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#yes i know i shouldnt joke about that
Me: My last sexual encounter with a man was bad but it didn't make me like CRAZY crazy. It was probably something else that did that
My brain: you can literally crack walnuts with your bare hands now bc of how hard you tried to kill him
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dramarising-replacement · 21 hours ago
The sequel to: Literally nobody asked for this and I'm doing it anyways This time as an update!
Why wouldn’t you be able to sell it? Some people like making money OP -yes, but that market would be too easy for rich players to exploit, so it's a no. while it could help so that newer players that get a good egg could possibly sell it for even more if the colors are matchy, i cant really think of a way to prevent it from just adding to gen1 only lairs with 1000 gems at all times.
I think this was supposed to be a joke or something. -somewhat! i know it would never happen, as it's complete bullshit that comes out of nowhere, but it was a semi-serious exercise in how to introduce mechanics to pre existing games. but yeah, mainly a joke, cause it's never actually going to happen, and i also dont really want it to.
Breeding eggs… What?- OP, tell me what u took last night -ambien, if i remember right. sure, technically i shouldnt have it, but parents know best amiright?
and yeah take nothing i have done seriously, assume i am either high or out of my mind.
why do people make overly long and elaborate site suggestions on FR drama sites and not, you know, on FR’s actual fucking suggestions forum -bc this is not an actual suggestion, its a fake one meant to have fun and maybe piss people off. i did not make that very clear in my post, sorry about that.
What a long way to say “I hate snobs”. -sounds like me! :)
The absolute irony of crying about G1 people being snobby while trying to make a dragon special by creating a subspecies is chefs kiss delicious. Nothing wrong with subspecies just that OP is talking out they ass. -i meant like. for lore reasons? yall make subspecies for pricing reasons? damn. i might have to change a few forum threads to lore-specific rq
I dont get why people gotta be so rude and downplay people’s disappointment:/ -im funny like that. and also a vindictive dick. but let's stick with funny.
Hey.. uh wasn’t A___ a regular normal user who had that luck cult form around them because they were pretty lucky their first week? They’re not just some ‘fanon luck god’. This should’ve been censored. :/ -shit, my bad. thank you for telling me! (this sounds sarcastic, but seriously, thank you.)
so this anon should support a way to make any dragon a G1 then, I mean I’d respect them if they did -thank you for the inspiration!
what about that egg i got from the coli and hatched myself on my birthday and it was a neat primal -you got a primal on your birthday from rng? congrats, that's really awesome! i wouldnt really say that other people getting primals now cheapens it, having a special day primal myself, but we're different people and all. congratulations on your special hatch!
do you guys have anything better to do lmfao -nope! rip me ig, but then again i'm a teenager w/ no job in a terrifying pandemic and maybe some people i know are dead of plague, which is a rather common experience now, so sometimes you gotta make long posts laughing over dragon games. it's fun and totally not unhealthy!
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misterbitches · 4 days ago
being a fan of chengren is a death sentence it seems like bc this story is so poorly written and disjointed that we get NO FUCKING TIME WITH THEM and im not joking but xing si and the rapist dude and that awful family take up way too much time in the sense that it honestly sours your feelings for a bit. i skip around a lot but sometimes i want to laugh at how stupid and mind-boggling it is but i realize how much that dampens my feelings when i get to the people i want to see. and a show shouldnt be like that, even with questionable characters. it just sucks and i think a big part of it is how contradictory the message of the show is as well. you have this imperfect couple in a really weird genre and a horrible series but they can get their main relationships (usually) uh i wouldnt say right. but they are there.
everything about chengren is so fucking opposite? there's also just how fucking awkward they made the writing when their conclusion was of course what they were hinting at (sometimes i'm like so did half of you like go to film school or are experienced in the field if you didnt—cos it's a fucking racket and a scam—because sometimes it's like oh gee some decent production but mostly it's like did ANY of you read the LAST SCENE you JUST WROTE?) like imagine how much better of a time we could have spent without the top/bottom discourse particularly since htey directly tied it to rape.
which is another thing, i get that this is fetishization and projection of patriarchy and bullshit of the highest order but for the love of god it literally harms every single group you're purporting to support with the constantly conflation of sexuality with LITERAL SEX especially especially when it comes to consent. people aren't gay or attracted to people on the spectrum or same-sex or whatever because of trauma nor do they have to be set in stone. i mean i have to critique the genre as a whole when i comment because without the whole shitty structure it could be different but it isn't and that's what happens when shit is appropriated and removed from its owners so the people in these groups want nothing to do with it mostly, which is evident.
as a woman/as women it's okay to acknowledge that too like we are being voyeurs in a sense watching this, i mean we are participating in the shit, but like exploitation is par for the course. the thing is it rests on OUR exploitation as well because it is about women and yes that's fucked up and strange but that is literally capitalism at work. that's why this is so easy to spread and it's soft power.
but then to get to the point after 8 episodes about a dick going in a butt the writers are like "oh these grown men actually know how to have conversations we totally forgot that they can talk about sex and be done with this convo in two seconds"
Tumblr media
TO BE FAIR....that was a good convo and it was a good conclusion since they included it at every turn in the worst way possible. i have one more complaint (probably more) but when muren is drugged or whatever the frame of anson chen's body / his back when teng teng sees him gives me nightmares. it is so visually unappealing and i'm angry that someone looked at that frame and the blocking and went "this is good yes" his body makes no sense in that shot and it isn't sensual he reminds me of a fucking titan and i don't like it. UGH THEY SHOULD HAVE RAISED THE CAMERA OR SOMETHING. IT GIVES ME NIGHTMARES.
we all need to talk to the production team. i don't know how much credit i can give them (i'll go with none until they pay off my film school debt) because the actors carry so much weight for why we like chengren. i think because they are older, more comfortable as actors, so the stupid shit they say seems more plausible. and because the two can play off each other and have that comfort it really seems like them. they also make these stupid lines of dialogue their own. there's lots of room for improvement, i think on anson's part especially, but even if they say things that are just ridiculous, we don't have so much cringe. idk because i know that the rest of the show is just so fucking dumb and im like....idek i cannot give anyone but them (anson, charles) credit (oh and the poor crew members like lighting and shit who had to stand around for this garbage my god)
sadly i think they may be my fav couple from history. which is really saying something because this is an ACTUAL nightmare.
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a-place-to-vent · 14 days ago
"Y'know, im so glad youre my friend" You smile, leaning against me. I smile back, and back then it was genuine. "i am too."
"Oh thats so cool! I am too, it'd be cool if we could do it together." You're excited, glad to have found someone similar. But uneasy settles in the pit of my stomach, for though it was a joke it was about someone close to me. Im sorry
"No one is interested." "I just wish someone was interested." I cant help you there. I shouldnt have to. Im sorry
"Can we do it again?" "I'm busy/I dont feel up for it now." "Its the only thing keeping me positive right now." You say it truthfully, ignorant to the weight behind it. Ignorant to how much I'm hiding my feelings. Im sorry
"I think this would be good." "That doesn't fit though." I want to please you, but you keep changing everything that is mine. Im sorry "But it will be fun!"
"Can this be an official part of it?" "I dont know, I'd have to change stuff." I didnt want to change anything. I dont want to change what is mine just to make you happy. Im sorry "I'll help you change it! Please, i really want this."
"Can you do this for me?" You can't just ask that. You can't ask me to do something so big. "But I don't want to. I dont have the energy." I don't have the energy to do it. They aren't mine. I'm beginning to wish you weren't either. Im sorry
"You hate it." "No." But i might be starting to. Im sorry "Yes you do. You keep saying you dont but you do. I can give you examples."
"I need some space." "Why wont you let me support you?" Because you're hurting me. Im sorry
"You keep doing this." "No i dont! I swear i havent done it at all." You have. its not jsut me that says that.
"I probably wont be available when you get back." thats not the first time youve said that.
"I've given you a ton of time." You have, but life hasn't. Its not just you in my life.
"I'm done. Youve treated me horribly." Yes, but youve done the same to me. I'm so sorry.
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milkytheholy · 26 days ago
5 years alternative ending
Okay okay, yes i know i shouldnt but i just really wanted to see if theres a way to possibly get an alternate ending to 5 years? I love it but i just cant stip the idea of them traveling in the future and there a sweet babes sitting in there bouncer excited to see dad and dang fam im a sucker for the idea of him seeing they have a dmaily in the future. If you dont wanna fo this i compeletly understand
A/N: It’s weird how many people have asked me for them to have kids, but I guess if that’s what you guys want to see then here is a short version 2, if you will, of five years. Be sure to read the original or it won’t really make much sense, this is just the ending. Enjoy!
TMNT masterlist
Ultimate masterlist
Read the original
Tumblr media
“The frames broken, if we didn’t actually move from your lab then I can go fix them.”
“Only one way to find out then, huh?” Donnie spoke, his hand trembling as he turned the door. He couldn’t focus on one exact feeling at the moment, was he flustered from you being so close to him, excited that he could have possibly just discovered the key to time travel or completely nervous about…well…everything. Stepping back as best you could, you watched as Donnie slowly opened the metal door. The light from the room beamed into the darkened pod, blinding you instantly before soon adjusting. Donnie took the first step out, not saying a word, perhaps he was in awe that he actually time-travelled; the guy was probably speechless.
He couldn’t believe his eyes, the lab, his lab, was…baby-proofed? Plug sockets were covered, his dangerous tools were placed on high shelves, screws and nails were filed away safely; Donnie had never seen his lab so clean and organised. You came around him, marvelling at the clean lab, “This is definitely not your lab,” you joked, running your finger over the spotless desk.
“What’s that meant to mean? My labs clean,” he argued with a pout, but all debates fell silent when he picked up a photograph on his desk; a family photograph to be more specific. His brothers were wrapped with their arms over each other, Master Splinter in the middle of them, you and Donnie were stood off to the side with two smaller turtles by your feet. Who were they?
Little pitter-patters of feet echoed around the lair, child-like laughter accompanying it. You glanced at Donnie with a raised brow, “Okay, your brothers are pretty stealthy but there is no way their footsteps are that light.” he could only nod in agreement. Donnie wasn’t a moron, quite the opposite, in fact, he could easily put together one and two to make three.
“(Y/N)?” he spoke, his tone unnerving. You looked at him lost, you could tell from the panic in his eyes that he was deep in thought, wandering around the caverns of his mind. First, there was the baby-proofing of his lab, the light footsteps and high laughter from outside, but the icing on the cake was the photograph. They had your eyes.
“Mommy, daddy! Barb is painting on the walls again!” Marie cried, slowly edging the lab doors open until she could squeeze her small body through. She tumbled into the lab with a sense of urgency, practically beaming when she caught you and Donnie just stood there. She rangled your leg around her arms, jostling you a small bit as she tattled on her sister.
“I-what?” you muttered out, lost for words. You quickly glanced at Donnie, a similar expression on his face, a look of anxiety but curiosity. Next another small turtle barrelled into the room, her hands covered in red and blue paint, her shell coated in purple blobs, “Look daddy, I made your favourite colour!” she mused, showcasing her purple fingertips at him. All Donnie could do was nod, the reality of these being your children slowly settling into his mind.
Both kids looked confused, why weren’t their parents responding to them? “Mommy?” Marie called out, tugging on the fabric of your jeans, startled you looked down at her with a wobbly smile. She stretched her hands out to you implying she wanted to be picked up, which you did, you stared at her face, studying all the familiar details. Her eyes were just like Donnie’s: rich golds and deep yellows encased with an added sparkle, she had freckles lining her snout, eyelashes long and curled just right; she even had a little gap on the top row of her teeth, just like Donnie.
Marie frowned at you again, “Mommy why aren’t you saying anything?” she pouted, arms crossing over her chest, adorable was a word that came to mind. “Oh ok, well, what did your…sister do?” Marie darted a glare at her sister, Barb, before replying to you in a snooty manner “She was painting over the walls.” she declared. Painting? You loved painting!
Barb made grabby hands to Donatello, wanting to be picked up like her sister. Donnie complied, albeit with reluctance, he tried to keep her messy hands away from him but soon his shoulder were red and blue; eliciting a small giggle from you.
“Oh you think this is funny?” he teased, a small smirk sketched onto his face. You nodded your head meekly, “I do,” you beamed. Donnie shared a look with the child in his arms, his beak going to her ear to whisper his devious plan, she clapped her hands in excitement, eyes going wide; “Got it!” He placed her back on the floor and immediately she rushed over to you, her hands splattered on your jeans leaving small handprints stained onto the fabric. You put Mariie back on the floor as you made an attempt to run behind Donnie, he simply grabbed you by the shoulders and forced you to take the brunt; a wicked grin on his lips.
Eventually, Barb stopped and rested against the floor, her painted-covered hands drying up. Your claw-like grip on Donnie's shoulder was released earning a sigh of relief from the terrapin, you gazed into his eyes, full of love and hope for the future. You couldn't believe this is what your life would turn out like, a small family, a husband, children. You really did it all!
"Why do you guys go find your...uncles, I'm sure they'll paint with you." Donnie offered, crouching down enough to be eye-level with them. The two girls screamed and made a dash for the lab door, stumbling as they went, "I call dibs on Uncle Mikey!" Marie shouted. Barb wasn't that far behind her, you were only now able to see the mass amount of paint on her shell and legs, "Nooo Marie, you don't even like art!" she wailed.
Once they left a feeling of peace enveloped the lab, you could feel a warmth spread through your hand at the touch of Donatello's. "So?" he mused, "So?" you replied with a grin, "We seem to have a pretty good life waiting for us here, huh?"
"You got that right," you cheered following him back to the time travel pod. Shuffling into the tight space, you questioned who named the children: "Marie?"
"Marie Curie," the name rolled off of his tongue, he turned his head to you the best he could, "Barb?"
"Barbara Kruger," you replied with ease.
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5sorrows · 27 days ago
okay im on my parx brainrot. tantrum watch what happens next and numb is a trilogy click for elaboration
ok so. fundamentally all of these songs are about how the music industry is fucked (and tantrum partially abt awsten's realtionships BUT THATS NOT THE POINT) but you can really see how harder and harder it gets to distinguish between parx being satirical and engaging and awsten just being pissy because people are mean about his music.
so firstly, tantrum. very heartfelt track, has a very special place in my heart. it's very overt with its themes, but it works out for it because the honesty counterweighs the cliches. its a baller move to namedrop your exs' boyfriends and admit that youre only prominent in the scene is because youre #quirky and white, ill admit.
then we get to wwhn and this is where shit gets messy. any good writer will tell you mixing satire with earnesty is HARD. and i don't think awsten does it really well. obviously this will be different for everyone, but while i obviously understood the pre-chorus is a joke, its parodying the plethora of songs about bragging about wealth (which is a big staple in hiphop but lets not get into that), i dont think the chorus is one. and then thats just fucking funny, because while yes it is a given that you should be cool about artists changing their artistic direction, no one owes parx listening to their music. and i understand that this realization must be terrifying to a large creator and you gotta vent somewhere but dude making it a single? so your fans can sing along to how you hate people who don't like your new music? and once again, the entire song could be satire, but i wouldnt know!!! i shouldnt have to read genius annotations and listen to interviews to realize if a musician is kidding or not when he basically says 'fuck whoever doesnt like my new stuff'
and then finally numb. now, im in fact very sensitive to the fact that its a well known cliche that an artist must be suffering in order to create good art and how it affects artists' mental health, but numb, and again IN MY OPINION, doesnt express this frustration very well. this is slightly off topic but not really, namedropping your own music is just kinda tacky. he again mixes narratives which are very difficult to pull off well together, that being success despite society's preconceptions and challenging audience's expecations and in awsten's case it just comes off as 'you all dont like my music but im still cute lol'. which concludes the saga in which i can neither reasonably argue that numb is satirical nor that its totally earnest. it sure is................a song.
SIDENOTE: if there are any songs in the annoying awsten cinematic universe (aacu) feel free to add your own two cents i just havent listened to parx' whole discography.
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bunnyriviere · a month ago
my god i cant get my head out of this mess so imma rant, then MAYBE i can focus on my assignment like damn babe i thought your passion is stats, why are you obsessing over a guy that doesnt care enough. huh? care about stats instead babe!!!!!! i just want to only have to care about maths but i know my life is ruined if i dont have relationships, so i try. but i must suck at it so bad if everything just ends in flame like this, im so tired im teary eyes.
im on my phone and honestly dont know how to do the uh line to cut short the post so if anybody unfortunately see this im sr :(
this is not even about a romantic relationship, i dont even know why i just couldnt like a person like that but damn fine. this is about a male friend i made in grade 11 i guess. i have never liked men. im afraid of them and dont want to have to interact with them ever. i know its bad and i should change but i just really want them away from me im sorry..... so i wasnt even friendly with him, but i was polite, i know how to be a decent person. he was friendly and nice and friends to all which only made me think aw geez just stop being friendly i know this is not because you like me. but i was eating the snack he brought to class anytime he brought it without much thought cause he offered i aint gonna say no. all the while still not consider him a friend. not until a friend said im not being nice if im eating his food while still not seeing him as a friend. and i have always feel bad about not being friendlier towards men in general and he made the 1st move which made it easier for me to just go along. so i did and thats how we became friends.
hes really nice and i mean it. i think really highly of him. maybe its just me having bad luck so i havent met many that are nice?? i really believe they are just myth tbh, im about to settle for that thought. and this guy is really how i wish is the standard for all men. hes just that good, i have no complain. i truly like him and glad that my friend said something cause otherwise we probably wouldnt be friends.
again no romantic feeling. i just have to, remind the invisible audiences of this post i guess.
now we all know covid. and because of it, i couldnt come home and wanted to lay in bed even more than normal. so i didnt push for it when he said he couldnt meet anybody in the summer because he didnt want to accidently give somebody it. just saying that cause this is a 2 ways road right, nothing is ever only his fault, its also mine. i want to rant about my feelings but i dont want to dismiss any mistakes i made yk. so we didnt meet up then.
christmas came and before then we were talking about christmas gift and i didnt wanna any so i didnt prepare anything also. this person is too nice and i dont want him to feel bad. but anw i just thought maybe we can still meet up even if its not for gift exchanging. but i didnt ask or anything at all cause well, hes from here, he has family and friends that are definitely closer to him, and he had work. i know hes busy and if he wanna hang out he know where to find me. i just dont want to accidentally add something more onto his list of to do. he would be too nice to say no. and we are not that close i dont want to add more work for him. i dont have relatives or friends here other than him so im free anytime if he wanted to meet up. but that didnt happen, i dont think we talked at all. which fine i hate to admit but i was hurt. ugh hate showing how vulnerable i am. yuck. yikes. -100/10.
i just didnt think about it? i didnt try to reach out either so that was my fault too but just, if he didnt care then i wont either. so i really didnt think about him anymore.
came reading week! it really was 1 year from the last time i saw him honestly. he asked to meet up and if i want to go somewhere and tbh no im in the countryside rn is that the corect word so there are no place to go. but i remembered this 2ndhand place i like to go sometimes and i hadnt gone in a while so why not. so we agreed on that. and i know he was probably just tired, and there are people who sigh a lot, its not uncommon. but not seeing him for a long while and knowing this is a place i suggested, him doing that really made me feel bad. i probably shouldnt, but couldnt get the thought that he was probably doing this just because hes friendly not because hes friend with me. it fucking sucked. when we got out and he dropped me back at my home i still felt so bad he didnt get to enjoy himself so i asked if we could watch jojo together. yeah he loves jojo. i dont really care for anime im so sr i prefer realing manga lmao sr.
now ok maybe im still being dumb, probably. but tldr i truly believe people can be friends and affectionate even when they are from opposite sex. it didnt work out so well cause i got molested lmao cause some other guy thought that was cool to do. so that honestly worsen my uh wariness of men. but like i said, i think ive said it, i trust this person. honestly i do, we hug a lot and i had never felt afraid of it. i believe he wont do anything. im just really comfortable around him. so we cuddled while watching anime, that had happened before im really sr if you think thats wrong, i still believe that could happen.
but maybe its because i was tense from thinking he really didnt enjoy hanging out with me that much. i kept connecting remembering what the molester did and while i just knew i swear i knew he wouldnt do anything like that, i couldnt get it out of my head. i felt bad for that but there were just 2 things that happened so similar to what happened with the molester. haizz he kinda laced our fingers together but it wasnt handholding, same thing happened once before with m-dude and it felt weird but i didnt want to question that friendship so i didnt. and at some point of jojo i kinda jumped and he held me back, not pulled me back or anything but was holding me in place, and it was probably to make me feel safe but honestly if anybody even use a little bit of force i will just think of when i finally got the courage to turn around to confront the other dude for touching me, he held me back and i couldnt move at all. i think i froze a bit.
argh back to the main story. see how i totally suck? hahaha just blaming this friend for something somebody else did. im so sorry, i suck.
well after that we picked up talking again but idk! was it me overthinking? was it? because it felt like he didnt want to talk to me at all. it was, how to say it. he was friendly yes he talked hmm. damn how-- it felt like he didnt care for what i said. its a feeling idk how to put into words. and that sucks. he didnt seem interested in me before, felt happy enough when we cuddled, then back to being uninterested. i knew i know he doesnt want me romantically. damnit am i only good now for hugs. are we friends? what i meant is not sex but am i only good for physical stuff? i dont fucking know, the m-dude obviously just want a fwb and i was to trusting to notice. is this my gut feeling or my anxiety idk!
another side story. another guy suddenly expressed interested in me right when covid hit but it was because he couldnt get over his ex so i stopped talking to him for a while and picked it back up when i thought he was no longer idk being annoying about it. i thought he had to at least like me as a person to even express he liked me romantically. but apparently not. he looked so uniterested suddenly and denied when i asked, then stopped reading my texts.
so you see. i just cant if haiz ok do- do anybody like me? just as a person? idk.
god i knew i fucking suck for being so sensitive and anxious and im sr for wanting stuff but maybe i want you to look like you care a bit when i said you are reminding me of the m-dude, instead of saying ok we can talk less then. i already felt like you dont want to talk to me, you dont have to say that...
officially crying heyho.
just saying no you dont dont like talking to me when your actions were saying the opposite is not cutting it either... i also thought highly of the covid confession guy too but what happened now. im sorry for comparing you to others! but i learn from experiences... and this was sus... (yah its a joke i cant help it.)
and if i just agreed and stopped talking to him right it just, felt like a confirmation that yeah its true hes just letting me hug him not because im his friend and he knows i like hugs so he lets me. but its more like its convenient that a girl is hugging him so he wont say no. something like that. that sucks. thats all im good for. if i were his friend, it would include the talking too.
ah!! i know we are not close, we are both casual friend. he is definitely not on my top list to tell stuff to but damn i still like him enough to hurt. and to not asking for too much.
so anw i kept talking with the anxiety that never got solved and that made me frustrated and i picked at his insecurity to made him hate me enough to stop talking to me cause i couldnt bring myself to stop, id feel so bad. this is really toxic and i admit this is not the first time ive done it, to a different person but its the same thing.
hahaha act like i hate him while just want him to see how i feel so bad. yeah im a tsundere.
it worked so i stopped talking to him for a week and focused on talking to my other friends. friends i know without a doubt love me and want me because i really didnt feel that with him at all. sorry i know you were tired with covid.
that made me felt better and i was not in panic mode anymore, i can calmly assess things now. and before, i felt bad because i truly believed i was just seeing things, i couldnt see pass my anxiety and was blaming him for what, nothing. he did want to talk to me. but my mind was clearer after that one week and yeah i cant really make more excuses? yes i was sensitive and made things worse, but there must be something for me to pick up first. it didnt just come out of thin air.
so i sent him some texts saying that, because just leaving without a word is bad communication. i have to tell him and at least give him a chance to change i guess? did he need change? im doubting myself.
i- hm he just said yeah his look and way of talking really make him look like hes tired and uninterested, and laughed at my marie kondo joke. you know the one. idk! all i saw in that was yeah thats how it is, accept it. and i-- i, cant? i dont want to... i dont want to :(
but my mindset for just about anything is value the process, not the result, like as long as you put work in! thats great! and he- he was, talking... he put work in..... i would feel so bad to deny it. but at the same time, it was not enough... i hate! to say you need to do at least this and that! but it didnt feel like enough..... im sorry :(((( i am.
ive talked about my tendency to lash out. last time i didnt want it but i had to get away quick so i didnt mean it but i still did it. but this time i was truly angry. because i just wished there was more care for me but i know that was all there was, and i couldnt do anything about it. couldnt even ignore him. he was even drier then, and i got it, i lashed out at him, ofc he wasnt going to be friendly. but just why were you trying so hard... no, no it was not trying hard, you were answering texts at the speed of once every 2 days. why were you answering at all? you clearly didnt want to. but again so was i. did i really have a say.
so i sent angry texts at him. about how fake his friendliness was, did he really consider me friend, why did he keep saying no it was not that he was uninterested while it was obvious that he was. also that i want to fight him. i really do want to. hopefully he will beat me up hard enough that i can be in a coma and die in 9 months idk. (listen 9 months is enough time to make a new human, if im not awake by then, you need to let me go, thats my wish.)
he said that no he doesnt like to fight and thats the last text i got from him.
because ofc i dont hate him him, the whole him idk what im saying. just angry and hate that hes not matching me on how we value this relationship i guess. not besties like how he likes to joke, but eh, was hoping more than what i was sensing. i still sent a text being like ok fine do you still want to talk and if so how do you want me to do. but he didnt answer it in time so i decided for him that nah we wont talk anymore.
heyho i was sad, i am sad. and ok hear me out, HEAR ME, i dont use tarot for future but just for my feelings and how to deal with them, and my deck said ok babe this is the end, you will have to move on now. so i will.
tbh lmao for every relationships that i emotionally invested in. i always make an essay on my feelings because thats how i conclude things, and so i wont forget that my feelings are legit. so the moment i started this post, hes dead to me i guess.
wow this post is long. but i did really like him so.
im moving to uni city next month but i know he will leave in the summer so i wont have to worry about seeing him then. and probably not further in the future either, we go to different uni and are quite far away and our common are not gonna question things i dont think. dont think they would even notice, we are not in a group or anything. and even if i do end up meeting him. my feelings while was anger, but it stemmed from sadness and disappointment so it wouldnt be too bad. on the other hand... m-dude..... i am afraid of meeting you, lets please please please not meet damnit.
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reidsnose · a month ago
Tumblr media
overview: reader accidentally falls out of a window while having a late night talk with spencer (loosely based on the song: home by edward shapre and the magnetic zeros)
genre: angst? FLUFF
warning: blood, head injury, hospital visit, overdramatic reader thinks shes dying
a/n: i really really dont know if yall will like this but i do and i think its cute so please lmk what u think ab it :)
Spencer knew it wasn't the safest thing in the world. you did too. but something about sitting on the outside window ledge together, talking and laughing, was far too tempting of an offer to pass up. and besides, it was just over 6 feet off of the ground! whats the worst that could happen?
and so you sat, shoulders smushed together so you could both fit. a blanket wrapped around you both, keeping the cool night air locked out. however, you were so close together (and so flushed) that even without the blanket you'd both still be warm.
you adored nights like this with him, thinking to yourself how you got lucky enough to call him your best friend. to anyone else, it was obvious you two were deeply yet obliviously, painfully in love. you watched as he retold a memory he had of the two of you, eyes widening and hands peeking through the blanket to gesture wildly with each sentence. though you were listening to the story, growing more and more fond of the memory now that it was being told from his perspective, you couldn't help but be distracted by him. his essence. his being. he was...intoxicating.
and then he cut to the punch line and looked to you for a reaction, watching beauty radiate from you as you threw your head back and laughed. he didn't even realize how funny it was until he saw how hard you were laughing. and then you snorted, which of course caused you to laugh more. with tears nearly coming out of your eyes, you wrapped your hands around your aching stomach, trying to control your laughter and completely forgetting that you needed your hands to keep you balanced on the window.
he took you in, a tranquility like no other filling his heart.
and then it happen.
in slow motion he watched you lose your balance, unable to catch his grasp as you fell towards the ground outside. fear coursed through his veins as he tried to calculate every possible out come. and then suddenly time was back to normal, and you were on the floor, a fresh cut on your head.
without missing a beat he jumped out after you, landing far more gracefully than you had.
you felt him lift your head into his lap, barely hearing his muffled words. you nodded when he asked if you could hear him for the fourth time. and then you felt some blood trickle down your face. and you did not do well with seeing your own blood.
that was it. you were gonna die. you never told him how you felt and you were going to die. you could even feel death pulling on your eyelids.
in reality, you had landed on your hip and your head hit a pointy rock. it felt like hell but medically you would be just fine. it looked a lot worse than it actually was, head injuries produce far more blood than other body parts.
spencer knew this as he peeled the cardigan off of his shoulders, bunching it up and applying pressure to your wound.
he picked you up bridal style, trying hard to cradle your head at the same time. he was beyond relieved at how relatively minor this was going to be. you would heal, and you would be ok. he got to his car and gently placed you in the passenger seat before running to the drivers side and taking off as fast as he possible could.
"Spencer," you rasped.
"don't talk very much right now. don't worry i'm going to get you to the hospital just stay awake for me you've probably got a concussion." he explained, looking over worriedly.
"im going to die." you told him, your brain feeling foggy from seeing your own blood.
"no you wont. i promise you wont die."
you went on telling him again and again how you would die and how the team shouldn't cry for you. and he patiently explained every time that you would be ok. and as he carried you into the ER you took one look at the cardigan that had rested against your forehead and convinced yourself 110% that you were on your death bed.
so it was now or never.
"Spencer before i die i want you to know that i love you. i always have. i just had to get it off my chest before i left this world with you still in it." you blurted as the doctors began to take you away.
he stood there, mouth agape at your confession.
"she is not going to die." one of the doctors reassured Spencer before turning on his heels and jogging to catch up with the rest of them.
it had to have been the loss of blood. or maybe a concussion fogged your thinking. or maybe he's in shock and he's hearing things. because there is no possible way that that just happened.
and so he sat in the waiting room for nearly an hour while they stitched up your head, nervously tapping his foot to match the pace of his racing thoughts.
he was thinking through every single moment the two of you had ever shared, wondering if-hoping that there was some truth to your confession, when they called out your name. he shot up faster than he ever had before, even getting a little light headed at the sudden quick stance.
he walked in to see you sitting up, drinking some apple juice that the nurses had brought you. and even then, in a hospital bed with half a dozen stitches in your forehead, you looked more beautiful than ever. he was astonished. absolutely astonished at just how radiant you were. your eyes twinkles as you smiled at him.
"so false alarm.. i didnt die." you joked, trying to hide your embarrassment, handing him a hospital issued jello.
"im so glad youre ok. you know i told you from the start we shouldnt have sat on the window," he chuckled, eyes feeling teary for a reason unknown to him.
"i know i know, you're always right." you giggled a little before wincing in pain from it.
his hand came up and lightly brushed your hair back, soothing you so much your eyes immediately fluttered closed. he had to bring it up, he had to know.
"did you mean it?" he asked.
you tried to control your heart rate while you played it dumb, "well yeah i really did think i was going to die."
"thats not what i meant."
"i know." you admitted. "yes. i meant it. i still mean it and if thats weird for you and you want to leave i completely understand-"
he cut you off by pressing his lips to your own, soft but passionate, tasting of jello.
it was a better profession of love than any speech he could try to make. because regardless of how many big words he used, it wouldn't be enough. not to mention that being around you makes his brain turn into mush, rendering it completely useless.
your heart rate monitor started going absolutely wild, beeping quickly and erratically. you both started laughing into the kiss, reluctantly pulling away. euphoria coursed through your veins, two lovesick bozos in the hospital.
you two talked for a little, buzzed from the kiss., smiling like a couple of idiots. but you were happy. sitting in the hospital with a cracked open head and you were still happy. because Spencer was there. and he makes you happy.
after talking to the doctor and a phone call with hotch, you were told to take two weeks off of work. spencer insisted that he go home early every day so he can come over and take care of you. and that was fiinnneee by you.
ultra mega super cool taglist:
@mac99martin @imhreid @spencersmagic @hollydaisy23 @raelady1184 @a-broken-pact @padfootswife @hey-there-angels @star-stuff-in-the-cosmos @sonnydoesrandomshit @averyhotchner @laurakirsten0502 @reidyoulikeabook @rem-ariiana @spencerreid9 @vampire-overlord @takeyourleap-of-faith @s1utformgg @violetspoetic
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Discord pt 86
[Date: 16/03, 10:14 PM GMT - 16/03, 10:45 PM GMT]
[Direct continuation of pt 85]
Tumblr media
[Maxwell: "youre not looking out for me"]
Baroness: "Oh, but i am! i just want to make sure that things are blooming nicely. :)"
Tumblr media
Maxwell: "quit it with the flower jokes bitch"
Tumblr media
Baroness: "Mona, i'm sure you can find some more medicine for max in one of those first aid kits you have. How about you go check? :)"
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: "i .. of those..? wait i.."
donti(e): "whats wrong mona”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: "how does she know i have more than one first aid kit
they're under the sinks"
Baroness: ":)"
Renboo: "i thought it was very abvious she's watching you guys constantly"
donti: "she watches you.."
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: "yeah but... i dont go under the sink?"
Jack: "pfft. haha"
Little-K1ng: "the first aid kits dont get cracked into unless i like, need something out ofthem"
Jack: "that is funny, actually"
Little-K1ng: "i keep bandaids and other stuff out"
Jack: "no offense"
Renboo: "ok were else would you keep 1st aid kits- and whos to say she hasnt been in your house-"
Maxwell: "how the fuck is this funny jack"
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: "no fair its a little funny in retrospect that ive been keeping them stocked like that but like... unless she, personally, has been in here theres no way for her to know they're there
or whats in them"
Jack: "i don't know. "its fucking creepy to watch people" this and “Jack, my friend, my pal, i know you're concerned!” that. it's a little funny."
Maxwell: "god this is so much happening at once"
[Jack: "i don't know. "its fucking creepy to watch people" this and “Jack, my friend, my pal, i know you're concerned!” that. it's a little funny."]
Renboo: "wel you're not wrong-"
[Little-K1ng: “or whats in them”]
Baroness: “It's important to know what your family has stocked. You never know when you may need something!”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: "dont take shit out of my kits what the fuck
hang on i uh i have to go and check them"
Maxwell: "....."
Little-K1ng: "itll be the one thing i need thats missing
oh ow fuck my head
got really bad vertigo when i stood up fmdghdf"
Tumblr media
Jack: "uh huh. is there anything blooming behind your ears, by chance."
Little-K1ng: "feeling around, im coming up empty handed
no weird little metal buds from me
ive just been on/off sick the last few weeks"
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: "im normally really healthy, but the florescent lights at work have been killing my head
ill keep an eye out and keep you guys updated, at least my eyes work somewhat now
for now ive gotta go check some kits <:)"
Tumblr media
Baroness: "Well, i must be off now. Before i make my leave, i shall leave you with a poem. :) 
fair flower, that dost so comely grow, 
hid in this silent, dull retreat, 
untouch'd thy honey'd blossoms blow, 
unseen thy little branches greet."
Tumblr media
Baroness: "I will see you all soon. :)"
Tumblr media
fetch: “...
what the fuck is she doing here.”
Renboo: “hey fetch”
Little-K1ng: “FETCH?”
Maxwell: “fetch?”
Tumblr media
Baroness: "...hmm?
fetch: “get back here gets back here GET BACK HERE GET THE FUCK BACK HERE”
Maxwell: “FETCH”
Little-K1ng: “WHAT
Maxwell: “HE JUST--”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “okay i”
Maxwell: “He almost fucking tackled her holy shit”
Little-K1ng: “im gonna go get the kits just to patch up the hilarious injuries hes gonna come back with”
Renboo: “if he comes back”
Maxwell: “hes going to come back”
donti (e): “FETCH DON t”
Renboo: “fetch is running after baroness, into the woods, where the court's mansion probably is, now where do you think baroness is trying to run to”
Zo: “good luck fetch!”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “he wouldnt go that far its fine”
Renboo: “ehh its always a possibility”
Little-K1ng: “........okay, the kits are there, just very obviously moved and sifted through. nothings taken
which SUCKS because the bandaids are ORGANIZED BY SIZE”
Baronness: “Fetch...! you should really... Take it easy on yourself! even dogs... Need their rest!”
Little-K1ng: “fetch go fuckin bite her she fucked with my bandaids”
Maxwell: “HA”
Renboo: “listen baroness i can forgive the stalking- but un-organizing the band-aids? are you serious?”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “my BANDAIDS”
Tumblr media
fetch: “STOP RUNNING.”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “GET HER MAN WOOOOO aw shit ow yelling just hurt my head fucks....”
Baroness: “ow that hurt!”
Little-K1ng: “yes migraine is still here please dont yell”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “Go fetch go!”
fetch: “i need to keep up. i can't let her get away. I need t. to.”
Jack the Observer: “don't hurt her. she looks a lot like an old friend”
Little-K1ng: “fetch okay chill”
Renboo: “listen as much as most people want you to, i dont think beating up a court member will end well”
Maxwell: “fetch its alright now”
Little-K1ng: “if i have to go out into the woods and drag you home im going to walk very slowly just to spite you”
donti (e): “fetch you shouldnt hurt her too much :(”
Maxwell: “ha....yeah and i uh still need to talk to you about something fetch”
Tumblr media
fetch: “...”
[fetch: “i need to keep up. i can't let her get away. I need t. to.”]
Baroness: “I'll see... You soon...! :)”
Jack: “do not hurt her”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “max,, if its about what i think it is ill handle it later, okay?”
[Baroness: “I'll see... You soon...! :)”]
fetch: “you better stay the fuck away.
i'm coming back home.”
Maxwell: “are you sure? he was in deep denial earlier”
[fetch: “you better stay the fuck away.]
Baroness: “:)”
Maxwell: “its why he left”
Little-K1ng: “yeah no ill handle it max"
fetch: “i nicked her a little. not enough.”
Jack: “enough.”
Tumblr media
Jack the Observer: “that was enough.”
Little-K1ng: “fetch come home we need to have a chat about what happened earlier
and i do not want to have to go get you”
fetch: “i said I'm coming home. jesus fucking christ jack quit breathing down my neck.”
Renboo: “oh my god if you two start fighting-”
Jack the Observer: “you don't fucking hurt her, and we're good.”
Maxwell: “.....”
fetch: “god whats your deal. she isn't syd.
just because she looks like her doesn't mean anything.”
Jack the Observer: “she doesn't just look like her
and besides.”
Tumblr media
Maxwell: “theres a difference between her and syd like there is between me and page and fetch and knight”
donti (e): “yea but its still her body”
fetch: “i'm not having this conversation. mona needs to talk to me. later.”
Jack: “fuck you guys, by the way.”
Renboo: “fuck you too!<3″
Little-K1ng: “no thats fair”
Jack the Observer: “i almost prefer Baroness.”
Tumblr media
Little-K1ng: “well you would
in a light hearted sense, its hard to separate the court member from the friend you know”
Maxwell: “....”
[Jack the Observer: “i almost prefer Baroness.”]
Renboo: “that's a bit harsh innit-”
Jack the Observer: “no, not really.
i said "nearly". im already being generous.”
Renboo: “i dont see why you care for syd so much, it's rather silly in my opinion”
Jack the Observer: “...
Renboo: “its not even syd at this point”
Tumblr media
Jack the Observer: “...
im leaving.”
Renboo: “like sure they share a body but they arent the same person”
Little-K1ng: “jesus jack you scared me for a second there”
Renboo: “oh- ok bye!”
Maxwell: “.....
fuckin' 'ell”
Jack the Observer: “don't act like I'm your friend just becuase we're on the "same side"
[i leave]”
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starlatte27 · 2 months ago
Helluva Boss: Episode 4
Well guys.... you asked for it, and now it’s here! 
Tumblr media
Except.... its not what I thought that it would be.
If anything it was kind of... average, boring even to the point where I had to sit up multiple times just to get anything out of this besides SOME details.
So for that, onto the review! 
Tumblr media
So to start...
1. The first demon’s design is honestly really nice and the animation is good too!
Tumblr media
He has this sort of “loop de loop” surrealistic/techno style to his design that makes him look right at home in a Warner Bros cartoon.
Tumblr media
I love it! He’s like a demonic version of Chester V! 
Tumblr media
And honestly, his partner looks pretty awesome too! 
Tumblr media
Out of anyone else, I would love to see these two have a spinoff.
No im serious, I loved thier designs THAT much and to see them have wacky inventor hyjinks would be miles better than what they were used for here.
That being.... for more crude “internet poopy!” jokes that go nowhere.
This is going to be a looooooooong evening isnt it....
Tumblr media
Such a shame, because I really liked the look of this duo. 
And now that we’ve gotten that out of the way...
1. The jokes fell very flat, so much, that I only laughed ONCE! 
And it was at this one panel that reminded me of the “moar” visual joke.
This only being because the show for once went out of it’s comfort zone by showing an actual visual joke instead of just “haha death blood boobies!” all the time.
Tumblr media
Besides that... it felt so half baked that I couldnt tell if I was watching the episode or just the tech demo for a deleted pilot.
And... they used a “gnome” meme in 2021... a meme from almost 2 years ago.
Oh man this episode will NOT age well in ten years i’ll tell you that.
“I am eccentric and must therefore do eccentric shit!”
Tumblr media
Viv, serious question um.... where you drunk while you were writing this?
No really ummmmmmm this is a serious question.
Also the “wackywayford” guy is back.
And as much as I like his voice...
It feels as if Vivziepop somehow didnt have enough “skinny sharp toothed tophat twink” fuel to fill the feeds with softcore yaoi porn as it is.
Nice to see him back though, and I did enjoy him when he was on screen.
Tumblr media
As for what the fujoshi section of the fandom will likely do to him....oh boy we’re in for a REAL shitshow boys! 
(As we saw with the ace and josh thing....this guy’s probably going to have lots and LOTS of porn. Meanwhile the super villain guys since theyre not “tumblr material” despite thier cool designs will likely just be thrown away... Damn. 😥)
Tumblr media
Please dont tell me that this is the actual voice that they are going to use for this guy! Because oh my god that was grating on the ears to listen to.
Like.... the design is nice but isnt this the SAME series with multiple Broadway actors (aka where 60% of the budget went) within thier cast.
Why does this sound like the parody dub rather than the real version.
I've seen fan dubs that have done a better job than this.
Im still baffled after having heard this guys voice.... what the actual hell happened over there at Spindlehorse that day.
I can only imagine it going like this:
(Extra Note: All reinactments here are fiction and in no way bashing the creators of this product. All relation to real people or events are coincidental. Thank you)
Illustrator: “Oh fuck we have 12 minutes till deadline and we forgot to add the voice for the first guy! What are we going to do now Viv?”
Man from across the street: “I’ll do it!”
Illustrator: “No! But we need a professional to-”
3. Remember the drag thing they kept hyping up? Yeah um...
That was only on screen for 1 minute, it had no plot relevance whatsoever.
They didnt use it for anything besides a quick visual gag for one of the places the old man went to and.... thats it. 
Tumblr media
I thought that they would have used it as some sort of disguise to get into someone’s party in Hell or something not.... absolutely nothing.
Its like that time where they hyped up this scene with Robo Fizz in the flashback just for it to go nowhere besides being a opening for another creepy Stolas “lmao sexual harassment funny!” moment a few scenes after and then after that... thats it.
Tumblr media
They weren't going incognito, they weren't trying to disguise themselves to sneak into anything they were just costumes while the Cherubs were still out in the open like nothing.
Its honestly SO much plot armor its getting ridiculous! 
Tumblr media
Do they need disguises.... or not? PICK ONE VIV! 
Tumblr media
Offtopic, but these two outfits in the episode were kinda cute but not really much else caught my eye besides a few shots.
Tumblr media
It was all so..... meh.
4. Are the humans really THAT stupid?????
Tumblr media
Serious question, how did they not panic when seeing three ANGELS in the middle of the choir like it was nothing? Surely, the angels would need some sort of disguise to get in. 
We dont even get any implications or invisibility so... what the hell????
Stupid characters CAN be funny, but only when done well.
They literally just made them stupid for some plot convenience so the audience wouldn't question IMP’s awful disguises or the fact that the cherubs come out of the open with no hesitation whatsoever.
The plot armor is so thicc that it can shield an entire nuclear warfare.
Tumblr media
5. The cherubs themselves.
No matter where they were, they felt like an AFTERTHOUGHT! 
We didnt even get to learn the third one’s name since the pacing was so awfully fast that nothing even actually happened.
Like... shouldnt we have been introduced to the episode in Heaven?
Seeing how buisness goes on everywhere similar to how an episode of Helluva Boss with Blitzo would have started?
Maybe something like the pilot where we’re introduced to their buisness and how things run over there so we can finally have some actual world building?
It felt like I was watching the episode on fast forward and missing 5 plot points at a time despite having watched the entire thing. And that is not good for a character introduction so crucial that it reveals an entirely new location to the story.
And where are these “horrifying alien-like” creatures Vivziepop kept hyping?
These all look like Walmart Teletubbies bootlegs.
Tumblr media
The closest we got to what Vivziepop said was the exterminators.
Tumblr media
And those just look like imps in angel rave costumes with nothing really that interesting besides thier halos.
Have Vivziepop even SEEN what kind of insane designs that Angels can have?
Tumblr media
They can look mesmerizing
I thought that these were just replacement forms for when they're in Earth. 
Tumblr media
Not their actual forms. It just looks so bland that honestly I forgot that we were even focusing on Heaven till the last minute.
Speaking of pacing, the cherubs then just get yeeted out of heaven out of nowhere just for “a human dying” when humans die ALL THE TIME! 
Tumblr media
If anything if this is the case.... all of them should be in Earth since they let the humans die all the time since they're now suffering from overpopulation within hell. This literally made no sense with the plot and made everything feel last minute.
They are in a death preventing business surely there have been more failures before this having happened.
And then we dont even get to see what happened either it just.... ends.
This episode left me with a gigantic gap in my cartoon loving soul.
It just felt like another episode, another REALLY boring episode.
And it sucks, since these kinds of episodes are our main kinds of episodes.
Tumblr media
While anything interesting having to do with the series is shoved to the side or only shown as a quick cameo and nothing else.
What about Octavia? She at least had SOMETHING engaging about her story.
And yet we barely get to see here. Its such a shame since she’s one of the only characters I actually genuinely felt for despite her brief appearance.
Tumblr media
It feels as if were getting anything good out of the series sacrificed for more family guy-esque “IM AN ADULT!” humor episodes... its honestly sad.
As for the world building itself, still know nothing about how heaven works besides a few plot holes. And we didnt even get to actually see heaven at all! 
Tumblr media
These arent even what “Cherubs” are like, theyre called Puttos! 
This literally took me five seconds of research to find.
Tumblr media
Like viv, I get it, you hate Christianity with an iron fist! 
Tumblr media
(Honestly, what the hell was Viv doing in 2019 to 2020? Ffs all she had to do was delete that post and NONE of that drama would have happened. I swear that this was the worst phase for her twitter-wise. Glad thats over! 😬) 
But the least you can do when depicting RELIGIOUS concepts is to do research for that religion. 
You are using Christian and foreign concepts and therefore researching the bare minimum is still essential since you are using real cultures and religion within your media.
This isnt as bad what happened with the voodoo.... but come on! 
Is a little bit of research that much of a pain to you?
This is what like I thought cherubs were like when I was 10 years old and knew almost nothing about religion or folklore besides catholic propaganda.
So the least you can do as a woman who’s entire series revolved around the concepts of religion and various “multi-cultural” hell’s is to do RESEARCH on said cultures. Its not that deep Viv...
But back to you guys! 
Vivziepop kept hyping up thier designs but then the angels ended up being as bland as I imagined.
You can watch this episode if you would like, but trust me there is literally nothing to see here.
If youre looking for an episode with any character development, stakes, or even anything that will actually make you laugh... just go back to episode 3 or 2.
Tumblr media
Though I didnt like the “crude” humor, those episodes at least had SOMETHING going for them and I even ended up caring for the characters.
And that episode’s entire plot was about a goddamn CAR SPACE and I still felt more stakes than what we ended up getting here.
Meanwhile, I didnt care for these cherubs at all! 
Remember Collin? Guess what, he didnt even get any actual lines at al! 
He was just.... there, despite everything they hyped up in Hunicast.
They dont even get actually introduced, we dont even get to see thier headquarters or how thier business even works for that matter.
They felt like a quick afterthought just to further convivence them being able to shove more “haha death and suicide funny!” jokes over and over again.
You might as well rewatch the past episodes till we get anything relevant to the lore or anything of relevance to these characters whatsoever.
For a first introduction to Heaven... this setting introduction felt blasphemous to world building and brought almost nothing to the table besides a few “haha Christians are dumb!” jokes and nothing else.
Trust me, if you skip this one you will miss absolutely nothing.
Folks, you might as well go watch the newest episode of My Pride.
Tumblr media
They released not one, but TWO EPISODES AT THE SAME TIME! 
Tumblr media
An achievement that I have never seen in Indie Animation. Its insane! Two episodes meaning twice the ✨fun✨ Go support smaller Indie animators too!
They deserve all the support they can get! 
Welp, thats it everyone, episode 4 is now officially out and its honestly not worth the time. You can watch Butt ugly Martians and you would still get more out of them than whats shown here.
Helluva Boss episode 4... is a episode of Helluva Boss that existed.
And that is the ONLY benefit that I could give this pile of watered down world baiting mush.
If ya’ll enjoyed this one then great! Im happy that you found something you liked.
But for me... im going to have to sit and wait till the next one till I have anything to actually say here for now. The episode was THAT bland that I couldnt even find anything to actually criticize either.
If youre looking for something intriguing or character driven, or anything worth your time besides a few quick chuckles and a huge yawn.
You’re really better off skipping this one.
Thats it, so now that we have finally reached the end of this lovely review.
Thank you, and have a great day~! 
Tumblr media
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vattelaapiglia · 2 months ago
My [23M] GF [21F] has had sexual pain for a year and never told me until I specifically asked
GF has pain during PIV sex. Didnt tell me for a year. I found out, told her "no piv sex until u feel gud!" she is a lot closer to me since then (I think). Tips to resolve pain?
Hi, obvious throwaway. I have a main reddit account involved in some (sometimes toxic) gaming communities and as I am a rather known personality, I do not want anyone knowing anything about my private sex life.
So I am looking for advice what to do here. So I will talk about the entire background and some (probably) needed information first, then go into the main point. Leave out this list if you dont wanna read everything.
- My GF and me got together 14 months ago
- We took each others V-Cards 12 months ago (she had pain but did not want me to stop)
- We had piv sex more or less regularly (atleast once a week, corona prob lowered that amount...)
- My GF never masturbates, never had an orgasm
- I REALLY want to go down on my GF, but she never wants me to touch her down below with anything other than my dick (bad sign? more pain maybe?)
- Condoms. I am against hormones. So is she.
- Otherwise she is generally sex positive; we always joke about bdsm (she is kinda submissive and I like being in control...) We often talk about going into a sex shop etc.
- She likes dry humping a lot (so do I). She laying flat on her stomach and me being on top "poking" her down below. I bust my pants frequently doing this, we do this multiple times a day when were together.
- She also likes when I play with her tits
- She never went to a gyno. Yes... I told that she REALLY needs to go, so do her female friends... I am sure that she has made an appointment by now
- She prefered foreplay and dry humping over piv sex (I thought thats just how it is, so I often do a lot of foreplay, kiss her neck a lot, play with her tits, she loves that and I love seeing her like it)
So we talked the other day and I dont know how we got there, but I asked her if she is actually satisfied about our sex life. In the past she has always answered with a solid "yes". But this time she didnt. So I poked further and further and it turns out that she has pain during piv sex. I dont know how often, she said "sometimes pain sometimes no pain" basically.
So at that moment I wanted to kiss her and punch her at the same time. She shouldnt have piv sex with me if she has pain, absolutely not. But she had sex anyways just so to make me happy (?). I was also a little surprised because generally she is very direct and vocal in our relationship and usually gets her will. Anways, I told her straight away that I would not have any piv sex anymore with her unless this pain resolves.
But I also told her that a happy sex life is something I really want in a relationship (incl. piv sex) and if we do not resolve this issue it would probably not be fair for either of us to stay together - me wanting something that she does not want (/can) give me, not cool for either of us. But I said this while confident that we can work this out. I have also told her that I was really relieved (to her surprise) because I felt like her having pain is something that can be resolved and worked on (by both of us) and "cured", rather than her not liking piv sex at all, which would have been a killer for me. I also told her that I have read that girls having pain and/or no orgams in their early 20s is not something too uncommon so that she wouldnt worry about herself.
So after this entire talk, she suddenly seemed a lot more cuddle'y and close. Usually I was the person always going for cuddles etc. and she kinda getting burried under my kisses, but this has shiften a little bit since we talked about this. She vocally wants to cuddle more now. Additionally, we do A LOT more making out now. Usually it was like once or twice a day, sometimes leading to PIV sex or dry humping, but now its like 3-4 times in 3 hours. Amazing!
This had me wondering why. And the only conclusion I could come up with, that since a lot of cuddle sessions and making out ended up with piv sex (= pain for her) she kinda got a little distanced to that and since this "threat" is off now, she is fully open for these things again. Could my "analysis" be correct? And how would I go about this in future now? My plan would be to only have piv sex with her when she really wants penetration (obviously) and push a little more into her allowing me to give her oral.
So basically I would mainly like to know of anyone else who had a similar experiences and what best to do other than what I mentioned! I love my GF and I think that once we resolved this, our sex life can be amazing, for both of us.
If you need to know anything else in order to help me, please do!
If I came over as a dick while you read this, please tell me why. English isnt my native language and it wasnt my intention. I also tried reading everything to make sure I am not breaking any rule (pls tell me if I did, like PM after u delete this or smth idk)
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how does your point still stand if you’re completely wrong about who she is? how can your point still stand if you’re claiming she’s someone that she isn’t? where exactly is the logic in that? your big brain clearly runs on something other than common sense.
she’s literally not an ian anti. are you friends with her? do you know her? do you talk about ian with her on a regular basis? how are you going to base half of your reasoning on an account that isn’t even connected to her? and can you show me legitimate examples of her hating on ian that aren’t jokes?
is this annoying you? because you seem awfully bothered now that you’re getting called out. good.
I am not a parrot. So this is the last time I speak on this because I refuse to repeat myself. I will even answer you very politely because well, I am gonna act my age. Yes I'm 30 which is apparently very old so I will try not to act 29.
1) was I wrong that they are not mickeysgifs? Yes. I always admit when I'm wrong. They shared mg's tumblr which is when I blocked willa thinking they're the same person because my tolerance for mg is very low.
2) Does it matter who willa is? No not really because they still seem to hate on Ian alot so my point still stands which brings me to 3
3) i am the African one here, i shouldnt have to explain this over and over to people who's English is their first language. Once again, the point of my post was very simple; Someone who trashes Ian should not have a misleading name that makes Ian stans follow them.
4) I am not friends with her. I do not want to know her.
5) No I cannot show you examples of when she hated on Ian because I dont fuck with that shit and as soon as I see it I'm off.
6) It takes alot to get me bothered especially when I'm on the right. The only person bothering me is sandymilkovich who btw is also a huge anti Ian person and is busy defending your precious willa. So that doesn't exactly help convince me she loves Ian.
7) I have tried to answer all your questions to the best of my abilities
Tumblr media
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firefighter-diaz · 2 months ago
I can absolutely see it paralleling buck/ali, they got together about the same time etc etc so I can kind of see them having the same kind of lifespan.
"questions will be answered" what questions Tim??? the questions about what the fuck is going on?? I sure hope so!!
the way the season is going, my clown brain (and fan fic brain bc I know it's not gonna happen) can really see buck realising he has feelings for eddie by the end of the season, eddie gets injured, we get a scene a la eddie begins except eddie is aware of it, which leads to questions, buck confesses and BAM season ends. s5 begins : eddie and ana have broken up, things are tense between buck and eddie.
but, since I'm attempting to refrain from making everything about buddie, I'm also thinking maybe hen? hen gets hurt at the end of the season and it prevents her from continuing with medical school or something? I think eddie and hen are the most likely because chim, athena, maddie and buck have all had traumatic, angsty, injury storylines. but maybe it's bobby and he considers retiring, idk. SO MANY QUESTIONS!!
~ teefie
tim minear please learn how to answer questions like i stfg everytime that man opens his mouth i end up being more confused. they already parallel so much buck and ali! i hope their break up will too ;) 
ohhhhhhhhohoho you know you are one of my people THE WAY YOU MAKE THEORIES THESE ARE A JOY TO READ. gimme last scene of the episode 4, it’s night, eddie has had a fight with ana because she accuses him being reckless with his job because he has gotten mildly hurt that day. he is exhausted at home, his body aches. chris is already sleeping, he is just watching some true crime documentary to tell buck about. doorbell rings. he sighs, goes to open and there’s buck. buck looks little agitated. eddie starts to greet him but buck cuts him off with “eddie. eddie i- i need to tell you something. i...i kinda think im in love with you”. the camera moves to eddie. end credits roll in. season 5 episode 1: eddie and ana break up. eddie tells himself its not because of what buck said. we get our buddie angst. we get buddie mutual love confession in mid season finale. wham bam thank you ma’am. 
oh if we are not making things about buddie then i think it could be hen! i think its her turn to get hurt so 😭 
for bobby and athena there are apparently gonna be marital problems. which pisses me off. we all know they are not gonna get a divorce. so why do they need to make them unhappy? im gonna be completely selfish here but the way i see it the writers have this lump of uncertainty that is buck and eddie and theyre avoiding that lump and now its a whole ass mess. i wish they would deal with one mess at a time. ALSO I CANT HAVE MY PARENTS FIGHTING. ATHENA AND BOBBY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY, I DID NOT ORDER BATHENA ANGST. 
also i need your opinion on this: how do you feel about the comedy/angst ratio in the last episodes? am i a total weirdo (yes) for thinking that we’ve had too much comedy lately. i feel like every patient case they go on is something comedic. i feel like their relationships are jokes nowadays. im not saying i want angst, still trying to recover from buck begins, but like they could include some seriousness in the patient cases at least. it just feels like the comedy is getting kinda old. all tho i shouldnt be whining, i just know i’ll be the one to miss these lighter episodes when everything turns to angst somehow in season 4B :D 
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mrsmess · 2 months ago
Faves and fails of SPN (season 15, finally):
Favorite episodes (in chronological order):
15:4 Atomic Monsters - Demon!Sam flashbacks! Dean in a beard! Some old fashioned banter! Meatman! Beaverdale! Love how Sam starts arguing w the parents in the parking lot - Me too, Sam, me too. Loving the self-aware monster. I know Becky is problematique™, but I dig her, so, all kinds of fuck Chuck. He must die, and when he does this is the episode I’ll think about.
15:6 Golden Time - Badass protection spells. Dean in a robe and a hot dog pyjamas. Cas going by Clarence. Jogging Sam. Eileen! God I ship her and Sam, and I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that I don’t ship him w anyone. Liking this ep a lot, every little side plot. Nice. And Eileen is back and I know it won’t last but like, that was awesome.
15:10 The Heroes’ Journey - Pretty neat intro. Monster on monster violence to the sound of Clair the Lune. Oh, and excellent casting of Garth’s kids. Regular people trouble... Awesome! Brilliant! This is the kind of meta storylines this show should deal in, exclusively. Oh my Garth! Explosives! Why isn’t every episode like this?
15:11 The Gamblers - Oh, is this another lucky coin episode? In that case yes please! More inconsequential bullshit kindly! Loving Sam staying in touch w Eileen. Hey guys, remember when you did the gambling thing w your years? And the rabbit’s foot? Good times. Will this be an equally good time? I hope so. A god! Excellent. ”Lady, I’m Tolstoy.” Yeah ya are, and i’m dead. The guys and Fortuna bashing god. And I'm equally delighted and distraught over the lore that god created man, man imagined gods and god decided to create the other gods to play into man’s ideas, or as a distraction.
15:13 Destiny’s Child - Omg the intro! Savage garden! I’m dead. Jack w the sandwich, why is that so funny? Cas is a gem this episode! ”’Sexually intimate’?” Lol. That’s what you get for trying to speak plainly, Cas! Hunter Corp. I’m dead, again. Keep the different Deans and Sams coming! I’m digging this! Why would they send ‘em to Rio? They could be your buffy-bots!
Tumblr media
15:14 Last Holiday - Weird people popping up in the hq is awesome. And Dean’s immediate instinct to yell for Sam reminds me of me calling mr mess for everything! ”Shouldnt you be in the woods? Nymfing?” Monster radar? Oh, oh this is excellent. So mrs Butters is capable of murder when home and family are threatened, good for her. They better not kill her. I can accept them returning her to the wild. Yes! Did I call it or did I call it? Good Supernatural, good boy! And Dean making a cake for Jack! My heart.
Fail episodes (in chronological order):
15:2 Raising Hell - Rowena! Instant win. Ketch. Instant lose. Ketch undressing Rowena with his eyes = rating plummeting. Jeez. A bit dangerous even joking about the GoT finale, don’t you think? Rowena and Ketch full on flirting... this is hell, I'm being punished.
15:3 The Rupture - Don’t call him god! His name is Sucky-Chucky. The shock of Cas! “You’ve been playing us the whole time!” This is how it works Cas, where have you been? They're always solving problems like Jason Mendoza. In-Dean-angry-voice: “Anytime I had a problem and I threw a Molotov cocktail, boom! Right away, I had a different problem.” Rowena! And Sam! No!
15:5 Proverbs 17:3 - Listen, spn, it’s your last season and if you like just wanna stop writing and casting women completely rn i won't stop you or hold it against you (also why are these ladies identical?). We’ve had a terrible run but lets just let bygones be bygones.
15:8 Our father, who aren’t in heaven - Gosh, having Eileen in the show is painful, I’m just constantly expecting a piano to fall on her head. *Ugh* Sucky-yucky-Chucky. But hey, at least everybody else looks better alongside him. Case and point: I never rly cared that much for Donatello, but it’s great to see him, and Michael’s back, sure is nice to see him too.
15:9 The trap - Ugh. Main plot shit and Sucky-yucky-fucking-Chucky. Fail. Although the flashforward to jan 6th 2021 was a hoot (but probably not meant like one, huh?) Dean’s monologue in purgatory though... gosh. This show would be nothing w/o Jensen Ackles. Omg the kiss! Nice. However, the show at this point has lost the ability to offer any sort of pleasure. Because like Sam, we know which way this will go. They used to have some hedonism working for the characters but now they don’t even have that.
Tumblr media
15:20 Carry on - You know what? I’m not gonna make this post longer than it already is talking about the last episode of Supernatural, that has been done better by people w real grievances w the show. The kindest thing you can say about the finale is that it just as well could’ve been jammed into a few extra minutes added to the previous episode.
Mediocre mentions:
Drag me away (from you) - what is this ugly cell interface? The opposite of product placement. Yay! Retro episode! And they got the same actor to play Dean, neato! Dean admitting he had a hard time handling hunting, that always gets me. Woah! That scream effect without reverb was kinda startling. And the camera zooming in on the little porcelain clown even though Sam is nowhere n- oh shit. This was an interesting episode
Inherit the earth - Goooood I hate Chucky. Barefoot Sam is okay though. Digging this soundtrack too. Very un-Supernatural. Nice to meet ya Betty, but I wouldn’t pull up a chair if I were you. Always a fan of the shiteating grin. Jack, stripping god of his power, that’s so hot. And again: kudos to the soundtrack! The Youngbloods and then Jackson freakin’ Browne! And you know, it’s clichéd and kinda vacant, but also kinda nice. I’m cool with the story ending like this. Why did they have to do another one? Supernatural has never known when to quit, and this is the very real backside of this.
Honorable mentions:
I don’t know who this Ardat chick is but killing Ketch puts her instantly in my win column.
Winchester-dumb, new household term.
”Feels like were taking a big, probably stupid risk. Feels good.” That made me feel good too.
I’m vastly enjoying this dark-art hippie couple in Unity and Jack’s interaction w them.
Cas launching straight into his dramatic I-will-not-let-you-end-your-own-life-speech when Sam casually mentions he’d like to talk to death in Unity, that angel has seen some things, and he has learned.
Those are some pretty pretty death effects on Jack in Despair/The Truth.
Obviously Misha Collins
Things that makes you go hmm:
Which of the clowns is this supposed to be in Back and to the Future? Because the one from season 2 was a monster, right? So he would’ve gone to purgatory. You know what? I’m not an expert. I try to not pay too much attention ’cause it makes me funny in the head. But just, y’know, a general objection.
Here’s my deal w death as a looming threat in this show: it holds no weight. And even if it did it has been painted as the ultimate relief, unless you go to hell, these characters know for a fact that there’s a potentially blissful afterlife, so their attitude towards death should be, what? More pragmatic, I think. And it’s partly why Ackles is wasted on this show; That man can deliver a death monologue like it’s nobody’s business, too bad all those words have been rendered meaningless after 15 seasons of this shit!
Tumblr media
Summing up:
So, I did not go into or leave this season happy, I knew how it would end and I was sad for everyone the show screwed over (more than it already had). Which really meant that I always had to force myself to watch another episode, knowing what was coming. But I had to see it through. I did, so I’ll give myself a pat on the back and get to work on my own personal selection of episodes that will henceforth represent spn to me. A selection I’ll enjoy all the way through. All in all I think the most frustrating thing about the show is how it insists on taking itself so freakin’ seriously. It has always done horror *and* humor best and this whole heaven and hell aspect has never sat right w me, and in any case they should’ve leaned more on “supernatural” narrative tropes (if you will) getting out of their plot problems, gambled some more and thought a bit more outside genre conventions *especially* in their main arcs, they opened up so many opportunities that they never even used. They could’ve been more like Buffy, or Doctor Who. That said, I’ll always get that spn-itch, and when I do, I’ll be happy to have seen all the episodes so I’ll know which ones to avoid.
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lilacandladybugs · 2 months ago
Things Technoblade did/said in the Potato Wars:
“But I wasn’t farming potatoes for profit, I was farming them for honor, for glory.”
Potato War 1: “But what could I do? Farm potatoes by hand?” Literally the first sentence of Potato War 2 “So I was farming potatoes by hand-”
Technoblade trying to figure out how to defeat his enemies and his first two thoughts are Research and then Sabotage
He knew that the cost of finishing the potato wars instead of collaborating with Dream was hitting his next milestone (3 mil) and he still did it
He sold like all of this special items just so that he could sell them to buy fucking potato minions
“Whitelisted wha  do you want fro  me” 
He single handedly crashed the market price for potatoes
Bought an alt to infiltrate squid-kid’s anti-Technoblade guild
Named the alt “potato” in french
He says that he joined smp earth to throw off squid kid. Is this a joke? Does anyone know?? Like he would do that but also what the fuck?
Figured out that he could use his skeleton horse pet to trample squid kid’s crops but didn’t because he’s a good person it was inefficient 
Had over 5x as much productivity farming potatoes by hand as squid kid.
Not because squid is lazy, just bc Technoblade is a legend
Ah yes, the stages of escalation in the Potato War:
Psychological warfare
Psychological warfare is allowed but bullying is NOT if you say something mean about squid-kid Technoblade will personally show up in your closet at night like a sleep paralysis demon
The amount of math and genuine usage of the scientific method in minecraft shouldnt be allowed
death note who
people thought technoblade was botting bc he was that dedicated
All I’m saying is that if you are a new Technoblade fan and you haven’t seen the Potato Wars you’re missing out on an incredibly important part of his channel and you should liveblog it because i want to laugh at your reactions
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dontworryaboutharry · 2 months ago
genuinely curious--what drama, besides this most recent one, which she shouldnt be blamed for, does olivia create/thrive off of? i don't understand why people are making it seem like she has been consistently making wild, public gestures, like miley's joking ones, about being harrys gf. if im missing something, please do lemme know!! but besides the wedding pictures, those two (h and o) have both been very lowkey. the pickles picture isn't a big deal, either
I think you may have missed a few things yes. 
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Ive been thinking for a while that maybe I am dyslexic, but since I cant go to get diagnosed and I'm not planning to self-diagnose I've been in standby with it. Noticing more stuff or having troubles with the stuff I already deal with.
I was talking to my parents about it, to get it off my chest, get their opinion and- maybe- get them to get me to someone who can diagnose me or at least help with the stuff I struggle with.
This talk was something important to me, since it bothers me a lot and it makes me feel less than my classmates when i actually struggle reading or in general with something. I read that another sign is that they get distracted easily, which is something that I've been struggling A LOT. The point is...
As I was talking about my struggles, about my feelings and about what I've read, my dad decided that it was a good time to make a joke about it, "oh if they get distracted easily I have it to. And your brother. We get distracted easily" and I know he didnt mean harm but... i was talking seriously and about something important to me. I'm not saying I have it, but I can see that being the reason behind my struggles... and here I was hoping I would get some kind of... peace or comfort from them. Some opinions or something...
I really shouldnt expect anything from others...
The only one who seems to not disappoint me is my brother. Yeah we have our differences, and yes he makes me upset or says something insensitive from time to time. But 85% of the time, he can read when its something important to me, and he actually treats it like its something important.
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2amdoodles · 2 months ago
[ignore - sanity post to myself] What work is like rn
Boss: I want you to feel able to make decisions. Me: *Makes a decision* Boss: I told Marketing we wouldn't do that. We are Product, we do it our way,w e make all decisions.
You should tell me when we change (literally 3 lines on the website) Me: lol, ok? Boss: I mean, I want you to feel empowered but we need to be aligned. Me: Ok Boss: Oh, and why were you in that other marketing meeting? Me: You told me I was in it, and I wasnt so i didnt want to miss it Boss: You shouldnt be in meetings you wont know the answer too Boss: I need you to know everything about the company Me: LOL Boss: Always direct that to me. I want you to make decisions. Me: Ok? So what do you want me to do with the testimonial (3 lines) Boss: Well, I'll let you make that decision. But we need to align (with his last directive to not do it) Coworker who is condescending: Also update the dev Me: cuts off -I'm literally doing that now- Boss later: Why is everyone going to you for requests?
Me: *maybe because I'm the only one here who listens and does anything for them, as 99% have good points* Boss: We are product we make decisions for all the company Me: Ok?? 10 people DM me because both coworker and Boss blow off their very good points - Me: All these sound good. we should do them since half the devs are open. And the other 2 are slammed but bitching half the day so they dont do anything they just know everything. Boss: Good job fixing this. 1 thing not to his liking: AHHH Summary: 1) Don't go to meetings I know nothing about 2) Know everything 3) Make decisions 4) Don't say yes to anyone unless I'm sure the boss agrees
Basically, I'm a puppet. Which I guess is nice, I don't have to think. Until he is like Why dont you know it all? Well, he told me not to go to meetings I know nothing of LOL.
This job is a joke. The only thing good here is the money and the title.
I can only pray to God for a new role that pays me well and I am with people who love me and I love them and I have power and control and freedom on my schedule.
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ferriskilldeer · 2 months ago
from this ask meme
What does your character typically keep in their pockets? nothing. pockets must be free in case he wants to put things in them later :)
Do they consider themselves an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? What are they like in actuality? considers himself a realist. he’s mostly a pessimist, with some optimistic ideas about the people of barovia.
How do they carry themselves around strangers? Friends/Lovers? Family? always polite. a bit less sincere, more ingratiating around strangers. shy and mild around friends. tired around family.
If your character was a work of art, how would you describe them? oil painting -  tenebrism - isolated - articulate - cavernous despair
How does your character express they're comfortable? willing to close his eyes or at least lower his lids, relaxing his posture, asking personal questions of someone else
How does your character express that they're uncomfortable? wide, unblinking eyes and a rictus grin, quiet voice with less inflection. whats quickly becoming a catchphrase: “dont say things like that”/”oh x you shouldnt say things like that”
How impulsive is your character? not too much, but in the heat of the moment he makes some dumb decisions
What is something they cannot resist? cleaning and wine
What is their favorite scent? fresh laundry or fresh water, fruits
If they were in a rock band, what role would they play? bass guitar or keys
How does your character blow off steam? he decompresses a little by fussing over his companions’ appearances
Physically, does your character feel warm or do they always feel cold? cold-natured, but heats up quickly with drink or embarrassment
If they were a body of water, what would they be? pond
Does your character value promises? Are they good at keeping them? yes and yes
Describe their ideal date. something quiet and respectable--a public place where they can enjoy a private conversation. a quick but interesting meal before or after. escorting them to their home and bidding them goodnight. laying awake and giddy for hours afterward
What keeps them going? he’s not built for anything else
Does your character swear? What's their favorite phrase/word? he tends to swear because i do, and “fuck” slips in as a sentence enhancer a lot. if i played it completely straight he wouldn’t swear as much, especially in front of people he thinks are his social “betters”
How does your character act when they want to seem inviting? pleasant, servile, and charitable
How does your character act when they want to seem threatening? he hasn’t tried this yet. probably gets cold, toneless, and petty
Can your character flirt? Are they aware they're flirting? How do they do it? he flirts through compliments or friendly gestures, but gets embarrassed and immediately backs down from it 
If they were a potion, what would it look like? (Color, glass shape, smell, etc.) something light and translucent, maybe green or pink, in a fine-cut clear glass decanter sealed with red wax. smells of soap and blood.
What kind of person would they never side with? the ruthless, the hungry, the unrepentant, the narcissistic
Would your character want to be famous? Why or why not? hell no--he must never be in the spotlight
What's a controversial food opinion they would have? he loves weird combinations. totally a “x on pizza” or “dip your nugs in y” type
How does your character feel about spending money? he’s frugal for himself, but generous when it comes to spending on others
What would they want for their funeral? he wants everyone he knows to come, he wants no one to come, he wants to be cremated, he wants no speeches, he wants a thousand tears, he wants no one to notice he died at all.
If they were a ghost, how would they haunt in the afterlife? funny: would clean up after the living and help out around the house. less funny: plaintive scratching at closed doors, cold spots, sounds of pacing, banging cabinet doors in a bid for attention
Why do they keep secrets? he’s ashamed of being alive
What does your character have too much of? shame and anxiety
What never gets old for your character? Something your character can't get enough of? new food and external validation 
Can your character visualize actual concepts in their head? Or are they just vague thoughts? yes, strong third eye
Does your character daydream? What do they usually keep their mind occupied with? he doesnt daydream often. often goes over lists of supplies, chores, sensations to occupy his mind if he starts to get too anxious
How do they feel about the unknown? frustrating and scary, but cant be helped
How do they respond to condescension? part tight, teeth-grinding fury, part resignation/agreement, self-loathing
Do they consider themselves childish/mature for their age? he’s always thought himself mature. but actually, his self-denial and black-and-white judgment of himself is a bit childish
What makes them blush? impropriety of any kind, and being complimented in any way
What are some ways your character acts silly? makes weird offhand remarks about birds, responding seriously to the overly creepy things others say
What fairytale/myth suits your character the best? the nightingale and the rose prob
What does your character believe their party lacks? power and, if hes honest, a fighting chance
Describe a corruption/redemption arc version of your character. the letter opener demands more and he gives more because hes always been a servant, and himself for the chance at beating strahd and saving ireena+barovia is hardly a price at all. i guess the letter opener eats his soul or something and he becomes cold, driven, and megalomaniacal. probably scares the others and eventually they part ways--perhaps violently, since ismark and marceline dont suffer any sort of disrespect or threat lightly. could only be redeemed if someone can convince him that he doesnt have to bear all the responsibility, and that theyd rather have their normal squishy ferris over an insane powerhouse. hed have to sacrifice himself/his power in some important way to make up for it though, if he did something really bad
What's a texture/sound your character cannot stand? dislikes ripping+scraping sounds, and chunky gloopy textures
Is there something your character isn't very good at, but enjoys doing nonetheless? talking about wine
Is your character good at apologizing? Why or why not? yes because hes very tactful
How do they hold onto people? physically? clasp a shoulder, grab an arm with one hand, or hold on to the fabric at the small of their back. 
What would they never forgive themselves for? killing an innocent person or doing something purely selfish
How does your character feel about growing old? fine, he just wishes hed wasted less time
Do they consider themselves funny? How do they use humor? he doesnt think hes especially funny, but gets a big confidence boost when someone laughs at his jokes, which he uses to defuse tension or establish a rapport
What do they want to leave behind? he just wants to forget his time at cobblepot manor. and he doesnt
Do they talk to themselves? sometimes mutters when hes annoyed
What is their native language? If they know multiple languages, how do they speak/act differently? he knows a lot, but the further they get from elvish or common, the more formal and archaic they get
What makes them a hypocrite? though he holds high standards for himself and others, he relaxes his standards for others quickly (“oh what did i expect anyway, im the responsible one here”). also will decry needless violence or murder, even though he murdered his boss brutally in the guy’s sleep
If your character was under quarantine, what type of quarantine person would they be? (Productive? Hobbyist? Lazy?) very productive. flits to new hobbies quickly
What does freedom mean to them? confusion, terror, excitement. its the only thing that would make him really happy, and he doesnt want it
What is something they currently look forward to? What is something they dread? look forward to getting a reward from the burgomaster. dread seeing strahd again
How has your character's mental health been recently? not great! but hes been holding it together because marceline is already upset and ismark is volatile. theres not room for his feelings.
If your character had wings what would they look like? sleek, pointy, fast-flying, well-preened, earth tones. falcon for efficiency, owl for discretion, or towhee for smallness
How does the way they act seemingly contradict their ability scores? very high cha abilities that he rarely uses, since marceline and ismark are more assertive. notably an intimidation score higher than marceline’s and equal to ismark’s that he would probably never use
What's a habit that needs to be broken? he needs to learn how to aim eldritch blast (i need to roll better)
What's something your character has realized? hes fucked
Who do they go to when they need to bounce ideas off of someone? suggests things to marceline and ismark (the other PCs), but makes a point to ask ireena (DMPC) what she thinks
Who do they go to when they've had a nightmare? nobody
Who does your character think is the most put together in the party? marceline or himself
Which party member would they pull a prank on? Who would they plan a prank with? ismark; marceline or ireena
What is one thing they want each party member to know? marceline: no matter where you come from or what youve done, youre a precious ally and friend to me. we are all unhappy here, so please just try to play along. ismark: you need a goal beyond protecting ireena and killing strahd because if you achieve those goals then youll be left adrift. and you deserve better. please stop yelling at, lying to, or trying to fight everyone we meet. ireena: you deserve more than life dealt you. as long as you live, there is hope for you. youre loved and protected by a lot of people, and its a happy burden.
Which do they value more?
65. Adoration or Intimidation? adoration
66. Outward Passion or Quiet Rebellion? quiet rebellion
67. Selflessness or Self-Preservation? selflessness
68. Objective or Subjective? objective
69. Journey or Destination? wishes he could say journey, but its destination
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mojwisungie · 2 months ago
hc | boyfriend ♡
req (from: anon) ➥ : read the mark-jaemin boyfriend, and then then renjun-jisung boyfriend headcanons,,, can you do one for the remaining members? thank you~~
☄︎ with: lee jeno, lee donghyuck, zhong chenle ☄︎ lou.note: this has been in my wips for so long im sorry anonie but here i am to give it you guys as an offering for my birthday (its tomorrow on the 26th but anyway) hehe hope you all enjoy <3
Tumblr media
ੈ⋆ mark & jaemin ver. | renjun & jisung ver.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the observing, supportive boyfriend
jeno doesnt pay much attention to things that arent important
but YOU are important
you mean so much to him, and thats still an understatement
he often thinks that by paying attention to you and everything you do
he'll know you in a way no one else does
at this point, he knows everything about you
your favorite sweater (which he owns), favorite color, favorite artists, favorite songs, etc.
jeno actually knows your order by heart even if it varies in different restaurants
his mantra is actually happy y/n = happy jeno ^_^
thats also the reason why fights dont usually happen
he knows when its too much for you and so he will do what he thinks is best for the situation
anyways: dates with jeno are either doing physical activities or plain cuddling on the couch
it would mostly be him who initiates dates like hiking, biking, etc.
but, he would also always check with you if youre okay with it or if you want to rest 
one time you asked him for a day in those sport grounds ?? like those places that has random games like wall-climbing, archery, and trampolines
oh this boy has the biggest smile on his face asking you, “hold on love, are you serious ( ◕▿◕ ) ?”
during hectic weeks, he’s definitely up for movie marathons
if he still has some energy, he will make a blanket fort for the both of you
also jeno lee is a cuddle bug (you cannot change my mind, this case is closed)
and so he’ll use these lazy dates to indulge in hugging you for as long as he can 
on the supportive note, he always reassures you with the kindest words
AND hes the type of guy who will ask you if you need comfort or solutions when you rant to him T﹏T
and that is actually proof that he is the best support system
he'd be your hype man when you need a push
thinking of auditioning for a club? go ahead, he'll teach you what he knows
want to try a new hobby and start journaling? he'll help you find cute stickers (and he'll buy them too)
he will always help in whatever way he can, and he will constantly assure you that he’s there for you as you have been for him
he is reserved, quiet, and keep things on the down low, yet with you, he’s entirely different
jeno loves you just as you love him, and he’ll do everything to prove it to the world- you.
Tumblr media
the enthusiastic, soft boyfriend
he is!! literally!! the sun!!
he often calls you often in the morning to wake you up, greeting you with the loveliest voice saying, “good morning darling, how was your sleep?” SADKJASD
if he’s free, he’ll actually drop by yours to bring breakfast and eat with you
and if ever you still live with your family, you bet that once you slip into the kitchen he’s chatting up with your parents like he’s their son
actually... he technically is
he loves going out with you and your family as much as he loves going out with his
hyuck is very family-oriented, you really dont have to plead to him if you want him to come to a gathering
as long as you say yes to him inviting you to their family activities too 😌
he once asked you to go with him to this intimate family dinner his relatives organized
and you ask him, “are you sure im allowed to go? the invitation in the email complete says Lee Family and clearly.. im not-”
this man didnt even let you finish and says, “BUT YOU WILL BE!! SOON!! I WILL MARRY YOU!! baby come on just please come with me!!!”
he means it though
you dont know it, but the thought of spending the rest of his life with you often comes into his mind
and so dates with him can be both ends of the spectrum
you guys could go for fancy restaurants, amusement parks, and even late night computer games (if you dont play, he’ll teach you dont worry <3)
but there are also domestic dates such as grocery shopping, helping each other babysit nephews/nieces, and the such
its obvious to every one that haechan is so soft for you
and he doesnt care what other people say
one time, mark heard him talk to you in the cutest, softest voice and laughed... and regretted it bc haechan turned to him in the most serious face and the deepest tone saying, “and so?” 
as much as possible, he wants you to feel loved bc thats what you make him feel
despite this, arguments are still there, but it doesnt go on for long
fights dont escalate as you both work together against the problem
so at the end of the day, no feelings are hurt or turned a blind eye to
disagreements are often rooted from the nature of work though, thats why every time things arent so fine, he’ll do his best to fix it
because he treasures his time with you and the love you both invest in
he didnt value time that much before, bc he’s so used to putting up with whatever that comes his way
but when you came into his life, he realized it is indeed precious
haechan spends every second loving you beyond infinity
Tumblr media
the parental, sincere, affectionate boyfriend
you’ve seen him rant, right?
he’ll do that often, but only when its about you not getting what you need
others may not see it, but he’s really concerned when its about you so he’ll do anything to make sure youre well taken care of
if you havent eaten yet bc youre too busy going over your notes for your exams, he’ll buy you your favorite food and feed it to you
all the while talking about how you shouldnt put aside eating bc its important to eat meals at the right time
this guy solves old math problems when he has time to spare, so he’ll be okay with you coming to for help whenever you struggle with your lessons
as cliché as it may be, he will also get you the stuff you need- whether it may be for school or for your personal shenanigans 
you complained about your laptop once, saying it keeps on lagging
he deadass goes, “do you wanna go and buy a new one now?” 💀
he just wants you to do well in the stuff you do, okay ??
chenle is blunt about pretty much everything in your relationship too
he tells you all the stuff he knows he should tell you
including embarrassing moments of his members
the dreamies cant joke around with you too much,, bc they know you know everything (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
but jokes aside, sometimes his honesty can be cause of some arguments
bc he gets too straight-forward at times and ends up unintentionally hurting you :((
and when you explain why it made you feel that way, he’s lost bc he thinks he was just saying the truth
but as time passes, he will learn how to be upfront with you without having to sadden you
please be patient with him as he is with you 👉🏼👈🏼
anyhow, dates with him would always be one for the books
if you ever think that he probably doesnt remember the dates you wanna go on to, youre wrong
bc its all listed in his mind and he’s determined to tick every single one from the list
when he’s busy or away on tour, facetimes would be a regular thing
he’s prepared with the timezones and he will remind you to sleep when you should, no buts y/n
if you tell him you cant just drift off, he’ll always offer to sing you to sleep
and when you do, he’ll take lots of pictures to treasure the little moments he has with you
some people tell him he looks too deeply in love
but he doesnt really see anything wrong with it because it was with you
chenle completely knows that he loves you so much, and he’s willing to love you until forever
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