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lapdancesqueen · a day ago
Ohmygod so this is how you do this
User leaves tumblr out of embarrassment.
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muzzleroars · 2 days ago
So I just figured out that Satanael is literally a hunky punk. (Basically a gargoyle without the functionality of preventing water damage to the structure of the building.) Lol.
ok number one i am in LOVE with the name “hunky punk” so thank u for telling me that and second, absolutely. satanael is not here to do any work, he is only here to literally be a giant hunky punk.
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muzzleroars · 2 days ago
Love how you have stopped denying yaldabaoth on your display name(?) Good for you
sdkfjsdf IT JUST DIDN’T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE LIKE WHO WAS I KIDDING....had to stop denying yaldabaoth and replace that with a hal 9000 pun based on his name
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marsbarsarts · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
— 07.05.2021 — linked, almost.
[ yes, they are the fanciest goo on the block, sorry not sorry. ]
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muzzleroars · 6 days ago
I was about to say 'it's yaldabaoth defense hour with cake again' but let's be honest it's always yaldabaoth defense hours with cake 😂
sdfhsjdfDFKGHDF HONESTLY IT’S A BRAND....i have absolutely no idea how y’all put up with this circus but thank you all for coming and listening to me lose it for a literal hour!!!
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muzzleroars · 6 days ago
i'm not as big as a yaldy stan as you, but those threads still managed to piss me off. came out of no where??? cmon now it's foreshadowed throughout the whole game and ties directly into the themes of the game. if a first time persona player managed to follow along just fine then surely you could too. oh and don't even get me started on the "hburr durr another jrpg god boss woo". and?? what of it?? i thought it was a great finish to an already good game. i know not every storyline needs a showy climactic final boss but.... yaldy felt natural? it didn't feel out of place at all? given the forces that the thieves were messing with, it's only natural that the Literal Representation Of Humanity's wishes/cognition/whatever would challenge them.
FOR REAL THO....i understand that someone’s reaction to the reveal is subjective, but you really CAN’T effectively argue it was out of nowhere - it’s hinted at throughout his time as igor and it’s pretty great that, in this game about never trusting authority, the magical guide turns on you. and YEA that god final boss one just gets me!! fr even throwing out everything i said to just look at it objectively and what happens in a literal sense - game bosses are about escalation and in p5, there’s a definite escalation in both power and authority. so really, who could be more powerful and have more authority than the next prime minister of the country? god. like. god actually is a natural progression in this case as a representation of authority figures and with how important mementos has been, with how it was set up that a giant reveal was definitely going to happen in its depths, how could anyone think shido was the final boss??? that would have left a major loose end as mementos has been seriously built up by morgana and the periodic visits throughout the plot. so they HAD to have a villain more powerful than the prime minister and so tbh god is a good choice, esp like you mentioned a god that was made by the public. all of these elements are present throughout p5, the set up is entirely there, yet people ignore ig bc they...don’t like yaldabaoth? they didn’t really notice these plot points? idk!!! but i’m glad you get it bc it’s two very weird, very easily argued criticisms that just can’t hold up if you pay attention to the game djfghdfg
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muzzleroars · 6 days ago
Was it you who said the Fool confidant should have been Yaldy from the beginning?
PROBABLY,,,,my argument with the fool confidant is that it’s yaldy all along and that it makes no sense to shift it to igor after the reveal. akira collaborates with and grows closer to yaldabaoth, not igor, throughout the story, and the final rank of the fool confidant is fully as yaldabaoth. like i could partially understand the argument that perhaps yal so effectively played the role of igor that maybe they would be interchangeable to akira in a sense but 1. that doesn’t take into account that igor himself didn’t have any of these experiences and so is not bonded on his end to akira in the same way and 2. max rank is post-evil reveal, that’s entirely yaldabaoth’s personality and how does that shift over to igor? i really wish that instead of “keeping” it as igor, the confidant menu would have switched to yaldabaoth (which i....drew here.......) as that really is who the bond is with, especially as it concludes before igor is even let out. but they just didn’t have the courage smh
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wisteriashouse · 7 days ago
after seeing mugen train my brain is empty,,, except for kyojurou 😭 i want to hug him for an eternity
brain empty no thoughts only kyojuro 😭
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lostwithoutamind · 7 days ago
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m0e-ru · 8 days ago
as someone with a self proclaimed degree in p4 izanamiology I sincerely apologize to literally all you gamers who have tried to ask me about my thoughts, for my brain immediately malfunctions and nothing comes out while I stand there in front of you a disappointment right after asking for u ppl to talk to me LMAO
the visualive ask was impeccable timing bc I was really really raring to go that very moment I saw it so. im sorry if it looks like I'm playing favorites GAHAHA it's the squirrel brain that dictates my ways
you can.... still hmu I guess 🐿 I'm just not so good w being socially active but I try !! 🐁 leave it in my inbox as some kind of checklist for me probably. maybe I'll get to u in three-infinity business days gbsgbsgb
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muzzleroars · 10 days ago
Hehehe i just had a funny thought so every thief after Ann if you fused him wouldn’t know arsene is jokers first persona and come the fight with yaldi when arsene pops out all of the thief’s are going “What is that I’ve never seen it before, jokers never shown that persona before where did it come from?” Heheh I’m just picturing there faces and it’s making me giggle
omg for real tho!!!! like what if all the thieves after the original team have,,,,no idea that akira has a personal persona, like they just assume his role as the wild card means he instead only has a rotating door, a sort of trade off. bc i could honestly see that being skipped over as it’s not something that would come up and it’s really not that important for them to know he had arsene. so then he summons him at the final confrontation, breaking his chains and evolving him to his ultimate form as satanael, all the thieves too dazzled and amazed to say anything in the moment...but then afterward, half of them are like “akira...YOU HAVE A PERSONA?? WHO IS ARSENE????” and then he has to have the embarrassing moment realizing he NEVER TOLD THEM.....
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muzzleroars · 10 days ago
I can't help but imagine Navigator Yaldabaoth in the Satanael AU, and them having to work together to defeat EMMA. That would be very awkward for both of them. (Also, perhaps Joker's background/life with his father would be explored as they traversed the Jails.)
HONESTLY...that’s not too far from my strikers au in general djfghdf i think akira would be so hit with emotional whiplash, considering the fact that he believed he was going to have to move on without resolving anything with his father and then...he just shows up again, revived because the metaverse has been. it sets him on edge but he also knows what’s going on isn’t yaldabaoth’s doing - he can feel how weakened he is in his new state and he certainly doesn’t have the capacity to rule the metaverse as he once did. still, it says nothing of his intentions if they work together, yet akira knows what an asset he could be and really, he needs to allow himself to be selfish in this instance. i think for a little while akira wouldn’t broach the subject and yaldabaoth would stay quiet, unsure of akira knows his own past by now or not, but one night akira would enter the metaverse on his own to confront his father. he would confirm he’s now aware of his identity, that he has scrambled and confused memories of a life he lived for so long before, and that he needs to start understanding himself, his father, and their relationship if he’s ever going to move on properly. this first step into their ongoing discussions is pretty subdued, akira merely stating facts and what he wants, but as the journey goes on, things become increasingly charged.
i’ve ESPECIALLY thought about them in context of akane’s jail, where the whole conflict is centered on the parent realizing how wrong they are through the pain they’ve caused their child. as they’ve gone through the jails, yaldabaoth has grown softer toward human beings, to their flaws and to what their true wishes are, and he ultimately admits that what he’s done to akira was wrong as his own child. he would confess to him that he did what he did because in akira’s past life, their relationship had so soured that yaldabaoth hoped him being made human would be fortuitous - they could start over and perhaps akira would be on his side again. when akira, however, once more opposed him, he responded in absolute condemnation as he believed himself to be right and that the child was ungrateful and, by extension, evil. however, he’s learned how messy, how contradictory and temporal human desire is, how humans can lose sight of their purpose and their dreams, of what they truly treasure, due to their pain and trauma. akira, and so satanael, was always right about them - they want autonomy. humans can be tricked, they can think differently when they’re suffering and they can ask for the wrong thing just to stop their pain, but akira was fighting for them in truth, as complicated, multi-faceted beings that yaldabaoth so often belittled and overrode.
this admission is when they truly begin to heal, although their relationship is still so damaged they both doubt it could ever be entirely repaired. still, at the end of their journey, yaldabaoth would offer akira a place with him in the metaverse if he wished to stay...and akira has to pause for a moment in consideration. his human life has been so messed up ever since he recovered his identity, like he doesn’t belong and he never will. but ultimately he returns with his friends as the metaverse closes behind him - he and his father reached their understanding and with closure, akira believes he can live happily again in the real world. after all, through their time together, he realized he isn’t really a demon or god or whatever anymore either - he’s forever part human and his happiness lies with the thieves in their world, not with his father in the one he was ripped from.
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marsbarsarts · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— 08.04.2021 — kill your dread.
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ttoya · 13 days ago
the whole royalist agenda is so fucking weird like ppl were getting mad at meghan and harry for “betraying” the royal family in that oprah interview like. what do you get out of this
hii anon!!
exactly!! honestly im so so glad that harry and meghan left before things got even worse, that was the best choice they’ve made.
the roy//al family is full of shit. like... the fact that people genuinely doubt that they are racists is so weird to me like?? do yall not remember their past??
also, im like 100% sure that diana was killed/murdered by them. they needed her gone so thats what they did (rip diana, she was truly an angel who deserved way better).
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marsbarsarts · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
— 27.03.2021 — relax, buddy.
[ lovely motherfucker 💖 ]
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marsbarsarts · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— 14.03.2021 — body horror.
[ wow, I haven’t been posting here for too long, I completely forgot to keep this blog up to date with my drawing progress. I’ll make up now. ]
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arumiee · 16 days ago
okok so i have to take another exam for school to try and like really secure my spot in the nursing program so i'm probably gonna be like in and out of here until like may 7th? so if i'm not here i'm like outlining and writing more stuff for here !! also! genshin update 1.5 is coming out and i gotta go farm for stuff ya know???
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