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no-suggestions · 6 hours ago
Wow, so there is officially a maladaptive daydreamers community on here, and I'm glad I'm not alone. For a few minutes, this blog almost became dedicated to it. However I can't bring myself to share. It would be the equivalent of letting someone wear my underwear to me, or something.
To be honest I wouldn't be a good addition anyways. I struggle to stay on here for longer than 15 minutes at a time because maladapting is just better. But I am so happy to see y'all, hello! You are people who get it, and that's a genuine comfort.
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maroons-library-of-stuff · 12 hours ago
Robots Don't Go To Parties
(The start of a sci-fi robot love story at a whopping 1266 words that nobody asked for but that y'all are going to get :D)
Robots didn't go to parties. That's how it had been for a long time. However, there 023 was, in a setting that was unusual and uncomfortable to them. Their “real name” was 0237849, but they weren't going to talk to anyone. There would be no need for clarification and no need for a forecast report.
Robots made three thousand years after the start of AI had become very different. They could eat, “sleep”, and feel in various ways depending on who made them. 023 was created by a company centered around solar power and the weather, causing their group to become artificially nocturnal. This group of bots became “The Asteroid Faction”.
Due to the advancement of technology, it only took 12 hours of charging for these bots to stay awake for 2 days. Even so, their sensitivity to weather and vibrations could be bothersome at times, resulting in some more reclusive personalities. They knew about the current weather and could predict future weather. With help from special sensors that detected anything from fault shifts to humidity, they had 90% accuracy that was only going to get better with time. They also had naturally good balance and vision from their sensors. In addition, the bots could take care of and even possibly prevent disasters as big as falling asteroids, hence their group’s name: The Asteroid Faction.
There were many different groups of robots, made by both humans and robots themselves. At the moment, 023 only knew of the most famous ones, including the Glow Faction and the Star Faction. They couldn't bring themself to care much about the factions anyway.
At the moment, they were hiding under a table with some water in a plastic cup. They could hear humans and robots having the time of their lives, dancing and consuming various edible items. While humans and bots bonded better with their own kind, they could certainly party together and befriend each other.
023 found this surprising considering the biggest war between machines and humans was only 500 years ago. Robots had very long life spans and memories compared to humans after all. Or, that’s what they thought since they were only twenty years old. In fact, the first and only other party they had gone to was twenty years ago after they were brought to life.
023 had about half of their drink left and decided that they would depart after it ran dry. It was surprising how long they had gone unnoticed considering the table cloth didn’t even reach the floor.
“Well, what are you doing down there?” a stranger joked cheerily, sitting down on the floor.
They jinxed it. Why did they have to jinx it?
“I suppose you could call it camouflage,” 023 said bluntly.
“You’re right! I found you though, so it doesn’t count!”
“Animals such as octopuses and chameleons could be spotted by the human eye thousands of years ago. And you are the sole person who spotted me.”
The brightly colored robot laughed loudly. 023 made a face.
“You take things too seriously! What’s the name of such a serious guy?”
“023. Or 0237849 if that may confuse you.”
“First of all, that’s so cool! I’m a 02379 so we’re not too far off from each other! Second of all, you don’t have a name?”
“023 suffices.”
“But you have to have a name! Gives you more humanity, you know! My name is Spoon!”
023 tuned “Spoon” out as the odd fellow went on a long tangent. They wondered how the name contributed to one’s humanity. Especially when said person isn’t a human in the first place.
After a little while, Spoon remarked, “We should give you a name!”
The other robot sighed, “I told you: 023 suffices.”
“Come on! How about ‘Chad’ or ... ‘Karen’!”
023 glared at Spoon as they erupted into even noisier laughter.
“Humans with those names were notorious for their foolish behavior in the early 2000s.”
“Okay, okay! Then what do you want to be called?”
023’s glare turned into a curious frown. They had never been asked anything like that. Or asked anything at all that wasn’t about the weather. Their curiosity spread to Spoon, who had started waving in their face. 023 grimaced.
“...What are you doing?”
“Humans use it to get people’s attention! You kinda spaced out there.”
“Am I right to assume that you were made and raised by humans?”
Spoon shook their head with a smile.
“Nope! Just robots!”
“Oh. Well then.”
It was silent for a bit.
“So what do you want to be called? I just gotta know!” Spoon blurted out.
023 rolled their eyes before searching their database. With careful decision, they selected something and put it into their profile.
“...I suppose you can call me Ceres.”
“That’s an asteroid, right? Oh, that’s so funny!”
“Why so?”
“You’re part of the Asteroid Faction!”
Ceres looked more surprised than before. Spoon just simply smiled.
“You are correct. Although, I’m afraid I do not know your faction. I am...less social to say the least.”
“No worries! I am part of the Glow Faction!”
A peppy song began to play and Spoon lost their focus. There were stars and excitement in their eyes. Ceres could not see why, but found it amusing if not only slightly admirable.
“We should go dance! Now get out from under that table!!!”
Before Ceres could say a word, they were dragged out of their hiding place. In the process, they hit their head and grumbled, attempting to escape with no luck. Spoon laughed sheepishly and apologized before continuing, twirling and dancing happily. Ceres stood there clueless. Spoon grabbed their hand and swayed them around the dance floor. Their dance partner stared in awe and intrigue, letting go of their doubts for once. Ceres’s sensors were infinitely new to the feeling of dancing. And perhaps the feeling of someone’s hand in their own.
“You look nervous, dear,” Spoon whispered, “Are you okay?”
Ceres blushed, absolutely speechless. They opened their mouth to speak to no avail and stumbled a bit before rushing off the dance floor. Spoon followed gently after. Ceres sounded like they had just run a marathon.
“That was a pleasant kind of horrible and absolutely horrifying.”
“I’m so sorry! I didn't mean to overwhelm you! Why don’t we sit down for a bit? Are you feeling sick or anything?”
“I’m...fine. I probably needed to experience that anyway. Speaking of which, I should probably be going.”
“I understand. Sorry again! I hope I didn’t get on your nerves too much.”
“It’s alright. You aren’t half bad.”
Ceres did not intend for that to come out so softly. Spoon let out a small laugh and scribbled on a small hologram: “5/24/50XX. ‘Spoon’ 0237903 of the Glow Faction” it read. They transferred it to Ceres’s system. Were they blushing too? It wouldn’t surprise Ceres if they were seeing things after the previous experience.
“Oh, right! You can find me in the database to communicate!” Spoon finally said, “I will also be going to another party in about a month if you’d like to give it another try.”
“...I’ll consider it.”
It was silent for a while before Spoon hesitantly waved.
“Well, uh, see ya, Ceres! Don’t be a stranger!”
Ceres waved back, almost shyly.
“Goodbye, Spoon.”
Ceres walked out of the building without much attention drawn to them. As they neared their house, they looked at the date on the hologram that was sent them. Perhaps they would go to one more party, they thought. For research purposes, of course.
For research purposes.
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benmitchellhighway · 13 hours ago
SPOILER WARNING: If y'all haven't watched the episode yet and want to enjoy first the wedding episode of our boys, then please do scroll as fast as you can.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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antihongseok-network · 14 hours ago
milk anon back. ur reply was informative. returning as pizza anon. thoughts on pizza? what's ur go to order? how abt pineapple on pizza? other than pineapple, what's ur least favorite topping? fave topping? thin crust or thick crust? do u like when crusts are fancy like they're filled with cheese or are all buttered nd stuff? have u tried deep dish? do u dip ur pizza into sauces (like. some ppl dip it in ranch)? what was the best pizza u have ever had? i hope u actually like pizza for this ask to be fun lol
My go to order changes depending on where i go really, sometimes a meat feast, sometimes a 4 cheese, sometimes a spicy one, if im in a proper italian place i tend to get soemthing new to try it out. personally pineapple on pizza isnt for me but if you want to eat it i wont say anything. least favourite topping um...olives probably...or sweetcorn (which absolutely doesnt belong on a pizza). but as far as things i generally like, and should work on a pizza, that i just am not a fan of i'd probably go peppers, the release too much water and then the peppers soft and the bit of the pizza around the peppers soggy and i dont know if i have a favourite topping...i do like having feta as an additional cheese though, that can really elevate a pizza. as for base, thin, like super thin and a little crispy but not crunchy. i wont say no to stffed crust if its being offered, but i prefer the really thin crustless pizzas so it doesnt really matter most of the time. i have not tried a proper deep dish as i have seen online, ive eaten a british "deep dish" pizza which is just a slightly thick pizza. if its a proper pizza, then no sauce, maybe some garlic/chilli oil drizzled atop. but if its just a frozen pizza then i might dip the crusts in a bit of mayo or ketchup just cause theyre dry. the best pizza i ever had was in some italian restaurant up north and it was just a plain pizza, i think maybe 2 types of cheese and some basil, but it was actually perfect.
can y'all send some asks that are like “thoughts on ______”
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just-a-glittery-fan · 22 hours ago
People who get genuinely pressed about spn additions to posts are like... hilarious to watch. Obviously, not talking to people who will self-reblog with memes about being annoyed (they have the right to feel annoyed) or "why are spn blogs rebbloging this ughhh", but there are people who genuinely think we have no right to do that. For real, I just saw someone all but acuse spn fans of all but single-handedly causing OP's family trauma or whatever. This is insane😭
Even if you ignore the proportions spn fandom has taken, you know tumblr is filled to the brim with fandoms, right? Most of the trending tags here are fandom related. That's what a huge portion of the people are here for. If you meme a fucking shitpost, something utterly non-specific and kinda funny with about two lines of words in it, people can associate that with whatever they want. And yes, they are allowed to share their thoughts about it, including the ones that are fandom-related. If y'all wanna tag a post of mine as... idk riverdale or station 19, I don't give a single fuck. You have the right to do that, especially on such a fandom focused place like tumblr.
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Y'all I was doing research for my Ace Attorney fanfic on which were the first places to legalise gay marriage because my story is set in the 2000s and I wanted to make sure it was accurate.
I also remembered that a lot of BL/GL anime of the time period used "marriage in San Francisco" as a plot point (like how "divorce in Reno" was in ye olde Hollywood), because San Francisco was one of the first places to issue same-sex marriage licenses in the USA. Massachusetts luckily legalised gay marriage in May of 2004, a little bit after San Francisco did. But for some reason the San Francisco one was better known internationally. So I wanted to see if that was actually accurate and googled it...
Found the Wikipedia article and came across this:
The San Francisco 2004 same-sex weddings took place between February 12 and March 11, 2004, after San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom directed the city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. California Attorney General Bill Lockyer and a number of interest groups sued to end the practice. About 4,000 such licenses were issued before the California Supreme Court ordered a halt to the practice on March 11. On August 12, 2004, the California Supreme Court voided all of the licenses that had been issued in February and March.
For additional context San Francisco City Hall looked like THIS for those two months, there were queues going on for miles. And it wouldn't be implausible if foreign LGBT couples came to America to marry upon hearing the news. In fact, such a thing STILL happens even to this day:
Tumblr media
Imagine finally being able to get married after YEARS of persecution, waiting in mile long queues to get your license, maybe you and your spouse even flew thousands of miles to do this... only for said license to be rendered null and void in six months, out of the blue... all because of political lobbying. 4000 marriage certificates... rendered about as good as toilet paper. In the span of six months. 4000 people's hopes... dashed.
I would have been too young and living too far away to know about this when it happened. But older LGBT people living in the area may be able to actually attest to it, maybe they were even one of the 4000 people affected. And actually, I'm wondering if perhaps the numbers were downplayed.
This... still haunts me. The fact that you could have your marriage license taken away like that... legitimately horrifying.
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dangerdolns · a day ago
hopelessly devoted | s.s. - pt. 1
Pairing : Sebastian Stan x reader
Summary : When Y/N Brighton finds herself suddenly married to a strange older man, she thinks her life is completely derailed. Wha happens when she starts to get close to him?
Warnings : slow burn, age gap, fluff, a tad bit of angst, a little injury but not much Word Count : 3.6k
Notes : I'm sorry it took so long for me to get this out! I hope y'all like it! I rewrote it twice just so I could get it as perfect as I could. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated! I didn't expect to be writing a Part 2 BUT it should be up very soon :)
Also let me know if you want to be added to the taglist!
here's what I listened to while I wrote :)
As a young child, Y/N Brighton had imagined that she would have the most lavish of weddings. She had imagined walking down the aisle in the arms of her father, smiling at relatives as they watched her join her husband to be. She had hoped for a grand exchange of vows with him, ones that would leave the crowd in tears. She had even hoped for a choir to sing her in and hoped for petals to be showered on her and her beau as they left the chapel for their extravagant and much needed honeymoon. What she hadn’t imagined was this.
Y/N slowly walked down the aisle, with no one by her side. The chapel she was in was dark and the seats, instead of being filled with family, stood empty. There were no flowers in sight and the mood in the room was of sadness and melancholy. Her hands were clasped around nothing, a bouquet she had desired being absent. She quietly stood still in front of the man she was to marry, seeing but a stranger and not someone she had grown to love.
Viscount Brighton was a man of many flaws, just as any other human being. He loved to drink, he loved to smoke but most of all he loved to gamble. Many times he had won money, bringing it home to spend on his daughter and wife but many more times, he had lost and come home significantly more empty handed than he had been when he left. Viscountess Brighton had found herself one night, sitting in the seat of her husband’s desk. It felt as if smoke was steaming out of her ears as frustration built up inside of her. In front of her, there were piles of paper and in her hands she clutched the newest additions of the pile. There were bills upon bills upon bills, her eyes nearly popping out of her head as she added up the amount of money that her husband owed. What they had left in their accounts was almost nothing. Even the dowry belonging to their only daughter was gone.
She pressed the heels of her hands into her eyes, as if to stop the tears from flowing out.
“What have you done?” She seethed at her husband, who stood guilt ridden at the door of his own office.
“No w-worries dearest,” he began. “We can always sell a few things and we’ll be fine!” If looks could kill, the poor man would have been 6 feet deep in the ground.
“With the amount of money we have due, we’ll have to sell the house and everything in it!” The viscountess cried. Shaking her head, she dropped the pieces of paper on the desk and stormed out.
“How could you?” She asked once they were laying in bed. The lights were blown out as they both lay with their backs to the other. He could not answer her question. How could he? That’s the thing, he didn’t. He clutched onto the sheets of the bed as tears threatened to spill from his eyes, the guilt was beginning to feel heavy on his chest. He prayed for a miracle, he prayed for someone to come pull them out of the hole he had pushed his family into.
Y/N didn’t really know why there had been visits from a stranger to her house. She had been introduced to him briefly. His eyes were electric blue and he had a beard that was full but not too big or fluffy. His hair was a beautiful shade of brown and was always brushed to perfection. He always gave her tight lipped smiles and there was an eery feeling of pity behind each one. She couldn't help but feel attracted to him, despite him being almost the same age as her father. It was a little innocent crush. It didn’t really mean anything.
Lord Sebastian Stan was in search of a wife. He was the most eligible bachelor on the market, though he was quite older than most of the girls in age of marriage. He had never really planned to marry. He had gotten close many times but had never found the right woman to fill the seemingly gaping hole in his heart. If it hadn’t been for a trip to his native Romania, he wouldn’t have bothered to begin a search. He had gone to visit his grandmother, she was very much expecting he would finally have a maiden at his side. She had explained that if he didn’t marry, there was a possibility that his title and home would be stripped from him. He remembered how he panicked, not so much for the loss of his title but where would he go without his home? Where would he live then? It was as if fate was on his side when he had run into the hysterical Viscount Brighton. The poor man was desperate, searching for anything that would help him with the sinking boat he found himself on. Sebastian didn’t jump at the deal immediately. He couldn’t help but feel for the young girl who was essentially being sold away. But after much thought, he spoke to the older man and agreed to marry his daughter.
“Lord Stan has agreed on marrying you.” The viscount said to Y/N. It had been days after the agreement was finally settled.
“He needs a bride in order to keep his estate and seeing as how you are in the age of marriage, he has agreed to marry you even though you are without a dowry.” Her mother said, trying to be gentle with the words she said to her daughter.
Y/N simply looked at them with tears in her eyes. They had sat her down in the office where her mother had been sitting only a few nights ago.
“He said he will help the family with whatever we need in exchange for your hand in marriage.”
And that was that. Now Y/N found herself standing face to face to Sebastian as he whispered the words of I do. She watched as he stood there expressionless, staring down at the floor. His eyebrows were furrowed, as the priest recited the marital words to her. She was so caught up in his features that she almost missed her cue to agree to the marriage and echo him with the words of I do. Each slipped on a simple wedding band on their ring finger. There was a sigh of relief ringing out behind her as her family officially joined with him. Now they would not have to live out on the street, they were saved.
The ride to Sebastian’s estate was quiet. The only sound that was heard was the crunch of carriage’s wheel on the ground and the subtle sound of the pairs breathing. As she had expected, there was no celebration of the marriage after the ceremony, no shower of wedding rice or petals on them. There was only the silent signing of papers and the quiet goodbyes from her family. Here Y/N took the time to really look at him. He had a slight crease etched between his eyebrows. He had a mole on the left side of his forehead and his lashes didn’t quite curl up but still had a slight wisp to them. His eyes looked darker, they were like the deep colour of the ocean. They were a pool that, in a different circumstance, she would be more than willing to swim in.
“We don’t have to lay together,” Sebastian began, breaking the silence along with her long stare. “We each have our own rooms, so you don’t have to worry about anything. The maids will have everything ready by the time we get home.” Y/N nodded, taking in the information. Part of her knew he wouldn’t force her to consummate the wedding, he didn’t seem like that type of person but part of her still wanted the chance to sleep next to him, to get to know the person she was to spend the rest of her life with.
They soon arrived. The night was warm and the stars shone brightly above them. If they had wanted, a stroll through his vast gardens wouldn't have been a very romantic way to start the night. The mansion was lit up from the inside and Y/N couldn't help but find herself in awe of it. They had come through a gate and down a long road in order to reach the house. It had three towers with the rest of the building having been built around them. There was a grand balcony right above the main entrance. It was all very green, trees and bushes surrounding the mansion.
“Welcome Home, Lord and Lady Stan” The head housekeeper said, ushering them in from the night. Many of the staff stood on the stairs leading up to the front doors of the home. They kindly nodded at them as they slowly walked in. Y/N was shown to her room, just across the hall from Sebastian’s.
“If you need anything, don’t be scared to give us a shout.” The housekeeper told Y/N. Sebastian had followed behind, making his way to his room. He nodded politely in her direction before he slipped through his door, closing it behind him.
Y/N stood there for a second before letting out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in. She made her way into her room. It was big. Bigger than the one at her family home. The walls were a pale blue and the room had golden accents, with more variations of blue scattered around. There was a small table on one side of the room with a single armchair. On the table was the most elegant and beautiful tea set she had ever seen. When she went to grab it, it was warm. She poured herself a cup of tea and sat down. She blew on it as steam came up from the cup. She stared at the wall just above her large bed, reflecting once again on how fast the days changed.
It took her a while to acclimate. Sebastian had mostly left her to her own devices, leaving her to roam around the mansion alone. She would get lost every once in a while, asking maids to help her find her way back to her room. She wasn’t prohibited from going anywhere, Sebastian had made that clear to her. This was her home now and he wasn’t going to keep anything from her. She ate breakfast with him every morning, sitting across from him at a long dinner table. He would always mumble a quiet good morning, taking her hand and gently pressing a kiss to it. He couldn't bring himself to ever look into her eyes.
One afternoon, she stumbled upon the library. As a little girl, she would spend her time reading the day away. She never tired of the smell of old books. Her eyes widened when she pushed open the double doors of the library. She hadn't ever seen such a grand collection. There were many many rows of shelves and a flight of stairs that led to a landing where she could sit, surrounded by a few more shelves and a grand window. She spent the next hours exploring the rows, climbing high onto the ladders to reach the books on the highest shelves. She took her time, taking deep breaths and inhaling the comforting smell of the pages. She didn’t recognize many of the books, a lot of them being in Romanian or French. She delicately dragged her fingers on the spines of the books, careful when pulling them out to examine them.
She was searching the shelves for something familiar, when a book caught her eye. The title on the spine was one that she had heard of before but couldn’t quite remember what the story was about. It was high up, too high for her to reach on her own. She looked around the library, seeing if there was anyone that could help her reach the book. She sighed as she realized she was completely alone and would have to climb the ladder that was placed on a set of railings on the front of the shelves. She huffed as she hiked her dress up as much as she could, sticking her feet out to climb onto the first rung of the ladder. She grabbed on tight as she ascended higher and higher. She heaved slightly as she reached the right shelf, only to realize that the book was just barely within her reach. She frowned, trying to pull the book out with the tips of her fingers. Feeling her fingers slip slightly, she moved to the edge of the rung she stood on. A loud creek sounded through the library as she started to feel the ladder tip to the side. Finally grabbing the book, she tried to push herself back onto the ladder, only to jerk farther away from the wall. She felt her feet slip from under her, a panicked squeal coming from her lips. Her eyes squeezed shut as she waited for her body to fall and hit the ground with a painful thud.
Sebastian sat at his desk, looking through his small collection of books, in search for one in particular. His head was full of thoughts, not a single instance of silence. He had also needed time to acclimate to his new housemate. He tried his best to interact with her and to be civil but part of him felt like he was doing it all wrong. He remembered when he had first seen her, roaming her old home. He remembered the cream coloured dress she wore when her father first introduced them, before she was told of her fate. She seemed happier. He tried to make her happy but no matter what he instructed her handmaiden to give her, she still didn’t seem as joyful as she used to be.
In a way, he understood her. She was now living in a house with a strange man that she had only known for a very short time. She had left behind her family and her friends and with no official duties, she spent most of her time by herself. She was alone. He had tried to be husbandly, eating meals with her and bringing her along for strolls in the garden but still even then, she would not come out of her shell.
Over the weeks, he had grown used to hearing her steps through the halls. He had learned to enjoy the little songs she hummed when she accompanied him on walks in the garden. He had started to pick up on her small habits. She would always put her pinky finger under her glass before placing it on the table. She would tug at her left earlobe when she was in deep thought or when she was reading. He usually found himself scolding himself when he watched her walk about the mansion. He couldn’t help but feel like a villain who took any plans for her future away.
He resigned his search, deciding to make his way down to the library. He was in for a long hunt. He walked the empty halls, the only sounds being the clicks of his shoes against the stone floors. He came upon the doors of the library to find them open and saw his wife begin to climb on the many ladders in the library.
He watched as she began to shuffle to the edge of the ladder. Knowing fully well how this would end, he made his way up to her. His heart began to race as the ladder began to creak and tip. With a few long strides, he was at her side. He heard as she held her breath, waiting for the floor to come at her. He grunted as he slid under her, managing to catch her before she collided with the wooden floors.
Before this, he had never touched her before. He hadn’t really taken the time to look at her face. The skin of her bare arms felt smooth against his, the fullness of it feeling soothing. Her chest was heaving, just as his. The adrenaline was coursing fast through their veins. His eyes wandered her face, taking in each freckle and scar. He even noted the lone eyelash that lay on her cheek.
“Sebastian,” She cried, completely surprised. She pulled herself to her feet and out of his arms. She still held tightly to the book in her hand. Sebastian’s hand lingered on her shoulder, a small sign of affection. He looked over her, checking for any afflictions.
“Are you alright?” he asked her. She nodded, catching her breath. She had placed one hand on the shelf, wincing slightly. Her knuckle had bruised, hitting it on the ladder as she fell. Sebastian pulled it from the shelf, cradling it gently.
“You must be more careful,” he warned. She felt her stomach flutter as he stretched her fingers out in his hand. It almost felt like what she was doing was wrong, forbidden.
“I know, I’m sorry.” She mumbled.
“Let’s get you some ice for your hand.” He said and led her to the kitchens. It was only when he sat her down that she realized how dark it had turned outside. It was nearly nightfall. How long had she been in the library? She pulled a face when she felt the coolness of the ice hit her skin. Sebastian was kneeling in front of her, tending at her hand. She watched as he masterfully soothed her wound, even though her pain was almost gone.
“Thank you,” She told him when he looked up at her. “For everything.”
She said everything and she really meant it. Even though she didn’t have the life she expected, her family was being taken care of and that’s really what mattered. He nodded, smiling briefly before standing up. He held his hand out towards her, helping her up to her feet. They then walked up the stairs to their rooms. Stopping, Y/N turned around before opening her door.
“Sebastian” She called out to him, hand on her doorknob. He turned back to her. “Goodnight.” He smiled, his teeth coming into view.
“Goodnight, Y/N.”
They were to attend their first party together. The most elite were going to be in attendance, most of which Sebastian knew. They rode in the carriage in almost complete silence and then proceeded to walk in together. When she let go of his arm, he hadn’t exactly expected her to go to the big group of ladies that stood ion the far side of the room. It had seemed like she recognized some of the ladies waiting there. He stood at the entrance of the ballroom, watching as she interacted with them. She was laughing and smiling. Something he didn’t see often. He admired how the dress she wore clung to her frame. It was a gown he had tailored just for her, and now he couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her. Ever since the incident in the library, he couldn't get her out of his head. Something was blooming in the back of his mind. As music started to play, couples started to make their way to the dance floor.
Y/N watched as the girls from her old friend group excused themselves to dance with their husbands and fiancées. For s second, she had felt like she was still living her old life. She had caught up with her friends for a couple of minutes, the feeling of happiness returning and the sound of laughter escaping her. She wasn’t ungrateful for the grand favour Sebastian was doing in helping her family in return for her hand. She really wasn’t but she felt lonely and as her friends took their leave into the arms of their lovers, she felt the loneliness settle back into her bones. From across the room, her eyes met Sebastian’s. His eyes were more blue than ever. They sent chills down her spine. With a nod, he signalled to her. They met at the edge of the dance floor, joining the rest of the dancers. The tempo of the music was slower and the people around them were moving slowly to the same beat.
Y/N felt her breath hitch in the back of her throat as she locked eyes once again with Sebastian as they danced around each other. She couldn’t put her finger on whatever was growing in the air around them. The movements in the dance had them inches away from each other, never touching but always close. They twirled around the dance floor for what seemed like hours, narrowly missing each other. As songs came and went, Y/N found herself smiling and making jests at her distant husband. It felt like progress from where they had been just nights before.
For a single moment, time felt like it had slowed. Sebastian felt his heart race as he gave Y/N a last twirl and brought her to his chest. She looked up at him with sparkles in her eyes, a smile adorning her face. Many times he had stopped to admire her face but here under the chandelier, surrounded by music he felt like the luckiest man in the world. He felt himself lean down, just barely brushing his lips over hers. But then as quick as their moment had begun, it ended. He felt a bubble pop inside his head as he pulled away from her. Guilt had filled his mind once again as he grumbled and motioned her that it was time to leave. Y/N watched in disbelief as he stormed out of the room and out to the carriages. He had been so close and now he felt miles away.
tags: @lharrietg @carleywhittaker @tonystankschild@headheartbellarke @baebee35 @lady-loki-ren
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iamyamine · a day ago
”No expectations, no disappointments.” This phrase I use in futile attempt to feel big, bad and unbothered. When in fact, I have zero control over hoping and then it’s just a matter of time before an inevitable let down.
It’s mother’s day and somehow father has managed to make it all about himself. He cooked! Big whop! And picked up his son for an hour or so because I decided to throw a tantrum and storm out of the house overwhelmed with frustration. I get that he’s working hard sleeping on his job and driving to his job to sleep to drive back home to sleep. Man he must be fucking exhausted! Meanwhile, in addition to the 24/7 job of being a mother I attempt to keep this shell of a home in some semblance of an order. 
I do hope he enjoys his mother’s day fishing trip while he neglects his family to “clear his mind” from perhaps the guilt of neglecting us. I must truly be ungrateful to expect more than the bare minimum huh? Today was supposed to be a family day and by extension, MY day, my first mother’s day. Instead, he comes home goes straight to his beloved couch and television and after some hours decides to give me the most nonchalant and by the way “Happy Mother’s Day”. Y’all I absolutely wish I was making this shit up. 
The plan was for him to go do our laundry today. He would’ve been gone for some hours doing so but I just wanted him to stay home with us. Pretty unwise of me to suggest he goes another day for my selfish reasons right? He sure showed me though, I don’t want no smoke with his level of selfish. But hey, lunch was fantastic, he did that shit for me. Then he left us... again. 
It's almost 5 months now that I've been getting 2 hour bursts of rest. Today I find out that he dislikes a certain aspect of his job because it requires him to chop up his sleep... 4 hours at a time y'all! The man is complaining about that! I would die for a 4 hour rest. But according to him, I got one fucking job and the least I can do is see about our son and wash some fucking wares and clean up after myself, the baby and a big man. Yup, I got that life in London housewife shit going on.
Anyways I'm tired and no longer wish to prolong this rant. Tomorrow will bring with it, new crosses. I must prepare.
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sehunniepotwrites · a day ago
i vanished for a while IM SORRY :c this week has been such a busy one for me and it was so so so so so fun yet tiring at the same time heheh but but let me go through my week here w ya!
picnic planning is on hold cuz weather has been pretty bad ack but i think i'd still be hanging out w my frens coming friday! 🤩🤩✨ uwu what did y'all do for your picnic!!
hehe i tried baking a cake for my mom but it didn't turn out well OOP 👉🏻👈🏻 i can cook but i can't bake :"( my mom rlly rlly loved it tho heheheh i think it's tje effort she loved rather than the taste and look of the cake!
i have more stuff to work on now!! my boss gave me additional work and work is a tad bit less boring now :D 💖💖 heheh my driving was a lot better too!! my instructor was nice and lovely :D travelled arnd the neighbourhood and it was kinda fun teehee
AND I FINALLY GOT MY OFFER FROM MY DREAM COURSE AT MY DREAM SCHOOL I- 🤩🤩🥰🥰🤩🤩🥰💖 HEHEHEH i was so so so glad when i received my offer!!!
hehehe how have you been!! was your week fine and lovely?
love, 🍑
that’s okay!! but hi hello, little one!!! happy to hear from you 💕 how was hanging out with your friends??
dude, you’re the complete opposite of me! i can bake but not cook! hehehehe what’s the best dish you can make? i’m really good at making snickerdoodles and i’m decent at decorating cakes! but that’s so sweet that you did that for your mom 🥺
AND YAY FOR MORE THINGS TO DO AT WORK! SAME WITH THE DRIVING!! you’ll get the hang of it in no time!
i’ve been alright, could be better and could be worse. my productivity has decreased and it’s been dampening my mood :/ but i did go on a run with a friend earlier this week (okay more like ran for half a mile and walked the rest) and went on a hike today with my family! i also had Korean bbq and wow, I’ve missed it a lot lmao 💕
my picnic has been pushed back for reasons but i’m still excited for it! plus i have a huge vacation coming up at the end of the month that I’m really excited for!!! 🥰
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the-grim-murderer · a day ago
UnderSwap Seasoned / SeasonSwap - papyrus, the cool dude.
Tumblr media
Papyrus from my UnderSwap take!
Maybe i'll talk more about the place changes, or make other characters designs idk.
He still thinks he's a cool guy, but now he's a lot more chill than excited and goofy.
He got a little angry at Sans having Blasters and he didn't. So he decided to design his own Blasters, which are mechanical skulls with dark glasses that throw guided and explosive bones, they are called EXCOOLMINATORS (A mixture of Exterminator + cool, in addition to sounding like skull, when read).
He usually uses bones in a creative way, turning them into phrases, objects or things like that.
He have the Special Attack (Blue soul), and uses blue bones in his battle too.
He uses small remote control cars with bombs, basically another explosive attack.
He loves to "drink" tomato sauce.
He likes puns with bones, but tries to hide it from others, to look more tough.
His pants and boots were a gift from Alphys and Undyne, from his time in the royal laboratory, helping to make weapons for the royal army.
He sells spaghetti for 10g.
He collects car miniatures.
He keeps a big pile of old and used gloves in his room.
OSTs names:
OST 15 - the greatness itself.
OST 63 - It's Kinda Hot In This Date
OST 72 - Song That Might Play When The Battle Is Getting Cool
OST 102 - The Greatest Finale
UnderSwap by: PopcornPr1nce.
UnderSwap Seasoned by: The Grim Murderer / me.
I hope y'all like It! :)
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dangan-happy · a day ago
(I want Celestia to step on me)
To Taka and/or Mondo: hey, uh, am I doing this right? I never have before so I sure fucking hope so. Anyway, you guys remember Paul, right? Well, I'm Dan, if you remember him then you probably remember me too. So, uh. The guy ain't been doing so great recently. He hasn't been getting any sleep lately, he doesn't really talk much either. And when he does talk, he keeps saying that he's pathetic and worthless, and that everyone would be happier if he was dead. It breaks my heart to see the poor guy like that..
Now, I don't think I'm the best at comforting people. To be honest, I didn't know what to do. And then I thought "hey, Paulie loves dogs." So we have a dog now! The little fella is a Jack Russell mix, we just don't know what he's mixed with. His fur is mostly white, but from like, a bit above his eyes to his neck, it's black and it sticks up, I hope I described that well enough for you to imagine him. Heh, I said he kinda looks like Taka. Neither of us know what to name the little pup though- but I'm telling you, he absolutely adores Paul. He's always jumping on him and wiggling that little butt of his (he wiggles so intensely that he actually wiggles his entire body-). I must admit, I'm kinda jealous- woah, I'm getting way off track here, I always do that. Sorry about that. As I was planning to say, could y'all give Paul a hug or something? The poor fella definitely needs one after all the shit he's been through.
Wait a second, before I go any further with the ask, you're Dan?! It's such a pleasure to finally hear from you after all this time! I remember Paul's asks fondly, so of course I remember you as well.
Tumblr media
Though, it does pain me as well to see Paul in such a horrid state... he really shouldn't put himself down in such a manner. For this, I'm extremely proud of you for trying to be there for him throughout it all Dan, especially with the great idea to get a dog. (Mod thinks you should name it Taka.-)
I do have enough hope that he'll at least gain some positivity with this new addition to your family though. Dogs have been shown to be therapeutic, and you can even ask Kyoudai himself for proof.(Sadly, he wasn't able to make an appearance today, but I'm more than sure that he would endorse that fact.)
Tumblr media
But, I do want to say something myself. I know that Paul himself is probably reading this, and so I wish to have a word with him.
Paul, I understand that you're going through a very hard time now right? Well, I want you to know that no matter what, you're not alone through any of it. I'm here in case you need me in any situation, and I know that Dan is more than willing to do the same.
It's alright to have our downfalls, our tragedies, and our pities, but what's important is how we deal with it. Calling yourself worthless is not going to do anything in the long run, and it's not even true in the first place! Everyone in this planet has some sort of worth in the world, and this includes you. Tell yourself this each day, and eventually, you'll believe it. Just as much as I believe in you right now.
Tumblr media
And hey, if you want a hug like your wonderful boyfriend suggested right now, I'm much more than welcome to give one.
Dan, if you want to have a hug too, you're also more than welcome to have one! I thank you greatly for sending this ask in, and I'm more than sure that the gesture will be appreciated.
Tumblr media
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thehuganonflower · a day ago
Hue Simps, come get y'all juice. Back scars addition
As stated, Hue has back scars, lots of them. They won't say from who but the person who did this was not family. But a family friend, or used to be. Since Hue and their family can heal, they were sought out by some less than nice scientists. The scientists convinced the family friend to lure Hue's family out and take them. It didn't work. Hue's older brother saw what was happening and got everyone except Hue out.
The building they were in collapsed before the brother could get them out, that is where some of the back scars are from. The scientists think Hue is dead and don't know where the family is, nor does Hue. Afterwards, the family friend found Hue. Hue got away after a couple of days but some more damage had been done. The other person is still looking for Hue.
They used to like open back shirts but not anymore.
tw scars:
Tumblr media
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katsubug · a day ago
uraraka's additional dialogue and scene with mina was adorable y'all are just mean
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viriyanon · a day ago
List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the ask box of the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Learn more about your mutuals and followers❤
this ask.... im sorry for the delay, last week i really didnt have things to be happy for it's just stress and demotivation week duh 😔 BUT MAYBE I HAVE NOW!
thank you for the ask jaz (and sass @the-sassiest-trixster she also sent in the same ask, i'll answer yours here okay) y'all remind me to be grateful for the tiniest satisfaction i feel in life.
okay, 5 things that make me happy yes
my progressing yuezhi fic + atots (mini tiny itsy bitsy taken from a short clip fr ep 5) webtoon! hell im proud of myself i can actually rise fr the catastrophic creative juice drought 😌
THE FINISHED PRESENTATION™ so the prof spared my team's life cause we agreed to breakdown an article fr HBR as an additional ppt material and the prof also had a good first impression abt me and til now i always tried to do my best in all my tasks, so he knew i wouldn't let his expectation flop. also, my team cooperated very well, we weren't the best students but we studied tgt so 😭 we didn't vex the prof at the end
a good one hour of reading the bible. like, yeah you can laugh at me but i like reading the bible as a recreation cus it gets me thinking of my life process. focus on the retrospection, as well as what should i do with my existence tomorrow. since i hate newspaper nowadays
NCT Dream's comeback holy frack i can't wait for the trackzzzz. tho it's too late to buy the physical album but.... hhh maybe it's a sign that i won't get the version that i want or jenjen's pc. so i'll succumb to the fate that i can't buy it now. whatever im always lucky with svt i'll stick to theirs lololol
i donor my blood for the first time! it's the best moment tbh i feel healthier and fresher??? and i get to save someone's life out there anonymously, i think it deserves to be called indie lmao. i will make this a quarterly routine 😌✊
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sometimesrosy · a day ago
Let me post this before I forget, which I will totally do, since nobody sent me an ask and like, just thinking about a thing isn't usually enough for me to write a post about it.
Okay, so, I watched Shadow and Bone and then I read The Grisha Trilogy.
Y'all asked me what I thought. So here I am: thoughts.
Review of Show vs Book:
I liked the show better than the book. Just Alina's story was a little boring, and the WAY it was written was... well, there was too much internal monologue, too much exposition, not nearly enough dialogue or even action. Everything was filtered through Alina's POV as if she were writing about it in a diary. SO we never got to know any of the other characters because it was just about her feelings about them. This is especially so for Mal. He essentially didn't exist except as Alina's thoughts and feelings about him. He was basically a hollow character with no agency or opinion.
The show, however, solved this teen diary problem by making Mal a POV character and allowing us to go on the adventures with him which were only implied in the book.
This problem with the writing improved about half way through the second book, and by book three it wasn't a problem for me anymore. So I think Bardugo learned more about writing as she went on. Especially considering what I heard from people about Six Of Crows.
Also. The addition of The Crows to the show made it IMMEDIATELY more complex and less Alina-centric. There was a world outside of Alina's head. And Kaz, Inez and Jesper are fascinating characters. Nina and Matthias have an interesting journey, too which has absolutely nothing to do with Alina.
The casting was brilliant, I thought. And I liked the shift of the Alina and Mal from just orphans to mixed race orphans. That's probably because I am mixed race and I like those stories. But also, it grounds the world, again, and makes it more complex than just Alina and her being sad about not belonging or not being enough. It's no longer just about her feelings, but about a state of the world, both the fictional one and the real one. I did hear some people being upset about hearing racist comments in the show, but to me that adds a bit of realism. No, we don't like racism, but that doesn't mean it's not there and doesn't have a negative effect on us and the characters. It's part of the story. It's part of our story.
It's a shame they didn't do the part about Alina being weak and frail when she doesn't used her powers... but I don't think that's a good thing to make the actress go through in real life. Although they could have made her sickly, if not skinny. I liked that touch because it suggests that her power gives her strength, and she's been repressing it her whole life.
I mean there's a real life parallel because when we try to repress who we are, our identities and strengths and loves, we are weakened as people. Learning to accept yourself and love yourself and be yourself makes you happier and stronger. No magic, but true anyway.
I also like The Darkling in the show better. Probably because he's more present there. He's both more compelling and more sinister. You can really see the way he grooms Alina, the way he draws her in and seduces her so that she WANTS to be under his control. Which, honestly, is the deep horror. But they also make no bones about him being the bad guy. Which some shows would try to be like, "but he had his good reasons so maybe he wasn't the bad guy after all." There was a tinge of that at the end of The Grisha Trilogy despite the fact that The Darkling was actually worse in the book, more cruel, and absolutely a tyrannical despot. I don't know if they plan that for the show.
Like he was a mass murderer, and at the end, Alina was like, "but maybe he would bring peace." Like. CHILD. Terror and oppression and is not PEACE. Having your own ruler threaten you with death is not better than having an enemy do it. This might be my issue because it was a statement made in passing. More of Alina moping at the end, tbh. I didn't like her moping all the time. There was less in the last book.
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