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#yep still gets me and its been 15 years
liontamer1992 · 15 days ago
Does anyone else completely lose it when watching the very end of The Return of the King? I cried when I first watched it when I was 13 and now, I might break down even harder, still at 28. Maybe I'm just a huge nerd for this stuff.
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klutzyfox · a month ago
For the asks
8 ,18,22,23,39,50,67,73,75,82,87,89,92,101,102,106,109,134
Hi, anon! Thank you so much for the asks(I was bored out of mind T﹏T )
8: Sexual orientation
I am pansexual.
18: Do I use sarcasm
Well duh,ofcourse I do
22: Eye colour
Bottle green
23: Hair colour
39: Do I and my last ex hate each other?
Do I even have an ex?
50: Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
Yes, My twin brother (does that count?)
67: What was the last book I’ve read?
Leah on the offbeat by  Becky Albertalli
73: Is there anything pink in 10 feet from me?
My little sister. She is wearing pink clothes (Again-does it count?)
75: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
Sleeping, definitely sleeping
82: If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
I will give an entire goddamn lecture on how people should be more loving and accepting towards different sexualities and gender identities
87: Had s*x?
89: Gotten pregnant?
92: Kissed a girl?
Yes,when I was 15.
101: Smoked cigarettes?
102: Drank alcohol?
Yep, The first time I drank alcohol was when I turned 18(I still do but only on special occasions)
106: Been to a wedding?
109: Been outside my home country?
Yes, I love travelling. The last place I visited was India(3-4 years ago)
134: What do I want for my birthday?
Um.  I don’t have anything specific in mind. I never have wished for anything since I turned 15. I love letting people surprise me with their gifts (My twin brother and I give each other surprise gifts on our birthday. The first gifts we receive is from each other. Its like a tradition.) Let’s see what I will get tomorrow for my birthday <3
Once again, Thankyou for the asks.Hope you have a nice day,anon
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r4v3n5journal · a month ago
Two posts in one day. Its been a while. Today was very insightful in many ways. This here conversation really helped me alot. I unloaded again. I really appreciate my friends for putting up with it when my brain pours stuff out they really dont have to. LOL It really helps me alot sometimes to get other's thoughts on shit. Please read all the way through to the end. I feel it progresses some in thought as I go... Am sorry its so long... again I unloaded...
[12:43 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Been watching these vids on empathy... holy fk I had no idea how much it really affected me. I really wish I had looked into this stuff a long time ago instead of just gone with the flow. [12:52 PM] ****: Hahaha [12:52 PM] ****: Ya, you prolly should have. [12:53 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I could have saved myself so much pain and trauma... fk [12:57 PM] ****: Oh, I'm sure [12:59 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Kinda feel like an idiot... facepalms [12:59 PM] ****: eh [12:59 PM] ****: it happens [12:59 PM] ****: move oon [1:00 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Yep. Getting outta here is gonna be really good for me in so many ways n with whats been going on around me its no wonder I feel so panicked about doing so. [1:02 PM] Raven_Riverwood: This whole thing really is fkn me up. I've felt so desperate and panicked about the situation and not fully understood exactly why I have been so. I have a better understanding of that now. [1:04 PM] Raven_Riverwood: N I have really been pushing my personal limits and trying not to go beyond my own personal boundaries, though its tempting to do so sometimes. I have those boundaries for a reason, they keep me out of certain types of trouble I want to avoid. [1:05 PM] ****: I am still unsure how leaving helps. It is just running from a situation. [1:13 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Getting away from my family? Hun I have been here several times with them. Theres no way to fix it. Its just a waste of energy and time. Its not gonna get any better. I just gotta make sure that when I do it that I dont put myself in another situation that could end up toxic like so many others have in the past. Thats what always seems to happen when I involve other people. I need to be on my own a while, put myself back together and reevaluate my life to some extent. The last few years I have done nothing at all for myself to really help or benefit myself I have given all to others in some form or fashion. I put myself at risk. I put myself in this situation by putting my ex before me to such an extent that I didn't look out for myself at all. This isn't running... its the only real solution and its something I really need to do for myself. [1:13 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Staying where I am at accomplishes nothing and wont no matter what I do. What else am I supposed to do? [1:15 PM] Raven_Riverwood: My own mother in truth is a toxic person with narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies... The woman raised me... I have fought with her behavior my entire life. I have always been miserable around her. What use is there in staying where she can influence me? [1:15 PM] Raven_Riverwood: It could only do more damage [1:23 PM] Raven_Riverwood: She constantly makes me feel like a worthless POS. She brings down my self confidence continually, makes me question everything and everyone around me, she has on several occasions sabotaged my relationships... not just with partners, but with friends. She is constantly trying to manipulate me. The list goes on. Theres no way to fix her, theres no way to really deal with her. She's never going to change. The only way she'll be happy is if I do every fucking thing she thinks is best for me. The things she thinks I want/should do and need in life are of her own making and not things that would actually make me a happy or a better person, just because of my nature, because of who I know I am. She even makes me question THAT. Theres no way for her to understand that I am my own person and not something she can control. [1:23 PM] ****: I didn't say you should stay with your mother. [1:24 PM] ****: But running to Hawaii? [1:24 PM] ****: What does that solve? [1:24 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Where else am I going to go? I dont want to be here. This whole area has never felt right to me. [1:24 PM] ****: You are now away from family in a place you don't know around people you don't kknow [1:24 PM] ****: Sometimes its better to deal with the evil you know than the evil you don't know [1:33 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I have been there in that situation before. I did so much better in Texas for those 6-8 months on
my own. No family, no friends, just me. I handled my own shit. I was happier. True I was lonely without having a partner, but things were so much better. Then I let in a toxic person and when things started going south I kept thinking things would get better again and I could fix them all the while things were getting worse. I was digging my own hole and by the time I'd finally had enough it was pretty fkn deep. I need to learn to not do that shit anymore. I really need to work on alotta things about myself so I can better defend and protect myself. And instead of taking enough time to get myself back together after all that shit I turned around and got into another relationship too soon. I really do need to be on my own. Besides... I will have that open ended return ticket to come back if I need to for any reason. [1:35 PM] Raven_Riverwood: The whole idea anyway at its very base is to take a working vacation for the summer to have some time for me. [1:37 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Spend a few months there.. work on myself. Stay if I like it, leave if I dont. I can put away money while I'm working there to have a good start if and when I come back cause I wont be spending on my fkn resources on other people. [1:41 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I really don't plan on going there and buying a whole lotta shit at first unless I decide to stay. Honestly I don't need a whole lotta shit to begin with. Other than some furniture, which I can pickup at garage sales and 2nd hand stores for cheap if I absolutely need them. The only thing I intend to buy new is a good mattress and its gonna be a memory foam in a box... its a bitch getting one back in the box, but I have done it more than once. I can always ship that fucker back here for myself before I go. Its not like I havent thought this through from many different angles. Yes there is some risk, but everything has risks to some extent and honestly this is no different from moving to Texas, or California or North Carolina. I just gotta do it in the right way and learn how to handle toxic people better and not let them influence me. [1:42 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Thats where I always get fucked up. [1:52 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I can do this. I can handle it. N I need to prove to myself I can be on my own for a while and be ok. And I can always come back and settle on the mainland somewhere after I get myself put back together. Its not/doesn't have to be an entirely permanent thing. Hell I may at some point even find something I consider worth coming back for. I dunno, anything can happen. I just need some time to work on myself away from everything else for a while. I have in my life waited for other people... months, even years and not once... not one time in my life has anyone ever done the same for me. So I dont expect anything like that to ever happen for me. [1:52 PM] ****: That's a good idea. Just don't ever move back in with family. [1:52 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Yea no shit. LOL [1:53 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I had no choice in this case.. I didnt have enough money to get a place of my own. I didnt wanna risk moving in with someone else and getting fucked over again. It would just be the same shit no matter which way I went. [1:54 PM] Raven_Riverwood: The only choices I had to go someplace else other than here were people who wanted a relationship with me. I had a boyfriend at the time and things were really good between us. I didnt wanna put that at risk. [1:55 PM] ****: OK. Second suggestion. Dont pay for another adult. If they can't make it, it's not your job to help them survive. [1:55 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Well duh [1:55 PM] Raven_Riverwood: LOL [1:55 PM] ****: That's obviously not a duh [1:55 PM] ****: You've done that how many times [1:55 PM] ****: Don't you duh me. Lmao [1:59 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I have never put that much faith in a person before this last boyfriend as to give him so much money when I didnt have a sure way of recouping it, like getting a fkn paycheck. I was working under the table as a trimmer. My job was subject to possible risks and not entirely secure. I should have known
better. I had a stash with the previous ex. I had a way to make the money to get out on my own last time. Instead of doing that I moved in with a fuckin roommate who seemed really cool at first, but turned out totally controlling and paranoid out in the middle of fucking nowhere. My job fell apart cause of crop failures and the fires. There was a huge drop in available work. I should have kept back at least half the money I sent to cover my own ass. [2:03 PM] ****: No... You should have never given money away [2:04 PM] ****: If you're not in a position to give that money away without knowing you will never give it back, DON'T GIVE SOMEONE MONEY [2:04 PM] Raven_Riverwood: We knew eachother 14yrs. The only problem with me and my ex was distance, especially after he moved to another state to get us setup.. that was 4 months into the relationship.. he didnt plan well enough ahead when he went either. He trusted other people rather than making sure his own ass was properly covered. Thats why he needed financial help and why he became so badly indebted to his roommate there. I think in a way we both fell into the same type of trap... only he bailed on me in the only effective way he knew how without getting drawn back in, knowing it would get worse on my end and he couldnt handle it on top of the shit he was already freaking out about on a daily basis. [2:05 PM] ****: OMG. [2:05 PM] ****: You kept taking your money and burning it. [2:06 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Handing him a couple hundred wouldnt have affected me at all. N no I am not, will not ever again give anyone fucking money [2:06 PM] ****: You never realized, "Hey, I should stop this. I am just throwing my money away" [2:06 PM] Raven_Riverwood: yea... Figured that out myself a little too late. I fkn loved him and wanted him to be happy. I wasnt thinking enough of myself. [2:07 PM] ****: It doesn't matter how long you know someone. If he was unable to setup things on his own, he could have just come back, figured things out and tried again when ready. [2:07 PM] ****: Instead, you just kept giving money to him. [2:08 PM] ****: You never make money by throwing money and a dying business. [2:08 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Ah... I did put a limit on what I sent him. I cut him off in Nov, after his job took hold and after I thought he could at least pay his current bills. Unfortunately I didnt know he was again having to borrow money and he borrowed from his roommate. [2:08 PM] ****: It's the same with people. If someone is failing, don't throw money at it. [2:08 PM] ****: How much money did you send total. [2:09 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I had a few hundred dollars, just enough to get my ass here, not enough to start up on my own again. [2:10 PM] Raven_Riverwood: When my roommate lost the crop and our house and there was no work this was the only option unless I wanted to dump my boyfriend and run off to Aaron. I cant do Aaron again, I dont love him, he's not right for me and I'm not a bitch like that. I sent him $2,000 total. [2:11 PM] ****: That statement alone should tell you everything. [2:12 PM] ****: If you didn't send money, you were essentially breaking up with your bf [2:13 PM] Raven_Riverwood: No... Not that... Let me clarify if I can. If I didnt come here I was essentially breaking up with my boyfriend by moving in with and possibly ending up with another man or at least in an extreamly uncomfortable situation living with a man who wants me and having to constantly deny him because I love Dar and not him. The money thing was to keep his ass off the streets when he got fucked over by a job before he got a paycheck from his next job. [2:13 PM] ****: Ok [2:14 PM] Raven_Riverwood: It had nothing at all to do with breaking up with him in any way. He would not have done that for any reason that I am aware of. I really dont think he's that type of person. He'd just be on the streets till he figured out how to get back here or stay there. [2:18 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I just didnt wanna see him put on the streets and deal with that shit till he made enough on his own and was able to get
back on his feet. Whether he stayed in Oahu to do that or came back here to the mainland it didnt matter. He has no family, he was raised in foster care his whole life, the friends he thought he could trust betrayed him and put him in the situation he was in financially. He had noone else, nowhere else to go that I knew of. I couldn't have him living with me, my roommate would not have allowed it. There was not enough time for me to find a place for us at the time. He got fucked over last minute both times I sent him money, because he put his trust in others and other things too much himself and didnt watch his own back... Its kinda ironic actually... We both made the same types of mistakes... [2:29 PM] Raven_Riverwood: If you really think about it.. At the time he cut the chord, he was in a really bad place financially and struggling to get out of that position and get his own shit strait. He was panicked about his situation to some extent, even though he was working a good job finally and had a paycheck that kept his bills paid, he was stressing out over the money he owed. Owed enough it would take awhile to pay back. Fuck.. His roommate could have gotten a stick up his ass about it and booted him out. He could even be on the streets right now and I have no way of knowing. Whether he loved me or not... I was just another thing weighing him down that could possibly make things worse and burden his own mental and emotional state, which was not good at the time. He can be very logical. He could even be completely ashamed of himself, ashamed he'd let me down by failing and couldn't handle facing it. Theres many reasons why he could have cut the chord and I honestly dont think he did it to hurt me on purpose, I think he felt that for some reason it was just the better thing to do. He has never in any way been a cruel or manipulative person to my knowledge. He himself has helped people many times, even financially and not expected anything in return over the years. [2:31 PM] Raven_Riverwood: He could even have been afraid that he would be more burden added to the problems I was having at the time making things worse for me... Because he knows how I was about worrying about his hot little ass being ok... [2:33 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Seriously... the guy is fkn tiny.. he's a couple inches shorter than me and at least one size smaller than me in clothing. Couple times I wondered if he has to shop in the boys section instead of the mens on occasion... [2:33 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I sometimes do... >.< [2:34 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I wear boys size 4-5 in guys shoes and women's work boots always suck ass. I can never find the ones I want in the womens section. [2:34 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I have to order them specially or buy boys workboots. [2:35 PM] Raven_Riverwood: even those are sometimes a bit big... [2:36 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I also commonly buy my work pants in the guys section... same fkn thing... boys sizes [2:38 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I could, before my muscles atrophied, pick this guy up and carry him around. Althrough I wouldnt do that and possibly hurt his manly pride. LOL [2:38 PM] ****: OMG. That is small lol [2:52 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Yea. LOL I thought it adorable actually. I thought he was really cute before I met him. In person I find him extremely sexy. He was sensitive in some ways, he was very perceptive and sometimes intuitive, but he had this way about him. He projects self confidence, a sense of inner strength, though I know he has weak points and hides them behind that, they sometimes overwhelm him. Thats what he was going through when he cut the chord on us. Sexually... fuck... he's fucking primal, definitely knows what he's doing, he has a few tendencies in the bedroom that are definitely a dominant type personality, he may actually have been to some extent and not known it or realized it. I already know he did not have alotta decent sexual experiences with women and had not fully explored himself sexually. Fuck... he's 35 and only one single woman has ever even let him come in their mouths, let alone
swallowed, even though that was something he really wanted and really turned him on in a huge way, also he really seemed turned on and excited at the idea of getting a woman pregnant. It got him excited to think about coming inside me and that happening. I dont think he even knew that those could be considered kinks. He had alotta wants and desires that were kink. Fuck... he bought me my favorite toy looking forward to using it on me. Whether he was kink or not, the person that he was as a whole would have made me very happy in alotta ways. [2:53 PM] ****: Ya [2:53 PM] ****: It's actually difficult to find a woman that enjoys giving bjs and swallowing [2:54 PM] ****: And ya. Breeding is hot. Even if it's just a creampie that doesn't lead to anything [2:54 PM] ****: Just filling you with my seed. [2:56 PM] Raven_Riverwood: OMG Apparently.. I had no idea how uncommon it was until he and I talked. BJs are a thing with me. I love sucking cock if the guy isnt a total asshole about it. I've gotten many compliments for it and I always fucking swallow. Guys fucking love it. LMAo [2:56 PM] ****: Oh I bet lol [2:57 PM] ****: It's amazing when a women loves sucking cock and makes the effort to take all my cum down her throat [2:57 PM] Raven_Riverwood: And fuck... Being pregnant and having a baby and all that went with it was one of the best experiences I've ever had. Having a man that was really into it as a whole is fkn hot. Thinking about doing it again or the possibility of that really fucking turns me on... >.< And he was fucking beautful to me inside and out. We would have had an awesome kid. [2:57 PM] ****: Wow. That just made me hard thinking about a good bj like that lol [2:58 PM] ****: It is very hot to breed [2:58 PM] Raven_Riverwood: LOL Yea. Just having a guy come inside me is fucking hotter than hell in itself. >.< [2:58 PM] ****: Ya it really is. [2:59 PM] ****: Just pumping cum deep inside you. [3:08 PM] Raven_Riverwood: That really turned him on too. I let him do it, but it was the first time we fucked, we weren't in a relationship and I washed myself out directly afterwards. I did not go there to fuck him, I was simply staying the night at a friend's house on my way to California and couldn't resist him. Even before he touched me or anything, the moment I got there I suddenly wanted him so bad it made my head spin. We had just been talking, he excused himself and went to the bathroom, came out a few minutes later and announced he'd drawn me a hot bath and that after I was done with it he was going to fuck my brains out. I lost my head.. I couldnt resist.. The way he said it OMFG. He has a high voice, but it totally had that natural Dom tone to it and it killed my train of thought entirely, broke down my walls. It really fucken turned me on. I just couldn't resist... Afterwards I took a quick shower he didn't realize that I had cleaned myself out and he actually sounded disappointed later on that he hadn't knocked me up that time. He has always throughout the years really wanted to be with me and apparently even fantasized about it to some extent, though I didn't know he'd thought about it that much before we actually got together. [3:12 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I did know he had always wanted to hook up with me, but I was determined not to let that happen due to my own personal circumstances at the time. I dont know why I couldnt resist or wait longer. I'm sure after all these years even if I denied being with him that time he would have still remained a possibility when I was actually ready if was still single. At the time I honestly wasnt ready. He just really fkn turned me on like crazy on every level. [3:15 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Neither of us were really ready due to many circumstances in our personal lives and looking back I think we both failed to realize that enough to really take it into full account and wait. [3:19 PM] Raven_Riverwood: He had already known from the beginning that he was going to be moving in a few months.. his roommate was getting ready to sell the house. They were planning on buying another
one in the area with more land on the outskirts of town. Moving out of state was a decision made between him and his roommate only a month or so before he left. After they had talked about it he talked to me about it, to see where I stood on the subject, possibly half afraid I would leave him because he seemed uncertain of something at the time he told me and I could tell he really wanted to go there. Honestly I didn't care where we lived as long as we were together so I agreed. [3:20 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I had known from the start some kind of move was going to happen and was going to wait till afterwards before moving in with him. [3:22 PM] Raven_Riverwood: As to us living with a roommate I was fine with that. Tom seemed pretty cool. He's ex military and a bit old fashioned so some things he's a bit anal on, like a person being able to handle their own shit, but its nothing I couldn't handle myself and had never been a problem between them before to the best of my knowledge. [3:26 PM] Raven_Riverwood: We should have waited till after he was fully settled in a new home. What I had walked into with my own roommate situation was pretty bad, I did not tell Dar the entirety of it. I didnt want burden him more than I had to and I was already having some mental and emotional issues due to my prior relationship. I didn't know the person I was moving in with was so fkn paranoid, controlling and such an extremely closed and self isolating type of person. I lived with him 6 months, he never really talked to me unless he had to for the most part. Prior to me moving in there he seemed like an open book. It was like he flipped a switch. [3:30 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Even after I moved in, most of our actual communication was done via messenger rather than face to face, even though he was in the next fkn room. He even had cameras everywhere inside and outside the house. I went there for a relaxing place to work on myself and for the work I was offered. I was gonna work and save up money to get into my own place. Nothing was really what it was supposed to be when I got there. That was the original plan till I got together with Dar. [3:31 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Dar and I communicated via phone, text and video convo throughout the entire time I was living with my roommate. [3:31 PM] Raven_Riverwood: off and on all day every day. [3:32 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Towards the end things were really super stressful on both sides and none of that stress was actually between us specifically to my knowlege. I think he wanted to end it before it got to that point making it worse for both of us. [3:42 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Of course... I have no way of knowing if anything I have mentioned was the actual reason for why he did what he did because he wont talk to me and has shut me out completely, but its what makes the most sense considering everything as a whole that went between us and what was going on with our personal lives, both what I have mentioned and our daily interactions in general have lead to these ideas in my head. [3:43 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I'm just moving on in the best way I know how and trying to put myself and my own life back together. [4:37 PM] ****: wtf... you and your novels lol [4:38 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Sorry... just all came pouring out.. couldnt really help myself.. >.< [4:38 PM] ****: That is fine. [4:38 PM] ****: Just was busy and then came backk to this haha [4:44 PM] Raven_Riverwood: I'm alone alot lately and I do alotta thinking about fkn everything. I just cant help it. Few things will shut my brain off from doing so. [4:46 PM] ****: blowjobs and breeding? lol [4:56 PM] Raven_Riverwood: LMAo Possibly. A good sex life does do me some real good. A good D/s relationship in the bargain could probably do me wonders, but I'm not sure if I'm ready for that right now. It takes a certain amount of commitment to do it right and I'm not sure if I'm ready considering my mental and emotional state.. It could help, but then again it could hinder me in a way too. I dunno I'm a fkn mess. LOL I'm just not sure... Certainly I am drawn to it,
but because of my unsurity it may be best to continue on my path, maybe have an FWB or two if I can handle it in the meantime. [5:01 PM] Raven_Riverwood: Once I commit to something like a relationship I do so whole heartedly. I cant help but do so. I just dunno if I am ready or not and its actually a scary thing for me right now in some ways due to the circumstances. [5:05 PM] ****: make sense
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mrcifci · a month ago
Keep your presentation actionable and 5 other tips for a successful virtual session; Thursday’s daily brief
Search Engine Land’s daily brief features daily insights, news, tips, and essential bits of wisdom for today’s search marketer. If you would like to read this before the rest of the internet does, sign up here to get it delivered to your inbox daily.
Good morning marketers, when attending events, do you prefer 20 minute or 40 minute sessions?
That’s a debate we often have. How long should the sessions be? Especially this past year with virtual events where attention spans are already stretched.
We get a lot of feedback on this topic as well. I spend a good amount of time reading all the comments and ratings we receive about our event sessions and I’ve seen many opinions about session length. As you would expect many people say 15 minutes is too short and not enough time for speakers to dig into the topic. I’ve seen that comment on 30-minute sessions too. I’ve also seen the opposite, that 30 minute sessions are too long. After analyzing comments and feedback for years, I finally realized what the magic session length is. There isn’t one.
In the end, it’s not about the length of time, it’s about what you learned or didn’t learn in the session. I’ve watched 10-minute video sessions that I got more out of than a 60-minute webinar. It’s when a speaker jumps right into the subject matter and provides clear actionable solutions, a framework, or a process that I can replicate to improve my own work that makes me feel like the session was well worth my time.
Below you’ll find tips on how to put together a successful presentation. I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts. Maybe you have some ideas about session lengths or more tips for creating memorable presentations. If you do, feel free to reach me at
Kathy Bushman, Director, Events Content
Keep your presentation actionable and 5 other tips for a successful virtual session
Presenters often get caught up in their subject matter and forget some of the basics that allow for clear informative presentations. If you’re getting ready to present a session at a virtual event or a webinar, here are some tips to keep in mind.
Get the audience’s attention by starting with an interesting fact or stat that encapsulates what the presentation is about.
Keep your presentation topic narrow in focus. You can’t teach someone everything they need to know about a broad topic in one 30- or even 60-minute presentation. The more specific the topic of your presentation is, the more likely you’ll deliver on what you’ve promised to teach.
Skip the background and get to the meat of the presentation. If someone has chosen to come to your session or webinar, they usually understand or have experienced the problem. So skip the details about why the topic is important (they know) and jump straight to the solutions you’re teaching.
Keep the words on the slides to a minimum and use graphics to illustrate the point. It’s been said before but it’s hard to do. The words and graphics on your slides should illustrate and enhance what you’re saying, not serve as a script. If you want your audience to have more details, provide them with a separate document or handout.
Keep your presentation very actionable. For most event and webinars presentations, the attendee wants to walk away with a new tip or technique they can use to improve their business. Providing step-by-step instructions or a framework are often successful ways of doing that.
Leave your audience with a summary or next steps. Don’t make your viewers work hard, leave them with a list of things to get started implementing what you just taught them.
Microsoft Advertising blocks 1.6 billion ads while dealing with the pandemic
Microsoft published its 2020 ad quality review about a week after Google released its annual ads safety report. The company said it put “strict measures in place to restrict advertising for products such as COVID medicines, COVID testing kits, etc.” As a result, Microsoft’s sensitive advertising policy rejected about 21 million ads.
The company relied on automated fraud detection and other methods to determine which ads or campaigns violated their policies. They also used manual removals through human reports.
Why we care. The past year was rocky at best and catastrophic at worst for many search marketers. The global ad market declined 10.2%, according to the Global Ad Trends: The State of the Industry 2020/21 report. With constant evolution, Microsoft and Google’s ad safety reports indicate that it’s evolving its platform and AI to keep up with the ever-changing global situation to help protect both advertisers and users.
Read more here.
Tumblr media
“More than half of US adults said they have never shopped for goods via voice and have no interest in trying voice shopping. In fact, just 9% of US adults have ever shopped via voice, and only 2% have done so regularly,” according to data from Bizrates and eMarketer.
Clubhouse on Android, healthcare on TikTok, and Facebook green screens
Clubhouse is coming to Android… eventually. Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison said in a Townhall event that the company was working “really hard” to come to Android, but said it’s going to take a “couple of months” to make that happen. 
TikTok is changing healthcare marketing. TikTok’s health-and-wellness credibility has been bolstered by a host of savvy healthcare providers. Some have flocked to TikTok to spread public health messages to younger audiences, others to connect with other providers and still others to blow off steam during a desperately difficult time. 
Facebook Stories testing green screen option. The change could open up new creative considerations for brands looking to add Facebook Stories into their content mix. Facebook Stories still doesn’t seem like a major consideration, but its top of feed placement makes it a potentially valuable branding tool for those that can get it right. 
WhatsApp for work: Slack is turning into a full-on messaging app
Yesterday, Slack officially launched Connect DMs which allows any Slack user to message another Slack user from any other workspace. Here’s how it works:
Users send an invite to anyone via their work email address, and if the recipient accepts (everything is opt-in), their new contact is added to their Slack sidebar. The conversations are tied to the users’ organizations, but exist in a separate section of the Slack app itself.
In theory, this seems to be a useful move. Slack is where work happens, after all. So if you need to collaborate with a partner at another company, a vendor, a freelancer, or anyone–it can happen where you’re doing the rest of your work communication.
But some have rightly pointed out that there is potential for abuse of Slack’s new DM system. “Look at the last 5 years of random messages on LinkedIn…yep. That’s what we’re looking at,” said Jeremy Rivera of SEOarcade. 
Slack “is an important internal company tool, especially during this era of 100% remote work. We don’t want employees having to fend off unsolicited messages while collaborating with each other,” agreed Catherine Thomas of CareMesh. Others have said the lack of a blocking and reporting tool makes this a no-go for their organizations.
With notifications about the change coming through in Slack apps already, we’ll be interested to see how it plays out.
About The Author
Carolyn Lyden serves as the Director of Search Content for Search Engine Land and SMX. With expertise in SEO, content marketing, local search, and analytics, she focuses on making marketers' jobs easier with important news and educational content.
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harryinthecountryside · a month ago
11. love language: she is my little sister 😌 my horny little sister (i think its bc i really love violins and the string arrangement is someth ive never heard in recent music releases and im addicted) this bitch called her pussy givenchy and yes it is
12. positions: i know this on too 😌 it was on repeat last year like yup bop bop B O P and that MV ? magnifique 😊😊😊
13. obvious: no wait this is cute 🥺 im yearning what LORD JESUS I LOVE HER DONT PUT THW BANDS PUT THE BANDS ON ME AINSISBAIQBSHSH BABY COULD I BE MORE OBVIOUS "i love that thought of u neverleaving, days repeating" wish i could relate 🥲 her voice is so lovely i cant
14. pov: i know this one toooo 😔 this bitch had me yearning during what was supposed to be my bad bitch era 🙃🙃🙃🙃 tears just tears 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 getting used to receiving getting good at not leaving oHMYGOOOOD
15. someone like u: should have been longer 😭 she deserves more rights why is it a min long but also i anticipated that beat drop but it still fucked me up so now what
16. test drive: oH OH ???? u got me fucked up fr fr now what is dis ??? adding to my shower playlist 🤌🤌🤌
17. 34+35 remix: i like it (prefer the og tho bc of ariana's bridge) BUT MEG'S VERSE I OKAY I SEE U MISS HOT GIRL SHIT
18. worst behavior: no words she doesnt miss at allll main girl things 😐😐😐 DONT U BE ACTING LIKE DONT U BE ACRING LIKE THAT BABE ALSO WHY R THESE DELUXE TRACKS SO DAMN SHORT IM GONNA SUE
19. main thing: her singing and riding a beat drop can be something so personal 🤗 this one really cute she has once again made me yearn bc i too want a main thing
overall: oh i love her JAHDIAJSJ that was an amazing album 🥲🥲🥲 bless u havent liked any recent releases lately so THIS yep def gon top my spotify thingy at the end of the year 🥰🥳💖
Please I'm truly so 🥺, I'm so glad you enjoyed the album! also it seems like we have the same favourites so what does that say about us? Taste!
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hangovercurse · a month ago
Home Sweet Home
You bring Colson to your hometown for the first time.
Request: “Can you write a Colson imagine where you take him back to your hometown to meet your family and friends and he’s nervous everyone will hate him but everyone ends up loving him? And maybe include a run in with some girls from high school that are jealous 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️”
Colson Baker x Reader
Warnings: Cursing
A/N: I try to be as inclusive as possible in my fics but its hard when writing about families in this capacity, so I just went with the most generic family model possible. Also, my family is very unusual so I don’t really know how families interact… oop
Word Count: 2979
Tumblr media
“Will you stop freaking out, you’re making me nervous.” You placed a soft hand on the shaking leg of your boyfriend. “And they’re my family.”
He let out a sigh, the shaking stopping momentarily as he pulled you as close to him as possible in the back of your Uber. “What if your parents hate me?”  
Taking a deep breath, you assured him again, “my parents are not going to hate you. We’ve been over this; they’re going to love you.”
“Your dad is going to take one look at me and punch me in the face.” Colson said, a pout on his face.
You let out a chuckle, “he is not. And even if he does, you can take a punch.”
Despite your laughter, Colson remained stoic, “I’m serious Y/N, dads hate me. I look like everything you’d want your daughter to avoid.”
A sigh left your lips at his admittance of insecurity. “Babe listen to me, please. My parents are going to love you because I love you. And if they don’t then tough shit because you’re not going anywhere.”
He nodded, but you could still see the worry behind his eyes. “I just really want them to like me. They’re important to you, so they’re important to me.”
You smiled at the comment, heart fluttering. “I’m in love with you.”
He looked at you deeply, a smile falling onto his lips, “and I’m in love with you, princess.” His lips pressed a small kiss against the crown of your head and rested there until the car pulled up to your childhood home. You felt your boyfriend tense up beside you, so you reached for his arm that was around your middle, rubbing soft shapes through the sleeves.
“I’m gonna be right next to you the whole night.” You told him as you moved to open the door, breathing in the refreshing air. LA was lovely, but it was nice to be able to breathe properly in your hometown.
Colson grabbed your bags out of the trunk, even though you insisted you could help. “Go say hi to your family, babe. I got it.”
You pressed a small kiss to his cheek, whispering a small “see you inside” before rushing to the familiar front door. Years of memories lie beyond its wood, memories you were excited to relive.
Knowing your family would keep it unlocked for you, you turned the knob and pushed the door open. The smell of your family’s cooking filled your nose, and immediately members of your family found you.
“Y/N!” Your younger cousins screamed, racing over to you to hug you. The last time you’d seen them they were 5 and 7, now they were 8 and 10.
“You guys have gotten so big! Did you drink some sort of magic potion or something?” You asked, a smile on your face.
Your mom had told you that she and your father would be cooking, but you didn’t think they’d invited your entire family. Although, you should have assumed they would given how close your family was.
Once your cousins let go of you, you turned around to see Colson waving off the Uber driver and making his way to the door. You turned to your younger cousins once he got close enough for them to see him. “Guys, this is my boyfriend, Colson.” They gave small waves as you introduced them to Colson, who gave them a big smile.
“C’mon, babe. I’ll show you to our room.” You grabbed one of the bags from his hand, much to his dismay, and led him through the house. After you had moved to LA, your parents had turned your bedroom into the guest room, but some of the decorations from your younger years had remained on the walls.
Colson looked around the room, smiling as he thought of younger you growing up in here. “Is this a Bowie vinyl?” He asked, motioning to the vinyl record on the wall as he set your bags onto the bed.
You nodded, smiling wide. “Yep, got it for my 15th birthday. Signed and everything.” Your boyfriend nodded in appreciation as his eyes moved around the room. You wrapped your arms around his middle, cuddling into his chest. You could feel his heart pounding in his chest from how nervous he was. “You’re not gonna freak out and run off on me, are you?” You asked, a light humor in your voice.
Colson let out a dry chuckle, “no, I’ll be okay.” He mumbled, squeezing you closer to him. “But what if  we just stayed in here forever?”
You slapped his chest playfully, “c’mon loser, you’re coming to meet my family whether you like it or not.” You grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the door.
“Yes ma’am.” He saluted with his free hand, making you giggle.
You made your way into the kitchen where your mom was standing with your aunts and sister. Her eyes lit up when she saw you, “you made it!” She came over and gave you a tight hug, “How was the flight?” She asked.
“It was fine, we slept most of the way.” You smiled before turning to Colson. “Mom, this is Colson, you’ve met him over facetime a couple times now, remember?”
She smiled moving to pull him into a hug. He had a shocked look on his face but reciprocated the hug. You mouthed “sorry” to him, giggling silently. He just smiled and shook his head, letting you know he was okay.
“Of course, I remember! She talks about you all the time.” You blushed as Colson smiled proudly. “You’re much taller in person.” Your mom noted, making you and Colson chuckle.
“Yeah, I get that a lot.”
Your sister cleared her throat, grabbing your attention, “right! Colson, this is my sister and my aunts.”
They each introduced themselves politely. You told them you were going to go outside to find your dad and brothers. Before you left your sister pulled you to the side and whispered in your ear, “okay, I knew LA was full of hot guys, but how’d you manage to pull that?”
You laughed out loud, “Y/S/N! That’s so mean!”
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” She laughed, but then whispered again, “but seriously, god damn.”
You rolled your eyes, “next time I’ll bring you one back.” She giggled, nodding in encouragement.
You took Colson’s hand, ignoring his quizzical look, and led him to your backyard. “That wasn’t too bad, right?” You checked in on him.
He sighed, “no, but moms are never bad. If moms don’t like you, they’ll say it in secret. Dads will say it to your face.”
“My mom loved you, and so will my dad. Just trust me.” You smiled, squeezing his hand.
You found your dad sitting on a lawn chair with your grandparents. Your brothers were throwing a football around with some of your older cousins and uncles. You greeted the three in lawn chairs, your dad standing up to give you a hug.
“Hey, Y/N/N. How are you?” Your dad asked.
“I’m good! Glad to be home!” You smiled.
Your grandpa grunted, “you should never leave, then.”
You chuckled, leaning down to give both him and your grandma hugs. “You’ll be so sick of me in three days, you’ll be begging me to leave.”
Once you stood up straight, you motioned to Colson, “This is my boyfriend, Colson. You’ve kind of met him before, Dad.”
Your dad reached out his arm for Colson to shake, earning him a strong nod. “Strong grip. I like him.” Your dad looked towards you. You could tell he didn’t remember meeting Colson on facetime, but you hadn’t expected him to.
“Grandpa, you’ll like this. Colson knows all four members of Motley Crue.” You smiled, winking at your boyfriend.
The older man looked impressed, “really? I was a roadie on the Theatre of Pain tour.”
Colson nodded, a smile on his face. “I played Tommy Lee in their biopic and then, uh, we recorded a song together.” You grinned proudly as the two talked about their experiences with the band.
Your dad put a hand on your shoulder, shaking you lightly, “You happy?” He whispered.
You turned to look at him, “yeah. He’s a good guy, trust me.”
Your dad nodded, “oh, I can tell. Just wanted to make sure.” You thanked him, watching your boyfriend interact with your family. “Now you gotta introduce him to your brothers.” He chuckled at your sigh.
“Do I have permission to punch them if they act like assholes?” You asked, only kind of joking.
Your dad pushed you towards the lawn, “I see nothing.” You smile, grabbing Colson’s hand and leading him away from your grandpa once they’d finished their conversation.
“Okay, so I knew you were freaking out about my parents, so I didn’t want to freak you out even more.” You started, causing a panic look to cross Colson’s face. “My brothers are…” you searched for the words, “assholes. But like, loveable assholes. But they’re probably gonna give you shit, but it’s out of love. But I have no problem hitting them if you want me to.” You smiled.
He raised an eyebrow, “normally I’d say that’s my job but I feel like it’d be easier for your family to forgive you than me.” You laughed, pulling him to the guys and introducing him.
It turns out, your brothers actually really liked Colson, which was somehow worse than them hating him. Because it meant that they stole him from you. When you went back inside to talk more with your mom, your brothers demanded Colson stay outside with them. He seemed happy, so you let him stay, excited that your family was taking to him so well.
An hour later, dinner was almost ready, so your brothers started to set up the folding tables outside, which Colson gladly helped with. You were helping your mom finish up the last of the food, watching your best friend and soulmate through the window with adoration. He was helping your younger cousin put the tablecloth on the table, the scene reminding you of the time Casie and him took you out for a picnic on your birthday. You couldn’t wait to bring her here.
“You chose a good one.” Your grandma commented from behind you, making you jump a little bit. Once you registered her words, you blushed, mumbling out a thank you. “I can tell he really loves you. A granny can always tell.”
You smiled, “I really love him, too.” You turned back to check on him, catching his eye. He sent you a bright grin, making your grandma pat you on the shoulder before walking back to your mom to help her.
The rest of the night was magical, Colson by your side the entire time. Eventually most of your family left, leaving you and Colson to go to bed. You cuddled into his side, a smile on both of your faces. “They all love you, y’know?”
He hummed in response, squeezing your waist. “I love you.”
You chuckled, “you’re so fucking cheesy.”
 The next day you were determined to take Colson on a tour of your town, starting with the skate park you spent almost every day at in high school. “We would’ve been best friends when we were kids.” He said as you dragged him through the park.
“We’re best friends now.” You chuckled, pausing to press a kiss to his lips.
He hummed, “I think we’re a little more than best friends but okay.” You rolled your eyes, pulling him further into the park until you spotted a familiar face.
“Little Benny?” You asked, your face lighting up. The younger guy’s eyes widened, running up to you.
“Y/N?” he asked, pulling you in for a hug.
You chuckled, “You were like, 12 the last time I saw you, what the hell?”
The man laughed along with you, “well you were the one who ran off to LA miss big-time producer.”
You smiled, realizing he had probably checked up on you. Benny was about 7 years younger than you and had looked up to you almost his whole life. Seeing him so grown up was a strange experience for you.
You noticed him glancing to Colson, his eyes going wide. “You’re-“
You laughed, “Benny this is Colson, my boyfriend. Also known as-“
“Machine Gun Kelly!” The younger boy exclaimed, making Colson chuckle.
He reached out his hand, which Benny gladly shook, “nice to meet you, man.”
“Kells, this is Benny, my friend from high school. I taught him how to skate.”
“More like your protégé.” A female voice said. Behind Benny came Deanie, another girl his age you had taught. Benny’s arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her into him.
You smiled at the two, knowing Benny had liked her since he was in middle school. “Hi Deanie.” You said, the girl smiling back at you. “This is Colson, my boyfriend.”
“Are you gonna skate?” She asked, eyes going wide.
You sighed, shaking your head, “sorry, guys. Maybe later, I’m just showing Colson around the town right now.”
Deanie and Benny both pouted, “damn, she goes off to Hollywood and forgets all about us.” Benny joked, making you all laugh.
You grabbed Colson’s hand, “We’ll see you guys later!” You waved, pulling the man away from the couple.
“It was nice to meet you!” He said, making you smile. “You seriously taught him how to skate?”
You nodded as you continued your trek to the diner you used to work at. “Yep, I taught most of the kids how to skate, although I guess they’re all his age now.”
Colson grinned, “so you’re, like, a legend here.” He commented, but you shook your head, laughing.
“No, I was a loser.”
“Not to those two, you’re not.” He said, swinging your intertwined hands. You rolled your eyes but didn’t say anything further.
You finally arrived at the small diner you used to work at. About 50 feet away from the door, Colson’s phone buzzed. “Shit, Slim’s calling.”
“Take it, I’ll grab a table and you can meet me inside.” He smiled thankfully, answering the call as you walked inside.
You immediately spotted Wesley, the cook you’d known since you were 16, through the order window. The smell of the diner was familiar, and for a moment you felt like you were walking in for a shift. You leaned against the bar, “Hey, Wes!” You called, drawing the cook’s eye.
“Little miss Y/N! Is that really you?” You smiled at the old man.
“It sure is! How’s the diner?”
“I’m still here, aren’t I?” You giggled at his response. Wes had opened the diner in the 90’s and swore he’d burn with the building.
You grabbed a booth in the corner, just in case there happened to be any peering eyes in your small town.
Unfortunately, your table was in Liza’s section, a girl who’d hated you since you were kids. You found it quite funny that she was still working at the diner after all this time, silently thankful that you’d gotten out of the town.
She scowled when she saw you but walked over anyways. “What happened? Strike out in Hollywood and now you’re back here trying to get your job back?”
Her voice was just as annoying as it had always been. “Or did your rich sugar daddy dump your ass and now you’re home begging for money?”
You wanted nothing more than to slap the smirk off her face, but you refrained. “Actually-“ You started, but you got cut off by your boyfriend.
“You have a sugar daddy and didn’t tell me about it? Babe I would’ve helped you scam him for so much more.” He smiled, sitting across from you, and grabbing your hand that was resting on the table.
Upon realizing who was sitting across from you, Liza stiffened. “You’re-“
“Y/N’s boyfriend, nice to meet you.” He smiled, an evil glint in his eyes.
“Machine Gun Kelly!” Liza said, her squeaky voice making you cringe.
“I prefer Colson, but yeah.” He sighed, looking back over to see your annoyed expression.
Liza looked between the two of you, a look at disgust on her face. “Seriously? Why the hell are you going out with her? You could do so much better.”
Your mouth dropped open in shock at her blunt rudeness. Colson’s jaw clenched as he spoke, “what, like you?”
The girl shrugged, not catching the sarcasm that dripped from his voice. “I’m just saying, I don’t know what she’s told you but she’s a talentless bitch whose probably only dating you for money or fame, or both.”
Luckily, Wes came out to the front of the house to greet Colson, stopping him from punching a girl in the middle of the restaurant. “Nice to meet you, man. I’m Wes, owner, cook, and the best boss Y/N has ever had.” Colson shook his hand, still glaring at Liza.
“Yep.” You agreed with the man. Your voice was soft to calm Colson down, which worked a little bit.
Colson shot the man a grin, “nice to meet you, Wes. Y/N talks about this place all the time.”
The look of pride on Wes’s face was unforgettable. “Well, if you two need anything, just let me know.”
Colson looked towards Liza, annoyance returning to his features, “do you think we could get a new waiter?”
You almost laughed seeing the look of shock on her features, but Wes happily obliged, handing your table over to a newer waitress. Liza had steam coming out of her ears, but you ignored her.
“Thank you.” You muttered. “She’s hated me since we were kids.”
He rolled his eyes, “Yeah I could tell. Couldn’t have her talking shit like that.” He squeezed your hand, “now, what’s good here?”
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galaxybee97 · 2 months ago
its that time again, im drinking the vodka, and feeling lonely. so idk get to know me :’) 
Original Post  <<<<<<<<<<<<< Reblog this :)
Idk enjoy? do people actually enjoy reading these lol >.<
I tagged some people, keep tagging and answering, make it fun lol.
Can you tell im bored
1. What’s your sexual orientation?
I am straight :) But I fancy some women in media, but thats it lol. 
2. What are you obsessed with right now?
Vodka? Idk, not a whole lot.
3. Ever done any drugs?
Yeah, but only weed. Nothing hard core lol. 
4. What piercings do you want?
lowkey want a clit piercing. idk maybe more ear piercings, I want my smiley, and snake bites tho! 
5. How many people have you kissed?
so many. this year however, one. 
6. Describe your dream home.
Somewhere small, like a cottage maybe. Lots of books, near the beach. 
7. Who are you jealous of?
Quite a lot of people for silly little things. 
8. What’s your favourite show to binge?
Supernatural, vampire diaries, haven, a few more
9. Do you watch porn?
Yep, scroll through it like tiktok 
10. Do you have a secret sideblog?
I have a fanfiction one I haven’t used in a while. 
11. If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?
Maybe to my friend. 
12. What’s one of your fantasies?
Being happy lol
13. Do you have/would you get your nipples pierced?
Nope, defo not lol 
14. How would you spend a million dollars?
I’m not sure, I’d buy a car, and a place to live, and books lol. 
15. Are you in a relationship?
16. Do you follow porn blogs?
A few. I’d like to follow more actually
17. Are you angry with anyone right now?
Yeah lol 
18. What tattoos do you want?
So many, I wanna be covered. Mostly star wars ones, a few quotes here and there. And my cats face lol
19. If you could change your name, would you? What would you change it to?
I wouldn’t, I like my name :)
20. What is something you’re obsessed with?
tumblr lol. vodka lol. books lol.
21. Describe your best friend.
I have a few, ya’ll ready. 
Jack, is my longest friend, he’s always there for me, and will drive me around when I am sad and buys me vodka and coffee. I can tell him anything, and I love him so much. 
Jake, was my savoir in high school, dude protected me, and cared for me, and we’re super nerdy and kinda horrible to each other. I don’t see him a whole lot, but when I do, its the best time. He makes me feel like its ok to be a weirdo lol. 
Chloe, whom is on tumblr and I may tag. We met in high school, and idk we clicked. We’re completely different, but we work together so well, we slot together perfectly. Im always smiling when I’m around her, she has the kindest heart I know. 
Annnnd, my newest best friend. We have only been friends for idk three weeks lol. But first time we hung out, we were best buds. Its nice hanging out with him, I really enjoy his vibe and fuck i feel so comfortable around him its crazy. He goes on 1am walks with me, and his humour omg its elite. 
22. Tag someone you think is hot.
Ok, no. :’) I fancy sooooo many people who I follow, and I’m not outing myself!!!!!!
23. Who are five of your favorite bands/musical artists?
1. 5sos
2. all time low
3. anson seabra
4. mcfly
5. busted
24. What are three places you want to travel?
1. Japan
2. Antarctica
3. Greece 
25. Describe your perfect Friday night.
Me, my friends, and a bunch of card games and alcohol. 
26. What’s your favourite season?
27. What’s your pet peeve?
Lying to me. 
28. Who is the funniest person you know?
29. What’s the most overrated movie?
30. Tag someone you want to talk to but have been too shy to message.
No thanks lol, I feel bad outing people on this. Plus idk I message who ever lol 
31. Do you like paper books or ebooks better?
Paper books
32. If you could live in a fictional world, what world would you pick?
Supernatural lol 
33. If money was no object, what would your wardrobe be like?
Huge, so many band shirts, and nerdy stuff omg.. tons of jumpers... and shoes omg shoes
34. What’s your coffee order?
35. Do you have a crush on anyone?
36. Do you still have feelings for any of your exes?
37. Have any tattoos?
One :)
38. Do you drink?
Yes, lots. 
39. Are you a virgin?
Lol nope
40. Do you have a crush on any of your mutuals?
Maybe a few
41. How many followers do you have?
42. Describe the hottest person you know.
Know personally? I’m not sure lol, I think all my friends are pretty lol 
43. What’s your guilty pleasure?
I hate the idea of guilty pleasures, I like what I like and I’m not gonna hide it lol 
44. Do you read erotica?
Smutty fanfics yo 
45. What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
Ok story time.. I was in college, and two of my male friends were like ‘lets go cinema’ so I got to the cinema, and only one of them was there, we went into the film, IT WAS A ROMANTIC FILM, which nah, lemmie tell you, I will watch romance alone, and mostly keep it a secret, cause idk im weird lol back then anyways. So he kept tying to hold my hand, and after he was like ‘lets go somewhere fancy’ and all i wanted was mcdonalds and to go home, he kept trying to kiss me, hold me, it was creepy lol I was 15 rip me. 
46. How many people do you follow?
47. If you could marry any celebrity, who would you pick?
Pedro Pascal :)))))))))
48. Describe your ideal partner.
Check question 47... 
Nah idk someone who can make me laugh, go on adventures with me, and handle me when Im sad
49. Who do you text the most?
At the moment, its between, Jack, Chloe or Dan. :) Maybe my mum or sister actually
50. What’s your favourite kind of weather?
Rainy days
I’m gonna tag some people to do this, but obs you don’t have too, thought we could have some fun tho :’) 
@lovemelikeiamyouroneandonly, @memoriesmisread, @limitedtoinfinity, @relicxxvii, @jinx23, @rocsas, @crispingupnicely, and idk whomever wants to do this lol. 
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jeanjauthor · 2 months ago
An important thread on narratives, perspectives, and how you tell a story.
I grew up saturated in the White Experience, as a white kid...yes, privileged without realizing it.  And bugged me that the proportions of whites to blacks and asians and latinx peoples in the media did NOT match the proportions I was seeing in real life.
Where I lived, where I grew up, in a high school of over 600 kids, we had exactly 3 Black students (lots of suburbs; the majority of the Black population is urban-based even in the Greater Seattle area), a handful more of Latinx...and 15% of the school was Asian, with the remainder being whites.
But media--books, tv shows, movies--didn’t have those proportions.  You had Europeans / whites, you had Africans / Blacks, you had Hispanics / Latinx (not entirely the same thing, but...), you even had (highly stereotyped) Indigenous Peoples in various stories & performances...and then you had Asians, but almost always in the context of martial arts movies or Japanimation (now called anime)...and that had to be imported from Asia.  It wasn’t an “American Thing To Do” in entertainment circles, unless it was some dragon-lady or ninja or whatever villain position, or very rarely the subservient servant type.
That... did not match my lived reality.
And that bugged the crap outta me.
(No I do not need any cookies for being ‘woke’ in the late 1980s; I wasn’t perfect then with my inherited racism & I’m certainly still not now, but at least I’ve been trying, and it’s good enough to me that my bar is hella higher than 6 inches under the damn floor.)
So when I say I’ve been working on the IaVerse since high school, I mean it.  And because of this unpleasant epiphany I had, I made sure that my futuristic story would be populated with a much wider palette of people than the limited views of what I grew up with, either in what little diversity I saw in entertainment media, or in what little I (a surburbanite) saw in my personally lived experience.
Is it perfect?  Nope.
Am I still trying? Yep.
Did I set my story so far in the future that I could write a generalized Terran culture that wasn’t so blatantly racist?  Yep.
I even mentioned a timeline where it took roughly two hundred years (starting from the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s & 1960s) to get to the point where bigotry just wasn’t a driving force anymore.
Does bigotry still exist in the 2300s (post FSW series) and the 2500s (post TNtRW series)?  Yup.  Earth’s many regions and cultures still have problems. You mostly hear about them in the First Salik War series, because Jackie acknowledges these socio-cultural imperfections without shame, because she knows it is being worked on, even if it’s still a work-in-progress.
From the perspective of the Theirs Not To Reason Why series, the occasional regional fights breaking out on Earth are not important to that story, so you just don’t hear about it.  Plus, it’s like 200 more years down the road, so I figure more of the bigotry’s been beaten out of Terrans since Jacaranda’s time.
The V’Dan cultural problems are a bit different from Terrans’, and they’ve not had the same kinds of strangleholds that toxic patriarchy and misogyny and racial prejudices that Terrans struggled with for centuries, but the First Salik War series is literally written with skin-based prejudice as one of the core elements of its conflicts.  Not at all in the sense of blacks-versus-whites, but in a sense of ageism (which in itself is a whole other category of prejudice & bigotry here on Earth) and presumed cultural superiority.
...For the mother in the above Twitter thread, that was an incredible span of effort, to try to rewrite the actual culturally-imposed narrative.  (By ‘actual’ I mean the lived-experience, and in no way am I referring to it being some sort of ‘way things should be’.)  That must have been a lot of work, indeed.
But for all it may have confused her children when reality struck, I’m glad she did it.  Those stories need to be told with non-white protagonist primary characters, AND with non-white secondary characters, AND with non-white tertiary characters.  Everyone needs to see non-whites in “presumed white” roles.
Because what we read (or watch, or listen to), we absorb, internalize, and then return to--and expect from--the universe.
Diversity not only does not hurt opens our minds and our hearts to those not like us.
Right now, the narrative is STILL set to “whiteness = the default for everything!!”
And that’s just seriously warped.  It’s unnatural.
It does not match reality.
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dangerouspersonpeanut · 2 months ago
Toaster For Mac
Tumblr media
Free Toast For Mac
Toaster For Bread Machine Bread
Templatetoaster Mac
Tumblr media
Free Toast For Mac
Toast Titanium for Mac. 763,283 downloads Updated: September 22, 2020 Commercialware. Review specifications changelog report malware. A versatile and user-friendly CD and DVD burning solution that enables you to save, share and enjoy your home made videos, photos and music. Regardless of the inspiration, there’s no doubt that the Flying Toasters screensaver is iconic, and if you want to run it on your Mac today, it’s actually really easy.
A recreation of the Flying Toasters screensaver that was part of the After Dark series of original screensavers for the Apple Mac operating system. Bread toasters with wings and toasted slices of bread fly through the screen against a solid black background.
ScreenshotsVideo previewFilesAnti-virusHelp
Message board
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SubjectRepliesLast postFlying toasters does not work on macOS Catalina 10.15 - update?25 months agoFlying Toasters Dont Work on OS X 10.5, 10.7 or 10.1022 years agoMac Flying Toasters Freezes after 5 seconds12 years ago
Help pages
Toaster For Bread Machine Bread
Installation instructions
Microsoft Windows
Extract the screensaver file from the After Dark Flying Toasters ZIP file you downloaded, to the Windows folder on your hard drive, usually located at C:Windows.
Right-click the screensaver file where you copied it and select 'Install'.
Apple Mac OS X
Double-click the 'After Dark Flying Toasters.saver' contained within the ZIP file you downloaded to install the screensaver.
If OS X complains the program can't be opened because it is 'from an unidentified publisher,' right-click the screensaver file and select 'Open', then click 'Open' again.
Anti-virus report for After Dark: Flying Toasters
Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners. We are happy to share the results.
Virus scannerAfter Dark Flying Toasters Win.zipAfter Dark Flying Toasters Mac.zipAVGAvastAviraBitDefenderClamAVESET-NOD32F-SecureKasperskyMalwarebytesMcAfeeMicrosoftPandaSymantecTrendMicro
Last scanned3 days ago3 weeks ago
We have 2 files for 'After Dark: Flying Toasters'
After Dark Flying Toasters (Windows)
After Dark Flying Toasters (Mac)
File report #1File nameAfter Dark Flying Toasters Win.zipTarget system Microsoft WindowsFile size29.14 kB (29,843 bytes)File typeZIP archiveAnti-virusDetection ratio0/14 (0%) View reportPopularityTotal downloads19,955Last downloaded1 hour agoFile verificationMD5da8d8a7593e3eccc502a7c4549a17a5fSHA1ab37b4a520b7ce8734a7dcd2bf5dcd0cbd709d63SHA2568bd6b144775ea67858e528cbd776be8b7882c11e4b448ac2df10343ca7dd1f98
File report #2File nameAfter Dark Flying Toasters Mac.zipTarget system Apple MacFile size21.47 kB (21,989 bytes)File typeZIP archiveAnti-virusDetection ratio0/14 (0%) View reportPopularityTotal downloads9,339Last downloaded6 hours agoFile verificationMD5367632dfd4c3565f411a7d234e7ead9aSHA1e3771fa13e9ab0148bc5873a9cbad06b3e19580eSHA256f46267efafe37b8d094b9449a5d9d3413e683bed26a4d8ae8db2df717fe791cf
User reviews (36)
Works on windows 10, but doesn't really handle 4k displays that well.
by Kate on October 26, 2020
Nostalgia at its finest!
by DougInMaine on August 11, 2020
I nearly wept when I got this to work on my laptop and external monitor; I can't believe how long it's been since I had the first version of After Dark! and how much I've missed it. The best dose of nostalgia I've had in a while!
Note the security tips:
by amkaplan on July 29, 2020
Doesn't work if you're using nVidia surround
by Vorden on July 3, 2020
For the first time in 20 years, I have flying toasters on my computer! It takes me back to high school and installing After Dark onto my 386SX-16 with a whopping TWO MEGABYTES of RAM (!) and watching those toasters stutter and jerk across the screen; today they glide effortlessly across the screen on my dual core i5 MacBook Pro. My, how times have changed...
by Regan on June 14, 2020
Yep. definitely loved it in the early 90s on my Quadra when working at an oil company in Lagos. Great stuff!!!
by big jimi naija on April 28, 2020
The screen saver is very nice. I wished there would be all the other afterdeck modules incl. Disney and StarTreck available for MacOS X. My only problem in Mac Catalina is that every once in a while the system pops up and requests to move the screensaver to the Trash Bin since from an unidentified developer. Although I go to the privacy settings preferences to allow opening the screensaver, it happens over and over again. Its a bit disturbing. Any one has the same issues and maybe a solution to this problem?
by Roger on April 28, 2020
It's not codesigned. Therefore, I can't trust it on my system. Very disappointed.
by Doesnt Matter on April 26, 2020
Works great for me on my MBP running 10.15.4 - across my 30' Cinema Display and 2 x 27' 1080i screens all at once!
Shame there's no configurable settings - so a star off for that.
But otherwise I'm awash with nostalgia!
by Nick on March 2, 2020
Reminds me of my childhood. You should allow for multiple monitor settings, though.
by Chris Kreschollek on November 25, 2019
Great screensaver. No settings, alas. But it's free and works on Catalina! I like the retro stuff. This a feel-good screensaver.
by Isotizer on November 2, 2019
Sadly doesn't work on XP for me :/ 2 stars
by zoomer4548 on October 21, 2019
Major Love for Flying Toasters. Really Relax My Mind.
by Carlos Sosa on October 20, 2019
Fantastic. I wish operating systems had more character like they did in the good old days. Nowadays everything is so sterile and there's no way at all to add personal touches to your environment. Sad. But this screensaver really helps bring back the memories of better OS days. Very, very well done.
by John Schilling (StimpSoft) on September 5, 2019
Great to have a FREE version that works with Windows 10. (I have home version with all updates as of 7/2019). Installed and worked no problems.
by Chris on July 16, 2019
great! pity that you haven't any personalization about dimensions, speed... but ok, it's freeware :)
by fabrizio g on February 21, 2019
I think they are a great piece of art and they are very much missed, I flourished with them growing up with Windows 3.0, 98 and XP. I would also like to see an updated Free Agent Screen savers like Morface, On Patrol, etc...
by Monk Paloo on December 2, 2018
Nice touch of nostalgia - works fine on Mojave. (OS 10.14)
by Ox on October 3, 2018
Great Screensaver! Only Problem is that it Does Not Work on Mac OS 10.6.8.
by Mastergeko4 on September 20, 2018
Not optimized for 4k screen. The instants of the toasters disappear before they are out of the screen, and none of them reaches the bottom left of the screen.
by Joa on July 25, 2018
Its Does Not Have Any Of The Customization The Original Had 3 stars
by Collin Anderson on June 21, 2018
Works perfectly on Mac OS on both single and multiple display setups.
by Jay on April 12, 2018
Sadly does not work on multiple monitors, and doesn't even make the second monitor black, wanted to like this, but that's unfortunate :-(
by BoFiS on April 4, 2018
Very nice. It reminds on former times working with Windows XP. Now I have installed the screensaver to Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1709. To install the screensaver copy the scr-file to C:WindowsSystem32. To activate goto settings-personalization-lockscreen, scroll to last entry: settings screensaver.
by Horst Hader on December 21, 2017
Thank you! Really well executed/ported. I missed it! Works great!
by Eric on November 22, 2017
Still have the original CD and run it on my XP machine. Shortly updating my machine and hope I can get it to run on Windows 10. I like the falling bouncing balls (Marbles) the best.
by Jim Butterworth on November 20, 2017
Thank you for bringing this back!
by Michel Larocque on September 24, 2017
Love it1
by Mitc h.. on September 6, 2017
THIS IS SO GREAT! Thank you for porting this over! :))))
by Eric on August 18, 2017
Great thing, finally! Suggestions for a new version: user can use a configuration menue to define - background image and foreground image (that reflects on toasters) - light brightness and adjust color (affects flying items only) - light location (affects flying items only)
Tumblr media
by Hirnsausen on April 20, 2017
nostalgia, nice nostalgia
by ih on March 21, 2017
I can watch it forever, like I used to do. Toasters fly a bit too smoothly, though.
by Kota on March 15, 2017
Pretty good. In fact I love it! Except - no sound. I miss the Flying Toasters anthem Flying out of the sun The smell of toast is in the air When there's a job to be done The Flying Toasters will be there!
Tumblr media
by Sean on February 8, 2017
MMmmMM... tasty.
by Toast on January 30, 2017
OMG the nostalgia! Runs so smoothly too.
by Perry Bruns on July 1, 2016
Reminds me good memories!
by Colin on June 9, 2016
Tumblr media
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Have a question or problem? Please post it on our message board (no registration).
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Templatetoaster Mac
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ssurveys · 2 months ago
survey by nadine07
First Name: Robyn.
Middle Name: I don’t think I’ve shared it on here and I doubt I will.
Last Name: Not providing it either but it starts with a C.
Birthdate: April 21st.
[..First Things First..]
What was the first thing you did after you got up? I rushed to the rooftop so that I could see the sunrise. I also got in the random mood to do a time-lapse of it, but the sun took forrrrrrrr-freaking-ever to come up entirely. I was holding up my phone for like 15 minutes and nothing was happening, so I quit halfway through lol.
What was the name of your first pet? Goldie, because it was a goldfish.
Who was your first big crush? Gabie, I would say.
Where was the first place you drove after you got your license? Chelsea’s 18th birthday dinner was scheduled right after I happened to get my license, and the event took place in a small, quaint little restaurant in Marikina. 
There’s a bit of a funny story here, too – Aaron needed a ride to get there and so I offered to drive him. I picked him up and we were having small talk in the car, and he asked me how long I’ve been driving. I told him that moment was my literal first time driving out and that I just got my license the day before, and he is my first-ever passenger (at that point I’ve never even tried driving solo yet). The horror and immediate distrust on his face was something I will never forget HAHAHA. We got to the place unharmed, but it’s still one of my favorite stories to tell.
Who was your very first friend? It was a kind girl named Kaye back in kindergarten. We were always next to each other in our class lists, so it was inevitable for us to befriend one another. She transferred schools in first grade and I have not seen nor heard from her since.
What was the first thing you ate today? I had another bag of salted egg chips. I’m extremely hooked, lmao.
What was your first job? I work as an associate at a PR agency.
Name something red in the room you are in: We have an unopened bottle of wine here on the dining table and there’s still a red ribbon wrapped around it.
Is orange one of your school's team colors? No, neither of my schools had orange as one of its colors.
How many yellow shirts do you own? I can think of 5 tops hanging out in my wardrobe at the moment. Two of them are class shirts from high school; the others were tops I bought when I started getting into mustard yellow.
Name someone you know who drives a green car: I believe Angel, a classmate from high school who also studies in UP, also drives a Mitsubishi Mirage, albeit a lime green one.
Is it a blue sky outside right now? Yes for the most part, but the sun is setting soon so the sky is bound to change into many pretty colors as it usually does at this time of the day.
What is the first thing that pops into your head when I say 'purple'? Barney the dinosaur, and ube.
Are the walls in the room you're in white? Yes, all our walls indoors are white.
Does black make you think of depressing things? Not always, but if used specifically in that context, it definitely helps boosts the mood.
Jewelry: gold or silver? Silverrr, always.
[..Phone Stuff..]
Who is your provider? Nothing you would be familiar with, but I use Globe.
How long have you had your current phone? It’ll be three years this year. It would be nice to upgrade, but I’m also still happy with my current phone so it doesn’t really matter to me.
What did your last text say? The last one that came through that didn’t come from my mobile services provider was from someone in the media. It was his birthday last Friday and I messaged him if he’d like to receive a gift from us, on behalf of one of our clients; he just replied with his confirmation and details.
If you woke up naked next to the last person to call, would it be awkward? Yep and I’d feel like throwing up almost immediately.
Was your last missed call male or female? It was from my mom.
Who is your 10th phone contact? It’s from Jum, who I realize is still listed as Ate Jum on my phone. That’s cute hahaha; I must have gotten her number when we weren’t super close yet. Anyway, she’s been super MIA for like the last two years...basically, ever since she graduated. I believe she has also since moved back to Bicol, so it’s become virtually impossible to see her again. Bums me out and I look forward to the day we somehow end up in the same room once again.
How did you meet them? I met her in my very first journalism major class. I had mixed feelings towards her at first since I found her to be super loud in class, and I initially thought she would only be a one-time classmate and nothing more; but I got to know her more and we even ended up as orgmates, and it turns out she is literally the most hilarious person I know.
Are you related to your 17th phone contact? I have absolutely no clue who it is. I no longer remember what led to it, but Gabie and I swapped the SIM cards in our phones at one point, and for some reason it made me have access to her contacts; the 17th contact on my phone is someone from her list. And since I never hang out in my Contacts app, I’ve never gotten around to deleting those extra numbers I received.
How long have you known your 1st phone contact? Around 6th or 7th grade. I can’t remember the exact grade level she transferred to my school as a new student.
When was the last time you saw them? It’s been at least a year. I remember seeing her on campus very briefly when I was on my way to a certain building for class, while she was walking out of it.
Who is your 4th phone contact? LMAO, again, it’s from her contact list. Said person is one of her older cousins, I believe.
Have you ever kissed that person? No, and that is very weird and uncomfortable to think about.
When was the last time someone drunk dialed/texted/left a voicemail? Andi drunk messaged me a few months ago. November, I think.
Who is your #1? No Myspace but I’d say my top best friend is Angela.
How long have you known them? It will be 16 years this year.
Have you ever kissed? Oh my gosh, hell no. It would be like kissing a sister haha. She’s super affectionate and will sometimes kiss my shoulder or cheek, though.
Are you dating this person? No, never did and never desired to.
Do you have nicknames for each other? Not really exclusive to each other, but I call her Anj (and only a few people call her so) and she will occasionally call me Reben or Rolayn, both from past inside jokes.
What is your #2's full name? I am not sharing that, but I refer to them as Andi (you may remember them as Andrew from the past times I’ve mentioned them).
Do they live within 20 minutes of you? If there is zero traffic, I can probably make it to their place within that timeframe, yeah. But realistically, no they don’t.
How did you meet? We initially met in an anti-Marcos protest/rally – I approached they first because they had a wrestling shirt on, heheh – and that’s when I learned we were from the same college. But they rubbed me off the wrong way from our first meeting as they were too extroverted for my liking, and I spent a good chunk of time ignoring him whenever we crossed paths, lmfao. Eventually we were put in the same class at some point, and they even joined my org, and an intensely close friendship started from there.
Could you live with this person? Sure. I think they would never be a boring roommate.
Who is your #3? I’m gonna go with Kate for this one.
Where are they right now? I have no idea. We don’t really catch up with each other’s lives on a regular basis; we have a very chill, low-maintenance friendship.
When is this person's birthday? January 1st.
Has this person ever seen you naked? I don’t think so.
What is your #4's full name? I don’t think I have a 4th-tier best friend haha, but I’m gonna pick Tina.
When did you last see them? Last year, on the last normal day I was able to be on campus. She was set to present one of her projects at a journalism conference that was taking place in campus that day, but I was able to hang out with her for a short time before the event.
Have they ever dated one of your other friends? No. I knew she had a crush on someone from the college, though.
Do you know their favorite movie? I’m not sure about her favorite movie but I do know she loves Adam Sandler. I was never able to figure out if her interest was ironic or genuine but yeah, she enjoys a good number of his works.
What time is it? 6:20 PM.
Are you supposed to be doing something other than this? I wouldn’t say so. I do have deliverables for work but since it’s the weekend, I’m not thinking about them nor do I have the desire to touch those tasks until Monday.
Do you live on your own or with your parents? I live with my family. Considering my monthly income, it’d be close to impossible to sustain myself in my own place this early in my adult life.
Are you more of a cat or a dog person? Dog, for sure.
Are you allergic to anything? I don’t believe so.
Does your shirt have anything written on it? Yeah, it says “UP Fighting Maroons” styled in a varsity font since that’s the term for our sports team.
Have you ever tie-dyed something? I have, but only back in like Grade 6 when we had to do it for a home ec class. I remember wanting to buy a tie-dye set recently so I could revisit the activity, but I never got around to it.
Who can you always count on to cheer you up? Angela for the most part; but I also don’t want to be too reliant on my friends in this way. Sometimes I simply allow myself to be sad or upset, and sometimes I count on myself to cheer up.
How many places have you been today? I have been nowhere but at home today lol. I’ll be going to BGC tomorrow to have lunch with my godfather and my cousins, though.
Are you a forgiving person? No.
When was the last time you felt let down? Last night when I read the news that the government will be making All Souls’ Day, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve working days this year. I already know I’ll be half-assing my way through those days lmao because whyyyyyyy the fuck would you make people work on family-centric holidays such as those
What is the title of the nearest book to you? There are no books here at the rooftop.
Are you wearing anything that belongs to someone else? Nope.
Can you whistle? Only through my lips. I can’t do the kind of whistle where you put your fingers in your mouth as well.
Do you look more like your mother or your father? My mom.
Are you still in high school? I’m well past that chapter.
Are you the oldest, middle, youngest, or an only child? I’m the eldest.
Has anyone ever told you that you talk in your sleep? No, because I don’t.
How many people have you kissed this year? None.
Is there anyone of the opposite sex you trust fully? Hmm, no one comes to mind.
Are you a night owl or an early bird? More of a night owl.
If you could have an exotic pet, what would it be? No thanks. I’ve never had the desire to have one.
Would you rather go to Brazil for the weekend or Finland for a month? I’d have to go with Finland. I feel like the cultural differences would be a lot more marked, plus the vacation is longer so that is an instant win for me.
[..And Finally..]
Where did you go the last time you drove somewhere? I was driving to the local coffee shop to spend some time with myself, and do a liiiiiiiittle bit of work as well.
Where did you last go out to eat at? Ramen Nagi. I was initially hesitant to show up there and ask for a table for one on a Sunday evening...but it turned out to feel incredibly empowering and freeing. It was definitely awkward at first, but it got a lot easier once I realized literally no one gives a fuck. Or if they did, they didn’t do anything about it and let me mind my own business. That evening was a crucial step in reclaiming my happiness, so I’m glad I made the choice to suck it up and enter the restaurant.
When was the last time you let someone borrow something from you? Last week, when Angela needed our abaca mat as an aesthetic for her grad shoot.
Was your last breakup a bad one? Yes.
What was the last song you listened to? Just checked my Spotify and the current song I have on pause is Descansos by Hayley Williams. 
What was the last movie you watched? Midsommar.
Did your last kiss happen in a public place? Not technically, but it did take place outside of my house so we were outdoors for some neighbors to see.
How did you meet the last person to leave you a comment? It was Andi, and I already explained how we met earlier in this survey.
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doinmybesthere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
heard it was wip wednesday:  have some of my Jane The Virgin!MHA Au, Pro Hero!Bakugou Michael, Pro Hero Todoroki!Raphael
pls let me know what you think!!
Tumblr media
 You dig in your bag, looking for your phone as its obnoxious ringtone rips through the peaceful silence of the bus. You swipe to answer it, smiling apologetically at the other passengers. 
“Hey, Kats,” You say softly, “What’s up?” 
“Are you feeling better?” He asks gruffly. “Than you were this morning.” You sigh. 
“No honestly, I feel pretty weird.” Your mouth is dry and your stomach is churning.
“Go to the fuckin’ doctor.” Your boyfriend orders, and you can picture him then, pacing in his office at the hero agency. “Weren’t you just there?” You look around nervously before answering as quietly as possible. 
“No that was my yearly. With my OB GYN.” 
“Well come over when I’m gone with work, alright?” He says. “I can have our medic take a look.” The world spins a little and you take a breath, the butterflies are getting higher somehow, your head is swimming. “Hey,” Hey says, “Hey babe, babe are you there?” Black spots appear in your vision and you gasp, falling first to you knees before completely losing consciousness. You wake up, lying in a hospital bed, completely out of it. You open your eyes and feel someone take your hand.
“You can’t fucking hang up on me like that.” Bakugou growls. “I thought you’d been kidnapped or something, I practically flew across town to get to you.” You laugh a little. 
“Kats, I fainted.” He shakes his head. 
“No excuses princess. Gave me a real scare this time.” He laces his fingers in between yours. “Doctor should be in soon.” Right on cue, a tall man with dark hair comes in, glances at your chart and smirks. 
“Well it seems congratulations are in order.” You smile pleasantly. 
“You’re pregnant.” You laugh, genuinely. 
“Oh, whatever test you did you have to run again. I’m not pregnant, it’s impossible.” He shakes his head. 
“It’s possible, and we always run it twice.” He looks at the hulking blonde pro hero at your bedside. “Maybe we should discuss this alone?” 
“No.” Bakugou snarls. “If she says do the test again you’ll run another goddamn test.” He holds onto your hand tightly. The doctor sighs and leaves, coming back 15 minutes later with a small cup of your urine. 
“Pink means pregnant.” He dips the stick in and it comes back a violent magenta. You gasp. 
“But I’ve never had sex!” You protest. “Never!” Bakugou looks at you carefully, withdrawing his hand from yours and you turn to him, “Katsuki, really, we’ve been together for two years, please, baby, you have to trust me!” He frowns. The doctor speaks up. 
“False negatives are common. False positives are rare.” 
“Ugh.” You stand up, getting out of the bed and reaching for your purse. “Fuck this. I’m going to my OB GYN, and you,” you turn to Bakugou and grab his huge hand, “Are coming with me.” He looks away, hanging back for a second, the small black box burning a hole in his pocket. “Katsuki,” you say, facing him, “Please, this is some kind of misunderstanding.” He looks into your wide eyes, pleading, and sighs, remembering the show mornings in bed together, how you’d spend hours treating his wounds after a tough fight, the first time you shared something you’d written with him, how nervous and squirmy you were as he skimmed the draft. He remembered the first time he’d cooked for you, he was so anxious he almost dropped the plate on the way to the table. 
“Fine.” He says. “Let’s go.” The taxi ride across the city is tense, but you refuse to let go of Bakugou’s hand. You drag him through the lobby of the Doctors office and nearly slam into Doctor Todoroki. You can’t help yourself, you take her by the shoulders, 
“Please, Fuyumi,” you say, “You have to help me, there’s a crazy doctor at the hospital saying that I’m pregnant!” She looks uncomfortable, her eyes dart to Bakugou, still in his Pro Hero uniform, thank god he’d left his gauntelets at the office.
“Why don’t we take this to my office?” She suggests quietly. She leads you in, and gestures an invitation for the two of you to sit. “Is this your partner?” 
“Yes,” you say, taking his hand again. “Bakugou, this is Dr. Fuyumi Todoroki, she’s uh, that guy you went to high school with’s sister. Todoroki Shouto, I think.” 
“Yeah, I know the bastard.” Bakugou snaps. ‘So what’s wrong with my girlfriend?” Fuyumi flushes and you give Bakugou a reproachful look. 
“The reason the doctors are saying she’s pregnant is because,” she laces and unlaces her fingertips on the desk, “Is because last week when you came in for your visit I artificially inseminated you.” Your mouth drops open, and for maybe the millionth time in your relationship you are so glad Bakugou is there. 
“What the fuck?” He growls. “You accidentally artificially inseminated my girlfriend?” She goes bright red. 
“Yes, I-I, I know, I made a mistake, and, I-” She pauses, looking beside herself. “I don’t have any excuses. I haven’t told the father yet.” She says quietly. “But I can tell you that this is his only chance to have a child.” 
“Why the hell would you say that to her?” Bakugou stands. ‘What kind of manipulative bullshit-”
“It’s my brother!” She wails. “He saved his last sperm sample before undergoing Chemo, and his wife was supposed to be coming for an appointment at the same time as her.” You bury your face in your hands. 
“Oh my god.” Bakugou puts his hands on  your shoulders. 
“Do not listen to her. You do not have to have anyone’s baby, I,” He pauses, calming himself. “Let’s go back to my place.” You mash the heels of your palms into your temples, distorting your face. 
“Kats,” you say, looking up at him, terrified. He gathers you in his arms. 
“Come on, dumbass.” He says, holding you close to himself, letting you breathe in his scent, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “I’m not gonna make you figure this out on your own.” Fuyumi stands, shaking. 
“I can give you a prescription. For a pill. But please,” she looks at you, pleading, “You can meet with him, I’m sure, if you carried to term, you wouldn’t have to take care of the baby at all, you could just let him and his wife adopt them.” You nod slowly, taking the scrap of paper form her. 
“I’ll uh, I’ll let you know.” Bakugou leads you out of the office in a daze, putting you in a taxi and letting you press softly against him, kissing your forehead at random intervals, showing an unusual amount of  affection. You barely see the city flash by in the taxi, barely hear the soft music of the elevator. He takes you to his apartment, inspecting your vacant expression carefully, sitting you on a couch and wrapping you in a soft blanket before bringing you a steaming mug of tea. 
“Talk.” He says, sitting down next to you. 
“I-I,” you reach for words, “I’m pregnant.” 
“Yep.” He swallows. “I got uh, I got something, probably for you to consider.” Your head snaps to him. “Yeah, uh,” uncharacteristically inarticulate, he fumbles for something in his pocket, and all the breath leaves your body as he opens a huge fist to reveal a small black box. “I was thinkin’ I like,” he clears his throat, “I like you, I like havin’ you all to myself all the time, and uh,” he looks away, “I had a whole thing written out, like, a plan, and, I was gonna make you dinner tonight and then uh, after I was gonna get on my knees,” he points to your kitchen, “Over there, and I was gonna propose.” Your eyes well up, threatening to spill over. “I was gonna tell you, you know, that uh, you’re the love of my life.” His voice breaks just a little on the last word. “That I wanna watch you yell at the newscasters on TV for the next eighty years, that I want to make you breakfast in bed every single day that I can, that when I come home, after a hard, hard fight, that you’re the person I want waiting for me. Even if you always fall asleep on the couch.” 
“Katsuki,” you breathe, “Katsuki we had a plan.” 
“Fuck the plan.” He snaps. “You wanna see god laugh, tell him about all your damn plans, babe, I,” he takes both of your hands, and you squirm under the intensity of his vermillion gaze. “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” he glances out the window really quickly, “But I, I don’t want to raise someone elses kid.” You nod. 
“Yeah.” Your voice is high pitched and pinched. 
“I wanna raise our kids.” He says, his voice low and husky, “I wanna chase those little rugrats around, I want them to blow shit up, I want them to break my things, and knock my books off the shelf. I want to watch them grow up, and be better than me.” 
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Daichi x Y/N
(Stuff happens, so read if you want to.)
I'm currently a first year at Karasuno and it's almost time for spring break. Since starting at the high school, I had special circumstances at the beginning of the year. Mostly because my parents had just died and I had no other living relatives or god parents to take care of me. Due to the fact that I was 15, I was given the choice to stay at a half way home or to go out on my own. Knowing full well, I would never get adopted for being a teenager, I decided to opt out and remain living on my own. For the most part, it was okay, I would crash at a few friends houses every so often to wash my uniform in a place that had actual laundry detergent. It wasn't long until the manager at the store I worked at started letting me have the left overs that didn't sell.
I guess, he got the hint that I was shedding pounds like no tomorrow. So one night, he flipped the sign to close and asked me to step into the back room.
"Hey, kid, how's it going?" He started.
"I'm okay." I shrugged.
"Don't lie to me, now." He  lit up a cigarette.
"Well, if you gotta know, I'm currently living with the snacks I you let me have and couch surfing." I narrowed my gaze.
"What happened with your folks?" I look up and through the wisps of smoke, he was looking into my eyes and waiting for an answer.
"They're dead."
Silence. It last a few minutes and then he took a pull.
"Sorry, kid."
"Yeah, it's not something I'm ready to talk about." I wipe the single tear that fell from my right eye.
"Alright, I have an idea, but only if you feel absolutely 100% comfortable with the idea."
"I have a spare room, if you want you can stay there, instead of couch surfing or staying out in the streets." He takes another pull.
"I don't know, I don't feel right about just staying there. Is there someway for me to repay you?" I look up to him determined.
"Well, you can take on some extra chores around the house and we can call it even." He shrug.
"Alright then Mr. Ukai, thank you so much!" I bow.
"Don't worry about it kid, I just don't want you to end up hurt somewhere. You've been really good working for me the whole summer, and I see you like a little sister." He puts a hand on my shoulder with a light squeeze.
"I promise that I will do my best to not be a burden." I declare.
After our chat, I spend my time minding the store until closing time. I double check the floor and restock what's low and keep the journal of the day's sales. I make sure to keep everything organized before putting together a list of the things we need to order for the next week. Keishin came out with the broom and the mop, he swept and I mopped the floor behind him. We were done rather fast and put away the cleaning supplies. Stepping through the back of the store we take out the trash to the dumpster and then walk a little to the house behind the store.
"Well, this is home." He says.
"It's very nice."
"Thanks." He closes the door behind us, we remove our shoes and I walk in barefoot, taking my socks off and feeling the cold floors.
"Hey put these on, they should fit." He hands me a pair of gray slippers that seem my size.
"Thanks." I slip them on and he shows me around the house.
"So, living room is here, to the left is my room, the right is yours. The kitchen is down the hall and the bathroom is also down the hall. The is a small backyard if you ever want to sit outside and take a break." He rubs the back of his neck.
"Wow." Amazed at how neat and warm the house felt.
"Yeah, I haven't the heart to change a few things because its the way my mom left it. I just do upkeep." he shrugs.
"Well, I will be sure not to move things too out of place on cleaning day." I make a mental note.
"I appreciate that. For tonight, I'll make dinner. What do you want to eat?" He peers into the fridge.
"How about I make dinner and you tell me what my chores are while I work?" I counter offer.
"Oh, Okay." He steps aside.
I pull out the left over rice he has in a tupper ware, the shaved steak left overs, 3 eggs and a mixed veggie tray. Julienning and then sauteing them for a little color, I add the shaved steak to mix in with the juices from the veggies, adding a pinch of onion powder and a few dashes of soy sauce, I stir until the white rice has an even browning.
"So, we would be alternating cleaning duty, you'll get bathroom and kitchen and I'll do living room and front of the house. Following week, we switch. Cooking is up to you. I'm limited in what I know how to make, but it seems like you can definitely throw down in the kitchen." He motions to me.
"Well, I had to learn while my parents were at work, I made myself dinners." I smile.
"That's very smart." He compliments.
Adding the rice into the meat and veggies and adding a splash of water to make the rice a little fluffy again, I cover it. Cracking the eggs into a bowl and scrambling them before hand.
"So, you learned all this from being home alone?" He grabs plates out of the cupboard.
"Yep, we would have left overs and I'd take them to make them into a meal for myself. I hope you like it." with a half smile as I add the eggs to the same skillet. While the eggs cook into the fried rice, I clean all the utensils I used to cook, leaving just the wooden spoon I was using to help mix everything. Almost like a 6th sense, I could feel that it was ready, so I turn off the heat and proceed to spoon out a few into each bowl.
"It smells delicious!" He takes a whiff before carefully putting the steaming hot food into his mouth and hums something that sounded like 'yum'.
"Glad you like it." I laugh a bit.
That was my first night, it was very nice. It really did feel like having an older brother, despite knowing that I was practically alone in every sense of the word. He really made me feel welcomed. We worked out a deal for when I would get to school.
So while I did some early morning shifts to help prep all the sandwiches and meat buns to be sold for the day, he would take care of the store and then I would do homework while I worked the counter and he would take his break and go over to the house and prep dinner for us later.
It's been about 2 months with the same routine and there was this man, Takeda. He comes in once a day to ask where Keishin was and if he could spare a moment, everytime, he was turned away until yesterday. Kei actually agreed to whatever that Takeda man asked him to do.
"I'll be at the school gym tomorrow, so I want you to go there straight after practice. I'm not letting you out of my sight, kid." He sighs as he goes towards the back room.
"Oh, okay, but who will mind the store?"
"I'll get my nephew to watch the store." He pulls out his phone and dials a number.
"Alright, well, I'm off to school, sandwiches are ready to be stocked, coffee is in the machine brewing for the day, and the meat buns are in the steam tray." I put on my shoes.
"Alright, hon, have a good day at school and don't forget to meet me at the gym." He shouts after me as I jog out to school.
The school day was boring and quite frankly, I was just hoping to see what was going to happen after school, but I still managed to take down good notes in class. I wonder why Takeda wanted Keishin. Guess, I'll find out later.
The day ends and I bolt out of class and head to the gym, right outside is Takeda and Keishin, talking a bit.
"Hi, y/n." Takeda bows.
"Hello, Takeda Sensei."
"Lets see what we are working with." Keishin grumbles and puts out his cigarette.
Inside were boys, shouting and running around. They were playing a 3 4 on 4 game of volleyball. There were 3 boys I recognized as my senpais since one of them gave me a tour around the school my first day and introduced me to the other 2. Sugawara was very nice and detailed with directions, Asahi was super shy and told me I was scary until we spoke a bit more and then there's Daichi. He was just, woah.
Suddenly I'm down on the ground, my chest hurt a little. I wasn't sure what just happened. I definitely got the wind knocked out of me, somehow.
"Woah n/n! Are you okay??" Keishin bends down to check on me.
"Y/N!" Daichi runs over and slides right beside me.
"We are so sorry." I hear the boys shout in unison.
I cough a bit trying to breathe. Daichi helps me sit up.
"Hey, Kiyoko, toss me my water bottle!" Daichi looks at the blue haired girl.
She nods and tosses the water bottle at him and he catches it with ease.
"Here drink some. It'll help" I nod and do as he says.
A sip and I try to breath but it sounds like a heavy wheeze. He takes my loose hairs and tucks them behind my ear.
"It's alright, take your time." He stands.
"Alright, Ennoshita, sub for me. I'm going to look after her during this set."  He takes my hands into his and helps me to the bench. He sits straddling the bench and pats the space in front of him.
"Sit with your back to me." He orders.
I do and his chest is warm. I hum.
"Alright, I'm going to rub your upper arms and I want you to take deep breaths with me." He whispers into my ear.
I could feel my face turn red and my chest tighten, but I nod.
After a few breaths, I feel much better. At some point I had closed my eyes and he had stopped moving his hands on my arms and just held me.
"Hey, earth to y/n. You okay now?" He whispers, bringing me back.
"Yes, thank you, senpai." I reply.
"Please, call me Daichi." He insists.
"Well, now that you are a bit better, please go to the bathroom and check if you're bruised, if you want take Kiyoko with you. She'll be able to help with ice or if you would prefer a salve." He motions to her and she comes over.
"Okay" meek and quiet, I leave with Kiyoko to the bathroom and she comes in with me.
Unbuttoning my school uniform, I see the yellow and blue starting to form.
"What would you like for me to do? Salve and bandage or just an ice pack?" She offers, cleaning her glasses on her volleyball jacket.
"Whichever would make the bruise slow down faster." I shrug.
"I'll get the salve and bandage, wait here." She hurries out.
She returns and quietly buzzes about, tending to the bruise.
"Thank you, senpai." I mumble.
"Of course, let me know if you have any discomfort." she guides me back to the gym and I sit quietly on the bench and watch the rest of the 'set'. In between sets, Daichi comes back over to me and asks me once more if I was okay and I nod, choosing to keep talking to a minimum since my chest was still in some pain.
"So, you have yourself a coach, Takeda." I over hear Keishin shaking hands with Takeda Sensei.
"Thank you. The practice game with Nekoma are in a few weeks. Here's the details and I will need you to come by the office tomorrow so we can formally fill out your paperwork as new head coach of Karasuno's boy's volleyball" He's super excited.
"Alright boys, line up." Daichi commands.
"Thank you for coming." They say in unison.
"Boys, let me introduce you to your new coach. Coach Ukai. he's the former Coach's grandson, he also happened to play for Karasuno when he studied here." Takeda lets Keishin take center stage.
"Alright, so the rematch against Nekoma won't be for another few weeks, and I have 'til then to whip you into shape to even be close to a tied game with them. I have faith in what I witnessed today that we will beat them. Maybe not in our first game but definitely in our second." Keishin riles them up.
"Come on, clean up and then you are free to go home." Daichi claps.
The boys grumble. Just like that time passed in a flash, somehow in that time I became the co manager of the team with Kiyoko and we've become really good friends. Though I know I won't see her around much after this year, with her being a third year and all
The practice game came and the boys played their hardest, in the end, they lost making it really close to a tied game. They were absolutely devastated but definitely not discouraged. After the game, Keishin treated them to dinner. As a way to show them that even in their losses they will learn and adapt, but for now eat and work on your strength. Some of them cried and others remained stoic.
It was weeks later that Takeda slipped by the door and announced that Nekoma had invited us to join in on their training camp. Takeda and Keishin shared a glance, one I knew all too well. 'The I'm not sure we can afford it' look. An idea popped into my head, so I decided to go up to Kei and whisper it.
"Doesn't sound bad, I bet if you got the guys to help then it would definitely go a lot faster. I mean you've got the skills." He nods.
"Takeda, I'm not sure if you know, but y/n is a wiz in the kitchen, can they borrow the cafeteria on Thursday night? Y/N wants to have a bake sale for the team. Of course if the boys help out then I know they'll be in good hands." He pleads.
"What a splendid idea, I'll run it by the principal tomorrow morning and have an answer by practice. Just give me a list of what you wanted to bake and what the cost to profit is, I'm sure it will work out just fine." He looks at a determined y/n who's already scribbling away in their notebook the recipes and how much the items would cost, specially through the store as a vendor they knew they could get a bit of a discount.
On a new sheet of paper, they write down the cost to profit and hand over the menu to Takeda, who looks in awe of the menu.
"Are you sure you can make all this?" He asks.
"With help, of course. I just need to know if I have permission before I go asking the team for help." I nod confidently.
"alright then, I will pass this along." He puts it into his folder of to-do.
The following day at lunch I got the approval of cafeteria use for the thursday night which was in 3 days. Yachi who was the other new co manager created posters to put up around the school and town. The school wrote a check for the cost and I gave it to Keishin when we ordered the ingredients. The entire team agreed to help, even salty Tsukishima. It was a nice night, we took off of practice and spent the evening working hard. The boys followed my every order, I was running a tight ship that night.
By nightfall, we were all packing up the small bundt cakes in the wax paper and twine. The muffins were placed into boxes to contain them for the night and the sweeter things we baked, we left for the afternoon. The entire day Kiyoko and I were manning the cash box, and thanking students for buying and donating the change.
At the end of the day we had made back what we spent on ingredients and more than tripled our profit. We gave back the initial investment that the school spent and we took the rest to the bank. Got the coins changed into larger bills. Gave the money to Takeda who in turn, put it towards the bus to take us to the training camp and food for those two weeks. Even after that we had a little left over, which we had decided we would save for any club emergencies.
"We did it!!!" We announced.
"We're raised enough money to go to the training camp!" Yachi jumps up high like Hinata.
"Yay!" He jumps even higher.
"Rest up, we leave next Friday after school and get there by evening. We are going to be there for 2 weeks." Keishin reminds them.
Time flies and it was just a a few hours by bus to get there. It was finally here, training camp weeks with Nekoma and Fukurodani. Being the last to arrive, the Nekoma team are the ones to greet us.
Everyone is polite enough, though the tension between the captains is so awkward. It makes me want to be a turtle and hide inside my shell. Being here was incredible. The days were spent between exercise and practice games. There were many losses for the boys, but with each game they learned more about their opponents, which in turn they adapted their strategies.
The night before the last day Daichi approached me with a concerned look.
"What's wrong sen-Daichi." I tilt my head.
"Well, tomorrow there's the barbecue and I think we have enough, but I'm not sure. If there's a shortage would you mind going to the store with Kiyoko and two of the boys to help you bring things back?" He places a hand on my shoulder.
"Of course, what kind of a manager would I be if I didn't take care of my team." I laugh it off.
"Thank you for taking such good care of us, if it weren't for your idea, we probably wouldn't have been able to participate." He squeezes.
"It's no big deal, besides, Yachi's posters were also a tremendous help with donations and you guys helped me back and pack all those tiny pastries. It's my pleasure, honestly." I raise my hands in front of me.
"Thank you." He smiles and walks away.
Practice felt like it flew by and the coaches had already started the grills to heat them up. The captains of each team was manning the grills and making sure that everything was cooked to perfection. Daichi gave me the look so I took Kiyoko's wrist and she understood. Looking around the only two boys that seemed the least busy were Tanaka and Nishinoya.
It was a short walk to the store, but while we were there, we had a slight hiccup. Some guys from Fukurodani's regular students were there. They had chosen to hit on Kiyoko and she looked uncomfortable. I tried to distract them from her, but failed. It didn't help that Noya and Tanaka got involved, until I stepped in between and diffused the situation a bit.
"Listen guys, I know she is really beautiful, but she can't go out with you, because she is with me." I step in.
"Yeah, sorry boys. Can't split up the happy couple." Tanaka makes his iconic intimidation face and Noya has a demonic look in his eyes.
"Now, if we can all go about our respective days, that would be amazing." I insist and drag the boys away with Kiyoko and the food cart in tow.
We paid and we left, thinking it would be the last of it. We got back in time with the meat and more soda. The boys celebrated our return and immediately took the items out of our hands and began prep work while the last of the meat had just been put on the grill, but the time it was cooked, the meat we had brought was being put on. The rest of the afternoon goes on with lots of laughter and a light atmosphere.
It was evening by the time the teams had began slowly breaking off to go shower and hit the sack. The captains and a few members stayed behind to help with clean up. Between us we finished up in an hour and placed the trash into the dumpster. The sun had already set and the navy blue sky, like a blanket being pulled over the day to rest.
I wasn't tired so I didn't go back yet, instead I decided to walk around a bit, take in the last views of the school before morning, since we'd be leaving around 7 am to get back by noon and send the team home to rest and study for the exams the rest of the week had instore for us. Thinking over the checklist of things that I could do to kill time, I thought it would be a great idea to go to the store for a last minute run, pick up some cereal bars, or jell-o cups, some kind of snack that didn't need much prep incase the team got peckish on the ride home. Mostly because we weren't going to make breakfast, just pack up, clean and leave.
Apparently the boys from earlier just didn't know when to stop. They just had to follow me at a distance, but I didn't even realize it. It wasn't until I had gotten closer to the gym that they started vandalizing school property. I saw them, with their trash and the faint smell of alcohol hit my nose. I took out my phone and dialed Keishin but he didn't pick up, so I called Daichi.
"Hey y/n, what's up?"
One of the guys had ran towards me and I dropped what I had in hand and my cell phone, luckily it didn't cut off the call.
"Hey, back off, you can't be here."
"Like hell, we can do what we damn well please," one of them slurred.
"Come on cutie, drop the bluenette and come have fun with us instead."
That was all he needed to hear to grab the team and race outside to where I was. Surrounded and trying to find a way out. Nothing seemed viable so I did what I thought and tried to duck under their arms and run, but they caught me by my jacket. I unzipped it and left it in their grasp. I ran until I bumped into something that was soft but sturdy.
"Where are they?" A stern voice.
"Back that way" I answered with my eyes closed still waiting to hit the floor.
"Noya, Tanaka, and Suga, go in first. Rest of you, stagger in." He orders.
"Hey, they didn't touch you right?" He lifted my chin up and I opened my eyes.
"No, but it was really scary." Tears pinching the back of my eyes, just thinking about what could have happened had I not worn the volleyball jacket.
"Shhh, it's okay now. You're safe." He tried to comfort me.
"I tried calling coach but he didn't answer."
"It's okay, we told Kiyoko to stay behind and look for all 3 coaches." He pet my hair.
We stayed like that for a moment until he pulled away first.
"I don't want you walking back alone so come with me and stay behind me. I'll make sure they don't lay a hand on you." He promises.
"Okay" I hesitate.
So of course it caused a commotion and a brawl broke out. Someone called the cops and Noya, Tanaka and I were taken in because of the fight. Daichi had driven to the station with Keishin and Coach Nekomata. While there, the boys were placed in the holding cell while Noya and Tanaka and I were sitting, cuffed on a bench.
"I'm taking the fall, you guys just say it was me that did all the fighting and that they tried to attack you so it's self defense. Okay? I started the fight. You guys can't get into trouble, they'll kick you out of school or something. I'll be fine. So don't fight me. I am your manager and I will hear no protest." I turn to either side of me and they nod in defeat.
After questioning about what had happened I made up a story. About how I was walking back to campus and they were just drunk and spewing nonsense. I tried to get them to leave until one of them grabbed my wrist and I pushed him off as defense, which escalated when his buddies joined in and I fought back, having called my coach to alert him of what's happening. Noya and Tanaka said similar things so the detective gave us all breathalyzer tests to fact check.
We we let go after a few hours.
"Kids!" Keishin is waiting in the lobby to pick us up.
"We're okay coach, a little shaken and roughed up, but we'll be fine." Noya answers.
"Let's go back to campus and you can retell what happened." He looks me up and down to make sure I was okay.
Once back, we went to an empty class on a different floor than the one where everyone was sleeping. I retold what actually happened and the lie we told the cops.
"But, they didn't touch you, right?" Kei knelt in front of my seat.
"No, Kei, I'm fine. Scared, but fine." I assure him.
"God, kid, I don't want to think about what could have happened." He engulfs me in a hug.
"I know" muffled into his chest.
Headed to the floor where the rest of the team was, they couldn't sleep. Too anxious about what happened. They try not to crowd me and I bow.
"I'm sorry for worrying you." A few tears slide down my cheek without meaning to.
A chorus of 'don't' could be heard and I couldn't help but feel relief. They ended up giving me a group hug and then they let go after a little. I smile and wipe the tears.
One of the boys managed to grab the things I had dropped and brought them inside. The bag from the store was pretty intact, but my phone sadly was not. It was cracked and had a few scrapes on the exposed metal.
I take my phone and put it in the bag with the things I got. Leaving to the managers room, the tears flow freely. It was scary. I was alone until the guys came to my rescue. I was too scared to lash out. I couldn't move. God I was so stupid.
"Hey, hey, you're safe now, honey." I heard a soothing voice.
"I know, but I could've screamed, done something."
"No, no, none of that. You called us, you did do something and escaped them before we got to you." He cups my face.
I sob a little, but he leans close and looks into my eyes. Its like I was over come with warmth. Like a security blanket wrapped around me. Taking even breaths he thumbs away my tears and gives me a small smile. I flush and my cheeks start getting warm, feeling the blush spread, I look away but he follows my gaze. So I place my hand on his wrist.
Suddenly our lips are just whispers away from touching.
"Are you sure, because I don't want you to feel pressured." our noses grazing each other.
"Kiss me"
It was the sweetest kiss. So soft and gentle, he was treating me like a fragile, porcelain doll.
"How about when you feel up to it, I take you out on a date. I'll make it special."
"I would like that." I blush having forgotten all those scary thoughts.
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archivetrio · 2 months ago
Alkaline Trio Interview // October 15, 1998, All Ages Radio Show
This is a full length interview with The Alkaline Trio and Devin Johnson from the All Ages radio show. The interview was on October 15th, 1998 at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb when they played a show with the Smoking Popes.
Matt: My name is Matt and I’m a Pisces. I am 22 years old and I am available so give me a call.
Glenn: My name is Glenn and I play the drums.
Dan: My name is Dan, I play bass guitar.
All ages: This is sounding so generic. So what’s going on the Alkaline Trio right now? Some people say that you guys are an emo-influenced punk band, what do you call yourself? That’s a bunch labels, or do not label yourselves at all?
Dan: I suppose we try to avoid labels altogether. I would say we are a hard rocking, hard working band.
All ages: Does everyone agree?
Dan: They better, I have a lit cigarette right here.
Glenn: Yes, its true.
Matt: I guess the kind of music we play someone might consider emo-influenced punk, its probably a pretty close description, but emo has become kind of a catch phrase, I think people hear the word emo and automatically assume certain things. We try to play rock n’ roll that comes natural to us.
All ages: How did you guys get together? You are all from a variety of great bands so how did this all get going?
Glenn: Matt and I started the band in late ‘96 with a different bass player, Rob Doran. He couldn’t tour cause he was going to college. And then Danny got in the band and we became a much better band, I think.
Matt: We all knew each other from doing shows with other bands and we became friends years ago and it turned out that we all wanted to do the same thing. When Rob became too busy because he had other things to concentrate on, Danny was available and he was the man for the job. So it worked out pretty good.
All ages: Tell us about the few shows you just played with Less Than Jake.
Dan: We are all good friends with a guy named Peter in Less Than Jake, who I used to be in a band with. We still keep in touch, last minute, last Saturday, Pete calls and said we had an opportunity to go down south and do some shows with those guys and All and Discount. So we took them on their offer and split town the next day. We played in Atlanta and a couple shows in North Carolina with those boys and it was lots of fun
Glenn: A blast.
Dan: They are nice fellas.
All ages: What are you guys doing after this show?
Dan: We are going tomorrow to Columbia, Missoura and then to St. Louis on Saturday.
Glenn: Missoureee!
Dan: Missoura and we are gonna go down there and eat some corn and maybe drive on highway farty-far and be in Missoura. Its beautiful country down there, it really is. And I do believe that Missourins do pronounce it Missoura. But I could be totally wrong.
Glenn: I think more importantly after this show we're going to get a beer somewhere.
All ages: Do you have a favorite show, either with this band or another in the past?
Matt: I think so far, we played a show with a band called Jets to Brazil that we like a lot and that was fun playing with them.
Glenn: and the Promise Ring.
Matt: Yeah and the Promise Ring, that was a really fun show, really big show
Glenn: At the fireside bowl.
All ages: It was packed.
Dan: We got through it. It was a lot of fun. We had a rough time starting off, but it ended up to be a great show. My favorite show was at a place called the Double Door with the Smoking Popes last spring. That was a great show.
Matt: Yeah, that was a fun show.
Dan: I think we played really well and people were into it. It was really fun.
Matt: The shows are always more fun when you play well. We didn’t play that well at the jets show but it was a treat to play with them and see them.
Dan: Definitely all around great show.
All ages: Couple of you guys are bike messengers, what else do you guys do besides playing in the band?
Dan: I work at a record store and play video games. Old video games.
Glenn: Galaga.
Dan: yeah Galaga and Metroid and Excite Bike, it’s my newie.
Matt: We ride skateboards.
Glenn: Bicycles.
Matt: Me and Glenn have been messengers for a couple years.
Dan: I was a bike messenger for a day. Actually a day and a half. The weekend was over and it was Monday it was raining and it was in December and I said, fuck it! There is no way I am gonna do this. Yep no bike messengering for me. I don’t know how they do it. Actually they don’t do it any more. "We're calling in today we have to do a show today, I think."
Glenn: Yeah actually since we have been doing a lot of shows lately, we have been trying to concentrate on that.
Matt: We have been concentrating on our drinking a little more.
Glenn: Matt’s going pro.
Matt: I am getting sponsored by old style
Dan: We like to relax. Actually I think I can say that for all of us. If we are not all running around like chickens with our heads cut off, it’s a pretty good day. I just like to sit down and…
Matt: Watch movies
Dan: Watch good movies
Matt: Play songs.
Dan: Yeah play songs. We play songs for each other, it’s cute.
All ages: Do you guys sit by a campfire and cuddle?
Dan: We have.
Glenn: We’ve camped as a band.
Dan: When we were on tour, we were at Mertile Beach State Park and we had a fire.
Glenn: Red wine and smores.
Matt: We tried…
Glenn: and weiners
Matt: We tried playing songs for each other but we went through two bottles of Merlot and a couple 12 packs. We weren’t playing too well.
Glenn: Watched the sun come up and passed out.
Dan: It was great.
Glenn: That was our camping trip.
Matt: The dogs were howling that night.
Glenn: It was cold, colder than we thought, we couldn’t swim.
All ages: Do you guys like doing the tours?
Dan: It’s my favorite.
Glenn: We love to travel
Matt: We all get along really well too, so it is almost like we are on vacation when we are on tour. We are going to be leaving for a month long tour in two weeks. Couple shows in Canada and the whole east coast and south Midwest.
Dan: We are going to do it all by end of this spring and have the whole country covered. I am pretty confident that will happen.
Matt: We are planning on Japan in the springtime.
Dan: Late spring.
Glenn: or Summer probably.
All ages: Do you know what bands you are going to be touring with?
Dan: We are probably do most of it by ourself. We are going to do one by ourself in November.
Matt: The most recent one
Dan: We are talking, we recently got picked up a guy that is going to handle all that stuff for us, the booking aspects. We talked to him about doing some package tours with another band or two bands. We are not sure yet
Glenn: We would love tour with like Jets to Brazil
Matt: or the Popes.
Glenn: yeah the Popes.
Matt: The Popes are great.
Dan: There is this band from Florida called Discount that are really great and are fun. We were with them last week with Less Than Jake and All. I wouldn’t mind doing extensive touring with them. Cause they are good. They rock me!
All ages: What do you think of this new album, are you happy with it?
Dan: Yes. Never been happier.
Glenn: Yes
Matt: I am very pleased. I’m proud of it. Definitely.
All ages: Does it sound similar to for your lungs?
Dan: It sounds pretty damn similar.
Glenn: The sound quality is better.
Dan: Yeah the sound quality is better, the songs are in the same vain. There is a little more diversity. There are a couple acoustic numbers on there. Yeah overall that was really good.
All ages: Where did you do the recording?
Dan: Asian Man did the record but we recording in Chicago.
All ages: Will you guys be doing anything with Bicycle?
Glenn: We want to re-release a 7" that we did with Johans Face because that 7" is out of print.
All ages: The SunDials?
Glenn: Yeah.
Dan: Bicycle will do that eventually. We have to work out some details about where the hell the music is. We can’t find it.
Matt: That’s important.
Dan: We are going to do a Cars cover comp out of Florida that we are going to be on with who? Less Than Jake, Ann Beretta..
Matt: Discount, I want to say J Church but I am unsure.
Dan: and another 7" in spring like a new one.
Matt: That will definitely be on Asian Man, Asian Man is home base. We do all of our recording at atlas studios with our friend Matt Allison, who did the recording For Your Lungs stuff and the new album. He is really into our band and we are really into him.
Dan: Yeah he’s our boy!
Glenn: He’s our guy! That’s the guy and Mike Park is now one of our friends.
Matt: We have definitely established a family.
Dan: Mike Park is the guy who runs Asian Man Records. It’s him and a few other people. His parents included help out quite a bit.
All ages: Well thanks a lot guys. We’d liked to have you guys in the studio too to come play it up a little.
Matt: Sure.
Dan: We should do that.
Matt: We’re not far.
All ages: You guys should definitely come in.
Glenn: For sure.
All ages: Yeah, we’ll have a little wilder time than sitting in the gutter in DeKalb with all the gang bangers walking by.
Glenn: Gang bangers! This is pretty.
Dan: DeKalb’s a pretty rough town.
Matt: Ah man I think I see a security officer.
All ages: Yeah you know those corn harvesters out here are pretty tough guys.
Dan: You gotta watch it, they’re all growing weed behind those cornfields and they get pissed. Hey get away from my farm!
All ages: All right guys thanks a lot.
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kirib3rry · 2 months ago
Crackhead Time: A Bakusquad x GN!Reader CrackFic: Chapter 15
777 words Bondage King: MINA MINA MINA DID YOU DO THE THING!?
Mama Mina: Yep!!!
Bakudaddy: What thing?
Pikachu: You know, the thing.
Bakudaddy: No I don't know, now fucking tell me what the hell your going on about.
Bondage King: Shut up you're not relevant stanky ass hoe
Pikachu: Anyway, Mina can you bring the thing over to my dorm?
Mama Mina: Sure
Y/N: But what about the other thing?
Bakudaddy: Can you please tell me what the thing is uwu
Y/N: I doubt he's changing after 16 years
Shark Boi: Ah he's back
Bakudaddy: Kirishima. Tell me what the thing is. Now. Or else you'll regret it.
Y/N: Ooh is it gonna be kinky punishment time?
Author-Chan changed Y/N's name to Monokuma
Monokuma: I-
Monokuma reset their name to Y/N
Author-Chan: You're no fun. Anyway continue with your conversation about the Kiribaku gay shit
Bakudaddy: To answer Y/N's question, possibly.
Pikachu: Ooh than kiri you might not want to tell him considering you're a masochist
Shark Boi: What!? No I'm not!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You said you wanted Bakugo to beat the lessons into you
That's pretty gay and sounds masochistic to me 😏
Shark Boi: Wha-
Bakudaddy: Stfu just tell me what the thing is
Shark Boi: Ummmmmm
Y/N: thATS THE POint-
Mama Mina: If we go down, we go down together 😤✊
Shark Boi: So according to Todoroki, Katsuki is on the floor sobbing. You guys are killing him.
Y/N: .... so did I make him forget about the thing? I'm still jumping out the window I wonder if I can fly Oh look hawks is flying with Tokoyami
Bakudaddy: Just stop already-
Shark Boi: Ummmmmmmmm Katsuki I want a kid-
Pikachu: Woah y'alls been dating for like 2 months 😳
Bondage King: Have they even fucked yet? 🤔
Y/N: Yep
Mama Mina: Y/N how do you know??
Y/N: Because I do
Shark Boi: Shit he figured me out Sorry guys :(
Pikachu: Kiri did you just sWeAr-
Shark Boi: Yep. What the fuck you gonna do about it
Pikachu: Mom come pick me up I'm scared-
Mama Mina: Y/N go get Denki and give him cuddles so he doesn't short circuit from the scariness of Kirishima
Y/N: I have no idea what's going on right now
Author-Chan: Same
Y/N: Aren't you the one writing this????
Bondage King: Really? Bitch now I have to fix this again
Y/N: Haha sucks to be you Oh Denki get over here
Pikachu: Alright-
Y/N: So now that Denki is attached to my side and the author took a 3 hour break and forgot what she was doing Katsuki tHeRe Is No ThInG iTs AlL iN yOuR hEaD~ aNd KiRi CaLm DoWn~
Shark Boi: Fuck you
Bakudaddy: Fuck you
Y/N: O>O Now I expected that from Katsuki But Kiri Katsuki Bakugo you ruined your boyfriend
Bakudaddy: I also stole his virginity what you gonna do about it?
Shark Boi: KATSUKI-
Shark Boi: ●////● I'm done I'm sorry I wont swear anymore
Pikachu: You better not :'(
Mama Mina: Sero, do you want some soda with our popcorn?
Bondage King: Nah I'm fine
Y/N: So basically Me and Denki are just dumbass crackheads Katsuki is an angry pomeranian man Kirishima is a innocentish shark that sometimes gets mad and it's scary And Mina and Sero just eat popcorn and gossip
Mama Mina: Exactly
Y/N: Oh you still on about that It's Denki's charger
Bakudaddy: ... so you're telling me This whole thing could've been avoided And you were talking about a charger
Bondage King: Oh shit
Bakudaddy: Shit let me fix that Alright now I'm gonna kill you all
Wait Everyone stfu What's that?
Pikachu: What's what?
Bakudaddy: Look out the fucking window dumbass
Y/N: Oh my god-
5 notes · View notes