loosen up, so you were happy to see her laughing on this rare occasion. 
Snowzen got beheaded in the fight. 
Saeyoung Choi in a snowball fight Headcanons 
Firstly, it’s not a snowball fight, it’s war. 
Seven would have been working into the early hours of the morning when he realised it was snowing and had an absolutely awful idea for a prank.
He went out into his garden, calmly grabbed a fistful of snow, took his time on his way back inside to smooth it into a perfectly spherical ball, prayed, and then launched it into your sleeping face from across the room and fucking bolted.
He knew he was a deadman. You sent in a text demanding that he meet you outside in twenty minutes to settle the score like men. 
Once the smug bastard comes out, you immediately throw a snowball into his face but he ducked, so your snowball missed the target. You forgot he had physical training from the agency and realised this was going to be a lot more difficult than you originally thought.
You weren’t even sure how he manages to make so many snowballs in such a small amount of time  but in the time it takes it you to craft three, he’s got twice as many done and he’s beginning to propel them at you. 
There were about twenty minutes of all-out warfare, with Seven doing dramatic leaps behind bushes and rolls to escape your attacks, all whilst managing to hit you with practically every snowball he threw. 
You were so happy to see him having such fun, knowing that he never got to do this as a child.
It was safe to say he won the snowball fight, and had to give you pouty kisses afterwards to make up for his prank. 
Jumin Han Snowball Fight Headcanons
Jumin had never been in a snowball fight before and isn’t entirely sure what he’s supposed to be doing, so he sends you a wary look when you threw a snowball at him, hitting him in the chest. He had come outside onto the rooftop terrace to admire the scenic snow on the city with you, and you assault him? He is offended.
‘____, what are you doing? You’re going to get my suit wet an-’ You threw another one into his leg followed up with the sweetest, most innocent look you could muster. He sighed. He resigned himself to humouring you, since it would clearly make you happy and he was always one to indulge you.
You explained to him what he was supposed to do and he asked for a practice shot, which you were unwilling to give him. 
Jumin’s aim was absolutely terrible and he mentions making a note to practice such things as this imperfection should be ironed out and- you threw another one at him. He smirked and gave you a look, before attempting to throw more of the snowballs he had delicately crafted at you and even managed to hit a few on your thighs and stomach.
Despite not particularly caring for such activities himself, he enjoyed seeing this playful side of you, even if it was a bit cheeky.
Jihyun Kim/V Snowball Fight Headcanons
The two of you would be out early in the morning so V could take pictures of the sunrise hitting the untouched snow, reflecting the beautiful colours of the scenery. 
V also decided that he wanted some pictures of you in the same setting, with your long flowing dressing gown settled softly atop the snow. Of course, you indulged him.
After a few minutes of him taking your picture, you noticed he had smiled and was satisfied with his images for today. He turned to put his camera down on the table and take a sip of his coffee when something cold and wet exploded on the back of his head. It was a snowball.
It’s a little difficult for him to imagine himself in a snowball fight since he can’t see brilliantly and he feels like his aim will be off, but he’s more than willing to try since you wanted to play. 
You run over to help him down the steps and into the large garden before you retreated back to your original position. You kept it fair though and stayed in his field of vision.
V wasn’t usually one to let off steam in such a way, so he seemed a little tense at first and didn’t throw the snowballs too hard in fear of accidentally hurting you. He missed more than he landed, so you were definitely winning the snowball fight.
He didn’t mind though, he was far more invested in the sight he saw before him: the adorning smile on your face, the red flush of your cheeks from the cold, snowflakes clinging to your hair and your dressing gown flowing against the breeze behind you as you ran. He could never capture such beauty if he tried.
Saeran Choi Snowball Fight Headcanons
Saeran doesn’t really enjoy the cold weather, it chills him straight to the bones so he either needs to wrap up in a bundle of layers otherwise he can’t stay out in it for very long. 
However, the boy must go and buy his ice-cream from the convenience store since his ‘idiot brother’ ate the last of it without ordering more. You offered to go for him, since you were worried about him slipping and hurting himself, but he didn’t know which flavour he wanted, so you decided to accompany him instead. 
The both of you were almost back at Seven’s when you got the idea to start a snowball fight, so you suddenly grabbed some snow and threw it at Saeran, hitting him in the shoulder. 
He turned around and was both confused and annoyed, demanding to know why you hit him. You were also confused at his annoyance, but it quickly dawned on you that he didn’t know what a snowball fight was. He’d never had the chance to do it. He was never allowed out when he was a child and even if he had, he would have been too sickly to go out playing in the snow anyway. 
You explained it to him and his expression softened when he realised it was a playful activity, and that he should try making up for the lost time. Saeran awkwardly knelt down, collected some snow and stiffly threw it back at you in the hip. He seemed nervous to make sure he was doing it correctly and looked at you for affirmation. You smiled and laughed, encouraging him to do it again as you collected more snow. 
It was a very small, soft start for him.
Bonus: When the two of you got back to Seven’s house, his brother came to the door to plead Saeran’s forgiveness and asked if you got him any snacks from the shop, and was immediately met with a snowball to the face from Saeran. 
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vassar177 · 6 months ago
For the Twelve Days of Mingcheng, may i request jc very obsessively and kinda obviously thirsting for nmj's hot bod (and also for the rest of him but yk), and maybe wwx isnt dead here so he teases him mercilessly for it along with nhs? Maybe nmj is Aware of it and reciprocates with some thirst of his own? No pressure tho, you dont have to write it if you dont vibe with it! Thanks anyway, and i hope you have a great week!!💖
So it looks like I got around to it lol I don’t know if this is quite what you were expecting, but I had fun writing it so I hope you’ll enjoy it!
AO3 link
Twelve Days of Mingcheng - Day Nine
Nie Mingjue enters the arena and the crowd goes silent.
It’s been years since the heir to the Nie Sect participated in events other than mounted archery or sword fighting, so for him to join the roster for hand-to-hand combat is unexpected.
Spectators watch with bated breath as he walks to his place and murmurs begin to spread as people feel anticipation grow.
The fight hasn’t begun, but already bets are being placed.
Eyes shift from Nie Mingjue to the first opponent, and it’s blatantly obvious who will win; the questions shifting from who will win, to how long will it take, and for how many rounds will he go undefeated?
Because even with the young opponent’s own heavyweight status, he pales in comparison next to the Nie Sect heir.
It doesn’t help that he’s already starstruck in the face of a walking legend- a man that had to stop competing because he won too often and needed to give others a chance.
Nie Mingjue reaches his spot, stretches briefly, before getting rid of the robes on his upper body. He gets in position, the gong tolls, and then in the blink of an eye, it’s over.
The kid is already laid out on his back, and Nie Mingjue hasn’t even broken a sweat.
How long did it last? The question spreads throughout the crowd. Who won? How much?
Those who have never seen Nie Mingjue fight are completely blindsided by the power his body possesses. Excitement begins to build, growling steadily as the call is announced.
Round One, Nie Mingjue.
Jiang Cheng swallows what has to be his twentieth shot, slamming it down on the table as he pronounces, “What the fuck is up with your brother?”
Conversation stops at the table, chatter from the background overpowering. He raises his gaze to make eye contact with his companions.
Wei Wuxian looks confused, and Nie Huaisang is staring at him slightly offended.
“Well?” Jiang Cheng prompts, a bit more forceful than he intended, but it’s important.
“Jiang-xiong,” Nie Huaisang begins, uncertain, “I’m not quite sure what you mean…”
“What I mean is,” Jiang Cheng says, tone rising in emphasis as he punctuates each word with a tap of his cup, “isn’t it too much? Does he really need to look like that?”
Wei Wuxian chokes on his own spit, coughing into his cup, and Nie Huaisang’s nose scrunches in disgust, eyebrows pulling in as he starts to frown.
“Like seriously! Isn’t it enough?” Jiang Cheng asks, desperation coloring his voice as he remembers the scene from earlier today. “He couldn’t stop at being a competent heir? He wasn’t happy with being top of his class and champion of all inter-sect competitions? He just had to go and have the body of a fucking martial god too?”
He pours himself another cup and downs it in an instant. “Fucking disrespectful.”
A beat of silence passes between them before Wei Wuxian busts a gut, falling out of his chair as he cackles at Jiang Cheng’s predicament.
“Jiang-xiong, that’s my brother.”
“And?” He says, raising his eyebrow, begging the other to argue.
“I’m just saying.” Nie Huaisang replies, snapping his open to cover his face while glaring at Jiang Cheng. “I’d rather not hear you lusting after my brother.”
“I’m not lusting,” Jiang Cheng retorts instantly, “I’m being objective.”
“Jiang Cheng-” Wei Wuxian squeaks from his spot on the floor, a new round of laughter starting up.
“No, listen,” Jiang Cheng starts and Nie Huaisang knows he’s going to hate absolutely every word that comes out of his friend’s mouth next. “It’s the objective truth that Nie Mingjue is fucking ripped. His biceps alone should be classified as weapons of mass destruction, and his thighs are the size of my head.”
Nie Huaisang groans, but Jiang Cheng continues anyway. “And even though this is the first time I’m seeing his abdomen, gods bless by the way, is anyone surprised he’s shredded there too?”
“Don’t forget his height!” Wei Wuxian pipes up from the floor and Nie Huaisang throws his fan at him; it hits the mark, right between the eyes, and Wei Wuxian yelps. Jiang Cheng pays that no mind.
“Thank you, Wei Wuxian.” He goes on. “Nie Mingjue is 1. 9. 3 cm! That’s ridiculous, not even Lan Xichen is that tall! Where does it come from? Did he win the entire genetics lottery or something-”
“Jiang-xiong, you’re pushing it-”
“And his face! It’s not fair, it’s against the rules! He has dimples. I hate it. I hate him and his stupid face.”
“The first time I saw his face I thought one of the temple statues came to life” Wei Wuxian nods solemnly, finally getting himself under control. He waves down a waiter, asking for another bottle.
“This is bullying.” Nie Huaisang whines, grabbing whatever alcohol there is left on the table. “You guys are bullying me.”
“It’s not our fault your brother’s hot.”
“Exactly!” Jiang Cheng says, clinking his cup with Wei Wuxian in camaraderie. “This wouldn’t have even been an issue if your brother hadn’t competed today- half-naked- and then proceeded to defeat fifteen men.”
And it’s totally not bullying, his mind adds. If it were, Jiang Cheng would have mentioned how he dreams about those thighs under his hands; fantasizes about his large hands gripping his hair; thinks about how Nie Mingjue is so strong he’d probably be able to hold Jiang Cheng up against a wall as he-
The waiter passes by, placing another three bottles on the table and Jiang Cheng coughs lightly as they each grab one. He’s lucky his face is already flushed from the booze
He and Wei Wuxian both pour their alcohol into their cups, but Nie Huaisang opts to just drink it straight from the jug. He’ll need it if he wants to keep sitting here.
It’s not like Nie Huaisang has never heard people talk about his brother this way, it’s just that these are his friends; having to listen to this from them just isn't right. He shakes his head in disappointment. It’s not like he ever spoke about his fantasy threesome so this is just uncalled for.
“Don’t you find him intimidating though?” Wei Wuxian asks, breaking everyone’s train of thought.
Nie Mingjue isn’t the most intimidating person Wei Wuxian has ever met, he grew up with Madame Yu after all, but he definitely ranks high on the list. There are very few people that could shut him up with a single glare after all.
But Wei Wuxian knows Jiang Cheng, and he knows his didi has a type- a flashback of Wen Qing enters his mind and he shudders, that was unfortunate. Regardless, if the question is intimidation…then Jiang Cheng might be, but that's the point.
“He could choke me with his thighs and I’d say thank you.” Jiang Cheng answers, completely serious.
“Oh, really?”
The three of them freeze, cups poised to drink still hovering in the air as they look at one another in horror.
The first one to break eye-contact is Nie Huaisang, who glances up and pales immediately. “Er-ge, San-ge-” a gulp- “Da-ge.”
Wei Wuxian is the next to take the leap, peeking to the side. And then immediately looking away, laughing haltingly as he exchanges his cup for the bottle and drinks.
“And who might’ve caught Young Master Jiang’s eye,” a deep baritone voice asks and Jiang Cheng jumps at the attention, almost spilling his alcohol before he can put it down.
Jiang Cheng laughs nervously, looking at the three men standing near their table. Lan Xichen looks mildly embarrassed, his ears tinged pink; Meng Yao is hiding a smirk behind his sleeve, but you can see it in his eyes; Nie Mingjue just looks genuinely curious to hear his response, and somehow that’s worse.
Jiang Cheng thinks he’d rather face his mother’s wrath than answer that question- he’s always been such shit at lying- but it doesn’t seem like that will happen.
He looks to Nie Huaisang for help- the fan is back up and he’s checking his nails. Nothing.
He looks at Wei Wuxian for help- nevermind, that was a stupid idea. Nothing.
He sighs.
“I was just referring to someone I saw earlier,” Jiang Cheng mumbles into his cup.
It’s not exactly a lie, he tells himself, so it shouldn’t be too obvious.
Nie Mingjue hums for a moment, looking at him contemplatively, before smirking. “That’s a shame. I thought you were talking about me.”
And with that, he walks the fuck away.
Jiang Cheng is speechless.
Nie Huaisang is speechless.
Wei Wuxian, Lan Xichen, even Meng Yao- all speechless, staring at the place the man previously took up.
“Holy shit.”
I'm taking bets on NHS's fantasy threesome :p
Also, WQ is a whole lesbian in this one so JC had no chance, really. Poor kid. 
Thank you for reading!! This was day nine!
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witchesofmysticfalls · 6 months ago
Unpleasantville - 2
I wasn't planning on going to the decade dance But when Stefan called saying Elena was attacked at her house me and Damon rushed to her place.
Elena sat on the couch next to Stefan, I stood in front of them as Damon paced the room. "How'd he get in?" He asks. "He was invited in'' Elena breaths out. "He posed as a pizza delivery guy last night" Stefan explains.
"Well he gets points for that" Damon mutters. "Did he say what he wanted?" I ask. "No. He was too busy trying to kill me"
"And you have no idea who this is?" Stefan asks Damon. "No" Stefan raises an eyebrow not convinced. "Don't look at me like that. I told you we had company" Damon said. "You think there's more then one?" Elena asks.
"We don't know" Damon admits. I looked at him, "Damon, he was invited in" I say emphasizing my words. "Then we get him tonight. You up for it?" Damon asks Elena.
"What do I have to do?" Elena asks. "Let your boyfriend take you to the dance, we'll see who shows up" Damon explains. "That's a bad idea" Stefan says with a frown.
I look at Stefan and cross my arms "As much as I hate to agree with him, and you know I do. he's right. Stefan this house isn't safe, for anyone living in it"
"It's worth a shot" Damon says. "I'll do it" Elena says sitting up straight. "I'll be with the two of you. I'll be safe" Elena says putting her hand in Stefans.
Before we leave Elena tries with what she has to make me look like a person from the 50's. I wear a white shirt with a black jacket, jeans, a blue bandanna around my neck. best we could do in 5.
When we get to the school Elena holds on to Stefan. We all walk side by side. I'm next to Damon, my eyes scanning the crowds. I'm just as alert.
I stay with Elena while the guys canvased the area. We do manage to catch up to Bonnie and Caroline. Caroline looks like a house mom and Bonnie like a beach person. "Having fun?" I ask when they approached.
"No, but this took about 2 hours, so I'm at least staying half of that" Caroline exclaims. Bonnie's eyes trail past us, "What's Damon doing here?" She asks. I turned to see Damon with Stefan, they were looking for the vampire.
"He wanted to come, I promise he'll behave" I assure even though that's the second time today I don't believe my own words. "What is this like, a threesome now, you and the Salvatore brothers?" Caroline directs to Elena.
"No but if I'm gonna be with Stefan, then I have to learn to tolerate Damon'' Elena explains. "It's not like I can kill him" Elena jokes. Maybe, but I wish.
"Now there's a thought" Bonnie comments raising her glass.
"Mm, I'll help'' Caroline adds.
"Where did they go?" I ask as me, Elena and Stefan approach Damon, who was just talking to Bonnie and Caroline when they stormed away.
"I don't know," He says. "What'd you say to them?" Stefan asks. "I was perfectly polite" Damon responds before looking at Elena. "Elena, would you like to dance?" Elena smirks at him.
"I would love to" Damon grins at Stefan like he's won. "May I have this dance?" Elena asks Stefan with a smile. Damon's smile is immediately whipped off his face. Stefan smiles and links arms with Elena as they go to the dance floor. I look at Damon and grin.
"Jealous much?" He rolls his eyes and extends a hand "Do you wanna dance?" He asks with a grin. I tilt my head up and tap my chin in thought. "Sure, why not?" I say as I take his hand. He only smirks as he leads me to the dance floor. I wrap my arms around his neck and he
puts his hands on my waist.
"Alright so considering where on a new page, what's your story?" He asks. I sigh "Mom died when I was a kid, vampire, never met my father, I've been living with the Donovan's for years" I mumbled. "That's really about it" I say as he spins me around.
"Now, what about you? What are you doing back in mystic falls?" He shrugs. "Business" He replies. I roll my eyes "right". We dance for a while before he goes back to keeping an eye out.
I go to the fruit punch and call Matt asking him how his shift was going. I'd much rather be there. Out of the corner of my eye I see Damon with Alaric, when he leaves I approached him. "You met Mr.Saltzman? He's a much better history teacher then Tanner ever was" I say as I stand next to him.
"Unfortunately. He asked way too many questions" Damon grumbles. "Well he is a history teacher" I say, offering an explanation. He shrugs and then grabs my arm pulling me to the dance floor.
"I'm bored" He says as he grabs my waist with one hand and my hand with the other. "What are you doing?" I question as he stretches our hands out. "Dancing" he replies as he walks us off in the other direction. I laugh. Our fun is short-lived when Stefan finds us.
"Where's Elena?" He asks worried. I frown and part from Damon. "I thought she was with you.." Both brothers suddenly realize what's happening and Stefan runs off. Damon grabs my arm and drags me along. We run to the cafeteria where Elena is trying to fight off the vampire.
When the vampire tries biting her Stefan throws him off, and he lands on the other side of the cafeteria Damon and I stand. "Hey, dickhead" Damon barks out. Damon holds the piece of wood the vampire threw from Elena's hand early, over his shoulder.
"Nobody wants to kill you. Just wanna talk" Damon says to him. The vampire ignores him and lunges for Elena again. Damon threw the stick at Stefan who caught it and plunged it into the vampire as soon as he landed on his feet. I stand beside Elena as the brothers do their interrogation.
"Why are you doing this?" Stefan asks him, one hand on the stake and the other on his shoulder. "Because it's fun" The vampire responds, earning him pain as Stefan pushes the stake deeper.
"What do you want with Elena?" Stefan asks. "She looks like Katherine'' At this the brothers exchange glances. "You knew Katherine'' Damon asks, arms crossed.
"Oh, you thought you were the only ones. You don't even remember me" The vampire says, mockingly "Tell me how to get in the tomb. Hmm?" Damon says crouching down. "No" Stefan grabs him and pushes the stake a little more.
"The grimoire"
"Where is it?" Stefan hisses. When the vamp says nothing it earns with another push on the stake, Elena can't take it no more and turns away. "The journal. The journal Jonathan Gilbert's journal" The vampire lets out. Damon stands, almost happy.
"Who else is working with you?" Stefan asks. "No. You're gonna have to kill me" The vampire spits out. Stefan rips the stake out of his chest only to plunge it back in. The vampire makes a gurgling sound as he dies.
I should be shocked, disgusted or absolutely terrified, but I'm not. "What do we- how are you gonna find the others now?" Elena stammers. "He had to die" Me and Damon say in unison.
"Elena, he's been invited in" Stefan says, there's a sound from outside and a shadow is at the window before the person rushes off. "Go, I got this" Stefan says and Damon rushes off.
"Ariel, we need to talk," Stefan says as he walks me to my front porch.
"Damon. Look I told him I would help him open the tomb, but it's a lie. He can't open it, ''he says. I nod.
"I know you've developed a bond with him, but I need your help"
I wouldn't say bond.
I sigh and nod.
"I'll do it"
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shieldmon · 8 months ago
The undateables and soulmate prompts!
Quick disclaimer, English is not my first language.
Also, gender is not specified/mentioned.
You can find the demon brothers one here.
Diavolo (you have a tattoo that tells you where you are going to find your soulmate)
He was so excited.
Does he have a soulmate? It took him by surprise.
And then it was the most unsatisfying thing ever.
"Hell? Here? Can't you be more specific?"
He asked Barbatos to look into the future to see who you were, but it was blocked from him.
How convenient.
You, on the other hand, almost died of fear.
"Well... fuck."
When you got into the exchange program and Devildom, it all made sense.
You spent most of your time trying to figure out which brother was your soulmate.
But none of them had their soulmate tattoo yet. Neither Simeon nor Solomon.
One day, Diavolo organized a party at his castle.
You have lost all hope and were sad about it. You exited the castle and sat on a trunk.
And he noticed your absence, he couldn’t left behind a guest.
"Is something bothering you, little one?"
He sat next to you and listened to all your complaints with genuine interest.
Humans can be entertaining...
Wait, did you say your soulmate was here in hell?
He smiled widely and laughed. He was incredibly happy!
You were upset, was he making fun of you after you told him how sad you felt about not finding your soulmate?
You stood up annoyed, ready to go away, but he stopped you.
"Am I a joke to you?" "Not a joke, but my soulmate."
You didn't believe it until both tattoos were revealed.
He picked you up and then spun you around in his arms.
You were now laughing with him.
"Let's go inside! Now we have a reason to celebrate!
You never returned to the House of Lamentation. Not that you are angry about it either, you were still in contact with demon brothers and living with your soulmate, what could be better?
He is now, more than ever, determined to unite the three kingdoms. He is not going to lose you, he wants you to be by his side forever.
Barbatos (you get a matching mark with your soulmate after touching them)
Listen to me, Barbatos rarely touches someone. 
He is a butler, incredibly formal and respectful. He has to respect personal space.
So he had the lowest hopes of finding his soulmate.
Anyways, he didn't have time to think about it. Neither now that the angels, Solomon and you were coming for the exchange program.
For you, he became the closest thing to a therapist and best friend with a neutral point of view.
Whenever you felt tired, overwhelmed, or exhausted about the "I live in a house of demons" situation, you usually ran away to Diavolo's castle. And there he would be, waiting for you with your favorite dessert and his famous tea.
You could talk for hours about anything, and he would listen to you not because it's part of his job, but because he actually likes you.
One day you sent him a message asking him to let you stay with him that night. You didn't tell him why, but Lucifer asked him almost immediately to take care of you. You most likely had fought with them.
When you arrived at the castle, you saw Barbatos without gloves for the first time in your life.
He told you he just made an extra special tea and once in a lifetime dessert for you, and he didn't have time to put them back on.
You felt all his love through that, and since your fight with the brothers was still fresh, you broke down.
Remember when I said that he rarely touches anyone? This was one of the special occasions.
He wrapped his arms around you and hugged you, cooing you as you cried nonstop.
"That's alright, that's okay, let it go. I'm here for you."
He let you cry into his chest, and you enjoyed every second of that hug as if it were the last. When you felt good enough, you pulled away. He was about to wipe your tears away when he noticed something on the back of his hand.
A drop mark was there now. He took your hands in his, and you noticed the matching drop mark on the back of your hand as well.
"Please don't cry again now, love, this is a joyful moment." "I'm sensitive right now, don't judge."
He placed a loving kiss on the back of your hand before smiling at you. You smiled back at him with tears in your eyes.
"I will protect you with my life."
He never put gloves on again, he wants everyone to see that he belongs to you, and you belong to him. 
Simeon (one of the soulmates has a locket that can only be opened by the other)
Heaven is hella strict about some things.
Soulmates are one of those things. You never know who or what your soulmate is, so angels are not educated to know about it as it can compromise their loyalty.
So Simeon had no one to turn to when he discovered a heart-shaped locket in his room in Heaven.
He kept it a secret and tried to live with the idea that he might never meet you. It was, secretly, one of the reasons he agreed to enter the exchange program at Devildom.
If it worked, the three realms would finally make peace, and he and many beings would finally meet their soulmates. And, if it didn't work, there was a slim chance that he would meet you there. He was also excited to finally see the brothers again and meet some humans.
After his little help with the TSL trivia, you started spending a lot of time with him whenever the opportunity arose.
You trusted him more than anyone else, and he adored you like no one else.
He's not your guardian angel at all, but he acted like he was.
After you told him about the incident with Belphegor, he tirelessly begged Diavolo to let you move to Purgatory Hall. That way, he would be able to take care of you.
He still liked the brothers, but you'd be safer with him, Luke, and Solomon. And you needed time to heal, away from the brothers.
Diavolo showed mercy, and you moved into the Purgatory Hall with his help.
He took extra care of you. Did you have a nightmare about it? He'd be by your side in no time. Were you afraid of being alone? He will sleep with you, hugging you.
One of your sleepless nights, to distract you, he showed you his locket. He was showing you his weaker side. He trusted you enough to do so.
"That's amazing, I don't have one..." "You don't? I thought everyone had one."
You had to explain to him how the whole soulmate system worked, and then he had an idea.
"Can you try to open it? For me? It's okay if you don't want to."
There was no way to say no to him, not after everything he had done for you.
Plus, you had nothing to lose by trying. If you were, the person you adored the most was your soulmate. If not, your relationship as close friends would not change at all.
And it opened.
Believe me when I say that the way his eyes lit up, or the sweet and pure way he kissed after that happened, will be something you will never forget.
"Thank God, it's you. You have no idea how much I love you, my angel."
When the time comes, and if necessary, he will stop being an angel just for you.
Solomon (you can’t harm your soulmate)
You may or may not believe in soulmates, but Solomon didn't.
For him, soulmates were just a fairy tale. He is such a powerful sorcerer, and even he couldn't find his soulmate.
Not that he roams the realms making pacts with demons and harming anyone who crosses his path to find his soulmate. That is irrational, and he only was interested in one of those activities, we all know which.
Not everyone finds their soulmate anyway, and you shouldn't waste your precious time on something so irrelevant.
Truth be told, he was in denial: as I said, he's so powerful, and it was unacceptable to put up with the fact that, even with all his tricks, he couldn't find you.
You could understand how frustrating it was not to find them knowing there was a countdown to do it just because you were human.
It would be a lie to tell you that you became friends because of it: you both missed ordinariness, and being next to each other made you feel like home.
He cherished you. That's why he decided to teach you magic, so you will be able to defend yourself. After that, he won Lucifer's approval to hang out with you whenever you wanted.
Wherever he was, you were with him, which includes the Devildom's Public Library, where he found a fascinating book of spells and potions.
There was a lot, but really, a lot of new things that not even him alone had tried, so you two took it home and decided to experiment.
There's a thing about Solomon when he gets excited about something or does some research: he forgets about safety. And, somehow, that careless attitude possessed you that day.
When he taught you magic before, there was always something to tried it on: a mannequin, a training object, anything, but now you decided to make a little contest, the spells didn't seem to be dangerous after all.
You were going to have time to memorize some spells, but he would have much less time to do it. You started chanting incantations left and right carelessly. To be honest, it was only a matter of time before something went wrong.
He mispronounced one of them, and it hit you squarely. You flew across the room, your body slammed into the wall with such force that the wall cracked. He feared the worse.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you..."
He ran towards you and tried to help you, but you were absolutely alright. You were afraid, and the adrenaline was running through your veins, but nothing more than that. 
You two looked at each other surprised: there was not a single bruise or mark of the incident, as if it never happened.
When Simeon and Luke entered the room running with a first aid kit and ready to handle everything, they found you punching Solomon's face really hard.
Solomon got up fast and touched his face searching for a trace of that punch, but there was nothing there, not even dizziness.
You both were speechless, just looking at each other, expecting something to happen. You both just started to laugh after a few seconds.
"You and I...?" "We are soulmates, Solomon!"
Simeon and Luke left shortly after congratulating you. Solomon took your hand in his with extreme care and then hugged you lovingly. Not because he couldn't hurt you did it mean he had to be rude to you.
"Am I not a fairytale anymore?" "Sh, let me enjoy this moment."
Neither Lucifer nor the rest of the brothers let you be alone with Solomon for almost a week when they found out how you two realized you were soulmates.
The two of you pretended to have met in the human world if someone outside of the exchange program asked you.
Bonus: Soul Family, Luke!
Look over here. We're not done with the fluff.
There's another type of soulmate, and it's soul family.
Your soul family manifests when you need them the most. They're unconditional and a true blessing.
How do you find your soul family? There's nothing you have to do or something special you need to have, you just know it.
Luke loves you, and you love him. It was pretty obvious you two are soul family.
No matter who your soulmate is, Luke is there for you. As long as you are happy, he is happy.
He is the most caring and loving little soul brother you will ever have.
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higuchimon · 9 months ago
[fanfic] Chat On The Beach
Duel Academia was quiet. Too quiet, in Manjoume’s opinion, and he didn’t like it. The major reason for the quiet was, of course, because Juudai hadn’t turned back up yet from wherever he’d gone after whatever the heck it was he did with Yubel.
Truth to tell, Manjoume wasn’t at all sure. They’d only managed to get little glimpses of what happened in Dark World from that place of torment Yubel stuffed them into. He’d been surprised that he could even talk to Shou for those few seconds when the other passed by. He’d tried to scream at Juudai but the idiot hadn’t even noticed him.
Probably Yubel had something to do with that, too. What he did know was that Juudai used Super Fusion. Shou told them all about what happened at the end of the duel. Exactly what that did to them, no one knew. Manjoume wasn’t even sure if he knew what Super Fusion could do or what it was. A Fusion card that no one had ever seen before that strange world…
For the most part he tried to tell himself that it didn’t matter. Whatever else happened, they’d made it through safely and now they were just waiting for Juudai to get back from wherever he had flittered off too. The sooner the better in Manjoume’s opinion. Maybe then things would liven up a little around here, and Shou would stop drooping around as if nothing else mattered.
He refused to even consider the notion that he was moping around just as much as Shou was. Even if he had, he would simply have reminded anyone who brought it to his attention that he was Manjoume Thunder and Juudai was his rival. If anyone had the right to be upset about Juudai having vanished, then he was that person, he and no other.
Manjoume refused to just mope around the Red dorm. He wasn’t going to mope around either of the other two dorms, for that matter. Since it wasn’t class time, he didn’t wander around the main building. He instead vaguely wended his way to the beach, wondering if he might encounter Fubuki or Tenjoin-kun or someone else who might be worth having a chat with. Maybe even a duel – not that there was anyone else here that could give him, the winner of Genex, a real challenge. Not without Juudai there.
He hadn’t gone too far down the beach before he revised his immediate opinion. There on the beach there sat Johan Andersen, arms wrapped around his knees, staring at the ocean, a mildly distant expression in his eyes. Manjoume slowly sauntered up to him.
“What are you doing out here?” If he thought about it, he couldn’t remember having actually spoken to Johan ever since the North School duelist arrived there. Johan had always been locked in step with Juudai and too much else happened to Manjoume to even get the chance to. Then the whole duel zombie thing and well – it just hadn’t happened.
Johan glanced up at him. “Waiting for Juudai to come back.” A hint of a smile tilted his lips upward. “He’s got something of mine.”
Manjoume furrowed his brow. “Huh?” He vaguely remembered that Yubel possessed Johan for a while. He wasn’t sure of how that ended up, only that clearly he wasn’t possessed anymore.
“My deck.” Johan let out a bit of a sigh. “I gave it to Juudai so he could fight Yubel and then he left with it. So I’m waiting for him to come back.”
Manjoume believed that Juudai would return because if he didn’t, Manjoume would have to track him down throughout the worlds and drag him back by his ears, because what was he going to do without his rival? He needed to beat Juudai one day. And here was Johan, simply believing that Juudai would return to give him back his deck.
He wasn’t sure what to think of that. So he didn’t bother; just mentally shrugging his shoulders and moving onward.
“Hey, there’s something I wondered about,” Manjoume said, settling down on the beach next to Johan. “You’re from North School, right?”
“Right.” Johan glanced at him curiously.
“Then how come I didn’t see you there when I was there back in my first year? That was your first year too, wasn’t it?” That had bothered Manjoume for a while now, at least when he didn’t have anything else to worry about.
Johan laughed, resting one hand on the back of his head. “Yeah. I heard about you when I got back there. I was sorry to have missed you.” His eyes gleamed gem-like in the afternoon sun. “Maybe you could have been the first person I used the Gem Beasts against.”
Manjoume blinked several times and delivered a very complex and complicated question that conveyed all of his confusion. “What?”
“We didn’t see each other because when you showed up there, I wasn’t there. I was off at a tournament – the same one that I won and President Pegasus was there and gave me the Gem Beasts.” His eyes glimmered in soft memory and a deep heartache that Manjoume almost understood. “You know, this is the first time I’ve ever really been separated from them since we met.”
“I wish I could lose mine sometimes,” Manjoume muttered. He could hear the Ojamas’ voices, chattering about something just beyond the pitch of actually hearing them. He knew they were talking but not what they were talking about. He wasn’t that interested in finding out, either.
Johan glanced towards him, and his eyes focused on a bit of air above Manjoume. He smiled. “Hello, there.”
Manjoume sighed and followed his gaze to see the three Ojamas hanging there. Ojama Yellow waved, chirping a hello, and Manjoume started to reach over to grab it, intending to stuff it out of sight.
But Johan reached out instead, holding his hand out, and Ojama Yellow perched there. He stared up at Johan with large googly eyes. “Hey! You’re not Yubel, are you? Not now?”
“Not now,” Johan agreed. He regarded Ojama Yellow a little more. “You saw me back then?”
“Sure did! Shou-aniki and I both did!” Ojama Yellow waved his hands back and forth. “And there were these pretty little fairies!” He let out a long, happy sigh. “I wish I could see them again. I think they liked me.”
Manjoume rolled his eyes. He doubted that the so-called fairies had even noticed Ojama Yellow existed and if they had, they’d probably had a few things to say about his lack of hygiene. He wondered if he should hit up the hot springs and see if he could introduce the three of them to the concept of soap and hot water.
Johan smiled. “Maybe they did. And you might see them again if they decide to link themselves to a card. You never know what could happen.”
Ojama Yellow clasped his hands together and let loose with an even deeper, dreamier sigh. “That would be amazing!”
He floated back up, fading away with his brothers. Manjoume snorted a little. “You really see spirits just like that, don’t you?”
“Ever since I was a little kid. I scared some people – I didn’t know which were the spirits and which were the humans sometimes. There was one time I got lost and I met a spirit. I don’t remember which one it was, just that she looked like anyone else.” He drummed his fingers on the sand for a few seconds. “Except for the wings. I should have guessed those weren’t normal, but I was six.”
Manjoume couldn't wrap his head around not realizing wings meant a spirit. But if he’d been six – well – his brothers wouldn’t have been too happy if he’d wandered off like that.
“She guided me back home. Never saw her again after that.” Johan shrugged. “What about you? When did you start seeing spirits?”
“After I dueled Juudai a few times.” He wasn’t going to say that it was when he’d first met Ojama Yellow, even though it was true. “I think it rubbed off on me from him.”
Johan nodded in placid agreement. “He’s got that effect on people. Makes me wonder who else could have it and they just haven’t met their proper partner yet.”
“No clue.” But the idea did intrigue him. Could Tenjoin-kun see spirits now? What about Shou? Or – well – anyone that Juudai dueled more than once. How many times did it take?
Damn it, Juudai needed to get back here so he could find out. It wasn’t fair that this question cropped up just when he couldn’t shake an answer out of Juudai.
Johan leaned back on the sand and stared up at the afternoon sky. “He’ll be back. He and Yubel are working things out.”
Manjoume opened his mouth to ask about that, then closed it again. He really didn’t know what he would ask or what kind of answer that he’d get. Johan had been possessed by Yubel for a long time. Did he know things? Suspect things?
I don’t want to know, he decided. Besides, he probably wouldn’t tell me. That’s Juudai’s stuff to talk about.
He wriggled his fingers in the sand. “So, when Juudai gets back here with your deck, you wanna duel?” He remembered hearing that Johan and Hell Kaiser dueled to get them out of that sand dimension. No one had managed to record it, but clearly it had been beyond fantastic. He wanted to fight against either one of them and Johan was right there.
Johan’s eyes met him, the sparkle of challenge gleaming in the sunlight. “I can hardly wait.”
The End
Notes: This is my absolute headcanon for why Johan and Manjoume didn’t know each other – and they didn’t, because Johan had to ask who he was when Manjoume dueled Amon. He didn’t even know about the Ojamas. So, they clearly never met before then.
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lilacyennefer · 9 months ago
a winter's tale
Anon asked: “You’re gonna regret that, sweetheart” with Benny pls ❤️
A/N: I might got a little carried away, but I really love how this one turned out, and I hope you guys think the same. There's a lowkey Garrett easter egg hidden in there and I'm curious if anyone will know what is it 👀
TW: some smut
Tumblr media
Growing up in the English countryside, one of your favourite things to do was going outside to a long walk when it was snowing, enjoying the beautiful snowy landscape. 
You missed this a lot when you moved to the States to study, you originally planned to stay for 2 years, but two years became 4 when you met Ben Miller. 
Oh, Benny Miller. 
Knowing Benny now, you’ve met with him in the most unlikely place to ever meet with someone like Ben, in a book shop. 
You loved to read, this was something what your grandmother, who raised you, taught you, to read as much as you can. So it was really common for you to spend days in bookstores, looking for something new to read. 
It was Saturday afternoon on a rainy day when you met with Ben. You were in the mentioned bookstore, flipping through a new fantasy novel what just came out when you sensed someone stepping next to you, and a second later that person started talking.
“Excuse me, Miss, sorry to bother you, could you please help me?” The tall man with bright blue eyes, and a baseball cap asked you in such a deep voice you swear you could feel it resonate in your bones. 
You smiled at him politely, telling him you’re not working here.
“I know, I just thought you could help me, you know. The staff being busy and all.” 
“This makes sense.” You nod. It really did.
“I’m Ben, by the way.” The tall stranger introduced himself.
“I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you, Ben!” You shake his hand “What are you looking for?”
“Something scientific. It will be for my older brother’s birthday.”
“I see. Well, let’s go and see what we can get for your brother.” You tell him, and you walk towards the science part of the bookstore. 
After choosing the right book for his brother, Will, you paid for your chosen book, and Ben paid for the birthday gift, and the two of you headed to a coffee shop. During your time in the bookstore, Ben asked you if you’d like to drink a coffee with him after this as his way of saying thank you. And of course, you said yes, not just because you loved coffee, especially in this weather, but you really liked Ben. He was charming and funny, and despite your first impression, he was really intelligent and actually nice. 
There was a lovely coffee shop nearby, and just like the bookstore, it was pretty empty when you arrived. 
“What would you like?” Ben asks you, and looks at you in a way what makes you melt. 
“A caramel latte please.” Ben nods.
“Take a seat, I’ll get our orders.”
You sit down in a boot, and just watch the people on the streets as the raindrops race down the window. 
After a little while, Ben sits down in front of you after he placed your coffee in front of you, immediately wrapping your hands around the warm liquid, warming your cold hand up. 
“I have a confession to make.” Ben says sheepishly.
“Oh?” You look at him seriously.
Ben licks his lips before he says anything, shiver runs down your spine, but this time not from the cold. 
“I actually asked you to help me because you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.” His compliment surprises you, and you can feel yourself blush as you look down to your coffee.
“I figured.” You said in a small voice “The bookstore was almost empty so the stuff didn’t have a lot to do.” 
Ben smiles at you, and you think he has the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. You like it, you think, and you definitely like Ben. 
You spent hours in the coffee shop just talking. Conversation with Ben was easy, he talked about his life, he told you that he’s an MMA fighter who picks up all kinds of odd jobs between fights, but previously he was in the Special Forces. 
You told him about your life, that you grew up in England in the countryside, and that your grandmother raised you. 
This was 2 years ago, 2 years since you met Benny and since the two of you fell madly in love. 
Because, you were madly in love. 
That kind of love what’s written in the stars, the love poets and musicians wrote about, that passion what makes you do absolutely anything for your partner. 
And you think it’s beautiful. 
It’s beautiful how much you love each other. 
Ever since you arrived to the States, you didn’t go back home, and after 4 years you started missing it more than anything, and Benny knew this. Seeing you become sadder and sadder because you missed your home and your grandmother broke Benny’s heart, and he just had to do something about it. 
So, Benny picked up more jobs and more fights, so he could save money for the plane tickets so he could surprise you and travel home with you. 
Two weeks left until Christmas, and you’re sitting on the couch in your pjs, watching tv when Benny storms into the apartment the two of you share. 
“I finally got it!” He screamed, making you jump.
“Jesus, Benny, what the hell?” You turn towards him.
“I got it, Y/N!” He says excitedly. You get up from the couch and walk up to him.
“You got what?” Ben takes a deep breath to calm himself down. He really is like an excited puppy. 
“An early Christmas gift.” He explains “Y/N, I couldn’t watch you being so sad, I had to do something. So I worked harder than ever to be able to buy this, because who the fuck knew plane tickets were this expensive honestly, but I finally got it!” He hands you an envelope “Two plane tickets to England so you can go home to your grandma. And hopefully, you don’t mind me coming with you.” He says somehow nervously, watching your reaction. 
You open the envelope and see two plane tickets, to England and back, with your and Ben’s name on it. You feel a lump in your throat and you swallow hard, trying to keep your tears from falling, but you fail as emotions rush over you.
“Why are you crying? Did I fuck it up? Please say something!” Benny begs, and you look up at him.
“No, you big dummy! This is the most beautiful thing anyone ever did to me!” You wrap your arms around him, pulling him close as you cry from the happiness.
“You really did this for me? Letting people beat you stupid just I could go home?”
“Hey, I won almost all of those fights, otherwise I wouldn’t have the tickets now.” 
You always said that Benny was a dummy with a heart of gold, he wasn’t the sharpest, but the way how he loved and how he’d do absolutely anything for you made up for it. 
“Thank you.” You sob “Just thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.”
You’re still hugging Benny, and he leans down to place a tender kiss on your forehead.
“I’d do anything to make you happy.”
“I know.” You look up at him, chin resting on his chest “But you should’ve spent all this money on yourself.”
Ben doesn't let you finish it as he starts speaking.
“I did this for you, and us. This makes me just us happy as it makes you. Seeing you happy makes me happy.” Another kiss on your forehead. 
“Besides, I want to meet with that grandma of yours who I heard so much about.” You let out a small laugh from Benny’s words.
During the time you’re together with Benny, you told him a lot about your grandma, and Benny has this idea that your grandmother is probably the coolest person ever. 
You told him how she was at Woodstock, and traveled around America in a hippy van when she was younger, knew some of the biggest icons of the Beat Generation, and after her adventures in America she returned to England where she met with your grandfather who she married after 2 weeks of knowing each other, then they went and traveled Europe as their honeymoon.
You told the stories you heard from your grandmother to Benny, who was in awe the whole time and he decided your grandma is the coolest person ever. 
“She’ll be really happy, I can’t wait for you to meet with her.” 
The next week, you were on your way to England with Benny by your side. You were actually nervous about the whole trip, especially about flying for many hours, but Benny made sure that you’re distracted or asleep, he even suggested to have sex in the small bathroom of the plane, and you gave him a look what silenced him for a little bit, but a few minutes later you leaned closer to him and whispered “Maybe on our way back.” and you winked at him. 
When you arrived at the airport, your grandmother was already waiting for you and Benny, and in the moment you saw her you started running towards her, jumping in her arms and hugging her. You spent minutes just hugging and telling each other how much you missed each other, and after you’re done, you finally introduced Benny to your grandma. Thankfully, your grandmother really loved Benny, and Benny really loved your grandmother, but they already had a small, not serious argument when Ben wanted to drive even though he didn’t know where your grandmother lived, or how to drive on the left side, and it took you a long time to convince him to give up.
“I know you love driving, Benny, but this is not the time.”
“Fine, fine.” he finally gave up and took his place in the backseat of the car, meanwhile you were by your grandmother’s side.
Your first few days were about relaxing and fighting jetlag, but after like the third day both of you were okay, and you finally could show Benny the small town you grew up in, you were walking hand in hand, drinking hot chocolate. 
The next week, just before Christmas, there was a huge snowstorm, making you all excited about the snow, and Benny was just as excited as you. 
The next morning after breakfast, your grandma went over to her friend, leaving you and Benny alone for the first time since you came to England. 
“Let’s go outside and play in the snow.” you say excitedly, and without hesitating, Benny agreed. So, you dressed up in warm clothes and you went outside to enjoy the snow, and you even built a snowman. 
“You look so fucking cute, all flushed.” you tell Benny. He indeed looked fucking cute how his cheeks and nose turned all rosey from the cold, a few snowflakes are sitting on his long lashes. 
“Is that so?” he murmurs in his deep voice as he pulled you closer by your hips. “I have an idea how to make you all flushed too.” Benny cooed before he leaned down to kiss you sweetly on the lips. 
“You have to catch me first.” you announce when you pull away and you start running away from Ben, but he’s close behind you. 
You hide behind a tree and squat down to collect some snow in your hands and quickly form a snowball, and when Benny is close enough to you, you throw the snowball at him, and you watch it land on his chest. 
You giggle when you see Benny’s stunned expression, but you start running again when he’s chasing you again, but this time, he caught you, lifting you up in his arms.
“You’re gonna regret that, sweetheart” Benny tells you as he carries you back to the house, you know he means it, but all you can do is giggle.
“I can’t wait.” you murmur, placing a hot kiss on his exposed neck, making him groan. 
When you’re back in the house, Benny puts you down and you kick your shoes off, and take your jacket and hat off while Benny does the same. 
You grab his hand and stand on your tiptoes to kiss him, hot and delicious, making your abdomen clench with want. 
“We should take a bath, since we’re both cold.” you whisper against his lips, and Benny’s face immediately breaks into a huge grin.
“Oh, yes, baby.” and he’s already pushing your body towards your room.
Benny and You always wanted to have sex in a bathtub, but you never had the chance to do it since none of your apartments had a bathtub, but the small bathroom in your room has one, although it’s equally small. 
“How are we gonna fit into this?” you ask Ben as you’re standing in the bathroom with him.
“We will make it work.” he mutters into your skin as his lips are all over your neck, kissing it tenderly. 
And just like that, Benny and you quickly undressed each other while the hot water was filling the bathtub, and the scent of your favourite bubble bath surrounds you.
When the tub is filled with water and bubbles for your liking, Ben helps you into the water, and you carefully sink down in the burning hot water, letting it relax your muscles and warm you up. You move a little bit, giving Ben some space so he can sit behind you. He carefully maneuvers his big body into the small bathtub what already has you in it, and some water. 
Somehow he managed to sit behind you, wrapping his strong arms around you.
“This is really nice.” Ben whispers into your ear, and you nod, agreeing. “But I know a way how this could be even more enjoyable.” He nips your earlobe the same time he brushes his hand over one of your breasts, taking your nipple between his fingers, and gently pulling it, making you moan. 
You pull away from him to turn around and sit in his lap, Benny immediately wrapping his arms around you, pulling you back close. 
“Please, love me.” you whisper against Ben’s lips, and you see him soften before you kiss him, slipping your tongue into his mouth, massaging. 
You sit like that for minutes, in the hot, bubbly water, tangled together as you make out until you don’t know where you end and where Benny starts.
Still kissing, you feel Benny sneak a hand between your hot bodies, finding your slit and running his long, agile fingers over your folds, making you moan as his fingers press against your clit, massaging it the way you like it. 
You break the kiss and press your forehead to Ben’s shoulders, meanwhile he peppers your shoulder, neck, and chest with soft, gentle kisses as his fingers are pleasuring you, touching you the way how he knows you love it.
“You’re so soaked.” he groans when his fingers are circling your opening before he pushes a finger inside of you, making you let out a whining sound. 
“Please, Ben. I need you.”
“You have me.” he whispers against your skin. 
You grab his hand what’s between your legs and gently pull it away as you lift your hips up just a tiny bit, so you can take his already hard cock in your hands and place it where you need him the most, then agonisingly slowly, you sink down on him, making both of you throw your head back with a moan. 
You just sit there, completely still as you let yourself adjust to his size, and when you’re finally feeling ready, you started rocking your hips against Ben’s. 
Your times with Ben were almost always fast and hard, let’s just say you were fucking most of the time, but not right now as you moved slowly together. 
This was about your hearts and souls connecting, but also about the pleasure of your bodies as you made love with each other. 
“Benny.” you moan into his neck, Ben’s arms tighten around you as you push yourself closer and closer to the edge until you shatter, and fall, pulsating, moaning Ben’s name. 
You slowly ride your orgasm out, panting against Ben’s skin while his hands are soothingly caress the skin on your back, his soft lips are pressing equally soft kisses where he can reach. 
When you feel like you caught your breath, you sit straight back up, but Benny’s lips never leave your skin as it goes lover and lover, until his mouth is on your breaths, taking one of you nipples into his mouth, sucking the sensitive nub, then circling it with his tongue. You sigh and close your eyes from the calming pleasure Ben is causing you as he lick and suck your sensitive nipples, you wrap your arms around his neck and face, leaning your head on the top of his, closing your eyes and just enjoy how soft Ben’s lips feel on your skin, and how good they make you feel, while his rock hard cock is still buried deep inside of you. 
“Hmmm, as much as I’m enjoying this, the water is getting cold.” you whisper, and Ben lets your nipple go.
Benny carefully lifts you off of him, making you wince from the sudden emptiness, and he stands up and steps out of the bathtub, wrapping a towel around his hips, and holding your fluffy towel out for you, and you get out of the tub, letting Ben wrap you up in the soft towel. 
Again, he’s wrapping his strong arms around you to pull you close, kissing you, making you melt.
“I should take care of you now.” you tell Ben. You don’t have to specify what you mean, he knows exactly.
“I’m not done with you yet.” he shakes his head, and he lifts you up in bridal style and carries you to the bed, gently placing you down on it. 
He takes the towel from your body and drops it on the floor, and he does the same with his, making your mouth water as he reveals his throbbing erection to you. He pulls you closer to the edge of the bed, spreading your legs for him as he kneels down in front of you, between your legs.
Benny peppers your inner thighs with tender kisses, moving closer to your core as he watches your chest rise and fall quicker as he gets closer to your soaked folds, and your breath hitches when he softly runs his tongue over your folds, carefully to not cause you any discomfort since you’re still sensitive from your orgasm.
So, he first just caresses your inner fold with his tongue, lapping your wetness, and dipping his tongue into your hole, curling it inside of you. 
Benny can read you like an open book, every move, every moan of you, he knows what he should do to give you the most pleasure he can, so he exactly knows when you’re ready for him to touch your clit, and when he finally does he makes your whole body shake, and moan his name. 
Still somehow sensitive from your orgasm, your legs shake violently every time Benny touches or sucks your clit, but gosh, it feels so sinfully good, and it doesn’t take you long until you fall over the edge again, and cum hard on Ben’s tongue. 
“Holy shit.” you mutter and Ben lets out a laugh.  
“Are you okay? Wanna take a break?” he asks you as he stands up, wrapping his hand around his cock, pumping.
You shake your head “No, I need your cock, Benny.” you say in your most seductive voice, and he answers with a groan. 
Ben steps between your legs, taking them in his hands and pushing them back until your knees touch the bed, leaving you wide open for him. 
“You’re so fucking beautiful. All wet and spread out for me.” he praises, making you even wetter than before. 
“Please, Benny.”
He doesn’t say anything as he places his cock against your opening, and with one fierce move, he’s back inside of you, not giving you time now to adjust, he starts moving hard and fast. 
With every move, every time Ben smashes his hips against yours, your tits are bouncing, to Benny’s pleasure. You know he has a hell of a view at you, he can see his cock disappear inside of you every time, and the same time he sees your tits moving and the pleasure written all over your face. 
“Ben!” you scream as the fire in your belly is growing stronger second by second, and after two earth shattering orgasm, your third one is approaching rapidly.
Benny groans loudly and he growls “Y/N, cum for me.” and your body obeyed him, as you came for the third time, harder than ever. 
You’re drowning in your own pleasure, your heart is pounding in your ears, but you can hear Ben letting out an animalistic groan before he pulls out of you, and pumps his dick a few times before he spills himself all over your stomach and chest, marking you as his. 
After he made sure every drop landen on your skin, he tiredly crashed down next to you on the bed. 
You take that small drop of cum on your chest and you make sure Benny is watching you when you take it to your mouth, licking his cum off of your finger.
“Fuck.” Benny groans as he saw every move of yours “You’re so good. So fucking good.” he praises, and you smile at him.
You carefully turn to place a kiss on his cheek before you get up and take one of the towels from the floor and wipe yourself clean. 
While Benny is watching you, he can’t stop thinking about how lucky he is to have you, the most wonderful woman he could ever wish for, and seeing you happy here, in your home, worth every fucking fight and suffering with shitty jobs. And little did you know that he not only bought the plane tickets, but there’s also a ring resting deep in his suitcase, waiting for Christmas Eve to ask you to marry him. And he can only hope you’ll say yes.
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lordkingsmith · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Because I have no chill, here is a fic for the au, with ten of my villains. More of the male villains might show up, who knows lol
“Why are we here and why does this prison exist, again?”
“Because there’s a sudden influx of a bunch of madmen from a bunch of alternate realities and we have to take care of all of them.”
“This sounds like it’s begging for it to backfire.”
“One of them’s an evil god of comedy.”
“Oh, then it’s beyond begging.”
“Man, you’re just lucky we aren’t in charge of the women’s section for this. They’ve got a cannibalistic cultist.”
“ is the cannibalistic cultist worse than an evil god of comedy?”
“At least with the evil god, we all die laughing.”
The man narrowed his eyes at the other next to him, before the portals opened in the yard, and the new, (ten men or closest gender to men, of varying ages heights and body types) were pushed through, lined up, and cuffed.
Terrence, the one who’d made the (tasteless) joke, walked forward with a stack of manila folders, looking through each of them.
“Alright, we’re lining you up from least dangerous to most.
It was immediate which one was the god, and Bill was disconcerted to find he was third in line. Of ten. He’d seen a little of the file for Mr. Smiles. Exactly what trumped ‘attempted mass genocide of my entire universe’ as a crime.
“Alright, as I call em, bring em into their new home away from home.” Terrence called, opening the first file.
“First up, Cale Jamie Hex. Also known as Captain Cale Hex, also known as Captain Hook, also known as The Neverland Pirate. The man tossed back curly black hair and gave Terrence a wicked little smile. His wrists had to be specially secured on the fact on hand was, indeed, missing. Terrence ignored the smile. “Aged, twenty seven. Crimes include child endangerment, mishandling of explosives, attempting to gut an endangered animal, and illegal usage of a flying ship. Sentence; Until the effects of Neverland wear off and he can age into harmlessness.” Cale rolled his eyes.
“Jaesus you make it sound so utterly dull. The child was Peter Pan. He brought me to that fucking island and cut off my fucking hand. I just decided a digit for a digit and systematically rip apart all of the boy’s favorite places. Piracy though, just happened to come naturally. So I guess thanks Pan, you little utter shit, for that bit.”
He was led fairly willingly into the building after he’d stated his piece.
Next, was a cyborg man, cybernetic eye and jaw and a glower to peel paint. “Gideon Nym. Aka The Dodo Bird. Aged thirty six.” Gideon ran his hands over his half-bald head and then flipped off the guards. Behind him, the god laughed. Terrence continued undeterred. “Gideon is a drug trafficker in the Berue Star System. Ran an entire planet and caused gladiator style fights for his amusement. Twelve counts of domestic assault. Slave trafficker as well, possibly, and..” Terrence checked his notes. “Kept getting arrested for DUI’s that never stuck till now.”
“And they shouldn’t’ve stuck. If it weren’t for that idiot of a man-”
“The man being your lover Felidae. Yes, he’d be why you have domestic assault on your records, Mr. Nym.” Nym was pulled-unwillingly-into the prison. The god-or well, more accurately some nameless nightmare, was some monster with too many teeth in too wide a smile and a hyena type mane and scabbed over eyes stepped over of his own accord, flashing a peace sign. He had the body of a-maybe-late teens early twenties man. Just all the joints bent in slightly off places.
“Mr. Smiles. God of Comedy. Age unknown but sources say you predate your universe. There’s a bit of a list of smaller crimes but I’m going to just use the massive blanket one of ‘attempted multiple mass genocides at once with the destruction and death of your own universe’ and leave it at that. And as you put it, ‘criminal mischief because, and I quote, “sometimes comedy needs a bit of blood to be funny” that right?”
“How utterly boring of you not to think that’s funny.” Mr. Smiles giggled. Liam behind him rolled his one good eye.
“Did you fail all your goals because the irony outweighed the satisfaction of winning?”
“You make that sound like a bad thing, Liam dear.”
“Nah, I’m just wondering how a little bitch of a drama queen like you is only at number three and the literal fairy tale prince in the back out matched you in crimes.” Liam didn’t flinch when the god swung around to (presumably) glare at him. “Outmatched in crimes baby. Not sheer ugly. Don’t worry, you’re still number one in that fuckin department.”
Mr. Smiles snapped his oversized teeth at him, and Liam only blinked. "Though I stopped wondering how I outmatch you too, darlin. You're fuckin useless."
“Alright alright ladies, break it up. Smiles, into the prison, come on.”
“I’m going to rip you a new smile, you one eyed mess of wrinkles!” Mr. Smiles called over to Liam as he was dragged in.
“Love to see you try bitch.”
Bill could already tell most of the shit that was going to happen would be between these two in this first wave of villains. An ageless being and an almost 70 year old man. Surreal. Next wasn’t even Liam, it was a man with few features and wet hair. Handsome in a drowned way.
“Kit. True name unavailable at this point. Technically your sentence is still in the air, if death penalty though it’ll be through your own name.” Kit shrugged. “Your crimes include torture, murder, and sexual grooming.” A smaller shrug. “Like Dodo you were turned in by your victim.”
Kit’s eyes looked Terrence up and down, sneered at him, and walked into the building on his own. Next was the old man.
“Liam, of about forty last names, AKA The Executioner, aged 67, crimes including genocide, serial killings of fellow humans, alleged illegal substance abuse, alleged regicide, grand theft auto, two instances of kidnapping, breaking and entering, and sixteen cases of petty assault. Did I get them all?”
“All the ones on the file, yea.” Liam said with a shrug as he scratched his cheek. “Look I’m only here because I agreed to a Fae deal and got fucked.”
“You didn’t reform though. Thirty three years and not once have you felt guilt.”
Liam rolled his one good eye. “Yea. Sure. Wasn’t expecting the colorful group of fuckers though. What the fuck is behind me?”
“Your cellmate. Rubio East. Mind reader, and alleged cannibal of the godly kind.” Liam raised a hand.
“Why is he MY cellmate?”
“Because he’d eat Smiles, Smiles hates you, and you’re creative with self defense. In the building, both of you.”
Rubio grinned cheekily and jaunted past Liam. “No worries friend, you’re too gamy for my tastes.”
“Fuck you you mother fucking can of piss.”
Bill gave Liam six months maximum before he ended up in the infirmary from the others collectively trying to kill him.
“By the way, Liam, Rubio is twenty-seven. Have fun.”
The angry expletive was cut off and a prisoner actively trying to get out of his bonds was dragged forward.
“Gabriel. AKA Riel. AKA Shadow. You’re only here until your past self ages past this point and you fade from existence. I don’t even know what to do with you. Your brilliant idea was exert revenge on yourself for letting your best friend die-by going back in time to kill your best friend, your brother and your son. How do you function.”
“I was framed, I was framed!”
“You were absolutely not framed.”
“There’s alternate realities please-”
“You, Riel, come from an alternate reality, I know. We all know. Sixteen year old current Gabriel is getting therapy-with his still breathing best friend. There will be no dead Thomases this time around.”
The scared face morphed into one far more deranged. “We all deserve madness.”
“Lovely” Terrence uttered dryly, and waved the still struggling troll-aged 42-to the prison.
Eight was also marched over against his will. Pale, with eyes an electric green and a sneering mouth. “You can’t hold me.” spat the Silver Hare, exiled Prince of the Silver Court.
“We can, your majesty. Given your son and acting Prince turned you in. Let’s see...Two hundred eighty four counts of murder, torture, attempted murder, child abuse, black magic, unlawful usage of ancient weapons by the laws of your own people, four counts of, by the laws of your people, grievous acts of bad manners, and petty theft. Your son and current Prince said not to let you out till every Wales in every reality crumbled into the sea. You’re gonna be here quite a time.”
“He deserves death.”
“And so do you, by all counts. Do try not to have a pissing match with Smiles while you two bunk together.”
The Prince spat on Terrence’s shoes before he strode regally into the prison, escorted by two guards with good grips on his arms.
“And hello Colin. Also known as Ashlad or Ashy Socks, and commonly referred to as ‘Glass King’ or ‘That one disgraced Cinderella’ how’s the forced silence treating you?” Colin turned tired eyes to them, but gave a thumbs up. He was number nine in the line up, and the only one with guns trained on him. Bill had to wonder why.
“Colin, aged thirty six, blessed by a fairy godmother in order to best his step brothers in a battle of wits for the hand of a princess-your only true relationship and current wife, yes?” Colin nodded. “You have an ability to accurately mimic voices after hearing them once?” A nod. “Drove countless people to madness with this gift?” Colin shrugged “And began playing an entire city of magic against itself in order to destroy magic, cause an extinction level event and usher in a vacuum of power for the apocalypse?” A nod. “How many deaths would you say you caused?” Colin smiled. “Very good. You’re with Dodo. No talking then. Also, you may notice your face is pretty again. Your fairy godmother did this, as an added punishment. Anything that could disfigure you will heal back to pristine. Have fun.”
Bill looked uneasily at the last one as Colin. “What’s worse than the others? Also, why does Colin trump the others but not this one?”
“Colin won against his hero, even if he didn’t win the final battle, the hero themselves is recovering from a mental breakdown from Colin’s manipuations. Currently on a watch list for possible villain.”
“Mother fucker…” Bill breathed.
“Good morning Rift.” Said Terrence.
“You know what you did?”
“I’d do it again.”
“We’re aware, it’s why you’re here.”
Rift smiled. “Aye. Good plan. I could use a vacation.”
Bill breathed out when Rift was gone. The man was slimy, creepy.
“Terrence, we’re dead.”
“The other guards have a betting pool on everyone to see who dies by who. Guards included. They gave you six months.”
“Ah, fuck.”
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leviachaan · 10 months ago
Fellow Levi lover! Once on my acc he had 7 level of intimacy while others were on third, lol. Anyway, nice to see a new blog! Any rules? Since you don't have them yet, I'd like to request a matchup (tho it may take 2 parts, bc, ya know, rambling). Whatever! I'm not sure that appearance or nationality really matters but I'd still say that I'm a short (155 cm) Russian gorl. Can't live without reading, drawing, writing and translating! Also, I'm into dancing, jazz funk genre (ya like jazz?) 1/2
2/2 Extremely chaotic but mostly through texts, I'm just weak fainting lady who can't jump all day long. Impulsive, optimistic and manipulative, ayyy! Absolute geek, classic vine woman (there's only one thing worse than a rapist. Boom. A child). Actually smart. Not genius but at the top of our school rating (homeschooling, lol, I actually skipped 8th grade sometime ago and went into 9th). Cats are my passion, money my friend. Good luck to you and your blog!
//AYEEE FELLOW LEVI LOVER I FEEL YOU. Otaku boi has won over my heart in so many levels you have no idea. You sound so cool! Jazz funk?? THAT'S COOL AS HELL💖
I think your energy would really be a good match for the one and only...Mammon! (Levi coming to a close second!)
This greedy boi will be able to keep up with your chaotic nature effortlessly.
I definitely see him as a pretty talented dancer, if he puts his mind to it. Especially jazz! (He definitely will try to persuade you into dancing in order to distract people in the midst of one of his schemes)
Will practically beg you to see you dancing...the Mammon way.
"It's not every day that THE great Mammon asks for a human to dance for him! You are lucky!" *Insert intense blushing here*
Make it a private dance though, because he can really put Levi to shame with how jealous he can be, if his brothers stare.
"Oi! What are y'all lookin at?? Have ya never seen anyone dance before?? Eyes off!"
Demands a dance just for him, he's your first after all.
Definitely not an expert like Levi, but Mammon would know all vines that have to do with money by heart.
Mammon: "Hey, how much money do you have?"
Beel: "uhh like 69 cents"
Mammon: " eh you know what that means ;)"
Beel: *sobbing* "I don't have enough money for chICKEN NUGGETS-"
Definitely will spend a whole night memorizing every vine possible to impress you.
For the love of Diavolo help him study
The only way he would ever approach a book is his life, would be to impress you by proving to you that he's smart.
He might not catch on to things immediately, but he's trying, okay?
Gets a straight A on one of his tests, because of you and he's beaming.
"HaHA! That's what y'all get for doubting THE great Mammon! Told ya I was smart. Take that LUCIFE- he's behind me, isn't he?"
Spoiler alert; he was.
To be honest with you, he wouldn't be paying any attention to the material you were trying to teach him. He would be too focused on your calming voice, you soft expressions, the way your hair swayed, your pleasant scent, you occasionally calling out his name in the sweetest tone he's ever heard, you lightly touching his forearm, the way you would smile at him every time he got something right, your lips-
no he definitely doesn't want to kiss you right now what are you talking about.
But of course, he can't possibly deal with the idea of you being disappointed in him so he will work his bum off studying at night just to make you proud and happy.
He is used to everyone thinking of him as a scum, but he can't bare the thought of you losing faith in him. You are all he has.
If money's your friend, than OH B O I YOU FOUND THE RIGHT GUY.
He will spoil the h e l l out of you.
Spending money a n d getting to spoil the love of his life? Sign him the hell up.
He will work overtime just to provide you with all he can. He's greedy, but he's greedy for your love too.
Protective as heck
Make sure to never overwork yourself, because if he pops up in your bedroom to find you passed out one day, he will start weeping and sobbing thinking you somehow died.
He can't possibly imagine a future without his human so you are stuck with him now, okay? You are not allowed to die and leave him. He will fight death himself.
Please, hug him and pet his hair. He is so touched starved that you even looking at him is adequate to have him feeling all warm and fuzzy inside for a week.
He's an active texter as well so you two would be chatting c o n s t a n t l y.
He would rather die than admit it, but texting you first thing in the morning is his favourite part of the day.
Why early in the day and not night you ask?
Because this cunning little demon is planning on spending all his nights with you.
Your room feels more like his room than your own by this point.
He's a puppy, please love him
Thank you so much for your kind words and I really hope you enjoyed the matchup!💖🥺
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purplerose244 · a year ago
Thinking journal for season 12 Prime Empire 😎😎😎 (2/2)
Here we go with the next part! I really hope we get some major big plot twist at some point, because it's all really cool but I need something to really change from good to GREAT
For now, let's focus on the next episodes!
It's the 17th of April and here we go!
I feel like there's little time to really pull up something, I don't know. Like, what plot twist could happen now that there just half season left with only Unagami/Dyer's identity and maybe Scott's past as mysteries? There's little space for more plotlines, that's what I think
Overall fighting scenes, character designs and game backgrounds are AWESOME!!
Let's see how it goes, maybe I'll be surprised. Wouldn't be weird for Ninjago to pull a bomb last episode 😅
Okay, so there is a photo, and there is a friend. As I thought, Dyer might not be Unagami at all, I feel like there's a lot of backstory coming along. I wonder if Scott has a part in this... WHERE IS SCOTT 💙
Ah, of course Kai would spend his credits on an avatar, I should've known, my flame babe can be such a dummie sometimes I mean why would you even do such a thing as buying an avat-
Tumblr media
NEVER MIND I LOVE IT 😍😍🔥🔥 I thought him being blonde was going to bother me, I actually kinda like the change. Still prefer my baby brunette, but it's really cool as well. The best of this season are definitely the characters designs
Was that "let's fight an ogre mission" a hint for next season? I wouldn't be weird, but it's been a while since I've seen forshadowing for new season in this show
HECK YEAH THE DANCING EPISODE!!! I was waiting for this, Jaya is so cute while they are on the dancefloor 😍 They have chemistry 😘😘😘
I like the implication that Nya was really bad at dancing before Jay, like Kai covering his eyes because he cannot handle her sister not being perfect at something 😛
And Cole being the dance expert, that little tango moment with Kai I bet made many lavashippers super happy 🖤❤🖤❤
JUST LOOK AT THEM!!! Nya better say I love you back soon, like Kai and Skylor are a little behind, Zane and Pixal already said it, Jay can't stop doing it, come on girl it's your turn! 😎😎
Tumblr media
Okay, I think my theory won't happen 😅 Feels like there are not enough episodes for a good reveal, and it doesn't seem like Scott is that influenced by Jay. My last idea is that perhaps he has spent so much time in the game like Jay said (POOR BABY 😭) that he doesn't remember. Maybe the moment he will come back, we will find out that it is Jay's brother/twin, I mean he still has those dragon and lightnings drawing on his back... yeah I like this theory a lot, gonna hold on to it!
So Scott is indeed a person trapped in a game, at least that's confirmed 👍
Also he's got some major issues, the poor thing, and I think there is some special reason behind him not wanting to race besides having just one life.
Tumblr media
OH MY GARMADON 😂😂😂 Okay, okay, it's actually better than I expected really. The scarf is cool, and so are the golden tattoos, the suit and the golden sleeve. It's just the mohawk that will take time to get used to, it's not even bad, just weird 🤷‍♀️
Racer Seven is so cool! Always nice seeing a new female character in this show that is not a love interest. I do love Nya, Pix and Sky to death, but I love variety too 💪
Really, really nice the piece of all Racer Seven's crashes! Impactful and sad, a never ending loop that she wants to break through from. That's the heavy stuff I like!
Okay, ready for the race! And I'm... scared? Like, a lot of they guys have one life?? KAI HAS ONE LIFE?? 😱😱 I hope for the best I guess 😅
Might be my favorite episode yet
Seven is SO COOL, it's another reason why I'm sad these episodes are so short! I really would had liked see her more, truly have her bond with the guys
Soooo... I guess since Scott's been in the game for 30 years it's safe to assume he's not Jay's brother/twin. To be fair it's really hard to tell a LEGO person's age😅 At this point I guess he could be either Dyer's friend, even if it sounds unlikely, or... idk, still think he could have a connection with Jay. Maybe he's like... an older brother? Libber had him a long while ago?
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY DID SCOTT HAVE TO DIEEEEEEEE??? 😭😭😭 Just when he was getting more involved, come on! He even said he wanted to try that hero stuff, I love him! WE WILL SAVE YOU MY TECH BABY!!!
Cole getting a ride from Kai, this season has some pretty good lava material ❤🖤❤🖤
I've got some major Ninjaball Run vibes from this, that brings me back 😂 Even the no rules thing is there, come on, there has to be a little bit of inspiration from it!
Still don't know what I think of the rats, kinda seems useless and annoying, gonna be honest. But it's a nice race, exciting with nothing big happenin-
Kai and Cole sacrifice for Jay
Tumblr media
I so, so enjoyed how they did it. Like, one look between them to realize that yes, this is it, Jay is the expert and needs to go on. This is the end of our race... AAAHHH!! (Infinite shipping potential too)
Omg Nya screaming her brother's name and Jay his best friend's name, while Lloyd looks so devastated (those masks are actually kinda espressive, I really like them). Wow. This is the angst I needed, finally👌
YES SEVEN WON!!! HECK YEAH GIRL!!! SO HAPPY FOR HER!!! Also Okino in the background being happy, nice touch!
And now they are three... it's gonna end up with only Jay huh. I... I'm not ready actually, my heart 😢 They better all hug when this is all over!!!
The music of the old school section was actually very nice, reminds me of the past, I kinda hoped The Fold were going to release some game themed songs. Been a while since I have one of those 😍
Lol, explaining the side scroll games was actually pretty cool
YES THEY ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGED THE AIRJITSU!! Maybe they will remember they can used it, right Cole? The ladder scene? YOU CAN FLY???
OMG NYA ACTUALLY SAID CICLON-DO JUST HOW CUTE IS THAT!!! All the way from my favorite season Possession, Jay's definition of airjitzu that I actually still kept in one of my fanfictions 😂
Tumblr media
Okay the design of the temple of madness is REALLY cool, you can immediately tell it's from an old videogame. Gives me the double vibe the googles for the first 3D movies used to give me 😂
Also look at this
Tumblr media
THIS IS ADORABLE!! 💙💚💦 Really old style videogame 😂
And there we go!! Harumi!! Since I saw her in the set I was wondering what she was going to be, maybe an avatar or an NPC of some sort... THIS HURTS WAY MORE!!! And of course pure heart BABY boy Lloyd doesn't feel good fighting her, he had a crush on her! AND HE FREAKING SAW HER DIE!!! It's really sad that he still hopes for her to be good...
The fighting scenes are really, REALLY good! So fluid and active! This fight was really pleasant to watch, not gonna lie 💜
Okay, down to three members. Remaining Zaptrap and water godess... omg Nya will totally die first and at that point Jay will go completely nuts. I'm both scared and DYING TO HAPPEN!!! ANGST FINALLY!!! THIS IS THE STUFF!!
Got some major Skybound feeling, like when it was only Jay and Nya... will Nya finally say I love you back?? I HOPE SO ❤💙❤💙
With the three keytana now, what will happen? I'm actually curious now, this is the exciting stuff I need! And yes I do realize it's a little weird that for getting hype I need my faves to die 😅
The Weekend Whip with sax, never thought I needed this in my life 😍
Bet Brent had a blast recording this
Okay this is the third Chima reference I see, they better throw some Nexo Knights hits as well next season! Come on, it's about freaking knights!!!
This is not what I expected when they said there was going to be an episode with only Zane and Pixal but I'm sure as HECK not complaining 👌
Oh, seeing Pixal joining in so normally is so beautiful, I really wish we could have her even more often
Dareth's karaoke bar! From Sons of Garmaron! Also him guessing first try because the ninja really do get post in other dimensions very often 😂 Gotta love them indeed
Pff Zane narrating and getting stopped every time because of it, how I missed this naive little nindroid
So the bartender Tony is the friend? That's it? A little easy really, hoped for more... still calling him Milty is cute 💕
Buddy's Pizza from season 2!!! This season is killing me with references and I LOVE IT SO MUCH 💜💜💜
So, the mechanic is free again (the Kryptarium dudes should really learn how to do their job right 😓), Zane is kidnapped, and Pixal has a fedora that makes her possibly even cuter. I have emotions
AH!! KNEW IT!! UNAGAMI IS NOT DYER!! FREAKING CALLED IT!!... kinda expected really, but still called it 😅
So Unagami was the first name of Prime Empire and is also an AI that got crazy and was shut down, but now is back after programming the game itself and wants to get to the real world?... I'm down with it
So I'm guessing we won't get much of a Scott backstory... Eh, let's see how it goes!
I was seriously confused by why those dudes wanted to kidnapped Wu, but it made sense later. Still come on sensei, you're a freaking half god or something, pull yourself together 🤦‍♀️
Very nice that Pixal is the one to bring up the argument about feelings and AI. So very nice to have her in this!!!
Oh finally the backstory of Unagami I'm really curious about what happened in the past and what exactly brought the shut down of Prime Emp-
Tumblr media
So Scott was the first beta tester, Milton asked Unagami to make the experience as exciting as possible, and that ended very badly so the game was shut down and THEY LEFT HIM INSIDE FULLY KNOWING HE WAS THERE??? I HATE DYER NOW!!!
Although it is really interesting knowing a tech genius like him, until now we got Dr. Julien and Cyrus Borg that were plenty open about the idea of AI with feelings as meaningful as humans'. While he doesn't get that, they are only machines for him and that's the reason why he doesn't understand how much Unagami is mad and filled with need for revenge.
This is why I want more than 11 minutes, the themes of this season are really, REALLY cool. I would have loved more introspection and development.
I guess Scott being Jay's brother is officially debunked 😅 Although I am curious about the life he left behind, since he was stuck in that game for 30 years. He still has those lightnings on the jacket I don't understand...
The portal is open, Zane might get destroyed, Unagami wants revenge, Jay and Nya are the only one left and I'm pretty sure Nya will be killed as well leaving only Bluebell so there's THAT. So yeah, this is actually pretty cool!
Two episodes left. Okay Ninjago season 12 Prime Empire, wow me 😎
This felt a little simple if I'm gonna be honest. I felt like the last mission before facing Unagami was a little basic, with nothing really exciting. Still liked it, but this is probably my least favorite episode 🤷‍♀️
Of course, put Jay is a sushi restaurant-themed level and he will kill you with puns 😂 I love this prankster
Again, the fighting scenes are dope. Definitely one of my favorite things since they changed the animation. You lose something you win something 😙
Wooo, Jay saying that he had trained for years just for kick his butt was actually cool! Bluebell is unleashing!
"And that's how we roll!". You rock we roll, am I right 😂
Tumblr media
I wish Nya said that she loves Jay back though! Freaking come on girl, he is your yang!!! ❤💙❤💙
Unagami is not Dyer, he wants to get to the real world, I'm actually kinda curious about the confrontation that is about to happen... ALSO THERE BETTER BE LOTS OF HUGS WHEN THIS IS OVER
I... genuinely forgot about the dragon medallion 😅 Eh, I love dragons so I'm fine with it. Well, let's see how it ends!!!
Wow, I actually love this ending?? A LOT?? After last episode I didn't have much hope, but after seeing it I gotta say, it was really great 👌👌
Thanks for not dying on us again Zane, much appreciated
Jay taking charge is quite rare and when it happens you know things are about to get crazy 😂 It was really nice seeing how sensible he could be, telling that Unagami wasn't evil after all, that he needed closure and answers
I know I miss the animation peak we reached with SoG and Hunted, but I gotta say the atmosphere of the city with the lightnings and the gray sky was really awesome. Very cool.
Pff, that part with the elevator though, reminds me of the one in season 1 that made me start watch Ninjago ✌ Also it's always Borg's Tower indeed 😂
And wow. WOW. I didn't expect Jay to drop the I'm adopted bomb on us, I think I never heard him talk about it since Skybound (that technically never happened so 😅). It was SO good seeing him sympathize with Unagami because he was also left with no explaination. His desire to know, along with the hope that the past is the past, but they had a good reason for. Also he freaking said he didn't have the chance to ask because Cliff is dead and I 😭😭😭😭
And here I melted, because we finally see the situation for what truly is, the way Jay also sees it: Unagami is a kid, a child that doesn't understand how the world works, that just wants to make his father proud but got rejected instead. The confrontation was actually touching, I really wish we had more time for that. Even a little resistance from Unagami, another fight, and a finally reconcilliation with Dyer.
Tumblr media
Could you seriously be cuter than this?? ❤💙❤💙 I wished for more hugs but I'll settle for this I guess 😍
Okay, very nice to see Seven and Okino out there and deciding to live their lives in Ninjago, nice to see some others like the rats going back to Prime Empire. As Unagami said, he gave them a choice, it's up to them at this point
But I'm sorry, WHY ARE WE NOT GOING TO TALK WITH SCOTT??? That guy's been trapped inside the game the longest, not even a "Hey bud, you're alive, cool cool"? I know I've been overbearing about how much I love Scott, especially since I had all those theories about him (still don't know why he has lightnings on his jacket and hat, is it just a style thing? Idk), but come on! Well I guess if he's happy I am 🤷‍♀️
Tumblr media
Is that his girlfriend or something? After 30 years? Or maybe she got trapped with him a while later? Or maybe that's his... mom? Look, we all know determine the age of LEGO characters is hard, give me a break please 😅😅
Overall, very nice ending, it brought everything together quite nicely. I'm satisfied, yes!! 💜💜
As I said, the episodes' lenght I really think gets in the way of making this an excellent season. There is so much that could be explored more, the choice matter, all the amazing characters, and the AI feelings stuff from the latest episodes. There is room for more, I wished we got that
The characters though were really amazing. Between Scott, Okino, Seven and Unagami himself, there were very different personalities with very different dreams and thoughts, that made this ride much more interesting
Fighting animation was 👌👌👌
Comebacks from past seasons were 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Maybe it didn't really focused on Jay as much until the end? Yeah it was about him, but we got to see his sensibility and his past only last episode. He loves Nya, he likes videogames, of course but there's more about him than meets the eye! Wished we saw that, but in general it was nice seeing him first line again 💙
I liked this season. It has flaws, but I enjoyed many parts and at the end I was left satisfied 👍
Just... wasn't Jillian supposed to be in this? Or is it next season? She said a mom was going to come back, I took for granted it was going to be Edna. I'm curious about next season now... FINALLY A COLE SEASON EVERYONE!!! 🖤🖤🖤
Thank you for leaving notes to my last rant, this helps me not jump excitedly every time a new episode comes out 😅 Well then, that's all from me!! Have a nice day everyone!! 💜💜💜
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asckj1 · a year ago
Fan Fic - Relay Race (featuring Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji in a modern high school setting
Summary: A short fic with a modern AU setting where Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are high school students. It's their school's sports festival day today and Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang are participating in a relay race. Wei Wuxian manages to pull in Lan Wanji in this race as their team member too. How does it go? Please read on~ (It's a mini comedy 😉) Link to the Archive of Our Own (AO3) website (in case anyone feels like reading the fic there-> *** It was the school’s sports festival today and Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng were pretty excited to participate in every single sport they could possibly enter into. Wei Wuxian had of course forced Nie Huaisang into participating in each event too. Nie Huaisang:   Brother Wei, I don’t want to participate anymore! You’ve already signed us up for volunteering in football, basketball, short put… I can’t even keep count of what sports we are participating in! And these 100, 200, 400 and 1000 meter running races on top of all that! My legs will break!! Wei Wuxian:   Eyy~! Come on~! You’re exaggerating too much! You’ll do just fine~ How many times a year do we get to slack off from studying? Hm? Jiang Cheng:   Also, your brother will be proud of you that you showed such enthusiasm in sports. Nie Huaisang:    (smiling stupidly) Hehehe~ True true. Nie Huaisang gets baited quickly. Nie Huaisang:   Uh, Brother Wei, what are we going to do about our relay race by the way? We haven’t found our fourth team member yet. Wei Wuxian:    (beaming a huge smile) We found one~! Jiang Cheng traces his eyes from Wei Wuxian’s to where he is looking at and gasps. Jiang Cheng:   Wei Wuxian! Are you nuts! Don’t! You’ll ruin everything! Wei Wuxian:   Shut up! I’m going to go talk to him now. Nie Huaisang and Jiang Cheng both try to stop him. Nie Huaisang:   (standing in front of Wei Wuxian blocking his path) Don’t be hasty, Brother Wei! He doesn’t like to interact with other people much in the first place. Jiang Cheng:   Wei Wuxian, don’t bother him! He already hates you. Why are you digging your own grave? Wei Wuxian:   (pushing them both away) I’ll be back in a bit. Lan Zhan!! Lan Wangji, who is passing by the trio, halts on listening Wei Wuxian calling him out. His heartbeat quickens as he sees Wei Wuxian approaching him with a sweet smile on his face. He can’t take his eyes off of him and his heart just beats harder and harder making his chest feel painful. His ears too turn red little by little. But he is too stubborn to accept his feelings of course. He absolutely doesn’t want Wei Wuxian to notice anything. And so, with every step Wei Wuxian takes towards him, Lan Wangji’s eyebrows crease little by little. At that time, Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang and slowly creeping towards them to listen in on how their conversation goes. Wei Wuxian:   (standing in front of Lan Wangji now) Lan Zhan, Jiang Cheng, Nie Huaisang and myself are participating in the relay race. We were short one person, so we put down your name for our team as the fourth member. Hearing this, Jiang Cheng facepalms and Nie Huaisang gasps. Jiang Cheng:   That idiot! He can lie so smoothly! Nie Huaisang:   Uh… H-He sure is bold! Lan Wangji:   I am not participating. Wei Wuxian:   Oh come on~! Don’t be such a spoilt sport! It’s a team game! It’ll be fun~! Lan Wangji:   (averts his gaze because he’s actually feeling breathless looking at his love up close) I won’t participate. Wei Wuxian:   (giving him an even sweeter smile) Okay~ See you in 2 hours~! Wei Wuxian turns around to see Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang standing some distance away. Jiang Cheng is glaring at him as always and Nie Huaisang is fidgeting about nervously looking towards Wei Wuxian’s direction for a second and averting his gaze immediately. Wei Wuxian runs towards them. Wei Wuxian:   Heeey~! All done~ He’ll join us in 2 hours. Jiang Cheng:   Hmph! Join us my foot! He just denied you! We heard it. Wei Wuxian:   (elbowing him playfully) He’ll come. You’ll see. He’s always alone. I’m just helping him have some fun. Hehe~ Jiang Cheng: Hmph! You just want to tease him. Go away. If he comes to fight with you, I don’t know you. Look at how he’s glaring at us already. Wei Wuxian turns around and waves to Lan Wangji which flusters him further with his ears turning blood red now. He stomps away. Of course the trio thinks his ears got that red from all the anger boiling in him. But they have no idea about this stubborn lonely rabbit’s feelings. They all just watch him storm away. Wei Wuxian is continuously giggling seeing him walk away, while Nie Huaisang is looking on nervously. Wei Wuxian finally goes and properly registers Lan Wangji’s name as their final team member. In the past 2 hours, Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian had a lot of fun competing head to head in all the different length running races. It was an excellent warm up for them all. Wei Wuxian won 3 races, while Jiang Cheng won one. Nie Huaisang was the last one to finish all these races. Both Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng were amusing themselves seeing Nie Huaisang’s “funny” expressions of extreme exhaustion that he made by the end of each race. Actually, most of their class was doing the same too. By the end of the last 1000 meter race, the whole class erupted in a huge laughter as he made it to the finish line and fell in a very funny way. But he took it really sportingly too and started laughing. Wei Wuxian:   (running towards him with a huge grin) Well done, Nie-xiong~! (pats on his back) Nie Huaisang:    (gasping for breath) Bro-... Brother Wei… Hahaha… it wasn’t so bad after all. Wei Wuxian:   Hehe~  Told ya~! Both laugh heartily and walk back towards Jiang Cheng who’s waiting for them by the side of the running track. Just as they are walking, Wei Wuxian notices Lan Wangji secretly looking at them yet again like how he had seen him doing so for all the running races today. Wei Wuxian:   Lan Zhan! You came to watch this race too?! Come here! Join us! Jiang Cheng:   Seriously?! He was here to watch all the races?! (furrows his brow) Nie Huaisang:    (finally catching his breath) He does watch us a lot of times actually. Jiang Cheng:   Huh? Wei Wuxian:   See? He wants to play with us. That’s why I invited him for the relay race. He never takes the initiative in anything. Someone has to push him. Jiang Cheng:   Heh. More like harass him, the way you always keep doing. Wei Wuxian:   You like it when I harass you too, don’t you~? Jiang Cheng:   (lightly punches him) As if! Just try and I would kill you. They’re both horsing around and Nie Huaisang is giggling in amusement. Lan Wangji is as always looking at the trio with furrowed brows yet again. Wei Wuxian:    (looking at Lan Wangji) Lan Zhan! Our relay race starts in 10 minutes. Be there on time! Lan Wangji just stares at him for a second and walks away. He’s actually very happy of course that Wei Wuxian called out so many times to him today. But he still won’t admit that this jolly boy in front of him has been doing something to his heart ever since he first saw him. Just 5 minutes before the relay race is to start, the four have gathered together. Wei Wuxian:    (facing Lan Wangji) Lan Zhan, you know the rules, right? Lan Wangji:    (nodding seriously) Mm. Jiang Cheng:   Who wouldn’t know the rules for a relay race? Ohhh~ Wait! Maybe a certain stupid standing next to me might not. (teasing Wei Wuxian) Wei Wuxian wrestles with Jiang Cheng on hearing this and Nie Huaisang once again laughs. Lan Wangji is standing there in a bit of confusion. Wei Wuxian:   Okay. Listen up.  The total distance is 400 meters. Huaisang will run the first section, followed by Jiang Cheng, then me and then Lan Zhan. Us three will have to cover up for any time loss that happens during Huaisang’s section. Everybody nods and wishes each other best of luck. Wei Wuxian: Let’s win this!! Everyone takes their positions on the track and is ready. The signal goes off. Huaisang sprints with as much strength and speed as possible. Even if the whole class was laughing their heads off seeing him in run in the other running races, they all do appreciate his continuous efforts and so are loudly cheering for him. He finally reaches Jiang Cheng and passes the baton and collapses on the spot. Through his exhaustion, he can hear a huge round of applause and on looking around, he understands that the cheers earlier as well as the applause are for him right now. He gets up with effort and bows to everyone for encouraging him. Jiang Cheng’s section is now crucial since he has to somehow surpass at least 5 people if he were to cut on the time they lost in the first part. Wei Wuxian is shouting his lungs out and so is Nie Huaisang. Jiang Cheng gets more pumped up hearing him and the cheers of the class and makes a really fast sprint. The last bit of distance and he really leaps forward stretching his hand as much as possible to pass the baton to Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian: (grabbing the baton firmly, shouts loudly) Jiang Cheng, you’re awesome!! Jiang Cheng: (shouts back with a huge smile) You bet I am!! GO!! Wei Wuxian sprints at lightning speed too. Lan Wangji has been watching the whole baton pass from Nie Huaisang to Jiang Cheng to Wei Wuxian and had been thrilled to be able to experience this teamwork just now. He’s strongly focused now on seeing Wei Wuxian sprint past 3 more people and taking the lead in the race. Wei Wuxian closes in on Lan Wangji. His expression is strained and he is also gasping hard for breath. But he wants to pass this baton to Lan Wangji as fast as possible so that their team can finish first in the race. Wei Wuxian: (lunging and stretching out his hand carrying the baton) LAN ZHAN!!! Lan Wangji goes blank seeing Wei Wuxian’s expression and desperation. Before he knows it, the moment Wei Wuxian reaches near him, he pulls him close and actually carries Wei Wuxian in his arms, turns around really fast and dashes for the finish line. Wei Wuxian is totally dumbstruck at what just happened, his hand is still outstretched, holding the baton and mouth wide open with a silly expression while he is very comfortably being carried in Lan Wangji’s arms. The whole crowd goes silent too and before anyone can realise what the hell just happened, Lan Wangji has already crossed the finish line and still holding Wei Wuxian in his arms. Wei Wuxian is still in the same pose, his hand outstretched, holding the baton and mouth open with an extremely dumb expression. The whole crowd, including the student commentators for this race, students from Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji’s class, all teachers, everyone just bursts into a huge laughter. Lan Wangji finally realises what he did and also realises that he is still holding Wei Wuxian in his arms. His ears are blood red once again as he quickly but very gently puts Wei Wuxian down. Wei Wuxian is still in the same pose, his hand outstretched, holding the baton and mouth open with an extremely dumb expression. Just that he’s standing on the ground now. He starts hearing cheers from the crowd. Crowd: Princess Wei Wuxian!! You rock!! Crowd: Lan Wangji!! Nice one!! AHAHAHHAHAHA Crowd: We want to see another round!!! … The referee of the race: (announcing while catching his breath) You… You won! You won! AHAHAHAHA!!... You guys are a riot!!... HAHAHAHAHA Wei Wuxian finally snaps from the shock, closes his mouth and lowers his hand holding the baton, as he sees Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang run towards him. He takes a look at Lan Wangji, who has already turned his back to Wei Wuxian and is blushing really really hard, his shoulders really stiff and his head hanging really low. Wei Wuxian for the first time notices Lan Wangji’s blood red blush on his ears and suddenly blushes to the max himself, finally grasping what happened just now. *** Notes: Wahahaha!! Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji sure gave a good laughing material for everyone in the whole event. I was laughing stupidly while writing the whole thing too actually. They both are so adorable and funny. I am trying to think of a proper long AU WangXian story. And this scenario is just one idea that popped up in my head. So I tried to expand on it and write something down. As a result, you see this short fic above.  Did you enjoy it? Please do comment anything you feel like. I'd love to read your comments 😄
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emmy-writes-sometimes · a year ago
When Chris’s honeymoon gets cancelled and Scott ends up getting quarantined with them to avoid New York, their lives turn to absolute chaos. This ended up being SO long!
           “Can I, uh…?” Chris cocked his head at the door to their home office, where his wife of a full week was sitting at her desk. She nodded, turning off her microphone and getting up. She didn’t even know why they wanted her sitting in on that meeting.
           “Yeah?” She asked as she joined him at the door. He smelled like the shaving cream he had just used in his shower.
           “So, uh, Scott’s boyfriend might or might not be sick,” Chris started, eyes squinting like he was waiting for a blow. “And he can’t be around the kids, or Mom and Dad until he tests, so can we…?” She knew what he was asking before he even finished.
           “Yes, he can stay here,” she sighed. “But no funny business, okay? I still have to work until I finish this project.” Chris grinned like a little kid whose parents said he can keep the stray dog.
           “Thank you, I love you, and he’ll be here in two hours.”
           “New York is three and a half hours away,” she reminded him, tilting her head.
           “I know. I told him he could come an hour and a half ago.”
           “Christopher!” She chided as he chuckled. “You have to make dinner tonight, then, because I’m not doing it.”
           “Fine,” he agreed. “If you feed the dogs.” She rolled her eyes and went back to work. The next time she even looked up and out the window was when Scott’s car pulled up in the driveway and he began taking a suspicious amount of luggage from it. Chris ran to the front door, guarding Dodger and their puppy, Rex, from getting out. She stood up, ready to greet Scott from six feet away.
           “No, no, no, you have to read the definition!” Scott exclaimed to his brother, holding his cards against humanity game in his hands. “It’s in the rules!”
           “Because you go by all the rules!” Chris taunted back, shaking his head. “I’m not reading the definition of fuckin’ Bukkake in front of my wife.”
           “You gotta!” Chris rolled his eyes but took his phone out of his pocket anyway, his face turning as red as a tomato as he read.
           “A relatively common prono fetish that includes one sperm recipient, usually of the female variety, and at least 3 or more sperm donors,” Chris read, slapping his phone down on the wooden table. “There! Happy?”
           “Oh, very,” Scott grinned like a mad man, so much so that it made Chris get up and whack the back of his head. She realized what was happening and held her arms out.
           “Nope!” She said. “No fighting. Scott’s card is the winner, and…”
           “Ha!” Scott yelled. “I won!”
           “AND he has to go walk the dogs before they poop all over the house as punishment for making Chris read an embarrassing definition out loud when it isn’t even in the rules!” She finished, putting all of her cards down. Both boys exclaimed in disgust, but they stopped arguing. Scott stood up, and so did Rex, who was sitting under the table waiting for scraps that would never come.
           “Maybe I should’ve gotten sick,” Scott groaned as he walked over to where they kept the leashes. Chris’s earlier disgust turned to laughter as he watched his brother gather the plastic bags they kept for a very specific purpose. Within a minute, Scott had both dogs leashed and was walking out of the door, while Chris cleaned up the six pack and two extras they’d had and she picked up the box of cards Scott had brought along.
           “I can not believe you let him win!” Chris said as he poured the last few drops of a beer bottle down the sink drain. She smirk. “You literally married me last week!”
           “And if it weren’t for Coronavirus, we would be swimming with pigs in the Bahamas! And drinking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! And it would be socially appropriate!” Chris chuckled.
           “It’s better to be stuck here than there, you know that.” He knew she was disappointed, and not just because she hadn’t moved her boarding pass from the dining room table. “But I was not about to have you getting sick and die of fuckin’ Coronavirus right after I marry you.”
           “But pigs on a white sand beach, Christopher. Pigs.” He put the last of the bottles in the trash and slid it closed, then walked over to where she was standing sorting cards. He grabbed her from the back, hugging her tightly to him, and kissed the exposed skin on her shoulder.
           “I’ll make it up to you,” he said, pulling her hair aside to kiss her again. She cringed at the feeling. “Give me about ten minutes.”
           “Your beard tickles.”
           “Get used to it. It’s a quarantine beard and it’s happening.” She giggled.
           “How long do you think this’ll last?” He shrugged.
           “I don’t know, but I can guarantee we’ll get stir crazy within a week.” She took in a deep breath.
           “It better not last long because I’m going to need, just, like, an hour at some point.” Chris chuckled again, hugging her tighter.
“I’ll finish up here. You worked hard today. You should sleep.”
           “And that’s why I love you,” she replied. “It takes minimal to no effort to get you to do things for me.” Chris scoffed, but watched her disappear up the set of stairs to their bathroom to take off the makeup she had been forced to put on for a meeting.
           “Please tell me why you thought this was a good idea,” she groaned as she pushed the heavy couch toward Chris, who was standing on top of the dining room table, as she and Scott moved every single item of furniture around until it was in the same place it had been for the past six months.
           “Because I thought the couch would look better exchanged with the loveseat and then the loveseat with the old armchair and the picture of the creepy sea captain with the sea shell thing you have?” Chris suggested. She just glared at him.
           “Chris, we’ve been here for two hours.”
           “You didn’t even let me have a water break!” Scott complained as he flopped down on the couch. Chris got down from the table, arms crossed against his chest.
           “Well, what if we switched the piano with the sideboard? Then it would be easier to find the leashes and-”
           “I,” she started to reply, “am not moving anything else in this house.” She sat down on the loveseat, putting her feet up on the coffee table. Chris leaned down to the floor to pet Dodger.
           “At least my dog loves me,” Chris said.
           “Dodger, come here!” Scott interrupted. The dog perked up his ears and left Chris’s lap for his brother, curling up against him immediately.
           “We’re not talking to you until you make us quarantine grilled cheeses,” she said to Chris as he stood up.
           “We’re going to run out of bread.”
           “Not if I go get the sourdough starter from Ellie.”
           “Ellie doesn’t live in this house.”
           “But I can get it without even touching-”
           “We will make our own bread!” Chris declared. “Nobody leaves this house unless it’s Scott because he’s sick.”
           “Dude, thanks for giving me up.”
           “Thanks for taking my dog.”
           “How much longer are we going to be in actual prison?” She asked Chris as he laid back down in their bed holding a cup of coffee in each hand.
           “How many mornings are you going to make me make this?” He asked in response, handing her the Dalgona coffee she saw on Tik Tok the day before.
           “It’s good, so….” Chris sighed and put his arm between her head and the bed’s headboard, trying to wake up enough to understand what the TV was saying.
           “… Has been extended through May 4th, 2020, with another possible extension…” Both of them groaned so loudly that Scott thought they were doing something else when he walked by. He walked into the room with his own cup of hot coffee, looking at the TV before his brother and sister-in-law.
           “I’m not fuckin’ staying in this house until May 4th,” she said loudly. “Chris, make it go away.”
           “What am I supposed to do?”
           “I don’t know, call the senators and make them stop it.” Chris rolled his eyes.
           “Babe. That is not what ASP is about.” It was her turn to roll her eyes at her husband, mocking him much like Scott did.
           “Don’t start with that again,” Scott said, “it’s great, but annoying.”
           “You’re annoying.” Chris shot his brother a threatening look until he went back to the guest bedroom. “I don’t wanna stay here until May 4th either.”
           “That’s Star Wars day.”
           “Oh, hey, we could watch the new one,” Chris suggested. “Unless you lied and watched it without me.”
           “Like how you took Miles and Stella and bought them lightsabers and didn’t get me one?” She pouted.
           “Are you still mad about that?”
           “As mad as when our honeymoon got cancelled because of Coronavirus.” Chris put his coffee down and hugged her close to him. “I wanted to fuck you on a beach.”
           “And you will. You… already did, that one weekend in the Hamptons. But my point is…” The two dogs jumped up on the bed, joining their parents in a cuddle. “We’ll go when the stay at home is lifted, okay? I really don’t want to get stuck somewhere else or get sick. This shit’s serious.”
           “I know.”
           “And at least we can still spend time together. And I don’t have to be in LA next week.” Chris pressed a soft, sweet kiss to her lips. She tasted like instant coffee. “I love you and I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
           It had been three days and she was waiting for the I’ll-make-it-up-to-you that Chris promised. He always made promises and always kept them, always, so it was only a matter of time before something was done. It had been two weeks since Scott tested negative at a drive-thru, too, so he’d finally gone to see his sisters and the kids. Rex and Dodger weren’t battling it out for some reason, instead on their respective beds on the floor on either side of the TV stand. She was on the couch, playing Animal Crossing for the third day in a row since she’d gotten it from Target drive-up. And Chris was, surprisingly, nowhere to be found. He’d been gone since he delivered her coffee that morning. Until she heard the back door slide open and Chris walked inside in the clothes he usually painted or cleaned in.
           “Come outside,” Chris instructed. “I’m not letting you negotiate, come outside.” He had a shit-eating grin on his face, one that said he knew exactly what he was doing.
           “Humor me, baby, please?” He asked, walking up to her and offering her a hand. He smelled like chemicals. For some reason, she loved him so much that she was about to cooperate with whatever scheme he had come up with to entertain them for the day.
           “Why are you taking me to the backyard?” She was suspicious. The same kind of suspicious she was on the day that he proposed to her nine months ago. But Chris didn’t answer. He just kept holding her hand and leading her outside with a stupid smile on his face and a Patriots hat on his forehead to hide it. She reached the door and looked outside to where the pool had been covered since October, since Chris was too lazy to get it heated. But this time, he had opened the pool and balanced the chemicals and cleaned the algae out. He’d cleaned off the chairs and the tables. Her tan lotion and a towel was sitting on one of the chairs, Chris’s towel and water bottle on the other. He’d taken her old sorority cooler out and filled it with beer and White Claw. He’d tried to make the honeymoon they couldn’t have.
           “Christopher,” she said as he dropped her hand. Her heart melted into a million fucking pieces at the sight, and she just looked over at him.
           “Did I do okay?” He wasn’t playing – he was genuinely asking her if he did okay.
           “Yeah.” Tears started coming to her eyes, too quickly to stop, and she stood up and kissed him. “I love you,” she said.
           “I love you too.” He gave her a watery smile and a kiss on her forehead, pulling her in for a hug. “I promise we’ll go swim with pigs once quarantine is over. Now go put your swimsuit on so I can take it off.”
           “You’re a fucking child.” She stood on her toes to kiss his cheek, thanking him again, as she turned to go change clothes. That was when a certain SUV rolled up in the driveway and Chris’s demeanor changed.
           “No,” Chris said to himself. Scott was back.
           “Chris, it’s fine!” Chris didn’t listen, instead crossing the backyard to the gate and then the gate to Scott’s car, where he tried to wave him back inside.
           “No, no, no, no, you said you were gonna be gone all day!” Scott turned off his car and got out.
           “I made… Oh, come on! Go back to Mom and Dad’s!”
           “I was just there!”      
           “Then go play with Miles and Stella!”
           “Because I made the Bahamas in the pool for my wife.” Scott scoffed. “I didn’t even show her the blow-up flying pig floatie I ordered off Amazon.”
           “That’s all you needed to say, bud.” Scott patted his brother’s shoulder.
           “What, I needed to say a flying pig floatie or…”
           “Go spend some time with your wife, man. It’s fine. God knows when this thing is going to be over. You deserve a little happy.”
           “Dude, I live here.” Scott shook Chris’s shoulder before slipping his sunglasses back on his face and slinking back into his car. Chris sighed happily, walking back to the backyard. She was standing there, phone in her hand, and only in the towel Chris had left out for her.
           “Hey,” he replied, “good news, Scott…” He chuckled. “Are you filming this?”
           “There’s a thing on Tik Tok where you go to your boys and drop your towel,” she said with a little sad face, thinking he wasn’t into it.
           “Oh. Then go ahead.” She held her phone in the hand, dropping the towel, and watching Chris’s face light up.
           “Thank you for making our Bahamas,” she said as she shut the phone off, having recorded his reaction. She reached for the towel on the floor, but Chris shook his head.
           “There’s no way that’s going back on. If all I had to do was this to get this, then what will doing the dishes do?”
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parkersharthook · a year ago
Cheers (Drink To That)
Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers friendship (Bucky Barnes x female!reader)
warnings: alcohol consumption, mentions of past drugging, just guys being dudes
2.2k+ words
Tumblr media
MODERN AU where Bucky and Steve play truth or drink (x)
“have any friend of yours said that I was dumb? Like in your life.”
Bucky said as he laughed softly, “So many of them.”
“Hi I’m Steve”
“And I’m Bucky, and we’re best friends. Basically brothers but not legally.”
“or biologically” Steve chimed in
[Welcome to Truth or Drink. Who’s going first?]
Steve sat up straighter and flexed slightly, “I’m better looking so I’ll go first.” Bucky scoffed and rolled his eyes but let Steve continue anyways, “If someone offered you one million to never talk to me again would you take it?”
Bucky thumbed an empty shot glass as answered, “I mean I want to say no because you are my best friend but that is a lot of money”
Steve nodded and he set the piece of paper to the side, “you should take it, that’s a shit ton of money. That’s like your livelihood. Plus I could still talk to y/n so win-win.”
Bucky laughed and nodded, “then yeah I probably would take it.” He drew a card, “Have you ever had a crush on someone that I’ve been with?”
“Well yeah probably most of them.” Steve answered with ease causing Bucky to do a double take.
Bucky laughed as his eyes widened, “what?”
Steve nodded, “despite your tendency to date crazy girls, they have always been super attractive.”
“what about y/n?” Bucky questioned
“oh yeah”
Bucky’s mouth fell open incredulously, “are you kidding me? My fiancé?!”
Steve rolled his eyes, “duh, she’s hot. We actually went out on a date before I introduced you guys.”
“Oh she did tell me this.” Bucky relented
[Could we have come context please?]
Steve smiled to the camera, “I took his now fiancé, when I first met her, on a date and we both just thought we were better off as friends and then the two of them met and hit it off so yeah…”
Bucky worried his bottom lip, “but it wasn’t a serious date right?”
Steve shrugged, “well I mean it was a date. I took her to dinner and paid so yeah it was a date but it wasn’t like anything happened.”
“I mean you still kind of hit on y/n still…” Bucky said teasingly with only a slight undertone of salt.
Steve rolled his eyes again, “jokingly…”
Bucky straightened up, “okay whatever”
“Oh relax Buck you know I would never do anything to come between you guys. You guys are made for each other.” Bucky smiled at Steve as Steve took another card, “do you remember when I lost my virginity and how did you know?”
“remember it? Not to the exact instance. But I know you lost it in high school and told me after it happened… right?”
Steve nodded, “yeah that sounds about right.”
Bucky drew the next one, “is there something that happened between us that we should talk about now?
Steve fiddled with his fingers, “umm…. not that I now of? I feel like we’re pretty open and honest with each other.”
Bucky agreed, “yeah I think if anything came up we would’ve dealt with it at the time”
“yeah probably. I mean, unless there is something you would like to tell me.” Bucky shook his head with a short laugh. Steve continued to a new card, “Who is the smarter friend?”
Bucky’s smile widened, “Are we talking street smarts or book smarts. Because honestly me in both categories probably?
Steve scoffed, “Oh come on, not at all. Just because you’re a space nerd doesn’t mean you’re smarter than me”
Bucky threw his hands up, “I’m a fucking lawyer bro.”
“so? I’ve won any and all fights we’ve been in. Both physical and verbal.”
Bucky rolled his eyes, “any verbal fights we’ve had that you’ve won are only because I let you won. Plus you win any physical fights only because you’re big not because you know how to throw a punch.” Steve narrowed his eyes at Bucky as he held his hands up in defense, “I’m not calling you dumb I’m just saying that I’ve made smarter decisions in most aspects of our life.”
“fine whatever” Steve exaggerated, throwing the card to the side.
Bucky laughed, “no need to be salty.” Another card drawn. “Name my favorite sex position.”
Steve shrugged, “I don’t know man… probably whatever y/n likes best.”
Bucky rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time, “okay but like imagine outside of y/n—"
“hard to do.” Steve interrupted.
Bucky laughed, “yeah that’s kinda hard to separate us but try. What’s my favorite sex position?”
Steve sighed, “I don’t know man probably doggy. You’ve always liked a good ass.”
Bucky laughed, “who doesn’t though. But yeah, you’re right.”
Steve pulled the next card, “I dare you to call my ex and tell her how you really feel.”
Bucky shook his head immediately, “no.”
Steve snickered, “why not?”
Bucky narrowed his eyes at Steve, “because your exes are crazy and most of them know where I live because I haven’t moved in a while so absolutely not.”
Another large laugh came from Steve, “fine whatever. Pussy. Take a drink if you’re not gonna call them.”
Bucky held his hands up, “I’m thinking of my future.” He poured himself a shot and knocked it back easily before reaching for another card, “How many sexual partners have you had? Be honest.”
Steve mentally counted for a moment, “15…? I honestly don’t know man. Do you think if y/n knew your number she’d be mad”
Bucky shook his head, “she knows my number. Dude we literally tell each other everything, I don’t think there’s something out there that she doesn’t know already.”
“that’s kinda cute actually.” Steve reached for a new card, “what’s the worst fight we ever had?”
Bucky knew instantly. “The one sophomore year of college right around spring break. That was really bad.”
Steve grimaced and nodded, “oh yeah that definitely was our worst one.”
[can you tell us what happened?]
Bucky leveled his head for a moment, “I’m not actually sure if we can… it involves a lot of other people. But it ended with us like beating the shit out of each other so it definitely took a turn for the worst.”
“that’s an understatement.” Steve mumbled as he pulled another one, “which one of us is the most successful? Oh wait I think it was your turn to ask the question.”
Bucky shrugged, “it doesn’t matter.” He thought for a moment, “I think we’re pretty even. I definitely got more success like earlier on in life but at our stage right now… we’re pretty damn even.”
“I mean you make more money.” Steve countered lightly.
Bucky nodded slightly and ran a finger over his lip in thought, “yeah… but we both have a stable job, a good relationship, we’re happy with what we do and where we are in life. We’re doing good for ourselves man. Go us.”
Steve laughed and held his hand up for a high five, “hell yeah we are.” Bucky reached across the table and smacked his hand. The two laughed as Bucky pulled a new card
“Share the most mortifying memory you have of me.” Bucky said with a grimace.
Steve sighed, “I’ll answer this but I haven’t had anything to drink man. Let’s take 2 shots.”
Bucky laughed, “I am so unbelievably down.” The two knocked back four shots of alcohol before Steve went back to the question.
“I mean you once stumbled into our dorm room at maybe… 5 am still ‘drunk’ and you were only wearing your boxers and a pair of crocs that weren’t yours. And I was trying to get you into bed and you literally passed out and I was so scared I didn’t know what to do.”
Bucky winced, “was that the night I was accidentally drugged?”
Steve nodded solemnly, “yeah…”
Bucky nodded, “this guy at a party tried to drug a girl’s drink but I ended up accidentally taking her drink instead of my own so I got drugged. I made it back to our dorms -- thank god -- and then Steve had to deal with that.”
Steve sighed, “yeah that was terrifying. I called the RA explaining what happened and he got mad as us because he just assumed Bucky was shitfaced. And then like thirty minutes after he passed out, he woke up but was still acting like he was drunk. So our other roommate and I ended up having to take you to the hospital. I feel like I just knew something was wrong.”
“I feel like I’ve said thank you for that but… thanks man.” Steve nodded. Bucky continued, “Honestly, I’m just happy it didn’t happen to the girl. Because like even though it was scary, I ended up okay and I don’t want to know what the other possible outcome of that night was…”
Steve shivered, “anyways… moving on. Finish this line with me, I’m most scared of…”
Bucky smiled, “mind control.”
Bucky laughed, “oh yeah this tall and muscly dude over here is scared of mind control.”
Steve shuddered, “that shit freaks me out. Like all that stuff in movies… bleh. Imagine like having no control over your actions and just doing what other people tell you to do. That sounds horrible.”
Bucky sniggered, “you know that isn’t real, right?”
Steve rolled his eyes, “technically yes but we also have no idea that something like that isn’t out in the world right now. I’ve heard of plenty of things like brainwashing and stuff.
Bucky shook his head, “not quite mind control but whatever. Next question: have you ever disliked someone I dated?”
Steve pulled his lips between his teeth for a moment, “I’m gonna take a shot.”
Bucky laughed, “I mean I know who you didn’t like. No one liked her.”
“I’m gonna take a shot” Steve repeated.
Bucky’s eyes widened, “was it not just Dot? were there more girls you didn’t like?”
Steve shrugged, “I’m just gonna take a shot.” He knocked back the drink eaisly
Bucky shook his head with a slight annoyance, “dick.”
Steve wiped his mouth, “I mean in comparison to y/n they’re all trash and I hate all of them.”
Bucky rolled his eyes, “I mean me too but that wasn’t the question!”
Steve raised his hands in defense, gesturing towards the empty shot glass. “hey, I took the shot!” He quickly grabbed a new card to further the game along, “If you had to eat one part of my body, what would it be?”
Bucky sighed, really confused and slightly disturbed by this question. “I don’t know…?” He drawled. “Like a finger or toe? Nothing too big or important.”
Steve laughed and gave him a smile, “you know… I appreciate that.”
Bucky grabbed the next card, “alright. Oh man… I don’t want to ask this. Can I take a shot instead of ask it?”
[2 shots]
Bucky pointed to the man off camera, “I will take that deal”
Steve smirked, “what was it?” He reached over to grab the card and skim it quickly. He snorted slightly, “smart choice.”
“okay my turn.” Steve read the new one, “have you ever caught me masturbating or having sex?”
Bucky shook his head, “not masturbating. I think I heard you and Sharon one time.”
Steve furrowed his brows, confused. “me and Sharon never…”
Bucky’s eyes widened in a surprised shock, “what? Really? Oh then I heard you and someone but never liked walked in on which is honestly surprising because we lived together for like 5 years and through college.” Steve nodded in agreement.
“if I killed somebody would you help me cover up the body?”
Steve didn’t even hesitate, “for sure! I don’t know how good I would be at helping but I’d help.”
Bucky smiled and pumped a fist, “that’s friendship right there! Though I might ask Natasha over you.”
Steve agreed, “yeah that’s a smart choice. I’d probably get us caught.”
Steve read the card quickly and shook his head in exasperation, “let’s take another shot before this question.” He gulped back the shot with a slight grimace, “what would it take for us to have sex?”
Bucky grimaced, “I’m gonna take another shot after that question.” He studied Steve for a second, “I mean not much look at him.” That caused everyone behind the camera to laugh. Bucky continued with a smile, “No I’m joking, it would take a lot. I mean first, we’d both have to be single so that would already be a hard obstacle. Then probably like a solid amount of money.”
Steve raised his brow, “really? Like how much?”
Bucky shrugged, “I don’t know… enough to pay for most things that I’ll need for the rest of my life.”
“okay so like an absurd amount.”
Bucky nodded aggressively, “yeah…” Bucky groaned as he read the next card, “sit on my lap and stare into my eyes intimately or take a shot.”
“okay so here’s the thing.” Steve started to explain, “I would do that really easily but I also just really don’t want to right now? You know?” Steve continued on despite the agreement from Bucky, “Like if I was a tad drunker than I probably would but we’re both dating someone and-”
Bucky laughed, “just take the shot. Pour me one too.”
Steve pulled the next question, “do you love me. If yes, say it or take a shot.”
Bucky smiled, “of course I love you, you’re my best friend.”
Steve smiled back at him, “aww thanks man. I love you too!”
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ethelphantom · a year ago
Always Been The Missing Piece
This is, uh, a sequel to the Maribat Secret Santa thing I wrote for @worlds-tiniest-spook-pastry because Ailelie over at Ao3 gave me a good idea in the comments for an identity reveal fic because obviously they don't know the other isn't a civilian. So. Uh. I am planning at least one more sequel after this because I was given a perfect idea for BartAdrien identity reveal on the Maribat discord server and I need to write that too. Just, don't expect it to turn as long as either of these. And seriously, you really should read this only after Like You Could Be Family, because I seriously doubt this will make much sense without, but it's not like I will be able to actually stop you so....
(Also how the hell did I get to 13k? This has got to be the longest one-shot I've ever written please help me I have a problem)
Ao3 || First part | Third part
This is Maribat -- Don’t like; don’t read.
“I don’t think disowning him is even necessary to make him my brother, and it seems there’s a chance we might become family regardless of whether this Bruce adopts me or not.”
Tim stared at the words written permanently on his wrist, rubbing the skin as though to see if they would smudge and leave. They did not. He had never truly thought of even getting a soulmate when he was young.
(Well, obviously he’d thought about it, rather often too. It was just that he always thought he wasn’t going to get one — either because his parents didn’t have one and he would surely be just like them, and then later, once he became Robin and later Red Robin, he thought that even if it wasn’t going to be because of his parents, then he wouldn’t get a soulmate because he wasn’t going to make it alive to 18.)
But, as all things that had anything to do with Fate always did, it didn’t go as he thought. After all, Fate was never quite so simple.
As it turned out, he made it to 18 and got a soulmark.
There was someone in the world Fate thought was the perfect match for him.
Then he for the longest time believed he would meet them while he was in the vigilante business because if his soulmate was a civilian, what would he even do? There was always a high chance of death because of what he did on a nightly basis, and it was certain he would have to disappear on multiple nights and occasions just to be Red Robin — no way he was going to give that up. That meant, that if he had a civilian romantic soulmate, they might accuse him of cheating, and then his life could be ruined because he was the damn CEO of Waye Enterprises and thus in the public eye all of the time. The words written on his wristed also sounded both like they could be romantic or platonic soulmates, since usually soulmates considered one another family of some sorts automatically — it didn’t necessarily mean his soulmate was speaking about one of his brothers becoming their brother-in-law. They all knew there was a chance Bruce would adopt his soulmate one day (no matter what they said about that being unnecessary.)
Then he actually met his soulmate.
He met Marinette Dupain-Cheng.
A sweet young woman almost his age, perhaps around a year younger than him (turns out he was right when she told him of herself later before he managed to go and search her up), with black hair the shade of midnight sky, her eyes blue as Morning Glories. She was kind, thoughtful, great at baking (she could so some pastries better than Alfred could, and that said a lot about her skills), and she shared Tim’s love of coffee (Dick had been horrified when he found her pouring energy drinks into extra strong black coffee after the first night she spent at the manor).
She was also MDC, Tim’s all-time favourite designer, and it was suddenly much easier to commission her when she could just show him the designs in person and talk about them — why she wanted this thing here and that thing somewhere else. Tim was also much more eager to pay her a whole lot more than what she ever asked for, even if that was partly because Marinette was trying her hardest to lower her prices for him.
Yeah no, that didn’t work with him at all — she was fantastic at what she did and he’d be damned if he let her do the work underpaid.
She never pushed his boundaries too far, only enough to have him open up a little, but because she never made him feel uncomfortable or like she was trying to use him, it was fine; He was horrible at opening up himself and wouldn’t have done it without her. It was clear she knew what was alright and what was not — most of the time anyway. And even when she did push his boundaries too far, it was because she tried to show her appreciation to him or got too excited, and when he or someone else pointed it out to her (because she was bad at noticing it herself), she immediately stopped doing the thing and apologised over and over because she never meant to violate his boundaries.
And then she made sure to never overstep it again unless he gave her the explicit permission to do so.
That told him more about her than many other things did or even could.
She was also intelligent, sassy and sarcastic when she wanted to be, had a strong sense of justice and he knew for a fact she knew how to fight and well. She’d mentioned having done martial arts for quite some time and because she made a complaint about having nearly no opponents on her level, Jason asked her if she wanted to try and spar with him. She agreed and won two out of three matches, and though there was a chance he was just holding back (unlikely, considering how much Jason had talked about it on patrol that night), Damian had challenged her after that and they came to a tie. Twice. Damian then won the last round, probably when he finally stopped underestimating her and holding back. There was no way she wasn’t good.
Marinette always tried to help people in need if she could and wouldn’t take no for an answer when she decided that a person beaten to a bloody pulp was in no condition to walk home, especially not alone. If she had to pay for the taxi to get them home, well, she did, never expecting anyone to pay back.
She was absolutely perfect, if you asked Tim.
The problem was, she was a civilian regardless of how well she fought or how intelligent she was. He could never risk her safety by being in a close relationship with her in case someone found out his identity and decided to use her against him. Wouldn’t be the first time that happened in vigilante business. It had given him enough of a heart attack to be with her while in civvies and get caught by the Riddler because of course he had to be there and there was nothing Tim could do to help her himself — the small and young CEO was not supposed to be able to punch a guy’s teeth in.
And then she’d gone and insulted his fashion taste. Tim agreed, definitely, that green and purple three-piece suit was atrocious, but it was a horrible idea if you were a civilian because the Riddler was extremely sensitive about his fashion choices and a villain and he had hardly any rules as to what he did and to whom, unlike some of the Rogues. Marinette didn’t even have any protective gear against him.
So yeah.
An almost-heart attack.
Turns out, she solved all of his riddles rather quickly, some of them with Tim once the Riddler noticed him, and in the end they all got out safely and unharmed.
At least half of the credit of that definitely went to Marinette.
The best course of action would either be to tell her, or cut ties with her, make her hate him or anything that got her out of the danger zone that came with being in a close relationship with him.
The second option was definitely not what he wanted.
And that was what led him to here, sitting at the table in the apartment he used (especially) when he needed an escape from his dear but way too invasive family with Kon and Bart.
“It’s just, I don’t know what to do! I like her, I really do, but I can hardly pursue a relationship with a civilian. I might endanger her life! We’ve seen that happen with enough many of us. Someone figures out our identity, kidnaps a loved one and puts them at risk. Or sees us too close to a civilian while in the suit and decides they’ll put the loved one at risk anyway. I can’t risk my soulmate’s life for something like that, she doesn’t deserve it,” Tim exclaimed, groaning as his head hit the table. Thank heavens Bart had pulled the plate from under him just in time before his forehead would have ended up in his food.
(Though it was likely he was going to lose half of his food to Bart as well, it was likely he was going to eat Tim’s food while Tim wasn’t there to protect it. Asshole friends and all that.)
Sure, Kon and Bart would have probably had fun watching him ruin his looks (and hair, especially his hair) because of the tomato sauce and spaghetti he somehow had not managed to burn, but maybe they were pitying him enough for his soulmate problems to not just let it  happen for this one time. That, and he’d gotten injured in their latest fight and he would not honestly be surprised if they blamed themselves for it at least a little — that was what Tim kept doing if any of his teammates got injured when he was there and even theoretically could have helped.
“Tell her?” Bart suggested, shrugging as he filled his mouth with the spaghetti. From Tim’s plate. Oh well. Telling him to stop would probably not really help and it’s not like Tim couldn’t just steal Kon’s food later. Bart continued speaking as soon as his mouth was empty. “I don’t see why not. If she’s as amazing as you make her out to be, I can’t see a reason why you shouldn’t tell her. I’m gonna tell Adrien, by the way.”
“Do you have any idea when you’re going to do it?”
“Nope, but not yet ‘cause I don’t think it’s fair or appropriate since Paris just declared their heroes dead ‘cause they haven’t made any appearances — but that’s not to say they don’t know where the bodies are, perhaps they’re just protecting them? — in quite the while, but I will soon enough. Wouldn’t be fair to him to keep it a secret, right?” he chuckled and chewed on his (Tim’s) food.
Oh yeah. Paris’ heroes, the ones that were apparently dead. The heroes they had thought didn’t actually exist and were just a make-believe story to entertain people until Paris held a public memorial for them because they were nowhere to be found and told the people they just hadn’t found their corpses, but maybe that was just to protect their identities. The reminder they hadn’t helped them with their villain felt like a punch in the gut to Tim now, even if he hadn’t been the one to make the decision to not help.
He shook the thoughts away. This was not the time for blaming himself or anyone else for it, he could very well do that later.
“I agree with Bart. If you think she’s good for you, I think it’s better if you just told her. It’s not like you would want to just cut ties with her to protect her and hurt the both of you at the process. It would definitely be like you, but I know you don’t want to do that to the one person meant for you.”
Tim sighed and stole his plate back. It was significantly emptier than it had been two minutes ago. Damn Bart. As a last-ditch effort, he stole Kon’s plate and scooped some of his food to his own plate, ignoring the rather offended look on Kon’s face. His fault, he hadn’t protected Tim’s food from Bart. Besides, Tim needed to eat something proper, after all. It might have been a little too long since the last time he ate more than an energy bar… so probably around three days since.
No wonder he was the smallest of them.
Munching on his food, he sunk back into his thoughts while Bart and Kon chatted animatedly, the few words he picked up indicating the conversation was about soulmates and Adrien in particular.
It had been a few weeks since he and Bart met their soulmates, but both of them were definitely interested in them — likely romantically, but only time would tell for sure. Marinette was amazing and sweet and Adrien must have been the only one as much of a sunshine child as Bart was, though according to Marinette, he could be a little shit when he felt like it. Then Bart and Kon had overheard Marinette discussing Adrien’s father with someone and turns out, Bart was ready to run to Paris and kick the man’s ass himself, regardless of whether he was in prison for being a supervillain and terrorising the city for years or not. Not that Tim would have stopped him. After all, Stephanie too had decided to ruin his father’s plans when it turned out he’d become a villain.
...That was something Adrien could probably bond over with Stephanie at some point. Maybe they’d found the “my dad’s a supervillain and I had nothing to do with it” club.
(“The list of bad dads just grows and grows,” Tim swore he’d heard Bart say afterwards with a suspicious grin on his face. Tim wouldn’t disagree with him though, he could name quite the number of them himself as well, one of them being his very own father.)
Then Marinette had heard Bart declare war on Gabriel Agreste and immediately told him she was joining — according to her, he didn’t have a choice in the matter because she really wanted to kick his ass again.
(Again? When had she managed to do it in the first place?)
So yeah. Having a civilian soulmate was difficult.
Then again… What if he made her a vigilante? She did possess all of the necessary qualities and even more to become a good vigilante that he could think of. Perhaps he should ask her if she’d like to do that. After all, she was now family, both Bruce and Dick had declared so (rather clearly and Dick loudly), accompanied by Alfred’s nods, Jason’s approving humming (and the way he started treating her better than he did most of the family), Cass’ silent approval visible in her smile as she looked at Marinette, and a little reluctant Damian as well.
It wouldn’t matter she didn’t have any superpowers like some people did — none of the family did, and they were all great at what they did, even if Gotham was nearly impossible to save at this point anymore. She was already good at martial arts, knew how to take care of herself (if it didn’t mean her inability to eat when she was supposed to or her reluctance to go to sleep (nightmares, perhaps?), but she knew how to defend herself and others.) She would make a good vigilante, especially with some special and personalised training. Now he only needed it approved by the rest of the family because she could and would put two and two together and realise all of them were involved with the vigilante business if he came clean to her as one.
Actually, that sounded like a good idea.
Then his phone chimed on the coffee table in the living room and he all but ran there, injuries be damned.
“Hey, careful there, you wouldn’t want us to tell Alfred you need new stitches,” Kon called after him before turning to Bart. “How much do you want to bet that was Marinette messaging him right there?”
“Nope, not betting anything when we both know full well it was Mari. There’s no one else he’d practically dive out of the table for and leave his food unguarded with us. Speaking of...”
“Bart! Do not even think about eating my food while I’m gone! It better be still there untouched when I come back, or so help me god I will kick your ass back to the next millennium!”
Bart just snickered.
God, why was he even friends with Bart?
Oh yeah, because he didn’t know how to live on without him (or Kon) anymore anyway.
Marinette paced around her room in the Manor, panic clearly showing on her face. Adrien sat on the bed placed near the wall, leaning to it, seemingly unconcerned. He was mostly waiting for Marinette to calm down enough to stay still and just listen for a second in between her freak outs.
Thank kwamii for the fact they had gotten Wayzz to secure the room and create a shell in which they could talk without needing to worry whether someone heard them or not. No one would. They were safe.
...They also wouldn’t disturb anyone with it since it was way past midnight already.
“But this ruins everything!” Marinette exclaimed, finally standing in one place long enough for Adrien to decide paying attention to her would be worth it. Or, could be worth it.
Adrien rested his chin on his palm, tilting his head. “Now, Buginette, I love you and all,  but this is getting ridiculous, utterly ridiculous (“Don’t you dare sound like Chloé right now, Adrien!”) Are you sure you need to panic about all this? As far as I see it, you could just, I don’t know, tell him. Gabriel isn’t a threat anymore, and even if he was, we aren’t in Paris,” he said, and plopped down on the bed, propping one leg on his knee. Plagg seated himself on Adrien’s head, ready to take a nap, while Tikki had nestled on Marinette’s shoulder. It was amazing how she was so used to Marinette freaking out that she could just stay calm on even a pacing Marinette.
“I know I could tell him because Gabriel is behind bars, and I should tell Tim because otherwise it won’t be fair to him and I like him, probably romantically soon, and I can’t let myself pursue a romantic relationship with anyone that doesn’t know because it’s too much to keep a secret, but I have no idea how to! What if I scare him off because right now it looks like the both of us are staying here in Gotham — or at least the States — and knowing the two of us, we won’t be able to just quit hero work either! Speaking of which, we have to design ourselves new suits because Paris just declared us dead like a week ago. Not Marinette and Adrien, obviously, but Chat Noir and Ladybug. Understandable, we just disappeared after the fight with Papillon and there’s no way anyone would believe him if he said he didn’t hurt us so why would they believe he didn’t also kill us and—”
“Nette, please, try to breathe and calm down. It’s not that serious of a situation,” Adrien tried but Marinette had resumed pacing around and it was clear as day she was freaking out. It was also clear she wasn’t listening to a word he said anymore, and barely even paid attention to the fact she wasn’t, in fact, alone in the room in general. He sighed and stood up, grabbing his best friend by the shoulders. Plagg shrieked before he shut his mouth because of his holder’s sudden movement.
Now that had her stop and concentrate her attention on him again.
“I know it’s difficult for you to reveal your identity to anyone, including me even long after I realised my behaviour was a big no-no and apologised to you, and that’s fine. It just means you’re being responsible. But. This is your soulmate we’re talking about. There are so many reasons why you should tell him and you know that if you don’t, whatever relationship you might end up in with Tim might go horribly wrong if all the while you’re keeping a secret such as this from him.” Adrien took a deep breath and looked Marinette directly in the eyes. “I am well aware you like him like, a lot, so there’s no way you’d want to risk losing him in either way — by putting him in danger or by having him tell he can’t take you disappearing on him all the time anymore.”
Damnit. Adrien was right. Marinette hated it when Adrien was right. Mostly, because usually when Adrien was right and even she had to admit it because it was so obvious, it meant that the kwamii also agreed with him. And well. When Tikki, the literal miniature goddess of creation, said something should be done, her word was final. She had no way out of this, now did she?
“Nope!” said Tikki from next to her ear.
Oh. She’d said that out loud. For crying out loud.
But yeah, she truly did like Tim, a lot. He was smart, could banter with her rather easily without ever making her uncomfortable by doing so, was never put off by sarcasm (which was, unfortunately, quite rare nowadays and that meant she found it rather refreshing), and he was kind. Also, he had a huge sweet-tooth and mostly a good taste which meant she could freely bake a lot and Tim would likely enjoy any and all of it. She could use him to test new recipes, too.
She also liked his appearance — a lot. His looks were definitely nothing to scoff at. His hair was black and silky, and his eyes were so enchantingly blue (as were many of his brothers’ and Conner’s, if she was being honest, but his were her favourites) and she couldn't help but just drown in them. He genuinely liked her designs (he says he loves them, her mind not so helpfully reminded her, because that made it even better and even harder to let go of him if the need be), he wasn’t pretending to do so because they were soulmates. Tim also had such great ideas for new clothing sometimes — he had been a massive help with the design for her latest dress that she was planning on making for the up-coming Wayne Gala where he (and the rest of the family) had invited her.
Yeah, and Tim knew how to paint nails a little too well. Marinette was certainly going to use that little fact to her advantage and have him do her nails at some point.
Marinette also truly enjoyed spending time with his family and him. All of them respected her at least on some level (gave her the basic respect Jagged had taught everyone was supposed to give her automatically unless she actually did something to warrant them to lose said respect) and didn't try to have her bake or design clothes for them or have her do their chores they were supposed to do because they wanted a little more time to themselves — especially not for free. Never for free. And, even if they did ask her to do something for them (usually it was Jay or Dick doing so), they never failed to remind her she could say no and that depending on what they asked her to do they’d compensate it to her as soon as possible in whatever form she wanted — whether that be money or new fabric or favours or them helping her the next time she baked something.
They didn’t take her for granted, and that was freeing.
She was genuinely happy to spend time with them. Their presence, especially Tim’s, was comforting to her, with him it was safe for her to just be herself.
Yeah, she was too far gone for one Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne and definitely did not want to lose him. She could only hope she was someone Tim could be himself with as well.
Honestly, her biggest problem with all and any of this was that Tim was a civilian and in case someone found out he was close to her, it would be no good for him to know. If the threat was magical, there was no way he could fight it off even if he was anything like his brothers when it came to fighting (she just didn’t know, but she did suspect he was). She herself could get out of problematic situations rather easily, but there was no telling just how bad situation could get until Tim would no longer have any way to get away. She figured he had to have at least some kind of basic training because so many in his family seemed to know martial arts, he lived in Gotham and was a CEO, but she had no idea to what extent he could protect himself.
And indeed, because the miraculous considered her an adult now and she no longer had a time limit after she used her special ability (whatever it was depending on the miraculous), it meant there was no way she would even consider stopping. Of course, she still tried not to push too far after she did use that ability as to not exhaust the kwami she was using too much and she’d made it her point to wear multiple miraculouses at once at all times so even if she had to detransform to let one kwami rest, she wouldn’t need to stop fighting right away or wait until they recharged.
In a city like Gotham where she could be needed, this all meant she could not stop being a hero. (Though, she knew that Batman wasn’t known for being too fond of magic users, or metas, whatever it was they called them, so she would need to have him somehow accept her presence or prepare to fight him and perhaps also all of his team that seemed to actually be his family — especially Robin seemed to still be a little child, younger than her when she received her miraculous.) Not since they had seemed to decide they were going nowhere from there, most of all not Paris.  
They were never going to return, they really didn’t want to do so, what with the entire city being full of traumatic memories to them. Maybe they’d visit Kagami and Luka and her parents, maybe his aunt and cousin, but otherwise, no. Besides, their soulmates were both here, they had hardly any people they had good relationships with in Paris anymore because they’d both eventually stood up to their class, Gabriel was in prison — which, in turn, meant that the majority of Paris blamed Papillon’s actions on Adrien at least on some level. It didn’t matter to them that he had said that no, he had nothing to do with his father’s actions, and that his father actually abused him and he was glad to be finally free from him.
It wasn’t like they didn’t have a list of excuses to stay.
(Marinette wasn’t going to admit it any time soon, but she had an actual list of the excuses to stay written down in case someone asked her and her brain wouldn’t agree on cooperating at that time. It was also partly in case she ended up mentioning there were many, many, many reasons for them to stay and someone asked for a list; This way she could literally provide them with one. It was both on multiple papers and notebooks and on her phone — after all, back-up copies were very useful.)
Yet another reason as to why she should tell Tim — even though her Miraculous Cure healed and restored almost anything, it had mostly stopped working on her as it drew its energy from both her and Tikki, and now she was full of scars. Sure, it mostly healed the biggest injuries so she was rarely limping or bleeding long, and they never became devastating, but well. It still wasn’t any good that she had to keep covering some of the scars behind layers of makeup or hide them under clothing. Thank kwami Adrien had yet to report the same was happening to him.
There was no way Tim wouldn’t discover the scars’ existence at some point, regardless of whether their soulbond was romantic or platonic (although she certainly hoped it was romantic), so it would be far better to just come clean about it before he eventually found out about them on his own anyway.
So yeah.
She also had a long list of very good reasons to tell Tim.
The problem here was, she had no idea how.
She could hardly just walk up to him and blurt out she was Ladybug when it had just been announced that Ladybug (and Chat Noir at that, but it was up to Adrien to decide whether he wanted to tell his identity to anyone aside from Bart — he likely wanted to tell him) were dead, she would have to come up with a better plan to that. A lot better plan.
But perhaps… perhaps if she presented him with a miraculous and asked him to fight alongside her and Adrien… Maybe Bart could be there as well if Adrien considered it a good idea?
“Hey, Adrien, what do you think? Would Tim be a good miraculous user? And how about Bart?” she asked. Fiddling with the mouse necklace she was wearing, Marinette turned to look at Adrien who had, at some point, left from her side. Mullo was sleeping somewhere inside her hood.  “They both seem like people that would like to help others if they could — I mean, Tim already tries as a CEO and I simply don’t know Bart that well yet — but I don’t know. I want to hear your opinion on this as well because even if I am now the guardian and could technically just do whatever the hell I wanted, you’re still my partner in crime… fighting, and since some of my previous choices weren’t too good…”
Yeah, she did mean Alya and Nino. Also others, but those she’d trusted the most, so…
“Are you seriously asking me if I’d like to have both our soulmates by our side if— no, when we are fighting possibly magic-based crime in Gotham or elsewhere in the States?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. She nodded slowly. Adrien arched an eyebrow as he looked at her like she had made the stupidest question he had ever heard in his life before. “Duh, obviously, of course I want them there. Bart would be good. He’s so fast already — no, seriously, I swear, he’s quicker at doing things than Plagg is at eating camembert —, he’s a quick thinker and okay, he’s a little impulsive, but most of the time his ideas haven’t been that horrible, so a miraculous could probably enhance all of it in a good way.”
“And Tim’s got a good sense of justice and he’s one of the smartest people I’ve met. He’d be great at any strategic positions and— you know, I think he could work either the snake or the dragon miraculous really well.”
Adrien nodded enthusiastically. “Now you’re talking my language. Mayhaps the fox miraculous would be good for Bart, he’d get to be creative and I’m sure if he got up to any mischief, Trixx would only be more than happy to help. Or maybe the horse— actually, no, forget about that, I don’t think that’s a good idea because he might get the idea to send us all to anywhere in the world because it seemed like a good idea to him for all of two seconds and that’s the one thing that would make everything really problematic.” Adrien sunk into his thought for a moment, tapping his nose with his finger absent-mindedly as he tried to think of something else. Then his eyes brightened as he came up with an idea.
“Oh, the turtle! He’s quick so it wouldn’t take him long to protect those in need of it, and maybe in some moments when he’s too impulsive, Wayzz could be there as a voice of reason and common sense in his head. I don’t actually mind his impulsiveness at all but sometimes all of us could use a Wayzz to help us slow down a little.”
Wayzz himself looked torn between agreeing, and strongly disagreeing and escaping before Adrien could convince Marinette to give him to Bart.
“I’m seriously considering this now. I have no idea how to give them one, though. It isn’t as simple as it would have been in Papillon’s Paris — we don’t have a Miraculous threat here and no one knows us. I mean, they’ve probably heard of the deceased Ladybug and Chat Noir, but not the ones we’re going to become. We can hardly just swing up to them and be like “hey have you ever wanted to be a hero? Well, here’s a miraculous that will transform you into a magical superhero with the help of jewellery and a god like in some anime—” God damn it Adrien, now I consider transforming into LB the same kind of thing as your anime’s girls with objects to make them magically transform.”
“They’re magical girls, actually. And well, I have to say, we kind of are magical girls, you know. Magical transformation, magic, magic provided superpowers, magical healing, double lives, way too obvious costumes for anyone to not figure out our identity yet none of them do it anyway… Oh, and we have specific words to transform us along with magical accessories or jewellery and we have a literal transformation choreography! Clearly magical girls!”
“Magical girls, then, whatever. Never compare us to them again.”
Adrien just snickered.
“Ugh, shut up, will you?”
“Of course. But yeah, you’re right, we can’t just appear behind their windows and give them a miraculous. That would be just stupid and irresponsible, now wouldn’t it?”
“Why do you sound so sarcastic?”
“That might be because I kind of am.”
“Go away.”
She had no idea how she could still stand Adrien. Why was he her best friend again?
Oh yeah.
Because he was the one who had stood right there by her side through thick and thin.
That’s why.
“So. Let me get this straight—”
“In this family?”
“Shut up, Jaybird. So, what you’re saying is, you want to reveal us all to your girlfriend because you don’t want to keep secrets this big from her?”
Tim sighed and ran a hand down his face, exasperated. Hadn’t he just explained this? “No, Dick, first of all, she’s not my girlfriend — at least yet. What I’m asking is if it’s okay to everyone I tell her I’m Red Robin and get her to start training so she can become a vigilante as well. She’d be good at it. I don’t want to keep my identity from her in case we do start dating because then what if she thinks I’m cheating on her or up to some other not-good stuff when I keep sneaking out in the middle of the night and can’t even tell her what for.”
“And why do you want her to be a vigilante? You know it’s dangerous.”
“Then why is any of us doing it? It would anyway be her choice. Besides, if she was fighting beside me, she wouldn’t even need to worry about me that much because she could technically probably see me and not have to stay at home, you know? I know I can see there’s something in her that reminds me a lot of most of us, the need to fight for justice and for those in need of help because no one else does either. I can see the crave to fight in her.”
Dick sighed and tilted his head, his expression hard as steel. “You really thought this through, didn’t you?”
“Obviously. And as to why I’m asking you is because she’s actually smart and would definitely put two and two together when I tell her I’m Red Robin; The likeliness of Robin, Red Robin, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood — yes, Jason, you too, have you seen the giant red bat on your chest you insist on wearing even though you claim to detest us half the time because we all can see it —, Black Bat, the Signal and the rest of us being close with each other, if not family, is quite high. Basically, she would most likely connect you all to the vigilantes running around.”
Bruce crossed his arms over his chest and shot him the Batdad-Look™, and if he hadn’t been so determined to get them to agree, it would have probably made him a… little too nervous to keep on talking. Alas, it wasn’t going to make him stop because he really, really wanted Marinette to fight beside him and if it meant he needed to bear with Bruce’s Batdad-Looks™, then so be it. He was not about to go down without first putting up a fight.
Tim couldn’t even explain how grateful he was for the fact Bruce stayed quiet despite the expression on his face. It helped his situation a little.
Instead, it did not help that he could feel Cass’ eyes on his back. She was sitting on the ground a small distance away from them, probably reading all of them like they were open books. He decided to ignore it for now — there was really nothing else he could do.
“And you know she’s a good fighter — you saw her spar with Jason! You saw how she fought against Damian who actually, officially challenged her, like she were equal. He doesn’t do that too often. We all also know neither of them wasn’t holding back too much on second matched anymore, if at all in the in the third one. She only lost once they stopped holding back and even then she put up a good fight — the matches weren’t over in minutes. Like, we’ve all gotten training from at least the Bat himself, likely from many others too. She has not. That makes it an impressive feat. With training, she could probably be one of the best of us!”
Steph lifted her hands above her head as to surrender and to draw attention to herself. “Alright, I’m cool with it. Timmy’s passionate about his cause and also I like Mari. It could be fun to have her in the team.”
Thank goodness, at least someone was on his side.
Dick’s phone chimes and he looks at the message, groaning when he reads it. “Babs told me to tell you all that she also says yes, that she trusts Marinette with all of this if others are fine with it as well,” he says slowly, before he puts his phone away. It’s strange seeing him not cheerful, but Tim can’t afford to care about it too much now .
Another voice spoke up softly. “I think… Marinette makes a good fighter,” Cass said from her spot, resting her body weight on her arms with the flats of her palms on the ground. She seemed thoughtful. Her words carried a meaning all of them understood, even if she didn’t say it out loud — she liked her too and wanted her in, but that she too would like Marinette to get some training first before letting her out.
Just in case.
They knew she wanted to lose people just as much as the rest of them — which meant, she didn't want to lose any more people she cared about.
Then, a sigh. “Yeah, gotta agree. Could be nice to have her on our side, she’s fun. And Timber’s right, she does seem like she’s achin’ to go fight a bitch. It’d be better if we made sure she’s got the necessary skills and stuff, and I’d rather not have to fight her because one of us considers her an enemy or because she thinks that of us. Girl’s got some mad skills. Also, B, if you think about it for a second longer, I’m sure you’d realise that if there’s a chance she is going out anyway, I’m sure you’d prefer she followed your rules, too, right?”
Tim… wasn’t sure when the last time he’d been grateful for Jason’s input had last occurred, but he was certainly ready to let Jason do whatever the hell he wanted with criminals during their next patrol together, that’s how grateful he was. Yes, even if it meant Jason shooting them in the fucking kneecaps.
“Yes, but she’s still—”
“She’s what, Grayson? She put up a respectable fight even thought she’s still clearly inferior to me, but I do not doubt she could do the same in the field. Her skills most certainly require improvement and bettering, and she needs to fine her techniques if she wants to hold her own out there without getting killed, but I’m certain she’s more than capable of getting to Todd’s level with guidance.”
Okay, wow. Damian was defending Marinette. He definitely needed to tell this to her — he was sure she’s appreciate hearing the little demon of the family respected her enough to speak up against Dick and his father, the only ones of them he’d ever openly admitted held his respect, even if he didn’t necessarily word it as “I respect you” or “you have my respect.” It seemed Marinette got the honor of being the third one, and she had been family for all of some weeks. She’d even gotten him to use the word “respectable” when talking about her.
She got him admitting to all of them, all of them, that he thought she was good and worth his respect. Now that was something.
So, Tim also appreciated him speaking up. This tiny (alright so he may not have been that tiny anymore and there’s a chance Damian was now taller than Tim, but who cared, he would always be tiny to Tim) teenager was still the only biological child of Bruce and also one of the hardest of them to impress, so if he said something of this sort about anyone (the last time it was something about Jon but Tim hadn’t cared enough to remember what it actually was about anymore), everyone would at least listen to him before simply jumping to decisions.
So yeah. If there ever was a time Tim wanted nothing more than to take his little brother out and let him find a few new animals to keep as pets, even if they weren’t good as pets, it was now. It certainly was now.
“I’m siding with Tim here — don’t give me that look, Dick, the ones already sided with him are scarier and more dangerous than you and Bruce together, so even if I didn’t agree, his side would be the wiser choice—”, Duke starts, shrugging, though there was a clear smile on his face. “But like, Marinette’s nice, like actually nice, and if she’s going to become family anyway, I don’t see why we couldn’t have her in this as well. Tim has a good point — several good points, actually, so the logic is also on his side.”
Yeah, Tim certainly couldn’t hide his smile any longer. Only Dick and Bruce were yet to say yes. Maybe he could actually do this.
Of course, he was not going to go through with any of this if all of them didn’t agree. He could risk his own identity to his soulmate, but there was no way he was going to force anyone else to do so for anyone, least of all for someone that wasn’t literally linked to them by their very soul. He would never compromise all of them for one person.
“Okay, fine. It seems everyone else is saying yes, so I guess I’m outvoted here. I just want every one of you to stay safe, you know? I don’t want this to end up being the reason any of you gets hurt.”
Yes, Tim knew that. Regardless of how annoying Dick managed to get a lot of the time, or how frustratingly stubborn he always was, or how his attitude was irritatingly similar to Bruce’s even when their personalities weren’t even remotely similar most of the time (that one was probably causation of Bruce taking care of Dick for like a decade), there was never any doubt his love or concern for any of them wasn’t genuine. That much was more than obvious.
He managed to give Dick a small smile, hoping it would convey he was grateful he finally said yes.
Now there was only one left to convince.
The most difficult of them (if you didn’t count Damian in, anyway) to convert.
Bruce was stubborn as hell when he wanted to, but seeing as he was stubborn even if he wasn’t trying to be, this could either be easy or the most difficult thing Tim had ever done. It had taken him a while to convince Bruce to make him Robin, but back then all he was trying was to have him take himself in and train him; Back then Tim wasn’t planning on telling his identity to someone who didn’t know yet, someone who could figure out the rest of them as well, and then have her trained to become one of them. Tim knew it, it was a lot to ask, but he wanted to do it anyway. It was important to him, alright?
Tim turned to look at Bruce. “Well? How is it?” He placed his hands on his hips and tilted his head, waiting for an answer. Any answer, really.
“I don’t think it’s a good idea, Tim. What if something happens to her? Or what if something happens to you? Or any of your siblings?”
“But what if something happens to her because I didn’t tell her? And besides, something could happen to any of us at any given time, given what we all do on nightly basis. We could have also just not done it, but we are doing it anyway and like hell is any of us going to just quit. Out world is full of what-ifs, we cannot help them, and I’ll be damned if I let them make me lose the one person actually made for me, the one person that I was tailored to.”
“With all due respect, Master Bruce, I must say, you have told your identity — even if only subtly hinted at it with a very specific set of words so that it’s enough for them to make the connection — so many times that I think you can hardly be against this. None of them were even your soulmate. Need I remind you of who everyone knew or found out without ever even becoming one of us? At least Master Tim is planning on bringing her in on all of this and planning to have her properly trained,” Alfred said, appearing in the doorway behind Bruce.
So sure, Cass and Damian knew exactly how to seemingly just appear and reappear without anyone noticing as though they could teleport, sure, Commissioner Gordon always complained about Batman doing it, and sure, the rest of them knew how to blend in with the shadows (they just didn’t always do it), but Alfred also seemed to possess this skill — better than most of them, anyway. Tim had absolutely no idea how, but he wasn’t about to complain.
Besides, it was Alfred, so it wasn’t surprising. Honestly, was there anything the man couldn’t do?
But the thing is, Alfred was also right. He had let Rachel Dawes find out. He let commissioner Gordon find out. Mr. Fox knew because Bruce had asked for help and equipment he then used as Batman while he was being Bruce Wayne — now that right there had never even seen subtle hinting. A whole lot of other people knew as well, though many had found out on their own — such as Tim, while some found out because of other, not so lovely circumstances, like Selina.
So, all in all, Bruce was the worst of them to say anything about it. True, he was mostly protective of them, always thinking up the worst-case scenarios about everything, something Tim himself did as well because that was the easiest way to make sure they were prepared for absolutely anything and everything, but Tim trusted Marinette. He wanted to trust her, just like Bruce had trusted some people. And in any case, he’d rather trust than live his life in suspicion of most people, like some people he knew did. Like Bruce.
Bruce opened his mouth to say something, but as nothing came out, he just closed it again. A defeated sigh slipped past his lips and he let go of the tensity in his shoulders, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Fine, I can see when I’ve lost. I want to meet her soon after you tell her, maybe right away after it, though, regardless of whether she makes the connection or not. I would prefer if all of you were here then,” he said, motioning at all of them before he placed his hand on Tim’s shoulder. “And that you—” he cast a pointed look at Tim, “—tell us when you are going to do it. I trust that you understand what you’re doing. I do not want to find out Ms. Dupain-Cheng is a danger to any of you, but especially you.”
“Of course. I take full responsibility of her and her training—”
“No you won’t. I’ll do that, although I do expect you to be there for her and to be a major help. I’m still your father and I don’t care if you’re already 19, because I’m not letting my children be that much of adults just yet.”
Bruce just smiled (a tense smile, one that was half-forced on his face) and left all of them (except Cass whom Tim couldn’t see anywhere anymore) behind, gaping.
“Did he just—”
“Oh my god he totally did!”
“Please tell me someone recorded B calling himself a father and calling us his children.”
Tim had a vague suspicion that Cass had indeed recorded it, was going to send it to all of them, and then, depending on the reactions to it, would send a voice message of her laughing to their group chat.
Well, that definitely went better than he thought.
“You know, I’m glad I have you as my soulmate,” Marinette began around a week later as they were sitting in the living room of the Wayne Manor. She snuggled closer to him and Tim wrapped an arm around her, comfortable and relaxed for the first time in a few days. “I’ve known you for not that long, but I already know I don’t want to lose you.”
She reached for his hand and took it in her own. Tim squeezed her hand back.
“Me neither.” Tim saw this as an opening — after all, most, if not all, of his reasons to tell Marinette who he was and all his plans about how exactly he should do it were born from the idea that he didn’t want to lose her. And so, he stood up, still holding her hand, and pressed a light kiss on it. “I need to show you something important. Will you follow me?”
A soft laughed escaped from Marinette as she replied, smiling, “Always, to the ends of the world.”
Marinette let herself be pulled up to her feet and led through the endless dark hallways of the manor. He quickly shot a message (“I’m prepared to do it, I’m taking her down now. Be there in five”) to the group chat before putting his phone away. When it vibrates in his pocket, he first looked at Marinette as though to make sure it was fine with her if he checked and possibly answered — after all, he knew it wasn’t too urgent or they would have called, and as far as Marinette was aware, this was supposed to be their time together to get to know each other better and all, not time for either of them to spend talking to other people via phone —, the corners of his lips turning upwards at her when she nodded with a smile on her face.
It seemed smiles liked to creep up on his face a lot more now that Marinette was around.
The message was from Jason, and Tim rolled his eyes fondly at it.
I thought you were supposed to tell her instead of fighting her, babybird.
shut up jason
You know pwefectly well what taking her down means int his case
Oh yes, I most definitely do.
It’s just so much fun reminding you of the existence of double meanings you either use to insult people or forget about completely.
But yeah, we’ll be ready.
“One of your brothers?”
“Yep. Jason is being a cumberworld.”
“And him being a cumberworld definitely makes you grin and roll your eyes as though he merely made a stupid joke and you, unfortunately, thought it rather amusing. Got it.”
“Wait. You actually know what it means?”
“Duh, obviously. After listening to you and your family for a while, it seemed like a good idea to do some research on different English insults so they wouldn’t fly by me all the time.”
Tim snorted. Of course. Only Marinette would. Only her. Everyone else outside of their family seemed to give up on trying to understand after a little while, but noooo, this girl decided she was going to spend extra time doing some research just to be able to understand — that, and also most likely to be able to laugh at them. She definitely fit in just fine.
It didn’t take them too long after that to get to the main study in the manor that Tim had earlier told her was Bruce’s and told her not to go in. Maybe that was why Marinette now looked quite nervous and anxious as he unlocked the door and pushed it open, motioning for her to go in.
“Are you sure we can go in here? Mr Wayne— I mean, Bruce, isn’t going to get mad at us? And you aren’t about to kill me, right?” she laughed, trying to mask her nervousness with humour, but walked in anyway. She relaxed a little and the tensity in her shoulders slipped away the slightest bit as Tim shook his head as no.
He walked to the grandfather clock in the room and let go of Marinette’s hand in order to be able to turn the hands of the clock. The clock hit 10:48 (Tim had always thought there was no one more grim than the Batman but then he actually met Bruce Wayne and found out you needed to turn the clock to show the time Bruce’s parents had been murdered, and was just like that forced to change his view on the matter) and the panel unlocked, opening the door hidden from view behind the clock.
Marinette’s jaw dropped open. This was most certainly not what she had been expecting, that much was sure.
“Well then, my fair lady, shall we enter?” he asked, grinning at Marinette’s flabbergasted expression even as she walked closer and tried to figure out where the entrance would take them.
She could keep trying; he was not about to tell her just yet.
The elevator took them down and soon enough, they were in the cave. He stepped out of the doors and waited for Marinette to follow him.
“...Where are we?” she asked, her voice a little strained.
“Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne, where in the world exactly did you take me?”
It seemed actually telling her turned out a little more difficult than he thought. Well, no use crying now — he couldn’t just brush off all of this like he hadn’t just taken his soulmate down to the Batcave either.
“Alright. So, this might come as a shock and for the love of all that’s still holy and sacred in this world please do not freak out. I just decided I needed to tell you this before we consider pursuing any relationship on a deeper and closer level than what we have now, regardless of in what sense it would be.
Marinette nodded slowly, encouraging him to go on even as she seemed suspicious (and anxious) about what was going on. Perhaps that was a good thing since they were in Gotham, in the city where you never knew who the person in front of you was or what they did in their free time (or at night).
Tim took a deep breath before dropping the bomb on her. “I am Red Robin, one of the vigilantes of Gotham.”
At his declaration, her jaw dropped. Again. “You— I— What?”
“I’m Red Robin,” he repeated and pulled out the domino mask he had taken with him and slipped into his pocket, putting it on his face. Thank heavens for Marinette and her need to give him big pockets whenever he commissioned her (and there was any reason to put pockets to said commissioned clothing) because of that one offhand comment complaining about too small pockets some of his clothes had. He scratched his chin awkwardly before realising what he was doing and pulled his hand down, pressing his nails to his skin to keep himself from bringing it up again. “I was also thinking, you’d make a good vigilante if that’s what you wanted to do. Obviously, I would need to train you first to make sure you’d be ready for Gotham’s streets, but I thought it could help you not to worry about me if you saw me in action and actually had the chance to help me if necessary?”
That… wasn’t supposed to come out as a question. Why did it come out as one?
But Marinette’s silence was worrying him. It would be understandable not to get an answer now, but he knew her well enough by now to know that she would be mindlessly rambling at this point if it were merely shock she was experiencing.
“You… You aren’t a villain or planning on becoming one, right? Because even if you were my soulmate, that would mean I’d have to take you down.” Almost certain he could feel Dick’s pointed (and amused, definitely amused) look on his back, he added, “I’m not about to go down the Batman-Catwoman route with this.”
That startled Marinette out of her shock and as she stared him dead in the eye, she blurted out, “Spots on!”
Tim could have almost sworn he heard an exasperated and quiet “Marinette, why couldn't you just tell him like we agreed?” as bright pink light enveloped her and soon revealed that in her place there stood a young woman in a red suit with black spots.
And a spotted mask.
Which made it a ladybug suit.
Or the Ladybug suit.
On his soulmate that came from Paris.
Paris’ Ladybug…
“Oh my god. You’re Ladybug. My soulmate is Ladybug. This is a thing now, apparently. Aren’t you supposed to be dead? Actually, no, I’ve seen enough people that were resurrected, it wouldn’t even be that surprising. How were you—”
Ladybug’s shoulders lifted to her ears and she smiled sheepishly. “Hi? I’m not a villain as you can see?”
It was Tim’s turn to simply stare at Marinette. He— he was not expecting this turn of events. He sighed and waved his hand a little in a “come here” gesture, knowing they were there and that they’d seen her transform anyway. That would mean there was no secret identity problem anymore as her identity wasn’t really a secret anymore, per se. Besides, since she was a hero already, they could very well just introduce themselves to her already.
He had to admit, this was absolutely wonderful as it meant she fit in perfectly — it was as though she had always been the missing piece of the puzzle that was his life and family.
Of course, though he was expecting fate to be a jerk and give him a civilian soulmate, Fate instead decided to cut him some slack and just give him someone that could actually keep up with him and the family he wasn’t going to get rid of anyway, no matter what he tried or wanted (not that he wanted to get rid of them most of the time).
But well. A soulmate was supposed to suit you perfectly, so maybe it wasn’t that surprising.
Ladybug didn’t seem to notice his family approaching them as she kept on rambling and tried to explain herself. “I’m also not dead and never was. Chat Noir isn’t dead either though he has died multiple times during akuma attacks and was resurrected by my Miraculous Cure. Paris just happens to have a tendency to get overdramatic and jump to conclusions, and Chaton and I decided we didn’t want the Ladyblogger on our backs any longer. Neither of us is too fond of her, especially not after the phenomenon that is Lila Rossi,” she said, sighing as she cocked her hip. Ladybug shook her head and turned her eyes to the side. It seemed the name meant a lot, just not in any good way. “Wait. If you’re Red Robin, then—”
Aaandd it seemed that Dick had taken that as his cue to make his presence known. How lovely.
Ladybug turned to Dick and then back to Tim, arching an eyebrow. “Since you’re Red Robin, I’m going to go ahead and suppose this is your family. Am I right?”
“Yeah, unfortunately.”
“They’re not going to try and fight me or drive me out of your city for having powers, right?”
Batgirl cuffed him upside the head as she skipped to them, walked past Tim and then looked Ladybug up and down before nodding approvingly. “Definitely approve, though that suit… Am I seriously supposed to believe you’re our sweet, wonderful, talented fashion designer? Also no, even if B-Man or Dickiebird over there tried, Timmers, Damian and I would fight for you. You’re staying because I like you. We all like you.”
Ladybug flushed lightly at the compliments and the otherwise sweet words, but to her credit, her voice didn’t even waver when she replied (unlike usually), “I just haven’t had the energy and time to change it yet. It’s magic, can’t change it that easily.”
“Oh, okay. Well, try and see if you can recognise all of us!”
Ladybug bit her lip and looked at each and every one of them separately, her calculating eyes feeling like they could see right through all of them. She walked between them and around them, a sly grin appearing on her face.
“Well, Bats here is probably Mr Wayne. He’s the oldest of all and I strongly doubt any of you could be doing what you are if he didn’t know — unless, of course, it was Alfred, and I don’t doubt Alfred’s skills at all, but I’m pretty sure that back when Robin wasn’t there yet, someone needed to look after Batman and I honestly think only Alfred could have that much power on him. So. Mr Wayne.”
Batman took off his cowl, indeed revealing Bruce himself.
As she moved on to Nightwing, she winked and laughed with an “I did do my homework on the flight here. Seriously, did you think I wouldn’t?” Then she turned to look Nightwing in the eye (or, would have looked him in the eye if not for his domino. “I’m going to say Dick. I’ve been watching you all while I’ve been here — in both forms, it seems —, and I doubt any of you could pull some of the moves, or the attitude, Nightwing does, except for Dick. Don’t give me that look, you did jump from the balcony at some point last week, landing safely on the ground after showing off and doing like a million spins and somersaults.”
Tim laughed. “Dick, I told you, someone else besides me was going to recognise you for your somersaults one day.”
“You too?”
“Oh yeah, I worked out Dick’s, Bruce’s and then Jason’s original identities because of Dick’s quadruple-somersault when I was a kid. Nightwing’s identity wasn’t difficult either since, well, it was obviously the previous Robin.”
“Of course you would.”
Then she turned to Oracle in her wheelchair. “Anyway. I know you’re Barbara, and I’m so glad to see you here too, but I’m nor sure about you alias,” she said, her voice clearly apologetic for the fact.
“It’s alright,” Barbara comforted her and gave her a smile, “I wasn’t expecting you to know it. I’m Oracle, it’s nice to meet you. I’ll probably get you on the comms at some point as well because managing things is what I do now. The woman in the chair, if you will,” she continued, making Marinette chuckle. Tim loved the sound.
“Then the big bad Red Helmet over there is Jason — no, seriously, Jay, why in the world are you the Red Hood if you aren’t even wearing one?” she asked, her face twisting as she looked at him. God, Tim loved this girl, she would happily stab any of their fashion sense with a smile on her face, and honestly, the helmet was horrible. Her words earned her snickers from all around the room. She was obviously pleased with herself as Jason took off his mask and gaped at her, offended.
She didn’t even pay him attention too much, continuing on with her list. “The scowling Robin over there is definitely Damian, only he could pull off those expression with a hint of Bat in them, and the current Batgirl is obviously Stephanie. Duke is the Signal — that was your name, right? Oh, and Cass, you’re Black Bat, aren’t you?” At Cass’ nod and her revealing her face, Marinette let out a sigh of relief. “You’re one of the only ones here with an acceptable suit.”
Ladybug transformed back into Marinette, a small creature appearing from her… earrings? before hiding inside her jacket. Tim decided to ignore it, maybe it was nothing. Marinette turned around, spinning on her heel to face Bruce. “Like, I know you need protection because there’s no magic to do so, but you could have protection with suits that looked less ridiculous and atrocious than this,” she said, motioning at their clothing. “That actually goes to most of you. I especially hope there’s a really good reason and a story behind Robin’s colours, because otherwise I will not possibly be able to understand why anyone would go around as a vigilante in colours this bright.”
“There is a reason behind the color choices,” Dick said disturbingly quietly from where he was standing. “They were my family’s colors.”
Marinette winced lightly — she too knew what had happened to them on that fateful night. “Alright. That’s a good reason, even if they’re still horrible colour choices. That would make you the first Robin, right?” Dick nodded. “It’s understandable for you to want to use your family’s colours.” Her solemn tone indicated she accepted Dick’s reason for it completely, telling them all she felt bad for saying they were horrible but knew she wouldn’t back off — and they wouldn’t blame her for that either —, and they all knew she was going to leave arguing and pressing for explanations away completely. Her limitless capability of empathy was admirable.
Then she turned back to Tim. “Is that offer about training still on the table? I’d love to take it if so. I could probably win any of you as Ladybug because magic and a goddess in my pocket, also known as Tikki— Oh, actually! Tikki, come on out, come say hi to Tim!”
A small red, ladybug-like creature flew from under her jacket to Tim, smiling brightly. He immediately recognised it as the fairy he’s seen earlier. “Hi! I’m Tikki, the goddess — or as we like to call ourselves, the kwami — of creation. It’s lovely to finally meet my holder’s soulmate!”
“It’s, uh, nice to meet you as well, I guess? I take it you’re the one that helps Marinette transform,” Tim said, a little confused by the flying, speaking creature.
“Yup, I’m an ancient being, older than anything and everything else, so while she’s not the only one I’ve helped — the history is full of Ladybugs —, she’s my current holder. Remember that if you hurt her, while Adrien can do a lot of destruction and damage —” there seemed to be a double meaning behind those words but he just couldn’t figure out what it was. “—I will be the one you actually want to look out for!”
Tikki’s words were single handedly the single most terrifying thing Tim had ever heard, and it did not help at all that she was smiling all through it, her voice gentle and kind, her entire demeanour bright even when she was threatening him. He didn’t even want to know what a goddess of creation could do as retaliation.
“If I hurt her, I’d let you do whatever you wanted,” Tim finally heard himself say. Those words were surprisingly true and ran deep, he realised. It… should honestly have been alarming. It was not.
“Good, you understood quickly. This one’s good, let’s keep him.” Tikki patted his head — and such a weird image it must have been, a creature maybe the size of his hand patting his head —, bringing Tim comfort for some reason. He had absolutely no idea how she managed it, being terrifying and so sweet and safe at the same time. He could totally see where Marinette got it from. “Also, some of you have definitely been in close — too close — touch with the Lazarus Pit, this place reeks of it. Marinette, tell me, why haven’t we already taken Plagg with us to the Lazarus Pit and gotten rid of it for good?”
Marinette shrugged, unaware of what was happening in the background behind her — Jason gaping, Bruce in shock, Damian just staring at them like he had seen a ghost, which was a rather disturbing picture because sometimes it seemed the boy could get fazed by nothing. The rest looked just confused. Maybe he should just leave them be and try to focus on Marinette and Tikki right now. “Jeez, Tikki, I have no idea. Maybe, maybe it’s because this has got to be the first time I hear about them and honestly, it should be more disturbing than it is that I, for some reason I don’t want to know, actually know what you’re talking about. Is that a guardian thing?”
Tikki nodded before speaking. “Well, we have to do it at some point. Let’s take the cat with us as well, I’m sure he’d prefer not to be left alone if we’re taking Plagg with us anyway. For now, though, I’m sure we can talk about it later.”
Tim shook his head, trying to concentrate. “Yeah, the offer is still on the table. I’d be happy to train you. You’d also get training from the Bat himself if you wanted — he actually insisted on it before this,” he laughed. “But yeah, I’ll be there anyway. Fun soulmate bonding and all that, right? Fighting, training and sparring until we can no longer stand on our own two feet, that’s all anyone could ever want,” he mused, odd warmth filling his chest as Marinette chuckled at his comment.
“Yes, you get it. Finally someone gets it — looking at you, Chat. Having said that, I do have to tell you it’s a little awkward and a huge coincidence you happened to ask me if I wanted to become a vigilante, as I was kind of going to ask you the same.”
“You just beat me to revealing your identity and asking. I was wondering if you’d like to try using a miraculous, you know? It’s so much fun unless you’re trying to save an entire city that’s flooding and your partner is not doing what he’s supposed to and you have maybe five minutes left after you use your special ability but other than that, it’s great. I know you sometimes get even magical threats here, and I’m sure you’d rather be able to deal with them yourself instead of having to get the magic users not from here involved every single time since it’s your city. Also, since I’m not going to quit being Ladybug, and I will be out there doing my thing, I’d like to have my soulmate in the team sometimes as well, by my side. Obviously, you can refuse, but like, I could see you being a good snake. Sass would like you.”
Tikki nodded, clearly agreeing with Marinette. He knew better than to ask if they realised what sass meant, or to tell them that he was already familiar with sass, since it was probable this Sass was one of the Kwamies. Kwamiis. Kwamii? He had no idea.
Then she turned around to face the others whose attention — all of it — went immediately to her when she focused hers at them. “It could also be fun to see how any of you work with a miraculous once I get to know you better and know which kwamii would fit to each of you — I do have quite many of them travelling with me, after all,” she said, and the smile playing on her lips was easy to hear from her words. Come the next words (and the jab at most of them), Tim also knew for sure there was a mischievous glint dancing in her eyes. “That, and the kwamii come up with alright costumes most of the time even if you have no idea how to design a good one yourself. The suits are much safer than yours, too, because again, magic . And god-given powers, quite literally.”
The little fairy — kwami, wasn’t it? ... she. Something. — settled herself on Marinette’s head while Marinette took out a small box from her purse, opening it. A bright light with a yellowish or orange hue appeared in front of her as another one of the kwamii took form. Marinette put on a necklace that looked like a fox’s tail, which honestly looked logical as it resembled the kwami as well — if they had something to do with each other, that is.
“Heya Marinette! What is it today? Ooohhh, there are more people to mess with today! The cat isn’t here, I see… Wait, is this the soulmate thing you and Chat discussed? Is one of them your soulmate? Do I actually get to meet him before any of the others do?” The fox looking kwami seemed excited and it was a little bothersome to realise how much the kwami reminded him of Bart. They would probably get along, if they ever got the chance to meet. Probably not.
“Well, Tikki met him already, but yes, you’ll get to gloat about this to Plagg, Wayzz, Mullo, Longg and the others. Except for Duusu, that’s forbidden. She’s not in a good enough mental state for that yet. But anyway, Trixx, Tim is my soulmate, the one that’s probably standing right behind me right now unless he actually somehow managed to stay still even in the presence of something new he doesn’t understand just yet,” she said and pulled out two cookies, handing one to each kwamii present. Tim flushed as he realised she knew exactly where he was and why he was there.
Marinette didn’t pay any attention to any of them anymore, only the kwami in front of her.
“Besides, you complained about not having gotten to patrol in a long while last night and as it seems they don’t hate the idea of a miraculous user here, yet anyway — not that it would stop me, honestly, you guys need to get out and be used sometimes and as the guardian, it’s kind of my responsibility —, they might even let me patrol with them and thus give you a chance to go around. Chaton and Plagg won’t be there, though, and I’m not going to tell him about them, so keep your mouth shut. I know you love knowing things others don’t, but you don’t get to tell them because then you won’t be able to keep the knowledge of more heroes to yourself, and I’d honestly rather have Chat and Plagg only know I’ve told my soulmate now so he’s free to tell his. Also, they—”, she pointed at his family, “—Get to keep their secrets, so there’s that too.”
It felt a little too familiar to hear Marinette call someone Chaton, and it irritated Tim to no ends to know that he knew the one Marinette had called Chaton earlier by name, but yet could still only connect it to Chat Noir and Chat Noir only.
Trixx flew around Tim’s head a few times until deciding on landing on top of it. The kwami started to eat the cookie, still there on top of his head, damnit, leaving cookie crumbles in his hair. “Hello there, Marinette’s soulmate! You seem rather interesting. Are you going to be trying to use one of us? It’s going to be so much fun seeing what kind of a hero you could become with our help!”
But, just as Tim was about to answer, an alarm went off in the cave. They all knew it was a villain attack, and soon all of them got notifications of said attack to their phones, computers, tablets, clocks, anything they had promised to carry around everywhere for this specific thing. Tim groaned and ran a hand down his face.
Not now, we don’t have time for this.
Even so, Tim ran off to put on his suit. There was a big chance Marinette would be coming along since she was, apparently, already used to villains (even if quite different from theirs), and he wanted to be there to see it.
At least Trixx let him leave without following.
Marinette watched in wonder as everyone got a move on the second the alarm went off. It was so different from Paris. She hoped the civilians had more basic common sense than Parisians did, too, and would try to escape the danger zone instead of trying to get into it.
Barbara went to get a small piece of technology before wheeling to her. She took Marinette’s hand and pressed it on her palm. “Here. This is a comm. I want you to wear it when you’re out in the field at all times so you’ll be able to contact everyone, me included, at any time you need. They can also contact you if they’re in need of help or something. That, and I’ll be able to locate you at any point I want or need to, so yes, you have to use it,” she told her, but Marinette gave it back. Under Barbara’s rather scary and very unimpressed glare, she decided to give in. After all, she was — even bound to a wheelchair — one of the scariest of them. She was also one of Marinette’s favourites in the family and would probably admit this to any of them at any given time, so she reasoned that played a part in her decision as well.
“Fine, I’ll take it, but I need to transform first or it will disappear, though I’m pretty sure I could actually connect my own, safer communicator to yours,” she said before stepping back. “You might want to close your eyes, the light can be blinding. Tikki, spots on!”
Once the bright light went away, she got ready to unify Trixx and Tikki together. It would take her a lot of energy, but the stealth abilities Trixx came with were useful, as were the illusions, especially in a city such as Gotham, and Tikki, well, Marinette knew how to work with her the best, and the Miraculous Cure Tikki provided was the best thing ever since it could repair anything and everything if she was involved in it with the miraculous (and better yet, no one would need to pay for said repairs.) “Tikki, Trixx, unify!”
“Alright, I’m done now. I can take the comm now if you so insist,” she said, opening her palm and waiting for Barbara to hand it to her again. “You can call me Lady Vixen for now until I come up with a better name, Oracle.”
Oracle smiled at her and dropped the comm on Lady Vixen’s palm. She put it on, adjusting it until it no longer felt uncomfortable in her ear. Red Robin had just finished suiting up by then as well, and with a grin on his face, he stepped to her side. He brushed over her wrist with his fingers and she did the same to him, because even with their suits covering up the skin of their wrists, it made them more comfortable, more at ease, more focused. Happier. They turned to look at the rest of the family, waiting for the go-ahead since she still needed one from at least Batman.
After Batman nodded to her and smiled (which honestly was not a smile and looked more like a grimace, like seriously, Mr Wayne needed some help with how to smile), Nightwing gave her a bright smile (like, an actual smile, unlike Batman’s) and said, “Welcome to the team!”
She didn't reply, she knew she didn’t need to, and decided that swinging off with her soulmate was going to be enough.
Yeah, she was happy to be a part of the team, a part of the family.
Especially if her soulmate was going to be there for her and stay at her side through all of it.
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