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#yandere spiderman imagine
anxiousnerdwritings · 7 days ago
Hi, for marvel love letters, maybe a romantic Peter Parker writing to his obsession that is hesitant toward his love?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
You’ve been avoiding me, haven’t you? Don’t try to deny it. I’ve seen the way you’ve been keeping to yourself even more than before, especially when I’m around. Or how you try to make yourself as small as possible hoping I won’t notice you, I always notice you. Or how you shy away or scurry off whenever I get close to you.
I know my confession came out more jumbled and intense then I wanted but I just couldn’t contain myself. I’m sure it overwhelmed you and I’m sorry for that but you could at least be honest with me. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, that’s the last thing I would ever want to do. But being able to finally tell you how much you mean to me and how in love I’ve been with you for God knows how long just felt too good.
You don’t need to give me an answer or even return my feelings right now. I just needed to tell you how I felt. If you need time then that’s perfectly fine. I’ve waited this long, I can wait awhile longer. But please don’t shut me out or run from me again. I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide or keep anything from. I’m here for you and that’s never going to change.
Call me whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll be here to listen.
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inscribeddiatribes · 24 days ago
Yandere Avengers With A Reader That Loses Hope
Tumblr media
Warning: Mentions of depression, punishment, violence, Yandere elements, anger, obsession, or isolation. NONE of the violent or invasive acts depicted in this work should be done or encouraged in real life. Don’t read ahead if these topics make you uncomfortable.
A/N: This has taken quite some time for me to write. Sorry for the wait!
Aged-up Peter (18+)
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Steve will probably go through the five stages of grief.
Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.
At first, he refuses to believe that anything is wrong with you. He’ll continue to pretend that everything is normal.
Then anger will hit him. A million questions run through his mind. How dare you ignore him? He gives you everything you want and you treat him like this? Why are you doing this to him?
All his threats seem to bounce right off of you.
He’ll beg for your forgiveness after that. He’ll promise that you’ll receive better treatment and more freedom if you stop withdrawing.
Eventually, Steve acknowledges that you just might be too far gone.
One thing is for sure, Steve won’t let you go.
He’ll continue on with his own dreams and goals. You’ll just be forced to come along for the ride.
Tumblr media
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Tony will start off by cracking jokes about your silence and attempting to tease you.
He’ll come to realize how serious it is when you don’t even scoff at his ridiculous jokes.
Tony isn’t great when it comes to feelings or mental health, so he resorts to what he knows best... gift giving.
He’ll offer to buy you whatever you want. Diamonds, devices, even an island.
He’ll just start leaving gifts in your room if you continue to give him the cold shoulder.
Tony lives off of people reacting to him, so someone he cares about ignoring him will really get to him.
Tony will eventually offer to give you some space by allowing you stay in your own apartment.
He’ll even allow you to visit friends and family... after he warns you that they’ll go missing if you tell them anything about his behavior.
Tumblr media
Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
Thor has lost so many people over the years.
You being checked out would hurt him to the core.
To him, it’s almost like he’s lost you too.
It’d most likely cause him to sink into depression.
Half of his days will probably be spent trying to get you to interact with him in some way.
The other half of his days will be spent wallowing in his own self pity.
Thor is probably one of the few Avengers that would let you go.
He eventually realizes that he doesn’t want to drag you down any further.
With great reluctance, he’d let you go.
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Peter will be heartbroken.
You’ll soon be exposed to a different type of desperation.
He just wants you to be happy again.
Peter will do anything to make that happen.
Begging, crying, he’ll even get on his knees and beg. He knows no shame.
He doesn’t care even care that you were always resistant, he just needs you.
Peter will try to make things right by taking you out on “dates”, pampering you, etc.
It’s not enough.
He can’t stand to see you like that.
Letting you go won’t repair the damage he’s caused, but it’s a start.
Peter will always be lurking around, he just won’t have enough courage to talk to you again though.
Tumblr media
Doctor Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Stephen probably would have noticed your behavior when it was beginning to start.
He doesn’t talk to you very much, but he’s still an expert when it comes to your behavior (thanks to his powers).
Stephen will probably try have a bit of a heart to heart with you to reassure you that he cares.
After finding out the extent of your hopelessness, he’s extremely worried and unsure of what to do.
He could either alter your behavior and thoughts or do things the hard way by trying to get you to come back to yourself naturally.
Strange will use what he learned in medical school to mentally get through to you. That will only last for so long though.
If you don’t start returning to normal, you better believe his powers will be making an appearance.
I don’t own these characters, songs, or lyrics, nor did I create any of them. This work is strictly for fair use/ entertainment purposes. No money has been received from this work.
Send an ask or use the form in my masterlist to be added to my tag list!
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thefieryphoenix · 25 days ago
MY SLEEPING BEAUTY~ A Yandere Peter Parker Oneshot
Tumblr media
I do NOT own the gif, got it from Google :)
You were such a pretty delicate cute fragile little thing in Peter's eyes. The way you chewed your lip when you were anxious or nervous was so cute to him..... you reminded him of a little cute adorable baby bunny and yes, baby boi here developed something more deeper than an innocent crush.... he had a crazed obsession for you but he'd stutter and become a blushing flustered mess while talking to you. However he won't hesitate to make a person back the HECK away from you if he thinks they're getting too close to you
Peter likes watching you drinking and admiring your beauty from far normally as well as Spiderman. He'll stalk you home under the pretense of patrol and will make sure your safe and secure at your home, sleeping cozily on your bed like a curled up kitten
Ever wondered what that sudden rush of wind was or you clearly remember shutting your window last night? Well, that's Peter for ya, or the friendly Spiderman checking if you were doing all right. He liked to watch you sleep, focusing on your soft breathing as your chest rises and falls slightly. Sometimes, he'll even come in bed and snuggle with you only to leave a few hours before you got up and yes, he'll gently kiss the top of your forehead when you nuzzle into him or cuddle back into the unknown force that's holding you
You were lovely to him and even more lovely in the night which was PRECISELY why he'd watch you sleep and visit you in the night. Oh he HAD to, your plump rosy soft lips were too addicting for him to resist you for too long
"Oh darling Y/N'' he sighed as he lay in your bed with you. "If only you knew how much I love you, what I'm going to do to you when we're together'' he chuckled slightly and caressed your cheek lovingly. "Don't worry, Spiderman will save you from your life, I know how hard it is for you sweetheart, exams and tests and studies and on top of that you're even working at that god damn coffee shop where people have the guts to ask you for your number! Don't worry darling, I'll keep you safe from all this no matter what. Leave it all to me~"
Unable to control himself, he reaches down to your neck and as you squirm slightly and sigh, he just shushes you gently and mumbles, "I'll kiss you and take such good care of you. Isn't that what you want my love?"
He peppered your face with light kisses, worshipping you. He lay in bed for some more time with you and then as he glanced at the alarm clock on your bedside table, he curses that it was time for him to get going and places a gentle kiss to your lips and says, "Don't worry my sleeping beauty, we'll be together soon. The thought of kissing you and having you is too addicting~" and strokes your cheek lovingly with his thumb
"Sweet dreams my cute little sleeping beauty, I'll be back for you and then we can live a happy life together~"
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anxiousnerdwritings · 29 days ago
*whispering quietly* how about a Peter Parker one to a romantic darling?
Tumblr media
Dear (Name),
I’m so nervous, even now my hand is shaking as I try and write this letter to you. You seem to always have a way of turning me into a nervous wreck. It’s not a bad thing or anything. It just makes it a lot harder to try and talk to you.
Even when I thought I could at least accomplish this as a means of telling you what I’ve been holding in and not look like a huge idiot, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I guess it just goes to show how bad I have it for you, huh.
Geez, all I want is to be able to talk to you. Or hell, even just be able to be near you without falling apart.
I probably sound pathetic, don’t I?
Maybe, I’ll try again in person. If that doesn’t work then I could always go the Spider-Man route. I just have to try and not get too ahead of myself.
Baby steps, Pete. Baby steps.
Besides, it’s not like you’ll be reading this. Not anymore at least. No, I’ll try again later.
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shayewilliams · a month ago
❝𝚂𝚘𝚖𝚎𝚋𝚘𝚍𝚢 𝚃𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝙸 𝚄𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚃𝚘 𝙺𝚗𝚘𝚠❞
៚Warnings: Yandere themes, language, suggestive stuff, Peter being very mentally unstable, manipulation.
៚Yandere Prompts
៚Summary: You and Peter have been broken up for some time, and only after you broke up, you realized how manipulative he was. But he wants you back. And he's not going to stop until he gets what he wants.
៚Request: can you please do prompts 12 and 22 from your delusional yandere prompts list with yandere!peter parker, please?
៚A/N: I like the idea of yandere characters so please send requests :)
Tumblr media
You were so pretty like this. Your face covered in a stoic, peaceful expression, the New York autumn air blowing gently in through your open window, your thin curtains dancing softly at the stimulation. It was nights like these that Peter liked best.
To watch you from the window was so unfair. He wanted to be in your bed, holding you close, just like he used to, rather than sneak around because you gave him no other choice. It wasn't fair that you looked this perfect, even when you weren't his.
And he was thoroughly convinced that you knew what you were doing. That you knew you teased him, the duvet down, barely covering the hem of your panties as you slept so soundly in your tank top, your nipples apparent through the thin fabric.
He had been slacking on his patrol. But for you, he'd do anything. He was doing you a service. New York did perfectly fine without Spiderman before, so what's the harm in letting just a few more bad guys roam around? This was his kitten. His joy. The source of his happiness.
Everything he ever did for you was out of love. Sure, he disapproved of a majority of your friends and distanced you from them frequently, but he assured you that it was for the best. That he was doing this for you. It was all for you.
But his control didn't stop at friends. It bled into other aspects of your personal life. You couldn't wear certain things. Couldn't talk to certain people, even if they talked to you first. But every time you protested, Peter would always reassure you with his head between your thighs, telling you that nobody could love you like he could. Nobody.
Peter knew how people were; he was sure of it. He had seen it first hand. The monstrosities of New York that could hurt his kitten. And he couldn't have that.
But it could only work for so long. 5 days and 2 hours ago, you finally reached your wit's end, and did something that Peter never thought possible from you. You broke up with him. You tried to tell him that you loved him but you needed space. But Peter was like a boa constrictor, knowing that he could never let you slip away from him; not truly.
So he let you believe it was over. But it wasn't.
Now, there he sat, there in your window, watching over you as the moonlight gleamed on you, making you angelic and fragile. The fragile kitten that he was always so afraid to break.
You suddenly shifted in your sleep, turning away from the light of the window with the looming shadow and now to your wall, murmuring something in your sleep. But then there was what you murmured that made Peter's eyebrows furrow.
It was soft, oh so soft, but he heard it. And he knew what he heard. A name that wasn't his own. He felt betrayed. Red, hot, and boiling. It hurt, it really did. He flashed back to intimate moments with you under him as he begged you to tell him that he was the only one. And that what you said. He was the one the only one.
Without thinking, his mind in autopilot, he approached your bed, a silent panther stalking a lamb before taking his mask off. Pressing the jet black spider on his chest, the suit slid off like melting ice to a pool at his feet.
He silently slipped under the covers as quiet as a mouse, praying you wouldn't wake up. At least not until he was comfortable with you.
As if on queue, once Peter was fully behind you, your back pulled into his chest, you stirred, your eyes fluttering open in childish confusion.
"P-Peter?" you whimpered out, realizing the warm weight on your waist.
"Hey Kitten," he smiled as you turned around in horror, "Did you miss me? Because I really missed you."
You were stunned, frozen in place, not daring to move. Too frightened. It was as if you were jinxed by the gods, the one man you never wanted to see again now holding you close as if you hadn't been broken up for as long as you had been.
You didn't know what to do. You silently started mapping out an escape. You couldn't use strength, he beat you 0 to 10 on that one. You needed to use your wits.
"H-Hey Peter. Of course, I missed you," you lied through your teeth as you turned over and snuggled (begrudgingly) into his nude chest, and he almost purred in excitement, your soft facade working like a charm.
"Aw, I'm so glad to hear that, baby. I missed holding you like this. You really are my perfect girl, huh?"
When you were a couple, the praise would melt you. Have you running back for more. But now, you were like stone. You knew what he was doing. And it didn't work on you anymore.
"You treated me like such a stranger... I would wave to you in the halls but you never did anything back." he almost whined, "It felt so wrong."
"Sorry... I just," you swallowed, trying your best not to freeze up in fear, "I had to get to my classes. Have s-such a busy schedule, you know?"
Peter went rigid and cold, his grip on you tightening making you silently wince.
"Our love comes first. Everything else is secondary." he gritted, acting as if it were common knowledge. His tone was dark; a warning.
You nodded and added on a barely audible 'sorry' as you hid against him.
If you really were to get out, where would you go? There really was no other place in the world where he couldn't find you. He could out-run you as well. Escape now seemed like a hopeless, fleeting motion as you sunk lower against the mattress in defeat. A surrender.
"Get your rest, kitten. When we wake up, we're going to have so much fun...,"
Tumblr media
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inscribeddiatribes · 2 months ago
Comparing Yandere Avengers (Headcanons/Preferences) [Part 2]
Tumblr media
Warning: Mentions of Yandere elements, jealousy, and obsession. NONE of the violent or invasive acts depicted in this work should be done or encouraged in real life. I don’t personally condone or support Yandere/dark behavior in real life — it’s not normal and shouldn’t be tolerated.
Aged-Up Peter (18+)
Note: Happy Valentine’s Day! I have another fic that I’ll try to post before the day is up :)
Part 1
*This is Part 2*
Part 3
Going back to the comment in Part 1 about Peter Parker being creepy... he’s definitely the lovesick puppy type who always wants to be help you or be with you in some way. He’d also make it a goal to “check” on you before and after he did his rounds as Spider-Man.
Peter can be a lot to deal with because he loves talking to anyone and everyone, so it’s going to increase tenfold around you.
One of the good things about him is that he‘ll definitely never hurt you on purpose. Yell at him, ignore him... all he’ll ever do is beg you to be nice to him or mope.
Another perk of having Peter as a Yandere is that he’ll do or give you whatever you want. He’s perpetually broke, but he’d sell his precious legos in a millisecond if he knew you wanted something.
Speaking of buying you stuff, Tony Stark is the KING of trying to buy your affection.
It can be kind of hard to refuse him because he just has so much to offer (and by extension manipulate you with).
Promotions, jewelry, technology, company shares, vacations, they’re all as good as yours.
Tony and Peter are honestly very similar.
They can both be very frustrating because they constantly crave affection and attention.
They tend to go about it in different ways though.
Tony will usually pop in to wherever you are and try to annoy you with his meddling, sarcastic little comments, and jokes.
Peter won’t leave you alone under the guise of wanting to be around you just in case you need his help with something.
I don’t own these characters, songs, or lyrics, nor did I create any of them. This work is strictly for fair use/ entertainment purposes. No money has been received from this work.
Want to be added to my taglist? Send me an ask or add your username using my form! Taglist Form
@namjoonwatcheshentai , @anfre109 , @mymilliefrommarketing
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anxiousnerdwritings · 4 months ago
Heeellooo Can I get romantic!yandere!Eddie/venom x reader please? Reader is stressed and works themselves up to the point where they faint. Like reader's pulse is fast n their skin is pale and clammy and they are out cold. Thanksss chuuuuu heheheeheh
Tumblr media
For the Faint of Heart
How many times had Eddie told you to prioritize your time better when you were working? He knew you got too caught up in what you were doing that you would just forget but then you would become overwhelmed and overworked like you have been plenty of times before. To say Eddie wasn’t surprised when he got a call from one of your coworkers saying you had fainted at work was an understatement. He was expecting it to say the least.
He knew you better then you knew yourself and he knew that something like this was bound to happen again. But that didn’t make him any less worried and Venom certainly wasn’t helping with the symbiotes own anxiety and worries were added to the cocktail of emotions Eddie was currently feeling.
‘What if you had hit your head when you fainted?’
‘What if you fainted while you were going up or down the stairs?’
‘What if this was more than just you fainting?’
Eddie’s mind was swimming with questions and worries. His and Venom’s anxieties were mixing and only making him feel even worse. He just wanted to see that you were okay and get you home. He just wanted to see you. Rushing through the hospital, Eddie made his way to the room where the nurse at the desk said you would be.
Once he sees you, Eddie and Venom can feel some of the tension and anxiety leave them. It’s especially nice seeing you awake and aware. You’re obviously very tired and you looked pale, but you still smiled at him, at them. And his heart skipped a beat.
Quickly walking in and enveloping you into his arms, Eddie inhales your scent before kissing you on the forehead. Pulling away he looks you over, finding no real injuries at least nothing he could see.
“You had us really worried, baby. Are you okay?” He was panting, out of breath from running and rushing to be by your side. He was so relieved to see you were okay, they both were, even if you were tired. Pulling up a chair, he sets it across you and your place on the hospital bed. Grabbing ahold of your hand, rubbing it as you explain what the doctors had told you.
“They said it’s nothing serious but I will be on bed rest for a few days and that I shouldn’t be working while I’m trying to rest. Also, I’ve been given a few extra days off from work, a forced vacation I guess you could say.”
Eddie couldn’t have been happier to here those words leave your lips. He was so relieved that you would need to be away from that hellish workplace.
“Well, doctors orders right?” He joked.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Besides it would be nice to spend some extra time with you and Venom, especially with work not being in the way for awhile.” You laughed.
‘I like the sound of that, Eddie. Don’t you?’ Venom’s voice cuts in, making itself loud and clear.
‘That does sound nice, doesn’t it? And maybe this time we won’t have to let them leave again. We can take care of them after all.’
‘Yes. We will keep them safe always, Eddie. You and I. Together. It will only be the three of us.’
‘Just the three of us....’
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anxiousnerdwritings · 4 months ago
(Set in my "Raimiverse version of Sins Past AU") How about a 'love' letter from Norman that basically goes like "I found out about you hiding your pregnancy and now you and anyone close to you are royally ****ed."
Tumblr media
You didn’t really think I wouldn’t find out what you’ve been hiding, did you? I know everything about you after all. Does your family even know? Does Parker? No, you wouldn’t tell them, not yet. Not if it meant endangering them anymore then they already were, right?
I don’t need to tell you how powerful I am, you already know. We’ve been through enough, haven’t we? Why don’t I give you the chance to make it all right? Why don’t you come to me and we can make it all better? We can be a family. We can be together.
But if you choose not to then everything that comes after is all on you. I will have you back and I will be a father to our child. You can run. You can hide. You can even get Spider-man involved, but that won’t stop me.
I will find you and I will have you again. Anyone who comes in the way of that will suffer.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 8 months ago
9 with carnage/cletus kasady? also just wanted to say 💖💖💖💖💖💗💗💗
Tumblr media
9. "You're not planning on running away are you?"
"You're not planning on running away are you? We would really hate to have to go out of our way just to drag you back home." "No, Cletus. I'm not planning on doing anything let alone running." That was a lie and you knew it. Just like how you lied and they knew it. They loved hunting down their prey especially when it was you. You were always their prey, someone spared death only to be kept as a toy. And you were their favorite toy. "Good, 'cause you know we'll always find you."
This isn't the first time Cletus had caught you trying to leave and it certainly wouldn't be the last either. Both he and Carnage lived for the chase and what came after it, especially when they were chasing after you.
Hell, they would encourage you to run, run as fast as you could just so it would be all the more fun to catch you, sealing your inevitablefate with them. It was even more thrilling when you would try and hide from them, as if they wouldn't find you.
You would never get away from Cletus and Carnage, they made sure you were well aware of that. They staked their claim the night they brought you home, you were theirs now until they deemed otherwise. Like hell that would happen but they liked to give you what little hope they could just so they could crush it again and again. Who could resist that sad, beaten down face you made, they certainly couldn't.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
Yandere Platonic!Spiderman x Kid!Reader?
Yandere Platonic!Spider-man x Kid!Reader
Tumblr media
When Peter first meets you its while out on patrol, he had just swung to another rooftop to rest and keep a look out when he heard something and saw a kid sitting out on the firescape of their assumed apartment. They were wearing a Spider-man jacket and Peter couldnt help to smile and let out a laugh. He would decide to make their day and give them a visit since he had some free time.
When Peter makes his presence known to the kid, he's greeted by a shocked yet happy face and he knows that he may not come back from this moment. Asking their name he gets a very excited reply, "Y/n! Are you really THE Spider-Man?" Peter nods which leads to you jumping around in overflowing excitement. From that day on you and Peter were friends or at least you and Spider-Man were friends.
Peter would often drop by when he had sometime away from fighting crime and the two of you would just sit and talk. You would tell him all about your day and he would tell about all the bad guys he put away, not in too much detail of course. He likes its while you tell him about school and what all you've been doing or when you get excited hearing his stories about the bad guys he just fought.
You remind him so much of his younger self, especially when he met Tony and became an Avenger. That's what probably really draws him to you. Especially if you feel like an outcast or are getting bullied. Speaking of which, if he finds out someone is bullying you or mistreating you they'll get a visit from Spider-Man.
Peter is definitely going to be more protective of you if you're scrawny or weaker looking and have any medical issues. When he's out on patrol he'll always drop by just to check in on you and how you're doing.
He would definitely help you with homework and whatever else you needed. Especially science and math. You'll probably get the highest grade in those classes. If you have a science fair project you and Peter or Spider-Man are going to have a fun time testing out your project on the roof of the building.
When you get a good grade or have accomplished something Peter will get the two of you ice cream to celebrate. He'll often take you to the roof of the building so the two of you can hangout while he's on patrol. Peter will even bring the two of you food while you wait for anything criminal to happen.
Peter might even let you know his true identity. As much as he loves hanging out with you as your favorite friendly neighbrohood superhero he would also like to be able to do more with you.
When your parents or siblings come into your room and see you talking to and having full on conversations with yourself on the firescape, they're understandably concerned. They don't know that Perter or Spider-Man is right next to you sticking to the wall outside. But what they do think is that you're too old to be having an imaginary friend.
If your family tries to get in the way of Peter's quality time with you, he won't be happy. He doesn't necessarily want to get rid of them, but he may have to if it comes down to it.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 months ago
peter parker yandere headcanons? (also preferably andrew garfield if that changes anything)
Yandere Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Peter is still his awkward self even after he's in a relationship with you. He still can't believe he even got you at all if he's being honest.
After everything that happened with Gwen, he's surprised you were the one to get him out of the dark hole he dug himself into and he couldn't be more grateful. He'll miss Gwen but if it hadn't been for what happened, he wouldn't have had you in his life.
One thing can be said about Peter and that's that he won't let the same fate befall you like it had Gwen. He'll vow to keep you safe, promising to not let anything happen to you.
He'll become increasingly more protective of you, even going as far to keep you locked in the apartment you two share, just to ensure no one knows that you're involved with Peter or Spider-man. Even if your completely willing, he won't take the risk of endangering you like he had Gwen.
When he's out on patrol he's going to be checking on you constantly via texts and phone calls. If he's really worried he'll even make a pitstop at your shared apartment, probably keeping to a nearby rooftop, just needing to see you walking or sitting and doing whatever. He just needs to be reminded that he has something good to come back to, that he has something to come home to at all.
Peter is still traumatized by what happened to the last person he cared about, that he has nightmares of the same thing happening to you and he just can't bare that. He'll wake up in a sweat, breaking down and need you to reassure him that you safe, and that you're still there. He'll need you more than ever in these moments and you'll be there with him all the way.
Once he feels more secure with himself and what he's been through, he would definitely want to start a family with you. He'll even put Spider-man off to the side just to be there completely for you. And he couldn't be more proud and happy once you two do start a family and he won't let anyone take either of you away from him.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 months ago
Got any general yandere Kingpin headcanons?
General Yandere Kingpin/Wilson Fisk
Tumblr media
Wilson is the definition of controlling. He wants to know everything all the time. He will have people tailing you all day, everyday. He needs to know your whereabouts, who you've talked, and what all you've done during the time you've been away from him.
Whether Platonic or romantic, you're going to get spoiled. He'll give you the world if you asked, hell he already owns the world, damn near. You'll get whatever you want when you want it, as long as you're not trying to get away from him. It's not like you could anyway.
He wants everything to go the way he has it planned out and if it doesn't, he'll get angry. Very angry. But not at you, never at you. Everyone else will have to deal with his rage and fury.
If he gets word of someone showing mistreatment towards you, they'll be taken care of. The type of punishment this person or persons get depends on the level of mistreatment. They'd have to do something pretty big, at least big for him, for Wilson to get his hands dirty. Honestly that wouldn't take much.
Wilson is very gentle towards you, regardless of his stature and strength. He'd never hurt but he'd definitely hurt anyone and everyone else around you.
Don't try to leave him though. He doesn't want to have to keep you locked up in a gilded cage, and he would if push comes to shove. He genuinely wants your company, willingly. He doesn't want to force into anything of any kind, he's a patient man.
Speaking of patients, he has enough patience to wait out any tantrums you may have. No matter what you shout and tell at him, how vile it may be, he'll wait for you to calm down before trying whatever again. He may even drug you if it came to it.
He'd definitely try to keep you away from the criminal part of his life but you'd find out one way or another. He's worried about your reaction and what it may push him to do.
He wants you to be happy and taken care of with him, no matter what relationship you have. He wants you to know just how loyal and invested he is to you. He won't let anyone or anything come between your connection, even if it may be forced.
If you're younger, he and Vaness would totally adopt you into their family. You'd be so taken care, that you wouldn't have worry about a thing. Wilson would make it his personal goal that you don't find out about any criminal activity or any bad in the world.
He would want to keep you oblivious to anything and everything. And he'd be damned if anything shatters that false narrative for him and his family.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 months ago
Heyhey! I just found your blog and I absolutely love your works! If it's not too much trouble I'd like to request some romantic headcanons for Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. Thanks anyway! Keep up the great work!
Yandere Black Cat/Felicia Hardy 
Tumblr media
Thank you! I love Black Cat so much!!!!💚💞
Felicia is downright flirty and seductive. She designed her Black Cat suit specifically to enhance her already existing assets. She knows what she has and how to use it. 
If you’re a hero, she’ll make sure to always be in the area you patrol most targeting places there just to ensure she’ll get your attention. She’ll get really annoyed if Spider-Man or another hero shows up instead of you. 
She’ll purposely try to capture you in her traps, wanting to take right then and there. Felicia can get easily jealous when it comes to you. If other heroes or criminals flirt or are just overall too close, she won’t be happy. 
She’ll go out of her way just to make that hero or criminals’ life a living hell. She’ll use her bad luck  “aura” to mess with them and fuck up their whole day, so to speak. She doesn’t like anyone taking up your attention, she likes your eyes on her 24/7. 
She’d probably try to start a genuine connection with you, but if it takes too long she may just up and seduce you or take you. She doesn’t like not knowing where you are or what you’re doing. What if someone is trying to steal you from her? What if you already have someone? 
She hates not knowing your real identity, if your a hero, cause then how would she know if you already have a lover, or even a family. She would stalk you so hard. Especially if you’re an average normal person who isn’t a hero. It’d be so much easier to watch you and get involved in your life.  
Whether you’re a civilian or hero, and she finds out you have a lover and or you have or are starting your own family, she’ll lose it. She’ll insert herself into yours’ and your lovers’ lives, using her bad luck to make something happen to your lover, Maybe your lover slipped down a set of stairs, was accidentally hit by a car, or something of the sort. 
Felicia may even make it seem like you’re cheating on your lover with her, just to break you two up. She’ll play dirty if she has to just to get what she wants and she wants you. 
I don’t honestly see Felicia ever getting her hands dirty or bloody. I think she’d really have to be pushed over the edge to actually physically hurt and take someone out. 
Once your ex-lover is out of the way, she’ll do all she can to become your new and last one. She genuinely does love you, she just wants you all to herself. She’ll use her skills in the bedroom to keeping you around is she has to. And she’s a great lover. 
She wants to have a happy and domesticated life with you. She wants to take you out to events with her, being on your arm or having your arms interlocked. She wants to show you off, letting everyone know you’re hers and she’s yours. And she wont let anyone come in between your relationship, unless they want some bad luck headed their way. 
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 months ago
Yandere Platonic!Spider-Man x Sibling!Reader
Tumblr media
Peter's known you forever, having been childhood friends, the two of you basically grew up with each other. You lived in the apartment across from Aunt May and Uncle Ben's. You're parents being pretty close with the older couple, so it was no surprise that you and Peter would become close too.
Being only a few years older than you, you'd often refer to Peter as your big brother, to which he took a sense of pride and responsibility in being. Always secretly wishing for a sibling, he jumped at the chance to be yours.
Your parents are often away on business, so you usually stay with the Parker's till they get back. Peter started taking up counting the days until they have to leave. He know's it's kind of wrong and selfish, not being able to wait for your parents to leave you, but he can't wait to have all your attention.
When you do stay over with Peter, you guys sleep in his room, like one big sleep over. Watching his collection of nerdy movies and eating junk food. Having an overall fun time together.
Spending as much time as you do with Peter, his nerdiness is bound to rub off on you. Picking up his taste in science fiction media, you two bond even more. Always talking about something science related. You've even taken up to paying more attention in your science class, raising your grades higher.
Peter will always help you with your homework. Making sure to be in depth when explaining the formula for something or talking a little slower for you to be able to understand better. He's always so patient and attentive when helping you, never getting frustrated with you, or leaving you to figure it out on your own.
Speaking of homework, you like to stick around while he does his own, listening to the much more complex equations. He'll walk you through the formulas he uses to get his answers, each and every one. He'll even give you an equation every so often for you to try to figure out on your own. He can't help but smile whenever your eyes light up, coming close to the answer. You haven't solved one of his problems yet, but with your big brother's help, you'll get there.
When the forsaken day comes and Uncle Ben dies, you're there for May and Peter. Helping out where you can. May's more put together than Peter, but you know how close he was to Ben, you both were. All you can do is just be there.
He'll put an act on of being okay for May, but he won't hide his real feelings from you. He'll cry on your shoulder and hold you close, thinking about losing you and Aunt May too. Sensing his thoughts, you hold him tight, reassuring that you and May won't go anywhere.
Not much time passed before Uncle Ben died, that Peter was bitten by the spider, gaining his enhanced abilities. He would then take up being SpiderMan. Keeping it a secret from both you and Aunt May.
You're none the wiser when Peter starts "avoiding" you, so to speak. You just think he needs time to himself, still healing from the loss of Uncle Ben. But really he's out and about as the Friendly Neighborhood SpiderMan.
You start to feel a little neglected by Peter as more time passes and he still hasn't spent a day hanging out with you like he used to or even really talked to you like he used to. You feel selfish when you catch yourself thinking like that, but it does make you sad and feel hurt. You start focusing more on school and yourself. Still seeing May and Peter every so often, but not as much.
You start excelling even more then before in your classes. You're also making more friends than you had before, having only relied on Peter to be there for you. You start drifting into your own life...... without Peter.
Peter knows he hasn't been hanging out or even really talking to you that much, but he's been so caught up in the whole SpiderMan thing, and he even took up an intern program at Stark Industries. He knows he's been busy, and it's primarily his fault for shutting you out, but damn he misses you.
It's not like he just up and ditched you to be SpiderMan, though that's what he knows it'll look like when you find out, which he doesn't even want to fathom right now. He was still keeping an eye on you. Still is even now. But he doesn't want you involved with SpiderMan. Aunt May already found out and that was a whole thing in itself. But watching you continue your life without him was a really hard pill to swallow. He doesn't even think he's fully swallowed that pill.
He always knew that you had a life outside of him but he wanted to take up most of it, being you brother and everything. He feels like he's failed you. Leaving you by yourself. You don't even come to stay with him and May anymore, when your parents leave on their monthly business trips. He feels lost as to what he should do about mending his relationship with you.
Not for one second has he not thought about you and whether you were okay. If you were taking care of yourself when you were home alone, or if you were getting yourself into trouble. Questioning whether your new friends were good influences or if they were just using you.
You have know idea how many times he'd check on you as SpiderMan, which was every hour on the dot, while he was out swinging around and kicking asses. All the times he found you passed out in front of open textbooks. Sneaking in, to put you to bed, tucking you in and kissing your forehead. Not that he'd want you to know that he's been doing that, not wanting you to freak out. Showing that he never forgot about you.
He does pluck up the courage to talk to you one day. Both of you coming out of your apartments at the same time. Making small talk, you guys start back up, talking like you always did. There was no awkwardness or animosity. And you even call him brother again. That really hits him hard, having missed you calling him brother and telling him about your day.
He's surprised to hear about all your achievements that he's missed out on. Sure May told him some of the stuff you'd been doing when you'd stop and talk with her, but hearing it from you, really made him want to drop to his knees and apologize. But he's pulled from his self-pitying thoughts, when you start saying how much you missed him and were worried about him. Ending on how glad you are that your both talking again. He's happy too, so freaking happy. You guys plan to have a Star Trek marathon like old times. And he's even more ecstatic. He can't wait!
Knowing that your guys' bond was never lost and that your mending your relationship has Peter in a good mood. Telling Mr. Stark all about it when he gets back to the lab. Spilling everything about your achievements and how much more intelligent you've become, Peter puts out the idea of you becoming a Stark Industries intern too.
Tony is apprehensive to say the least. He knows that your important to Peter, being his younger surrogate sibling, but he just doesn't know. Telling Peter he'll think about it, they carry on with their research.
When you and Peter have your Star Trek marathon, you decide it's the best time to really talk to him. Having a small therapy session before you feel like you could really put your all back into Peter. Opening up about how alone you felt when he was avoiding you and how you didn't really have anyone else to go to, but you didn't feel like you could go to him, not wanting to bother him while he went through whatever he was going through. And Peter's heart breaks little by little, after every word leaves your mouth. He'll sincerely apologize, promising that that's not what he meant to do at all.
Deciding that this was a better time than any, he spills out everything. He's telling you all about the spider bite, what he learned he could do, becoming SpiderMan, and working with Iron Man and the Avengers, just everything.
You're shocked to say the least, but you come to understand better than you would have if he had lied to you. You voice your support but also your worries. And Peter couldn't be more relieved. Feeling as if a huge weight is off his chest, he knows he can be there for you again. No more secrets and no more hiding. Now you can have your brother back.
After telling each other everything, you and Peter are even closer than before. He'll pop in on you every so often while out on patrol and if it's a slow, quiet night he'll get you two some burgers and swing you around the city. And if he comes to you hurt, you'll patch him up, not without scolding him of course. But he'll take it, trying not to laugh at how cute you look, acting like a mother hen.
When Thanos comes and the Avengers have to go fight, Peter can't say goodbye to you. Already being with Tony and Strange on the ship, he's hoping you'll be safe until he comes back. Promising to himself to help end Thanos' plan before he can cause any harm to anyone, let alone you.
Peter fights his hardest but their no match for him and the fight takes a turn. Not being able to stop the snap, Tony can only hold Peter as he and everyone else begin to fade around him. Peter clutching Tony, asks him to take care of you, before completely fading.
When Tony gets back to Earth and reunites with his family, and is back to full health, he goes to visit you. Wanting to tell you himself, about what happened.
You're dumbfounded to see Tony Stark aka Iron Man at your door. But that surprise turns to worry when you don't see Peter with him. Letting him in, you usher him to the livingroom, offering him anything before finally asking why he's there. And Tony just comes undone. Telling you everything that transpired, you're completely taken aback. Not wanting to believe him, you rush across the hall to Peter and May's. Only to be greeted with a pile of ash, when you step inside. Dropping to your knees, you cry. Crying for the lost heroes, crying for May, and....crying for your only real friend...your brother.....Crying for...Peter..
Tony holds you, comforting you, but he knows it won't do anything for the loss. He was there himself not too long ago.
After you've calmed down and have processed more of what's happened, Tony offers you an internship. Telling you it was Peter's idea. Something he wanted you to be a part of with him. Hearing that Peter wanted you to do it, made the decision all the more easier.
You start working alongside Tony in the lab when you start your first year of high school, going to the same school as Peter. You remind Tony a lot of Peter and Tony tells you stories about Peter, how they first met and what not. You both form a bond, having lost the same important person, filling a void for each other.
One day Tony comes to you with a way to bring back all the snapped victims. But it'll cost and you both know that. But you're willing to do what you have to, to bring back all the ones lost.
When he and the rest of the Avengers get all the stones and are getting ready to go fight Thanos again, you hug them, knowing what will come out of it this time 'round. Seeing them off, you wait for the final conclusion.
When Peter first comes out of one of Strange's portals, he's relieved to see the familiar face of Tony, being pulled into a tight embrace. Asking about you, Tony tells him everything you've been doing. How you even helped form the plan to get everyone back.
Peter's happy and in awe hearing your safe and okay, and even helping come up with a way to bring all the snapped people back. Getting all the more excited to see you again.
Once Peter is out in the fight, he has Karen initiate 'Instant Kill'. Mowing through all of Thanos's army, only thinking about being able to see you again.
When they do win the war, Peter is overcome with so many emotions. Sadness after losing Tony. Anger at Thanos for even starting this. Happiness at being able to see again. And relief for it all finally being over.
You wake up to a banging on your window, having locked it, you get up to see what's going on. When you get your bearings your greeted with the sight of Peter at your window, desperately trying to get your attention to let him in. Running for the window, your quick to flip the switches, unlocking it.
Peter clumsily crawls through the window, rushing to embrace you. Hearing your heart beating in his ears, holding you tight, Peter finally breaks down.
As you try your best to calm and comfort him, he can only think about how he'll keep you safe now. Not wanting anything to happen to you. Not wanting to be away from you again. Peter doesn't think he'd be able to survive something like that again.
"I missed you so much, Y/n. I'll never leave you again, I promise. Your big brother won't leave you ever again."
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anxiousnerdwritings · 10 months ago
Headcanons for Yandere Peter Parker falling in love with reader who is a famous singer?
Yandere Peter Parker x Famous Singer Reader  
Tumblr media
Hope this is what you were looking for. Thank you for your request. 
Peter would probably become obsessed with you through your music be fore actually knowing or seeing you. He probably found your music while searching for a playlist to listen to while studying or trying to sleep after a long night of patrol, and your song just stuck out to him. 
He just couldn’t get that song out of his head. He was listening to it on loop for god knows how long before he actually went to look you up. And he’s surprised to see just how many of your songs he’d heard before but just never knew they were from the same artist, your music being pretty diverse. 
After he’d found your music, he downloaded all of your albums and teasers. He just became addicted to your voice and the raw emotion in it as you’d sing. 
Your songs take up most of, if not all of his music library. You’re all he’ll listen to anymore. Whether it’s sad, alternative, indie, rock, whatever concept you have going on, he loves it. He’ll by all your merch whenever he has money to spend. 
He’ll own posters, shirts, hoodies, stickers, socks, hats, whatever you have he’ll get. He 100% follows any and all social media. Always checking for updates on tour dates, new merch designs, teasers, album releases, and everything else. 
He’d be one of those fans who will look real close at your music videos, watching frame by frame, keeping an eye out for secrets and hidden meanings or messages. Is your 1# fan!!! He’ll throw hands and fight whoever thinks otherwise. 
No doubt that Mr. Stark will buy him your merch and tickets to your live shows. He’s a proud father figure willing to enable his spiderling’s obsession, though he doesn’t know how deep that obsession goes. Or maybe he does and just doesn’t care enough to stop it. Peter is happy and excited, that’s all that matters to him. 
Stated before, Tony will buy him tickets to your concerts and live shows, getting backstage passes. Hell, Tony will even have pay you to play at events, inviting Peter. 
It’s either doing that or during a backstage visit, where you actually formally meet Peter. And you think he’s adorable. He shyly says he’s your biggest fan and you don’t doubt that. He’s come to so many shows, and is always in the front row that you come to recognize his face. You thank him for being such a big supporter and loyal fan, and he’s so in awe by you. It’s you, he should be thanking. He’s become so dependent on your music that he can’t sleep unless it’s playing. He can’t concentrate if he isn’t listening to your voice in some way.  
He has even taken up listening to any podcasts you do, whether they’re your own or you’re a guest on another person’s podcast. Though he does get annoyed when someone else, other than you is talking. 
If you’re involved in a dating rumor or you’re publicly in a relationship, Peter would be so heartbroken. He wouldn’t stop supporting, he never would, but he would need to take while to even comprehend you in any sort of relationship. He’ll chalk it up to it all being just a rumor or that you’re dating them to promote your album, or it’s all for publicity. Either way, he won’t take it as the truth even if it is real and genuine. 
Peter totally stalks you as Spider-Man. Using his hero persona to get even closer to you. He’ll stick himself to the outside of your window and watch you, whether you’re doing aimless mundane things, warming up your vocals, writing a new song, and or changing. 
Peter’s a total pervert, there’s no doubt about it. He’ll sneak in while you’re sleeping and steal some of your clothes, ones you’ve probably already worn, especially if you wore them that day. He’ll also steal your perfume and totally sniffs it when he needs his “fix”. I can see him spraying your perfume on himself or on something else and just going to town. (But I’ll save that imagery for another time.) Overall he’s just a big pervert towards you. 
If you do have a lover, rumored or publicly, Spider-Man won’t be there to save them from their fate, whenever that may be. Spider-Man may even guide them to danger. But who would believe that? Your good ol’ friendly neighborhood Spider=man would never do such a thing. He’s a hero for god’s sake. At least that’s what everyone else believes. Spider-Man’s even saved you before. 
You had been kidnapped from one of your concerts, taken to be held for ransom. And Spider-Man had found you in only under an hour of being taken. You were so grateful and thankful toward him. Voicing your thanks all the while he swung you around the city, back to your management. 
Color him surprised when Peter checked your social media only a few days later, just to see you had written a song for Spider-man. You wrote a song for him? A sOnG fOr HiM!?!?!? 
He’s so happy, giddy over it. You bet your sweet cheeks, he’s gonna listen to that song while he’s out on patrol, especially when it’s a quieter night. 
Maybe one day he’ll actually show himself to you, but for now he’ll stick to just watching and staying a loyal fan.  
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yandere-characters · 11 months ago
From your most recent reblog with the 50 Yandere starters, May I ask for 41 with Peter Parker? (Not sure if I’m doing this right since I’m brand new to tumblr)
Peter Parker is baby, so I apologise if my representation if him isn't good - he's a precious boy :')
(Everyone's 18+ FYI)
41. "Why are you crying? Aren't you happy to be with me?"
Tumblr media
"Why are you crying? Aren't you happy to be with me?" Peter's features mirrored your own, cheeks puffy and eyes red and watered. His tone was so genuine, so full of confused distress that you couldn't help the choked sob that passed your swollen lips. You shuffled away from the man, only for him to follow after you, arms out to try and pull you into a hug.
With your arms wrapped around your thighs, you protected your face by burying it into your knees, essentially curling up in as small as a ball as possible. Your actions left Peter confused as he pulled your body close to his and rest his head on top of yours. His bottom lip trembled as his hold around you tightened. "Aren't you happy? I took you away from that bad place?"
God, you wanted to hate him. You wanted to scream and shout and hurt him. But you couldn't, he was far too... Soft. He was fragile like you, and confused. He must have been very confused to think you would be happy with being kidnapped. If you insulted him or tried to hit him, he would breakdown into tears until you hesitantly comforted him. And you could tell it wasn't some manipulation tactic - Peter genuinely loved you and didn't understand why you didn't love him back. It was what he wanted, it was all he wanted.
"We're gonna be so happy together." He whispered at the realisation you had finally stopped crying. He sighed and ran a hand through your hair, causing you to shudder. He let out a sad little laugh, pulling you onto his lap with ease.
You sniffled, finally pulling the courage to look up at him and your lips contorted into a shaky smile. With no other option, you had no choice but to agree with him.
"We will, Peter." You murmured and, for a moment, the sudden submission was almost worth it to see the way his eyes lit up in joy. Almost worth it.
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fandomsearchengine · a year ago
welcome to my chambers
heyo, mod G here!
I am glad to finally open my multifandom blog, where I take requests/and or submissions for reader inserts, imagines, and more! Writing for fandom related stuff has always been my passion, and finally being able to breathe and post what I like is a stress reliever and I can’t wait to start posting! 
- I DON’T DO NSFW. I’m sorry, but I don’t. 
- I don’t do match ups.
-I take AU’s as well
-NO OC shipping. I’m fair to everyone.
-One AU at a time, please. I will be doing aus, yes, but please do not put so many into one request. It gets confusing! 
-Please, please, PLEASE remember to be specific on what you want for your imagine. The more descriptive, the better.
-I’m very open to constructive criticism! If one of my imagines seems a bit off, please don’t feel scared to give me some criticism! (Please message via PM!)
-I also do headcanons, fics, etc!
-Want a specific character? Please list them in the request!
-I am VERY open to lgbtq+ readers! Want a certain sexuality/gender/etc. Reader? go for it! Ask!
Listed below are the fandoms I write for!
-Attack On Titian/Shingeki No Kyojin
-Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
-Assassin’s Creed
-TWDG/The Walking Dead Video Game
-Kingdom Hearts
-Tokyo Ghoul
-Steven Universe
-Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood as well
-Devil May Cry
-The Witcher (Game Series/AND Netflix Adaption)
-Resident Evil
-Legend Of Zelda
-Fire Emblem
-Free! Iwatobi
-Sally Face
-Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
-Harry Potter
-Gravity Falls
-Youtubers/Youtuber community
-Stardew Valley
-Big Hero 6
-Yandere Simulator
-Misao/Mad Father/Witch’s House/etc.
-Adventure Time
(more to come as i get more obsessed lollll)
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inscribeddiatribes · a year ago
What You Do To Me
Tumblr media
Summary: You recently moved to New York and immediately acquired yourself a secret admirer. However, things start to take a turn for the worst.
A/N: I stumbled upon a Yandere style song and was immediately intrigued, so here we are! Inspired by the songs “Hey There Delilah” and Ale Madsen’s video, “Singing Hey There Delilah in the tune of Jolene”.
Only 18+ readers
Peter is 18+ in this fic
Warnings: Dark themes, non-con, stalking. NONE of the violent or invasive acts depicted in this work should be done or encouraged in real life. I don’t personally condone or support Yandere/dark behavior in real life — it’s not normal and shouldn’t be tolerated.
You quickly became known as the new kid at school after you first arrived on Monday. You hadn’t managed to make any friends in your classes, but while searching for a seat at lunch an overeager boy invited you to sit with him and his friends. The boy quickly blurted out that his name was Ned after his invitation.
You agreed simply because you doubted you would make any other friends. The girl muttered to call her MJ as you settled in your seat. You were too focused on MJ’s comment to notice another boy with a tray sit by Ned. You glanced up at him and were met with a stare.
You figured he wasn’t going to say anything so you decided to take initiative. “Hi, I’m Y/N. I just moved here. Ned invited me.” He continued staring. Ned nudged him and he seemed to snap out of it. He quickly nodded and proceeded to eat.
Noticing the awkwardness, Ned butted in and stated, “Uh, this is Peter. He’s... shy around new people”. MJ snorted and closed her book. Ned questioned you about your classes and you spent the rest of your lunch swapping comments about your teachers with him and MJ.
A letter first appeared at your doorstep a couple of days later. Curiosity immediately got the best of you causing you to eagerly tear into the letter.
Hey there, Y/N
What's it like in New York City? Tonight you look so pretty. Yes, you do. Times Square can't shine as bright as you. I swear it's true. I'm right there if you get lonely. Give this letter another look. Open your eyes. Look at my words, it's my disguise. I'm by your side.
You stepped outside of your door and peaked around in hopes of getting a glance of the person who left the letter. Seeing no one, you stepped back inside and locked the door. Not knowing whether to be alarmed or flattered you tossed the letter on your table and went to sit down.
The mystery writer clearly knew your name, what you had on, and that you recently moved to New York. Worry courses through you as you realize that you‘re going to be in your home alone for over a week while your family was packing everything up at your old house. Gnawing on your lip, you decided to worry about this tomorrow in order to get enough sleep for school.
Still slightly freaked out, yet oddly flattered, you found yourself telling MJ about the letter. MJ raised a brow, “Seems kind of creepy”.
Peter quickly raised his head up from his tray and defended the mystery writer, “I find it cute. The person obviously seems to have good intentions”. You found yourself slightly agreeing with him. There was somewhat of an element of romanticism to the letter, but the mystery writer’s knowledge about you gave you the creeps.
After you arrived home, you noticed another letter while you were unlocking your door. Whipping around you scanned the hallway looking for any signs of life, only to be met with the soft hum of the air conditioner from inside your house. Snatching the letter up, you quickly slammed the door and locked it. Ripping open the letter, your eyes widened as you read the contents.
If every simple letter I wrote to you would take your breath away, I'd write it all. Even more in love with me, you'd fall. We'd have it all.
Silently beginning to panic you decided that you needed some air. Feeling tears start to fall, you quickly went to your window and opened it. After sitting down, you let the breeze calm you. You closed your eyes and decided take a short nap.
You were woken up by a shuffling noise. All of the lights in your house were turned off which alarmed you because you were certain you didn’t turn any of them off before you fell asleep. You quietly walked to the door in hopes of leaving the house while whoever was inside was occupied. As the door slides open, someone presses into you.
The beginning of a scream almost tears through you, but a hand clamps your mouth shut. A wave of shock makes you freeze, but then you remember that your arms aren’t bound. Attempting to hit your intruder, you find a sticky substance being sprayed upon your hands and legs.
The intruder drags you to the floor and lays you in his lap. You hear the intruder whisper to you, “Y/N, I can promise you that by the time we get through, the world will never ever be the same. We can do whatever we want to.”
Your eyes widen as you realize who the voice belonged to and you almost gasp in shock. It all made sense. Peter, the boy who spent all lunch awkwardly staring at you, had been the one writing the letters and was now going to do God knows what with you.
You soon felt Peter stand and pull you up. Peter starts dragging you to the window and tears start flowing down your face as you realize that he’s going to kidnap you.
Peter sighs and utters one last sentence before he pulls you through the window, “Oh, what you do to me.”
I don’t own these characters, songs, or lyrics, nor did I create any of them. This work is strictly for fair use/ entertainment purposes. No money has been received from this work.
Check out my masterlist, you might find something you like! Reblogs are welcome! Follow for more :)
Want to be added to my taglist? Send me an ask, or add your username using my form!
Taglist Form
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