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#yeah i just ate a yogurt cake that my mom promised me to buy
nanalikessurveys · a year ago
Have you ever fallen asleep in the last car you were in? Nope
Have you ever been cheated on? No
What’s something you do every day besides breathing, eating, and sleeping? Drinking water, brushing my teeth etc
What’s the nearest blinking object to you? There’s no blinking objects near me
What were you for Halloween last year? I didn’t dress up
Don’t you need to charge your phone right now? Not really
When’s the last time you laughed really hard? Couple days ago
When’s the last time you cried really hard? Couple weeks ago
Do you believe that karma can come back and slap you in the face? Yes lol
Are you currently trying to avoid somebody? No
Are you feeling guilty for something? Not really
When you’re sad, who/what usually cheers you up? Playing with my cats, watching youtube, going for a walk, talking to my friend/my mom
What was the last thing you bought? I bough food
Do you own suspenders? No
Do you get mixed signals often or rarely? I guess pretty often
Are your nails/toes painted? I have acrylic nails now. my toenails are not painted, they never are
Are you usually quiet or loud? Quiet or something in the middle, depends on my mood
Do you ever check your horoscope? No
What color is your microwave? White
What was the last thing you ate? Yogurt and blueberries
Do you talk to people even though you hate them? I don’t hate anyone
Name something you have always wanted and never got. That fucking cat robot toy i wanted as a kid lol
When was the last time you went outside? Yesterday for groceries
How many hours do you spend on the computer a day? Hahahahah so many hours
Do you have any siblings? I have an older sister
Do you know someone named Curt? No
Have you ever been to Texas? Never been to US
Do you have an alarm clock? I just use my phone
Can you play the piano? Probably not anymore
Do you go to church? I don’t
What color was the cup that you last drank out of? It has white, red, blue and black
What is the show that you watched when you were little, and you still do? Not really, i don’t watch tv that often anymore
Do you have shoes on? No
Do you have a printer? No
Do you read the paper? I don’t
Do you have a swingset? Nope
What is something you do every summer? Relax, go to the beach
Do you have a job? No
Do your siblings text you? She does, not super often tho
Do you tend to make things complicated? Yeah
Do you want a small or big wedding? I have no idea, haven’t thought about it
Have you ever searched for your own house on Google Earth? Haha yes
Would you rather have cash or a gift card? Both seem fine
Did your last kiss end up with you and the person doing anything sexual? No
Do you live near a beach or amusement park? Not super close
Who is your ex dating/talking to? Idk
Do you have your eye on anyone at the current moment? Sure
Ever been called a bitch? As a joke i guess
Who would you be shocked to see call you? Old friends
If you could drink only 2 things for the rest of your life, what would it be? Water and those sparkling waters with different flavors
Would you date someone taller than you? Yes
Have you met anyone that has been a major influence on you this year? Haven’t met anyone new this year
Ever kissed someone who smokes? No
Have any interesting conversations lately? Nah
If your friends warn you about someone you like, do you listen? I listen if it seems legit
Who did you last pinky promise with? I don’t do that
What do you do when you’re having a bad day? Listen to music, play with my cats
Does it take a lot for someone to annoy you? No
Do you own your own computer? Yes i do
Did you ever have to share a room with one of your siblings? I shared a room with my sister until i turned 8
What happened at the last party you went to? Uhhh i don’t party so i can’t remember the last party i went to lol
Have you ever smoked a cigarette? I’ve tried it couple times
What’s your hair like at this present moment? It’s down and a little dirty
What’s the worst film you’ve ever seen? V/H/S
Do you like to flex your muscles? Umm no
Have you ever completely misunderstood what somebody was saying? Yes
Favorite kind of cake: Ice cream cake or cheesecake
Did you get any compliments today? No
How old is the last person you kissed? Couple years older
Why did you kiss the person you last kissed? Because i wanted to
Do you have any fears? Yees
What’s your sign? Libra
What is your favorite color? Blues, purples
Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? I’m very much a procrastinator
What do you hear right now? Beyoncé’s voice
Are your parents going to buy you a car? Nope
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