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#yes I made these and yes im proud of them
icanttakethemonmyown · 2 months ago
HIIII it's me, the silly question anon again ! It's our weekly shitty question to entertain everyone, or at least try. Just a quick note to everyone who wants a silly question to able the anon ask in your ask box. Leeets go!
Can you choose each of the boys an album and tell us why you chose it?
OKAY OKAY OKAY can i just say what an honour it was to receive one of these!! thank you so much!!
so i chose these albums off of vibes alone, like i don't really have coherent, relevant reasons for them but just go with me pls lmao
first up, for Van I chose: First Impressions of Earth by The Strokes
Tumblr media
He has mentioned in interviews that it is his favourite Strokes album so my mind just automatically connects it to him and Heart In a Cage is a fuckin tuuuuune so
For Bondy, I chose: Around The Earth in A Day by Prince & The Revolution
Tumblr media
I feel like Bondy's was the hardest to choose bc I tried keeping it with music I actually listen to and Bondy's music taste is definitely (amongst the guys) the furthest away from mine, the song that made me choose this album for him was Paisley Park. He put it in one of his playlists and I've been in love with it eversince (also for other reasons, but those who know, know heh)
For Bob, I chose: Hot Fuss by the Killers
Tumblr media
I have no sense of what Bob's music taste is so this one is definitely off of pure vibes alone, but I know Bob is a big fan of the Killers' drummer and Hot Fuss is a phenomenal record not only with regards to the drums but overall and it's (sadly) the only Killers record I own on vinyl so
Okay so Benji's was the biggest stretch, but like go with me on this one. For Benji, I chose Sweetener by Ariana Grande
Tumblr media
asdfghjkl i KNOW, but i was in the midst of my catfish hyperfixation resurgence when i heard goodnight n go for the first time and i connect it so strongly to Benji for reasons only the universe will understand, but it is an amazing record even though my favourite song off of it has the worst fucking title
once again, thank you so much, silly questions anon! hope i didnt go too overboard with the assignment asdfghjk
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maraariana01 · 8 months ago
Congratulations, you successfully harassed another person off of Tumblr because of lines on paper. Are you fucking happy with yourself? Do you feel like you’ve done something good? News flash: you haven’t. All you’ve done is help ruin someone’s life. From what I’ve seen, anti’s and sfw artists are outed as p*dos WAY more often than proshippers. I understand if that stuff makes you uncomfortable, but if you can find the line between fiction and reality then you probably be on the internet anyway!
Tumblr media
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outofsstyles · 8 months ago
on the topic of bilingual culture on the internet: i love how like 2 months ago i used to be SO nervous about my english and getting something wrong on my posts or even talking to people here like i would refrain from sending messages cause i was scared (even though i know my english is good) but now idk why i just don’t really care anymore as long as ppl get what i’m trying to say then i’m good
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buildhope · 8 months ago
i will fight every single reviewer who thinks alden wants to fight the whisperers just to ‘ avenge his girlfriend. ‘ 
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astralis-shipping · 8 months ago
hm... i feel like vane wld be rlly nice to hug... yknow...?
Tumblr media
#joie’s brainrots !! ✩#vaney !! ✩#like. he looks like he has a strong build yknow. n thats cool fr hugging... yknow...? yeah yeah...? y-yeah.#mE ???? BRAINROTTING AND GETTING OVERLY OBSESSED W/ GBF ????? pffffffft n- yes.#sob sob iS THIS GETTING OUT OF HAND ?!?!?!?! at least im still getting my hw done <//3#ok but vane. srsly. he's like this rlly cute puppy i just rlly want to hug n maybe kith hahahha...?#ok relationship dynamics ?!?!? pfffffft w-what#ok ill admit when i first meet him ill prolly be kinda shy ?!? but yknow he's all puppy puppy damn u cutie so uhm 1st yknow kinda awkward#bUT THEN HE LAUGHS N I LAUGH BWAHHAHAAHAHAHAH im sorry ill admit that i fefel#bUT THEN HE MAKES A JOKE THEN LAUGHS N I LAUGH BWHAHAHAHAHAH im sorry ill admit i fell for him for his laugh...#ok its more than that but tbh im serious !?!?!? his laugh made me fall in loveEeEeEeEEEeEeE#i dont mind i mean i rlly like him omg <33333#he's rlly rlly rlly rlly cute hehe ~ he be rlly uhm !! cute !! wait shit i keep on saying cute sob sob <//3 its true tho bwHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA#i feel like we're honestly vv similar ?? (joie vane kinnie) cause !! we always work vv hard n we never give up ~ sometimes we feel...#...inferior to the ppl close to us (me w/ friends - him w/ lancey) !! except we love them all the same <333 tbh i just rlly relate w/ him ~#we'd get along rlly well i think ?!? kinda lively but not rlly... what you wld call childish ?? we're bright but mature i think !!!!! <333#id honestly be rlly quiet n shy at 1st but yknow he helps me open up ~ i feel like he's someone who wld listen to my rambling ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!#i wanna pet his head. and hug him rlly tight. nose kisses omg thats c-cute ?!?!?! y-yeah !!! smiling while cuddling hhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh#he's just a crush rn but HFBDSHBF maybe we shld start yknow yknow... <333 wanna kith him shut up... <333#ok !! i will work hard n do work !! so that he can be proud of me !!!!! <333 luv u vane hehe ~#srsly tho us laughing together wld be so funny omg i lowkey laughed at his laugh its kinda funny but rlly cute !!!!!!!!#gosh i am so whipped for vane... huh... <33333
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definitely-a-living-human · 10 months ago
#ok this is my vent post!#tw vent#hazel vents#vent#so i said my body my choice at the dinner table. apparently thats not a correct statement#cue argument my parents dtarted and me getting in trouble for being in an arguing mood#also she has insulted/made me feel bad every time we have spoken today#and she has to make a big thing out of everything#they told my sister that she didnt get punished because it was not her fault#yet i get punished for wanting to be respected apparently#or if my mum does something wrong and i get the blame#and also she insults my baking (something im quite proud of) my skin (every 5 minutes) and my friend. who i love#theyre also slightly homophobic and i dont think ill be out to them until i leave#but i need them to pay for uni so i have to be the perfect little daughter at the cost of my happiness#i know im not their favourite. i can even go as far as to say she doesnt like me. but can't she at least pretend to#and i have it good. theyre good parents. they buy me things#im mostly free to do what i want but they hurt me. and i can't go to them if im happy (she said she doesnt care about my interests) sad#they make fun of me or hurt because its my fault#i say yes 100 times to the cost of my happiness and health but she focuses only on the 1 no.#and i love my sister but she is the favourite the girly girl and even though she is moody and spoilt she always gets what she wants#its not fair. i dont think ive ever heard them say theyre proud of me. my best is never good enough. i get 99% they say they expected 100#and ask why i couldnt be like the girl who got 100. why i cant be top of every class. i used to fight for their approval and crave it#but now i just dont care. i just want to leave home and be free to be myself without being judged and made fun of#i used to act adult so they would respect me. but i got laughed at so now ill be the immature bratty stupid baby she thinks and acts like i#am#sorry for all the negativity! i love you all and hope everything goes better for you too! because i have it easy a d if i do then#you deserve better#youre all so amazing and good and i wish you had the lives you deserve
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fandomdrawinganddoodles · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Um I made a little snrow minion! Their name is Xiǎo xīngxīng (little star in Chinese) the only reason I ended up going with that name is cause it sounded quite silly and I loved it cause of that
(I’ve been meaning to do so, but art block is a big meanie)
Anywho uh, here they are, their just a little blind bean, they love anything involving space!
And um, I guess I should uh @crowfry​, since well, you know!
I hope it’s okay! And I hope everyone that sees this has a wonderful and fantastic day!
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confusedhost · 10 months ago
Do you have a whole freaking 50 minutes to spare? Great! Because this video is 50 minutes long!! 
But, in all seriousness, Happy birthday @impatentpending! Hope you have a wonderful night, and enjoy this thing I made! This is like an audio book ig, but with bad pronunciation and stuff. You can listen to it in the background or follow along on Ao3! Here’s the link: And Then There Was None
And here it is! A playlist because I don’t know how to make this work
Btw! Check my happy bday elena tags to see what I frickn went through to make this. Speaking of tags, I think Ms. said something about saying what I thought of the fic and I just put it in the tags. Spare everyone the rambles
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leafeonb · 11 months ago
#lulu.txt#aa lb#dgs lb#@ the characters: YOU. i care about yoouuuuu 😭😭😭😭#three minutes of the video at this office and im 😭😢🥺 bro wtf......i love u all.#also this is so fucking funny. GOODBYE B*ROK this is not ur office anymore never come back <3#i was rly thinking it was going to be a different office ajdbejfjjrjg this is so funny#well. he was his disciple (im so sorry. what the fuck. b*rok with a disciple......😔 wtf im so sorry)#ANYWAYS. BROOOOO the dialogue 😢😢😢#when they arrived at the office and ryuu was like 'oh so.....this is his office? what' and susato was 'kazuma is going a splendid job 😢🥺'#SHES SO PROUD OF HIM BROOOO 😭😭😭😭 THATS HER BIG BROTHER....#also. asougi was rly only waiting for them to notice he was there. just listening to what they were talking about#and then he was 'ah. yes. i knew u would come here 😌🤔 i knew it....'#ALSO BROOO 😭😭😭😭 SUSATO SAID THAT SHES HAPPY FOR ASOUGI BROOOO 😭😭😭😭😭😭 SHES SO HAPPY SHES PROUD OF HIM#i care them....🥺🥺#and asougi saying that the situation now is a bit different than how he imagined how it would be for them in london......#bro 😢 what if they all made it together to london. what if. 😭😭😭😭😭#also. what was his plan. 'hey this is my best friend can he be a lawyer too please i will NOT stand in court if he isnt there'#'btw i brought him here in a giant trunk i think thats alright actually and he was living inside my wardrobe. hes my best friend :)'#what if. what if they all made it together bro......:-(#AND ALSO BROO 😭😭😭😭 ryuu presented the attorney armband to asougi like....that was asougis armband bro :-( and then#asougi said he could keep it bc he deserves it and hes a great attorney asougi always believed he would be. bro.#he said he couldnt be happier for ryuu and that hes proud of him 😭😭😭😭😭😭 DUDE!!#please let everyone be happy im almost sure some stuff will happen and </3 please let them be happy 😭😭#also. asougi cant use the armband now because hes a prosecutor....not a defense attorney....but :-( bro........#the video ended right there before i could start crying good for me. AND BROOOO ASOUGIS NEW THEME WAS PLAYING I WAS#actually expecting samurai with a mission to start playing but. yeah. its him. the new theme is sexy...............................😔👉👈#anyways. i love them so much i 🥺🥺🥺🥺 they.........#theyre proud of him and hes proud of them and everyone is happy for now 🥺🥺🥺😭😭 *thinks about how ryuu said asougi is his pride and joy*#wait im not rewriting a tag but doing* not going 😭 im almost sure i just hit the limit of tags and this was bc of 4 minutes of the video.
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