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kisenth · an hour ago
|| OPEN || Requirement : none
Tumblr media
“Someone suggested I just use Heracles the next time someone challenges me, and take a nap... It sounds a little tempting, but taking a nap would be disrespectful.” So would tossing someone a HIGHLY overpowered ( and QUITE possibly rabid ) Skwovet who’s even DEMOLISHED a gigantamax Greedent in a fight for a MOUNTAIN of berries.
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i-love-you-by-thunder · 2 hours ago
Carolina and Apricot
Oooh thanks! I will say I think apricot is pretty spot on, especially that peacemaker part XD
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kaeldra · 3 hours ago
my rat jumped out of my arms when I was giving her meds like 20 minutes ago and I’m still shaking skdjsks
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whump-whump-baby · 4 hours ago
whumpee getting woozy in caretakers arms, muttering something like 'just give me a second,' trying to steady themselves, and then their knees go out from underneath them without warning ❤
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di0stix · 5 hours ago
I'm going to fucking loose it
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thepageoftarts · 5 hours ago
I might be old, and it might be over, but I like the word "yeet"
Like, I can't help but feel a little bright after saying it?
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For a much better elaboration on what yeet hay means, check out jlou’s "eating 10 ‘yeet hay’ foods in 10 minutes" video where she goes over what it means and the confusion of a second-gen Cantonese speaker in trying to figure out what this word really means. / #YeetHay
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bizzy-bi · 6 hours ago
So, I got into Friday Night Funkin' recently, so
-I can't decide if Lumi would be GF or BF in a hypothetical AU. While she's not that good at rap but good at supporting, she also would probably be the one more prone to sticking out her neck for DMK.
DMK: Alright, let's go! You got this!
(Song starts)
Lumi: JSJDJDEKDKDKFJGJMFKDKDDKDNND- Big ol' bunny- wait what-
-What is decipherable to sing, DMK sings. He enjoys seeing Lumi suddenly start dancing while moving about the space.
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variantia · 7 hours ago
BELLUM.   Frisk is forever smooching their friends ok
they kiss everyone
on the cheek, on the hand, on the forehead
I keep imagining them running up and giving Gaara a kiss on the cheek to greet him, like, just because they can
“mwah hello!!   so Mom wanted to know if -- oh wow why do you look so shocked are you ok”
more friendship smooches the tiny pacifist child demands it
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lightwormsiblings · 7 hours ago
I’m avoiding studying. Please enable my procrastination by sending me asks. Thank you
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lumity-rights · 8 hours ago
I finished Butterfly Soup last night and got my friend hooked through screenshots XD
He’s now planning a fic where the four run away together and is just trying to find a good adult from pretty much any fandom set on a close enough earth to adopt them lol
asjdkfkg he should do it that sounds iconic and the fandom is starving for content. pls feed us🙏
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shawnsmusical · 9 hours ago
I need to know if these pics were taken w self timer or nah 😂😂
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edengarden · 9 hours ago
this is your daily reminder that haruta is canonically shorter than both hinata shoyo and (end of series) edward elric
Tumblr media
HES SO SMAAALLLLL PLSSSS I WANNA BULLY HIM FOR IT but affectionately bc I like him a lot
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