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#yeah this ain't an au and you can fight me on that
pandoraw273 days ago
I remembered that you posted a tier list about the genshin cast and how manipulatable they are and so now I want to see the reverse; how manipulatable is the player?
Just to elaborate, when I say player I'm more refering to the ones where some anons would ask; "what if the player is (a)_____".
Because there's definitely some that would be challenging for the Yan!self-aware cast to manipulate for example:
With 馃挱 Anon's AUs there have some factors that the player is safe with.
Voice actor player has a chance of getting saved by the character that they voiced and getting taught by them that no one is trustworthy in addition to fighting skills, while the player COULD be manipulated there's still their character that they voiced to bail to alert and protect them long enough for them for the VA to realize what is going on.
And the single parent Ex-mafia player not being manipulated by the cast because they can tell what they're doing (as well as the fact that they already know their intentions) and are not playing games with them(read: ain't having their bullshit), but will begrudgingly be within the same area because of their kid. Children are curious and kinda oblivious to what is happening for the most part, and with their child being a lot more curious and giddy about the world due to them having to be sick and staying inside a good portion of their life it's easier for them to get swayed into helping the yanderes(indirectly, and not on purpose), usually that involves with a character either offering the player's kid on teaching them something like how to wield a weapon, going adventuring, or just learning something like magic or something(which in turn will force the player to come and spend time with the cast). But like if the kid is with Klee commitingarson adventuring then it's probably damn near impossible for any of the cast to get close to them or track them down when they go somewhere else.
There was also that one Anon with the Succubus/Incubus AU.
I'm here to bet that the player in this situation has experienced in having dealt with...shall we say preys being obsessed(read: being a yandere) to them. They're old and have manipulated a lot of people too, not to mention that they are still a demon so (A) Zhongli trying to place them on a contract is a bit iffy since the player has also maybe made contracts before and exploited every single loopholes, (B) They have powers that they are born with, wouldn't surprise me if they can just outright vanish when they are teasing the cast(or kill, but they probably find that to easy).
So yeah, just want to see who you think is the most to least manipulatable player in that same tier list.
Hi sorry for the late reply and in regards to your ask it would really depend since all of those readers are different. 馃挱 anon has come up with some awesome concepts with the voice actor being one of my favourites.
I think that for the voice actor reader it would depend especially if they knew the other VA's and if they were in a relationship with one (I remember an anon suggested that). If the character they voiced was a villain its likely that they would be hesitant to listen to them and would prefer characters who were viewed as good like Jean.
For the single parent reader it would be highly unlikely that they would be easy to manipulate but there's a chance that they'll play along if their child's safety is at stake. As ex-mafia it's likely they'll know their own share of tricks that they could use to try and avoid them. I think it would be interesting if they were from the Stray dogs' universe and were escaping abusive yanderes like Akutagawa and Dazai only for a videogame to steal their kid. They really can't catch a break 馃槄
(nsfw-ish under the cut)
For the Succubus/Incubus reader I think it would depend on the state they're in when the yandere approaches them. If they require others to survive (you know since they feed on...) and they've been deprived of that they may sign a contract if it guarantees their survival. I mean the hornier characters would be happy to provide you with everything you need if you just commit yourself to them and only them.
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thatsthewrongwallcraig2 months ago
Behind The Fence
-7.2- Skinny Dipping
Summary: You need a well deserved break and what better way to relax than at the Cody's pool all alone?
Pairing: Female!OFC x Craig Cody and our lovely Berry "Baz" Cody
Content warnings: Naked Skin (18+), explicit language, Alcohol
You can read Part 7 here!
A/N: I don't wanna offend anyone, but in my Animal Kingdom AU Deran's kinda bi...
Tumblr media
The Cody's were gone.
The entire residence empty.
All of them off to God knows where and I had the full intend of using that to my advantage.
Without having a second guess about it I went for a hefty glass of pricey red wine, taken directly from Janine's stash, and put the speakers around the yard to good use. Based on the fact that there was simply no one to complain about my... adventurous...taste in music I slammed some of my favourite Bollywood songs on, in a comfortably loud volume. With the calm, sensual music, that invited my hips to swing along to the beat, I slow danced myself along the dimly lit pool, taking a refreshing sip of the beverage inbetween. This night was meant for me to have a shamelessly good time and in all honesty, I needed and deserved it. If there's anything this crooked family owed me already, it was something like this.
Working at Deran's bar turned out to be the best thing that I could've asked for, but it was a busy job nonetheless. Therefore I found myself more than thrilled to not only a night off, but also given the chance to party all by myself, surrounded by hideous luxury.
After some tracks went past, stimulating myself to dream away over lyrics I couldn't understand, I got a bit frisky. Smiling onto the calm water surface, I placed the glas onto the still warm stone tiles and chuckled at myself while taking off my bikini. Why bother wearing one when nobody's around anyway? I tossed the two pieces off to the side and dipped my toes into the comfortably warm water. It had soaked itself full with the burning summer sun all day long, inviting me to glide into it further and so I did. A relaxed sight emitted from my lips as I felt it surrounding my bare skin up to my shoulders. No unnecessary synthetic fabric clinging to my body that would stop the gentle touch of water from caressing every inch of my body. It felt freeing and jaunty to float around like that.
Oh my, how I had missed doing just that. Craig and I used to indulge ourselves in each other so many times back then, skinny dipping in this pool, like two intoxicated love birds, that just could never get enough of each other. With those memories resurfacing, I felt it tugging at my mood for a swift whim. These times seemed to have been better ones, carefree and without the weight of the memories that were to come.
With a stern mental push I banned those reflections into nothingness. Not now, not tonight, I scolded myself and went ahead to drift through the water.
Leaning myself back and with my ears underwater, I levitated over it's surface, which quickly made me forget about my worries. I found much more enjoyment in closing my eyes and listening to the muted down music. A soft and gentle woman's voice sang along lascivious rhythms in which I got lost just all too willingly. I imagined myself far far away from Oceanside, swinging my hips to exotic beats like this. A bright green or perhaps even fiery red Sari, delightfully embroidered with gold patterns at its seams, floating around my curves as I did so. That was a fantasy I'd never ever get tired of entertaining. Barefoot, with a delicate, golden bell chain around one of my ankles, that emitted soft ringing noises every time I tapped, I imagined myself, fully embracing an unknown culture, until my fantasy was abruptly put to a hold as I recognised the music being turned down a good notch.
Violently ripped out of my imaginative journey I turned myself up straight again, wiping my dreamy tired eyes.
"Oh chica, you for sure are a sight for sore eyes!"
"Baz...", I groaned, with a tone inbetween disbelief and anger "The fuck are you doing here? I thought all of you are busy."
It didn't take me long to spot him, sitting at the pools rim, sipping at my glass of wine, with his legs dangling in the water. Geez, the whole set up to this evening had already been too good to be true.
"Oh well, I was.", Baz sarcastically blurted out "Until Kath decided to pick a fight and doomed me to sleep on the sofa. And, you know, I'm not at all a sofa guy so I came here."
I almost chuckled at his explanation, which honestly made it hard for me to be heartfelt mad at him.
"Sounds like you fucked up a little, eh?" I swam towards him and rested my crossed elbows next to Baz atop the stone tiles.
"You tell me, hun. She just went off and here I am." He shrug his shoulders, which where covered in a plain white tee, and took another swing from my glass.
"Don't you wanna put... like something on?"
"Oh, cabron, you've seen me naked so many times by now I stopped caring altogether at some point. Am just happy that it's not Pope or God forbid J walking in."
We both snickered at this.
"Well, if I remember correctly I used to pay you to see you like this."
As a response Baz earned himself a juicy smack on his thigh while we were laughing over that.
"But for real, are you doing okay?" Baz swapped topic, throwing a serious look at me.
"Sure." I responded "Why wouldn't I?"
For a moment Baz pondered over the next thing to say, unconsciously biting his lower lip.
"I... I don't wanna get all to personal and shit, but you were pretty damn done last weekend."
I rose my brows at that comment.
"Oh...yeah?", I took my glass from his grip and took a swig "Can't remember much about it, honestly."
"No wonder. You were wasted as fuck, if I may say so. How much did Craig mess up?"
"Excuse me?"
Baz' eyebrows narrowed to an almost flat line.
"Oh, don't you try to play me like that. I've rarely seen you busted up like that and it always had to do with Craig being a jerk."
I sighed.
"Truth be told, huh? Nothing big of a deal.", I nonchalantly played it down "You know how we tend to roll. No prisoners taken."
I took another drag from the beverage and upon that Baz noted: "Eh, easy on that, kay? Don't want to be fishing you outta the water again."
He nodded sincerely.
"Who do you think dragged your wasted bum out this pool a week ago?"
"Uh, Craig told me.... he took care of me..."
Baz scoffed a deep breath out of his throat, his head shaking.
"That fucker... I pulled you out of the pool, heaving you into his arms, telling him to get you in a dry set of clothes and tuck you in."
"Well...", I mumbled, remembering the way I woke up, naked in a bed I didn't know how I got into "That apparently went a lil' astray."
Without a warning Baz' hand reached out to carefully grap my chin, directing me to look into his emerald greyish eyes.
"I know I can't demand anything from you, hun, but please think long and hard about it. You still can get out of here. You're not in too deep."
I almost felt sad at his words. They were pure honesty. He really intended to give me solid advice here and I had to let him down.
I shook my head and with that Baz' eyes darkened.
"I wish..." I murmured.
Baz exhaled deeply.
"I'm working at Deran's now."
"Why?" This was but a mere real question about why, but much more a devastated realization that the turning point already had happened.
In a handful of sentence I explained to Baz what had happened at the Black Jack and upon that his face went from serious to throughly concerned.
"Gosh damn...", he sighed "But it's no surprise Deran took you in."
"Oh c'mon... don't play blind. He's been head over heels for you since he first saw you."
To be quite frank, I knew that, but never acted upon it.
"I thought he's with Adrian..."
Baz let out a gentle giggle.
"Who can keep track of that, really? Sometimes he is and the next day he ain't."
For a certain relief, Baz rose himself up and turned towards the kitchen.
"Fancy another glass?"
"Sure thing!" I responded.
"You mind if I join in on your Bollywood Party?"
"Well, at your own risk.", I chuckled "With or without clothes?"
Resting between frame and yard Baz winked: "Depends how you want me to."
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shittypaperwork4 months ago
i鈥檓 going through a porco brain rot rn. idk if you do NSFW/18+, but can i request fem!reader sucking gamer!porco off while he鈥檚 in a vc with like reiner zeke bertholdt and marcel?
Surely! Love Pock too~
Blowjob during gaming w. Porco
Pairing: gamer!porco x fem!reader (Modern AU)
Warnings: NSFW, Blowjob, Cursing
Sure, you were very loving towards your boyfriend, Porco. Since he was often gaming with his friends while you just sat on his bed, scrolling through insta, you were often quite bored.
One day, a idea came across your mind.
"Fuck off you son of a bitch Zeke, I'm gonna kill you! Come here and fight like a real man!", You beloved other half yelled to his screen. Nothing new.
"Haa, you're gonna loose again, noob!", Marcel said through the voice chat he was in.
"Shut up brother, you should believe in me!", Porco said angrily.
"Guys, could you stop swearing, please?", You heard the soft voice of Bertholdt say.
"Hey Reiner are still alive?? Where are you at? We need to hide from Porco, I saw him with a grenade!", Marcel yelled.
You slowly stood up, wanting to be as quiet as possible to not getting noticed by Porco. You grabbed his gaming-chair, pulled it back slowly, crawled under his table and pulling him back.
He looked at you in shock as he could imagine what you were about to do to him.
"Porco? Still there?", Zeke said half laughing.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine..", he replied.
He looked at you again, gulping and looking back up at his screen.
You crawled near him, pulling his pants and boxers down in one quick movement. His cock was already hard, no surprise, since he always gets hard fast. You smiled and began to pump up and down on his dick slowly.
"I thought you wanted to kill me Pock? Ha look at that looser!", Zeke yelled laughingly.
"Grrr. You're gonna wish y-you.. ha.. wouldn't have said that I swear!", Porco answered.
You began to lick the tip slowly, getting him even harder.
"Boom! Told ya! Looser!", Porco yelled.
"Oh no he's gonna come here! We have to hide!", Marcel said.
"Can't h-hide... Ha...", Your boyfriend said as he looked down at you with his sweaty forehead. You looked at him to, grinning, as you put about 3/4 from his dick in your warm mouth.
"Y-you ok there Porco?", Reiner asked concerned.
"S-sure... I'm coming!", Porco said as he looked up again, wanting to distract himself again.
You on the other side bobbed you head up and down, tasting the precum on his tip.
"Oh no, fuck off! Ain't gonna kill me again today!", Marcel said.
"Ha, too late l-looser... God... ", Porco half moaned.
"Really ok there???", Bertholdt asked.
You sucked even faster, wanting the others to know what was happening.
"Guys, I think I need a...ah... A b-break!", He said as he muted himself, rolled back and pulled you up.
"So you have fun teasing your boyfriend beneath my table while talking to others huh? Don't you think that deserves a punishment baby? Huh? Oh don't look at me innocently like that.", He said as he smirked.
You heard his friends giggling in the background.
"Hm... Maybe? I just wanted to support you!~", you said as you smirked again, hand grabbing his cock again and slowly pumping it again.
"I see... Now lay down and ass up baby..", he said in a deep voice.
"Guys what's wrong with him? Why are you all giggling??", Bertholdt asked.
"Oh Bertholdt... I tell you later..", Reiner answered, knowing what was happening on the other side of the screen.
"Maybe teach me a lesson this time!~", you said as you layed down slowly."
"Oh, don't worry. I will."
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klassikhiphop8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I see no changes, wake up in the morning and I ask myself聽
Is life worth livin'? Should I blast myself?聽
I'm tired of bein' poor and, even worse, I'm black聽
My stomach hurts so I'm lookin' for a purse to snatch聽
Cops give a damn about a negro聽
Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he's a hero聽
"Give the crack to the kids, who the hell cares?聽
One less hungry mouth on the welfare!"聽
First ship 'em dope and let 'em deal to brothers聽
Give 'em guns, step back, watch 'em kill each other聽
"It's time to fight back," that's what Huey said聽
Two shots in the dark, now Huey's dead聽
I got love for my brother聽
But we can never go nowhere unless we share with each other聽
We gotta start makin' changes聽
Learn to see me as a brother instead of two distant strangers聽
And that's how it's supposed to be聽
How can the Devil take a brother if he's close to me?聽
I'd love to go back to when we played as kids聽
But things change鈥 and that's the way it is聽
That's just the way it is聽
Things'll never be the same聽
That's just the way it is, aww yeah聽
That's just the way it is聽
Things'll never be the same聽
That's just the way it is, aww yeah聽
I see no changes, all I see is racist faces聽
Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races聽
We under, I wonder what it takes to make this聽
One better place, let's erase the wasted聽
Take the evil out the people, they'll be actin' right聽
鈥楥ause both black and white are smokin' crack tonight聽
And the only time we chill is when we kill each other聽
It takes skill to be real, time to heal each other聽
And although it seems heaven-sent聽
We ain't ready to see a black president聽
It ain't a secret, don't conceal the fact聽
The penitentiary's packed and it's filled with blacks聽
But some things will never change聽
Try to show another way but you stayin' in the dope game聽
Now tell me, what's a mother to do?聽
Bein' real don't appeal to the brother in you聽
You gotta operate the easy way聽
"I made a G today," but you made it in a sleazy way聽
Sellin' crack to the kids聽
"I gotta get paid!" 鈥 well hey, but that's the way it is聽
That's just the way it is聽
Things'll never be the same聽
That's just the way it is, aww yeah聽
That's just the way it is聽
Things'll never be the same聽
That's just the way it is, aww yeah聽
We gotta make a change聽
It's time for us as a people to start makin' some changes聽
Let's change the way we eat聽
Let's change the way we live聽
And let's change the way we treat each other聽
You see the old way wasn't workin'聽
So it's on us to do what we gotta do to survive聽
And still I see no changes; can't a brother get a little peace?聽
It's war on the streets and a war in the Middle East聽
Instead of war on poverty聽
They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me聽
And I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do聽
But now I'm back with the facts, givin' it back to you聽
Don't let 'em jack you up, back you up聽
Crack you up and pimp-smack you up聽
You gotta learn to hold your own聽
They get jealous when they see you with your mobile phone聽
But tell the cops they can't touch this聽
I don't trust this, when they try to rush I bust this聽
That's the sound of my tool聽
You say it ain't cool, my mama didn't raise no fool聽
And as long as I stay black, I gotta stay strapped聽
And I never get to lay back聽
鈥楥ause I always got to worry 'bout the payback聽
Some buck that I roughed up way back聽
Comin' back after all these years聽
"Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat," that's the way it is聽
That's just the way it is聽
Things'll never be the same聽
That's just the way it is, aww yeah聽
(You're my brother, you're my sister)聽
That's just the way it is聽
Things'll never be the same聽
That's just the way it is, aww yeah聽
[ 2Pac]聽
Some things'll never change
Je ne vois aucun changement quand je me l猫ve le matin聽
Et que je me demande si la vie vaut d'锚tre v茅cue, dois-je me tirer une balle ?聽
J'en ai marre d'锚tre pauvre et pire encore d'锚tre noir
Mon estomac me fait mal donc je cherche un porte-monnaie 脿 arracher聽
Les flics s'en foutent des n茅gros聽
Appuyer sur la gachette, tuer un n猫gro, c'est un h茅ros聽
Donner le crack aux enfants tout le monde s'en fout聽
Une bouche de moins 脿 nourrir pour l'assistance sociale聽
Tu leur fournis de la drogue et leur laisses vendre leurs fr猫res聽
Tu leur donnes des flingues te retires pour les voir s'entre-tuer聽
C'est le moment de contre-attaquer comme un Huey disait聽
Deux d茅tonations dans le noir, d茅sormais Huey est mort聽
J'aime mon fr猫re mais nous n'arriverons jamais 脿 rien聽
Si nous ne partageons pas聽
Nous devons commencer 脿 faire des changements
Apprends 脿 me voir comme un fr猫re聽
Plut么t que de penser que nous sommes de lointains 茅trangers聽
Et c'est ainsi que ce doit 锚tre聽
Comment le diable peut-il s'emparer d'un fr猫re s'il est pr猫s de moi ?聽
J'aimerais revenir aux jours o霉 nous jouions comme des enfants聽
Mais les choses ont chang茅, et c'est ainsi聽
Allez, allez聽
C'est ainsi聽
Les choses ne seront jamais comme avant聽
C'est ainsi聽
Eh oui聽
Je ne vois pas de changement, tout ce que je ne vois que des racistes聽
La haine mal plac茅e cause des probl猫mes raciaux聽
Nous subissons je me demande ce que 莽a apporte de faire 莽a聽
Une meilleure place, supprimons le g芒chis聽
Enlever le mal des gens, ils agiront bien聽
Car noirs comme blancs fument du crack cette nuit聽
Et le seul moment o霉 nous nous rencontrons est quand nous nous tuons聽
Ca demande des capacit茅s pour 锚tre vrai,聽
C'est le moment de nous soigner聽
Et bien qu'il semble que le paradis l'ait envoy茅聽
Nous ne sommes pas pr锚ts, 脿 voir un pr茅sident noir聽
Ce n'est pas un secret, ne nie pas ce fait聽
Les prisons sont pleines, et remplies de noirs聽
Mais certaines choses ne changeront jamais聽
On essaie de te montrer une autre voie mais tu restes dans la drogue聽
Maintenant, dis-moi ce qu'une m猫re peut faire聽
Etre vrai ne r茅veille pas le fr猫re en toi聽
Tu dois choisir la voie normale聽
J'ai eu un G aujourd'hui mais tu l'as eu par paresse聽
Tu vends du crack aux gens. Il me faut de l'argent,聽
Eh bien, c'est ainsi聽
Nous devons faire un changement... .聽
C'est le moment pour nous en tant que peuple de faire des changements.聽
Changeons notre mani猫re de manger, changeons notre mani猫re de vivre聽
Changeons notre mani猫re de nous comporter les uns envers les aux autres聽
Tu vois, l'ancienne mani猫re ne fonctionnait pas donc c'est 脿 nous聽
De faire ce qu'il faut faire, pour survivre聽
Et encore, je ne vois aucun changement,聽
Un fr猫re ne peut-il pas obtenir un peu de paix聽
C'est la guerre dans la rue et au Moyen-Orient聽
Au lieu de combattre la pauvret茅, ils combattent la drogue聽
Pour que la police puisse me mettre des b芒tons dans les roues聽
Et je n'ai jamais commis de crime que je pouvais ne pas commettre聽
Mais revenons en aux noirs et je te le redis聽
Ne les laisse pas t'attraper, te rabaisser,聽
Te mettre dans le crack et les prox茅n猫tes te claquer聽
Tu dois apprendre 脿 te comporter聽
Ils sont jaloux quand ils te voient avec un t茅l茅phone portable聽
Mais dis aux flics qu'ils ne peuvent pas y toucher聽
Je n'ai pas confiance quand ils se ram猫nent je sors mon flingue聽
C'est le bruit de mon jouet, tu dis que c'est pas cool
Ma m猫re n'a pas 茅lev茅 un idiot聽
Et aussi longtemps que je serai noir, je dois rester arm茅聽
Et je ne pourrai jamais avoir de repos聽
Car il faudra toujours que je me m茅fie des retours de b芒tons聽
Des types que j'ai maltrait茅 il y a tr猫s longtemps聽
Revenant apr猫s toutes ces ann茅es聽
Rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat c'est ainsi
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lonelyfujoshia year ago
Ink left again. He left Error all alone again and Error wasn't happy.
Error was in the living room watching his favorite series. Crying his nonexistent eyes out.
"Asgorooo!" He yelled, reaching for the TV screen when the scene of Asgoro having a heart attack played.
The pillow he clutched in his arms was wet with tears. Looking at him was laughable. Seeing the former destroyer cry easily like this.
In all honesty, the film wasn't the only thing he was crying about. He just decided to watch Undernovela to express his emotions while Ink was away.
Ahh, yes. Ink, the God of Creation.
He and Error had been dating for six years now. Almost seven. Two weeks from now will be their anniversary and Error couldn't help but be nervous of that.
He's been thinking that Ink is loosing interest in him. Error is scared.
He loved Ink with all of his life. He gave up destroying for the God of creation. He left the anti-void to live in their house for him. He tried doing good things out of his character for him.
He just loved Ink dearly.
And it all started ten years ago during Giftmas.
It was a special holiday for all monsters in the multiverse and the light and dark side has an untold treaty that no fight or attacks during this holiday.
No one established the rule, no one wrote it, no one spoke about it. It was just there. Monsters understanding the importance of the holiday.
Error sat on the cliff of Outertale where the stars shone to its brightest. His glasses on with his new galaxy scarf.
He sat there, enjoying the silence even when you can still hear the distant jingle in the town.
And Ink appeared.
Error scowled when the creator made his way to where he sat. He glared at Ink.
The creator however ignored the mean glare telling him to fuck off and sat down beside Error with a large grin. To close for the black skeleton's liking.
"What in the hell you doing here skittles?" Error grumbled harshly.
"Nothing much glitchy~. Just wanted to see the stars in this lovely night."
"Then go sit somewhere else. Don't ruin my night."
The smaller skeleton summoned his strings and began to play with it. Waiting for Ink's retort but it never came.
He looked up to see Ink staring at him with a thoughtful expression.
"... Nah." He finally said and Error wanted to hit the Ink blob with the brush he always had.
"But you know Error, tonight's Giftmas. I've given every monster I've encountered a gift to be traditional." Ink continued, looking up the sky.
Error glared at the string that somehow became tangled in his fingers and mumbled stuff like; "Who the hell asked?", "I don't give a fuck.", "Go do more of that and leave me alone."
Ink ignored his rude comments and summoned a window to his subspace. "So I thought... maybe I should give you a gift too."
"Hah! Did you really think that I'd want a gift from you?"
Again he was ignored as Ink continued to look for something in his subspace.
Error's socket twitched with annoyance. Watching Ink's body halfway through the window portal already, digging deeper into his pile of garbage as Error liked to call it.
The dark skeleton was about to push the lighter skeleton into wherever the window led because of his annoyance but Ink pulled back with a victorious laugh.
"Found it!"
Before Error could react, Ink placed the thing he got in front of the destroyer with a great big smile in his handsome face.
Error stared at it... Ink waiting for his reaction patiently.
In front of them was a pair of slippers. Red fluffy slippers that hugged your feet like socks and it had strings on the hole to tighten the hold if needed.
"Really?" Was all that Error could say. He didn't know what to feel about it. Ink, his supposedly mortal enemy, had just given him a 'gift' for some reason.
A pair of slippers no less. Error could tell that these were top quality and made for comfort. And how he loves comfortable things. The little sparkle in his eyes didn't go unnoticed by Ink.
"Well go on! Try it!" Ink encouraged.
Error grumbled but complied nonetheless. He threw his strings away carelessly and grabbed the red slippers, put it on and stilled.
"Ehh? What do you think?"
The darker ignored Ink's teasing tone and wiggled his toes.
"It's okay I guess." He said.
And that was a fucking lie.
'Oh my GOD! THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE! I'M IN LOVE!' He screamed in his mind.
Unknown to him, the creator could see his softened look and the brightening of his eyes. The destroyer even unconsciously smiled.
Error looked up to see Ink staring at him with another one of those unreadable look.
"What?" He narrowed his eyes at him.
"Don't tell me you expect something in return cuz I ain't giving you anything. And you can't take these back!" He hissed.
Blinking, as if snapping out of trance, Ink made a confused noise before laughing.
"What the fuck? What is it rainbow asshole?!"
"Hahahaha haha.. hahhh... I-It's nothing Error. I just realized something."
"Tell me what is it."
"I like your smile."
Even with his fucked up memory, Error remembered this.
He remembered that the next day after that night, he anonymously sent Ink a puppet version of the creator. Ink soon found out it was from him.
Since then the lighter skeleton never initiated a fight. He acted all buddy buddy with Error which pissed off the darker to no end. It frustrated him greater than his frustration with the 90's parasite.
Ink messed with his emotions. The creator popped up in his mind in random times that he thought he was finally becoming insane. He thought he was.
Three giftmas holidays passed and Ink surprised Error with a confession. The glitch outright crashed the moment the words that Ink said, I like you, was processed by his 'brain'.
Error fled the moment he came to, in Ink's arms. He thought he was gonna die because of how loud his soul pounded. It actually hurt his ribs.
For a month he couldn't stop thinking of Ink and he didn't even realize ha had fallen for the creator. He also locked himself in the anti-void. Time passed and he decided to go out and destroy. Maybe to let some steam out.
Ink was there. Wherever he go, Ink was always there, wooing him.
Every sanses and their counterpart in every universe knew about Ink chasing Error, courting the destroyer, asking for his love.
Ink was very sweet in those times. Always giving Error presents even when the glitch thought it was weird because it's not even Giftmas.
The next giftmas came and Ink knelt in front of Error. They were surrounded by the bright stars of Outertale.
"Will you be my boyfriend?" Ink said and Error was looking sick at how blue his face was.
His soul pounding. Emotions overflowing even though he was extremely confused with himself. He didn't know what he is feeling or what he was supposed to feel but everything felt right.
Even his inner voice telling him to say yes. 'It's not like people are lining up to hang with me anyway.' Was there as an excuse.
He never regretted agreeing.
Now though, Error was really worried.
It's because of the event that happened two weeks ago.
Since Error lived in the same house as Ink, the taller had always made time for him. His schedule was simple enough.
Leave for work in the council every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Leave the house by nine am and come back at around seven pm. Sunday is their special day as they usually go on dates.
Error usually stays in the house or visit Blue while Ink is away. Other times he goes AU hopping and going to Nightmare's castle.
Until this peaceful cycle was disturbed.
"Where are you going?" Error asked softly. He just woke up from his nap on the couch and he was rubbing on his sockets to help him wake quicker.
Ink was putting on his scarf and fixing his shoes by the mirror making Error confused.
"I'm just going on a meeting babe." Ink simply said with a smile.
"But... it's Thursday."
"Yeah, I just got called. Said it was an emergency."
After seeing the worried look on Error's face, Ink went up to the smalled and kissed his lover's face.
"Don't worry, it's nothing I can't handle. I'll be back before four so have lunch without me."
Error nods. "But wait." He holds Ink's arm.
"Let me prepare your lunch."
"No need babe. And I'm in a hurry so I gotta go." Ink said with a wave before he jumped into a portal.
By Saturday, Ink left again saying that he had to meet up with Reaper.
Error thought nothing of it because Reaper, being a God, sometimes meet up with other gods to see how the multivers is going.
And he thought, 'Oh, it's been a long time since I've been able to visit Geno. Maybe I should now that he's finally alone.'
Error planned to stay there for at least three hours so he got some chocolates, ketchup for Geno, blankets and puppets.
He puts them in a handmade bag before jumping into a portal.
"Hey, Geno! Thought it might be a good time to visit since Reaper-... Reaper?"
"Hey Error. What's up?" Geno greets him.
"Uh... the ceiling?" Error was still very confused that he couldn't come up with a proper reply.
"That would've been good pal, it's just that this place doesn't really have a ceiling." The cloaked skeleton beside Geno chuckled.
"Why are you here?" The dark skeleton asked.
"Job's slow today so I decided to visit my bea. What are you doing here?"
"Visiting Geno too."
"Great, the more the merrier." Reaper said unenthusiastically. Clearly he wants some alone time with his 'boyfriend'. Well soon to be anyway.
"Uh heh, nice to see you again then, Error." Geno said awkwardly while Error stood there still.
"Aren't you supposed to be in a meeting with Ink?" The former destroyer finally asked.
"A meeting? Wha- Shit! We have a meeting?!" Reaper abruptly stood up, startling Geno.
"You forgot." His 'boyfriend' deadpanned.
"I didn't forget, I just didn't know." Reaper frowned.
"Uh maybe you should hurry, he left.. like an hour ago." Error said.
"Crap. I guess I'll see you later babe. Have fun with Error." Reaper left with a wave.
"Wow." Error and Geno said at the same time. They looked at eachother and laughed.
Half an hour later, there was a blanket fortress in the save screen. Two skeletons inside it, eating condiments and chocolates.
The 'screen' was blocked by Error's massive one way window portal and the watched Undernovela.
A portal opened and Error quickly lift the blanket up a little to see who it is.
It was Reaper.
"Oh hey Death, you finished your meeting with the creator?" Geno asked. He helped Error lift up the blanket.
"... Uh. No. I couldn't find Ink."
To be continued
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