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#yellow m&m
commasofcare · 2 days ago
Say: I have felt this before, it’s soft, human. / Say: my love is a fragile concertina.
Say: you always love them in the beginning, / then, you take them to slaughter.
Say: beauty and terror, beauty and terror.
— Marilyn Chin, from Rhapsody in Plain Yellow
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galaxina-the-pyro · 5 days ago
I had the weirdest fucking dream last night (and by "last night" I mean an hour ago while I was napping).
So, like, it starts off in this hotel place, and there's a musical number about these gang members outside, and they're telling ME and the Red and Yellow M&M mascots that we need to run because the mafia wants us all dead. I'm like, "RED, the fuck did you do?!"
And Red was just, "I'm out, peace" and ran away. Me and Yellow went after him and stuff, till we realized we were just...running around different areas of the hotel and not actually leaving ANYWHERE. So Yellow was like, "Why don't we just...go somewhere else?"
And I'm like, "Oh, what a BRILLIANT idea, why did I think of that."
And he was like, "...are you mocking me?"
And suddenly we're in some...Alice in Wonderland place and I'm like, "YAY, I teleported us to safety, they can't find us here!"
But Yellow was gone. I think I left him behind...may he RIP, the mafia probably ate him. And if they got Red...screw Red, this was somehow all his fault.
But yeah, I eventually got bored with THIS dream, and I "changed the channel" so to speak to a lost Phineas and Ferb episode/movie (thankfully not the creepy, Candace is crazy one), about Perry having ran away from home for...some reason. And everyone, including Dr. D, was looking for him. And I'm like, "OH YEAH, this was the movie that just came out, but I don't remember any of this...what was the movie called again?"
So while I "watched" this very fake movie, and skipped over stuff, I saw Doofenshmirtz talking to Perry and having a heart-to-heart with him (apparently something happened to Perry where he was convinced that ALL the good moments he had with Doof and even his family were nothing but a buncha lies and THATS why he left - I couldn't tell if Perry was amnesiac in this "movie", or a total moron), and Perry could actually TALK, but every time he did, it would cut to some weird black and white cartoon of a bunch of talking candy, that would be saying exactly what Perry is saying to Doofenshmirtz.
THEN I skipped to the finale song of the movie, and everyone was dancing with Doofenshmirtz, and I was laughing really hard because it looked kinda ridiculous, they were running an absolute marathon while they had this musical number, they were running through what I can ONLY assume is a sewer, and then danced on this raft, and then these yellow submarines, it was weird. Then I apparently was able to see a deleted scene, all in storyboard form, about a joke that Dan and Swampy were apparently not allowed to make in the movie for some reason, and it went down like this:
Phineas: I know, let's pass the time by telling jokes! Think of something that's low energy and low budget to make-
(Everyone turns to Buford with confused expressions, as described by Dan and Swampy, who are kinda talking over each other)
Buford, with confidence: Pinky and the Brain, duh.
Isabella: Don't you diss Pinky and the Brain in my presence, peon!
And then I woke up. And I remembered the movie was called "Candace Against the Universe" and was confused why that movie was actually all about Perry and Doof, before I realized NONE of that actually happened and I had SOMEHOW dreamt a very drug-induced sequel.
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quinces-limbo · 5 days ago
i don't like marriage
like how it is today, i like the idea yeah
but i don't like how you have to take someone's last name, everything has to be fancy, it's some big "you have to be invited" party
i just wanna wear a nice dress i made/got for cheap/found n marry the person i love
i don't get why it's so kept perfect "you have to wear a white dress" that's boring
give me a blue or pink one
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lexijpoole · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
@lexijpoole on instagram 💛 i think this is my favorite picture ever
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predprey · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
tfw too short to play q*bert  TwT
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thingsdavidlikes · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
dreamer by Jordan_K
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apple-in-a-capsule · 18 days ago
OOTD #21: My Favorite Dress
Tumblr media
Yes, this is my favorite dress! You should always have something in your closet that you can pull out on a rainy day or a special occasion- something that makes you feel beautiful and confident, like you could take on the world 🤩
Long-sleeved patterned sundress {LOFT}
Cardigan {H&M}
Flats {Rothy’s}
Statement Necklace {J.Crew}
Pearl Earrings {Macy’s}
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fruitindex · 18 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loquat, Japanese Medlar, Misbeliefs, Pipa
A large evergreen shrub or tree, grown commercially for its orange fruit and for its leaves for tea originated from China and imported to Japan during Tang dynasty at early medieval ages. The fruits are the sweetest when soft and orange. The flavour is a mixture of peach, citrus and mild mango.  ome cultivars are intended for home-growing, where the flowers open gradually, and thus the fruit also ripens gradually, compared to the commercially grown species where the flowers open almost simultaneously, and the whole tree's fruit also ripens together. [x]
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incorrect-mms-quotes · 18 days ago
Red: I hate Mondays
Yellow: It’s Tuesday
Orange: Actually, It’s Wednesday
Brown: It’s Thursday
Orange: It’s WHAT?!
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Tumblr media
Now Playing : Olivia Rodrigo - Enough For You 
As you probably know (if not then I’m happy to inform you that you’re living under rock), Olivia Rodrigo dropped her debut album on Friday May 21st “Sour” and boy that album is great, especially for a debut album. It’s been a while since I enjoyed a debut album like that, the last being “Camila” by Camila Cabello (yes I’m a pop music junky). 
The lyrics are really good, some of them left me shook like who hurt you girl!!!!! (we all know who is it). My fav songs are : “brutal”, “traitor”, “drivers license”, “deja vu”, “good 4 u”, “happier” and “jealousy, jealousy”. That girl really got me missing an ex I never had lol. 
“brutal” is definitely the song I relate to the most. Even tho she’s talking about her teenage years, the lyrics are also valid for people in their twenties I think. People always talk about the fact that these years are supposed to be the best when we have it tough. Adulthood is definitely brutal lol. This song would have been my anthem when I was teenager lol.
For the nail art, I was inspired by the cover of the album and by the mural her team put together in London to promote the album. I really like the aesthetic of the album with the stickers. 
Polishes I used :
Barry M : Prickly Pear
Sinful Colors : Pink Smart
Sinful Colors : Yolo Yellow
Maybelline : Cool Blue
Sephora : Jungle Queen
OPI : Coca-Cola Red
Miss Europe : Gris Mat
D’Jonna : n°10
White & Black Polishes
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minecraftsz · 22 days ago
I really like the headcanon that viewers sort of fill out the unimportant citizen roles in the different countries cause it means YOU could be living in las nevadas, or snowchester, or whatever. Just hanging out.
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fruitindex · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chinese Quince, Mùguā
A semi-evergreen tree, the fruit is hard and astringent, though it softens and becomes less astringent after a period of frost. It can be used to make jam, much like quince. The wood is frequently used in Japan for making low-end shamisen. Chinese quince is distinguished from quince, Cydonia oblonga,by its serrated leaves and lack of fuzz. [x]
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tastytrilliantoo · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Carmen M: “Let’s take these off...”
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2021ya · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
by Crystal M. Fleming
(Henry Holt, 10/5/21)
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Perfect for fans of Stamped: Remix, This Book is Antiracist, and The Black Friend, this urgent book explores the roots of racism and its legacy in modern day, all while empowering young people with actionable ways they can help foster a better world and become antiracists. Why are white supremacists still openly marching in the United States? Why are undocumented children of color separated from their families and housed in cages? Where did racism come from? Why hasn’t it already disappeared? And what can young people do about it? Rise Up! breaks down the origins of racial injustice and its continued impact today, connecting dots between the past and present. It includes contemporary examples ripped from headlines and actionable ways young people can help create a more inclusive world. Sociologist Crystal Fleming shares the knowledge and values that unite all antiracists: compassion, solidarity, respect, and courage in the face of adversity.
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22foreverfivetwelve · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is one of the most bizarre exchanges I've seen on twitter. About the Spanish m&m Instagram account. Posting the red and yellow m&ms w gay pride flags
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