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lokisasylum · 3 hours ago
YoonMinSeok News!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[crdt. to 지국차트 ♡ SLOW@jikookchartdata , Min Suga HQ⁷@MINSUGAHQ &  rice⁷ @agustdidas ]
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btssmutficslovingfan01 · 4 hours ago
Friendly Encounters- Chapter Nine
𝒮𝓊𝓂𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓎: A friend challenges you to go out of your comfort zone and talk to one of the cute boys at the café. However, after attempting to flirt with one of them, they reveal that they are in a relationship with each other. It’s fine, though, because you’re all friends now!
Tumblr media
𝒢𝑒𝓃𝓇𝑒: Romance
𝑅𝒶𝓉𝒾𝓃𝑔: Smut, Fluff
𝒲𝒶𝓇𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔𝓈: Graphic Depictions of sex, sexting, jealousy
𝒲𝑜𝓇𝒹𝓈: 5.4k
𝒫𝒶𝒾𝓇𝒾𝓃𝑔: Jimin x Reader x Yoongi
⇤Prev | Next⇥
You were ready, after watching hours of videos on barista-ing, you knew what you were doing. Jin was okay with you filling in for Yoongi, as long as you didn’t make too much of a ruckus. You were a bit earlier he would reject you on the day of but he was actually more than willing to let you work. 
As long as you were pulling up your own weight, he didn’t care what you did. He just knew that you brought in more customers just by being here, since you were an admittedly attractive girl. He also learned from Sonia that you were the one who asked her to help design a website for the café. 
He’s been talking to her a lot lately, he really thought he had found his soulmate until he found out she had a husband. An older, more competent man who was working at an office.
Seokjin didn’t feel inferior though, his crush diminished as soon as he found out. He was happier being just friends with her. Relationships always ruin everything.
He kept his feet on his desk as you walked into the room, checking in before you started.
“Okay so Jimin will guide you through. We have a couple waiters out there too, some of them are on break right now but just know that you’re on a bit of a time crunch. Luckily rush hour is over so business will be slow from here on out. Just listen to everything Jimin tells you.” You salute him, comically marching out of the office to the kitchen. You loved the back hallway and how it connected to the restaurant directly. The small swinging door next to the cash register was your favorite, oftentimes when Jimin was on break he could just easily push them open and walk out to sit next to you on the little bar. 
You loved how he would make up an excuse just to put his hands on you. You loved his cute charming smile, and his adorable demeanor when you said you were too busy. Of course, you always made time for your boyfriend.
You just hoped you could do well in the duration of time you were actually working in Yoongi’s place. He was dependent on your skills as a barista so he could pick up his career in the world of music. You know that’s his real passion, and no matter what he says you know he loves his hobby. He told you to stay out of it, and that’s what you’re doing, so he can directly make a name for himself.
While thoughts of Yoongi continued filling your mind, a familiar face came into view as you slump over the counter, spacing out since Jimin already took care of two orders and there weren’t very many people here today.
“One mocha frappe, please.” She looks worse than usual. Normally, she wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of sweats and an oversized sweatshirt but here she was, rocking a messy bun with raccoon eyes from unwashed makeup. You could tell she’s been crying, and that she probably hasn’t been sleeping well considering she ordered a caffeinated drink.
“Coming right up.” You take her order, Jimin standing next to you and guiding you through it the entire time. Although he didn’t say it outright, you knew he was being cautious and acting as your emotional support guide in case you decided to snap at your ex-bestie. 
“Can we talk?” She asks with pleading eyes as you turn to rearrange the special coffee mugs you handed out to customers who ordered the special drink of the day. You already arranged them per Jimin’s request, but double-checking never hurt anyone.
“We are talking. I’m also working so now’s not a good time.” You fight the urge to spill hot water all over her stupid face but you had to suck it up for Yoongi. You were only dealing with her and you were in this position because you love your boyfriend, and you don’t wanna hold him back. He’s gonna live his dream because you did this, he’ll be grateful, and hopefully he’ll know that you love him just as much as you love Jimin. You don’t want anyone feeling like a third wheel, despite your own insecurities and worries.
You had distanced yourself so much from your old friends that you had forgotten what she did. Her and Jungkook both broke you, and then Jungkook forcefully kissed you, while she dated him and broke your friendship apart. She did it on purpose too, the crush was so obvious, there was no way she didn’t know. And now, judging by her appearance, you could tell that Jasmine had been through a harsh breakup. For the first time in her life, she looks like she got dumped. Who are you kidding? She probably did get dumped because of her tasteless personality.
“Jungkook broke up with me because he’s in love with you now.” Jimin freezes at her words, a cold shiver runs down his entire spine. He clicks his tongue, his lips curling upwards as he turns to Jasmine with an emotionless smile, so monotone and devoid of emotion. It was obviously forced, but Jasmine didn’t care about that.
You squeeze his hand under the counter, not caring if anyone saw your little exchange of affection while you were both on a shift.
“Excuse me, can I help you? Is there anything else you need?” Jimin’s sweet melodic voice cuts through the air like a knife through glass yet he sounds gentle at the same time. The duality of this man kills you every time.
“No thanks. I just came here to talk to my friend. So you work here together now? Is he my replacement?” You stay silent, not moving an inch as you blankly stare at the spot in between her eyes. Her forehead is actually kinda ugly.
“Actually, he could never be your replacement. Because unlike you, he actually cares about me. He doesn’t sleep with my crushes or talk about me behind my back. Jimin is actually the best thing that happened to me, and if he hadn’t come to my aid that day I might’ve lost myself. He kept me grounded while you went out on dates and did all the things I wished I could’ve done. And then I discovered that the jerk was lying to everyone about me. The only good thing that came out of our so-called friendship was Jimin and Yoongi.”
“Who?” You hadn’t updated any of your social media so no one knew about your new boyfriends and even if they did, they would just assume you were just friends anyways.
“My boyfriend,” Jimin replies curtly before you could say anything else. “And I don’t appreciate how you’re walking all over Y/N like that. You really think you can just apologize and go back to being friends with her like nothing ever happened? Grow up, Jasmine.” Your blue-haired prince comes to your rescue again, but as much as you love him standing up for you, this is your battle and you need to face her alone.
“Jimin, it’s fine. Thanks for defending me but I can do this alone. Go take care of the new customers, the waiters are on break.” Jimin nods, walking off to assist the customers. You turn back to Jasmine, wiping your sweaty palms on a napkin.
“Just to be clear, you don’t like him anymore, right?” You realize quickly that she was talking about Jungkook.
Oh, that’s right, he’s “in love” with you now.
“Yes, I don’t like him in the slightest.”
“So, um, do you actually have a boyfriend now?”
“Yeah she does.” You turn your head to see Jaehyun, your savior as he swoops in to get you out of cold water.
“No way, you guys are dating?!” She has an unnaturally wide smile on her face as Jae takes your hand in his and squeezes it slowly. 
“What are you doing?” You ask in a hushed whisper so she can’t hear you.
“Saving you, besides she doesn’t like me either, we’re in the same boat. Now laugh, pretend like I said something funny.” You follow his instructions, pretending like he just told you the best joke in the world. Jimin’s eyes follow yours as you gulp, obviously a silent argument at play since his lips are pressed in a straight line and he’s obviously annoyed by how Jaehyun is playing with your hair so freely in public.
“Are you okay Jimin? You look a little tense. Is it because you’re not a big fan of Jaehyun either? Yeah, I know he’s absolutely the worst. I heard that he threw a drug party not too long ago at his house and he was busted by the cops, that’s why his parents kicked him out.” You were too absorbed in a conversation with Jaehyun to notice the snake trying to feed Jimin lies, but obviously your boyfriend can see right through her. That and Jaehyun is a good kid, he knows from yesterday. But then again, he can’t be too careful.
“Actually, none of that is true. I was just thinking about Yoongi and how much I miss him right now.” Jimin wasn’t really lying either, he hasn’t been separated from his boyfriend at work before. The romantic getaway thing had just strengthened their bond, if anything. At least, that’s how he feels.
“Speaking of your boyfriend, where is he? Doesn’t he normally work here at the same time as you?” Jimin didn’t like how she seemed to be prying, but she was a customer right now so he couldn’t be rude.
“Yeah, he has important business to take care of at home. So, do you have a boyfriend right now?” He asks in a rhetorical manner, more out of politeness than curiosity. He has hearing like a cat, so he could hear your conversation with Jaehyun as well. Jae is a good guy, he wasn’t going to try anything and Jimin knew that you wouldn’t let that happen.
He was worried about Jasmine hurting you again, since she was already getting back up in your face and forcing her way into your life. He had seen this many times before with people who used to be friends. You’re a good person, and he doesn’t want to see bad happen to you as long as you’re together. Relationships are a shared responsibility, you need to communicate. That’s exactly why he’s going to take over your shift so you can go and talk to Jasmine and tell her off.
“...Yeah so basically that’s how things ended with me and Jungkook.” He wasn’t even paying attention to her story, since he was so deep in thought. This girl may be pretty, but she has a rotten heart. She’s also very boring compared to you. In his eyes, no one can hold a candle to you and Yoongi.
“Interesting. Hey Y/N, take ten. You’ve been on your feet for hours lov-ely friend. Here, you can go talk to Jae and Jasmine over there.” You reluctantly go sit at the booth, happy that Jimin actually gave you some space. Jaehyun left after giving you a sidehug and an unfinished smoothie. 
“So you and Jae, huh?”
“That’s Jaehyun to you. And yes, he’s my boyfriend, as you can see.” That definitely didn’t sound suspicious at all. You suck in a breath, glancing over at Jimin who is serving a customer a cloudy caramel iced coffee over the counter. He doesn’t look at you, but you can tell he is silently supporting you.
“That’s nice. So what are you gonna say to Jungkook? In case you couldn’t tell the two aren’t on speaking terms.” You’ve never heard of a pair of twins falling out before, but knowing Jungkook he’s a huge douchebag who only cares about making himself look good. 
“What I don’t understand is why now? I thought he liked you, he cried over you that night before he told the whole school a lie..”
“Don’t you know? That’s how boys are. Why else do you think he lied about sleeping with you when we both know that you have never gotten laid in your entire life and you obviously didn’t have the nerve to approach him even though your little crush was obvious?”
You were done playing the good guy. You always feel guilty for things you didn’t do, but that wasn’t your fault. It’s the bitch who’s trying to manipulate you. “He caught feelings, it happens when you start sleeping with a person. Intimate contact can lead to that sort of thing. Not like you would know that anyways, I’m sure you haven’t gotten that far with Jaehyun. I can tell, from having lots of experience.” You wanted to gag at how she was speaking about being sexually experienced so openly like this. It’s okay for a girl to be confident, but you didn’t wanna hear about her sex life, yuck. That just made your stomach churn and a horrible feeling of disappointment wash over you.
You can’t believe you were friends with this bitch who just sleeps with guys for pleasure and nothing else! Men aren’t objects, and certainly not tools for entertainment. Women can abuse men too, you know this in your heart that she probably drove Jungkook away by being so bad to him.
“A relationship is a lot more than just sex, Jasmine. I learned this from my both-er boyfriend. It’s so much more, because once you get past the awkward stage of getting to know the person, you can relate to them better, share things, good and bad. Embrace the beautiful and ugly sides. That’s what I love the most. I really didn’t expect this at such a point in my life, but it was as if the pieces fell into place ever since we met. I’m happier than I’ve ever been, happy that you pushed me to go talk to Jimin and get his number that day. The moment you were cut out of my life, those two appeared to me. It was as if I was blessed, I felt so thankful because they were there for me when you weren’t.”
“Well, I tried to talk to you but you blocked me. Jungkook tried to patch things up, and you blocked him too! We couldn’t get in touch, so there was no way you would know.” You felt bad, for a moment you even considered forgiving her and going back to being another pawn in her game.
“I’m sure you got the message. I didn’t wanna hear it because it would happen again. You guys ruined our entire friendship by dating and look where we are now. Me and Jae are happier without you guys, although I’m sure Jae misses his brother. While you’re out there talking to all the popular kids and sleeping with random guys, I’m just working here, living my little life quietly.” You take a moment to smell the coffee, the different scents mixed with light music playing on the speakers. The entire café is filled with it, the very essence of life. 
“Break’s up, Y/N, you might wanna get back to it before boss kicks you out.” A waiter calls you as you stand up from your seat in the booth.
“That’s my cue. Good luck with getting over the breakup. And tell Jungkook to stop texting me, even if I blocked him there’s money going out whenever he sends me something. I don’t wanna be friends with either of you anymore so just stop trying to fix things. I always justified your attitude for years in my mind but I didn’t realize how awful you really are. Jungkook is actually better than you. Even if he lied to people about sleeping with me, at least he doesn’t see people as disposable sex toys.” You hadn’t really given Jungkook much of a chance to explain himself either, because he humiliated you. You were so ashamed that day, you just wanted to tuck your head under a blanket and disappear. It was because of Jimin’s warmth that you were able to get over it. That and your budding friendship with Yoongi.
“Aren’t you fucking wise? What do you know about sex anyways? You sound like you’ve been writing a novel or some shit, like who talks like that?” The desire to mock your ex-friend washes over you again. You decide to just go for it, it’s not like a little teasing would do any harm.
“Like, um, who cares? And also you’re like totally killing the vibes in this place. Like, who gave you the right to like, inquire about my sex life?” A group of girls sitting at a table next to hers scoff as you roast her right in front of them. They laugh it off as Jasmine turns away in embarrassment, finally disappearing from your sight as you get back behind the counter to prepare another order. “Thanks for being like, super chill babe.” You giggle, giving Jimin’s hand a squeeze underneath the counter once more. You’ve gotta be careful here, most regulars know that Jimin and Yoongi are a couple, or that they are a little more than just friends. You didn’t want people assuming things about you now either.
Even though you made a point about not caring what people think, you still have to be careful because nowadays poly relationships are outdated and still not accepted in society. You know there are certain countries in other parts of the world that still allow it, but it’s just so fucking stupid that you can’t be with your boyfriends now, publicly, in 2020.
“That was the last order. Good job, kit.” You let out a low hum as your boyfriend pats your head, running his fingers through your hair as you wait for news from Yoongi. He doesn’t text much, but you know he’s gonna let you know in advance.
“He hasn’t called yet, what should we do?” Jimin sighs as the last few waiters leave the building. 
“We close up. Normally, we would’ve been home by now but since we’re the last ones, I guess we have to clean the store and lock up. Jin normally lets us clock out beforehand but it looks like everyone already went home for the night.” You groan as you slump down on the counter with two elbows pinned to the cool, marble surface. 
“It’s a Friday night, of course they’d leave. Ugh, I can’t believe you actually have to go to work tomorrow and Sunday as well. Jin should just let you live in his office, that way would be much more convenient.” 
Jimin suddenly squeezes your cheeks between his fingers and he uses his baby voice. “But then I wouldn’t be able to see you in the morning.” He pouts so cutely.
“Hey pipsqueaks. I’m going to dinner with Sonia and her husband so don’t wait up. Close up and don’t forget to restock the pantry, I have all the boxes sitting in the hallway next to my office for your convenience. Also, don’t forget to clock yourselves out. Y/N, make sure you use Yoongi’s name instead of your own, good bye now.” Seokjin seems to be in a hurry as he closes the door and rushes to his car. You and Jimin stare at each other, more caught up in the moment than ever. This was the first time you were alone in a big empty space with one of your boyfriends apart from the romantic getaway you had during spring break.
“I guess we should get those boxes?” You rush to get the work done, so you don’t have to worry about jimin eating you out-undressing you with his eyes. You honestly don’t mind both but when a man who looks like your blue-haired princely hunk of a boyfriend just glances at you, it makes for a very different reaction altogether.
“All done, now we’ll have to sweep the floors.” Jimin says after you finish toiling for another 30 minutes or so.
“Um, I already did that.” You hear another voice come from further down the hallway, next to Seokjin’s office. You open the supply room to find a mysterious man that you’ve never seen before.
“Who are you?” You ask him as he stares down at you with beady eyes.
“Oh shit, you weren’t supposed to find out about me! I’m..can you keep a secret?” Jimin peers into the room with curious eyes, nodding as the strange man begins to talk in an incomprehensible language. “I don’t have a name. I’m actually just a robot that Jin built when he was bored. I’m one of his successful side projects, actually. The name’s IQ148N. I know you may feel disgusted at first, this is known as what you may call the “uncanny valley.” I am not human, rest assured.” You were tired. Maybe your mind was making things up? However, since Jimin was also right beside you and staring directly at the “robot” with a shocked expression, you could tell he could see him too.
“Look man, we’re both tired and we just want to go home.” The man casts an unnaturally wide smile at you both as you and Jimin prepare to take your leave. It has been a long time since he’s interacted with other humans besides his creator. He was excited to see you in action. You, on the other hand, were totally out of it today.
You were utterly exhausted. Hopefully Yoongi’s day went better than yours and you’d be able to hear good news from him. Once he says he’s successful, you can surprise him again with your second gift! You were mostly excited over the first part, though. Yoongi is really talented, and anyone who doesn’t see it doesn’t have taste.
“I’m not holding you up, am I? Sorry, Seokjin said I have to leave you guys alone if I was to ever come in contact with another human. I am aware that he is running a café of sorts?” You were surprised that Jin even remembered to program his robot so that he was self aware. You know even if this guy wasn’t acting like he was a robot, Jin would make sure that no one did your job for you.
“He’s a smart cookie. Kit, how about we lock up now? Um, Mishter Robot is that alright with you?”
“Oh, I live here. It’s fine. Just do as Jin told you.” You found it peculiar that this strange man was keeping up the charade, even as you and Jimin shut off all the lights and you locked all the doors. You knew one thing for sure, and that was that he was not a threat. So you both just shrugged it off and drove back home.
                                    ༻• At Home •༺
“Love, why you so blue?” Jimin snuggles up to his boyfriend as soon as he arrives home.
“I’m just a little out of it. The producer didn’t like my tracks. He said it wasn’t his style so I should just keep trying my hardest and that he sees potential in me but he won’t be able to support me.” Ouch. Jimin knew that Yoongi wanted this to work out. Even though his boyfriend won’t admit it, he really had his hopes up for this side project.
“It’s alright. One failure is nothing, as long as you can see the clear path ahead of you, everything will be alright.” Yoongi scrunches his forehead, worry lines forming on his glabella as his boyfriend pulls him into a tight embrace. The older man falters in returning his affection before finally giving up and sinking into the hug.
A knock at the door resounds as you interrupt your boyfriends from their alone time. Jimin immediately scrambles to his feet, leaving Yoongi looking after him as he warily sinks down into the mattress as he always does every other day, even when he’s in a good mood.
“Sorry for springing this on you guys, but Jaehyun called and he was super upset with me. I don’t know what happened but he was screaming through the phone and he sounded like he was mad at me. I don’t know what I did wrong and I don’t have anyone else to talk to so can I come in?”
“Of course.” You didn’t want to seem like a hindrance as Jimin moved aside so you could walk into the room. They had decorated the room well, collecting things, rearranging things, and really making their own space despite being limited to only one room. You know things are a lot different when a couple lives together but it feels natural for them, after all Jimin and Yoongi were the perfect couple in your eyes when they first moved into the house.
You were living with them too, but they were just closer. You knew it from the moment Jimin told you that he had a boyfriend. You no longer felt that jealousy you once felt in the past, but you did feel a little out of place, being surrounded by two wonderful men who only looked out for your best interests. Your old friends were nice but Jimin and Yoongi take the cake for the best friends in the world. You became something of a bye-girl, since you weren’t hanging out with your old circle of friends as often. Balancing school, boyfriends, and friends was becoming a challenge. You still texted them but they were always too busy to hang out.
“Sit down and tell us what happened. Come.” Yoongi pats the spot beside him as you climb onto the bed with all your strength. Once again the spotlight was on you, and even though Yoongi didn’t show it, you knew he was annoyed.
You were supposed to be comforting him, this was his moment. But if you didn’t sort things out with Jaehyun it would mean losing another friend, a valuable one at that. You truthfully liked Jaehyun better than Jungkook, even though you had a terrible impression of him for the past few years. You shouldn’t have believed the rumors, nor followed Jasmine around like a puppy. Because of that, you missed out on a potentially amazing friendship right from the get-go.
“He called me a bitch and accused me of lying. Then I heard a few voices in the background before he started cussing me out. I don’t even know what I did to upset him.” Your eyes droop from the sensation of heaviness. You don’t know if it’s stress or an illness, all you know is that you feel a bit light-headed.
“Lie down, kitten. We’ll take care of things from here.” You believe them, with all your heart.
When you come to, your vision is a bit blurred and you can see the faint outline of a man on his knees. Once your vision focuses, you see them clearly. Yoongi and Jimin are interrogating Jaehyun as he begs for their forgiveness…?
“What’s happening? When you said you’d take care of things this wasn’t what I pictured..” You slide off the comfortable bed before slipping on a pair of Jimin’s fluffy bunny slippers and walking over to the group.
“We did! I mean, we are? It was a misunderstanding all along. Turns out, Jae here was manipulated and he called you after Jasmine gave him some “new information” about you.” Jimin explains, as Yoongi puts a hand on his hip and you help Jaehyun stand up.
“I’m right here, you know? I can speak for myself.” 
“Right, sorry. Go ahead.” Yoongi observes as the boy tucks his hands into his pockets. Something is unnatural with his stance, he can tell right away that he is hiding something in his sweatshirt. He noticed it when they first called him over to the house and he fell to their feet, begging for forgiveness. Yoongi didn’t know this guy well, so he kept his guard up regardless of what you said.
Jaehyun didn’t know that you were poly. All three of you still hadn’t told him about that yet and Yoongi bet that was something that he was still trying to figure out. He met Jimin once already, who also introduced himself as your boyfriend, but Yoongi didn’t come into contact with him until you called him and Jimin to drive you to the police station. You got bad vibes from that kid. He’s not telling you something.
                                  ༻• Night •༺ 
“Yoongz, what do you want for dinner?” You ask as you prepare a meal for the three of you. Your mom was working a night shift again so you were alone again.
“Are all the people you surround yourself with snakes like Jasmine and Jungkook?” Yoongi purposefully left Jaehyun’s name out of his mouth because he knew you would be quick to defend him. You still trusted him, after all. (For some odd reason that Yoongi couldn’t possibly fathom)
“What do you mean? I have plenty of friends back at school. I still need to make plans with them, good thinking Yoongi.” You quickly get to work, texting your friends as the water boils on the stove. 
Jimin ends up making some spaghetti and meatballs for you and Yoongi, accidentally burning the meatballs since he left them simmering for too long. Then he serves it on two plates, forgetting about his own serving for a moment.
You and Yoongi share your food with him anyways, feeding him so much that he actually gets more full than you do. You don’t mind, your boyfriend deserves to be spoilt. 
You and Yoongi stay behind to wash the dishes, one person washing and the other drying. Things go awry quickly as Yoongi splashes you with soapy dishwater and you end up getting wet from the fight.
You both head straight upstairs to change, and once Yoongi sees the sight of you in one of his sweatshirts, he goes absolutely bonkers. You’ve never seen him so into it before, as he slips his cock inside you with ease after shedding the first few layers of clothes. There wasn’t much, he just pulled down his pants and boxers and started fucking you through your shorts like an animal in heat.
You found it arousing actually, how Yoongi fucked you so animalistically. You loved the feeling of his cock inside your cunt, and despite him wearing a condom, you still felt full as if he was stuffing you with cum the entire time.
Later that night you have another sleepover with them, mostly making out with them and teasing them through their clothes as you innocently watched a barbie movie for the millionth time. Of course, when they start slipping their fingers between your drenched folds, you know you’re fucked. You were wearing nothing but a short pink nightgown, similar to the one you wore in the Cabin when you weren’t doing something dirty with one of them.
The boys love how you look in frills, almost as much as they love seeing you in lace. You don’t have any money, so it’s not like you can just buy that stuff when you feel like it. The boys loved seeing you naked regardless.
Within a matter of minutes, your panties were on the floor, along with your clothes and hair tie. The boys loved seeing you so vulnerable, even though you aren’t that vulnerable to begin with. They made you shudder at their touch, they made you into their own cockslut. You enjoy being used by them.
You lie on your back as both men fuck your mouth, kissing each other and playing with their nipples. The sight is pure sin, as you watch them with saliva dribbling down your chin and they close their eyes, playful smiles plastered on their blushing cheeks as you slobber on their cocks.
“Shit, I just got a text,” You groan, momentarily detaching from your boyfriends before rolling over to check your phone in case your mom had something to tell you. You suddenly shoot up, startling your boyfriends with your sudden movement. “She picked my dad up at the airport and they’re coming home. Guys, I’m not ready.” You feel tears welling up in your eyes as Jimin and Yoongi pull you into a hug, and the two stay like that for a while before you pick up your own clothes and go change into a more decent pair of underwear and pajamas.
You decide to head downstairs to wait for your father on the dining table, your legs swinging over the stool as you play a game on your phone. Then, the texts start flooding in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yoonmindatabase · 5 hours ago
My charlemagne
AO3: My charlemagne
Author: justhismorning
Rating: Mature 
Paring: Yoonmin (Background Namjin)
Characters: Min Yoongi, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Kim Namjoon, Jeon Jungkook, Jung Hoseok, Kim Seokjin.  
Chapters & Status: 5/5  // Completed;
Words: 25,264
Tags: AU!Idols, Idol!Jimin, Assistant!Yoongi, SlowBurn, Friends to Lovers, Light Angst with a Happy Ending.
Summary: “Yoongi. It’s 2am, you’re sleeping, and you get a call - and you pick up, because your phone is henceforth never on silent - Jimin says he wants a foot rub. You say?”
Yoongi grit his teeth and shook his shoulder to get Namjoon’s hand off. “I say, wow, personal assistants should really unionise”. 
Namjoon’s eyes widened in a picture of pure horror. “No. No, Yoongi, you don’t say that. What do you say?”
Yoongi looked up at the white ceiling lights. “Yes, Your Highness. Do you need your ass wiped with that?”
(In which Yoongi goes from partner in law firm to Park Jimin’s errand boy. But they’re both going through something career-wise, and maybe they can help each other out). 
[My Opinion]: Didn’t know I needed Assistant!Yoongi and Petty!Jimin until this happened
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kkh7 · 13 hours ago
Jimin love language seems to be "words of affirmation" 😊
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vkookiesblog · 14 hours ago
This one is all i ever wanted from yoonmin :))
Abo dynamics
Bullies and fights are involved too
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heearchetypesblog · a day ago
JM: am I allowed to tell you that you look pretty cute in that pink hat?
YG: am I allowed to leave you here 'cause you smell like a liar "i'm not become that irritating when I drink beer baby"?
JM: That wasn't nice Yoonie...
YG: ...
JM: You can't be mad right now
YG: ...
JM: 'Cause you love me
YG: ...
JM: and you have to be nice with me if you love me
YG: ...
JM: If not, I won't be nice to you in bed afterward when...
Tumblr media
Sooo..... Yoonie is a shy boy and Jiminnie is a reckless boy (when he's drunk) 😶
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yoonminfic-recs · a day ago
hey do you have good yoonmin canon compliant fanfics?:)
hello yes of course! here are a few:
you can hear it in the silence (you’re in love) by raplinelover (5k)
fluffy and cutesy with the tiniest bit of angst
Movie Night by maia_archives (8k)
basically just smut 👀
(feat. Jimin) by dawnstruck (10k)
takes place after bts disbands (members still have a good relationship though) - yoongi and jimin reunite and make some music together :)
Hello, I'm Min Yoongi, and I'm not desperately in love with you. by Giveme5minutes (13k)
yoongi pines after jimin, jimin is kinda oblivious, and all the other members just observe and laugh
흰 여름 ('White Summer') by dawnstruck (24k)
canon compliant where bts releases some gay content. think this is pretty classic. i think it’s a pretty great characterization of the members. just really cute with some angsty moments
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